Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 19, 1955 · Page 14
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 14

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1955
Page 14
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<w R^rHlnr HouM With Major Hoople _ I'M GEAU-Y a ma*J 8EC/VL>5e' 4 l w s p a i' l k fl R C H I y E ® OTtV PjjTONEYg I if n FEATHERWEIGHT COMFORT! Penney's TravehCool SUCK CORDS 35M 2 PAIR PANTS New Deep-Tones in Durable Lightweight Rayon - Acetate -Nylon! Penney's dark fashion cords is the suit you need at this time of year cool, lifrht and mi^hty trootl-lookine- 2 buttons, patch pockets, center-vent. Gray, brown, black or blue. I The Dixon Evening Telegraph i Thursday, May 19, 1955 | Page 14 ' Wrong House Burglarized, Judge Hears PROVIDENCE. P.. I. <P— The strange case of how a man bioke into the wiong house was told Wednesday in Superior Court Anthon.v R Volpe. 20. lela'ed through his attorney that h» and a friend borrowed $150 from a finance company. The friend didn't pay his shaie so Volpe had to meet the whole aebi. Volpe decided to break into what he thought was his fnend = Y in West Warwick and take • adi«. then went birk Into the house and woke his "fncnd. ' But it wasn t his fnend. It was Because he has no pievious lec-«rd Volpe was put on good behavior and deferied sentence Customers Kick CHADRON. Neb. f P>— City Man ager Kennem Kvle has called off a weeklong campaign against jaywalking. He said businessmen piote^ted thai customers cor:-jiamed when a^ked to slick to the intei section £>o. «aid Kvle 'not a 'thing will hp done in Chaaron Jaoout javwalkmg " I Youth Crime Rises NEW' YORK fi — Juvenile dehn-ir pn.c ir-hildren und°r Jrii m New lYoiks Domestic Relation's Court 'lose 15 per cent between 1953 and .lQo-1 The number of 16 to-21 orfen-!flprs ,n other courts rose neailv 03 ty {jpportumti Friday and Saturday JLJCi Real Knockout Values n the DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE FOR EXTRA SAVINGS! 'ays; / DACRON SHEERS Summer Spectaculars! 5 90 Missnj and Haif Sizes Spectacular is the only word for these fabulous Penney buys ! Think of it — Dacron with all its magic, here in sparkling prints for summer. Cool and ever-fresh lookmg. Pick up a prize at this little price! mm. ma Dacron - Nylon Opaque Slips 198 Boys' Cassino Italian Style SPORT SHIRTS Baby Cord Slacks for Men ■ Crisp * Cool IJ98 FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIALS 7 to 9 P. M. DRESS PRINT SAVS ON THIS SPECIAL BARGAIN! 25c yd- ALL-AMERICAN LIGHTWEIGHT COTTON BLANKET 72x?0 — Lovely Floral Binding 2 for gS MEN'S Nylon Stretch HOSE 2 Pair 100 BOYS' SPORT SHIRTS NO-IRON PLI55E SHORT SLEEVE 122 WOMEN'S COTTON PLISSE SLIPS Buy Stvcrol at This Low Pric« £50 STORE HOURS: OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS TIL 9 P. M. Closed Saturday Nights Weekday Hours as Usual, 9 to 5 Animal Life ACROSS 3 Mast 1 "Buffalo Bill" hunted them * Desert animal animal life 15 Lecturer 16 Socialistic 4 wortnies* table scrap 7 Brazilian 8 Measure 9 Famous English school 10 Brv thorn 12 River in Belgi Republic (ab),,^^ nssue| 3n 18 Freed seaport ™ Unit of 19 Abstract beins" reiuctance 20 Pauses anew 21S bol foT 22 Vexed hn 25 Mortzagees „ Rf>utlne 29 Verbal 30 Babylonian 31 Rodent 32 Oriental por?> 33 Short-napped fabric 34 Essential 35 Encloses 38 Large plants 39 Parts of coats 41 Pronoun 44 More unusual 45 Euchanstic u ine vessel 48 Flee 50 Expunger 52 One v. no run away to wed 53 Rat 54 Natives of Latvia 55 Highways DOWN 1 Stud The Hl-Lmd p4»n will five yoo that extra good paint job. It keeps it's gleaming "just painted'* look much longer than ordinary paint s — and gives you that extra whiteness — extra coverage desired. Gal. seso Combination Doors 315 W. FIRST ST. Answer to Previous Punit 23 Persia 38 Violent dread 24 Pertaining to 40Sweive 26 Gaelic 27 Facility 28 Female sain's <ab ) 30 Cattleman 34 Bitter vetch 36 While 37 Slants Koot pan 42 Small 43 Native of Scotland 45 Bewildered 46 Repair 47 Crafts 49 Qualified 51 E stle I |? |3 [U \j | In 17 18 19 ISO ' 5 ~"t ft ftp' ' lh p p w ~n%t 5 rr % 1 1 Jj VD ij! [i£ p3 -"iH l|5 p PI7 _ ^ y\ pi 1 1 U Choose the . . . Hi-Land 2-COAT PLAN I mixiD pmnT |J Less In 5-Gal. Cans BRING YOUR PAINT PROBLEMS TO PAINT PEOPLE DIXON PAINT & WALLPAPER CO. 301 FIRST ST. PHONE 2-8961 Schreiber Released From Jail SULLIVAN'S OPEN SAT. TILL 9 PM LOMPOC. Calif, itfi- A formci Illinois schoolteacher ajid Air Foice officer, convicted of oidei-mg the killing of a South Koiean. ».a.9 leleased from prison Wednes- Fust Lt Geoi^e Schieibei. 27, of Biookfiekl. Ill a Chicago suo-ui b, seived 20 months of a fne- hfe term in the Sept. 26. 1952. slaying-. "1 am not sci earning foi meuv or civing sour giapes. ' said Schreiber as he left the U. S. Cooke, "all I want is a cold ap-piaisal of the whole thing " He said he will seek to clear his His i Please was ordered by An Foice Secretary Harold Talbott, who also oiJered Schreiber dismissed from the seivice. The dismissal is equivalent, to a dishonorable discharge for an enlisted man, depriving him of his veterans' benefits and rights to military pensions and seiviee* Tne foimer Biookfteld school teacher who has been asked back to his o'd job by school ofncials. blamed what he called a misintei- | pietation of an oidei for his con- [ The Air Foice chaiged Schieiber oideied two other GIs to kill a piowlei in a bomb dump in South Koiea. One an man was convicted and sentenced to two >ears lm-pusonment and dishonorable discharge. The sentence later was re-muted and the discharge suspended The second auman lemains ftee until the U. S. Supreme Court decides whether the An Force can exercise jurisdiction o\er a man alter he received an honorable discharge and returned to civilian life Fire Engine Catches Fire-In Fireliouse! 1NGLEWOOD. Calif. (Pi — Two firemen wtie mjuied Wednesday night when a 31-year-old fire engine buist into flames— in the fue sta- Damage to the station and equipment was estimated at ST 000 to S10 000 Fireman Charles Phillips, 26. suffered first, second and third-degree burns of the hands and arms and engineer Hat old King-ery. 41, received slight bums. Fne Chief Bacil Rooerts said Phillips and Kingery were cleaning a gasoline sediment bowl on an old ergme used for standby serv- vhen the fuel ignited » Aluminum Combination Screens & Windows Trade in your old screens and storm windows — You will be surprised at our liberal allowance for them regardless of size or condition. Payments as low as $5.00 per month • SELF STORING « Inserts come out from the inside, There is no need for ladder climbing. • PERMANENT Lifetime extruded aluminum means no rusting, rotting, or painting problems. • CONVENIENT The easiest window to operate, they are unconditionally guaranteed. PHONE or WRITE TODAY FREE ESTIMATES and DEMONSTRATION Awnings Door Hoods PHONE 2-0981 Ib^^^ oi u»uoii ni.couvTon - lvse Reed wh. tenoi decoiat. fiom the L*m\eiMtv or Minnesota, decorates the outside setting after becoming Miss Minnesota at Austin, Minn Twentv a Fanmont. Minn resident, her Miss America weighs 10?. hobby — call : that kindles the baby watching you qui graduation Adults Can Learn From Babv Sitting By H\L BOVLK NEW YORK in — E.etv adult t the world ought to spend at ;ast an hour a day babv watching. Cant think of a oetter wav to »am human natu- e Seeing a child truggle so despeiatelv to become unups so often chi'dien what >o'u will — pint moie than ut notlvng els* cn a f l'ghtemng [Sight into the passage of time ' Whv, it seems onlv yesterday that—." This is the phiase you find jourself using most often in baby watching You lea\ e a babv for a day or two, and when you come back it seems to have «prung up with the speed of a flower racing the turning sun Personal Cd-e So it has been with T.acy Ann, i small straneei who came into Hi! li\es a^ a month-old mite in i bundle nearlv tv.o j ears ago Why, it seems only xesteiday hat I he'd hei to m\ shouldei to httrp hei So soft and frail and helpless she felt then, so utteily dependent that I v,as afiaid shed bend and bieak What happens to a babv' Whete lo tney vanish so sviftlV Right "hile you re watrning light befois our e\es. the bab\ lades and dis appear Suddenh \ou no longer watching a oaby but a small sturdy human being lunning on U3 pushing vour helping hands away impatiently, and trying to seize the whole wide world m its two little hands When did it happen' You can'f quite lemembei All >ou know i* that the babv you lo\ed is gone A child you love has taken its place. Big Difference Theie is a big diffeience between a babv and a cluid Take reading, for example. As a bab\, Trac5 Ann loved nothing oetter than to digest newspaper editorials She did this liteially by tearing out the editorial, stuffing it in her mouth and gumming it until it had been thoioughly absoibed. Finally had to take newspapeis away fiom her altogether Afraid she might ruin her e>cs Xow, a* a child, she is on a mother goose jag We read these imgles together practically e\erv morning But I may haie to halt this, too It seems to make her melancholy. Her favorite picture shows Little Boy Blue, fast asleep under the ha\ stack He is barefooted and tms distresses Tracy no end How About Shoes "No shoes - she says sadlv, shaking her head Never mind th<; .eadow, the cown in t tnat sleepv little boy ever gome to get a pair of blight new shoes' My v lfe. Frances and I behevs Tiacv mun be a genius because, although her second birthday ia* still a month away, she can count up to fne and tell the primary such number as thre ■ Id's dotage The U S Census Bureau expects the population of California to be more than IS million by 1965. and to have more people than New York LOCKMAN IS COMING! FEET HURT? Get CONFORMAL SHOES M<>Herl to Vnur Individual Archer Todar ERZINGFRS m oamm/s:

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