The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1944 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1944
Page 2
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THE lOLA REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 28, 1944. TOLA. KANSAS {Frances Haibe) POSSESSION!» Upleae you've craed an apple triee And owned a Jersey .covf. And. built a bam that's large enough For clover in the mow; Unless you've stood on furrowed ; ground, Under -the sun-fyied slty, Andi-felt a jfleegj propriety pigeons flylQg. by:; Unless you've waded in a brook And climbed a distant hill, And ^^1^ abroad beneath the Wh(ea nfeiil is warm ;and stUl; Unless you'VR had a friendly dog Tagging your heels all day, And|neighbors Jiving near enough To hear a child at play; Unless you've burned your own hedge logs Upon your own stone hearth, ' You have not had your equal shw . Of joy upbn this earth! —Billy B. Cooper, Holiday Parties J^. and Mrs. Frank Kelley of .' LaH^rpe erftertained guests Ohrist- . iTias Hay. They were Mr. and hbe. "• Stanley ' Sellman and (daughter, Betty Jean, Mrs. Marie Rickey, .Mis. Nellie Turner of lola; Mr. and Mrs. Bud Sellmah and daughter, Gloria Kay, 'Of Humboldt, Mr. and Mrs. • Ferd ..Sellman and family of La• Harijc. « • • • ' Dinper guests at the home of Mr. ' and krs. W. L. Lewman Monday, ;Deceiiiber 25, were Mrs. Lutie Livingston of Garnett, Mrs. W. D.' Pattori, David and .Sharan, Mr. and 'Mrs. Dwight Livingston, Patty and ; Leslie Dee, Miss Harriett Livingston, .Parsons, and Mr. and Mrs. iRalph: Barker. Mrs. Bill Fine was an afternoon caller. During the fevenifig Mr. and Mrs. Lewman re- .eeiveq telephone calls from their {laughter, Mrs. Ford Peterson, Johnson City, Tenn., .and fro.m their kpn Ph. M. 1-c George W. Lewman, who is stationed at Columbia, South Carolina. * • * , ; Mrs. A. G. Brown, 216 S. Walnut, .Had a,s her Christmas dinner guests Mr. a^nd Mrs. Marion Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Wilson, ISi. and -Mrs. Gharles L. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. fla.vmond Bacon, Mrs. Mltcfi- 'cll Bushey, Mrs. E. J. Emery and ;daughter, Diane, and Mrs. S. H. Vocum. 0 « « Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Max Orr and their daughter, Mrs Lewis <<3nrtcr at the Orr'hOme, 416 "Nbrth.; Walnut, were Wilflam L. drr. A. M. M. 3-c, and Mrs. Orr of povpiif-^ Chrlstl, Texah, Mr. Herbert brr. pi Cnnada. Mr. and Mrs, Leo fiirkes and son, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bjrkes and family of Wichita, Mrs. Saisy Blrkes of LaHarpe, .Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Atzbach of Garnett a^d Mr. and Mrs. T. Doull and Mr. Jim Carter of Tola. * • • 'A tilt-key dinner was served to the giiests of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Wagher on Christmas day. Those preis- ent were Pfc. and Mrs. Rayinond Wagner of Bi? Springs, Texas,, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stateler a,X)/i daughter, Nina Ruth, of Fort Do^ge, Kans&, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wagner of lola. * * * ; Mr. 4nd Mrs. Louis Lannigan and the R:?V. and Mrs. C. V. Sohulen- berger entertained with a Christmas EVie dinner and a Christmas breakfast at the Schulenberger home. Their quests were Mr. and Mrs. dhas. Bchulenberger and son John, of Topeka, and Miss Luella Viuiter. « ,.• . ; I CAIMUPAR FOR TfHE VtE^K I ^ ^. «. FRIDAY The Country club bridge-lunch- .eojj will i* postponed one week. MONDAY Salem Chapter No. 4 O. E. S. will meet In the Masonic Ten^le at $ p. m. for « etoit ^d mefeSlng. The ,Oamml« -tCtKM^ OuUd will meet with Mrs. .Gladys Lacy, 845 'N. Je{f«rfioni at 7:30 p. m. 6 «nek«r-Befik 'Tbe jaaiTlage of Miss Nancy Helon Seneker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Forrest Seneker, to Lt. Harold Talbert Beck, Infantry U. S. Atony. JK» erf Sfr. and Uis. Fred L. Dejjton pf Wichita, was solemnized at 8:30 p. m. Friday, December 22, in the study of the officiatU^ minister, the Rev. Travis A. White. Jr., paetor ojr the First Chriattsua .churph of JUttte Rpck, Arkawas. .who read the Impressive douiile ring ^ceremony. The brl<le 'KOSK an ice blue crepe dress .wttb (UQhfiia apceasories aod an orchid .corsage, Mrs. JQhn O'Brieo :was the hride'.5 only attendant jand jUt. O'Brien acted as best man. Mrs. JBeck is a graduate of the of the Sola high school and of the lola junior .college. She has been employed tor the past two years at the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Lt. Beck was graduated from the Tola faig^ school and attended the University of Kansas before enter^ ing the service in March. 1943. He is a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraterQlty. Lt. and Jdrs. George Scudder of Little Rock were also guests at the wedding. After January 5, Lt. and Mrs. Beck will be at home in Little Rook. Arkansas. • Shades pf Huck' Finn! Gas City Events San Fiancisco kids found their dreams come true when tlley discovered some hooilst-tO'foodnese life rciXts on a refuse dump and set sail in them, a (s pfctured above, across the briny deep— which in Ihic case ucluaily was a nearby pond. The liift .s had been condemned and discar^d by the armed forces'''- Moran J^appenings Ruby Myrtle Rogers was born September 26, 1886, near Garnett, Kansas, and was educated in the schools there. On July 26, 1905, she was married to Noah Hodges, lola, Kansas. To this union five children were bom. One son preceded her in death. November 22. 1931, she became a member of the United Brethren church. She passed away at her home December 22, 1944. She Is survived by her husband and four children: Louie and Wanda of the home; Mrs. Virgil Japhot. Tola, and Marvin of Pasadena, California. She also leaves her sister. Mrs. Susie QoodseU. Moran, Ka4(., and four grandchildren. Carol and Peggy Japhet, lola, Garrel and Stephen Hodges, Pasadena, Calif. CLANG, CLANG. CLANG WENT THE TB<MXEY Denver, Colo., Dec. 28. ,(AP)—The unsuspecting mqtonnan continiied merrily on his way^ his streetcar oiotor ablaze. After a passerby tinned in the alarm, firemen chased the streetcar four blocks before the motonnan could be stopped—and the fire quenched. Northeastern Frontier. India- Jungle perils hold no terrors equal to those of Hollywood, according to a group of natives who recently attended a Red Cross movie for American soldiers. They left m haste when ghosts on the screen started talking. MORAN, Dec. 28—Mrs. WilUam White who spent the Christmas vacation here with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Groves, returned to Kansas City Wednesday morning:. fir. Arthur Thompson of Omaha visited his mother. Mrs. Leota Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. Roth- weU Thompson a few days the firsc of the week. MINEK THEATRE Moran, Kansas Friday. StMwilay. «ec. 29-30 Marjorie Rej:nolds, Dwnis O'Kcefe, ' .GaU Patrick. In "UP IN MABLE'S ROOSI" Shfwts Serial News Shows at 7:30-9:30. and daughter Linda Kay. O^f Mound City arc spending a fev/. days here this week with Mrs. Ward'*; mother, Mrs. Walter Lacey and Mr. Lacey, and with her aunt, Mrs. Ltila Freeman. ; Mr; and Mr.s. Al Darrow.^ Mi\ and Mrs. J^ D. Land and son Jlriimy. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bowers anci daughter Katherine of Kansas Cit.v, and I Mrs. Leota Cook and daughter Mis? 'Addle Cook of lola spent the weekend here with the ladies'. mother, Mrs: H- C. Best. They were joined Christmas day by Mr. a^d Mrs. Mont Miller and Mr.' and Mrs. Eugene Miller and son Douglati for the Christinas dinner and the' exchanga of giits from a io\'ely decorated Claristnias tree. / Mr. and Mr.s. Fowler entertained part ol: their children Christinas day. Those who enjijyed the day together were Mr. and.Mrs. John.Sill and childrcji. Lawrence. Kas.,' Mr. wid Mr.s. Bisrt Brown and sori.and Mr. I and Mfs. -Woodrow Fowler 6i Pueblo, Colo., ^r. atid -Mrs. "Duke" Myers and children ftf ^laraoie, Mrs- Bethena Baker. Afteirnoon call^ were Miss Beulah Myers and brother S-Sgt. Everett Myers and wife of Miii^i^^, Okla. lyrjr, fii^d Mrs. Merlyn Young were lola bu/iiness visHors Tuesday aft- ^TXjfion.l - . Mr. and U/a. Alderman hav* received word that their son-in-law Frank Soutiverland, has beer, pro^ motsd to paptaip, has been woimded in action and is in a hospital In Eqglapd; TREAT" Gene.seo, 111.. Dec. 28. (AP)—Last October George Patorie wrote his name and address on an egg he was <!an«llinp at a jH -oduce company. He ioiihd out where the egg went when he got a V-mail message from Capt. E. H. Gravenhorst, with a depot repair squadron in Italy. "As we seldom get fresh eggs, it siu -e was a treat," the oaptain wrote. GAS CITY, Dec. 27.—Mrs. Frank Nogle received word trom the Liif.i Lane family in Yakima, Wash., that their son. Lieut. Herbert Lane ha« been seriously wounded in acrion i.-. Germany. The Lane family formerJr lived here and Herbert attended tui"; Gas City grade school. Another son; Donald Lane, was reported missinp; in action several months ago. Mr. and Mrs. .Mian En.smin5C>; were Christmas dinner guests o'i Mr., and Mrs. J. D, Knepp in lola. •' Freddie Pine of lola was a weekend guest of his rfra\idparents, Mii, and Mrs. C. L. Csborn. Mr. and Mrs; j Charley Fine of lola were guests (4 the Osborn home on Chiistmas dn^. Christmas dinner guest.s of M^^. and Mrs. A. M. Goodstll wore Mf. and Mrs. Merrill GoodscU anri daughters. Margarcl. Marion ami Shirley, and Mr. and Mrs. A. X'"Holten and daughtev.s. Fern aatl Violet. Maurice Hargrove and .son Dei^i spent Sunday at the parcnlnl Rufus Hargrove home. Mr. and Mrs. Herm Polk. Jerald and Jeraldhie. Mrs. Leo'Folk arid children and Mr. Ernest Meadow^*, all • of Salem, 111., came to speiyJ | the Christmas holidays with relt,-: tives and friends here and in loin. ! Mrs. Mary Bover accompanied thein | ito Elsmore Monday where they a,ir took Christmas dinner ut the F;:f^d 'Laver home. : i Mr. and Mrs. Rufus HargTOT-o spent Chiistmas day in Tola at the -Henderson home. ; I i Mrs. E. T. Wilson was a <:;hristnii>s ' guest of her niece. Mi's. Wilbur Enrl and son Donald in lola. • Christmas dinner v^iorXr. of Mi'i, Jennie Staten were Mr. anti Mi^^. T. B.Patterson. Mr. ;ind Mr.s .1. VJ.: Wood and Mrs. Jo.sir Melton. ^ ,. Mr. and Mr.s. Frank Nogle speut 'Christmas day in Kincaid with Miy. Nogle's sister. Mrs. J. L. McCella!\i.' and Mr. McCoUam. • "Maybe \vc had beller lell tliat rookie what a porthole. reaUy is!" FINDERS] KEEPERS? San Francisco, Calif.. Dec. 2S. lAP)— Seaman Richard B. McNeal has lost a hotel. Registering late one night, he left his money v/ith the clerk while he went out again. Returning. McNeal couldn't remember the hotel's name or where it was. ' • He still |has the claim chec'K, the navy still is hunting, and the clerk stili has tlie money. Reports i from English airbases say that .scarves, hoods, and socks knitted by Red Cross volunteer production workers Have helped prevent fi'o.stbite injuries to flyers previously resulted in them for dtys pending mmmas mpo— AFEWBIOfS 4)nlcidyiWiiM mtmH ltE4D.«0U|SI which fH'ounding recovery. Ifsfioeajytoeet piompt^ectxre relief from distress of head colds with '\ra-tro>«oll Works right where trouble Is to^ucc congestion - soothe Irritation - make breatWng easier. Also helps prevent many colds from developing If^used in tlme.Trylt! PoUowdlrcctlonslnipaiter. VWKSVATROHOl S-Sgt. and Mrs. Everett Myers of Mtiskogee, Okla., visited his sistei- Miss Beulah Mj'ers. over the weekend. On Sunday they were joined by Mr. and Mrs. Duke Myers and family of Elsmore and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morrison. Guests of Mr. and Mns. W. E. North Christmas day were Mr. and Mrs. Jess Earl. El Dorado, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. CUne and daughter Elizabeth Jane. Mi-s. Beulah Brown. IkJr. and Mrs. LJnley HiU and Mrs. Nettie McCormack. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brooks were Mr. .nnd Mi.s. Alden Dennis. Mrs. Earlinc V:ir. Houtan and son Mylon ol B\iffalj. Mo. Mr. Earl Brooks. Jack Arnold. Frank Garrison and Charley iiornc.'^ who are employed at Paola spent Christmas here with their famihe.s. Mrs. Earl Brooks and son Robert accompanied Mrs. Earllne Van Houtan and son Mylon to theh- home in Buffalo, Mo., for a visit with- relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene SicgK ynd children of Wichita spent Saturday night and part of Sunday here with Mrs. Sigg's parents Mr. and MJ-^. Kleyman. Mrs. Dorothy Ward, son Carl De.-in More Comfort Wearing^ FALSE TEETH Here is a pleasant way to overcome loose plate discomfort. FAS- TEETH, an improved powder, sprinkled on upper and lower plates holds them firmer so that they feel more comfortable. No gummy i gooey, pasty taste or feeling. If.s' alkaline fnon-acid). Does not .sour | Checks "plate odor" (denture i breath). Get FASTEETH today ai any drug store. o(/f vm War FonJ^ liEFORJE INVENTORY Coat and Suit 25 tQ OFF Entire Stock Included T HE BtST THING a bulldc^ dpes is HANG ON! Ohce he gets hold of something, it's mighty hard to make him let go.l And that's the lesson iabout War Bonds you can learri'from him. Once you get hold of a War Bond, HANG ON^TO IT for the full ten years of its iife. ; There are at least two very good reasons why you should do this. One is a patriotic reason.... the other a personal jeason. You buy War Bonds because you know Uncle Sam needs money to fight this war. And ydu want to put some of your money into the fight. But... if you don't hang on to those War Bonds, your money isn't going to stay in the battle. Another re^on you Buy War Bonds is because ydu want to set aside spme money for your family's future and yours. No one knows just what's going to happen after the War. But the J j man with a fistful of War Bonds kaows he'll have a roof over his head and 3 square meals no matter what happens! War Bonds pay you back $4 for every $3 in 10 years. But, if you don't' hang on to jyour Bonds for the full ten years, you don't get the full face value, and... you won't have that money coming in, later on when you may need it a lot virorse than you need it today. So buy: War Bonds... more .and more War Bonds. And then keep then). You will find that War Bonds are very good things to have .. and to hold! i WAS iONDS to Have and to Hold St \ ' ^ / • • > . ' j_ - ^ : '. This Contributed by the lola War Information Committee South Street Ante B. W. Curtis L. B. CTEU Motor Co. M. H. K\ C and F'Verauitile <:!o. ABen Coutty Impiexneni Co. AURI CoB^iy SttOm Bank i^aaencaB .(SerVioe Co. A. W. And^ttaon Gcoeerr eo9E AriHHiUe Gaotse .Brady SbeieSton Ik F. CuipML M. D. •'Bttd" Cai«pbeU Top Hat Clnb M. P. Co]ti:& M. C C«tt : N. M. Ssles C*. Cook's Dnig Stora Cooksey's pruz Stoto Copenlnx J (eweb7 Store DT.KeiitS.St«dl«y Dnalop Ttre ii Babber Co ElUtrtt aCotor €omffuiy Dr. WHme E. Fraiits fryer Bros. Grocory Sf Market A. A. GlOrt, S^ajarock, loo Globe Clothtns Co. Haifa IXDudi ' Geiv QtLRifoii B(^et«pn B^ty. iComx ^ny -q. B. BmlP^ Bt»rp lola City Utilities Dept. lola Laundry & Dry Cleaners The, loU, Begister iola State Bank lola and Uptown Theatres loIa'WboIessle Grocery Ken%-McFall Garment Co. S. -fit; Kress & Co. JCeUey .Hotel and Coffee Shop Kmpp Iron & Metal Co. Dr. ^ L. Lacy Johii K. Layte Dr. f.. X. Lenski XiBcisIn Food Mart .Jotp McNally, Sinclair Gaa .iGrater Mende and W. P. McFaddeu S .& B Bakeir Model & Cat Bate Grocerr Modem Cafe [ Guy Oliver Complete Tire Service Ben Pennington W. C. Ferhan, U. S. N. B. J. M. PoweU Hamsay's Uigan U. Beynolds Motor Co. Roscoe Bichardson Keith Bicbariltson Ted Robinson ; The GaQiI^e Store. SeU Serriee C|rooefy Shannon it Shannon H4w. A. B. Sleepar Dr. H. M. Stephenson. Lt. V. S. N. B. Sooth Street Cafe Stanley E. Toland—^Attorney Irving Torley. Xinstone Store Dr. Bebeoea Von Witld B. C. Walt<ni Twtfti^ Dr. P. W. Wangh Mr^-Mrs. W. A. Weaver. Pjc Theatre Xoim Wangb WPD^ups Mjonnment Works m» (4la8aci»te) Store AlQtt ynitf Mmie 3tn)lp

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