The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 11, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, May 11, 1859
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HE E XL NEWS. rmunxo .*r SHARPSTJslIN *i>. i LATHROP. .JOSXT* UTESOF. «Cf CM IKO, OIIUBQI MtUttt, DiU., I'«.per, rubunlieii erer/ mornlnfr, except ilondty. IV.-Wctkly Taper, Monday, W^dnwday «nd Friday. »<rfc!y I*».j)cr, every Tneaday morning. . 0«ilj p w per fwond year, payable In advance TERMS OF TKI-WEEKLY PAPER. ( In-Weekly Paper for one year, payable In advance. 18,60 TEkJIS nt THE WEKKLT PAPER. Weekly Paper for one year, payable In advance...$1,00 KATESOF AiivrnTisiivo IN DATLV I ..a lines, or less, of So war eil make a square. i square, 1 month...16,00 1 do. X month;.. 10,00 1 do. 8 months.. 12,00 1 do. 4 monlhi.. 15,00 1 do. «months.. 16,00 1 do. 8 months... £0,00 1% do. 1 year— 80,00 I do. I do. 1 io. 1 do. do. 8 days •?.. S,00 do. 4da>-s ..-.. VJSO COatva 8,00 2.1? *. : i_s 4,00 8Wk».... 6,00 MILWAUKEE NEWS WEDNESDAY Mo%Nme, MAY -IK 1359. |3g" Tite Supreme Court at ti ( ew York has issued two hundred writs of alterna'to msncla- IBUB in favor of that number oftbe'old police, for restoration of their office* and payments of their salaries. ra. Cunningham Bnrdell'a appeal from the Surrogate's decree agamst her claim to the widow's stare of Dr. Bnrdell's properly, has been dismissed by the Supreme Court, she not making an appearance. This may be ngarded as a withdrawal of her Rounds & Langd on, Al>Vf UXISIKCi AGENTS. IAS Randolph Street, are avthoHmed to re- ceibe Adtertiiements /of thit and all Vie Leading Pdpere <y tht Xortkwent, and are tht OBLT and n- CLUsirELY atithorUtd Ayentt »n tiie XorUaeettJbr a majority of them. mari IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. •The English papers record the d mi of the Bight E*v. Dr. Bnrdell, Lord Bishop of Bangor, the oldest prelate on the Episcopal benoh. The vacant see is worth £4,600 per annum, with a patronage of eighty-one livings, the' aggregate value of which is £23,000 with other gifts. CoBunpn Ctnamqtl fronting*. e, May*, '69. M. H. POMEEOY. EDITOB. Itocorrt, for May, 188S kept b> u. II. ijAKDI.SRfi 4 CO., Dmgjrtsto, 19Spring THKUtOXETKB B f. M. OP. «. £3?" Ttu- wh^at crop ol Dpper Canada is re pprt«i UK lookinp well fSf Tht. Milwaukee & Horicon Railroad bas passed into ill,- bands of Jesper Vlitl. ALITE AOAIK — T!K- Jusl risen from a throe mouths' slt Heraldhta The literati of Oshkosh have just or- gonizcd a lilerarv society palled the •' Aletbe- on " SMALL SPITB.—Some time since the Chicago Preu spoke against the practice of permitting prostitutes to visit the inmates of the jail in thatxiUy. For this, Sheriff Gray refused to let a representative of that paptr have admission to the jail to report particulars concerning the gallowa and i-xecation of McNamee, who was hung OD the Cth Inst. DEAB NEWS:—I had to smile twice when 1 saw the nice blunder by which your compositor spoiled the most sublime figure, and thu one I was particularly proud of, in " Letter III. to Mr. Staples, of the Unitarians " What I said, and what I really saw printed, «•,« "I cannot sea, my dear Suiples, how you will er j ergetont of the slongh that I am" Slutting into: " where, you perceive, dear N«ws, that 1 avidently represent the sun enlightening the dark ditches ol heresy. Now I Par the l>oy was not equal to the sublimity of that trnlr classical though original figure, and only thinking of what other controversies, very different from mine, often are, the boy doubled the n in shining-! J. C. R. BOABD Of AtDIBMBJf—mBQDtA* , MBBT1BO. His Honor the Mayor in the ohait. Present—Aid. Doosman, • Uppert, Hdne- mann, O'Neill, Phelps, Phillips, frwntlu and Smith. -, * .,-....,... . Absent—AH.'West. . . : . :::; The reading ot the minutes of last meeting were dispensed with. _• Sundry .accounts were .presented and.refer* red to the appropriate committees. Aid. O'Neill presented a petition from John Escli and others, asking that Doty street «nd sidewalks be graded, &o. Laid on the table. ' Aid. Lippert presented a petition from Fred. Wedel and'others, asking for the constructfon j of a public well at the corner of Fourteenth and 6herry st, 9th Ward. Referred to the local committee ot the Oth Ward Aid. Niedennanu presented a petition from W. B Walton and other*, asking to have the Public Square, in the 8lh Ward, graded and fenced. Ruferred to the Local Committee of th* 8th Ward. The chair preaeutnl a communication from John Furlong, in relation to certain tares M'.VIHKI. i>.)i Sf lr ,!* r ?l w ' l< ^ nre ^ ifinc , e ' Midjbell nottocost,! A STBANBOAT EXCURSION oil THB Wiscojf- ' -—-—-- ~__» w »~—.™»™^,^. j B**at^ LTC11 JJ,Ub I the city more than four hundred dollars j >' J. A. PHfiLPS, ; ' < N. O'NEILL, | -Committee on Fire Department. . Which ;waa adopted by-* unanimous vote.! Alderajan Phelpi.from the same committee, reported tyack the account of Beed and Felt- hansen, (pl,«g and requested that it be referred to the chief engineer, to ascertain as to the proper charges, and report thereon. Agreed j to. Alderman Neidennann, from the committee OB police, to whom was referred the account o( A. J. Langworthy; for boarding prisoners, amounting to $848.03, reported io favor of allowing tha same at $831.35. The balanc^-.Mr. Niedermann said, was chargeable to th« coun- *J Which report was adopted by a unanimous vote Wild Rart- spnrt at th* Layton House to-day. geons — shooting on wing— crack shots — lots of fnn and & good time i?ener»lly. HANDSOME — C J Bry.iiws, managing director of tlie Grwil VVefterc Railway hat pre- sentt-d the Detroit lirpmen $500 for services rendered at the lat- fir- *! Windsor FOCKDBT WANTED —At Weyaawega on the Wolf river h foundry IP wanted A section of country imrinp ii, it ov.-r u hundred sawmills if now CHHISTIAK SCHOOL —The school just started liy Pvev J C Richmond's Instrumentality, in the 7th Hard, now numbers nearly thirty tcbolcrs, and Liu tiirct- t-nobers EFFECT OF FEAE —A little story <D told of one of our prominent Wisconsin men, which runs thus : HTe was at a bar snpp-r one night, and telling of a severe storm overtaking him in the woods. Said he, "It thundered like lightning, and lightened like thunder, and I got under a beaou tre« and sat there for an hour, expecting ths lightning to strike the tr-e I was sitting under everv minute I oerer wa? so badly snared in my Hf.-.' 1 A centleman opposite him at UIK labit! said •• Why didn't yoi/ for the year 18.V7. RetV rr«l to the committee on taxes. The ohair presented a petition from Julius Hoypr, in relation to certain taxes on part of lot 4 l.look 114, 8lh Ward. R-f.-rr-rl to committee on taxes. Aid. Ni-dermann prvsnited a petition from John Hcuchmer and others, asking to have a part of the 5th a Venae and sidewalks, in the 8th Ward, graded, and sidewalks planked j also, to extHDd tho sewer in said aveune. Rwf.'rrrd to tlie local committee of the 8lh Wnrd Th, tious. adopted hy the board of Councilors on clerk presented tha following resolu- Alderman Niederman, from the joint committee on. police, presented th« following report : To the Hon. Mayor, Aldermen and Councilors of the city of Milwaukee. The undersigned Joint committed to whom was referred the subject of consulting with the Hon. Judge Foote, and to ascertain what rooms may be necessary for the convenience of his Court," respectfully report, that we have consulted with the Hon. Judge Foote, and have examined the present Court roomj and find that it will be necessary to havu s'addi- tlonal ruoias, one for the Clwrks Office and two jury rooms, and that the Police Court room now occupied by the Municipal Court should be enlarged and some trifling alterations made in its internal arrangement, that by taking out the partitions in said room,^tfd making on« entire room of it, will make ample and sufficient room for sai.i Court. That for the pur- tated ould be advisably to build an addition to said Police Bis EIVKE-—For life past few days our city lias been enlivened with the presence of a number of steamboats from tha lower Pox. The Forest Queen, Lady Jan*-, and Pearl hare all brought ns tb« wele.iine a van that the Fox is in good navigable condition from Green Bay to this place. They parried and towed up a largo quantity of Inmbor from the Wolf River, destined for St. Louis. The Lady Jane and 13 understood, are to run r-gnlarly on the Fox during the summ.>r. Th* Forest Queen is a Iran-font visitor, being on her way from Grand Haven, Michigan, to St, Louis.— Hrr flue appearanc« aud peculiar fitness for Ihe navigation of VI t stern rivers, have altr ict- etl much attention, a- d w -re she of a little IPSS draft our nitiz»ns would secure her s-rviresfor lh« cummer. Last week ht-r Captain was induced to run her flown to Prairie dn Sao on an -x-nrslon ' '" r l| "" 1 " e p " rr " KIT C ARSON!! TJ I IF* E3 AND ADVENTURES OF KIT CAKSON, YOUNG'S im \, '. FOK i HKKK N IOH is ( >M, Y Commencing Monday May f 59 T he celebrate*! ii (l l •)r: ti -ij-u B u f K i. a-: v - * SERENADED AN!. ETIII'iPIxN Th<»N<*tfroftheRocfcyJJooiUaius, Burlesque Opera Tiope, tnm f»cti narrated by hlnwelf. Jo.l rpc. I. ed by "^•Jjr JT1HCKLA.XD t U > NOTICK THT: I-VSPFCTOIC or ft n. l PPOINTED by th.. Common. Council of the City of J4 Milwaukee, In purtnaneeof An Act of ihe Le»l»l» lure, approred U: rchJT, 1*69, hereby «!»« nolle. is no» furnlsl,,-,! .tth Iho pioper weight, ao.l brand... 1 ance of the duties of his office. •» JUl.iA rh<- tirs AHiwru-An I'r Th's Tro'ipw Brna.lw 1? , S i \Vnr1.1 fhat P'-' the sam» duly inspected aa.i l>r,a.te.l be/ore tru r; tl p -,-i >'e««n. Joi ' 1 ' "*"' l Milwa 'k*e, May r, 1819. Son, South w»i e r it , " < « B " led l " b ' le " As our boat loft her moorings ami i-lirled M-. Smith win be ioun<t »t me Ne « Warehouse ,,r _ mnidT-ut down the stream, th* towns of Pacific tie- """" '"•-•••——•-- * •• '" "•-- • korra, Merrirnae and Matt's F^rry hailid us with many tokens of welcome; while clusters ' mailo of men, women and children gathen-d on the hill-tops, and around cabin doors to watch our pas«ing l,y. Here and there W noticed a ^ Tacen "- Boott <""* Shoe*. Yankee A'( .N I l JOU.N SMITH, I-.ipealor ASSIGN i r r saw mill dottmif tho shore, whll- tlie banks I of the river, on either .«ide, In-low D^korra, prt-sented landscape vi^ws ot lioidiiHas and lieauty rarely surpassed on any ol our Wpjt- Readij Made Cluthtng, , T Hool'j Aac Ion Bonau. No. 4 fin waters. pose of supplying the three rooms above st your committee are of opinion that it w Our arrival at Prairie .In Sao was th* signal for a general fathering i,f th« inhahitants. It etrctiKthpn^d thrir confidence in tb« ••improvement." They had beVn looking for a bteamer from tKe North, and hern she was, ready to carry off their produce to Porlxgo, 16 be taken tbf-noe. either by rail or water, to the lake*. Since tli« compl^tiovi of the railroads from thw lake« lo tho Mi-sis- of tli^ country li^yoiiii. and .-hoes. If«QI The i(Do '.s will frooi Mon.tay a< Ornjit i*a h o ! Nol .ins, Re^dy >lail<, CuithlOff, Ao. •H'IOQ nn'll thrf .lay >t t«M Distribution ot' MILWAUKEE 0 Mi' y •• •• J Hooo, Auctlonoer^ NOTICE ALBANY S-'rid.iy l-.vriinij HALJ., T HE followtnn . _ City of pi, and the opening ' com cii, a.. l*-atijl)oat« havp aj :. Hay «, 1.39 f lou In Ihe «th W»r I ;< .ha , by 3, W19, »' It i f. v the 7th inst., which were taken up as follows A resolution approving of the plat of Mann, Hammond, £ Co'f sub-division of lot 64, In section 16, in the Oth Ward. Concurred in. A resolution d-claring the N. 2-3 of lot 10. iu block 6 3d Ward, a public nuisance, an.l orderir n the same to be abated within 80 <ixy? from the date of first publication. Cuncurrt-.i in. get under another tret. Judge ' : " H'ell," said j A resolution declaring lots I, 2,8, block his honor, " 1 never thought of that " .51, und lots 2 an.1 18. block 73, Seventh Ward, .. „ i public nuisnnct-s, and ordeiinc l MDNICIPAI COCBT—Tuesday, Mav 10 — , , , ... . ' s ' • I abau-d willnn ten dsys. b^ same to be Remember th- Assignee* P&I-OI stock of erereriec vanknc uoliont. Clothing, &c.. at Hoodg Auction Koorof tins morning at 10 o'clock The Conservat'ir says that Ueuasha wa? never in R more prosperous condition than ni present Evident signs of prosperity, and & reriral of I'USinest, b> visible to every department o! ln.-\- COEKEE STOXE LATIKO —On next Tburb day afternoon, ai 2 o'flork. the <-orner stone of a new Jewipl, .Srnaeopue. on Fifth street, betwei-n Wells and Cedar, will be laid with appropriate and customary ceremonies Thos. Castello, drsordfrly, fined $5 end costs, or 20 days' impnsonnv-nt. John Englchard, diuuk, fined Si. or five days' imprisonment John Smith, drunk and disorderly, fined $5 and costs, or ten days' imprisonment. Jacob Flight, larceny, discharged. It appears from the evidence in this case thnt Tim othy Sullivan entered a complaint against tbia defendant for Ptealinc a et-w TL^ »-rid**noH riise'osed tb- fan tua.1 (hf det,-ud»nt pur.-haat-d the cow of Fn-derii-fc Lirik», who, no dunht, possessed himself of the cow without consulting the owuer thereof , wher»-cpon the, d^fenj. ant Flfge« was held to bail in the sum of g.Mti to answer one week from u.-dav Aid PrentUa moved to strike out ten and insert thirty. Which was agreed to, aud tbt resolution ai amended, was adopted ' A resolution declaring sundry lota in the Fourth Ward, pubHc nuisances, and ordering the sam." to \JF abated within ten days. Aid. Pbelpa said that reasonable time should be allow^.l. and tnovvd to strike out " 'en" and iii-.-rt •• tinny WilU-tj W^< HLTer.l tu alld the THSOlutioD a8 Court building in the rear, extending back 26 fast, of the same h«ighth as th« present building That the 2d story of said addition, which will be on a level with the present Court Room, be partitioned into a hall extending across said addition, 8 feet wide in rear of the Court Room and in rear of said hall it Iw partitioned Into the Clerk and Jury rooms.— Tour committee confidently believe that riir-h arrangement will not only make it vnrv convenient, but will l>. a very won. imical arrans- ment, and Will not cost from the b->t lnf.<rroa lion which we can obtain over $1,000 Your committee would further represent that we are of opinion that the interest of th.. city would bti very much promoted by the establishment of a city Prison, in which prison- era confined for violation ol citv ordinano-i can be imprisoned/ and by so (ioiug save «t least 60 per cuut. of tb« present expense consequent on confining prisoners in the county JaU That there are cells in the ha»ero<-ni and first story to said building, that ifa city Prison should b« established by law, tho>e cells could with a small expense be ertended into the proposed addition, and a eook room be finish~d, and thus use the basement and olher lofc to good advantage and vr-ry muoh promote i|,» interest of the city hy saving the pavm-nl of enormous board bilU to the Sheriff of Mil- most ocai»*M rnuninu r up onr fiv^ r i n ,- ar r7 oif I the products of tljit I'Mintifnl sir.-i.-h of f.."rti!e ' country known as Prair .. r*n>lnl>ly ' not lea" than 300.Uf)U l.ii-liels n( wlj nt miglit i Oe made to centr* at tl.ii pojni For a year ir two past, Uiis Immense ,M d »Rl(l nasanc-s >• mi 14. 18. ii »n<l II, '-I,, -1 '•> '. » .'«. - J«cl.r..l pail.. ,„] |,; tity of grain has foond ii« great ^ by wa» way to inark-t, at the Milwaukee 4 Mississippi railroad Th. inhabitants place. feflinQ the nec.-^sitv of a '-heap ontlet are engaged in building a steam'-oat lor the ,-x- press purprne of rnnnlne to our ciiy They fipect to hav- it completed -arly in Jim" It ia a fuel well known io all aojuaiuted willi the Wisconsin r(f"i tliat ther enough duiins ihe ••nlif- nea.ion l'.; • Irawioff from 2o to 30 indies In ".851 and 18SQ, wh-n tlie Knterj rota and Black Hawk u-e,l t,, risit ui regularly, tlie arrival an.i l-jvir' water i bi»at 1 4 i an.l S, i.lock i!\ J.iU 1 4, 1. J, I l -i. .,,.,^ < , 'ot s. blu--h 46. !o'. I anfl I 'H.,. « «Jj „,. [ ^ 13. Ii. Work i,; i , : f> 9, ],), n ,.j 13 | 4 ,,\' j i...,cli W, lot i, h.oc 'ib; ioia-4. 5 t a.l 4. o..>.;a ^i hy rioutied 1-. .ba;.- -am nuH^nre, wiy, ; . 4.) j 4 y, ., Htr, or ihe f -t Curomisfl oner^ if < ..j rjr/i ,v , will OAUS^ ihe fi.n- L.» b 'Line *n.| ;M.«r.'^u..> n- f s^rf-i-t ve lota, a^car linK 1.1 In * mny^O^ ^ E. L'll IUKD'NI'R .,,„„,.- ,,.., CITT C.'Mpraoi.L^u 4 ur?i, K • Contrtc,t D^par meat, M Jn-niKyt. w^y pi '<y .i. i 3 .* S "-ALED pr .potHh will be r^ ^^ M .n.Jay. \iay li'.tfi t 10 o i riiitf of such p'a.;k .id } as tn.\y '^ nr.:-5^ar)'. by :n se On- ' ^'* nk * n<l fu' r *'snintf new [ if a boat But j'i,.-- an.l during tl,e liiiiMiPv of railnufls, pnl.l. • .itteniina seeu)< tn h:iv.- l^«-n dir-rte.| (mm ihe impvri- iid WM. ,,n-in risers I ir- itili .i-siine•! 111 pliv, in fh • coontrr The .-.iriml^. prop .» 1 (111 •., f-ir c-inntfjcl ni- m • 1 . i K L H ant part the t h i RL)1 N £K i • -rpir -I - iiouof ih- IIDprnv.-nient n( r the.canal tn tl.- Wi^ from I'ralri. iiu Chi*-, t.j 'X r;r.-r of . ami the es- i . '•.iiu pic-ki-n : V. Will <Or. n . . t'atii.-li ail d:.-tni9t fr..m t (..- pu!-l ••• lll ; n^ the vaiue an.! importance <>l thu cr .-it to, m Bacl'.'er St.if r^ourc^a ..f -,b« c bead of cnttle and a fine mare, belonging to Robert Roherlsoti, of tb* town of Eaton, in Manitowoo county, died for the waut of fodder last week The unusual lateness of the Spring has caused a great scarcity of feed. HOLD Os—The Stntintl denies that Brown, their mailing clerk, bid for pu' lie printing — We repeat that Mr. Brown did bid for the county printing, for the Sentinel office, and got beat , at it Had the Sentinel won we should have beard nothing about the matter DIVIDED.—The Beloit herald and Trmet oomes to hand, half republican and half democratic, under the new arrangement. H looks, reads and seems ap funny as a cat would appear with one half of her hide wrong side out. ITEMS FBOM THE LA CRPSSE DEMOCRAT — Ho is IT'—We saw a gnod looking squaw on the street yesterday,carrying about a rather 'light complected,' BED HEADED pappoose I The little fellow swemwJ to I*- looking about for his father ! A i.)i, ,1 oUrii,^- numerous lots iu the Fifth War.i ),ul Iu . M -aiieea aod order'i..; ihe ^iIlle to lie .'llmtt-ll Concurred A report of a .imlttee uf u nf Councilors, (to wlioni was referred the mal- u-r of the wood and hay .-cales,) recommending that the city b- dividwl Into tbre« districts, j and that one In«,p-c:or of wood and hay b<» ill urn ( rr*rii, Vii.ll M \*yn* frcfift ck l/-r. a/ I H e il Ju Ipian. f f DBOWKED.—A deck Land of the 8t«amer W. j s PP°'nted for each district , encli Inspector to L. Ewing, was drowned on Sunday at Trem I pay iut. ihe treasury for his office sooh amount pealea. named John McKal^ It was the I „ wim |,, 1<? dirrt . ted ,, result of the carelessness so often shown bv those who launch ihe plan k. ' i A1 * fl thai the joint local oommittee of the re- NBW FLOCBISO MILL —The Messrs. But- he Common Council. ir sp^otire Wards, ascettain the most suitable *.•• M* •• & MVUU.I.IU AMA.I tji, A uc atf-oat n, t*ui- ' i . - . . tricks are grtting abom finely with their new j locauon m thwr respective districts which mill, and when finished, will lw the Iwt in ] oould be purchased or leased on lair terms, for the county. It will cost some §12,000 —have a WO od and h»y mark.-t, and furthermore at first, throe run of stone, and iu all its de- , , .. .. . , ,, partments be complete. These gentleman de- A ^solution the Controller lo ad- serve much credit for their energy in endeav- j r ertiso for proposals for supplying the city oring to uecmv to La Crosse so necessary an with two hay scales similar to the one in use mStitDtl ° n - in the Seventh Ward. ElSS IS THE MISSISSIPPI.—Thf Mississippi j Which report was concurred in HUSBA.ND&, LOOE OUT.— Johnson, of Kentucky, has decided that-wives have a legal right to whip their husbands as often as there may arise cause for chastisement.— Mrs. Johnson should test the Judge's id*-a of the matter at once E5F~Piceolominl has given thirty three operas in New York, the receipts of which amounted to the enormous sum of $78,000. In other cities file gave thirty-one operas, and thirty four concerts. The receipts up to this time have reached $178,000, and she has traveled over 20,000 miles. SHARP PIL/ICTTCE — The Oxford Exprett says it gets the Milwaukee Sentinel the same day it is published, and the Newt the day af- ^er. On con-'-iri-r; it finds the Sen/tree/ dated o*u day dwi • • uu otry circulation, and is more than a foot higher than in the flood of '66, and within two feet of the great flood of '61. The water has raised eleven feet since the breaking up of the ice, and is still rising All the Islands and bot'otus are entirely submerged, and logs, dead trees and drift wood, are carried along in grand confusion Much damage is being done all along the river. The road to La Crescent is impassible, and the railroad grading to Boot river is badly washed. Our wharves are submerged; the plank road to North La Crosse. is two feet under water. Passengers from the railroad are, taken off at North La Crosse Th« railroad track is fltill secure. EA.TRZB FIBHT.—Some inveterate wag played it on Bridgman the other day, by putting out the signal flag at Lafayette. After passing some distance the train put back to ibe sta- A report of the committee, en fire department In relation to an account of Messrs Jeffers & Co. of Pantucket, Rhode Island, amounting to $1800 for a fire engine for Co. No. 2, contracted for on the 7th day of April, 1858, and whicfi was received in Milwaukee on or about the 1st Hay of July, 1858. The conditions were $1,000 to be paid in cash on delivery, and the remainder at six months after. A city order for $1,000 Messrs. Jeflfers & Co refused to receive, their contract calling for cash. The interest due May 1st amonnti to §95,69, and the committee recommend the adoption of the following resolution : Reiolved, By the board of Councilors the waukee county, all of which is re^pertfiillv submitted J Your committee would also present th.. following resolution: Jtetolvtd, By the Board of Alderm.-n, The Board of Councilors concurring. That the City Comptroller is hereby auttiuriz*.! an .i directed to advertise for aud receive propo-al 10 days, for to build th« addition iu,d make such other alteration to the Muuim-ipi! Court | Boom, being on hot 5. block 10. 7tl, Ward m i I ' " '""• 'Been/of Milwaukee, and fo ,-ui. r in'.i ».-on- '" ' tract wilh the lowest p.>»pon»il.le ln,i,i, r '] I,work to I* done in arrnrdauoe w;tti tl . and speciflcatious on iik- in tho office ,., th- Cily ComptrolUr, F C NIEDERMAXN J H L1PPERT LOCIS AUEU ER.N.ST HEBZBii Joint Committee on 1'olu. Aid. Prentisa surest.-.! Uiat the but* received should 'be Uid l»>lore ih" Common Coui.cil, as by the resolution there was no limit to the <-xp-ns« Aid. Niederman said he would have IHI i.l»- jection, but he feared it would causi.- ,i--lay MEW ADVERTISEMENTS. 4I'»| SHI UliJ'x SAI.I-:. •Vrwi I*TAIE OP lt Louri. Mil . •«••< [ n^ If :« , -rue- - . Lh^: • hl^d , .1. a.- t(j' er» co:i iru.."-- I & :ioi;. n r v.'ty uw ,«r. .if pr-perty f. A •.ii ••! : -..mply »nh ihe »!.. !.- sani- ' !>-• r i i. j n j i 'l K. C..r tm,'t D^par'm- t «iur.» • t . h. I . iir '•UT. . ^1 a , I U .' II « \\ t »e clu.o*,,' ,1• out 1 , welt < t u.\n«-r I0«l. IfV r. IT.. T ; ..I 13 loll. «. ' K in. cr .trm f u, N P ^ > 'l •P ' 'TiCL. LJTT C' «ITB. i • i I £. ed. whe» the Wlow blandly inquire!. -If ,, oar d of Alderm^ c7ucurrin g ; that TeCon tu " — " .,,,.. , .. «• ll "" "•» ^ uu h» wanteu to boy any trout I" — "Thud take you and yoar trout too," roared the indignant Bridge, catching at the bell-rope, and starting up the train 1 filled with the -same news as its ootempories, one v. ;. .d«r T,ba1 is nearly as .good as bidding for < onnty printing ST.'s SOCIETY.—There will be a regular quarterly meeting of the St. Andrew's Society of the CitT of Milwaukee, at the office of the Phoenix Jnsnranoe Co , corner of Main and Michigan street, on Thursday evening, 12th inst., at 8 o'clock A full attandance is requested- Parties desirous of becoming members will please hand their names to Robert . Secretary. THB BGCKLETH.—Last evening Young's Hall was again filled by the elite of our citj to bear aad laugh at the music, wittioiEme, drolleries, and burlesques of this unrivaled troupe. Young's Hall will «cho with laughter for a week, and it will be longer still before some of onr otticeoB gut over the damage their sides have sustained. They appear again to-night, commencing at 8 o'olockt THB PHEIAN HAT.—Unole Ben has jnst bronght on from the village of New York, a email town down east, several cases of the "Phdan Hat," for spring wear. In New York a mau with one of these on, is said to be a good hilliard player, and at all events, hemust certainly look well in them. They are light, handsome, grateful and durable, end are very fashionable now. . The Phelan hat, and Hootch cap are all the rage. Pncle Ben baa all the. nice Lead gear, and can tell in a minute Just what styla you wish,*nd can sell a little cheap «r than anyone.. ... D; & ;&' EAIX.WAY DJBBCTORS.—We learn ^ that the Directors and stockholder* of the above railway vill arrive in this city on Thuns. day morning at two o'clock, bribe boat, remain,with ni daring* the day,, dining at the . JJtwhall' They intend to ingpect our lair city •nd we hope our spirited oitiwn* win notbt fcnnd, wanting in attention or hoipitaUty. . ]- . --•:„: ! STATE COHVESTION.—The controversy In relation lo the tim« of holding the Statw Convention, has become general • among the demo cratio press, and even the republicans are pitching in more or less. We can see no good reason against holding the Convention at an early day. It is all fudge and nonsense to talk about the farmers not being able to attend then. We want a Convention at an early day, for the purpose of having the nominees ol that Convention brought prominently before the people, that voters may know what manner of men they are. Hold an early Convention, nominate men for office who will stand the test of being brought before the people, to have their past political actions scanned, and their present position discussed, and the democracy will gain largely bv this course — Make nominations in season to have tlje State thoroughly canvassed before election, that the republican doctrine of nullification may bo fully discussed on the stomp, the most effective way of reaching the people, and let the result tell of the loyalty of Wieoonsin — Horiton AT aus. is getting into tie milling business, a necessary consequence of being an able and leading Democrat 1 There is Charley Robin, son and Bobart, and now, according to the Horicon Arffut, here is Larrabee: ' Judge Larrabee isTjow sole owner of the valuable Grist Mill erected last summer by Johnson & Co., having purchased the entire interest of Messrs. Johnson & Harper. There fs no better mill in the State, and none tetter located to ensure a flourishing and lucrative business." If the able member of Congress from the Third District 'grinds out" flour as good as his Democratic eentimsnts we shall purchase exclusively, hereafter, tie Larrabee brand.— Madison Argvt. WHEAT PROSPECTS.—The wheat prospects in tbia count/, so far as we can learn is very fair. Winter wheat in some localities looks first rate, while in others it has Buffered from being winter-killed. Fanners are .putting in a jarger breadth than ever before, and some which was put in early is already up and growing nioely. People look forward in hopeful confidence for a fruitful hairest to extricate the country from its low estate jone good season will undoubtedly do it.— Weytnciffo Herald. With the opening of spring things be. gin to assume their wonted shape. The daily stramer—the crowd of passengers—the carpenter'« hamnwr—the teem* in the streets and « general ItrOBhing op, are all tokens of an active summer. Alter'tome unavoidable delays the boats are«Il-oB their respeotiv* route*.-- WfytHMOtfftt ^ £. t • ! w .^ . fc" > ' »J, trollrr bn instructed to audit the account of Messrs. Jefleri & Co., and the Mayor and Clerk b« authorized to issue a treasury warrant in favor of & Co. for $1893 69 (Signed ) J ' H " BONING, (feigned.) FHANCIS MoCORMICK, Com on Fire D.p't. Aid. Puelps said thai he had been asked to sign the report, but he refused to do so, as the resolution proposed tb pay in warrants bearing ten per cent interest, whereas a resolution was passed Inst year to pay all debts for work done before the 6th of April, 1858, in the old form of orders, and for all work done since thai date in warrants bearing teu per cent. interest He would, therefore vote against the resolution. Alderman Prentisg supported Mr. Phelps' view of the matter, and said the resolution was now in force as much as ever. A long discussion ensued, owing to a misconception of the time the engine was ordered and delivered, which was within the time limited by the resolution spoken of by Mr. Phelps, which directed the issuing of ten per cent, warrants. The Chair put the question, when the report and resolution was adopted by the following vote : Ayes— Aldermen Dousman. Neidertnann, O'Neill, Phillips and Schulte., Noes— Aldermen Lippert, Phelpa and Prentiss / A report of the local committee of the 6th ward, Jn favor of granting the petition of Par don Powell and others.for grading 6th street, and sidewalks, and planking .sidewalks between Walnut and Galena street, 6th ward. Concurred in. A resolution requesting the Gas Light Co. to :rect lamp posts on Detroit street, from Main to Beach streets; 8d ward. Concurred in. . Reports of the committee on taxes, in favor of remitting taxes for 1868, and charging the same to th> ward fund. . P: :. : -' ; Concurred In. •" Alderman Phelps, from the wmmitUe o» Fire Department, to whom; was referred 'the petition ofWm. Johnson ^ and others; reported in favor of the same, and offered toe followW resolution : - ' •'" : •••"•- ; '' ~ ; 4 . : '.; >*^ : >;.^:T B Aetolved, The .Board of Councilors c Tha report and resolution was then a i. Aid O'Neill, from the committee on taxes, reported back, without action, the petition of H. Horagon, the time for hearing bis complaint having expired. Concurred in. Aid. O'Neill called from the table the p*il. tion of John Esob, and others, and off-red the following resolution. fitiohed, The Board of Councilors concurring, that the Street Commissioners of tho First Ward be, and they are hereby authorized to have Doty street, from its intersection wilh Franklin street to the north line of Rodger's addition, graded to tha establish*! grade, the ifde-walki constructed on.both sides of said ttreet and planked, and 'the gutters paved with cobblestone, agreeably to the petition of the owner of property adjoining hereunto prr- sented. Aid. PrenlUs presented a petition from Jakob Schlecht, requesting that East Water street, from Blddle to Division strvet, and Division street, from East Water street 10 Chestnut street bridge, b- paved without delay. Referred to the joint local committee of the First and Seventh Wards. Aid. Prentiss said he wished to tust the opinion of Ihe Common Council on the issuing city warrants as wag done last year, and offered the following: * Rached, Th« Board of Councilors concurring herein, that so much of a Joint resolution, paased by the JaU Common Council, (in 1858 as Euthorises city warrants to be drawn here! after on the Treasnrer to bear (pterest a* the rate of ten per centum per annum is hereby repealed. ' ' OD the motion of Alderman Dousman, it was referred to the joint judiciary oorAmit- tee. Aid. O'Netll offered the following: Rttolvtd, The Board of Coonoilors concurring, that tha Chief of Police be, and h» h hereby instructed to remove all obstructions from Knapp street, between river etreet and the Milwaukee river, within thirty days after the adoption of this resolution and service of notice on Ihe proper person or persons to move Boob obstructions. Adopted. Aid. Dousman offered the following: Retailed, By the Board- of Aldermen, the Board of Councilors concurring, that the Fifth Ward GM Light Company be and they are hereby requested to erect » lamp post on the «orper of Pierce and Hanover streets. Adopted. ' • . , ' An account bf P. Halloran for burying nuisances was referred to the commute on police for examination. ' Sundry bills audited by the Controller, were allowed by a unanimous vote. '•''•"• :*«••• -. wr>! •„ th't.c- nortl. .' . .n.l c )*> :i)-lu" , I,,::., : . .1.. c< .,,.r l.»<r R"».l. thrr.r- ,|. ,,j Fond j , La- h.^a-l |. .ui M-Un>rh» n.i i.i ihr ,.i. c - I'ainl Sb.n-,1 t i^ii, ., M. ,« PH.M i ORiO.n. | rr.-, ,ur, , f marl l-l!n2w- m . ! «tul . t,.o.-Jr is, , - ,f ti, nVj TJ imenil An (JrJtr •cr.btnii t*.« <Ju.!e Ihf fOT]p^ns»r j..»«e'l April J. ( Tb* M>«or %n I C B &uke«, do ord%in & c- rnlHIe-l I he L u y I!).- Cii) « ^J. --ta 5. -i T *,).! S, t>i • : •), bin k l.'M, .-t }, • N.. u !•» «, .;' up^nLs tad a^ »fr n,-r . ,j notiflr-t I H. ia..l na : .+ .., f the < 1. Th*> a r-)D<l t rt on M A i U o Cltj .lesessor nad hin. k . ihe comncn. I II,' »nd Ma ,1 A.. t .Mor,," pas,*,! Apr.: ! hereby amp i\?l • , fl t . alar-pi ..' ,-nnii..-R..i v il.,ns o( Ulc Cltj Ui arl«. ,jr by an Uooimon Coqocil ihaM be » folio*. To each War J A«s-n >r the ium r, larj. :,- War 1 t:,ep.-) hunJri-.t .iol- 8«c. 2. Tf.e proT-.i on. of paiicd which m»7 conflict bpreby repeal ed. „ „ , R B. Lttca, Clly CUr> a/ Ordinance heretofore . nth Ihj Ordmauca are i L. FAGS, M.yor mmyU-dtl S her-hy NOTICK thai a petition by i-o [r.c I h-ilderj, rrsid^nti of toe i'lrij Wird, of ti • Cti r of Mil»»u«-f, harm? be-n pri-»er,tej to he Common . oancll, •rttlne fonh the nec-f.ltr o. r • tkinf certalo an *• L'H T Ml lut-silaji, ihif lUih .031., it ',') A ^ '., r '-utal Cllf I'nuliQ^'- I'rTv...»a.s l.. t>- ui,»je »a ' F..r c-ouipoH.t on per l.Jmi «T)« MJ-IU i .( type an.t up 11 an-J liiclu.nn*,' p •• t — all :yy^ j.a.t pu-a lo b- coanCed aj p'C* F.»r pre^i w-.rk per to4eQ P»i-r to t>^ rurnlafae.J at cosl K, L'll u l RUIN, -'*' Conptri £*T~ 8 Dtinel, W.IUOIUID ai»l Deia ,. r»:, ,pr N\ * landi In pe'ltion anil Uc»<;r1'.M f.. r the pnrpo.e ol laylne ool and »>t ? ndlni f-lev.ant stre.. rlfhtf le^t wue IQ laid war I, thai an »ppl c» Ion »ui be made to the Jndce of«h Circuit Court of Mjlwaaker Cooatf, on F-ldiy, the lutn Uaj of June OMI for the appointment of t.flc,. Juror, to »i-w .v i ,,,«DI«I and determine' aj to lh-; of t .king the lame lor the purpolc, in laid pt-tiuo'i sei fnrtb. Ttiede»i!rtption of land! pr»po<r I lo b t»»en r r the afor- said ImproTcment arc aj f..|.o^i, ti in: A pan «f lot number t».lTe |12j, in hK>ck one bun- ilredand nlnety-.n [l» t ] f [ Q Uo^r'i addition, .u the FVM W»rJ. of the City of Mll«,ul e ,, afor-iaid »n.l detcribed m follo.i, to wit: B-irlnnlnit a't a i-olot on the west line of laid lot twrlie 2 2-lu feet «oulh of uho north wall lOrner of laid lot twelve; thence enl on a line parrlirl to the n.;rth line f lot twelre, 3,1 14 1 0 feet to a point on toe west line of Fi a:iil n itreet, JwMch 1. ttie east lluo of >aiii lot twelre), t Z-10 feel «outh of Ihe north e»« corner of .aid lot twtlre; thence »oath on cut line of i»ld lot U, 50 feet; thrn<:4 »e»t on » line parell. I t.i t-t north line of lot 12, 811 14-100 feet tn the »e»t line of laid lot twelve; theni-e nurth 80 feel to tho_place of t>rf(lrntnK. conulnlnn I4.S91 8 10 tquare feet of Und ai (hown by tlie annexed p | ol . By order o^the Common Council. M.lwankee, May, 1S69. i"»yll ___ SUUKRT B L7SCH. Ctty Clerk- . ring, that tfie Controller, and Chief of the fir* departmentlbe, and they are hereby Instructed to procure 4 bell for; engine boose Jlor 1 ff,' si . KB. LYNCH, City Clerk. Council Chamber, May 9th, 1859. BBIOK —Wej; lee Pomer^r has got back ,, you, iie* 1 local .oo^imn had become to* t Briok . rather dry of lata; but it's all right novr OconomotKcPrfji. ' • "- Th» gentlemjan havibg oharjJ of the city department w-tjije we ^>re sick, ideclarssthat ths J^w >in|ney«rii«lai^rth;anop>i^ If he ever gsti on^the; : '*.' lc*al ;throne," ,he will take palugj to ^iy e ihgfnit fltg. ; Wap pii atinourt ourtcrt the •ppointment oti Wm. McCaddT, as receiver of naooeyg ItSajiBHor. Who ii Wtni MoCaadT T ?-- Milvaulai Kt\a. •• IWe ism't know tU*- McCaddT, but ! lf we ' »'go • hat w that' CIHCTJIT OODBT i MUiraakee County, f . ChsrlM W. WllUrd, PUintfiT, ACA'nit William Smith, Henry fenftleben, L:cim E. Walt John M. KJmb»ll, Cbrlitian U. ll,yer, Otto theMoff, 0. Arnold, A. i. futlflohn, Frederick Mueller, Sidney Shepird and Aaguatui u. Wood, D«f« idanu. Tho Sl»te «f Wljcomln, lo the above named defendant* Y OD AKE hereby Summoned and required to an- §»er tUe complaint tn toil action, which Ii filed In Ihe office :of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, for the County of Milwaukee, at the Cltj of Milwaukee, In laid Oonntjr, and to serve a copy of your aniwer to the .«ld complaint on th* lubscribers. at their office Not. S at.d< Albany Balldln;, In the laid City of Milwaukee, wBnlo twenty day« after the ..rvtce hereof, ex- cloilve of tbe day of inch service; and If yon lall to answer lh« complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demiin<t- ed In the o.mplalnt. . Arthur McArlhur, Juddf of rt for laid County of Milt Mllwaakte. this thlrty-nnt day of March, 1858. ' HOOKJCB ft 8PANOKNBE8O, 1 Plaintiff 'i Attoraeya mayll-lawtw _ Milwaukee, Uliconjln. NOTICE. Crrr C ,JIFT«OLL«»'» Orn.-x. , 'itrtct Dapanment. Ullv»ukee, itay 6, ;j^tf \ IIK dnoribeU Ion and part if i, i, :ocate<l .n tho Third V* ard of the >-ity of *MI wtu«ee. for --- ".luuonaf the Comtnon Council adopt?.), M«y 3 l^.^^ wrrc ilerlar-d publlo au.aai cea b/ r*a-on ! trjttfnan w.ier an.l fllth thereon, and *a.d ^3-iKances .r.U-r e .i to !.^ abated, «.l I- I «. bl»c!c ~: lou 1,2, S, <, t an.t 11. bloc* 41. ,ota ' -•-'.,' . 1-4; ot i. Didca 4i). ...ta L, 2, 3 4, 7, » and ». bloc* 16J; IKW 1. J, s, 4. S, i. Iu and 11. bhx:k 4fi; lou I, 2j 8 aod 4, nlooS 4j, [o I '., 'J T i i 10 a:id H, blocn ft; lou 1. 2. 8, 4, .1 and 1,' nio.-t M l.-u 1, 2, 8, 4, «, 10 an.l 12, block 4J, lot< 1 ,nd I. t>i ca lir, lotj S. i and 6. block It; lot U, 010 n J6. ,OM 3, » »rrJ 5. block IT; l..t« 8 snd I, h ock 37, K,ta , Ii an.l' N ,S of 8, block *af lou 1 and 19, b ook W, N.. r n ^ jf <, 11 ao.l 12, block Iti; Iqt 3, bl >ck .3; Uu J, 4 i»u 11 block 43. o«neri occupsi u »ud avenu of ih« jO..«< inscribe.! property are hereby notiHeO io abate »»..! nuu.incM »>tli,o Ul rtj d»)i from the pabl cation of !.'•,» notice. i>r the Street Oi.tumujloDer* of faid Third W-ar.l, *1 I atiae iiiid. nuta&Dces to be a'iAtcd anil cii. • I.T4 11 UK iub..-i respective lota and pan ,tf Ion mayo-d6t K. L'tl. ifd lo Iho aw . Cumptroll r, NOTICE. CITT Cojirrxo^LXR'a OrrKj Contract Department, UJvaukee, yt»y t}. 1^9. ^fllri JL Common Council by rrsolutioo \I*y 3, 4 ~*~ | ^Tltneis the Bon. •< utt V the O.rcuit Cou ( -^— j wankee, at Mll urrr uovmoiux'a Orrc», -t . Contract Department, Mil., M»y 11,18i9. j • <EaL£D propotaji will b« re eived (t tbil office on- 7 til saturdty, May 14th, 1S69, >t 3 r. »., fur grading the nnBniihKl portion of the »llry» tlirou. h blocki 43, 43 tad 43, la the.Thlrd Ward, to tbe-oUMhhed gradf, •ecordlDg tcr the mlmata at tbo City Engineer, an Hie tn the Comptroller'* CtBco, the »boTo work baring been ordered! by the Hoard of Uonncllori Jane 12,18M, aod concurred In by the Board of Aldermen, Jane 14, 1858.. 3^ • ~ m«rU-dft E. L'XI. OAHDISEg. Comptroller. :: 1'f CrrrCo«»r«ouj»'sOrrjci,7 . Contract rM^artmeot, Ull., U«y II, 18S9. f CJ BAtfi) pfipoiala will b« rtcelred at thu office an- O.tll Tnwdfj; Uth day of M.,, 1859- for gradlnj th. njiln»hedjportloni of Human .treet. In tbe>i*h Ward, from Third itreet to Cut 'Ine or 8herm»nV kili dltlon ,io tll€i«jt%Wl>he.l gradej; n(rt work harlns bien ordered .byjtbs Board of Cooncilon, June 21,1863, and concurred in by tte Board of Aldermen June 23, IWr. . ., i^i r. L--.I. CAgJJI.iEa, Compitollfr. ij *n BTx. Ca," N OTIOE i» ! b»T»by tl«n, 'that a meeting of ilnisidek- hol|en of lid* Companr, (or the cholc* of a Board of Director* Of : laid Conv will b« held on the teat apany, Mtt d»j of Hay next, at the of JfUwtokw, t. . • of property iltaateu ID block '^8, Hlxth Warj of the City of Milwaukee, tor the construction of a lewer through alley Id a%ld block 2!s. aad ordered that a sewer D« eonatructed In ace rdanee wuh ihe plan and • peclAcauona pf the City Engineer, on file :n thia office. Owner* of properly oo iai.1 alley are hereby noillir,! to coaatrucb »uch sewer within twenty daj f fmm thH dnte, or ihe Street «immu3:onera of the ?Uth vVan «rll c»u«e t'e same to b.- done and charged t.i i ha re ^pectiTe lou, accurrltng to law. ERNST HEBZStl. CUAHi. BO3ACK, [QAj6-<16L Councillors and £tr et Cooim«i.41oneTS. I S l^r-ny f, .-rn . .-a rtt-/ »e l M K ... - Qrnnd and P-t.i J-i • U.ln..-:i.:vl Co ir I. U. u the l^^r tir"C ., n n.iur jf 3 F M . >r n IE ion], .n {(AMI . Clrr Coxrraou.La'9 Oinca, Oontrsct Department, Mar 7. IS49. 8 EALEO propoial»-»lll bo recelnd at ihli office, anti rriday, May IS. 1S3B, at 10 a. v., >or gntdlni to Ibu eatablUhed (cratl*, JftTarsaa ttreet, from Detroit itreet to Chicago it., 1 1 Ward; also for planking, curb- In^ in. I plank ildev-Ilu; the >amo having been ordered by the Board of OouncJlora, Jan* 80 I8o8, and concurred In by the Board of Alderman, ..uly !2. ISM. mayT-dtt L'H. QARDINEH, Comptroller Crrr COMPTROLLBB*» Omos, t Contract Uepartment, May T 1SJ3. ( propoiali will be reeetred at thlj offio- until O TharaoUy, May 12, 13S9, at 10 o'cloor a. m for griding to the eatabllioed grade. Milwaukee streets an<i (ulewallu from Detroit itreet to Chicago atreet in the 3d Ward; also for planking, curbing and r^ the ; <old work hartaR been ordered by h« Boart concurred In h y Board of Alderman, Jane 14,1358. mayT-dtt E. L'H. BAltulNER, Comptroller. Crrr ronnioLua's Omo, I Contract Department, Mil., May 11,1SS9. f t KADKD proposali will b« racelrcd at Uiiaafficaun- C* til Saturday, Hay 14th, 11 a. » , for constructing a •ewrr Uiroonh Colcaoo ilrtev la (ha Third Ward, la front of East X of lot T, block«£, and half of the cron- Injr ot allay ID laid block, the aboTo wotk baring been ordered bylhe Board.of CooncUora, July 12'I, 18M and eonoorred to by the Board of Aldermen,! July Mat, 1803 ; Mid work to be done In' accordance with Xngl ne r'» rullroale OQ file In U)U office, m.ylt.dtt Rl'H. SABUINER,U..mplroller. Crrr CoxFraoma'j Oirrci, l Contract D»partmenl> Mil., May II, 1839. f 3 EaLCD proposaJi wilt be reeelred at thu offleeun- 3 til Turi.lar, ITth day of May, <t tl A. n., for grad- ng the {anBnlabed; portion! ot Second atreet and aide* »alk>, from Cherry atreit to Sorth line' of Suennan't addition to the eiUbltahed grade; abo RraVel tald ftreet, eart and plaak ald«walki, ami eomtracVitan* Utn; aald work haylnj been ordartd by iba Board Aldertnw, July,S«tb, IMS, concurred In by t • Board of Oon«cflor»,Aoir.Sd, ISM. • Coaptrol*. 31.J4 ( vi % r i John A. !•<«.;-. -<- jf 'Utr«'ah II llf. Davtd P H.ul, M inaa Alton Uu.l, HdwITi Palmer Ti-iste 1 ?. Jotbaa Hathaway, Byron W (.lark, Ch«rlcAd. Cl:ir^, Libert U. Bell, TheP&rmer'i A MUicr'i i!"i Henry L. Pa-tner. V U ,JI v I Augtutu* Grealioh, Ad- nnneti of tho P-nply', l Bank ot* Hunrtel, (sr-_--.-n- \ leaf A Company, Bawani G. Tyl^r, Jatei U. Po t«r, Uormco H. tluao. -uiii Jwper E. Goodrich. I N pursuance and by virtue uf A it-on? Dlacrict Court or* ihe Loii ed ,-»» n** -or Wucoittin, OD thu twaiiili -iny 'f U*rcn. tho »b >< f? eut.tled jau5«;, • «n;iJl ' ,1 .t-i* W the Unfteil State.- Mnnhal'i OiH^v •» '"<• Milwaulte*, on ^outlay, 'he nmTi <n\y >r >i .v ' - 11 O'clock A. M lying .»f \V , Thy follow,,,- rr-il -HI* y of MllivtiiK.- in<l -I <l descnheO is at- ;um!i -ast junrt, O( the north wes| i|uart»-r uf w.ti ..n nurimer •r-n,;' In tOTTnahij) omntrr Javeu i7), north ,f rnn.'.- :\ mh (3a> l-Jtat; less lire 10111 • -mm ^t.r^r > Il Uiu (IO) HCIV* oflJie *l>uv- I, *cr-t^,| ricl .f ,»,,' which In (-xre.ted »ni, rcserv. >i." Marshal* a Ufflue, Uilwaufcee, M'irrh 'a 1 ;3:» W-J-THOatfA^, C s. Marn>,:.l . M*», Complfa ^ilc.tor ..mrjti.wu », Complfa . »BUT« , a i e *nth d»y of . . t t ht . Uarshml't OUict, Milwaukee, Mny tf, Tsfitf m*ylO.UwU M. J. JUOMA^, U :<. Marshal. R E_M_0_V_E_D ! pangeuberff & Finck AVB ivmoTtd. from their oh* stand to Juneau Block, 210 Ba»t Water itreet. They open th:« morning at 10 o'clock, with their nock largely rcplen- ' lahed. T1HX JL place to bo; Orocarles,^ H

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