Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 10, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1888
Page 4
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THE EYEimTG GAZETTE: TUESDAY, JANUARY, 10 J888. WEDDING BSLLS. "Hi- iwMTns; Ml* n,m rlnfrte?, Rwr~-t JOT nT!<l fc-lft.-'n^s hrhjpinjj To PTerr h^rt, whr» from r.h'Mrps'.il, finds •">: rich**? sytr!n£T- ! n?i An;! Eh,iT!;rh ihc lips may falter, To op-Mik b"fnr«« I lt« nltnr "O, LOTP, *!fTln6 mnrt fender, Vfilf-d in thy softcD^ splendor," VTo rbrtnt frith tni'it, thy prals*, ana prmy: "Oh, tx> ih!$ hoffiitVi d^feciJ'Tr; Go<i bless tb("W hnndB anftedl And. bl<*>« thosa heartA thus pHfifbtedl In all their liv^ msf they b« ons, unservrwl iu>d unbll^htcd. Let'lutybe a pleasure. And crerr gift, that Fortune B^nds, accppt^d aa a Pitnihlne and fihndow* ahariny, E-icli for tha oilier caring, And e&ch, with tender heart and true, the otber'i bardeas So, by thy Spiri Life's duties all divided, May all Its complex choice* bf by Lora'i Tofc*a flrcidedr Thus wfth bright hopea supernal, Throuq-h alt life's season vernal, Kay each receive, for work well done, a home and life eternal. — L. A. Morrison. CHIQUITO jGOT_ A CHEW. One of a party of four seated around a tabla in an up town cafe was a sedate looking gentleman, small In stature and faultlessly dressed. Extreme neatness was the first thing that struck one in looking at him, yet there vras a suggestion of virQity about him that made his cnrefnl attire seem out of place. One of the four addressed him familiarly as "Chiquito." The name struck anotherof the party, who then heard it for the first time, as a rather singular way of ad. dressing the sedate tf not solemn Mr. Smith, and ho said something to that effect. "Oh, that's what onr friend here and all the other fellows used to call me In tho old days when wo were forty-niners in California," said Chiquito. "It la a sort of hybrid Spanish, you know, and means small; it fitted me exactly in those days. I'm not of a large pattern now, but in tbooe days, when I was a youth uudet 20, I was not filled ont and was very small, although I did carry the United States mail on horseback over a stretch of forty miles, nearly all of It a lonely mountain road." "Yon must have met some queer people and strange incidents on those rides," one of the party remarked. ' "Not often," replied Mr. Smith. "Many a time I went over the whole distance out and bock without meeting a human beiug. Sometimes, however, I would come across a stray Indian and sometimes meet a white man, who always had a small arsenal strapped about his waist and a pair of pistols in the holsters of his saddle. It was a renconter with one of thoselgentlemen at the loneliest spot in the lonely mountain road that Is almost the Only TlVid"memory I have of those days in the long ago." There was a general desire expressed to hear of that incident, and Mr. Smith continued: •'Well, you know, to be o forty-niner in California you hiul to use tobacco in all forms. I don'tknow that there was any compulsion about it, legal or moral, but everybody did, and young as I was I did what everybody else did. So it was my custom to go to the store just before start- Ing on my Journey and buy a large 'hunk,' as they called it out there, weighing about half a pound, which would lost me ont and back. But, one morning, having a small remnant of the weed left from my last trip, I forgot to get my usual supply before I started off with my mail. Queer mail that was, gentlemen, and rather expensive to the government. What the contractor got I never knew, but ho paid me pretty well for carrying it, and I never had over half a dozen letters. Once In a while a stray nows- • paper would sometimes escape tho many dangers of confiscation on tho long route from the eastern states and find its way Into my pouch. Somc'llmes after it got to me it would rencli the person addressed to, but often it would not, for when it at last got to his postofflce he would be dead.. "Well, that morning I had only half a dozen letters and no newspapers, and had got about ten miles on the rood when I made the unpleasant discovery that I hadn't laid in niy supply of tobacco. I reined up to consider the horrors of the situation. I was carrying the United States mall, which, small as it was, could not be trilled with by my going back to get tho tobacco. Yet the Idea of going without for two days was insupportable. Finally I made up my mind I would have to endure the hardship as best I could, and Jogged on again. I hod got about half way on my journey and was well up the narrow winding mountain road when I •aw a mounted man coming toward me. He was a mile or more away when I first . saw him, but owing to the sharp turns in the road he eeemed to l)e quite near,-and I saw that he was a powerful fellow, and I knew he was well armed, for that was a custom of the country. I knew, too, that 1 could as safely ask him for his horse as for any of his tobacco, unless he happened to have a very large supply, which was not likely. But I made up my mind he had to contribute, so I got out my pistol, but hold it BO he couldn't see it. As onr , horaes touched noses we stopped, which was nothing unusual, as two-white men meeting always halted to exchange Items of news, of which, as a general thing, neither had any. • • " 'MoriiinVstranger,' sold he, and I r*- peated the greeting. 'Any varmints about?' he Inquired, meaning Indians, and I assured him there were none. Then tt cume my turn to ask questions. " 'Got any tobacco, sthingerf •"Yea, an'I'm goin'ter keep it.' " 'Guess I'll have to trouble yon foi a bit.'. , "'Guess not.' "'Gness I must 1 And in an instant I bad him covered with my revolver. He took in the situation at once and was convinced. He drew out a long piece of the black stuff called 'navy,' which some of you gentlemen may have seen, but I hope have never tasted. He extended It toward me, and growled more gruffly than before: " 'Takeoff what you want.' But I was not to be caught io that way. Still keep- log him covered with tho pistol, I gng- geated that he had better cut that into two equal parts himself. Drawing a dirk knife of villainous appearance from 'his boot leg he cut the piece us I had naz- gested and extended ono of them toward me. ' ' •. . •-.-•• " 'Just drop it in the road, stranger,' He did it, put his knife bock In his boot leg, gathered up his bridlo reins and remarked: 'Guess you have traveled some, youngster. Hope we'll meet again ton\e time.. MornlnV " 'You guess right,' I answered, aa h< •tarted off down the rood. As-he parsed by me I turned in my saddle arul kept him covered with the pistol until he had disappeared around a bend in the road. Even then I waited for some minutes fdr fear he would turn bock, but finally being convinced he had no intention of comlijg back, I got off my horse, clutched my ..prize, and having mounted went on a» feet aa the steepness of the grade would .{permit; not that I watt running aw")', gentlemen—oh, uo, uot at all. But you Me I wa* carrying th« XJiUfed Stole* mail i schedule aud I was mafjng op for lout factor nguiu," reni.-irtiM ono of tho company. "Oh, yes, I did, only a few days afterwards, nml that is the host part of tha ntory.. When I pot b'ick to tho home ranch from t!mt trip flip first ttiina that T .".i ..'!—•-'-'.n... '•--.-.- ;:.2 •.-.:;;.,. ftway my ar^-nal with the mail bng in tho postofUce wns to stroll down to the stora to lay in a supply of tobacco. Tho store, you know, Is the imp resort for everybody in a small spttloment. It was so In California; it it so yet In every village In the United Stntes, whore, as a rule, there Is only one store ami tlmt deals in everything. Wei!, I wfMit down to the store. It was full of nvn, us it always was. I edpred ray way up- to the counter and asked for tobacco. A tall mtxn who had hln back to nip turned around at the sound of my voire. It was my Irlend of the mountain. I recognized him in an Instant, but hoped he did Hot know me. But he did, and remark-Kir " 'Youngster, we've met before.' "I knew from his tone it was useless to deny the fact and admitted It, while I was preparing to dod^e his first bullet, with the hope of escaping altogether In the fusilaile that wotrfd be sure to succeed It. Hut to ray intense surprise, he showed no Intention of drawing a weapon. On the contrary, he thrust out his hand with the remark: " 'Youngster, your name. You'll do. Shakel' » "He hnd the grip of a vise and the strength of an ox. I would rather have taken my chance* with his bullets than have endured his friendly grasp again. But, happily, I was not called upon to do it. The stranger extended a genial invitation to everybody to 'liquor up' and gave the -crowd a minute account of our first meeting, ending with the compUment: 'Youngster here Is game, you bet.' With the words he had paid his score, and, striding out, mounted his horso and rodoaway." "You got well ont of that scrape, Chl- qnito," remarltod one of his hearers. "You never heard of him again, I suppose?" "Yes, I did. A few days afterward his identity was established, when he was hangexl in the next settlement by a vigilance committee for horse stealing. Then It came out he waa one of the most not*l and daring desperadoes in the country. He had committed several murders and' was suspected of others, but they had been done in remote places, and as he hod never been In our settlement before the time I encountered him tt is not strange nobody there knew him. When It became known who he was thero was much marveling aa to how I had< escaped. I,fully shared In It. . 1 suppose it is hardjy necessary to soy that If I had known} who be was I should not have ventured to request him to shore his tobacco with me."—New York World. . Smith peawd and mnttt*- ly tuw.ii.cxi Li* cigar. CONDENSED'NEWS. The British steamer Vortlgern hu be«Q wrecked In the China §ea^wlth_a Jo«s_of twenty-one livea, A company with »t,lKX\000 capital has be»n licensed to establish an aquarium and flsh- market in Chicago. A bill has been Introduced io the Ohio legislature fixing passenger rates at 2 cents per mile on all railroads in the Btato. Two Chinamon were sentenced in Portland, Ore., Monday, to hang February 17 for tha murder of one of their countrymen in the Chinee* theater Nov. h f Gen. Washington Sea well, who graduated from Vftst Point in 14%, and was the >econd oldest gennral oo tho retired list, died In Ban Francisco Monday. • • The coal fleet from Plttaburg and the Ka- nawba region reached Cincinnati, putting an end to the coal famine that has prevailed there for several weeks. A general strike of the operatives in tha Fall River (Mass)' factories, about ^5,000 in all, la expected. They damand a 13>f p«r cent, advance in their wages. The remains of Napoleon IIL, and his son, the prince imperial, were removed Monday from ChUalhurst to Farnaborough, whore they wore do|«sltod in the mausoleum erected by the ex-Empress Eugenia Three persons—a man and his wife and child—at Cainden, N. J., were badly bitten and mangled Sunday by two large mastiffs which had been in the family two yean without having exhibited any ferocity. The annual report of the Reading Railroad company shows that in IBSOlhe company r*-. oeivedan uverapi of $1.63 per-ton for coal at the mines, and in 1887 »1.84, while in 1886 the cost to mine was 165, and in 1837 $1.57. The first fhrough train from Minneapolis to New York and Boston over the "Soo" line crossed the bridge at Sault Ste. Marie in sections Sunday night and Monday. There were six sections aud 103 cars, each car containing 150. barrola of flour. The bank clearances for lastr weefc show a decrease of 20. S par cent In New York city. The falling off of stock transactions at that point amount* to 1,000,00ft •huroa, which partially accounts for the shrinkage. - Chicago shows a shrinkage of almost 3 par cent The decrease throughout the country Is 8 par cent Tha Railways Cornered tha Coal Market. LOUISVILLE, Ky., Jan. ]0.~For the past •ix months the unusual low stage of water in the Ohio fans practically, prevented the shipment of coal from Pittaburg to tali city. This embargo was broken Monday by the arrival of the tow-boat Acorn with 00,000 bushel* of coal from Pittsburg. Other boat* from the same point with an •ptcgfegate of' I,5u0,u00 buahel* will arrive during the week The effect of the Acorn's consignment was to creak coal prices from 25 to 40 per cent. With em abundance of coal mined within sevanty-flvv miles of this city tha railroad*, taking advantage of th« demand from consumers with small supplies on hand, have steadily advanced coal rates. One of the effect* of this coal squeeze will probably be a general In- dorsement from this section of the bill now pending before congress amending the Interstate law by prohibiting railway advances in freight rates without due notice to tha general public. A Bin GkS Contolidatlon. PrtTSBURO, Jan. MX— The stockholders of the Philadelphia Gas company and the Chattier* Gas company, in joint session here, rat! fled the union of the two companies Th» ogroemvnt continues niooty-ulna years. ' Th» Philadelphia company will tonnage and op- erate'thfe entire property., Tb« aggregate capital of the joint concern 1* $l,BS3,8a%83; Boven hundred and tlxty manufacturers and 20,bOOdw»illDg* arfr cupelled, requiring too dally delivery of 450,000,000 feet of gas. There aro 700 mllMot pipe lines, aud about 140 wells In use. A LOCOMOTIVE engineer once said to the editor: "My engine ia jtiat like a man. One day it is in good humor, makes stpnm all right and scoots along f.if)t, yet docile as n lamb. J^oxt dUy, fho r.M KA« ,— •- I. i. . •. " .- ... J t, - , •* '•• ot*.! V> llll'U and unwilling or unable to do anything right." Just like a man! 'That hits It squarely. Man may bs a free moral agent and U for all wo know to the contrary: but he does find himself so hedged in by his environment of "feelings" as that "the things he would do he cannot do and the things he ought not to do he does" despite himself. Perhaps no c-lass of men upon earth are so Influenced of "unovercorneable" fi-eliugs aa rditore. Like the boy who had t.e catch the woodchuck, even if It was Sunday, they know they've got to write everyday; BO they can't put it off; but if the subscribers to their papers did but know under whut force of will they sometimes write,—if they did but understand how, now and then, every word written is literally forced froni the brain and how now and then despair aeta In like that which was .on Paul when he cried out "O wretched man that I am who shall deliver me V" etc. It Is not the mere question of writing something; for the man who reads and who employs his pen at writing day after day, never finds slightest difficulty in filling his columns -with items of some kind; but it is a spirit of self-confessed inability and a manifest reluctance on the part of muscle and nerve called upon to do their • work to respond thereto. Ordinarily the work is a pleasure, almost a pastime; but there are occasions and seasons when it la a burden almost too great to be borne, and one longs for wings to fly away and escape. Each one, whatever his calling in life has felt this,—a shadow hanging over which makes gloomy the thoughts and which makes the the most pleasant duty a painful task. Fortunately such cranky notions are not of very frequent occurrence, and also lucky that man has the nerve to fight and overcome the "feelings"— will not yield to them. Hurry np. Spring is not YPTT nway. Chicago Hoard of Trade Election. CHICAGO, Jan. 10.— At the annual election of the board -of trade Monday Mr. Charles U Hutchinson was chosen president for the eusuiug yoar, racalving 1,289 votes to 191 vote* cast for Mr. George D. Runway. Tbe president-elect ls the son of Mr. B. P. Hutchinson, familiarly known a* 'Old Hutch." . dan. Terry Not Vary 111. N«w YOBK, Jan. w.-.-Oen, Terry, th» Indian fighter, who ha* teetr njpdrted to bo seriously ill at tha Grand botol. Is suffering from hi* old complaint—ebronts tocUge«tloa. Ha will be about la a OOftfk-ot weeks, If be follow* hi* doctor's instructions and remain* liud N«»or Lived Oat Waat. DXLTW, Ind., Jan. 10.—John Cunningham, a promiu<»nt farnwr living fira milosi north of tttis pluca, committed tulcida by jumping tram Uu cupola of hi* roudoac* Uuwtay Bight Ooo y«ar ago KM kUted a hcraa-thl** at Attica, acid thU to worked upcta hto oaiaj UM* bo wont oruy. U* WM 88 yew* oM. PEOPLE LIVING in settled countries cannot understand the nomadic impulses of men, or realize that any city or country can have a changing population. Go to any southern city the size of Sterling and you will find that everybody knows everybody; that all have lived there all their lives and their fathers and fathers fathers for generations. They know no stranger and are not anxious to widen their acquaintance; changes in real estate are few and far between. Now, Sterling has about as good a grip upon its people as any western city: that is to say, the people stick here about as closely as in uny western city, and Indeed more so than in most of them, or else we should not have increase of population. Hut let any one sit down and call up those who have lived here in the past twenty years and moved away. Or let him but note the business houses and count those that have been in business a score ot years. He will see they are but few. This is no reflection upon our city; if it were we would uot let it have space In these columns. It Is this: That men will rove, and that roving men find it hard to settle down Out west here, all the cities come in for their share of •men who are seeking a new home; and that city holds most of them which offers most attractions. And as attractions increase of course the number of settlers increases, also. The last six or eight months show large additions to our numbers; and the class coming in is a good class of people.. They are largely, men, who have looked carefully about them and reached a conclusion after comparing our town with other towns in the west. But they go as well as come; it simply means that that the roving impulse was too strong to be resisted. But many of those who have left have come back again; and many now away will yet return to old Sterling, The more they look about the more they will find 4bat cities with as. many advantages as curs are hard to come up with. And this, too: All the time our ci.y is growing; the staying ones increase in number year by year, IT is given out in advance that Mr. Carlisle is secure in his seat and that the contest by Thoebe is a mere form. It is unfortunately too true that previous Congresses have been governed in their votes on contests by party dicta, and not by right and justice. In the old Whig days and Democratic days and in the subsequent Republican days, as well as now under Democratic domination, the dominant party voted in its friends and voted out its enemies, without reference to evidence in the case. Mr. Carlisle may be fairly elected andenitled to his seat; but that would make no difference. He is in.and it is needful to his party's good that he stay in. And so it has already been said that he will. However, it ia likely to stir up the members and when the matter ia reported to the House, one may expect to hear enough political speeches to stock both sidm throughout the whole coming campaign. The best etiquette for a man is not to boast of his virtues. 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Electric Bitters will cure all diseasss of the Liver and Kidneys, will remove Pimples, Boils, Salt Rheum and ot er affections caused by impure blood.-Will drive Malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all Malarial fevflra.-For cure of Headache, Const'pation and Indigestion try Electric Bitters-Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded.-Prlce 50 eta. and 81.00 per bottle at Strlckler and Boorse's Drug Store. Foreign residents are gobbling up American tends rapidly. In Conmtmptlon Incurable t K»?ad the following: Mr. C. H. Morris, Newarft, Ark,, says:" Was down with Abscess of Lunga, and friends and physicians pronounced me an Incur- ntile Consumptive. Began taking Dr. Klnp's New Discovery for Consumption, am now on my third bottle, and able to oversee the work on my farm. It is the finest medicine ever made." Jessei Middle wart, Decatur, Ohio, says: "Had it not been for Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption I would Imve died of Lung Troubles. 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HIIOP OPPOSITE POST OS FODBTH BTKEKT K * WBPdedar * thosa w >"> read IhlB ana tbenact; they will flnd honorai.le .. euiployiiieut tlmt will nut take tijvra rom ttelr homes and families. The profits ure ar_e »u<t sure for every Industrious ivraoii nany have made and are now making sevvriu lundred dollars a montii. H Is easy Jor any out o niak« 16 and upwards per day, wlio la willing to work. Either sex, young or old; capful not needed; we .tart you. Ev«rytnlag niw. Nu special ability required; you. reader?can do lta» well u any one. Writ* to us at oinfe for full «" k;ula/s. which womaU fre«. AOUiTM MUi-on A Co., Portland, kfelur. d»U $y&SCSIB| E. B. FAOEY& CO PlOMBERS, STEAM & 6AS FIHE »««-«r plp». brass ooj lea<1 ^^ ' tlnx will i uperintend the echamc are too .V8an,

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