Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 1, 1938 · Page 7
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 7

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1938
Page 7
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Page 7 MELV1N JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, October 1, 1933 Cleopatra Called the 'Dark Queen of Egypt 1 There is as much reason for supposing that Cleopatra was a blonde as for supposing that she was a brunette. According to the popular conception, she was a decided brunette, with dark skin, dark eyes and dark hair, and she is frequently referred to as "the dark queen of Egypt." But historical sources supply no evidence as to her actual complexion. It should be borne in mind that Cleopatra was a Greek by ancestry, and Egyptian only by birth. So far as known, observes a writer in the Indianapolis News, she did not have Egyptian blood in her veins. The Ptolemies, it is supposed, remained pure Macedonian Greeks, and their capital, Alexandria, was the center of Greek rather than Egyptian culture. They even dressed as Greeks except on certain ceremonial occasions. Therefore, Cleopatra must be regarded as a Macedonian type, and tiie dark skin and Mack hair of tho native Ecyo- Uan attorcf'no duo as to ner complexion. Many Greeks were dark- complexioned, but among the Macedonians while skin, fair hair and blue eyes were not uncommon, and ono of Cleopatra's ancestors, Ptolemy Philadelphus, is described by Theocritus as having light hair and fair complexion. When an American actress played the role oE Cleopatra in Shakespeare's tragedy she por tiaycd the Egyptian queen with led hair. Shakespeare alluded to Cleopatra as "tawny." Java's Water Kastel Is Reminder of Harem Days It appears that the Water Knstcl, a famous attraction, was designed and built by a Portuguese architect about the year 1758, writes Eleanor N. Knowles, Djocya, (Java), correspondent in the New York Times. It was in use until destroyed by earthquake in 18G7. In its heyday it was complete with beautiful water gates and buildings of plaster and masonry, Portuguese in design, together with a complete subterranean establishment. From the rums as we studied them there seemed to have been passageways bringing a low water level, as in one of the water palaces in use by a Prince of Bali. Because of the high retaining walls, the water could probably be raised to a higher level to keep out intruders. One of the stories of its beginnings was that the water pi election was to keep out invasions of the Sultan of Solo, or S u r k r t r t n , to the south. At the litst hint of invasion the owner would ictirc with his harem to the s u b t c n a n e n n quarters, there to remain u n t i l his f a i t h f u l army had routed the foe Since the Water Kastel v\as constructed a few years a f t e r the territory of Malm-am was chvidod into the states of Jag- J a k a r t a , Surkarta and Mangkoene- goran, and there arc rec- oids that much qiinirclmg existed between the Sullans in the early days, theio is probably some t i u t h to the talc. Diet of African Natives It is said that the men of the Masai tribe in Africa, with a diet including milk and meat--rich in protein, fat and calcium--avcrnfio about 5 inches taller and 23 pounds heavier than the Kikuyu tribe", who are vegetarians and live m".itly on ceteals, roots and legumes. The muscular strength of the Mnsai is said to bo some 50 per cent greater than that of the Kiyuku, while Masai women average 3 inches more in height and 27 pounds more in weight than the Kikuyu women. But children show the most striking contrast. Three-fourths of the Masai t r i b e were "good and very good" in physical development, while in the Kikuvu trrnim IPS; Minn ono-ihird TELETYPEWRI1 AIR CORPS 2,200 Mile Network Liaksd G. H. Q. With 17 Air Bases From Maine to Georgia (Upper right) Message center at New Haven, Conn., which u-as connected by teletype, telcpho.ta anil radiophone rvith G.U.Q. at Mitchel Field, L. I., and other air bases. (Loiccr left) Pursuit planes in fighting formation. (Right) The "battle tLiigun" of the air, a flying fotticss type of 4-inotored bomber. Jvj--T," f " *fr JL ' i " ?££££ ^'^t-.-iv isS^:...V ·?!»;. .»' iJ.k-At ia£s; [·ii-*t*»£"^r'4' % feS*^^/*;/' r^.^A|^"F sp^fift 1 :*- ?*tf '^ '* rvi t5 3^_, ""^fif^"' M^i^^Hf: - * , - · - ^K^UiixiSg.aMT-SL*^^^ -iZ^A-iS: The Air Force of the United States Army recently conducted extensive war game maneuvers for seven days along the Atlantic scacoast from Maine to Georgia, with Mitche] Field, Long Island, serving as the headquarters. Having decided upon a ground plan and designated air bases and facilities, which included a network of Bell System teletypewriter circuits, Maj. Gen. Frank M. Andrews put the Air Corps into nir en masse, various planes taking part from airfields as distant as California, Texas and Louisiana. These planes were laden with more than 3,000 men and three million pounds of Luggage and the spectacular maneuvers employed the most modern equipment and the latest in aerial operations. In all, some 220 planes of many types participated. While tfiese flocks of planes were busily engaged in protecting the American coast from the "enemy," their operations were being coordinated and directed by means of a network of forty-five teletypewriters connected by ritciiits tctalinp approxi- mntcly 2 200 milts. These circuits connected the general headquarters nt Mitchcl Field w.lh Ilia other seventeen air ba.scs alou? the Atlantic coast. The piinL-ipal citcuils linKcil G.II.Q. to the "wins;" commands at Mitchcl Field, Midclletov, n, Pa. and New Haven, Conn. In turn, these were con- nectrtl by other chants to smaller units rsdialitig from the centtal points; switching equipment permitted the entire nctwoik to be hooked together. Under the direction of Lieut. Col. Cctlric W. Lewis, U. S. Army Signal Corps, signal officer of G.H.Q. Air Force, there flowed over thcsa wires "intelligence summaries" -- bulletins put out by headquarters to tell how the "war"' wsa going; orders to scout an aica or attack; weather reports; onlsrs ami reports regarding a stream of supplier feeding into the various air bases; and "PX" icports--the messages scs.t out by an niiport announcing n plane's departure, so that the airport cf rJcEtrnfUion will keep an eye open for it. , Telephone mm did a record job on the pmviFioii and {retaliation of the emergency telephone and teletype equipment, which provided the main communication's link for the various units paiticipating in the air nianeu- vcis. Within one month fiom the receipt of the Army's order, \vhicit included forty-five sending and icccivirig teletypewriters, the system was installed and tested out; about one week later it was in actual service. Duo to their close pioximity to the Army's radio stations, each teletypewriter had to be completely filtered to prevent any interference with tlic indio signals. According to Col. Lewis the teletypewriter system handled nn average of 20,000 words a day and on one day he estimated that it handled 30,000 words. While the results of every phase of the maneuvers will be subjected to a minute scrutiny by the Army high command before any conclusions are arrived at, it is undei stood that the teletypewriters proved extremely adequate as vehicles of communication-no small accomplishment where they had to keep up with tlio operations of planes that hit speeds of more than 250 miles pel hour. \n Tke WEEK'S NEWS WOMAN WINS AIR DERBY -- Pholo ·how* facquellne Cochron pointing number "13" on side ot her plane wbich proved lo be no "jinx" as it won lor her $9.000 First Prize la the National Air Boces held recently. Her speed averaged 249 miles an hour lor Ihe 2.042 miles, a record lor women flyon. S. Knud»en. L Melon o" d WAS TENSION GRIPS EUHQPE Drench troops engaged in an. nun! maneuver, near Stra». bourg which I, Iu ,, CCTOs . ^ border Iron, K a H / G M m a were held. I NEW YORK cmr-- P a t r i c k Cardinal Hayes. Archbishop ol Now York, died al his summer home al SI. Joieph!. New York, recently. He was 70 years old and one ol Ihe fore| most prolales ol United Slales. -lI!.ToreW U T d^ 1 ' Newest addition lo tho U. S. tanker fleet. The Atlantic HeGnlng Company's 18.500-ton S. S. Robert H. Colley In the Delaware River, starting out oa her trial run. Capacity ol Ihe vessel 11 6.552.000 gallons ol gasoline, enough lo drive 100 can la the moderate prlcn clan 40 times around the world. received a simuar iming. uencai defects were found in 40 per cent of the Kikuyu boys and 20.8 per cent of the girls, but in only 8.3 per cent of the Masai boys and 7.3 per cent of the Masai girls. Early Prize Fighting Rules Under the London ring rules a round in prize fighting ended when a man was knocked, fell or was thrown to tlie ground. Some rounds lasted many minutes, others only n second or two. 10.18 PROCLAMATION OP THE GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND PROPOSING AaiEiNMJMKNTS TO TIIE CONSTITUTION OF THE S7ATJ3 WHEREAS, at the January session of t'iu General Assembly of Maryland, hold in the year 19IJ5, an Act was |j;isLL'l, to wit: Chapter 4li.J proposing nn amendment to repeal Section 3C of Article ;J of the Coniitilution of the State of Maiyluml, title "Legislative Department," said section prohibiting the Gciic'ral Ah.;cinbly fiom authorizing n Iritlury, and piovidinjj for the submission of said amendment to the qualified votcis of the SUxte of Maryland for adoption or i ejection; and WHEREAS, at the January session of the General Assembly of Maryland, held in tho year 1M7, an Act was passed, to Chapter l'Jl proposing to amend Suction 1U of Aiticle 4, title "Judicial v Department", sub-title 'T.u!, I I I -- G u u i i t Couita", of the Con-titulJoti of tliis Slate, to provide un additional jiidfte in the Second Circuit and to provide for the submirsion of said amendment to the qualified voters of this State for adoption or rejection; and WHEREAS, at the January session of the General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1937, an Act was pus- d, to wit: Chapter _ B 2 5 proposing nn amendment to Article IB of the Declaration of Rights of the Constitution of thu State of Maryland, authorizing the General Assembly to impose ta\es on incomes, and providing for the submission of said amendment to tlie qualified voters of the State of Maiyland for adoption or rejection; in words nnd figures as follows: CHAT'ITU -UK-lira AN" ACT tci iirnlHJM* nil niiKiiiliiient to rc- |n.|] h u t l o i i "'I if A r l i i l u II of Hie Con- · M i t i i t l i n i of tiiL* M:ili* of Miiol.ind, t i t l e "1.1 K H l i l t l k t ' I ' l ' l M l t l ' K l l t . " ' ' l l ' l W i t ' l O I I Hi- :i!JiTil ASM nilily from u i i l l i i n i / i i i K u l i t l i . v , !inJ lirovlilliik' Inr tin' niliiin ^-liin uf '.liil .11111 iiilini »t to lliu ·|ii:i!llliil \ n t i M or tin* State of Jlary- l.irnl fur n i l n l ' l i i i i i «r n Jt clliiii. Ki / ' u n 1. Ik* U siuii !-·! liy tlie Citnornl A'.si'iiibly of .Manlim! tlir«. l i f l l i s nt all the liH'iiil'rrs of cncli (if tl»' t«» HIIIM t coii'iirriiii;;, ' S «, lion MB «'f Arllcli! !i of (liu ri'iistlliitlfin nC the Stale iif M a r j · I n n i l , t i t l e "l.i K M ' t i i e De-part mi-lit, ' pri- ·liiljltlni; IliL- (.1 iiernl AsM-iulily from an llioruln^ liillery i.'riiiit!i liu nnd It li IRTI liy ruin all il if iiil'il'lul liy tliu I'-Bally ([iiiilllluil TdtLis iif tin- M.ite, ns l i t n l u pniililuil. Si.' '.' Anil !«· U f u r l h u r L'laUril. Tint the i i f i i n - j i i l i i i ; a i i i c ' i i i l i i n nt to l'ir C u i i M t i t u - tlini nt t i n - .''' f M i i r j l a i u l t-liall. at tlie n e x t . i i - u i n , " i.'ini'ral c]«-lion fur i i i e i n b t r H of tin- ( M M ml As, inl'ly of M i r j l i i n i l . lie h i i l i n i U l o l In l!u- lej;-il .ind n u a l l l l i ' l \ o U r a of t i n ! ; l il for llii'ir .nliilitl«m ur rijvitlo'i, In i i i i r . i n i K (if Ihe ilir. ctloiiit runliiliiLil In \ r l n . i 11 if th' 1 « ' i » i i l l t i i l l o i i of tlie' (if .M.irjhincl, nnil nt tliu t.ilil Ki""- j ( i K t l o i i tin. u.n on Ha- tulil [iruhOM'il inn mil u. L to (he Ciiii-ilitiilliiii r l i a l l lie l.j l.allol. sinil ii|ion ( u l i Inllnl t h e r e Hli.ill 1,C. |ui ..... I (lie minis. 'Tur C u n h l l t n t iinnl A i m i M l i i K i i f ni,d "Ak'.ilnst I'imst tiiHiiiial A n n i i i l n n i i t , " as now iirotlilrtl liy '··». onil liiiineiliali'lv n f l i r hilil LlK-'tlon iliit- ro- l i i i n i -.lull lie nnnlo tn I lie l i o v i r n o r of tin* uite f..r aril :u-.ilii:.t |.r..|.o»i il mm mliiiLiit. as i t l n c l . d hi ulil I'oiirlwntli Aril, e ol the Ciinsllliitloii. «"(' f u r t h e r procto.i iiys ha'l In i i n o r i l a i u u u l t l i said Article* 14. Apliruu'il: Maj 17, I'l.'.'i. CIIA1"1IMHD1-- 1917 AN ACT to nniLiiil KuLllon 21 of Article 4. I I I K " iJciuirlini'iil", n u l i l i t l i "I'.irl 111-- I ' i r i u H fourth", of Hie Con- B t l t i i t n i i i nf Mils Stall.', to i i r m l i l u nn a l.lltlnnal Jniltti- l» «!"-· Kn-iiml 'I"" 1 nnil tii i n m l i l e Inr the «uliiuls.]iiii of s.ilil aiiH-iiiliiuiit to tin- |ii:illlieil \«tiTH of t h i n Male for ailoiitlmi ir n j i t l l u i i . S. olion 1. He It I'liaclfil by tin.* General A»i'iiilily «.J M i i r j l m . l (IHr... Illtlis of nil the memliirs v l n U i l to t iic-h ut the Uu Hon-es ( o i H i i r r l n i ; ) , the follcnUnK huvlloii be anil the name Is In-ruby I" 1 ''!" 1 *' 1 us un amumlniLiit t" Si i Him 'Jl uf Art l i e I title " J u i l t t l a r y Uep irtment". B U h - t l t e · 1 ' i r t III-- Circuit Cuiirls", nf the tonsil t u t l o n of the Stale, anil If ailnpteil by tin h *'il n n i l iiiia'lliul Milurs tlienof as liuruln p r m l i l i i l . It H!I ill Mipursnlr anil i-taiiil n (lit' ]ibut' and HluaU ot SLttiun 21 of Biilil Article 4. 21 I'nr each of the bald cln-nlts. cr- ccptl'iB ""~ ¥ uU-l'tli. the bitonil, Hie t" r.l anil tin- nl\tli, there shall be n ulij'C JuOt-e .mil I n n assoilal.' JinlKeH, to lie Hty IM judces of the Cln lilt Court, to lie heluclcil or appointed ns herein proUdeil, and for Iho huioiid .-Innlt, the t h i r d circuit nnd tlie H l \ t h urdilt, tbere Hlnll be u clilit Jn Be and tlircu iisMulalc* jiiilt,'es to be rityled Jiulv- s of the Circuit Court, to be ulictcil or ujipdlnti-d ns liereln pnnlded. Ann no cwo if i-ald associate JiiilB("». for nny of the bald c-ircullH, except tliu tlilril ami H l x t l i circuits Blmll, nt tlie time of their e k U I n n nr a p p o i n t m e n t or ilurliiK I lie' term for which they may have IILLII electid or, n s l i l e in the ·..line touiily. If two ir moru perhiins hlinll be- candiilntrs for n L M i e i i t e jiidk-e In HIL* HIIIHL' eonnty In my ul' tli.- (.IrinltH, except the thlrii anJ K l x l b i l r i i i i t s , Hut one only In said u i i i n l j shall be li k' t d who lins tin* lilisli- i s t initiibiT of i l i 'i In Hie clruiilt. In ca'c* any t w o i.inilldali'i for .is'.oclatu Jinlj,'e In my of the CIK nits. c'Mvpt the third and -,l\tli c l n n l t ^ , rcslilniif In the same (.ouutj · l u l l ha\e nn minibi r of otcs ·renter t h a n any ' i t l u r c.uidldntea for usso- !ate Jniluu In I'"' rlmilt. It bhall be the d u t y »t Hie li'ineruur to u n k r a new clce- i i i i u Inr one assoclato jniUe; but t h e per son rtsldlni: In any utliir c o u n t y or the , , i L i i H a n d «.m has the ]il«-lie"l inimlier ol i n t u Klnll In* deehiied cluc'teil. The Bald j u d K v s shall hold not h*s 111, in two ti HUM ..r tne Tin lilt Court in . ic-li of tin- lonnlles o n i p » s l n » tli Ir n s p i c l h e clrculti, nt mieh l i m e ! ns are now or may hi n after liu prc- crlbul to uhleli J u r o r a shall be Bum- iiinni.l; anil In tJio-u c o u n l l i s v l u r e only t».i tiieli terms arc held, two other mid nlerini.ili.lli' terms, to wlileli jurors shall not bo Minimoiicil; they may n i t e r or t l v the tiniL-. for holdlnir any or nil terms. n r t l l t i t l n r n l s e presc-rlbeil. and H l i n l l nilopl rules li t h e end t i n t all liuslmss not n i|iilrln; Hie i n t e r p o s i t i o n uf tlm j u r y bliall I.e. as far as pracl liable, disposed of nt - lid liKeniK'dJ lie t( rins. Ono JndKu In endi of the nbo\u cirenlls, inclnillni; tin' K i r u n d . lni tldr.l nnd h l x l l i ( I r i n l t s . phall ( O i i H t l l u t e u iinoniiii for the transaction of any liii' i n i ^ s ; mid the i ild Judce-i or any of tin in may hold np. e l l l l i n n s nf llit-lr cuiir.s. \\henevi-r In tin Ir illaL-retlon the l ) n - l : n - 3 of the several counties renUera Hiieli terms niieshary, Tho additional us- soc.ate ji[di;u for the t h i r d circuit c h c t i d 111 mooulance \Ulll thu terms of the Cim- B t l t i i l l n n a l Aiii(.iiiliiient lii-retofori' Biib- inltl.d and niliipted shall be biiliject t n tint s u m ciiiislltntlonal iinulslona. hold Ills oI'lLi for the t,aim* t e r m ot jears, recuhf thu ham.- co in PL n sal ton anil l i m e the tmnn powers ns are hi rein p r o v i d e d for the oilier nssoclati 1 Jnd-ris In the t h i r d circuit. The a d d i t i o n a l M ^ o i - l i t o jiid^'e fill* tlie Ricnml circuit l i i i e i n provlileil for Bhrtl! he a resident of Ci ell C o u n t ) , Hhall lie B[i- pnliiteil by the ( i o v e r n o r a f t e r the «-\plra t l o n of Hit (li) m o n t h s a f t e r the adoption of this mncndinc'iit and bhall brno until the llrst Ki'i'i ral election t u r tneinlicrs ul (lie iYneril A N I -inlily th.'it Nh.-ill lie lield Iu said circuit Rliliseiitu-nt to the adoption of tills amendment, at uhicli eh ttlon Ills bucu ssor tihnll be elceti'd h) Hie i|iinIHlcd \oters of Caroline, Cecil, Kent, cjucei Aunt's and Talbot C t i n n t l i a , oiistUiitlni,' thu Biconil circuit. Tlie Juil;;e M) up p o l n l i d shall be Biibjtct to Ihe timu con- H t l t u l i o n a l prinNlons. ncene the uann compiiiKntton mill hn\L' (lie .·.nme poncib as arc' herein pro\I.le.l for the other ns«n- elate judKt-H In tin* si ..... nil druilt. and the JuilKL* HO elected shall be Mibjct to tin* same i oiiHtltiitliiinil provision, hold hip office for tlie Frfme term of j t ir', rccclxc- t h e Ml me compensation, a n i l h a v e tlie nine pin, I T S ns are herein provided for the olli r Bssoilnle jiiilx s In (lie Kicond clr- i i i l t . Tlie addltioiMl J u d K c for the slxlli clr cult lien in p r o v l i h i l l.n ml 1 1, p| -d by tin iotrt uf I'redjrlck nnil Mnnt- IMin r Cnlllitl H nl tho 1! ."S election In an ord'inre T i l t h Ihe b mis of the Consti- t u t i o n il A n i c n d u e n t h i r i l n f o r c Hitbmltled find iulo|vled nhall be snTlJect to the same c n n s l l t i ' t l o i r i l p r o v l M l n i i H , i i r e l i i tin* xame riniipi n s i t l i i n and hmo (lie same piiMiTH ns lire liereln provided fur the oilier n««n- elate Judges In the pKtli circuit and hl« HIICI,' inr nil ill In* npimlilti'd and/or elided In nrennl.ince v l l l i tho const I t n t t n n n l pro- ils'ons r e l a t t n c lo JinlRi'i. The Chief .linlsf nni IIP clieled from e i t h e r rrcderlrk or Mo'il^-imery Ctiiuitlc". lint xvJirn dip Chief .Tniljre Is elected from Prcdrrlck County one of tin* asMirlale JmlRi-ii nhnll IIP a resident of F.ild comity and the two r e m a i n i n g inMiilnle Jndircs r h n l l lip rcnlilcnls of MoiitRimiPry C ' n u n t y r.nd tvlicn the Chief JHI'KC Is plccteil from Montgomery County one of the associate JndReH idiall IIP n resident of Bald MnntKimcry County and two maoclate ludjuit ruL nf rTcTWlrr*. Conntv. Tn rase am c i n d l d i t o or r a n d l d i t e s for ns o i l u e fndBc nt nny Judlrlal rledlon Ixlil In tin s l t l h Jiidlilnl circuit nlmll r . « I i c m l l h l e n t i r , l s to CMIIKO Hiieli r i n d l i l a t i ' or c inilli 1 id s to be di dared dieted, l i n t the d i d l o n of HIH li i . t i i d l d i l e or ( i n d l d ' i t i s u o n l i l i m e more nssodate Jinlpes t h a n hen In | r m l t l u l to reside In my « i t m t i or *,ihl c i r c u i t , then and In t i n t unit onh t h a t caiiilldatc or those ( n m l l d n t t i ns t i n n«i- may be, residing In H i l d l o i i n t y In t i n nrdi r of tin* i o t ( a r f c i h i . l sli i l l he dec 1 u d clicteil iihcihc -1«lhin u o n l d p n i i l d e tlie fieriiiltlt d number of as*«oi*I itc /iiil;: s f r n i n finld county ami tin* i r i d l i l n t i or i null d i l t s ao the case m i \ lie, n i l d l n j : In || M other comity, mid not fllmllirly dlsiin ill lied, who Hhall !nm- tin m*\t lilKliest n n m her of lolea In n a l d election slnll be di f l i r c d i - I i d i d . If, by n a s o n of H i i c h n coinlltlim or by ri i s n t i of nn i|in! \ o l e for IHO or more i i m i l i h i l e H a Millieli at n u m b e r of ns'oclnte Judges duly i i n i l i f n d ns to residence na a b o i t s, t n i t should not be oli di'il nt nnv i l i i l l o n tri said - - I ' l h J i n l U i a l r l r t i i l t , t h e n It slnll In- t l i e d u t v of the (loiernor to orih r a new clu-tion for fiiidi unfilled o l l k e or iifllrrs. S.c. 2. And lio It fin I h.-r fii.idi d. Tli it tlie af.iriKoliiB hectlon Jierebj proposi il ns nn :IIIK ndineiit to t h e C o n s t i t u t i o n of t h i s State s h a l l IIP, at t l i e in \t K ner il i l i d l o n to lie held In tills St ite In (lie .u ir ll'^S. h i i b n i l t l . i l to the li K.I! and i|n.ilihed u i t t r s t l i e n o t for t l n l r a i l o p l l n n or r ' j i d l o n In pursnnnee of illreclloni ront.ilned In Artfclc 14 of the C o n s t i t u t i o n of t h i s State, and r t tlie m i l l general e U d i o n , tlie mte on the Raid proposed ami n d m c n t hliall be by Int. ami upon cacli ballot then sliill lie printed Hie irords 'Tor tlip C o i i s M t i i t f n n n l A i n e n i l i i i t n t " and "Against the C o n s t i t u - t i o n a l Amenilnient," as now pr "crlbcil iiy inw, nnd Immedi-ilelv a f t e r unld e i i c t l o n . due r e t u r n s bliall be made tn tin* (imcrnnr of tin* lote for and .i^ilnst s ild prnposi d ami mlmi nt as illreclod by s'lld Article 14 of the C o n s t i t u t i o n . Approiul: Maj 18, in,17. niAI'TIJIt E2.T--10.17 AX ACT to propose an amendment to A r t l d u I.', of tlie Di lanitlon of I t l f h t H of the L'ouiiltiitlon ( f the h l a t e if M i r j land, a n t u o r l z t n K the C e n t r a l Asteiiilily to Impose tnics on Incomes, and proi Id- (ni; for the Biilimlsslnn of tiald nnii'iid- nienl to tiie qualified voters of the State of Afarj land for adoption or rejection. Section 1. He It cnarted by thp Oi neral Assembly of Jlarylnnd ( t h r e e - f i f t h s of nil the inenibcrH of each of tlie two Houses concurring), Thnt the followlnp amendnii nt be mid the samp Is hereby proposed to .\rtlflc 13 of the J» nt Hlchfs of tin* Constitution of the State of Mir) land, the same. If adopd d liy the IcKal and (|inll- lled volerH of the State, na herein pro- ildcil, to bctoine Article 1.1 of the Deelnr.i- tlon of ItlBiits of tlie Constitution of tlie .State of Marj land. Art. 13. That the levying of taxes by the pull la Krleioiiii and opyn - i U e and oiiKht to be prohibited; that paupcrH (inclit not to be nsBesst'd for the s u p p o r t of the (ioiuriiniL'nt; that the C-em ral Ass mbli ahall, by uniform rules, provide for separate assessment of Innd and classification and sub claHsiflcatlun of improvements on land and personal propi rty, as It may deun proper; and nil taxes t h c r v a f t e r proililid lo lie In led liy the State fur tlie s u p p o r t of the jti'iiernl State Cmcriiiiii nt. mid by the comitlia and by the City (if Itnltlinnro for their respect he purpu^cs, shall be imlform as to land within tli" ta\lni; district, anil u n i f o r m w i t h i n the- cl iss or Mill class of Improvements on land and per onal property wlilch the respective t a x i n g poiurs may hue directed to be subjected to the IDX levy; yet fine", duties or taxes nny properly and Justly be Imposed, or lalil v,Itll a political ilew for the coud |;overii- nii nt nml bcnellt of tlie c o m m u n i t y . Tntcs limy lie Imposed on Incomes, w l i h h may be cljsHlflcd, Krailunled and pn^n ssne and the exemption of a n itsonahlc a m o u n t of hicomu from taxation ma) he p r o v i d e d and such tnica may be In lieu of taxes on any cliiMs or classes nf real or personal property as the (iem ral Assembly may dder- nilnc. Kcc. 2. And be It f u r t h e r enncleit. That the* n f n r i u-ulni; iimendiiK nt (o the Di duration of ItlKhts of the- Constitution of the State of .Maryland shall, at the election to be lie-Id In November, 1H.!3. be b i i b m l U c d to (he fecal and i|iiallllcd inters of the State fur their adoption or rejection, in pursuance of the directions contained In Article H of the Constitution of the- State- of Mao land, and nt (lie Matd diction the vote on the said proposed a m e n d - ment to the C o n s t i t u t i o n shall be by bailor, upon each ballot there H h a l l he p r i n t e d the w o r i l a : "Tor C o n s t i t u t i o n a l Ann ndment" and "Against C o n s t i t u t i o n a l A i m n d i n i nt". us now p r o i l d i d by law, and Immediately a f t e r said ulicllon due returns shall be made to the Oorernor of tlio rote fur and J K a l i i b t proposed amciidimnt, ns directed by said Fourteenth Article of llic Constllu- t l o n , nnd f u r t h e r proccedlni,':! had In nc- corilincc with tald Article 11. A p p r o v e d : May 18, 1!;!7. NOW, THEREFORE, I, HARRY W. NICE, GOVERNOR OP THE STATE OF MARYLAND, in pursuance of the direction contained in Section 1 of Article 14 of the Constitution of Maryland, do hereby order and direct that this proclamation containing a full, true and correct copy of the text of said Chapter 4G3 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Slaryland of 1935, and said Chapters 401 and 525 of the Acts of the General Assembly_of Maryland of 1937, be pub- lishcd in at least two newspapers in each of the#countie3 of the State where so many may be published and \yherc not more than one may be published then in that newspaper, and in three newspapers published in the City of Baltimore, one of which shall be pubUicd in the German language, once a week for at least three months next preceding the general election to ba held in the State of Maryland on Tuesday, the 8th day of November, 1938, at which election the said proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted in form and manner prescribed by the General Assembly, to the legal and qualified voters of the State for their adoption or rejection. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND. DONE AT THE CITY OF ANNAPOLIS, THIS 20TH DAY OF JULY, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD, ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT. HAUUY W. NICE By tho Governor. E. RAY JONES Secretary of State. 1038 PROCLAMATION OF THE GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND STATE-WIDE REFERENDUMS WHEREAS, nt the January 1937 session of the General Assembly of Maryland, an Act was passed known as Chapter 1)1, fixing the time within which marriage license may be issued; and WHEREAS, at the January 1037 session of the General Assembly of Maryland, an Act was passed known as Chapter 30C, for the purpose of licensing dentists which licenses shall be issued to individual dentists; providing for n State Hoard of Dental Examiners, its organization and duties; providing for the giving of examination and licenses by said Board; providing for the issuance of new licenses in place of those that are lost or dcsl.rocd; providing lor fees upon takiir; of examinations; ptovid- ing for the revocation and suspension of licenses; prohibiting advertising by dentist;.; providing appeals from the ruling of the Boanl; defining dentistry; creating certain exceptions to the Act; providing for pun.iltit'.s, and providing other matters incidental to the general purpose of the Act; in words and figures as follows: CIIAPTUIl 31 AN ACT to ropial nml re i-nnct with a m e n d m e n t s K c i l l o n li of Article I!- of HID Annotated (.'« ID "f Jlnryl mil (1'UJ KdJtlun), title ".Marriages", to llx the thin; iv (Hi In wlilch marriage license may lu iHbiicd. Section 1. Ho It nincltMl by the tiencral Assembly of Mary! mil, That Section Ii of Article (t! nt tlio Code- of .Maryland (IB.'I JMItlnn), Title "Marrl.iBcs", he and It Is hereby repealed and re-cuactcd with nmcndnifiitfi to read as follows: 0. liefura tlio Clerk of any of Hie Cuiirts aforesaid idiall Issuu any license ho Blmll examine one of the contrac-tliiR port Us to the inarrlaKc, under oalli, who shall nppciir perBonnlly before tho Clerk and make application for the name, onil the Clerk ilml! UStrtajn:. jjrit, ilifl. f"U. uains. of. Uj H I H ; n-conil, r i n l r ]ili(n of it -.[ilpiicc; t l i l n l . tin Ir nui'. f o u r l l i . t i n Ir dilor: l l f t h . u l i i t l i c r in irrli'd or h i n ^ l i ; t - l x t h , whet hi r ri-lnti d or nrl. If so In w l i l i l i i l r « n «rf n-l t t l D i i s l i l p , p u n t l i . I f i \ r d l i n r i N i l ; ·\vlilih r u l s m i n i I la- IMS nn lit of ime ilol- ( I ( I U ) us 11 ti a i i p l l i M t l c i i i fn- ilull I,. M l nut In i i r l n l i d f i r m to ln '-U'mil lij UK- ] » i - n t i in.iKln n - Hi!, .ipi'll' .itInn. and 1111 biicli l i n n i- In m . i r r v -li ill In- i l i l l \ t n d l i j the I li rl u n t i l a l t i r t i n t x p l r i t l o n of r u r l v - c l K h t (1S| h o u r i f n i n i tin- linn- ap- lilicallnii Is n i i i l i - tin r.-fcir: |irutld«l, l i o n n i r , t i n t am JmU-i- nt tin- Mn n i t Court of tlio ( i i i i n t y In \ \ l i l f l i tl»' n p p l l i i l l o n In m u l l ' or. If mai]i In l l ' i l t i m n r o city, aii Jiiilkt! of t i n ' Cniirt of Ciiiiiniiin I'll ax, f u r ^'iioit nml h u M i ' i i n t r u t M h l i u w n , m a \ , l nn order In w r l l l n i ; fclKnid by him', nii- I l i i i i l / . . tlit' Cli rk to ili IIM r h i u l i l i i i n - i at iniv t i m e n f t i r tin- ii|inllr.illon t h u n f o r It shall he i n i l i u f i i l f u r Hie i-li rl.i of inii if f l u 1 r n i i r N . i f o n s i M to i m l i - n u l d l r Hi of an a i i p l i c i l l i i n f u r i m i r n i^i 1 I I - ci IILI- mull bin h llictisu blull Imu bii'ii I'sin-d. Stc. ". t\n\ lw It f u r t h e r rnnrtnl. That t l i N A i t -dull t.iKf 111 . I .liinu 1, \\flj A p p r u i u l : .March 1'-', 1^(7. rilAI'TIIH ,100 AX ACT to r i p ' J l i- i t l o n H 1 to jn. lurlii- hl\i', of A r t l c h .11! of til" Cuili- of I'nljlle (iL' L a w s of M l r v l . i n i l , !')·[-, hiipp'i nn nt, r i a k ' s I M l l i u n , t l t l w "D, n- tlstr", and to n i n.ict In p l i t i - ami in 11 H Iliurnif t \ \ t n t i tlirtc ni'v M L t l i n i s to bi' k n o u n as .Suitioiis 1, '2 3, 4, , r i 5 7 S li. ID, l i l i . 11, 1L', 1.1, I I , I.", li;, 17. j's. ri) I'll, -1 and '.'.'. f u r t l u jmrposD of lin asInK " l i n l i s t s , nJiIcli l U c a ^ H s h a l l lie K i u u l to I n d U l i l i u l d i n t i s t s ; proMillni; for a Sl-itu I J i u r d of l i n t a l i:\auiliurk. Its o i n M i i l z i t l n n and cliilli'i; imiildini; for the r i ^ l n ^ of i x n i i i l n a t l i i n s and HI-I-IIM H bj MI Id lioard: pr»i lillnc for the Isbii- iintv of now Ik-cn^'i in plate fif tlm«.e tint are lost or destrojul: p r o i i d l n u fur fu-s upon tTlilnj; o[ e n n i l i i n t i o n s : pro- i t i l i n g for the refutation anil Misimihlon of llei'iivos; prohibiting a i l i u r t l s l n ? liy iltntlsts; i i r o i l d l n p appeal* from the rull.'it' nl the Ilannl; iklfnlnff Jp«tlstry; crnatliiK certain i'\u'ptlom to the A c t ; p r o i l i l l n i ; for p - n a l t l i s , and proililluir other matters Incidental to the general imrjiobe of tlio Act. Si ttlon 1. Be It enacted by the Central Asyjiibly of Maryland. Tint SicHons 1 to 13, Inclusive, of Article 31! of the Code if Public General Lawn of M a r y l a n d , l'J.13 .Supplement, Flni-k's Edition, title "Dentistry", be, anil the same are hereby, repealed: and that twenty-three new sections, to be known na Sections 1, 2, S, -I, 0, 0, 7. 8. 0, 10, lOa. 11. 12, 13, 14, 13, in, IT, is, 19, 20, 21 and 22, be. and they are hereby, enacted In lieu and In place thereof, said new sections to road as follows: 1. It shall be u n l a w f u l for an; person to encase In the practice of dentistry In the State of Maryland, unless inch pcr- (·oti shall ha\e obtained a license from the .Stain Hoard of Denial Examiners of the .State of .Maryland ns hereinafter provided, uxcupt that the llcen'e of any dentist, ci- Istlnj? at the time of the passage of this Act. hhall continue In force unless eus- pctnlcil or rciokcd by the Hoard In the manner h e r e i n a f t e r provided. All licenses Issued by tho Iloard shall be Issued to Individual persons, and It shall be unlawful for any dcntJEt to practice In this State under any name except bis own true name. Is'o license shall bo Issued to any corporation, association, part- nortililp, parlor, or any entity or association of any kind or character. It Hhall be u n l a w f u l for any I n d i v i d u a l or group of Individuals to practice dentistry in this ·State na a corporation or under a corporate name; or under a partnership nama; as nn association or under an association name; as a parlor or under any parlor name, or an entity or under tha nama of any entity of any kind or character. 2. There shall be a Ftata Board of Den- tnl Bramincrs, hereinafter called the Hoard whose duty It shall be to carry out the purposes and enforce tho provisions of this Article. Said Iloard shall consist of six rcchtered and practicing dentists of recocnlied ability and honor, residents of the State of Maryland, each of whom shall have been In active practice In the State for at least flvo years Immediately preceding bis appointment. Xo member of the faculty or teaching staff of any university or col- le£Q In the State of Mar]land which offers undergraduate coursed lit dentistry shall ho eligible for appointment. The members of the Board as at present constituted shall hold ofllce for the residue of tho respective terms for which they tare been appointed. On the expiration of the term or terms for which any one or more of the members of the present Board may have been appointed, In pursuance of this Article, the Governor shall a p p o i n t a successor nr successors from a IM of rlcntlsta duly i|uall(lcd as hcrclnbcforu prescribed of double the number of vacancies to be Oiled, proposed and submitted to him by the Maryland State Dental Association, and cliuscn by a majority vote of the members of tali] association present at a meeting of said association called for that purpose, of which meeting at least tiro weeks' notice, stating the time, place and purpose thereof, shall bo mailed by the Secrotary to the members of said association nt their rcbpcctlve addresses appearing In the records thereof. Tha term for irhlch the members of Bald Board shall be appointed as nfurcanltl shall ibe six years, and until their successors shall have been appointed and qualified. Is'o member who has served two full consecutlva terras shall bo eligible to succeed himself. In cSsa of a vacancy occurring ID Bald Board by reason of the death of any member, or of his Incapacity, neglect or refusal to act, or In any other way, the Governor shall, from a list of duly qualllled dentists of double tha number of vacancies to be filled, chosen, submitted and proposed to him ai herein- before provided, appoint a successor or successors of bald member or members, who (dial! hold iifflce for the remainder of the iinexplruil terra or terms of said member or members. Any member of said Hoard, who. without adequate reason nhsll be absent from two successive meetings thor of Khali cease to be n member thereof, mid the (lovernor nhall lime the power to remove frnin olllcc, nt any time, any mem- br-r of the Hoard for -ontlniied neglect of duty required by this Act, or for Incom- petoncy, unprofessional or dishonorable conduct. 3. Paid 1 Hoaril shall clioo«e one of Its members president, and one secretary thereof, ivliose duties phall be those usually nppertaltilnc to their respective offices, and shall adopt such rules, regulations, nr by-laws ni may he necessary or OTjiedlpnt to assist It In Its organization under t l i l n Article. The Secretary shall also be the Ippil custodian of nil the property, monev, minutes, records, proofed- ln?s and the seal of said Iloard. Slid Mom! olntl hold rcenlar meetings In the months nf .Tune nnd November of every year, and special meetings as It may deem necps«ary, upon rail of the president or secretary thereof nnd upon due notlrp. Meetings jnav lie held at any time nnd pliro and w i t h o u t notice, by the unanimous consent evidenced either by w r l t l n p or bv the presence of any member whose consent Is necessary. 1. The Hoard shall she an einitilmtlon twice rnch year at a cult-ilile place In M n r v l a n d to be derided by tlie BOTH!, to nil pi rsons who may desire lo qualify to practice dentistry In this State. This 01- n m l n a t l o n shall be at such time, place, under mipli conditions nnd of Biich tlnd or rlnraetcr as the Hoard In Its sole discretion may determine. .1. (a) Any person of good moral character, twenty-one or more veirs of ate. who Ins been priduitcil nnd n d i n l t t r d to the degree of Pnctor of Dental Siirppry, Poctor of ncutnl Mfdlelnr. or other equivalent degree by any university or college ilnlr Incnrponted nnd auMinrlzed to grant F i b l degree by the law nf the United Rntes or any of Its territories, districts or possessions nr bv the laws of any Slate of the T'nltpil States, or the laws of anv province of the Dominion of Canada nnd n eopnlrrd by the Ilnird us requiring ndo- qu ite pre profpssloml collegiate training nnd as m a i n t a i n i n g TI acceptable course of dentil Instruction, rmv make application In M r i l i n g to Eild Ro.iril to be examined liy It w i t h reference to his or her qimllll- cTllons to practice dentistry, and upon his »r h"r passing an rTnmlm^Ion satlsfar- t n r v lo mid Hoard, which examination shall be In wrltlnp FO far as said Hoard shall deem practicable, the Hoard shall cTi:«e the name and re^ldenep of nuch person to bc reclsterpd In n book kept by It f r r t h a t purpose, nnd slnll Issue to such person n certificate of registration, as evidence of his or her eligibility to pracllrn ili'ntMry. signed by the ulllce's nf thp Hoard and sealed with Its official seal, which cerllflcite shall also state the name (if flip p rson to irlinm Ismied, and the d.ilu of Filch Issuance. (b) Tin- Hoard mif. In Its discretion, register n l t h n u t e T a m l n n t l o n , In whole or In part, and Issue n certificate to n n y per- nnn w h o fins been graduated and admitted ti) the di «'rie nf Doctor of D i n t n l Surgery or equluilnnt degree by any u n i v e r s i t y or cidli gi !iic»rpor.itcd and authorized to gr-nt such degrte by the laws nf tlie I'nIt* d States, or any of Its territories, districts or possessions, or bv the laws of .my Slate of (he United States or by t i e l i n s of n n v province of (he Dominion of ('-Hindi nnd i\ho has been duly regls- t e n d anil licensed to practice dentistry by n Hiunl of Dental Kvaiuhiprs created and e x i s t i n g under the laws of the United S l a t ' i , or any of Its territories, districts or possessions, or under the ITIVS of «ny ·'. H · of the t ' n l f e d States, or who may l i a v i ' nbsiilied nny part rf tho requirements nf e x a m i n a t i o n under the a u t h o r i t y of a let i^nl-cd Hoard generally accepted as a r e p u t a b l e agent of tho profession. (c) Studi n t s of dentistry at a rccoc- nl/i'd college of d i n l l s t r y who, have com- ph led the' /egulnrly prescribed pro-clinical I n s t r u c t i o n in d i i i t . i l schoo's recognized bv tlic Hoard, and who may be certified by tlic dean of t h e rollegn at which they are In attendance- as h a v i n g satisfactorily completed certain Hiibjci ts Included In the I'X.imlnntlnn given bv the Ilnird, nuiy on a p p l i c a t i o n be a d m i t t e d by paid Hii.ird to Its regular e x a m i n a t i o n upon such subjects and upon p i s s i n g Mich e x a m i n a t i o n Khali be deemed to lime absolved t l i e reqiilrc- me-nts of the Hoard In such subjects. (d) Upon a p p l l t i t l o n of the Hoard of Managers or executive head of any bona Ible general hospital or State hospital or xanllorluni In the State of Maryland, and upon the payment of a fee of flve dollars the Board shall Issue a certificate of limited registration to any Individual of gQQil mornLclinrncH'i a'llfl nh«U furnlnh Hi« Hoird with proof r nlltTliiT unTI pTn-in tn IH* i - \ i m l i n d tor r. i i I r a l l o i i umli r mlt p i r a « r . i p l i (al of U,u x . t m n . S i . i h lln- lt(d n ^ M r . i l l o i i R l n l t be f,,r one v i ir o n i anl tli- d Hi i f r \]in i l i o n ·.hill I i |il i i n l j sLili d nn I h e f n c of t h e Ci r l i l i . i l i ' of r · I s t r a t l o n . S m l i l l m l i i i l r i c l - . l i i t i n i i si,'ill ( l l t l t l i III,- - - j l , ! ,i|,|,],,.lllt lo | , r ~ ' t » e .1 n I K t r v onh f u r Ihe ·- i!d I n - i l i n i l o i i d. ,1-. n a l t d on his i . r t l n n nf i ^ h t r a l l o - i .uid I ' U l j Oil hlHtn lull [, |||, ;it, ,,( (.ml | | , \ f , f u . I tlon Midi c i r l l l i . u.- m.iv be r . v i ) l . , d by I tli-- Hoard at any l i m e f u r iaii-,e. 1 If a n j Ili-iii--,· I n n in provbled for In I«nt or denlroii'd, nml If t h e holdi r t i n re»r v h a l l desire- a iievv lni n-e to be l-^biii d tn P h i e of thi HIMIV Io,t or ile^trojdl, lie t-hall maLu v v r i t t i u a p p l l c a l l u n to the PI ere- i of the llmrd for r c - l - n n a n r e or the line nndi r aind-ivlt. setllni; f o r t h t l - u l i n n * h IIIM nr d o t r o j r d . and tho i IrMtm^t inn , nnil K l i c i l hi r , . , , , , l s i n h i l l - t i n tort- - i i i i ' l L n t l o n a n d iillld.nlt. t l i c n . r c t a r j '1 .11 I^m- I0 hald appllnnt .1 d i i ] i l i i i i l e I I , , n..,., i,, r which then.' Blnll be juld n fee nf liu .loll irs. 7. A fie of t u e n t y dollars slinll be paid to tin,' h i c n l a i y if il,,- llnanl at thu t i m e of a p p l i c a t i o n by uch a p p l l c i n t f..r c.x- anilii.illon. or .in, ur b o t h as often as liu or hlie slmll apply for · line; provided that p s v i n i u t jf h a bl f t e of tv.i n t y dollari by nn a p p l i c a n t w h o may arnily for examlnatlim u p o n lertalu t u b j i t s na p r o v l d i d In S cllon fi, Aril, 1 "I, !,rrcof bhall t i i t l t l o him or he-r to taki tlie t x- n i n l n a t l o n upon tlm n injIndeT of the pre- be mbju-ts, no part of tild LC o , c refiindud u n d e r nnr circumstances. 8. The fees colleclt d by the Hoard shall e iibud to defray the cost of eieiutlng and nforelnK tho provisions of t h i s Article. I n c l u d i n g a mtary to tLu Bocretary as fired by the. Hoard and n per diem to each inc-mbcr of the Hoard of twuity-flvo dollars for ciery day ho la actually employed In tho discharge of h!s olliulil duties, necessary c x p u i M i of the n c n t a r y and mi'iii- Iiers In the perfon unee (if tin Ir duties ·ind hucli other expenses as tlie I'inrd pliall 'lec'in inccssiry In carrvliif; out the pur- pos H of this Article The si en tary shall - ' Iu and ill-hur-.- all i n i i n i ' v s of the 1 lioard, n n o i i n t for the samp to , . e amp o ibe- St it" C o n i p t r o l l i r In the m o n t h of De- M i u U r In i.ii-h and . u rv j t a r ; and should r l i « a m o u n t In hl. I n m u as of IJ cumber llrst i'i niiv j i a r , alt. r d c ' l n e t l n g all ei- peiis. s paid nr I n c i i r r . d, cxee( d live hun- d n d dollars, thu i .w f i ibnll be paid over to t h e Stale Hoard of llultb. 0. Tr.anscrlpls from the aforesaid book of ngih-lr.itlon certlPtd by the Siicretary, staled nltli Its teal, and all certificates Issri d In pursuance of the terms of this Article, bluill be tvhlciicu of the acts and proe-eedlngs of the Board In any court of this .State. 10. Following a hearing-, ns hereafter provided, tha Hoard may revoke or suspend for biich period ns tho Hoard In Its soli- discretion may ditc'rmlnc, tho license 'if any dentist practicing In this State upon a finding by the Uoird that the dentist wuoic lle-e-nse was revoked or suspc'nded; (1) wan convicted of c crime Involving moral turpitude, In which case a certified copy of tlio docli't entries by tho Clerk of the Court wherein tha j u d g m e n t vias entered shall be conclusive evidence of the Ha me ; (2) has presented to the- Board a false diploma, license or cerfttleate, or one obtained by false or Illegal means; (3) ts by reason of persistent Inebriety or addiction to drugs Incompetent to continue In the practice of dentistry; (4) Is by reason of Insanity or contagious dlheasa an Improper person to continue In the practice of dentUtry; (5) has practiced or offered to practice dentistry si defined In thli Act under my name except his proper name: which li the name as set f n r t l i in the llci nsu granted to him or hai u-ed tl,e name of any company, nssocliitinn. coloration, trade-name, parlor, ilcntnl l l n l c nr liu-liii'is name In e o n i u ' tlon i v i t l i the practice of dentistry ns dr lined In this A c t ; has p -rmltlcd, d i r c i t l v or I n d i r e c t l y , an unregistered or iinllM I I M d d e n t i s t to practice dentistry under his ir lit r llr etlon ; fO) hits emplnjed or made use of n d v r - tl'ln;; solicitors cr free public pn ss a g i n t s ; (7) Ins used nny sign, or uho=i- name Is upon any Mgn, In viol it Ion of Pi etlon IJ of this A c t ; (S) has violated Poctlon 11 of this A c t ; (9) has violated Section IDA of this Act; (10) has bun finind guilty of dishonorable or unprofessional conduct. L'npro- fetsloiiat conduct (.(tall mean: (a) the o b t a i n i n g of anf fee by f r i n d ; ruhcrtNiiin- to Kunraittec any d i n t a l si rr- Ice-, or to perform any i l e n l a l ope-atlon painlessly; m a k i n g use of nny mUcrtls- Ing Ktateiui'iits of n c h a r a c t e r t e n d i n g to deceive or intslod the- public; (b) advertli-lug professional M i p i r l o r l t y or the 1 pprforinaneo of professio-iM FITV- Ices In n supr. Inr n i a - i n i r : .aihi r l U l n p prices for ]ir(ilc« ieinal ' c r v l c e r a d v e r t i s i n g by means at lar n v dUplav or glaring liglit h l g t i i , u s i n g In nny sign th" n ;ir senta- tltin of n tooth teeth, bridge 1 w o r k or nny p o r t i o n of tlie h u m a n bead; m p l n v t n t f or m a k i n g use of a d v i r t K I n g Millcltors or fnv publicity press agents: cr a d v i rtislng any Iree ilc-ntal work, or free e x a m i n a t i o n : or a d v e r t i s i n g to guarantee nny d e n t a l service; or to perform any dental operation p a l n h s i l y ; (c) advertising to use any anestnetlc. drug, formulae*, material, meille-lne-, mi tliod or system; advertising 1 by ]iubllc e x h i b i t at res-ldc-ncc of practice any appliances used In restorative dentistry; a d v e r t i s i n g nny free dental uork or free e x a m i n a t i o n . Thla Se-ctlon 10 and Section HI A shall not be retroactive, and no Mceiis' sinii bo suspended or revoked for any v i o l a t i o n s of these sections, which violaM .us occurred prior to tlie taking effect of this Act. 10 A. All a d i c r t l a l n ; by dentists Is prohibited by this Act except (he following: (n) A d e n t i s t may use a pcr-ona! professional card of not more than y'j" by 2", mion which liny be* printed only Ills -laiiie*, title, address, iclepliiinc number and nlllce hours. Such card may bo printed In newspapers or publications of tills Slate, and that which Is set fortli on the card may be announced over tlic radio. Not more than one card shall be In nny edition of any newspaper or publication at one time; not more than tvvo radio announcements shall be made In any one t w e n t y four hour period. (b) A notice may be mailed every thirty (SO) days by any dentist n o t l f j l n g any boua lldu p.itlc-nt of such dentist that t h i r t y (SO) days h a v e elapsed slnci* nny dental examination has been made by such dentist. (c) Signs ire authorised as set forth In Sic'tlon 11 of tills Aet. (d) Removal notices may be malloj by any drntlst n o t i f y i n g iinj liona llde patient of Kiicii dentist t h a t s.llil duitlst Is removing hl olllevs from bis present ail- drcss to the address h i t fortli tin t,jld notice. Such nutle-e shall not be mure than IP*," by li" and may only conlnln the name, title, present address, teh plume number, nlllcu hours, and new address of tln dentist vvhn Is reiDovin,,' bid olllie. Sncli not Ice- may be printed in any n e w s p a p e r or publication. Not more than one notice Khali be In any edition of any newspaper or publication nt une time. (e) Notices n.ay be united to the general public by any dentist »ho fs alioitr to begin the practice of d e n t i s t r y notl- f j l n g the- public of this fact, tfui h notice shall not be more t h a n U'j" by 2" and may only contain the mine, title, address, telephone number, and nlllce hours nf s u r b dentist. .Such nntlcc' n n v be p r i n t e d In any nevv = p a p t r or p u b l i - cation. Not more' t h a n one notice shrill be In any edition of any new paper or publication at erne time. This Section Is sever ible, nnl If lids Scctlim Is iliclarcel iinconstlmilunal. the dtclMon so b i d d i n g the Milk* s l i i l l not be e o i t » t r n c d as I m p a i r i n g any otln r prn- ilsiou of this Aet. It Is hen by d e e U r i i l as n legislative' Inte-iit tint this A i t uoiild have liien n d n p t i d had tills provision not been Include,] tlirn-ln. 11 In the event the license ot atu den- l l - t Is n inked or s-ispt ndcd. PIHTI f a e t shall In* n n t u i l liy the Hoard upon the r i i o r i l of n g l - l r a l l n n , and the r gistra- lion anil ceriilical*' of tlie* praetltloiu r fO tiffe ndliif,- .sli ill l;o Misix'iidc'il ir rt'iriLcd ns the i ise may be: and any pcr-on uhos-p registration I n . been so mspcndcd nr re- inkcd u n d e r tfu prnvlsloiiH nf t h i s Si ctlo.i s h i l l bp ill i nied an unregisti n il porion and Hiiliject, ns Hiieli, lo the ' v n a l t l i - t pr,-- heribed for the* p r n i f i c e of dentistry by persons t h a t are- not d u l y register, d. I've-ry l l c i n s ^ p n h o s p l l t \ u s e l i n s b^s: n flu»pi tided or revoked bj the Iloird m.av a p p i i l to i he linllhiiion.' f i t y Court cif I l l l l l n u i n - Cltj or (lie C i r c u i t Court of the · \iimM 1 w h e n Iu the- llceii«eH' has his or her nllico where Hie milter hlnll be heard de noio, and where either party t-lnll be i n t l t l i ' d In a "irj t r i l l . The li c'lsion of the h i l d Court shall be lltinl nnd Mich appeal sli ill operate as a stay of HIP orde'r or i l l u s i o n of tlie' Hoard from xvlilch the np- 1» il v\as taken. All appeals must be l a k i n vvllbln liftc.-n ll.'i) d a v a frnin the* dale nf tlie decision of llu Ilnard. All co-ts on apjical hliall be paid by the losing party. 12. The proceedings to rt-iok" or sus- punl cny llci'.'iae uinJi r Section 10 of this Act may only be t a k e n by tlie' Hoard upon the c'liiiiplilnt nf another. All comjilalnta must be in vvrltliiL', v i rilled by some per- KIII f.-iiulllir w i t h tin 1 r acts therein chirgcd, ami two voples l l u i e i f must be tiled with I h ' secrit iry of Hie Ilnard. All complaints must l o n t a l n the- rci'iiett that the Hoard take- aellon against the offendi-r. Upon ret o l l i n g any complaint tli« Board shall. If It d i e ma the complaint RUtllclcnt followlnc an iMv.-stlgiUoii, pa-is nn order p e t l l n g the h.imj lor a hearing nt a Rpecllled time nnd pi i it 1 , and the secretary shall causa n copy of tin 1 order .and nf (ho complaint, or of a complaint d r a w n by the Hoard, to be served upon Hie* accused at least ten Jays before the* lav appointed In the order for B lid hearing. MTV Ice upon the accused elinll be by delivery of n copy of tho order and complaint to thu accused In person. In tho event tha lioard Is unable to eerva tlm accused In person, the service shall bo had by delivery of Ihe same, to hit last known residence and last k n o w n business address, or by sending a copy of tho same by registered mall lo Ihe accused at his last K n o w n residence and last known business «dilrens, any of which means shall con- -UUitu jjuOls'liimt uuUca M.lUflUr Ings wim a T.i-arinr n c c i i E - d miin a p p e a r at the time appolaua in ll.e o r i b r n n d ausw.r Iha ehor«l tat. w a l e Mi d(f, n^e lo th« same, unlesf f"» MiL' c n u « j u,,, Board may aielga ua. other day for U c purpose. If th» OMUMd i l m s not a p j i r a r the IJoard inay*nroeetd v i i t h tlio l u a n n i r and finally determlnt UM nceii atlnu or comiilalnt. In th» absent* of ll.o n i c u t / , ] . If tbs accused pludi giiJlty, or ri.rif.ea to nnswt-r tho cnar-ms. or u p o n a bearing thereof tha Board shall llnil sabl chnrgi a or any of them true, th» I.dard may pmccod to suspend or r«T«lc« the license of the accused iot such lenfti of linn,* as tho Hoard, In Its dlicreUozu sliall dee-in proper. The Board and thj accused may lmi a the benefit of eounicL Tlio Hoard bhall have (he power to tdmln. Ister on tli°. taLo the depositions cf wll- neeacs In tba manner provided br law ta civil cases, and to compel tb» tttcndaae* of wltnc'SEi-s by subpoena Usund over it* (signature of thp secretary of tb» Board. Tho Iloard shall l.«suo for any and all vtt neseca requested ID writing b; tho accnsAd. \Vhcncvcr any person subpoenaed t« ·«- pear and give tcbtlmony shall refUM M appear or ttttlfy beforo said CoareL of to answer nny pertinent, relative or proper questions, he shall b* deemed la contfitnpt nt said Board, and J» Blittll be tho dotj if tlio presiding ofHcor of laid Eoard to report the fact to tha Superior Court of Btl- llmoro City la the event the party rolitj of contempt resides In (aid Cllf, Or Us · place of business In inld CltJ, or to tho Judge of the circuit Court of the' n herein the party sullty of tald cont»mpt ; rc-ldes; thereupon the Court shall Iswe aa nttacLment In the usual form, dlrectad to' the Sheriff of the City or County command- 1 inff said Bhcriff to attach laid person and forthwith bring lilm beforo th« CourfOn i tho return of tatd attachment and the pro- ' ductlon of tho person attached, the court; shall liavo jurisdiction ot the contempt, nnd ' tha poreon cliarsreel may purgo himself o f the coctemct In the in ma way, and the same proceedings thall be had, and the H imo p e n a l t i e s may bj Imposed, nnd the name p u n i s h m e n t runy be Inflicted as In the casQ of a nltn'iis sabpac'iiEcd to appear anil give evidence In the trial of a. civil cause. Tlm lioard shall havo the power In Us discretion, to tutlioriM the payment of fees and trawling expenses of wltnc'iFcs calli.l heforu tlio Iloard and 01- a m l n e d In any proceeding properly before the Board. 13. All signs prohibited by this Act ·hall be removed within tbrca month! after tha pasiago of this Act. Any person or persons ttho shall prohibit, neglect, tell or refuse to remove any sign prohibited by this Act Is guilty of · violation of this Act and subject to the penalties thereof. 14. Each person holding a license under this Act shall exhibit on tho door or the ·Rail of tho building wherein bo ·hill practice dentistry, not more than two itgns on which Hhall be placed tho name and tttlo or degree of such person, the letters of which shall not «iceed three Inches square. Any person practicing dentistry In any building may exhibit auch sign on the door of his office In addition to tbose on the door or wall of inch bnlldlng. 15. A n y person shall be deemed to be practicing dentistry, within the meaning of this Act, (n) who Is · manager, proprietor, or condnctor of, or an operator In, any placo In which any dental service or any dental operation la performed within the mouth of an; person; or (b) who for a fee. salary, or other remuneration or reward, paid or to be paid to himself er to another, or gratuitously or otherwise, performs any such service or operation; or (c) who diagnoses or trcaU, or attempt* to diagnose or treat, any disease, lesion, meloccluslon, or malposition of · tooth, gum or jaw, In any person, mechanically, medicinally, by uso ot X-ray, or otherwise; or (d) who attempts to perform lo the mouth of any person any operation Incident to tho repair or replacement of · tooth or teeth; or (e) who publicly or privately applies to himself the title "Den- list" or "Dental Surgeon" or neee the letters D. D S. or D. It. D., or tnj other titles or letters In connection Tvltli his name which. In any way, represent him as being competent or ready to perform nny dental service or anjr dental operation In any h u m a n mouth. This sub-section ahall have no application to any person iv ho Is the holder of a dental degree who does not. either directly or Indirectly, practice, or attempt to practice, dentistry as hereinbefore set forth In this Section 10. 10. Nothing In this Act shall apply to a bona flelo student of dentistry In the (Unit rooms of a reputable dental college; to · legally qualllled physician or surgeon unless be practices dcntUtry ai a specialty; to a dental surgeon of the United States Army, Navy, Public Health Service or Veterans Iluriau, In the dlschargo of bis offl- clal duties; nor to a lawful practitioner of dentistry of another State, territory or rorclen country making a clinical demonstration before a dental society, dental convention, association of dentists, or denUl collect?, or In performing professional da- ties in connection with a specific case on which he may have been called to the State of .Maryland. Nothing In this Article ahall apply to public school clinics, to state Institutions, to eleemosynary Institution!, or to business corporation! which may maintain clinics for pupils, Inmates or employees only which phall employ only lerally qualified dentists. No such public school clinic, State Institution, eleemosynary Institution, or business corporation shall advertise In any manner or by any method, either directly or Indirectly, any- thlnc relative to the practice of dentistry. Such Institutions are prohibited not only from advertising In violation of this Act but are prohibited from advertising In any manner a n y t h i n g relative to the practice of dentistry. Nothing In this Article ahall prohibit the Dental Division of the Etate Department of Health, or the Director «f the Public School Clinics of the City Health Department from broadcasting educational programs over the radio. 17. All persons now authorized to pr*e- tlco dentistry In this State, and those who may be hereafter registered under the provisions of this Article, shall be exempt from scrvlco as Jurors In any of the Court! of this State during the continuance of the practice of their profession. 18. The Board rtmll always be designated as the "State Board of Dental Examiners", and undor this name It * h f'' have the right to sue or be sued U the Courts of this Stau. 10.' Any person who shall practice, er attempt to practice dentistry within the Slate of Maryland, without having A license as hereinbefore provided or during the period of suspension or revocation 01 such license previously granted (hall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not toai ' than fifty dollars nor more than {nree hundred dollars, or be confined cot mere than six months In Jail, In the discretion of the Judge or Judges of tie Circuit Court of the respective counties of thll State, or the Judge or Judges of the Criminal Court of Baltimore City, before whom the matter ahall be tried; and upon conviction of a subsequent offense, shall be) confined not more than six month* la Jail or nncd not less than three hnndnd dollars or more than flve hundred dollan. Any violation of this Article by a person convicted under the then existing Uwe ot this Slate of practicing dentistry without a license or registration shall be Included In the term subsequent offense. Every conviction of unlawful practice subsevnent to a first conviction thereof shall be ft eom- vlctlon of a subsequent offense. 20. It shall be the dnty of the Btate'l Attorney of the City of Baltimore or rf the various counties of this State to proae* cute any resident of the City of Baltimore or of the Counties of this Etate for a Tic- latloQ of this law. The Attorney General or ono of his Assistant! ihall be tlie kgil adviser of the Board. 21. COXSTITDTIONAL CONSTBUO- TlOtf. Tho provisions of thli Act aie/MT- crable. and U any of IU provision! are declared unconstitutional, the decision M holding shall not be construed at impairing any other provisions of this Aet It Is hereby declared «· the leglstetlve latent that thu Act would bare been adopted bad such unconstitutional provision* not been included therein. 22. Nothing contained la thla Irtiel* shall prevent, or be eonstmed U in car way to hinder the prosecution, toariettoa or punishment of any person who nay offend against any of Che Charier CM of the Acts Assembly of Maryland of 193*. laipBiM tiSatiml Bee. *, And be It tortltvr enacted, Tka* this Act shall take effect oa June tit, 1WT. Approved: May 18, 1937. ^ NOW, THEREFORE, L HAKRT W. NICE, GOVERNOR OF TB1 STATE OF MARYLAND, pannant to tho authority and direction contained in Section S (a) of Article 18 «f tha Constitution of Maryland, do hia*. by order and direct that this Proo- larnatlon containing » fall, tru» UH) correct copy of Chapter! 91 and IM of the Acts of the General AiNnutrr of Maryland of 1937, be pnblichtd St nt least two newspaper! in e*gh «3 tho Counties of the Stats wrtm M mnny may be published and whm not more than ona may be published the* in that newspaper, and in three) Bam* papers published in the City of BftttU more, ono of which ahall b« pxtbJahtd in tho German language, in such BUUH ner and for such time as Is provided in Section 1 of Article 14 pf the GOD* stitutlon of Maryland. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND THE GBBAT SEAL OP THE STATE OP 1CAKT. LAND. DONE AT THE OITT OF ANNAPOLIS, THIS 20TH DAT OF JULY, IN THE YEAR OP OU» LORD, ONE THOUSAND NINil HUNDRED AND THIRTY-BIGHT. HARRY W. KKB By tA« J E. RAY JONES Secretory KWSPAPLRl

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