The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 20, 1975 · Page 14
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 14

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1975
Page 14
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Point system limit working CDSS IT all you want to, but the "point system" which sets limits on ducks is working. It's working In two ways. First it's working for the ducks. It sets more liberal limits on species of ducks that nave had a good hatch. £d Holder GENTLEMEN: Does Your Skin Feel Dry? Try KAffolN Face Conditioner '5°° TOE COSMETIC CORNbn THE BRAIOSPORT PACTS FREE PORT. TEXAS THURSDAY. NOVEMBER M. 1t7S NEED HELP? Don't know where to turn? CRISIS HOTLINE 297-3266orEnt70058 OUTDOOR WORLD HAS A COMPLETE SELECTION OF HUNTING SUPPLIES •INSULATED COVERALLS •THERMAL UNDERWEAR •HUNTING BOOTS •GAME BAGS •SHELL BELTS •GUNS & AMMO •WOOL BLANKETS •HATS & CAPS AU THE HUNTING SUPPLIES YOU NEED IN ONE STORE utdoor World 640 DIXIE DR. CUTE 297-7383 Ami it cuts the harvest on species that nave had a rough summer in the nesting country SECOND, IT'S working for the thick hunter That's the part which is sometimes difficult to understand. And 1 don't like it either, in some ways. It's always a hassle to sit In u blind and add up "points" and try to fell how many nnd what kind of ducks you can shoot to fill out your legal limit, BUT LKT'S look at It from another view, Let's go back to the early 19tX)'s, when the limit got aa low as two ducks a day! Remember that? I do. I remember it well. The number of hunters dwindled rapidly Hunting clubs, which were putting up green stuff to keep land owners from draining marsh lands, had a difficult time getting enough members to survive TIIK HKASON for the two-thick limit? At the time, there appeared to be no valid reason Millions of ducks poured down the flyways that fall Hunters sat in blinds and stared at the vast flights and cursed the "feds" who set a two-bird limit. The reason they set the low limit was simply that at the lime, virtually all waterfowl management was based on what the mallards did or didn't do. Dl'HING TJIK htte 1950's and early 1%0's. th*mallards didn't do well. Drouth conditions cut their production. So officials merely cut the limit to protect the mallards. II didn't matter that large flights of pintails, widgeons, gadwalls and teal came south All that mattered was few mallards made the trip In the years that followed, hunters applied pressure CMI officials from state capilots to the national capttol And they got results TIIK "KKSl'l.TS" were the point system A way of having your cake and eating it too A way of having "a poor year erf mallard production, but a limit on ducks"by shifting emphasis on species In the past few years since the sssteiti was tiUnxlucixl. it has loitered on the brink of failure Many la* enforcement officials don't like it It makes ifocir work too difficult .MA.N'V BIOMKJISTS don'l like it either. Thev wv hunters "reorder" their ducks, ami figure the limit th<way it gives them the most ducks each day And even some hunters complain. They say they wtHild rather just have a five or six-duck limit, and let tt go at that. Any five or any six That way. they don't have to worry' about what kind they shoot. Trouble is, if the point system were abandon**), fins! time the mallards had a bad year, we would U 1 back to two ducks instead of five or six III.\TKKS BKTTKR be glad they have to count points It's giving them more shooting, and far morr birth This year, for instance, if a hunter is in the right place and can identify birds, he can have a lo-duck limit each {lay. Pintails. g'adwalU. leal and shovellers and all "to point birds " So next time you hear a hunter complain at«ut tht point system, ask him which he prefers. A point system, and 10 ducks a day, or no point system and iwi>-duck.» a day" •CAt'SK THAT could be the choice he has HOLD THE ROPE... ROUGHNECKS! BANK OF B««OHIA BRAZOJUA, IWA3 ZZ4Z2 J. S. kOITCOKEHY AGENCY LONI0 FOOD STORE Mi m-2400 BRAZORIA. TfXAS 77422 Po »o. 52.) L wm! WIHf WIN* Your Braioria Supporters Weekend finds boys at hom£ girls on road Ttw? thr<* area boy* team* will all be playing al, home while the girl* are w» the road In basketball Ktiwi tonight awl Friday. * Ttw Hrattusport Collegfl Galon take on •«>» . V\tment L'nH Panther* tonight whil<« ttrawwwood host* l»75 AAA ilate «U Klc* Con and Arigl«t|«n the Hratoiport T* Fr(day nigh* All !)»ri* flame* hav* T X3 p m starting umr* ^ Tl»r liaiwi «r<s tttrr«nil>* n cm »w w«9«H arsd rod a w^ «| jjJ11>f htrttlr »!J*I».I wttth tlw I'tttUht^* Tw? (iatyjT5 Ix.ka,!! a ft4f(ut|{ lif^up *?f four fr^Hitti'ii, Jr« Mamn, Mike flliwn*, tXawtir Sl«*}rftirf«* ami Kiln a«s«l o*w «Ji> ll<n»af J Willittrn.* Hratt»*w<l rKlin*« t*w«i tba* HuitlffB 1U (ratlin?* ali thtislr Jantrt Kit*- churns (vnt frwn Us* )raf '« i» is crarsiKV-m! » c»tt whil* iMlNMK.STKt'lIlvNS Mrpnrnv a l»7i Kfauujlr ol TO |)HI\K \KtHM) VN nf'|'ns.|\(, , It nor »/ Ihr f.jtrjf »' »Ur» tftli i SOMt title '.hi! Uf in<{ S4 NFL adopts liberal restocking program ','tx \l:t TV.* Ki Six osnt •"»•> 4)n- jrsus! Tuf »'**;< [rt!. in lhc«f A".!i»i-i V. the giri.s wwx-. \tje AStMffif, K i f *,t' tt vt ' ct NKWYOKK'AI'i TTw ramifications of the for mula adopted by the National Football L*-agw lo itock its new Tajnpa Bay and Seattle franchlws could be widespread Kirst of all. ih* plan may b«- iub)<cct to collcrtive bargaining between the NKL ManagetnenJ ('uunctl and the Player* will Kavi* ch«i«ft 21 of thr 1M pljyri »<!<t'rvl til that p».>*fif. or IS p«cr cmt TV ** t " ... „ M ' »P "• «." !T ^ i^^-lO-! »<•*! > W M i" 1 *'*»' '*'(" ••*' "'•*" ri X** rT * r '' '" A3!A IJJOI.A m Nc 1 * i.t Then, !h« liberal of the pjan which available not only active players l>ut lho*«r player-* on various cv$crv« tut* ».< well, could produce widespread movement of some very well-known rvames And finally, th* college draft formula could provide Tampd llay *>ml Seattle with some at tractive young l^li^nt to go with the basic veteran* provided by th« expansion draft "Tnmpa Hay and Sejtsle will be picking their players from the largest pool of quality players ever available in football expansion." said Com missloewr Pete Itnjwlle. who announced irw- plan Wednesday The formula works this way h^iich of lh«5 26 existinn clubs will be permitted to freez* I wo player* from their loUl rcwTve lists as of Oct as Thoiw lint* in elude players injured for the season, players performing in Canada, retirtnl players und players in other miscellaneous categories The teams may >«l»o protect 30 other players from the active -43-nian rosters Thai creates an instant pool of 338 players currently active plus scores of players on the reserve list*. Each team can lose a maximum of three players and may protect an ad ditional player each time it loses one There are 139 players currently on injured reserve alone If all 26 clubs decidsxl to freeze two of those players, that would btill leave an available pool of 87 player* currently on injured reserve as well as all the players in all the other reserve categories. In the college draft, Tampa Bay and Seattle will alternate with the first two picks in each of the 17 draft rounds and each will also be permitted two additional choices at the end of rounds two through five. "A/ter they make their picks at the start of the sixth round," said Uozelle, *tll br lUjupiirU with M (iSaver 1 !. 3 (turn the collect* *pl<vtioo.» arx! ¥t (rotr. the npantion <itivckmK formula Thc> *iH a!.v.) r:* ,i!4r to isitn (rr«p agents J."^ pj^ijfru o<J (h*- »itiVTir Int.* Tampji I\A\ nSckrunnwl thr I.tucv4;\«.-r-'.. wili j)la> in (he American < or. frrrfKif Wi'csl ,t:«J SfJtUf, Cdllcc) t>w .S^^rwvdw. will !*• in the Natiuna! Ton fermicr Weal n-ril wd.tAn In 1977. Tampa Bay »wHche» In the NKi' Central ATX) So-aJllle Ui the AKC f nl In each «f yejr*. iJvc t'*ti n<"* will pla> each nlhrr AH wHl A* th*" U othff Ir.inu ui it.» own r»»i frrefice In cixoptete the H . !•*<:• t-«rfvif«i th«i- |'fi> |k>':«i jj»mr Thr rr>U»-|£iJi!r d/ji! n wt .'isr Ihr f'iril wrri Kicbruary m *<«"* City Tb* 1 Hr*fc» s«»:».5 g:fi* if !?wt.t S «5 jncwfii !<a . "v t1*4f l-«i<r iun^hi iti Shurif wtratv! jtJinr «»' !h«r fcr:a»»ar. ti-anvr umr t» »*•« 'c» * p n-> REMEMBER DAD FOR CHRISTMAS! THE LARGEST SELECTION OF THE FINEST BRIAR, MEERSCHAUM & PIPE ACCESSORIES SOUTH OF HOUSTON. THE FINEST IN IMPORTED TABACCOS AT.. THE BRIAR SHOP ii.oc-m:im I.AKK J«'MU\ ri,i«*»:« t O *! JJU rrnviT EVERYDAY SPECIALS 8 Oz. Ribeye "* is ,.-:r,;.v,,., Mexican Plate ^v;;:?':,::^ 0 j;^' Dinner Salad Open Steak Sandwich »..,,<, 8 Oz. Chicken Fried Steak s™ Seafood Gumbo and Salad S 01 RIBEYE All DAY SUNDAY* 1.79 MONDAY & WEDNESDAY 6 p.nUO p.m. ONLY 8 Oz. Hamburger Steak s;r.",::s !ws ^ 1.49 TUESDAY & THURSDAY 6 p.m. 40 p.m. ONLY Pish Basket ,„., uuto . ,„„ IOM , j^p 1.47 "Open Seven toys i Week" Uxatad on high«ij 2U nut to Bottom Phone 2652841 ot 265-26S2

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