Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 1
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 1
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*v,»«* C. Irwin, ciiptitln of 1 :. Cil. V. C. Hich- I - t j . G. H, Scon. ·» jvil! Man Killed uck Is Overturned. I, 1 C, lll-lliell Tl.fld. 2S.- t ' HI.- i-otmiv JFIII Mondny I ·; orin-tliiiiuhli-r ni In* | .h.iio f I-: W. ivthin*'! I-UI [i-01-evllle Ii .1 1-1,111 I l i e t i 1 u.i It i l l . - i I u h e t i till n, Ii h" w j i n i n k l l i i ; · Sl'lllt.» I" ttin Jlllnols-lowii ini;n, mi* ;hfnwn here after n colH' |'.d,t i c ' - r KUIIM and th» .·ii'iye.l lo otivn hi'nti ri(p* iiini'hltie w i t h o u t llRllt» 8f h-i'ii i |se.eneil \cken Drench Fields | ,,. f,.ti-id to wlthdra*. k ..I,'i-il niiv oth»r 4«rvl^ I fmallv -nicreedfd · f men that tJlT tor 'heir hun» them n pinneri hy Kit*!' M lilcy, rndlo opernlur, toio linry of hH fljht for ll». pine ill led I" h « d » (k -, U na hMaiiP* l nM(i«d W *· , 1 felt neonna » --- , 1 th* but' I Hut befor* ' **j ,, i wns h!lnd»d by · ntid .itunnert hy * frc \vny 'I'h"·»«.. J t o illlllp «« **'*«'· "'' I,,-, window, i thr«w "*' the fnhrtc and vi«d fcelh. |n c f f o l l in rpp IL '·*-,,. from ttm ·(" irt I had , t ,e end "··J!"" B ,. :»v luioes (o P«r- Th *" In f«li 'hroitph lh« * how : 'l.^n't WUCA. : under me At" 11 " iny^ ·:».! l- h i-Hnjr mr ·· - re.1 TM .lion'*-* ,«r»'» ir.« 'c id'*-" -. h-t:-me !w wl»^(* , ·: THE; WEATHER Cloudy DECATUR HERALD IK TODAY** PAFBIt HMItorl»l Pi«« S Wonun'i N«wt ,, PU* '1-13 Comic* , Pkg« M A*k No QuMtion* ...Ptf* tn HpnrU N*wn .,,, It»M 1M1 SIST'YEAR 20 Pages Decatur, lllinoU. T U E S D A Y E V E N I N G October 7, 1930. THREE CENTS Robbery Spurs Chicago Mayor In Crime Drive Wife of Big Bill Robbed of $20,000 In Jewels Near Her Own Home BRAZIL CALLS ARMY TO CRUSH REVOLT TEXAS RETURNING TO NORMAL Legion Furnishes AFTER DAY OF CLOUDBURSTS Illj 4 n'lril t'i' n 1 CHICAGO. Oet, 7~- Muyor Willlnm 11*1* Thomson, who n[cnl mo«l of the winnwr vm-rUlonlim In the. Kn»l, hi* DMIII nei:tiJii'd fwHienllV Itv Chi- ««» uowHpm'i'H «f "nol U.IUIIIIK to On* I'HI'i'r rui'cntly ipublljhed on 1h fiW I'*** 1 » ''til loon nhi'WlflK "»' mavol 1 * nfflH- mini W i t h ruljWBlw (Hid miKKCittlnit Hint t'hictiKo "filtiit ·t 111* I"!'" lfl "'» '' ffl " 1 l(l K "' *"""' Idion In ilildlnj.' U"' city i( ci line At 1l:Jn d'cloelt Mondiiy nlitlil (lit: wife win held il|t Hi fionl her bow'. Ml* was rulJbi-d of worth cf Jt'wehy hy " «lH' utiiKKi'il h»r polli'i- nun chauffeur. Informed of ihc Imldipf', Mti.rin wiMion arrived home «l about ». m Tinwliiy to find hi* »lfc 70 Years Old Man Freed On Charge of Murdering Neighbor Ll'lu I N l t r ' l I ' , , - . , 1 ( J U N T l i i R H V t L L K , A l u , Out. 7 A Jill')' of A l H b a n m fimueia I'LH'HlUlV niljtllllvtl JlHUCS K, Nte- ly, 'Hi, nl 11 'l"-ywir old tmiiilvi i-luii)}!.-, uru-r ili-libei tiling less LhlUl \l/fo hulll'.l. fm-ly was crUii'jjtil wilh nun 1 - dt-ilnjr Hlrtim Cooiry, ti neUihfeoi, In iv flu lit on Ireoi'niu Mountain ne»r here, Nov. 3. ISM. Extensive Property Damage Caused Over Wide Area By Storm 1 Hlf I'mlftf I DALLAS. Tex,, Oct. 7,-ski'^s and n riipid return to nurmul cotidilions relieved storm and Hood stricken uf TeKns 'I'uesdtvy. Communication lines were b« Boston With Its Greatest Parade rtPu llailnl Cr«.) · BOSTON, Oft. 7 - Thu American Legion W«H on parade Tuesday, Through Boston's fla(t-drapc.d streuta, lined wllh an estimated crowd of SOO.OOU, somft 70,000 brllllnnlly uniformed Le.|jtonn«lre,B and iiwiulHsrs of ulfllluted In the nirutest In thiH utly's hlstoly The puradt, expiivted to roqulre moro lhan aoven hours lo pass a given point, was thi climax of mer of it» Idnd HOOVER INVADES TEXTILE REGION WITH RED DEFY Denounces Socialism and "Violent Brother, Communism" EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES Governor Calls Conference On Unemployment Half Million Troops Ordered Under Arms IIa fall.,I ,, .,,,., ..... ..,,, ,,.,. : m- iciloted after 48 hour* of jrymaltlng and ptutcftntry marking J KINGS MOUNTAIN, lilith w Ind* nml eotittnuoiw rain. t thft lath anniiul convention of \\orU1 Here In lhi hi-ml of A. F. L. WILL DEMAND VOLSTEAD ACT REPEAL l-'uin 1 ttrady, Tex., when n-poflod drowned ni ; wul ' vet Brans, were accounted far) Bonlon was ti-MiUd to a siimiile of workers bronsht « | American /*elon porffltlfni,' Monday «f order Into (he tloodoil 1 night, when the forty anJ eljjhL, the dislrlet was hiuiv braneh uf the nrgantan- rlence. tn tlii" "J wnnl Hi-lli.ti" he fotiitiiftiiilmi. "Rftucnilii'i that, I wmil nt'tlon nnd I wnnl II Imriifdluicly," Modification To Prrrmt Sale of Beer Is Not Sufficient tion. marKhel over a three-mile cloudy ,«·/ i rHIi'AiJ, i Mi*, Wllltfim In i;nn Tii""nlnv. tiyittei'lcjil condl- tliiee tinodltn Hi-lil . her piilkniian ehnut- /cur »nd eviifH-d with valuable Jew- elrv Jli',1. T1uini|'ton, fp'tced fiom het ItiiloitinhJle in ftonl of her home a f t K ullrndiiipj K iheiitF-t. [illtili-cl ai I hi' trundll*. whd hail thieiitened lo hill JVillreniiin Peter J, O'M.dkv. rhmiffeiii, ilnHr iivmy with h pnr.iiill 1 Irltin I* Hjilerlcnl fhf w.n entiled Inld het n|)(itt- ninnl nml In. Atnold KcKiil, Clly Iwilth rriin million i't. culled. IvflKiO Mlil Ihe Fiieyoi'i w i f e «"ii hy«ierlrnl nnd nlluwi-d no one lo step hei. Sfhf hfu (pp'en hi ti-'ilt lip'tiltli f" town. The IIy damaged. Kighteen petMonn wti« In lmpro-1 viand lios;lln)B In a liltlu fanning j Tuesday, motnlmj, under eoiiimunlty nuur JJilexu. In Kusl skies, nil ljratvh*fl Ot Ihe Texaa. where n lornudo demolished joined hands In tha tremendous dem- five fuvm homes. , (niatrnllon. Thoiimtnda ut acres of fanning ,, - . . ' · _ A»J«*«n\«" i ki jund were iimlcr water TUMday.Hun-i BACKER OFFERS PLAN dii-ilH of (:(,'] aonti ivere homeless in' Pf\D MINED " tin 1 vulleya of the C,initialnpo nnd I 1 UK WlJlNtK *Iibmitled lo Ihe convention o f , Colorado rli'ff*. ' ""'hy'Vnhiir'j. rteaurWard'o'r temporary ^hellers hastily thfl Piovldence Central FWetalsd t'nion. The I usiililllon was bellevi-d to have [he almost in«Rlni«iut bnelilnj: ot delegates from Inij,'* eltlen ot the Ki\xi and ii flour biillle vtia looked for Mhould Hie icHbluduiiH commlUee. ,e K lon, 8. C , Ocl, 7 Ihe Southern' hy. Illy Fj-piili-d J'p'Hi I SPRlNfJFIKI.D, Ckl, 7 - A call for IL conference of r»pr«ii*ntntlv*» of labor, employer*, civic clubs, chutch- en and chiirlliiblc urganiiMttoiui lo 01 stuns ways ·nil means of coping with the unemployment nitunUyn thin whiter, WUH Issued by (Jovwnur litre, TuejuJay. The will be held ticxi Monday nfU'rnoun In Chlotitfo, The following urjjutiiiuiLlvnil w«io invited vi amid two rcpresenialives ouch to the conference: ^ Mimilfttoliirerii association, liunlieiH labor troubles ami c.-ommuiilsi dlsor-' ^"hers usKOclaUon. Chicago ders, Pr,-yldcnt Hoover Tuesday de- vMltia at CoinmeirB. Jlt(»ol» Cjiaw- nounoed Hoclullsm "and il« vlolcnl' her * ( Conm^rce, tllilcago Chani- l.rothe.r, coniiiiunl«ii.." ^f «f Wmmeire., ChlaiRO Employ 400 Pound Bride Give Huiband An Airpline; Then He Deserted Her illit I in't'rf l'i'«« i \m ANOKLES. Ocl. 7 - Mr*. Naomi SpechJ .Soofl 1 , 4AO-Iound lioli-vxri, bought her huMhund »n dirplam' and lie flew away In It. the (old Judge J. W. Hanby. In whining a dlvorei* Tuesday, from jHrii'M T. Scoff, uvlitor. Although «h» poHneciwd i !*,· 000,000 fortun*. hrr huiHund found the burden of nuppwtlnit her won tx h*«vy ftnd for a y*nr rnllfd \a roil t f I but* to her Mre. Siroff d*clnrdd, Government Recetyet Ai- surenccf Revolution Ii Out RING ABOUT CAPITAL I *· 4 Fetri For Food Supply of Capital Exnreued Ai Troopi Take Field RIO DE JANEIRO, Or.. 7.-- «( army itnd Twenty-five miles from Die spot on ' ««» «H»oclatlon. Indumrltil Relationm MPDrro MAT «»«rve« totaJinK 420,000 mfn hldi Ihe President stood to com- »sTMelatlon, Illlnol* Federation of CLAIM OIL MERGER NOT ' M .rinounced officiiillv T»«- ill; I -elf,I f, H08TON, Cicl. 1-- A resolution lepenl of the Vol^teud Hrl for It) .-i i ^ Would Have Only From Bona Fide Locals Recognized Si-oie'a uf iaoltited fmm tint! taiichi -- commiiiiUlfa tell the elfin ts iif ruin which In some plucvx totHled la 1 drinking water broufihl dttiiKflr from' The water wui receding] which mnntornlu Ihc int)lh annlverKniy of the hulllo of KlnjTB Mounlrtln In N C,. two wiip- killed In Inbor trouhleo hist year. A Illlle further uwuy In Miiriun. where seven sliik- era were nninlered and 'i\ wounded. Only Innt week at Unnville, Vn . in Ihls saiini niotmUIn IndustHsl reRlon n cotton tntlt strike occurred. Mr. Hoover left his train ut Kln«n Mutintaln, N, C,, imd motored iinrriflK Ihe stale line to ihe nlle of the IIFU- tle monument. "Spirit nf America" Mr, Hoover chnnipioncd whnt hi) "Ihe Spirit of America." Its Chicago Federation of I^bor, fnilefl Chnrltk'H. Chlcnt;'* OoimelT of Suelal Atfenclea nnd Cltkngo Church SECRETARY WORK'S RULING BLAMED FOR SHALE FIELD GRAB VIOLATION OF DECREE;day by lh« government in it* - - d r i v e RRmrjnt revolutionary Farce* ir» Rio Grnndr Jo Sul nnd other nlnt*«. lhon)and men will Standard of N. Y. and Vacuum Attorneys Say Ruling Not In Perpetuity th! put In C*H fliM lmm iH*l*ly *nd will n»td, .wo copy- York denied In I fi| I'niFHl J'prit 1 The hundil-t took ftom Mm. Thnnipjion (i *tx rnrnl dliiinond t'lnn, luld in lie w o t t h tN.WMJ. n hraoelet vahieit iil tt.fthll. (mil H brooch, vnl- uer) Ht (ihiinl SH ixid. Sinter Siirmwlv Kii'itHri MM t'loriTM- »iiihh»M((. *l)ter of .lit. Tlioni|Kim. imrtowlv ewn|ipd he- iili « ( tclllil uf the Idlihl'iy. MM Tni'iii)Huii PInd ^'i 4 ' (Sut'lt- nil BFinnle!! tt loo|i iheniei Mimdiiy mid neie Milled fur nl H "'i I."'I* 1 rM)i)l-v J!n Cinhh'iil Wfisi tel mil' it lie, liuiiit, ,i illJituu'e (nun Ihe mli;.in'- .mine mil O Mnllev then diuie In ilii- nitt.Mu-" of I he u|j-irt- n,cnl i-h' '1 iKimp'ioiiV tlv« 'Ihrnlleii riniMlli'tir lli.l'ilit'ili "f initiiFH'-l'l!'" ¥ "U 1 to whli h the pro]ioiul WFIK t«fenvd, U'|ioil It imfnvuittbly wus I"""*'!* 1 '. w ' il h crops. Mimy Of the -118 dete s M«s ultenJ- ""'t Hi-o«lo«H bclns -twejil away. Inw the ['onvenllou were aald to he, f ' : TM ( ' «·" '«'' s««t"woid us the Rio illHWllxfleil with that jm.t of Ihe ex- Cimnde v«1ley small Mcelts which ef^llM. ri-pott, rend t.v, a'-u nurmnlly dry suddenly became ;i-een Monday, which iu|*ln« K.nenU us wnlffs jxnueii il;iit the convention |plter»t» Ihe feilerullon'i past tleniands tor mottl- firuthm »f Ihe Vohtend At't so «n to puriult "Uie mHitufatltito nnd wnie SPKIN(;F1IGI,IJ, Oct. T - A n o f f e r . . . . . . . . . i which floured Ihe nowrl, hud broituht up he i.n,Urd i ompk* em,M in "We mint the hllla In muddy of wholesome beer," FIVE POISONED AFTER i EATING SPECIAL TREAT | ,11:, I ,!.(,,( f ' l . H 1 CIWAUO. Oet, 1 The HpurB ribs and cnuef Ituull ( h u t Mm. Snphle Mlkt'iit ntepmed us u sjieulnl trent (or Ihe nl her ten membeti of hei 1 frimlly weiu utidfi' auipklon 'I'uea- Any lii the polioliliiK f1 ' lli p sl * wllC we're In n hiwplUil nnd the flv.- who w.-n- niKler lii-:itiitenl lit hdtne. of the fumily beOiime til ihc nlulil. 'I'he father. Kin nit. -IS. Mr* Mlhrnt ntn.l fnui rtillilri'ii. .lost-(hl tie, 21. Uo, tf down from strcuius. Vnl Verde. C'olcuuin. Sfhlelcher, BdwiiidN und Concho countltb lay in Iho center cf Iho flood's palh. Thfl rains extended into every T'nttcd mine workers of j^.n^.n - «·».- niFide In nrojmrals to Wllllnm; 111 ,*^ 11 TM (Irecn, president ,ot the American li'ccleralkm of I.nhoi. hy John H. tary-treaatiry of t h e , ,, IT. M. w. of A., which .;;£;!;, n opposed lo President John [would hold the Kw[flest to of the mo»t backward. c o i n i i f v e Ififlu- . oil Inm 000.000." Tlie rullnt; Walker'pt peucn plan whleh to Green nl BoHlon whe.ri 1 thft In Iho Went Central poitlon, and weat o( Sun Antonio There the I,1nno river WHS up 25 feel and slowly rising, GARY HOTELS BOMBED IN VICE WAR OUTBREAK (1AHV, Iiul.. "ot'l. V"l''iiur bombings, siild hy mithoillks to slKiiulixe open witrdiie ovi'r Control of vU-e four Gary halelfl Tuesday. Kulley, suspended Interior ment employe, churned In ft 1 arllcle In the New ·uesdoy, thin a rulln* by Tuesday lhal Ihe mil Work, former Secretary of "piepured the way 1 ' for oil lo f^uin ]HHse^slon of public uiiwurd of SSO.OOO, The federal Kovermnenl Ki'ekit 10 |iievent tlw mej(f*r under Ihe 1011 »«· , - .... H ,,,, miide In the Free.- preme court (ifrree whlr-n hmnded rnnea frani the millon Atid us ideals Jmin .s u , nraBrH t . n «p ten mnnlha be- (he OIMI hnse nmntlnn! nrnnnlwiUon we would k«ep them from our foff Work reelBnw | , 0 become earn- ns a "conspiracy." Federnl mior- 1 , -pnlun manager tar Piesldent Hoover, 'neyn conl*m)pd the pr«|Wn*d m»rn*r H"')":;Kelley slated, adding that It rover »«! n*aln would npen (h« doors to dent which h;« been followed dim-e ' oil company fttturncyit »i«nvd Ati»!"hv * Tuesday Ihn It wan rldlculotw Ui In- w UU ld provide HiMIhe,- training nor| Mail WIlO HlTtd Pl«He 'terpret 1h« H«re, »« « per,e,, (B l en- empire DestioHsm or clnsn Rftvern- ,, culled from men M and ti 21 und ^ A *ni iwl n u m b e r 42.W1 to act on credenllnls of dele- who win SlJfle Dfh-liij- Force \lminlv htirt Offklnlit Finld lhal rcneivn rorp- ·iheitiiv hid mobdlxe;) vnlun'nilly in interior province* hefnre Ihe nciiifl orders wei-i 4tKpn1'hd. Kent lire Seml-offli'lsl n d v i I-Vrnnnibueo Thlfl offer to obtnln |enee," spilil, Walker, "must rot he ji 'siKn of wetiknefts' on the j/ed' union's part. We nre In po«Hlon todny nnd slnee we o r s i m l w d j -r,. t*sl Mttrrh." 1* !,!' AvcoFilliibf tu WHtker'i plun onlv fiotu -it,*,. u »i f t t h ( ! a e "'*" 1l) """ lu o f l h e Seeks $50,000 Damages !»,, IMllcl ('"·" 1 CHICAGO. Oct. T - -A Universal Air I.lnei plum;, Ihe which pluiiRed Into a (jaw UIR. 11, · joinder, since the jtiinrcme court of IflU had no way of MiiftlnK eondl- .ilonx in the oil Indunlry of todny ot in the future. MAN ADMITS MURDER OF COMMON LAW WIFE e;iln would be framework rve none of Ihem and Its fnndumcntu] piovhlons ine WHiK.r, pim, oniv. n ,,,,,, ftf ))!( , m ' 'hona fide 1 mine In- ,,, p(i _ ,,,,,,,,, ^ lll) . 1 ,,,| iin|wlll WHS not alrwoiihv, Altorney W. Arch churned Titi*dHy In ,, ,, OTTAWA. Orl. 7 William ».*.». nr» loiiutiirt) Rio Crnndu do None. innrth of lnrn;i nihm-ol. Pftm (on the ti'irth C«»PI ai the mouth «f ihe Anmon HWM-.I nnd Pnninn fthe sin.* of Pntvinn. xotnh nf flwo itPuto hud licen * center nf rh»1 In frontier ntlvlcnit. wi'i-eanM .ohc 111 Hie irtlnnttiin In *h* nh^vi* nunvd (»· whlrh th«t the 1!iilnhii'ft hnl been n\ft! by rm officlnt Mild he WKFI nnd mi . und frit! hti'ii cil scores if puenln from equnt number of lei»det« of h.nh f,ic lllHI) H l.lin-:, ,m [|l« 'nit u i i'W nli'l him- w h r n v iu^t in ii'Mnllp-y *n^ I Ci'i Mi i Tlnnii|p i un their Two would be n!lowci1 lo volfi'. of Ihe At Fairbank's Party "Hi. tin r,ntt at n mot M -n i - i t · · si"iitul ' l ' w i . Ill ..... I1'-il M : ~ niolii|)' Ir , tl!i:itll'l Of til,' :t)i,ll I l I"!.! ..... ',, mi.! I"'. k llfi j i u i l i v Vhi- ' t u t i l i p - i i i t i e i l O'M i l l - \ , iilm le ( ii' i, i) i)in' \ l \ titnl ] l ' ' . . ' l i il l i i h. ]i'.' \On li tur 1 1, Mi, i IIH.II h n 'Hi 1 · Ins; i' 1( ii. fu i-| ' i . I it i i Ii [ill I, I'll "-tl I'ui.'ii- 11 i-ii|i|n i p-h I "Hf.tit in t;!^ · [,1 I. 1' ' M i . ) Mlluul s:ld Ihe ·.civ.,1 1" lllL ' f . i m i l y h»d » "^lli'i-t" l i - l l - IJ)IJ.insist IW lullrvi'd tliltlli-il oil-ill WH" It" ]l0in]lllc United Lutheran Council Meet Opens In Milwaukee Hl.rrhn i ri-iiii-.itiii.t II.- |ei Li ((· i .n il lli'Tii.llulril 0 lulu-. 11, ' i l l Ml IP. liPimlil «IM ,. ,1 ( t Mallei-. Ini I" 11 i Hi-it l him li hurry l-.l til J OH II £ 1 1 ( 1 « t l d l l ' l l t l - ' l irti tmni-il inn IMH 1; nnt fthe oflliv-i wheie hi* «,n 'I he tilili .Jin i M l t . W A U K K H - I-Mi«."l«n of vem HI i · -' "'Is. Oct. 7 IP- fntine potti-lf:! uf f i'led fiMI dt-ilcnl nrul liri .lilli-i.ll'J nil lilili'llt l i o n t o K I V I Ihe ehtlii'h Itiv dcli-f.ul"* Tncndiiv «t Ihe blennuil l o i m - n l l o n ol I h e U n i t e d Slates I,n- thi-inti Cliiitih of Aiiieni'ii tii'i'tslotm nmilr by the ili-lt-siiles ulin n'lireiient cleiK.viiieii of tin 1 t'tilt rd Stiiti-* mid CulliidH. will |i(n-cin Ihe chiiri-h for Ihe ue.'sl two yenrs. Search For Man Indicted On Murder Charge i l J i i ' ml fit !'·· t I W A I ' K K t J A S . Ool. 7. Soairh w»- ttmd'd Ttn-sdfiy for llniry KiKnln.-t, ex-convict of Chh'HKO «n'l St. I'nul, a f t e r tlie I/like i-mmly Ki-nrul Jin-v tiad M-Hitiu'd n sU|)|ptej!fi'il indlei- tiii-nt I'luirstiiK him with the nnird r of (he nnilon 1 !" aplrllunl heiilnf;e "fi It slitniricniii flial Sionif of Ihese fiy-j(emj) deny rrlt^lfm or set-It to expel U. T run not con'.'elve nf PI wholesome socinl oidet 1 or n sound eeononilo sysletn Ihnt dot-* not hnw Its* loolt In ii'Hi;!jii.s fnlili, "Ni blind itialci iuiidii) ran foi U)ti(r i-J)j!.kKt' tilt 1 loynllleH (if luiinlfltl.l" T\rn l-*uM I tu i iffer lllillldji 11l£- ^plill ut tin- levulll- t uitl.i 1 V hi'l uf" U llu ilH'Kll ed t lie IhiilHh on Ui.-ai' iiiiiuiiliiln jituhi^ [n lln-lr fluht liii 1 fn'.-diiDi. nud reeiini killtnK hl» eoninion law wife, M«K- Ele WnmHi. whose body wit* found In Arch ehnrteied III. 1 for a tun to 1-oulsvillc. Ky., on Ann. Th* Illh^-Mh'hiBim'ciinn'rnenr'riT 9 (wo ilavi before It dlvod thrmiuli ,,,. on S nn«l»y, polic« i.p.1.1. hy In ii n interior town ( h e u n i d e n t i f i e d wnuiaii Jv w.i). fuiiiiil In the rums of n .Ifcji Ijlie cottitye iiflt'i it wm llr*tl IPIX! iM.inh. Te^ltmoiiv w»i ofd-u'd Ijy a j)ii- vtilis detei-tlve Monday thut a hiinHi 1'hniidl cotln^e hud been tnircd lo lllKKltist, A rewind of ft.ftOO fur (lie III,/ l ' l , . l , , ( !'"-:·: I HOU.TWOO1J. t)fl 1. Ki'ii'sl I." tiltsch. imitliin iPielme direuloi und I him Ktuly, Piueiu i lu w i i l t - i , i-iifiiivi-d 111 Ii llslli' ellCdilliliil tt a [lilfty |(lv en by liLfii);lBS Pnlrlmnlti nnd Mnry MrUfonl Inat^SiiluMlnv nlxlil. 11 he- nll . ndlOK ' (,,,,, tl ie Atnerlenli , t'lime known Tiirmla,v -I'lpiht un lot rhc.^e |n-lnel|p|e.i, lite While win PI- uf nml Inn plMme i-i:ccitllve conliiiued' celeoiilie 1 - loiiked on. l.nblNi h 'Crime ;m,t ill irficilli'iin- :uc the fl I'liek Kialv » xlnnelnK lilow thfil rt ry Inciii nnlllm of di"-liu lion to a liinded on the liiHei'i ereM, Hn-ir : .-.vstiem who-e hiitls \* Inw. Holh frleniN tu1{|. A tiionient idlei, lli"i , piK'lflnni nm.1 ii]llll,iH»in roinl fiom nhionrl, the one bv jiro- wruhne.w, Ihe other hy 1JI''»- moll n K nrritKHiif e Fiillyie of many «[ our ultiv.ens to exjue^ Illelr opinions ut tins biillol box. K HI once their tihinnliniment of the whole Ihe tnnU and ^nn^t In n deep pit witter tn line of tlie f.(ri)ii|;e(it nil 1 ac- (sidenit on record. The attorney elmtKi'd Hint the eiinipuny had not fulrtllrd I in on- 11 tic I lu'citiiKc j( K tive him a (iltine Mini WHII nut sufc jitid a jpllol who lud never flown befote nl nlaht. The '.htji win* fiiii-cd liinvn ut Poiluj;- field, on the n-tiiiii iil|i fioin l.oith- Mlh' nml An'li- i-umjileled hi: 1 i'l'lt- ticy bv bilrt, t Drug Shipment Intended For Horses, Prisoner Says h" Hi'leni' I.iihllMeb dlvoreeil wife of Ihe dlrcctof, dclh'ered a blow or ini.'ih in liiibil^eh'ii fuce The crowtl at Ihe Embii.H'iV cl'ih. where \\w purly was Klvcn. HepHi'iit- ed lhi Ocl. 7 Thai .-i'd miii|ihltiP to "duiie" ruff hmsi-i' IIH llic mliiiKKlon (.f M/itry Kkrfer. 'hiiMBfi. In L r iH1i'i( SdttC!" dlMi'fi-i ArrexleJ .Sundn\', Hender itenlfit imy ItnnwkdKC «f Hie el line, hut Tuesday n«ld Ihnt he nnd Mr». Woe- fa Imd |uarreled on (he nlfthl of · Mr* him willi t) Htovi- pokei. nnd he Itiiodied her ni-siiniti the ptlove Inu liiunji hei Four Candidates Seek Legion Commandership · II, I I J ' : , · - I BOSTON. Oet. 7 Hnlph T O'Ncil of Topelta, Kan,, nnd J, Mini We ,lobn- jtin uf Miirlon, S. C,. weie meniloitcil pUHiilncntly Till-winy »M pOKKihle PIIJI;- 10 O. I.. Bndenhamer API nu- ·ommnnder of thr, Amvtlotiti Revolutionists Claim Capital Supaliei Blocked ill» I P. F'-l I 1 ."-- MONTIWIDKO, I'nimiiiv. nn. T Wnrfnii' In 'ill H* modern druteRi' win In piofiii's-pi cm three frtinln ti While !i In ny II.IB Mllv*ried ·i'' .lnii h-i i of levohdlon- lilWIllfl Rill . -i I H I I - I I I IIOIPJI- w t l f e){|ec1e! In "(till' 1 »t the t\v- i fi'iid'i" of Hi" revolt. R (i Do Sul -Hid Mtiiiip' JUST WKNTTOO Mlt of self-fsoveriitnenl. liun of th* hiillot Is a denial of The ml,!, 1-11 iini[|ird Into Illeli lurnlii,,,. nnr | led o'Mnlh-y 111 jiiit 1 . »ili \ thry ilntvi' nwny. Mm JKriSKYVItJA-:, Ocl. 7 -- Chicken Ilii' iditewiilk. thleven. who H|irend ether ov rhloro- t,- liti-mV of tin- iiiniFtment furm «itiund poultry hontest a» freely ^ foimit t fi-« nitiiutci In- us If H weie feed ivere flonettt TIIPS- t'l. O'Mnllev thr null »f tin- dny ns n leanlt of ti soiles of rnlds kFindn nuioiuuipiie iifii-t i-hn-liii; it on hen hotDies In nnd nenr Jersey- funeral Cortege of R-W1 Crew j Besins Sorrowful Journey Home O ' KLdlN «T(J1KNT M.K(TE1 ,lln I .r.luF I;,", i f l l A M P A I t ' . N . Oct. 7 . - - V . !,. K i u t s c h m e r . K l K l n , vftii nfttneil pi#«- Ident of the student council of the 1 tnR | n the communtlv," she slnlei University of Illinois, at n iiiedlnR of Tuesday In R divorce null filed hen cmnl ln-iv Monduv iti cxulalnluu ti | )B) .|, )n . .Sn^Hirtern of both claimed cny, Mu.. lo Alton. ^ect their candlduti' Thursday. Kleffei wiis lndl:i*J with Sehits- F| . Bnk S( ;hi]el1e] of Ncenah. Win., tin n CotU.'y, Allon, former pool hntl ,,,,,, Emm ,, o'Nenl of l.onlsvllk. Ky, , . ,,,, , .-- . projn k-lor si Alton, nnd John S u]^^ were iiip^ntJoned. CIIK'ACO. Oet. T ''"Mry. Anna K i l - j or even [uHui'B ol moral pem'tnlons ' ;, fU ' v 'l"lnllnK"llH- niircolirnci anliVt 1 vfintHii not mind when her hushnnrl; In public office defiles the whole v ., s ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wl(h th(1 ,,-j,,, ,, f ln .,i hruiiEht itrflnge women h.mie ivllh] slnli'" "f Amerlc.i. Were iliMlIruclIve ^^ |w(j j.^,,,,.,,,^, 1hn , ,,,, ,,,,!._ him. but she did objec-t lo Ihelr riHLHtni (leKlrdVi. letidei"hlp amlj () ..j,,,,!,,.,- ,.,,,,,, hoi-si-x, Conley inioklnj; In her bnuse "beenuse II In- MitlMTllul ( « wejildliiBJ". rip'w fin'iitr". howin-cr. enici- pli'.lire lo .-rente Til M her in .he t'ntii'«l On" w»n, i ihtciiii'iieil hlochtnle ,)( lit. Inlnnd tiiiid ii|)p)v Th- olhi'r vim In'U nf f.illlllllull^Kll.nipv wi.ll whleh U enli- lnil liM ninih'i* ovei ihe vn*l enuiH 11V lltl 'llea IlllHet HlMIl the t'nll'l !-' 1-i It's Pntk» | ( u-e.d her prestige find Moctflt stand- HIP council Monday. Emily PdxtHii. was n a moil itcc-prealdonl and John R. Adumfl, IloCltford, se«re liny. The Rlivet-s live nl Pontlnc. "Any would doimtiiile Ihe oolintrv (ConUmicd on VnKf Nine) lironotinced. He l« Raid to b* under indletmenl on a Diurdei MnrtiHon cmmty. In RAID ill" l',ill,iF firs, i Wl'KNOS AIRKS. Oot, T rntded Ihe headi)iiaitern nf worker* sroups TumOny. In cnnnt- lion wllh ih tnjiknb tlrlvecu Mrlhe About 40 unnrchfi!. « xnrl rotnmnn- Istlit wer* Indlcleri the DION- p«r1oiip, Uta/illan eleji n(|wivi| won led hy the ihat tlif diitn ttf l^cmnmbitfo hud Koite vii' lo tl)# [evolution *nd t'iat Illo d» .Innelro IIBK hpnn forced ti tilol1 nitp'tmit*! 1 for I'lrlet of the food FiH)|))y. fill rotttiMMntaatlnn Th* »l)f«fd defpctlon of hucrt coitntltitteM it hnrl blow Ci;x*rnm"n.. Thr- Mute I* im on r»m Nine) (fie Frince O.-t, 7 A H C I O I X K i n n c i - linln . lidiiiriK 17 loiiKh coltlii", *1H.vlns the lenmtni nl Ihe nun whu *W hltlcn when lh- Hiltinh dlrin INf R-lot norld's tjin'C't ali'iliii. ri nxiiindiil n'.ii here enily bind The j,iin« nnd Uken to KHK- booming of thi saline of 101 RU the only audible JilRntil of Theie wfi.i much leminlscenl nil rl line l-'innr-e at Ihe moved tnn-ard'; the inllrOJid «tatlon. The {·inntit', (he Ki-euch troops. Ihe lain, Ihe wnpona that had brought the bodlefl here from Allonne, the Hilll-ih nmt l-'reni h fines nt hnlf majil. over the Inwn hull, nil recallrri Ihe iltiyi liftweeii 19H nnd IfUS, Lewis Attacks Tariff Hypocrisy of Republicans nil/i-h. 111 ),,«,,» ,,u,i MHH(tcs paid »«no honor In ihe iletid n-t the Inn- ·TMl rnitt-Ki-, hi-iii-ltijt ilii- hmlki of l*iil Ttoin*on, l-irtliih minister lot lif , nnd ninny (if f^rltnlci'!! mn«( noted Pirmlfi Andifl Ttirdlen tind Kicnch *lf Mlnlatei Ijitiient Kvnnr led llu- **' m *' riiH'i'asiivn fiom the inwn hull. * t j*ii' Ih* ourlicu « c i e tnlsen from TM TI *. to ih,. inlliond flnilon. tentlns tit;aln«t what he said was fi'iwh iiii|,|nni» flew overhi'Hd. "hypocrisy nnd tiU'ltery" beinj; play- "IV'tfwitiv c ^ - o t t w l the moce^lon ed on tlu fnrtnerM and cltl/.pns of lilt MKIH , nols. Jnmes llnmlllon LewlJ", nemo. ·t lin.'il thi- runciHt! cuillc rnndidiite fn Unllod Stnt"rn · · KcmilOi 1 , lold n meellnil ot tjnvrrncc flvv 1'hicli VFIIIX jtnd I county nemocratii here Tueadny llial "i.iciic-i |,if, f .|,f(ied to Fioutojtne., he htul nlwnyf" fliipfjcrled the doctclnc th« bodlei will bo put aboard] of an adjusted tariff. l t t I . Ocl, 7,-Pio- THE WEATHER ILLINOIS VTEATHKR--Miml- Iv clottd.v with showcro toll I (llt and iMwslhty In north (mrtlnn tomnrmw monilnir, SURhlly In pKiiiMi [Kirttiin I on If hi. J.OCAI, TKMPKKATUHKS 7 p. m. yesterriny ,. Cli lliShest veM'si'dny ti T a. in. lodn -" SS Noon todny . . . . . . . , - "i! 1 l.owest induy .15 P r e c i p l l n t l o n ., 7fi Pun rlafljs 0,-M Sun set* 1 5:« s Believe Body Found In Woods That Of Bride Missing Since Honeymoon u Dauvherty Blocks Dedication of Harding Memorial At Present Time i IJ*r tfitttnt f'fiO Mn.WAUKEE, Oct. 7 -Pntholo-jMnr. Hacked, worhlnR over the itnrt!«OBnli- [ The last henrd of Mrs. Hacked 'was in July when In able body of a -woman who had been d«id mnny wcek.i, believed Tuesday they were nenring a itolntlon ot t h e § mysterious dlflnppearancft ahout Julv July 3, 4 of Mrs. Cora Bell Hne.lteK. 42. Chi Chicago received poslcai'ds post IMC Dn Flamhenit and capo. The body, fnund nenr the T,»c flu Indian reaervation in northern Wisconsin, vraa so decomposed It could not be klenlirleil Immediately. but -Mis. Hnckett's don- list was to bo brought here from Chl- ca«o and nulhorltlcs fslt rnrtBln he could makn only the Idcntlfknllon. the Cleveland on July 7, drlvhiR a ion colored automobile Hint liar to that owned by Mm, Hackett. HI,- first . till t HIP, ,1 I 1 , , ·' I L H A V A N A . Cuba, Oct. 7 -- Police c.lnnh*d \vilh a iironp of nevshoyn a t ' ittti i'pi.i.,1 PD- i Ihe* office of a weekly piibllontlon,' MARION, O,, Od. ' -Hopoit for Im- iml neewmtrliy a reflection tipW h* l,a Sftjjan;! Tue^duy Injuring nf medial« dedkAti'in of th* tSftfl.OOO,Ji»il but * l»rtte»tton (trudBtnffly *X- frieiuU of hers 1 vouth ' .incworln} ·r*i-H"l her* iwo ynarn BKO leitdfd In * eonnpllnvnt neltn*r to ' '' The police tteUed all mpks of th* In com me iteration of I?r«»lilMt *nii,(h» rtead nor Ihwio who |mrltrlp»l* In In l*a ' hottl'"" The pnnce fired Inln the nlrjment of th» ilftnllnir Memorl»l »wo- »Nnw the Amerknn p»ople. nr * '·-·-·'-- ··--,) n )i efforts lo arnniBe n people, hi»v**mF;ver been nwnyM by had b«!*n KiiNpenderi. the Up of llb»t or thfl tanru* ot Plann for (hf (Ifdtcnttnn hnve be»n ulanrfnr, nnd Ihrljr rtevollon to his a «tanlntlll for more than M yifir memoiy nnij their juditrnKnl nf hi* - . v authorities said, relm-m-d li, hut one hoy suffer*,! i le K VO und.;clo.ii,,Hh.. ell efforts lo arrumte One pM wa. ^verely cut on the head, TI. wa* MM the l*si«- or 1* Scman* conlalti^d mnlter pollce en's clothing told her they had belonged to an aunt of his In Chicago who did nut thing Ihey said thpy lacked loiwnnt them any more, MM. Pcrrj' liei husbnnd with innider, \.nlt{ several of the nrtlclei here the Mi»n « Bl([»inl»it 'InUlalc "C. B, H." Mrs, llncketl, -widow of n member SiiHrildon that Ihe unidentified of the late President Roosevelt's per-jhody found near the Indian rescrva- nonnl secret service staff, was mnr-.tlon wny lhal of Mrs Hnchc't was rled In Chicago on June IS to George aroused when Chicago police, who »NK KI.K(:TlbN :ONTKST ( aninj»1 wmtton lute Woniby. » mmi, miwt d*«crvln(t, to (mpovtunn /IPJ '··'!'«' r.c« i · T«v« Hf**on* anybody to do hit m*mory a ilmpln CHAMPAIGN, Oct. T--John Hoi-, TWO iTOBonn for ihe aitiioelaUon'ii Justice. This belnK my wsnllment stoln, Burlington, la., and J, A. Ap- latest ar.tlon were'Blven. Th* rlm'nnd with i|u« «e»p*Ct to Ml lh«* !»· pieman Bellevltle, w*r* opponing,wan thai the Republican Stai* On-'volvfd In th» rw»Bt dlKcutniM), cnndldatBs Wednesday for e)Bc,lhn ,ir«l committee, In n»mlnK A ftommtl-.whiifh we rnnnot help tftll lake COB- to the pronliknny of ihe sophomore te* weetitly lo pnrUcltwilft In Iho fled-.nlwinr* of. onJ with no «il1d*m tt at ihe of ItlJnols. W. E. Perry, whom she had met through u newapnprr advertisement, Feiry- authnrltlc.1 nay, la a blRft- mlat. having been mart-led to Kath- erlne nchhait o f - Clevelnnd n few | e »ttoi). had been Informeil of thr discovery, Klsler, York, months before he was nisuTkil toiltnowft lo Idiirned f n 1111 Mrx, MlKH P*gpy t,. Vonnn;. New that lh« woman was mlsflnit, Perry'H wherealjoutM were tin- th* me'ixoHnl wlth-,inyb«dy, I mov* you (hut oil nctton nrrt«lnln|i to the dtdlriUoti of thn In a nio-,inon'unier,i to th« Tlii election will be held Friday, No In the nco|« of politic*. opposition developed toward Ihe ran-' The second wnn ftilvatl of T, W. Swoln. nen1on,nn.) lion inndc by Harry M. Di»»ifh«rly. lltrdlDK b« rm»lpon«l (or ibe itrw John I. Porter. Jr., prenidenl ot the ucnlur claaa Inr former ganml In Pr*»trtti)t «nt." iui IUTIHFI aiiiMpifij nwn*-**» m p »TMMM«PH T*»«, j an. I Harditiu'H cublnn who In ft mtmbtr DFiush*Mj' In dl«ciM»in)t hit mo"^ --- 1J "- ·----«----'« ·- ·"'-· Junior c1mn.p» respeetlvely. and the.y of in* munrimlon. me aulomaUcilly elected lo office. ' "A bclttwt dedlcHIOD," h« utt, lion Mid ihe dedication'wit) b« It,"In the couf*t ot time."

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