Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 15, 1941 · Page 26
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 26

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1941
Page 26
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Republic, Phbenix, Saturday Mnrning.Jebiruary 15. 1941 i . . _ •- — Aid To Knox Is Appointed WASHINGTON, Fob. 14—(AP) .^resident Roosevelt today named SRalph Austin Bard, a director of -the American Shipbuilding Com- ••pany and long-time friend of Frank Knox, navy secretary, to •foe assistant secretary of the navy, the post which the President himself filled during the last war. Tho White House announcement that the nomination of Bard, 56-year-old Chicago •' businessman and a Republican, » had been sent to the senate for - confirmation disclosed that ,: Lewis Oompton had resipned as .'-' assistant secretary January '•• 10. Gov. Charles Edison of New Jersey at once announced he would ask Compton to become New Jersey state finance commissioner. Compton, long an associate of Edison, was named to the navy post while Edison was secretary- Compton Has Been 111 Compton's resignation, the White House announced, was accepted yesterday and Bard's name was sent to the senate this morning. Compton has been ill with intes- •'tinal influenza and the White ^"House announcement said the President had wanted to wait until he had recovered. Bard's nomination came as a surprise to naval circles. In fact, few except intimate friends had known of Compton's resignation, although it had been' previously reported he might leave Washington to join Edison in the New Jersey state administration. i Post Left Unfilled i Today's nomination left unfilled j the post of assistant secretary of i navy for air, for which the navy ; asked a supplemental salary ap-; propriation Wednesday, and a sim- | ilar post in the-war department which army officials have recently urged be revived. Both assistant secretaryships for air"~liave" been vacant since 1933. Bard, president of the Warn Eversharp Pen Company and director of the Libby-Owens-Ford Glass Company, was born in Cleveland. After graduating from Princeton University he started in business as an investment securities salesman. He founded and was first head cf the Chicago bariWng firm of Bard and Company, and is a former president of the Chicago Investors Corporation. _^_^__—^—^-. i m-^^g^SJ .. i S5^^^^^^^^ Little Stories Of Phoenix Life Saturday Mornlnc, February 15 filet Year, No. 273 ftTBIJC Published Every .Mornlnc and Sunday Arizona Tubllshlnp Co. 112 North Central Avenm Phoenix, Arizona Subscription Rate* In Advance One One Three SU In Copy Mo. MOB. Mo*. Arizona * .05 $1.00 SZ.75 S6.M One One Three SI* One Out of Copy Mo. Mm. Mo«. JJjar Arizona * .10 *1.JS S3.50 $6.75 $13.00 Entered an m-cond cla»« matter »t the port office at Phoenix. Arizona, undef the act of March 3. 1871. , A HOLD ORDER on Charles O MUls 20 "ears old, and Wilbur H Venetta, 19, both of Texas, held here on a robbery charge, was placed with police Thursday by Chris P. Fox, El Paso, Tex., sheriff. Arrested in connection with a Phoenix liquor store holdup, the youths admitted taking about $25 'Inl robbery of Hugo's Beer Depot in El Paso Monday night, local i° f ScCE LOADINGS from the 'Salt River valley yesterday were jsix carloads, bringing "•- ""=' the total jshipped foTthe spring deal to 21 • " Three carloads of mixed THEFT of a billfold containing $90 and personal cards from the room of Arthur P. Harrington, tate tax commission employee, in i local hospital while he was out- ;ide smoking was reported to police yesterday. The billfold was taken Tom a bedstand, said Mr. Harring:on. , A PICKPOCKET took a wallet containing $6.50 from William Sanders, 14 years old, Holbrook, at carloads. ... vegetables also were shipped yes- tG FEES, fines and other receipts collected in January through the court of Harry Westfall, justice of the peace of the East Phoenix precinct, totaled $671.81, according to a report filed with the county board of supervisors. A '6-YEAR-OLD man was arrested by detectives late Thursday on suspicion of burglarizing the room of R. A. McDonald in a Second avenue hotel and stealing a yesterday, police were told. . leous articles of c Passenger Ship Service To End NEW YORK, Feb. 14— (AP)— The Morgan Line said today that its 100-year-old passenger ship service between New York and New Orleans would be discontinued this month because the line was unable to replace its 8,188-ton liner Dixie, sold to the navy last month. The line said no passenger ships of the type needed were available in the market. The firm will continue in the New York, Baltimore, Galveston, and Houston freight service with 12 freighters. Unofficial reports said the Dixie would be rebuilt into a hospital ship. The navy will take her over about March.3: • Your Income Tax T £ I E A C T OCCUPATIONS OF WOMEN CLERICAL End) jymbol repr«J«nti 300X100 women in 1930. SCIENCE SERVlCE-nCTOGIIAPrl CORPORATION 3-|j DETECTIVES were informed by m THE_^NDITION of James Lee A H Shumway, Mesa, that he lost $81 yesterday afternoon at First and Van Buren streets to two men who bet him he couldn't open a knife belonging to one of them. He couldn't, as the swindlers used a trick knife, the detectives deduced. STILL in critical condition in the Mesa Southside Hospital last night was Warren A. Wolf, 21 years old. route 2, box 99, Phoenix, injured in an automobile accident eight miles east of Mesa Thursday night. He was a passenger in a sedan driven by John A. Cooley, 29, Phoenix, when it overturned. Cooley also remained, in the Mesa hospital, less seriously injured. NO. 11 Gross Income, Net Income, And Surtax Net Income In computing a federal income tax, the taxpayer is confronted with the problem of ascertaining, (1) his gross income, (2) his net income, and (3) his surtax net income. The instructions which accompany the forms dearly and explicitly set out how this -is done. If, after reading them carefully, the taxpayer does not understand them, he should consult the nearest collector of internal jevenue. . Gross income, generally, is all income derived in any taxable year from any source whatever, unless specifically exempt, by law. In any usual business, the gfoss income of the. ; person operating -it consists of the gross profits on sales, plus any Income from investments and incidental or outside 'operations or his wil sources. The income tax return street, must show the exact condition of the business—gross sales, purchases, and the cost of the goods sold, and the inventories at the beginning and end of each taxable year. In the case of professional men— a lawyer, a physician, an architect, a surgeon, a dentist, a clergyman, a writer, or any other—the gross income must include all fees, salaries, and compensation of any kind received for professionad services. Amounts received from the Com- tnodity Credit Corporation shall, at •the option of the taxpayer, be considered as income and shall be in- Jjduded in the gross income for the ^taxable year" in which they were -received. If the option was exercised for any taxable year which began in 1939, it shall be adhered to with respect to all subsequent taxable years unless the commis- Isoner of intern:'. revenue approves a change to a different method. Net income is the gross incorm less the deductions allowed by law The long-continued and varying ex perience of the bureau of interna revenue show's that numerous er rors are made by taxpayers in thei: income tax returns due to thei: failure to understand clearly wha deductions from gross income am •what credits against net income ar< allowable. The taxpayer, in his own interest, is urged to read over th instructions on the forms until h understands them, before he makes ! out his return. Legal deductions in- j dude business and professional expenses, such as salaries, pensions, and bonuses to employees, taxes, losses, interest, bad debts, depreciation, depletion, contributions, and eimilar items definitely set out in the instructions. An earned income credit of 10 per cent of the earned net income, not in excess of 10 per cent of the net income, is allowed, in addition to the personal exemption and credit for dependents, if any for the purpose of computing the nor- THfll "tflX. Surtax net incom» is the balance "after deducting exemptions and ^u- Jl i s ,"" om tf ie net income. From this balance deduct the earned i™ come credit and other specified -.atems-on which the normal tax of Jour per cent i^ computed. Six Students Win Ratings Six students received excellent' or superior ratings in the third annual band and orchestral instrument contest held in the Phoenix Union High School!-Auditorium Thursday evening. Those who were adjudged winners in their respective classifications are Mary Adele Newcomer, piano; Willard Kirkharn, trombone; Bill Barclay, bass horn; Julia Raber, flute; Jay Dixon, cello; and Frieda Meunlet, violin. Other students who participated in the contest are Robert Garner, Charles Smith, Lynette Campbell, and Salome Ramras in the "piano classification; John Geary, trumpet; Paul Dawson, Ben Gay and R. L. McBee, trombone and baritone horn class; Aaron Martin, bass horn, and JuHus Ramos, violin. Medals will be presented to the .rst-place -winners at the Phoenix 'nion High School band and orchestra concert, which will be held the school auditorium March 7. Arrest Provides Poser For Law Robert William Girton, 28 years ild, colored, a Phoenix garage em- iloyee, was arrested yesterday on a letty theft charge and now county prosecutors can proceed to iron the kinks out of a legal poser. Girton, a resident of the St. Louis iotel,- Sixth and 'Jefferson streets, s charged in East Phoenix Precinct Justice Court with stealing a pair of eyeglasses valued at $20.75 from his wife, Janie, 309 West Lewis .reel. Arizona law. said Elbert R. Thurman, assistant 'county attorney, gives the husband sole authority to dispose of the community property, , and the question which must be decided is whether the glasses are community property. Defense Buying Policy Changed Thompson, 17-year-old Glendale boy critically injured in an automobile accident Thursday night, was reported improved last night in St. Joseph's Hospital. Thompson suffered head injuries, a broken left leg and arm when the car in which he was riding, driven by Everett Hawkins, 16, route 11, box 107, overturned on Dobbins road. FEES collected during last month in the office of Roger G. Laveen, county recorder, from the filing of instruments, totaled 53,858.20, according to a report on file with the county board of supervisors. APPOINTMENT of Harold L. Hughes to- the county assessor's staff, succeeding Cecil Thomas, resigned, has been approved by the county board of supervisors. ~,THE " ADVANCED swimming class will meet at the Young Men's j Christian Association pool at 3 o'clock this afternoon, Horace Tay' lor, "instructor, said yesterday. " j SUSPECTED =of trying to steal a jacket valued at $10.98 from thei J. C. Penney store, a 31-year-old! man was arrested yesterday afternoon by police. POLICE late Thursday arrested two men. 37 encl 26 years,old, who had in their possession 'a camera and a clock officers-believed;to be stolen. The men were trying to sell the articles. o Division Camp To Be Ready ABILENE, Tex, Feb. 14—(AP)— Camp Barkeley will be ready for the 45th Division on schedule, Maj. Richard E. Froiseth, constructing quartermaster, said tonight. "You can tell anyone who says anything to the contrary he's full of bologna," he said. Postponement Asked His statement followed a request by Representative Johnson of Oklahoma that movement of the troops be postponed because he said "adequate" facilities had not been constructed at the camp. Thomas S. Byrne, general manager for the contractors, Taylor, Byrne, and Briggs, joined the major in saying facilities of the camp will be ready on time. "Building construction will be completed within a week," said J. O. Taylor, general manager of this phase of the project. The contractors have designated four zones for "must" completion by February 23, date set for transfer of the first 1,500 troops from Fort Sill, "and they'll be ready," Byrne said. Other Schedules Set Other necessary zones have been ordered completed by February 28, WASHINGTON G ° Supervision of defense buying policy was centralized today under Donald M. Nelson, director of purchases, in a revision of procedure approved by the office of production management. Actual buying will continue to be done by the army and navy but Nelson was given authority to pass on all contracts over $500,000. William S. Knudsen, production director, exercised such authority heretofore and although Nelson was his director ol purchases it was contended by some officials that Nelson had had little actual power over the contracts. Before becoming a Sl-a-year man last year, Nelson was an executive of Sears, Roebuck and Company when 10,000" troops" of the "45th are to be moved here. Remaining zones are to be finished by March 7, date set for moving the remaining 5,000 soldiers from Fort Sill. The zone to be occupied by the service command regiment will be accepted tomorrow afternoon by the army. Major Froiseth will sign — j over the zone with Lt. Col. Charles . . M. Kemp, acting camp executive officer, accepting it for the army. o TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY , FOH HKNT: Clean '6-room unfurnished house. 926 East Garfield. LEAVING for Los Angeles Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Room for four. Phone 4-4823. Mr Mala. LOST — diamond wrist watch near or in Westward Ho. Initials y- R- A. Liberal reward. Call hotel. Such Is Life In Today's News Odd Slants Found 1 - By STAFF REPORTERS _ , Police were called to a North Central avenue address durinc the rodeo parade Thursday It seems that a highly patriotic individual was settinc a little rough removing the hats or men who forpot to when Old Glory was carried by. Significantly, the officers reported: "Unable to find him."— G.M. ALFALFA—WHEAT OATS—BARLEY 1920 W. Van Buren Ph. 4-4131 PIMPLES- andsimilarexternallycausedblemishfs... Help relieve them with madly medicated CUTICURA 50 "'"' OINTMENT AJ.DAYLESS YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER Prices Effective At All Bayless and Big Bear Stores Today February 15th LAUNDRY SOAP P & G or WHITE KING Giant 5 Mr Bars JLImlth 5 Bars With Other Mdie. BAYLESS STORE No. 1. .4th Ave. & \V. Van Buren BAYLESS STORE No. 2.. Central Avc. & Morcland BAYLESS STORE No. 3, 16th St. & Indian Sch. Rd. BAYLESS STORE No. 4...Seventh St. & McDowell BIG BEAR STORE No. 2 BAYLESS STORE No. 6..17th Ave. & W. Jefferson BAYLESS STORE No. 8..Grand Ave. at Six Points BAYLESS STORE No. 9...16th St. & E. McDowell BIG BEAR STORE No. 1. .1125 South Central Ave. 9th St. & E. Van Buren Fresh Ranch Eggs No. 1 Large AH White Doz. TOMATOES for ^***mc Limit 4 Can« With Purchase of Other Mdse. BANANAS ~ Val Vita— In Puree Large No. 2J4 Cans gL«Ja 3=£ Van Camp's Fancy Tender Shreds LarEe No. 2}4 Cans All Popular Brands At One Low Price • Hills Red • Maxwell House • Chase & Sanborn • Ben Hur • Del Monte • Breakfast Club otato Delicious Cooked With Potatoes 1-Lb. Cans SPINACH MUSTARD OVALTINE Chocolate or Plain PINEAPPLE JUICE I>el Monle Fancy Unsweetened No. 2 Size Cans 34c fclc "WKHoiioJK CORN MEAL Fancy Eastern White or Yellow 10-Lb. Sacks • 24-Lb. Sacks POTATOES Choice Quality Bassets Salad Dressing RINSO Rinso I»^'\ • i Soaks Clothes Shades Whiter Large Large Package (IJmlt 1 I'kc.) ler I WHITE KING GRANULATED SOAP Large Pkg. Giant Pk£. c 23 40 Sweet Wines Elba Brand Quality Wines Port, Sherrr, Muscatel. Tokay or While Tort. PCSTS QUARTS 24c 43c Flui Luxury Tax BAKERY GOODS FRESH PIES Delicious Home Made Pies All Varieties Each 20c DOUGHNUTS I9c Sweetheart Cake Delicious White Butter Cake—Baked by Barker Reg. 25o Value 22c SUGAR Fore Powdered or Brown Umlth I Packages—With Other Merchandise 1-Lb. Carton 5 BUTTER POPLAR GROVE Fresh Creamery Unilt 1 Lb. With Other Merchandise Lb. 301 CRACKERS Waldorf Fresh Crisp i. L b. Salted or Grahams rag. O O VALLEY Fancy Golden Solid Pack No. Cans 3*2* HOMINY VAL VITA Fancy Large No. 2}£ Tender Kernels. Cans *•• • ^ ^tfe ^ ^_ • ^ OLD TIMES No. 1 ^ JfcjJ Fruit Cocktail ss^crHM Tomato Juice PRINCE'S FANCY RICH RED 46-Oz. JIHCE Cans 15 SARDINES VAL VITA— No. 1 Packed in Tall Natural Oil Cans 4 PINTO RE ANS Fancy, Large Clean Beans.. LIrrrit 10 Lbs 10 Tomato Soup VAN CAMP'S. Cans Hams ARMOUR'S STAR or I WORRELL'S PRIDE A AI I Whole or MIM I Shank Half ... .Lb. mtt IBUTT <•••_ CENTER »n_ HALF, Lb. 49C Slices, Lb. 37V SLICED BACON Worrell's Palace Brand Lb. BEEF BRAINS Fresh Baby Beef—Serve with ERES, Lb. BOLOGNA Armour's Star Big Bologna. ..Lb. CHUCK ROAST Choice Tender Beef Pot I toast PORK CHOPS Choice Lean Tender Fork Chops PIG LIVER Fresh Slli-cd !3c UETVUfllDCT Armour's Star. Tally OC- ME I InUfidl Smoked "Urjt Lh. tOC SLICED BACON ^7 ur .".... u 3lc POT ROAST Kound Bone Rref Rna*t . 2fc RED FRYERS SS7~. 29C Lb. lie Prime Rib Roast Fresh Tender Rib Roast, Boned and Rolled Lb. SPARE RIBS Swift's Fresh ^ ^mjt \ Meaty Ribs Lb. | ^J RAISINS Val Vlta > '°- 2 ' A I flit Tender Green ............... Can* I Uv Fancy Sweet seedless • • Lbs. ASPARAGUS 225C MIL K Carnation or Mt. Vernon I1el Monte No. :'/i Sliced or Crushed ......... Can* CnilD Royal Gem Chicken No. 2 A I O<> •jUUr Noodle. SOUP .......... Tall Can* £ fur 136 SMALL NEW POTATOES ph " llp '£F9c PURE ECC NOODLES 'S.U. ....%£ RALSTON OATS 'L^ c 1 Kl :! re . d f 8 ^. I8c Pure Apple Cider S3^:..!r.'....SSr 49e Vegetable Juice Cocktail H " n ' ^ Oil CAB I'ure Cane or Bret OUtlHri In Clean Cotton Bag* if) llf Marlcopa Mired While 16-Oz. or Whole Wheat ......... . ....... Loaveft RED HEART DOG FOOD 16 Ounce Cans ', ; * C LIBBrS PEAS gr 2,or25C Sunshine Specials ( '°" d Quality t-Tle Brooms For Family r»e .............. Each MARSHMALLOWS ££ SfiZ?....^ I0c TOMATO CATSUP M< "* e RI ° u Ol Brand Bottles ' Graham Crackers Sunshine, with Added Vitamins and Minerals. 1-Lb. Pkg. «»•»»»••— 17' PEAS %r^™^2< ar 23c • Krispy Crackers !5c Pancake Flour %£* ,J££ 19c APRlnQTC Wood's Cross Fancy Edgemont Utah Grown—Sweet Syrup Cans I Hyde Park Cookies tkl. RED BEANS Val v "» T """ r Plump Bea IOC QUALITY CANNED VEGETABLES GREEN BEANS DICED CARROTS*» 1* C.* SUGAR CORN SLICED BEETS <% For Z"% JUNE PEAS YOUR CHOICE—No. 2 Cans«^ ^ 9^

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