Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 10, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVEKCITG GAZETTE: TUESDAY, JAOTTARY 10 1888. BARGAINS! Cloaks, Shawls, Evening- Gazette, TH» KVHTTINO OXZKTTH can tie had ot s,H Ilio n«w*Btsp<U. Price TWO OBHTS. TUESDAY, JAN. 10, 1888. BREVITIES. It is Leap Year. YOITXW I-ADIFS ARK TIIK E8- COIITH AS-D YOIJX6 GRNTJbK- MK\ BF.t.'OME HODKWT A!VI> RKTIRINU. Dress Goods, Blankets, Bed Comfortables, Knit Underwear, Toboggan Caps, Leggins, Hosiery, .Stl Gloves, Mitten { — lloga are worth from $4.75 to 95.29. —Chronological: To-day ia the anniversary of the battle of Middle Creek, Kentucky. — T. K. King, of Round Grove, yesterday put up 110 loada of Ice for use of his creamery. — Mr. E. E. Manning has been transferred from Franklin Grove as station agent at the latter place. —Austin and Co., of Round Grove ( shipped three car loads of cattle and one of hogs, last night. —The high wind makes the cold more keen than It has been of late and those having business outdoors moved In a hurry. — There. were present at the G. A. R. and S. of V. installation last night a number of Sons of Veterans from Dixon and other places. —The First Baptist church society held their annual meeting last night, at which officers were elected and other business was transacted. —Mr. F. G. Mason and wife and Mrs". W. H. Hoofstltler left for Sublette to attend the fortieth wedding anniversary of Elder Mason and wife. —AH the committees on the upper dam should be at work and get in all the subscriptions possible by tomorrow night. The meeting should be a regular rouser and all the remainder of the stock be subscribed at that time. Strike, while the iron's hot! —Complaint: That the cutting of Ice on the east side of the bridge interferes with the driveway across the Ice and that If some party were to drive over by night he might be in danger of losing team and life. This complaint comes from several different parties. — Mr. W. A. Fowler, formerly agent for the Northwestern railroad at Geneva, Is here and will succeed Mr. George E. Rogers, resigned, as station agent here. Three traveling auditors, A. D. Dyer, J. C. Card and \V. P. Little, are here also, and the work of transfer is now going on. —Parties at_ Sterling having items for Insertion and sending them by mail, will please see that they drop their letters early in the day. It frequently happens that they do not mall them in time for the carrier to reach us until after his 4!04 delivery and thus, of course, they are too late for that day. We received a notice a; 4:30 yesterday alternoon asking us to make mention in yesterday's GAZETTE of the dancing school tonight (Tuesday) and also to state that the class would meet every Tuesday hereafter; the afternoon class at 4:00 o'clock and the evening class at 7:45 o'clock. This explains the non-appearance of the notice in yesterday's paper; we did not get the letter until after the paper was off. —In the case of Mrs. Merrill against the city of Sterling for damages alleged to have been sustained some three years since by a fall on one of the sidewalks of our city, the appellate court on Saturday sustained the decision of the lower court, and it now looksjas though the city would have to pay. We suppose it might be carried to the Supreme court, but the matter of doing so Is of doubtful expediency. Defeated in both courts, there .would seem to be but little show of getting a reversed of the verdict already against the city, and it would but serve to add to expenses that are already very large. We are not Informed as to the precise amount, but with costs of all kinds the amount to be paid Is consid- A |Vet y Notabte and Brilliant Ir Year Party In Blasonle Temple A number of our -young society people were on the qui vive of expectancy during the past fortnight, in view of the young ladies leap year party to take place in Masonic Temple last night. It is DOT over and reviewing it, we can safely say It was one of the best managed, brilliant and delightful parties which ever took place at Sterling, It was planned and executed by the young ladies alone. Their work is highly creditable to them. They set the young gentlemen most commendable example of gentle ' courtesy. They not only called for them and returned home with them after the party closed, but all through the evening, did but a fan or a handkerchief drop from the timid hand of a gentlemen, a young lady was promptly at hand to pick it up and return it to its owner with a pleasant smile and easy grace- At the supper table, they ignored self and were careful to have the young gentlemen served with the choicest of the viands. They were all ease, grace, courtesy and refinement Those ladles present and the gentle- men'they escorted are as follows: Mrs. and Mr. Ed. Underwood, Mrs. afad Mr. L. E. Brookfleld, Mrs. and Mr. B. C. Cook, Miss LI Kilgour and Mr, Will McCloy, Miss Bertie Palmer and Mr. E. V. Crumb, Mrs. Minne Marshall and Mr. W. A. McCune.Miss Helen Sheetz and Mr. John Lawrle, Miss Jennie Hodges and Mr. Ed. McPherran, Miss Florence Penningtou and Mr. T. P. Bowman, Miss Ella Spencer and Mr. Charles Clark, Miss Cbra Burdick and Mr. Ward Cook, Miss Jo Crawford and Mr. Arch Brock, ;Mrs. E. W. Blossom and Mr. E. W. Blossom, Miss Mabel Ladd and Mr. Roy Wilson, Mrs. Will McCune and Mr. Charles Hubbard, Miss Minnie Ball and Mr. Bert Crawford, Miss Winifred- King and Mr. Frank Tracy, Mrs. C. L. Sheldon and Mr. C. L. Sheldon, Miss Belle Hubbard and Mr. Ap. Lewis, Miss Annie Wadelton and Mr. A. D. Richardson, Miss Mame Sampson and Mr. Charles Hull, Miss Sue Kilgour and Mr. Ed. Houser, Miss Georgia Garrett and Mr. Charles Windom. Mrs. James A. McCune and Mrs. Charlie Gray and Mr. James A. McCune, Miss Grace Richards and Mr. Jas. F. Criswell. Miss Mabel Norwood and Mr. F. Coe, Miss Amanda Spies and Mr. H. Howe, Mrs. II. U Anning and Mr. 11. B. Anning, Miss Frankie Ross and Miss Galloway and Dr. L. E. Allen, Miss Nellie Osiner and Mr. Sidney Osmer. Miss Hattie Huboard andMr. T. S.McKlnney, Mrs. Thos. S. Beach and Mr. Jacob M. Martin. The foregoing are from Sterling. The following were present from Morrison: Miss Carrie Webster and Mr. Harris, Miss Jessie Snyder and Mr. Bert Blng- ham, Miss Kittle Jackson and Mr. Ed. J. Smith, Miss Ivy Green and Mr. Spen cer Ely, Miss May Taylor. and Mr. John Sanborn. Miss Bertha Farrlngton and Mr. Herbert Anning, of Chicago, Miss Emnla'^North and Mr. Harry Slmonson. The dancing began at 0 o'clock wit h a grand march, Miss Belle Hubbard and Mr. As. Lewis leading. From that time onward until 2 o'clock, with an Interval of an hour for supper, dancing was kept ur/unremittingly and enjoyably. The Temple auditorium Is large and the ceiling high. In the galleries were quite a sprinkling of ladies and gentlemen looking down upon the elegant scene. The ladies were were elaborate, the hall was beautifully decorated, the music was exceptionally good, the supper was elegant and elfgantly served, tho gontlemen were all well dresBPd, every one was in excellent humor, and so entirely successful was it that It will afford theme for conversation for along, long time to come. When in want of muslins, sheeting, ghirtlng and ticking go to J. Lendman's Store, as he received a nice lot of them and sells them very cheap, also received a new lot of handkerchiefs and yarns at equally low prices. d78-w2 Notice Is hereby given that a meeting of the shareholders of the First National b»nk of Sterling will be held at the office nf said bank on Tuesday the loth day of Jnrmary ntxt at 2 o'clock p. m. for the purpose of electing a board of Directors for the ensuing year and transacting such other business as may properly come before them. 78 W. A. SANBORN. Cashier. See the new ad of N. Carpenter & Co. tf Thirty-five cents for twenty-five pounds of Pancake flour at the Sterling Mill Co. tf Let as Hav« Peace. Let us hear no more about annexing Canada or Mexico. We are too large now; extending from ocean to ocean and from 40 degrees below to 80 above at the same moment; from North Da- kato to Florida, and from the White bear to the alligator. Some say annex Rock Falls. What would we gain V Another faction to harmonize. We are now more than two miles in length, and have hard work to harmonize the extremes. I would not give a dam for all these annexations. Let us look well to what we have, and build the dam, and we shall be a growing and a happy people. C. [The editor of the GAZETTE has not heard any proposition to "annex" Rock Falls. All the people of Sterling he has talked with are of the opinion that that Is a matter that belongs to Rdck Falls. Sterling is in must amiableymood; there is not the slightest feeling in any quarters of the city, but we are a solidly united whole; also In entire harmony and amity with our Rock Falls neighbors, and with no thought, purpose or plan of annexation. "C" must have been sticking pretty close at home for a long, long time, or he would not have written the foregoing. We don't want any annexation of Canada or Mexico: nor do we want Rock Falls annexed until she wishes to be; but we do want the dam. And as far as we can learn sentiment here at Sterling, we express it in these words: Entire harmony among all our people; progress and development] Any one who Is affected with Tetter, Salt Rheum or any Itching or smarting skin disease sbunld try Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment. They will certainly never regret it. It Is guaranteed to give satisfaction if sold by Strlckler & Boorse. tf' Wheat flour for pancakes at Just one quarter the price of -Buckwheat at the Sterling Mill Co. tf Dam Meeting at Rock Falls. Citizens of Sterling and Rock Falls are requested to meet at the Mitten Factory school house at 7 o'clock to hear reports of committees and further arrange for the proposed new dam project, tf The Tax Books for Sterling township are now open in the Sterling National Bank. W. A. CONNELLY, dwtf TAX COLLECTOR. The "C. H. S." is the" finest 10 cent cigar on the market. The "Velvet" and 97 for a 0 cent smoke can't be beat First class dealers, C. H. Seloff, manufacturer, tf A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Giddlngs & Co's. Also they do fine watch repairing, tf THE WILD -AT- WIH Rlwar* Ftnrt the Choicest Slrand* of WAVES PEOPLE'S COLUMN. BTWe will ln»ert thre« lines In this col--"«g umn one time (or 10 eentii, or lor 40 cents s week. Kacli additional line will be IS cents a single Insertion, or IB cents ft week. BKKT. M Y residenco No 1106, Second avenue. J.I . F. Winters. Mr*. 83* ft EHIDENCK or E. W. Edson and the store room undur Farwell Hall. McOune. Apply to J. A. D WELLING house, corner 6th Are. and 4th St. Apply to Mrs. M. H. Krelder. U D ONT sleep out of doors when you can get a comfortable house for from six ' dollars per month, of F. 11. Hubbard. to seven U O FFICES for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. B. Bell & Bon. tl ARE SATING, AND XIS CIGARS TOBACCOS ^L*Z* JNO. P. LAWRIE'S I am Prepared to Farms, City Property v Personal Property an Stocksof goods For ether Property/ IT IN FOB MALE. A CHANCE to make money. J. A. Bartlett offers one or both of bis billiard parlors fnr sale at a bargain. tf I OFFER for sale my entire atock of goods, with Us gooil will, on reasonable terms. O. A. Sheets, successor to Martin & Klntile. U Sterling, Ills., Dec. 17,1881. G OOD light bob-sled «nd a democrat wagon. Enquire at tills office • tf A LE Brewery and fixtures for sale. George E. Rogers, Sterling, Ills. Address, tf "Michael Strogoff" with its wealth of beautiful scenery and elegant costumes at the Academy of Music on Saturday evening, Jan. 14. 78 For anything you need in dry goods, fancy goods, laces, ambrolderies, etc. the very best place to go to is the Boston Store. 78 FOR BENT.—A fine farm and dairy stock with established (20 years) milk route. To a No. 1 farmer with plenty of help,.here ia a grand opening. Address A, G. JUDD, wtf Dixon, 111. The Boston Store has a fine line of goods for sale. Its motto is: The best in quality, the cheapest in price. 78 James M. Fitzgerald's Restaurant. Meals at all hours; oysters in every style. Prices very reasonable. Under Keef er's drug store, corner 3rd and Locust streets, tf N'otice of Stockholder's Meeting. T HE ANNUAL MEETING of the stockholders of the Wlll'ams &Orton Manufacturing Company, will beheld at the company's ofllce at two o'clock p. m., on the SEVENTEENTH DAY OF JANUARY, 1888. for tho purpose of electing a Board of Directors for the enduing year, and forauch other business as may properly come before said meeting. JOHN CHARTER, President O. M. ROBINSON, Secretary. tth YOUR HAT, SIbTER, THAT «EO. W. BOOM 8, ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Office open erenlngs. /Come Down After H»j»-\ per and Mlt byttte Open tJrate and let ns Talk Bnalneao. COCHRAN SELLS THE BESlMHGrARS —FOB THE— LEAST MONEY dol- Corsets, > Bustles, Jt' Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, And many other Goods to be sold very CHEAP FOR Ci$B To reduce stock before invoicing. &ALL, AVD SEE. erably upwards of two thousand lars. i —We have resumed our work upon the "Recollections of. Sterling." Will those who have any data of whatever kind,— circulars, pamphlets, local papers, letters or aught else connected with the history of Sterling from its first settlement up to and including the year 1801 kindly furbish us the same? We will take good care of them and return to their owners. Also, will any of the older inhabitants (who came prior to 1845) who will be willing to be interviewed by us send us their address on a postal card? Through no fault of ours the publcation of these' Recollections or Reminiscences was postponed after the second article. We shall resume their publication only after we shall have a considerable part of the work done, in order that there may not be again any suspension. This is purely a labor of love on our part and we do trust that all who can will assist us in perpetuating the tames of those who were pioneers in this western country and whose privations and whose labors entitle them to the reward of being remembered by this generation. ~ — At a meeting of stockholders of. the Sterling National Bank this morning, the following directors were elected, J. R. Bell, C. M. Russell, Bi-C. Church, A. A. Wolfersperfrer, Adam Smith and Johh Lawrence, all reelected, except Mr. Church. The directors met at 2 o'clock this afternoon and reelected Mr. J. R. Bell president, John H. Lawrence cashier and E. G. Church teller. Mr. M. G. Hoover was retained as book-keeper. The report showed the bank to be in excellent condition, a surplus on hand and money to loan. Mr. Bell and Mr. Lawrence are prominent business men of our city, each engaged one in merchandise and the other In manufacturing. Mr. Bell has been president since the death of Mr. B. C. Church and Mr. Lawrence suc- £eeded Mr. Re«d ia I860 as cashier. Mr. Church It son of the former president, a young man of decided buaiaeaa ability, Mr, Hoover U tha aoa of ft pro diluent foraer of tiUuiiog township *iid » rery exaeitoot young OUUL , dressed elegantly; many of them merit Dam Meeting Wednesday Night. The citizens of Sterling and Rock Falls will meet at the Council Booms at 7 o'clock on Wednesday .evening t.i hear reports from canvassing committee and if the money is all\subscribed take further action in the matter, tf Jfotwithstanding Tkeir -\ (Rousing Holiday Trade Have Still All Grate of AT LOWEST RATES. especial and particular mention. There were gathered youth, beauty, elegance, • with strong and hopeful manhood; and couples Jmoved in rhymthic grace to the excellent music furnished by the Dixon orchestra. The fair hands and ready skill of the ladles had decorated the hull most beautifully, with flags,Chinese lanterns, handpainted screens and other adornments. What with the surroundings, the galaxy of beauty among the ladies and perfectness of manly strength among the men, it was a scene long to be remembered by those looking on as well as those participating. Supper was served in an adjoining room and was given under the auspices of Grace Episcopal church guild, who, by the verdict of all we have seen, furnished the most elegant supper they have yet provided, and this is highest possible compliment, because these ladles always give splendid suppers. At the sapper table the gentlemen who had previously been supplied with button-hole bouquets by the ladies, were made the recipients of satin mittens, George W. Clark took charge of the gentleman's wrappings and did his part right royally »nd well. The several committees having the party in charge, are as follows: Floor managers: Mrs. Jas. A. McCune and* Misses Ella Spencer, Belle Hubbard, Jo. Crawford and Mrs. H. B. Anning. Reception committee: Miss Florence Pennlngton, Sue Kilgour, Hattie Hubhard, Bertie Palmer and Minnie Ball. Arrangements committee: Mrs. E. W. Blossom, and Misses LI Kilgour and Grace Richards. The ladles wore neatly printed mottoes. When a gentleman accorded them permission to Jdance, they deftly turned it so it read "thanks awfully!" When the dance was over and they were escorted to their seats, the ladies before leaving them, turned the ob- verso side, which read, "Excuse me a moment" Thus were they economical o( words. It wa» a raoit successful party throughout. The toilette* of the John A Watson, the broom maker, being unable to deliver brooms to his old customers at present, wishes to inform them and the public generally, that a full stock of his brooms can be found at Beed & Son's Feed store on Second avenue. • . 83* FOR SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! Fair Assortment of Dr. I. Rader, of. Fulton, Kan., says: "I have been practicing medicine for 47 years. Many times I have prescribed Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy and do not believe it has an equal in the market.'. It is a certain cure for coughs, co'lds and hoarseness. It is a splendid expectorant. It contains no opium, chloroform or any injurious substance. 60 cents per bottle. Bold by Strlckler & Boorse. tf A conflict for possession. When your system becomes disordered do not let disease take possession. Take St. Patrick's Pills at once: They act promptly, cure costiveness and bilious disorders. They ward off disease and tone up the whole system. Strickler & Boorse. tf ~~ GUTLER-Y, CUTLER-Y, HARDWARE & STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Elsie's Merchant Tailoring establishment. Lewis D, Wynn, OUT RA.TBS i -ON(Pianos and Organs !! UNTIL AFTER THE CLOAKS & MUFFS STAPLE i FAJtCY <D<RY GOODS At their Usual (Reasonable ^Prices. This is good advice and we charge nothing for it. Perhaps yon may wish to know how to do so, and it is easy for me to tell yon. The first move to^mako is to buy your goods/)! THE GROCERY Yon will then know that you are getting them at the lowest possible figure. Those who have traded with us in the past know this well, and we want others to know it We are selling just now a first-class HOLIDA.YS- Coming in massive grandeur, the most interesting of all spectacular dramas, "Michael Stragoff" with all the accessories, pleasing ballets and marches, beautiful scenic effects, at the Academy of Music on Sat, Jan. 14th. 78 Wheat flour for pancakes at 81.25 per mndred pounds. Sterling Mill Co tf Bl«Htocli; The nicest, styles of dress Store. choicest goods at and latest the Boston 78Q To Trade. A well improved farm in Whlteside Co. of 140 acres to trade for Neb.—or Kansas lands. Strike quick if you want it, it Is desirable. tf F, B. HTTBBABD. A 50 cent bottle of Dr. Blgelow'a Positive Cure will promptly and tbor ougbly cure the worst ease of reccu cough, cold or throat or lung trouble, the dollar buttle for otxrooio o»*«6 take. For **la by O. A. Ottw. Mo«t Favorable Tern*. WEBNTZ CO., (GaltfHouge Block,) WEIGHT & WILLIAMS, Jobbing and BepalrlBjc Pranptljr Attended to. Come one, come all. This rockshallflea From its firm base As soon as we. : At a lower figure than th«y wore ever sold before, and they are go- i g off fast This is rather anew departure for ns, bu' v always intend to keep np with -o demands and requirements of r •: customers. In adding this new!"--irewehave not neglected, nor dr vo mtend to, any other part of our i ryinesa. We are selling groceries of all kinds a LITTLE LOWER Than they can be had elsewhere. We can and do do this, and the why and wherefore of this is that we buy many of our goods directly from first hands thus saving the trofit made by the jobber. Dealers lu Lead and Wrought Iron Pipe, Wood and Iron Pumps, of all kind. Hose, racking, Steam and Water Ouages, Valves, Fittings, olOam tuiu W Hfcor uungcs, VIUTUD, riftviuga, Sewer ripe, &o. Estimates made on rluoiGlug.Bteam&Gas Jobs Mr. B,F. WILLIAMS. Formerly wttli Wm. MoCunn 6s Co.. attends U) wood &ud Lrou pump Kttiug aud repairing. Mr. E. M. WRIGHT, Formerly with the Sterling Water Co., Hire* bit i^rsou&r aUeullau to all plujablag, ttwua aod (U COUU-jC-U. Ol'B TULMf PALACK Is complete *tiu the UOtat Jejluns In Haoglnj. Sued and Br*cl.i't I-aiupa. Buru<*rt, (%UoiM]n>, Sm. rrtoua ',o suit the UIBM. Cjlll uui too our Ultie Oltut l-aiui> »u4 Kunka H<J»tr Vain. All work wurmuunt. Vutvr order* nuilcited, - • - UiUi K*«M W*«k. THE URLY BIRD KATGHES THE WUBM. TRY THE BEE HIVE Aud 36& if what is said is not absolutely correct. doa't for- et, we want to peE you all a BOB SLED. BEE HIVE GROCERY, I

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