Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 26, 2000 · Page 12
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 12

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 2000
Page 12
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12—WEDNESDAY, JAN. 26, 2000 THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Time out Mother turns house into pigsty Dear Ann Landers: I'm an adult female who likes things neat and organized. My mother, on the other hand, is a pack rat and a terrible housekeeper. She has always been this way, and although I ignored it when I was growing up, I am less tolerant now. I don't care what my mother does in her own home, but when she comes to visit me, I resent the way she turns my place into a , pigsty. She puts dirty dishes back in the cupboards, leaves half- empty soda cans all over the place, stashes newspapers behind the sofa, and leaves her clothes on the floor or draped around chairs. My polite requests and desperate pleas to "neaten up" are ignored. She says I'm a clean freak, and to "lay off." Am I unreasonable? Should I allow my mother to behave any way she pleases when she visits and keep my mouth shut? -• Too Neat in Virginia? Dear Virginia: It appears that your mother is a bit of a slob, and I'm sorry about that, but I know of no way to retrain a mother. Accept her the way she is, because she is not going to change. One of these days, you would give a lot to see your mother's clothes draped over the chairs and newspapers behind the sofa, and you'll be glad you didn't make a big deal out of it. Trust me. Dear Ann Landers: I am a 78-year-old man who needs your advice about my daughters and sisters. I lost my only son to ill. ness three years ago, and five months after that, my wife of 50 ANN LANDERS years die.d of cancer. I was devastated, and it took me a long time to start functioning again. In the past year, I have managed to get out a bit with my daughters, but it does not fill the emptiness inside. I want someone to love and cuddle, laugh and spend the rest of my days with. I miss the company and intimacy of having a female companion. A few months ago, I began to take out a lovely woman, and that is when the trouble began. My sisters and daughters don't approve of my dating, and they do not care for the woman I am seeing. One daughter said it is a poor reflection on her mother's memory, and that I should not be dating anyone. My children and sisters invite me to parties, but they don't want me to bring anyone. I do not enjoy going alone. Also, I suffered a heart attack and underwent bypass surgery not long ago, and would prefer to have someone with me instead of being by myself. It makes me feel more secure. Please give me some advice. -- Longtime Read- CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Mimi Rogers, Troy Donahue, Donna Reed, Bridget Fonda, Tracy Lawrence, Chris Collinsworth, Frank Augustyn JAN. 27,2000 Happy Birthday: You will take the road less traveled this year, and that may cause some concern for family members. You need to follow your own direction and not allow others to talk you into living your life according to their agenda. This is a period in your life where you must stand up for yourself and satisfy your .needs. Your numbers: 6, 17, 25, 27; 34,46 ARIES (March 21-April 19): Romance is evident. Partnerships will make you happy. Your outgoing nature will contribute to your .popularity. You can help others 'an^ receive rewards for your good actions. 3 stars ; TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Watch out for someone who may 'be a little underhanded. You may want to spend some additional time with children. They will ;need extra help. Your creative •abilities will be in a high cycle. 3 !stars • -GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Don't even think about getting involved in financial schemes. You are not likely to make smart purchases today. If you must shop, look but don't buy. 5 stars CANCER (June 21-July 22): You will have personal problems if you are ignoring complaints made by loved ones. You must learn to let others be who they are. Let go of the past. Your fear of change may be your demise. 2 stars LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You should be aware of deception by business acquaintances. Use your charm and intelligence, but don't sign documents just yet. Correspondence will not clear up issues. 4 stars VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You can make extra cash through home product sales or mail order. Don't put too much cash into the project to begin with. Let it grow slowly. Your business sense will be acute. 3 stars LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Look after your own affairs first. Get out and buy yourself those things that are sure to improve your image. You need a change, and any personal alterations you make will be favorable today. Don't overreact to disruptions in your domestic scene. 3 stars SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Moneymaking ideas will be more than valid. Look into the red tape involved in taking such ventures to fruition. Sudden travel may be necessary. It is best to keep your ideas to yourself. 3 stars SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): Business opportunities will develop through the new contacts you make. You can get help from those who can make a difference. Changes regarding your income are likely. 4 stars CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You may as well forget trying to deal with emotional matters. You will not be able to reason with your loved ones. You can make financial gains if you focus on business interests. 2 stars AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Consider traveling to countries that spark your interest from a cultural or philosophic point of view. Deal with relatives and in- laws who may have wrong perceptions. 5 stars PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Redecorating or purchases made for your home will pay off. Help those incapable of taking care of their own financial and personal affairs. Rewards for past good deeds will be yours. 3 stars Need advice? Check out Eugenia's Web sites at,, « Birthday Baby: You are smart, outgoing and know exactly what it takes to become successful. You >ill help many people achieve their goals throughout your life, and for this you will be praised and rec- •ognized for your contributions. Did you know? BY LM. BOYD ' f The rainy day dieters ', .• The dieter who plans to keep a food diary 'might do well to write a daily item about the -weather. So suggests a weight clinic expert. Those >to keep such journals, says this specialist, have 'learned they eat much more on rainy days. ; • Once there were kangaroos as tall as giraffes. ' How far they could jump I do not know. ! Q. Who was the "Crow" alluded to in "Old \ Crow" whiskey? ' "A. All I know is Dr. James C. Crow, a Scottish 'crjemist and physician, accidentally found the for' mula for sour mash whiskey around 1835 when he ,'adjded leftover mash to a new batch. If he's not the ' honoree, it must be the bird. • ', • It was the original Henry Ford who said, "Get- 1 ting ready is the secret of success." " .'MADRID • ; • Some think a national capital ought to lie at the • geographic center of its nation, but insofar as I ) krjow, Spain's Madrid is about the only one that so • qualifies. ' Q. Where'd Mexico get that name? ; A. From the name of the Aztec war god ' "Mexitili." Curious how so many peoples have had war gods. They far outnumber peace gods, must say. • The modern Hebrew dialect spoken by Israelis is not a precise revival of an ancient language. It's only about 100 years old. Q. Among the larger animals on earth, which are the most numerous? A. Humans, as previously reported. And they're getting numerouser. TUNING INSTRUMENTS Q. Why don't symphony musicians tune their instruments before they get to the concert hail so we don't have to listen to all that squeaking and squawking? A. A musical instrument tuned for one hall may not be tuned for another, they say. For example, an ordinary "A" becomes an "A Sharp" in the Vienna State Opera House. Q. About those birds that lay eggs on cliff ledges ... Did you ever find out why the eggs never fall off the ledges? A. Indeed. Eggs of ledge layers are pointed on one end. They roll in tight little circles. • That sweet variety of blackberry called the Marionberry is grown only in Oregon. (c) Crown Syndicate, Inc., 2000 Newsday Crossword IN DEW TIME by Bob Lubbers Edited by Stanley Newman er in San Diego Dear Longtime Reader: At age 78, you have earned the right to march to your own drummer. If you enjoy dating, go ahead and do it. Your children and sisters need not be consulted, nor do you need their approval. If your relatives continue to voice their disapproval, tell them to write to me, and I will set them straight. Dear Ann Landers: I am in the military, stationed in Italy, and I read your column in Stars and Stripes. It is expensive in Italy to have a standard telephone, so a great many Italians own cell phones. The law here says you cannot make or receive calls while driving a car. When I work with the Italians on force protection, I occasionally see them raise a finger at an offending motorist. The driver immediately puts his or her phone away. It's time other countries adopted this sensible approach. - -H.C., Airborne, Italy Dear H.C.: Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, in America, when a motorist raises a finger, it's often another finger with a different message. We could learn some civility from our Italian friends. When planning a wedding, who pays for what? Who stands where? "The Ann Landers Guide for Brides" has all the answers. Send a self-addressed, long, business-size envelope and a check or money order for $3.75 (this includes postage and handling) to: Brides, do Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11562, Chicago, III. 60611-0562. ACROSS 1 Sustenance Stake rudely 9 Settee 13 Road divisions 15 majesty (high crime) 16 Ruthless ruler 17 Where _ (trendy place) 18 Grub 19 Yours and mine 20 Rynn film of'38 23 Actress Stella 24 Aches and pains 26 Profit 27 Temperature scale 30 The chills 33 Swipe 35 Churchill gesture 38 Frankie Carle's theme 40 Rapscallion 41 Actress Phoebe 42 Rare avis 43 Soup servers 45 Part ol USNA 47 Land of the Incas 48 Vie 52 Maxfield Parrish work 56 Autumn pear 58 More of Italy 59 Radical Hoffman 60 Drive the getaway car 61 Napoli notes 62 Tennis star Monica 63 Jar tops 64 More or _ 65 Scarlet and ruby DOWN 1 Dart about 2 Pledges 3 Beginning 4 Numbing agent 5 Senator in space 6 Gathers In 7 The Charles' terrier 8 First-rate 9 Saloon seats 10 Weissmuller costar 11 Way off 12 gratia arils 14 Barrel piece 21 Moist 22 Lunar valley 25 "Blue _ Shoes" 27 Average 38 Andreas fault 39 When most Scorpios were bom 44 Builds 45 Compass dir. 46 Razor brands 48 Nautical offs. 49 Symphonic •A f 28 Knack for music 29 Soothsayer 30 were 31 Spoil 32 Wrinkled 33 Match parts 34 Mao -tung 37 Get slippery 50 Aristocratic 51 Dehydrated 53 Lofty 54 Writer Wlesel 55 Famous loch 56 Dance, in France 57 Japanese sash Answer to previous puzzt*' EHQH nranun anno nanno rararaamna nnmra auaa 0naa utn aaa 0nnQ ona DHO taanrj CREATORS SYNDICATE O 2000 STANLEY NEWMAN 1/26/00 ^» arjQ3 nano EHCIB QGEin 1/26/00 Young male viewers in demand at network ByTlMRILEY For the Journal There is little doubt that UPN is still struggling to gain its foothold on the television landscape. When the network found itself on the ropes at the start of last fall's season, it turned to wrestling in a big way. Who would have guessed that the theatrics of "WWF Smack- down!" would be the critical ingredient to save a network from oblivion? Why is this wrestling a big deal? Because UPN chief Dean Valentine 'realizes -that; "alternative programming that appeals to young male viewers'' is the direction for the network. And what's coming up soon from UPN will build on that focus. A case in point, in case you missed it, is the recent debut of "I DARE YOU! The Ultimate Challenge," a show that has no real purpose other than to pump adrenaline. This testosterone- fueled show engages the world's foremost stunt people and professional daredevils in a challenge to push the outside of the envelope and go beyond any feat they have ever tried. Considering that color commentary is provided by Evel Knievel, it is only fitting that one of the stunts to be attempted by Bubba Blackwell is to try to best Knievel's own world record by leaping over 15 buses. In a stunt called "Lake of Fire" a daredevil will ski board across the flaming surface of a football field size pool covered with a flammable liquid. Week after week should bnng amazing stunts that would be the undoing of us mere mor- tals. Late February brings "The Great Monster Truck Race." Twelve high-tech monster trucks and their outrageous drivers will compete nose-to-nose (or is that grill-to-grill?) on the most dramatic obstacle course ever designed. Evidently, the intensely competitive drivers of these enormous, heavyweight trucks will race through terrain of mud, grass, sand and water. UPN boasts that they are going to capture the growing fan base of mil- lions'who attend' professional-' monster truck racing. , A Not only will UPN pursue new storylines as Triple H and his new wife Stephanie reign strong on "WWF Smackdown!," but the superstar athletes of wrestling will make special appearances outside the ring. Tag Team Champion Hardcore Holly stars as one of an elite military team subjected to a bizarre scientific experiment designed to turn them into superhuman fighting machines, in "Operation Sandman." The Rock guest stars as a Pendari alien fighter forced to fight, gladiator-style, Jeri Ryan's Seven of Nine for the amusement of alien warriors in an episode of "Star Trek: Voyager." WWF Champion Triple H guest stars not surprisingly as an action superstar who's filming a movie at the local hangout called the Daily Mug in an episode of "Grown Ups." February is a busy month for all these WWF stars because that's when you get to see them outside their usual venue. Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana are the creative forces behind the gritty, hard-edged prison drama "Oz," which is §o graphic that it has to be shown en HBO. Levinson and Fontana have teamed up for a one hour police drama series, "The Beat," which focuses on the lives of two you'ftg New York cops, trying to keep the streets peaceful by day and their lives normal by night It's a show that looks for some of the odd crimes, such as a Rastafarian who holds up traffic /.while he chats..wth. th.e spirit of > Bob Marley. On >"The Beat," the police job is not as unsettling |s romances and relationships. Mark Ruffalo plays Zane, who "blew through his 20's wearing a party hat," and shows no signs of being a career-minded high achiever. Meanwhile, his partner, Mik'e (Derek Cecil), tends to be an ambitious, by-the-book cop with a sensitive nature and a worried mind. "The Beat" doesn't play like a traditional cop show, sinqe it is more interested in exploring personalities, behavior and character rather than solving crimes,;' Anyway, you may have to wait awhile to see "The Beat" as it js one of those not yet scheduled mid-season replacement series. UPN chief Valentine thinks "Tfie Beat" is a show that can be "watched by both men and women." But don't think of UPN as distancing itself from its emerging image of the wrestling and monster truck rallies. Valentine may have summed up his network's programming motto when he said, "I think if it (a show) has high testosterone, we'll air it." " WEDNESDAY EVENING BROADCAST CHANNELS (D CS CBS News iNewsH Newsffl (D Hour of Healing A S) Zoboo m a NewsI Evening Jeopardy! Grilh" Business Divorce Fam.Mat Home Imp. Divorce Parent Simpsons Frasier A Carey 3rd Rock Entertain Newshour-Li Carey Wayans Carey Friends A News •Wrywood City of Angels Fortune DobieGis irer Living Edens A jarey Mayans Seinfeld A : riends A Frasier A Twenty One A w Two Guys Norn® Variety Movie: "Stolen From the Heart" (2000) W Carey Eye Center Dawson's Creek (3 West Wing ntffl [Law & Order "Collision' News Spin City 120/20 (!) Coast Benny Him BJslye" Culture Shock *Bom to Trouble/The Shock of the Nude' Variety RoswelAffl Movie: **K"RoboCop2"(1990) Married... (Married, Beverly Hils, 90210 A Get Real A Bl 7 Days' Movie: *x "Another You" (1991, Comedy) CABLE CHANNELS News Star Trek: Voyager OB Caroline IB" Married...* Simpsons' News Judy i. •" •• American Justice (R) 6:001 Tom Curtain" is) Movie: t'* * The Yot Deal of ihe Centov" (198 Nonlelhal |CIA: Front Une CIA: The New Threats |(:40) Movie: i * * "SpHeh" (19641 'Ft? Floridaat DePaulflJ na Dreami Season Sportsoehler (1992)Ehah Wood. A ftal Arizona at Arizona State. cai Sports IRunnln [FOX 1 Sports News Bassmaslr, IB! Dance ( * * *ii "Die Hard' (1988) Bruce Wit. Borne Mia" ( HANN MAX 8HOW|(:15»tevk OxThiTlflirWoodi Story Movie: t**x "Ncbody'i Fort' (1994) tV IHovk 'Po^ Pfcy- (1999^ ft Movji:

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