The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 10, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1859
Page 4
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ADVERTISEMENTS. BY TELEGRAPH DRY GOODS. &o. MISCELLANEOUS. REPORTED FOR THE BAttY Later tram Europe. QuiBEO, May 9. ' The Canadian steamship ''Anglo-:Saxon, from Liverpool, April SSthyaxrived »tthis port at an earlj hour this morning. : -f.~* The ori^fl In Europe continues; but as -yet there has been no'deolaration of war. Tlie three days allowed 'iyf Anrtriai ,to Bar- aJnia, expired on the 20tb. ult, but nothing definite is known as to the reply by the latter omOE OtVTHB. DAILT HBWB, I /i": rvC.,.^.. ;.' Mllw«u*«e,M«J.*VttW. 1 ; The marketi were firm to-day, at a good advance ; for Boor and wheat. The sales were mostly In small lot*. Flonr the amount of 4,000 bbli and upl -ward!.! Prices ranging at 6,62)f for Milwaukee M1IU f.;o. b.; 6j60for KaitTroy Mills; 6,60for Madison Cityj i 6,00 for Capital; 8,40 for Extra' Novelty and' Extri White Creek; 6£0f or Extra Brand River, all f. o. b." Wheat was allttle more active. -Sales to the extent •i of 7,200 bns and over, of which 4,860 bus were on pr|. ' vate terms. Prices running at 1,25 for No 1; 1,86 far for ajctra; 1,88©MO fer Double Ex- <«nia fourteen days longer, in which time to i nrd *y nl « ht - ' . .rtrlh demands Oats and Corn are unchanged. Of the former w a °°The London Paris correspondent telegraphed j °°« » ">• ° f "° bu8 on «"•* ml M ' whUe ° f th « "«* on the 28th nit., that the Anstriana were to ' •« «<«"' be » r ° r but one " le of 10 ° bn > »»»• Noth- entor Piedmont on thttt day, in tb-ee divisions; ! Ing doing In Barley and Rye, and prices nominally the one by Parr* and one by Maxquenta. J came. fhe Piedmontese were to defend themselves , irltlwanlcee \Vholrsale Mat-feel, at Segia, and there) wait for the French J Freights—the price, are v r, low, but we bear of no Victor Emmanuel, it IB positively «aid, will engagements, command tlie Sardinian army, with La Mar- nour-somewhat active. Bales 60 bbl. Extr., White ^ri^tteVond^a that tbe , f?^'^ *"" """'* """ " ^ '' HmulRn Cabinet has received Information of ' ° , , «rand River at C,00. ino bbls 2ctoStton of Austria to deliver an aHima- , *»™« 6 ' 00; ™ bbl «' «"« *"* « •*• '• •• b •:, <*» tarn Mfl that therefore tbe continued and | bW. Milwaukee Mill, at 8,62*1 f. o. b. fTithfnl Dnion of Austria is still to be boped ', Blnce chl ""? l! ho °" »«*'»'«"• <* further transac- faStUIU) uuiu r tions In flour. Ov«r 4,800 bblB were •..Id for 6,66. The f °An article in a semi-offldial Prussian Oa- j • &1< « Ker * " f ««°« : 2 .<X» bbl. Premium Mills, tte however, says thai the action of Aus- | Whitewater; 912 bbls Oitj- Mills; 200 bbli Milwaukee fn was a complete surprise to the Prussian ' MIU«; 120 bbls Gothic Mil Is; 6M> bolt Msgnolla Mills; Government. i 979 bbl. VT.scons.n Ml,!.. It is now staled that the mission to Berhn | Wheat—sales 600 bus No 1 at 1,88; 800 bus Jrtra ol the Arch Dake of Austria was a failure. O lub at l,S7X; 8UO but Double Extra do at 1,88; »u bus Hif object having been to secure the co-op- i Ertri al IJK> . m bo , Doab , e ^^ C|nb M ^ M eration of Russia m the nltimntum of Sar- \ Dn , Vnllt Wlnler at i,su ; voo bu. No. l do at i,to-,'125 dlnia , which oo.05wrauon was pogiUrnly re- i bBlfcllrm TOl , Wloler „,,„. '"frfneral Neil left Paris on the 24th, to take °«'—'"• doi1 "-' s " l « «"« b «> °» "-» rk » «>• command of tbe corps d« armi.- alloted to Oo-n-qu et. Sales loo bus at 78. jjjjj! Kggi-—a allglit decline—selling al 8c The Patrle save the Emperor and Prince Na- ; •'otai..™ raihrr on ihr decline, li.ceipt, inrge.- poleon will leave on Wednesday evening, the i Rt(1 Ww em, 45(2,60, inactive: as»,rt«l i>mkr> e. o5<a 27th, to join the armv. I 6°. White Ne.liatu.o, t* H (SOQTO. Thrlasl two quail Tbe aids-de-camps who will accompany | ties arm them have*1 ready been appointed. Troops intended to commence the formation of a camp of 40,000 men, had arrived at Toulon. Sugars — common to fair 7>tf®S; pood to prime 6JI loaf double reflned IS; crushed doQjUX; crusli- ed do (C) Ilk. powdered do U\, powdered do (C) 11M. refined yellow (O) 10*. refined yellow (A) 9* ; refined yellow (B) 6,S . Fu • — bKVi.' declltii d considers,!, le, owlup tc the war rumors, a nd should war rrally «a,ke pl&ce jirlcea will still be lower S|rrinf R»t», prime, 16c; Mink 2,0" 0'>otn bWifrM, Red Fol IW; Marttm 2.00(2,2,60; Kisher 8,00<a>8,00; Otter 3£U(&460; Lynoi \Jbofy 1,00; Wil CM &0, (V'oir &0&7&, Skunks unsaleuble. Beaver— 1,00(^1,26 per Ibs. Lumber — DO changes^xjl common sorts ti,00 Market fine and prices rather tend upward CloVC athtr n ' Seeds—Timothy 1,80 and s mal at from b OOQ.G.OO Butter—vary^ig li®2S according to quality. Coal—Lehlgh 9.00; SallncTille ^ua, ScraBton 0,00; ile 4,00; Caunrl Coal 8,0 > Pork —17,00<jJ17,'50 per bbl. Cattle—*2>o; 4 for medium, 6 for tilr* good KISASCIAL.—rxchangv scares and vtrj- flrm at 1 % lor W iscoiKio and £ fur Illinois. Coin ID fa,r demand M lij to 1 >4 Currency plenty Cuffee—St. Domlnto 11^(^12, Maracalbn 14i4(^I", Lipujia ISXiai*. Rio 125i(aJ.14. Jsn liiQl^, Mocha C.e Lake Kccelpl*. Detroit i> M.lnukec Kailray, p^r gtr .mcr The regiments which had quited Paris were most enthusiastically che*red by the people. Marshall Carabort had pone to assume tbe command allotted biin. The Imperial Guard has been placed on a war footiri;. The French Minister of Marines is said lo have sent ordnrs to all the seaportS in France to pit-vent the departure of anv more boats for deep sea fishing, and as a measure of urgency to enlist their orewe for tbe semoe of the imperial navy. The question of the R^ency has been agitated, and tbe Prince Jerome and the Empress were tpoken of. A treatv offxnBive and defensive was concluded by'tbem on vbe 22d of April, and according u> it, Russia is to make her firrt mob- ; Briar mil 6,00; Ne« ilization of four corps de'armie. Two of i Glossburg s.002^,50 which are to V* advanced towards Au-tria, j iieef—a.oo per bbl and two towards the Prussian frontier j The London Times of the 27th, remarks ; that the alliance if most startling, although It has been so often hinted at ] Tbe Lronduc Post says that the policy of the ! Enplish cabinet forc<-d France into the arms of Russia, and compelled an alliance which j cannot be regarded without sincere apprehen- j sion. I The London Herald of the 27th, is enabled i to state thai thr government had received offi- | oial information of the acceptance by Austria of the mediation proposed by England. A despatch from Vienna, Elates on creditable authority, that the French troops had al ready violated neutraJ territory, and it was also announced that French forces had arrived at Genoa, and entered Sardinian territory. The passage of tb* Ticino by the Austrians was hourly exp«ct«l. GREAT BKITA.IX—Parliament was formally dissolved by proclamation of the 23d. The British Channel fWi had sailed with sealed orders, bound for the Adriatic. GERBAKT.—The German Diet had decided to k«fp the principal federal contingent? ready to march and 10 arm tL>- federal foot soldiers. India and China.—The Calcutta mail of March 26th and tbe Hong Kong of March 12, had reached Enpland. At CulcatLa imports wer»- active and higher. GREAT BRITAN—Lord John Kusse! in addressing b meftinc of elector? in London, made spncihl r**'--r^Bc-e u> th*- Italian question, he said he Ml certain ilia: Kntland's only safe courts was to k«-j. buuegllv au-l stru-tlv neulral. ' ' : TheLondor, Post of \Vedtu-srlay pay? Ih&i ' tbe whole militm c! Ui* L'nit^J Kincdom was to b* embodied forthwith GBRMAKT — Th«- proposal of I'nissia. to keeji the principal fedeml constitution in r^a.dine-8 and to lake all necessary sl»-p9 for armiut all the federal fortresses, <ras agreed to KATLEF—Uisturbaneef had taken place at Palermo, followed by numerous arrests. Rrssii—According to the new Prussian arrangemenl, Uie Rnssiac <jov. had taken a resolve to jplao.- the corps de'armie of (ien'l Ludergon oti a war footins SUil Latrr ?T. JOH.VS, May 9. The steamer Adelaide from Gal way th* 30lh ult-.. arrived at 3 p. m. lo-day. The news is important Hostilities bad almost commenced. 20,000 Austnans had crossed the Ticrno Breaditofti were all considerably hig>"" and provisions were slightly better. Con had declined. The Bank of England rat* ul discount had been raised to 3 l-2~p«r cenl. WABHIISGTOX, May 9. ' There is such informal!on in Washington as to warrant the b«li«f thai Ihe time of settling i wi n ^'so bap. rofle'e ixV.nok' of onr affairs with Costa Rica IB not far distant. So far the Water VTiloh and Fulton are the only vessels to be senl lo thp Gulf of Mexico and these cannot be immediately despatched i °" ur ' 20 bifr8 fiour ' t!a ar * hldM • 10 (Tt " -Q """"• * ft »K« a« they are previously to I* overhauled and I m "*'- &' tbiijiait, .'.o bbl. liquor, 6 bi.ii rupar repaired at Norfolk. i Tne State and War departments made up j their instructions for Utah | Thu Post Mast*r General has made a decision on the Bonds for the California mail service, but declines lo furnish information concerning them to the general press Orleans, May 8. Pun Crrr —Lefever A Green, 1 box I arj»arc, J R A Co. H' ca.-ks prunes, Noonan a McNab, X bx> paper, (j PfiS^rr A Co, 1 !>oi tT°°d & , " r(| l • le.tbei, J M Alcoir { 1 tif bl>j ba), & t>x^ drugs, '2 bx. Kair oil, 1 bag curk., 1 bag bikrk, Blair A 1'crfcou, 1 rrate cruckerj. I Bradlc-y A Melcaif, 86 ca»r. slioe», S .*« liag^ett, 1 bbi wirr C L McBvin.2 tul>B cli»:e*e; unti A Cr .by, 1 hf chest* tea. Jat FVutii.ell, 1 ca>t co..ds, il K I» LlD- tv.ii A Ci> 1 case vrnerrs. J A lieaedict, 2 casts hats, . J L Kavis, 1 )K>I t -i...J*. Duckett A Brockhauar, 1 caik I binges, JH. Uonnell, 1 < .tie tndz, C £ Ijaufnrlh, 1 caae I milt, 1' O l>f t*e. 1 ca^e Knodr, 1> BUkr, 1 < aae hula; J li i C A Oo,50 Lap coffre; Gtll A frank. 1 box poodr, M ^ Sic ti, jr., A BrOB, 1 ba'e mtLan. D A J AlJcr, 1 boi ^uo*ls, 1 bale 'lom-Rt irs; C EUsleldt. 1 t> . I Cmck«ry, I Miinn Kri^, 1 bag stt-ti, c! Cati-i-bcli, 1 i^ailirr, Furj S bbis turpentine; J il h t-^, , b i iry cc^J.. \V ; Lary, 1 case; W 8 Fish, 1 case veneers | >'o» COCSTKV.—C T Read, Ocoootun»oc, 1 cask hard- ward, 1 l»ox axes, 1 t*dl shnrels, 1 bcx Raad Btoue, - bx. poods, Moon, Well. A Co, Oshkoati. 27 bar* irnr . X Ixil. .run, J H Scheltrr, llrrto Baj, '1 bxa (.unLr .^C.xi.nei A Bro, LaOroTBt, - cases. (.Hnmead A M, III, un, 1 ri.ll paper hant'in|, r f; R Kally A hon, barhrirtoti, i bi f» hats, - tru'.kfl. H Mcllos, L»Cr<>fiSr. 1 IKJI hausufr rut- U-r. Fi.ckT A on. Burhnt t*in, T. rss^ "'o.s, •- trunk.. W A IMI.-J-. I'on.l Ju L»r, 1 I...I ro. If. D Uru.rllrtt, Trfjiri ll. ", cask drtlfni, 1 b.n ii«, 1 t.M vhltin^;, RAQS tn £inni.,L Mankrto, M T, 2 bjt§ h h ^ <..h. l>arm A Curl, Cnj, 1 raj. dram. U A G. Mmnrapc.l.n. SI T.Stxi dru s. 1 C soap, '~ cuRkfl dru):». - bh,s il-, 1 ki-i; piuc, 1 t.oi cr.-Mn lartxr. \ Leg salts, 1 ke? rusm, 1 Ji. alum, 1 tl'- t.s.11 l-^trr. 1 d.- rl.alk. L» fuller & Ko n , C'.lumbu*. 4 bblf isppi^s. <•' P<ft,.rsillr, Oslikush, 1 <-*sc pnod;. C B Dodtrc. \Vaupun, '1 c.&ses p&prr tiau^'ifi^-. ChaptuaD A Thorpr, Kau Clair. . v-s |K|I, Mc.lnlyr. h Sf^lih.ti, Redwine, M T, 4 tiii,-- tfooj«. D P.ix. LaOrtisst- 1 bo x sundries. W Cnl'« A Cr., Whitrw-ali-r, 2 casrs hats. W Va'.ckman, WaLerK.wD, > i.ox books. 1 dc. poods. J B MollU. Si Paui. M T. 1 box mrti. W A Dewej, Pond du 1-ac. 'J P poods, F D Fuller, Madifon. ^ case. .J.o^s, r- 4 g t Johnstowri Center, 8 bis soda, 2 do Bala- r*tus. f .1" ra».;ns, .". hf ch-sts tes., 1 box Bundriei-, 1 clti alum. 2 >\<> kusp, 1 do pepper, 1 bag BpK«, 1 d<- cocVe. IMPJKTS ni Lite l-rm THK PAST 49 Hf.CEb.~3CS cords wood, H.V. piles, 416 tons md2, '^Si M lum, 7- M square tlmbe", 8! cuiks liquor, 3 horses. 366 pkps, 14S bblj h es. 170 bus potatoes, 1 lots of b h poods, 1 printing press. EXPORTS BT LACE ros PART 4* Hort* —14IX. bus outs, -1^ baps, -'. bb!. tobacco, iC pkgi, OM bbl. from Minitillon of the 4th inst., say that the sloop oi war Brooklyn was at that place with McLane, who was making an official vigil to Consul Allen. Albany. N. Y., May 9. Tbe Governor has respited David Curry, of Batavia, until ihe 16th of July. Ourry wag convicted of the murder_of one Fancheti, wbo was suspected of criminal iiutercourse with Curry's wife. ST. JOHJT, N. T., May 9 A three masted steamer passed Capa Race, close in, on Saturday noon. She evidently wanted to leave her news bat the arrangements for obtaining news there not having been completed. It could not be landed. They will probably be in good working order in a week from this date. Rehback'g Lead Pencils, FOB BALE BT TKRKY & CLKAVEK, BOOKSELLERS AJVD STATIONERS, 167 Eaft Water street, iHtwaulcee. lirK hare just received a full supply of these Cele- Yf brated Pencils from tbe mannfactcry otJ.J. Brtihach, In Regcnsbarg, Bsraria. They at e carefully assorted, and es\ch grade le distinguished r 5 a popular tirand, Partlcalar attention is called to the "Opposition Pencil," (round black gilt;) and to the "People's Pencil," (round rrd gilt;) also to the "Engineer's Pen- oil, (hexagon gUu) All oj » hlob will be found superl. orjtoany other pencil In the market. ' * Complete utortment of black and h °JL?" th ' <J «l™ b l« erades. A dis- ne Trade proportioned to extent of . ^^^ apr29 conot allowed orders. CA.LL A1\D SEE —THE— LATEST STYLES -OP— —AT— BUTTON'S! CHARLES QUENTIN & CO. -OHAJUJtB flOIHTIH A- OO^oorner of Xwt Water \J auid Mason a«e«U, Milwaukee, Wiioonsin, hare Jor •ale Kealbtate. In the City of Mil waakec, In large or imallpsvct**. Building lots to every Ward oft b City, of allolaesianaprloea, for busineas orretMenc aud •a*7 ttnu. Also, small Parma of from 6 to SO Alio, ,t ;00. [By Teiecraph.j •Nr» i ork fflitrki-i. Nsw YoRk, Mar » Ftnur— the market M^lOc [.-tier and active, .ales H.tiVn bbl. at fi,!&42t6,3(l for superfine slut*-; 6,70^7,00 for ertrs. Jo. 8,70 for food. Market closing buoraiit.— Canadian dull at 6,70@,6,.So 1 .r ertra. Rye Piour—at 8,76®*,W. W beat—2^4 per liuih; sales 27,000 t>u. at 1.4501,60 lor Winter IKrd Western, 1.58®l,60fot mixed irestern 1,98 lor White Kt. Rye-better; sales 4^00 bus 94. Barley—firmer at 04(^76 fnr State and Canadian. Btnckt—'id board. 1 c bonds 16%; Kne »d Bort bond. M, Hud 3d do 74V V M 86 M 4 M 6 Krle IV iead 49, g 3'J; M C 46; M s Kjj^do' rrad 81 k' Panama 122Xi O 4 068*. C4 T 2SH; O * B 1 60)4.' .LIVERPOOL MARKET. Breadstods—there had been considerable adyance In breadstufls. R. 8. 4 Co., quoU flour buoyant at advance ol 6«®»d, and <jolet American 10.©ias white also buo T am at advance of 6d. Western R.d7»(a»s •omhero white 10(2,12, "•hltc It frd@ ; do w Corn—buoyant, and advanced MARIUE _ RECORD. 1859. Port of nilwankee, May 9. 7tb. 8tmr Olereland, Dongtl , Gr«nd Haven, 18 tons mdi, 27 passengers. 8chr Trlnmp. Leigh, Manlstet, 80 M lumber, 12 M timber. 8-hr Bnens Vista, lelgh, ManlsWe. 8ohr Floreacc, Freeze, Mnsiemn, 65 cords wood Bchr Saodasky, Simmondi, Sanduikj, 66 cords wood. rchr Farmer, Thompson, Port Washington, 62 cords wood. Btmr Travellsr, Bweenj, Chicago, 31 cans liquor, 2 horses, 4 bu hats, 10 bxs lemons, 37 packages S3 pass. Bchr Buena Vina, Leigh, Uanistee, 100 M lumbar, 40 N •qasre Umber. Prop OgonU, Flood, Green Bay, 2 lots of h h goods, 1 printing presi, 1 horse. Prop Outonagon, WUklns, Colllngwooa, 112 pkgs, « psss. Pr»p fountain City, Peck, Chicago, 145 boll hlghsrlnes. 3chr A. Baennch, Tompson, Sand Bay, 100 c wood. Prop Mohawk, Pheati, Buffalo, 300 t mdt. 3imr City of Cleveland, Bquler, Grand Hareo, «hr Fanny A Floy, Long, Hheborgan, T9 cds wood. Bchr Emma, Leigh, Manlstee, CO M Inm, 20 M iqoare timber. Btmr CUveiand, Dongil, Grand Haren, IB t mdi, CO b«gs coffae, 4 hf chef Is tea, SIS pkgs. »lo» Gaaelle, BuillB, Two Hirers. MAT9TH. Prop Pittsburgh, Beekhnrt, Baffajo. 70t mdi. Bohr Kipertmenl, Ames, «l. Joseph, K U llm, 12 U .q. timber, 1 M "pokes, no bns potatoesTi pan. ' I 7U>. Babr Wm Trent, Bain, Buffs*" 1 o, 28.990 bo* wheat' Scbr Fiorcncp, freete. Htukegoa. ftcbr fcandnsky, Hmotid*, Bheborgan. Bchr i* B fibepard, Norton, Baffalo, 14,000 bo» whwt. Bchr GoidD. Johusoa, Tiro Ortek*. 8ehi L«lgh,!.Uni»t«. Btmr Cleveland, Dooeal. G^ana Earen Prop OgonU, Flood, Gfeen Baj. ' : '• "-•--'l.ur'ftim.-* - ; ' - j Stmr Trardler, flwcenyi. Obicato. Prop Fountala City, Peck, Oollincwood. MSbfcl* flour 1 pk« <UBdriM. '* ^^ •"-iwwugur, Prop OntonicoD, Wilk&u, Oblcago. Bchr JWDM OhrUUc, Jo^ce, Kempt n fl*r. IHVITBO 51'ATEW TT1AR8HAL»8 SALE. - NSwcofflb OlurcUnd, * . t». I The L» Crowe * UU. f . Trautee Railroad Oo. J I Mpawn-wice and brrlrtae of awrit of fieri' »»!*• inued oat of the District Court of th* United 8Utw for the District of Wtaconiln, In f»Tor of tha »tld Hew- comb Cleveland, Plaintiff. ai*luBt the La Oroale A Milwaukee Ball Road Oompany.aefcndant in tae aborc enll* tied catue. Issued for the a&toont of one hundred and twelre thooaand two hundred and seventy-one dollars and seventy-six cents, recovered by the satd Plaintiff against the said defendant, the 7th day of October. A, D. 185Z, by the judgment of the said District Court, tcBtcfl the twenty-second day of October, A. D. 1857, to me directed, I have levied cpon and shall sell at Public Auction, on Tuesday, the loth day of December next, at the United States Marshal 1 ! Office, In Ihe City of Milwaukee, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of said day, the following property, to wit: The La Orosse A Milwaukee Railroad and all the Interest of the LaCroue A Milwaukee Railroad 6on.pany therein, with all the franchises, right* and privileges thereon to belonging and appertaining^ Including roads, roadways, rights of way and real es late of every description, road beds, tracks, ties, rails, station houses and buildings and ground*, sheds and grounds, engine houses and grounds, shops and grounds, water houses aud grounds, cars and appurtenances, loco motive engines and appurtenances, more particularly described In the following schedule (marked A.) Also, all that portloxof the LaOrosseantl Milwaukee Railroad, known &s thtT^atertown Division of said Railroad, and all the Interest of the said LaOrosse and Milwaukee Railroad Company therein, with all Us franchises, rights and privileges thereunto appertaining. Including roads, road ways, right* of way and real estate of every description, road beds, tracks, ties, raiU, station hounei and buildings and grounds, shops and grounds, water houses and grounds, engine house* an J grounds, cara and appurtenances, locomotives and appurtenances; also, about forty-five thousand bars of Railroad iron, more particularly described in the tol- owlng schedule (marked B.) * A.tto, lou V), 10 and 11, In block S, and lots 1, fi, 8, In block 47^0 ihe Fifth Ward of the City of Milwaukee,— LoU 1 anVl 4, lo bto«k Ifi6; lots l t it, 4,5,6,7,8,8,10, 11, I*, 18,14, in block 155; % of block 157, except lot B and 10 of tbe bayou adjoining said block; H of lota 8,9 and H, all of lou 12, 18 and 14; K of lota 16 and 17 and £ ^ of 15, tn block 15ft, In the Fourth Ward of the City of MllwBUiu-e. (Schedule A., referred to above.) One passentrer depot, one store boose, two freight depots, frrala platform and ht.ed, blacksmith shop, three tank housed, machine sbop, stationary engine house, paint shop, lumber bouse, coppersmith shop, iron house, blacksmith shop, turntable, circular cup-tie house, car shop, all in the City of Milwaukee; tank house on section twelve of said Railroad; one ditto ou section 22, passenger and freight ue- pot, at Rlcht>eld; one turn table aud passenger and freight depot, at Bch'*-*«enRrrviile; f.ntnne house, tank bouse mtd passenger and fre.ffht uepot at Hartford; passengrr aud freight depot it Rubicon; passenger and freight depot and lank hot c at Woodland; ditto at Iron RUlfftr; turn table, pat enger and freight depot, engine house and tank I <'tuie at Horicon; passenger and freight depot at ,'unction; ditto at Rolling Pratrle; tarn table, englae bo ifle, tank house and passenger and freight depot «t i . aver Dam; paiuenger and freight depot and tank hour- at Pox Lake: passenger and freight depot at Cambrii. passenger and freight depot, turn tattle, t&nk house - nd englDe bouse &t Mid* laud, p;u)!>t>ugtrr and freight tepot, turn table, engine hou5f and tank hou>e at For'. £e<Jitt, together with U»i ^rnuLula upou which vuch I -uses and building* arc biluatco attd viitch are c.ppo . euant thereto. Tveuty- ont- locutnotUe engines, ten i st class pa&aenger cars, two seccitid cl&Ba ditto, four igK*ge can, Ifrl bouse TreiKlit CiLrt,, iViU platform ci- ^, 80 grave) ckn a&d 17 himd c&rs. (.Schedule ii., referred to * OTU.) One engine boose in Uie Cil> of Milwaukee; <« station house at the JunctKm, onr ditto and wo<- i shed at Pewaukee; one oL&tion house 11 Hartland; 01..- ditto at Pine Lake station; one water hou»M, one w .d shed, and one station >UKC al Oconomowoc; one <- *tion house, frame shed, maciiiue khujs car shop, bl» -^smith chop, two water houses, engine house and woi. i abed at Watertown; station liouiic an«! water bouse .»t Lowell; stAtioL house, euglQe aud water house at 0»-umbuB, together with the gr»4ud& upon n-luch such hou ta and buildings are tltu- aied and nhicli are appurtenant thereto. Seven loco motive eoKiues, fit boji <J»rs t '•& rack cars, 10 ha,od ca.r«, oui pasAe>U£cr cars A two b&f t .ige cars, 20 dump cars A ».rs ol &allroa<i ..on, which 1 shall. »ell of U.e B«.iae iUv,*t. two o'clock p u..^ieaj tbe La Crosa« Rail- u*wi Depot^ou blocks 4v< and 41 ,m the city of Milwaukee, .nd txbout 4iW barn ol Railr- id trou, which I shall sell at four uVlock P. NL, the *»• <• day, nt Douaman A Go's dock in Die Cft> of Mllwaak • , aud about 2,000 bari ul HMtrood TI>.I which I al, .,. sell ou tbe Utb day of December, IS-'u, at three i. «»k P. M., on the we«l btnk of ttir \t tsconsln River .M 8aukOounty, on the iine nt the La Crotiie and Uiltrauk-e Railroad. Tbe property enumerated in the fon oing schedule B. wll| be sold subject to an Execution if ied out oftht-eaid Court axid prcvniu-lj levied tiiereo. in favor of Bet»b Ohani berl&in. f.aJ'b t>flice, Milvkuk' October 27, IBM. M. J. ThOMAA, -doawtrw C.8. Marshal. Itie Kbo(« f&le Is her . v svdjouroed U* Monday, the 4Ui day of Jauuary, Is5i, >t 10 o'clock A. M., at the U. 8. Marshal 1 * Office, MU«rt> ..tcee, except the sales of Railroad iruii meUUmicd m .- aedule B., which are ad- jt.urn«-Jl re«pectivciy to Mon.-^y, January 4, lbi>S ? at '2 o'clock, r. M-, and 4 o'clock f. M., and Wednesday, Janu- s>ry 6, lb£o, ai ii o'clock J *-, at 'Uif re?pectire place* mentloat-tl ahovr. Marsh Hi'• OIL. t, Mllwauke. December 15, 1S57. M. J. THOMAS, «Jecl&-<llsaWU C. d. Ma.nK.vl. £(!^~ T)i«- above sale t» hert <y further adjuurocd l<* MuD.lay, UIP ^tJi day of February. lS5», at 11 u'clock A. K , at tlif lj. S Marshal'* fttice, Miliraukei:, except Hi? ivale* of liatlruatl I • on mentioned lo 8chtrduJe B , which arr atijourDt-U rcsjtect.Vfly to Mttuday, February U, Is6s, at 2 o'clock r. M., «.o>l 4 o'clock r. M^and M cdQCJday, February 17, lM*b, al S o'clock t » , at the rea^K^tlv* ,-...cei mentioned above. Mar^tiaJ'a OUice, Mil wauket, J iuaary 4, 1SV: jar.t iwtt M. J Tli^lMX^ r L* .- U« f2£f~ "--ab&.t »aJe :o hereby furtl.*-i o.^j'.nrneU In T&urBdi. *• iwu, ua* of April, laia, ui 11 o'clock A. M , ai i P MarBn»u'i Office, Milwauk<-r, except 1.*., I ,<.-., at 'I o , i - k f M., aJid 4 o'ciu.-k, r. M., ar,.i ^»Lufi A> , April 1 i, l3a>?, at fi "'. u.f k r • , al the rr- Bl't-cti^f i>l».(-t;i nii-tittt urtl fcbo S e MH,raLaj'i> Utbcc, M,.«*auk«-«, Frb. 15, }•&•>. ft-bzo-ula»u M J. THUMAs, L" J »4*~ Tlir nlmvr salt; i* bereuy furtu.ur adjourned l» Tuc »dsij, ilit K-tb day (.( J une, lSo-5, a< ' 1 o'clock A. • , al iltf C ."* MarKtial't Urtic«, M ilwaukee, except the »Alr* uF ttail rufcul 1 r oil nii*ntiuue<l lit ft'-.tifdaJt 1 R., which art adjourned rt-i-[KrcLiVely lu Tue»d»y, June i.>th, 1'A*, at t u'cti'Ck, \>- m. »-iid 4 o'clock, (•. i.< , and Thursday, Jtmt 17, l*i"5, al S o'clock r. M., ai the rexprctirr places meDllot.e'l abovr. Marshal 1 ! OlUre, Mi,»auke*r, April 15, l^&S* a ( ,rl(>-dla»ti M J TUoMAS, C. ft. Marshal. |2S^~ Ttir alM)V»- sale m hereby further adjourned U)»-iuji.,.>, l><« 14U, any u( July, 1<*5, at 11 o'clock A. M., MI the L H. Marsiiti'i Office, Milwaukrt, except ihr- saJ,-« ul flaiiroad .mt, meciUoued In sc bed ale B., wbicd are a*lj..urn*-d r.-S|-ectj vely Ui Wednesday, July U, K»3, at '2 o'r.lotk p M., and Friday, July 16, l-^-», st •> • '(, f M., 41 I be res|*^ctl7e placet meuttoijt-^ MarnNal'ti Office, Milwaukee, June l&, 1S&**. jrlC UtfU Al. J.TUOMAh, L'. A. Marshal. gjy The above s&le IB hereby further aJjouroed to Wt-<lue»day ( tbe llth daj of August, J85S, at 11 o'clock T. M., al tbe L'uiu^] 8tatei Marshal's Office, Milvauker except the sales of railroad iron mentioned in schedule B., which are adjourned r«pecl.rely to Wednesday, August 11, lS5-"s, at 'I o'clock r. H., and Friday, August li, ls&5, al B o'clock f «.,si ihe respertlvr pUce* men- tioiif-d abovr.'t, Office, Milwaukee, July 14, 1S&S, jjl6 M. J. THoMAtf, L T . 0. Marshal. fjjff The above sale u hereby further adjourned to Wedi.e»day, the l&tb day of 6eptemb«r, IblSK, at 1. o'clock A. «., at Uif- L'. M. Marsha.!'! Office, Mil w auk re, except Uie Bales of Railroad iron mentioned to schedule U., wb.clt are a4juurueJ renpectiveiy Ui Wednesday, BepUtxibtrr 1&, 1H68, at 1 o'clock P. «-, and Friday, September II, I 1 &, at 8 o'clock r. «., at the respective places meot ' % ed above. M&mt.aJ'* <' ice, Milwaukee, Auguat 11, 18A8. Hug 12-1* M. J. TBOMAA, U. H. ManhaJ. yar~ The K>ve sale Is hereby further adjouined to Wednesday, ' l ,- 29th day of tieptember, 1-J58, at 11 o'clock A. M., *i ihe U. B. Marshal's Otnc«, Milwaukee, except the saJeJ l Railroad iron mentioned in schedule B., which are i< . urned resftcUvely to Wednesday, September 29, lewo, at % o'clock p. •., and Friday, Ocu>- ber 1.18&S, at a o'clock p. M., at the respective places mentioned above. Mamhal'a Office, Milwaukee, Bept. T6, 1K&3. Beptlfi-lawu M. J. TitOMAH, U. 8. Marsha.. pjy~ Tlie above sale l» hereby further adjourned to Mouaay, the «iith day of Derember, 1S69, at 11 o'clock A. M., al the L'. H Marshal's office. Milwaukee, except ihe sale* of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule B., wblcb are adjourned reapecuvrly to Monday, December A, ISM, at H o'clock r. M., and Wednesday, December &, 1855, fct 8 o'clock P. M.. ai the respective placea mentioned above. Marnhal'i otnce, Milwaukee, Sept. 29, ISM. aepUkl-oawGw M. J.^liOMAA, U. H. Marshal. p8f" The above aaie is hereby further adjourned to Wedneaday, the l*2th day of Jriimary, 1SSS, at 11 o'clock A. M., at tbe U. 8. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad Iron met.i.oned In the schedule H^ which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, ary 12, Ib59, *l 2 o'clock p. H., and Friday, January 14, ISSy, at 8 o'clock r, •., at U.e respective places meo- koDed above. MarshaJ'i Office, Milwaukee-. Dec. 6,1S68. decT-oawtt M. J. 'J UOMAti, D.8. Marshal, gar* The above sale U hei eby farther adjourned to Monday, the 14th day of February 1&&8, at 11 o'clock A. M., at the U. 8. MarahaJ's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned in the schedule B., which are adjourned refpucuvely to Monday, Febrn ary 14, 1&69, at 9 o'clock p. w., and Wednesday, FeV ruary 16, 1859, at 8 o'clock P. n n at the rapecuve places mentioned above. Manhal'i Office, Milwaukee, Jan. 12,1869. Jaol3-oawtt «. j. 'i HOMAB, D. H. Marshal. pgT* The above inie is hereby further adjourned to Thursday, the -24th day of February, 1859, at 10 o'clock A. H.. at tbe D 8. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except tbe aalea of Railroad iron mentioned lo schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Thursday, Febra- ar; 24th, 1859, at 2 o'clock p. u., and Saturday, February 26th, 1869, at 3 o'c.ock p. H.. M to* respective places mentioned above. Ma.rahal*B Office, Milwaukee, Feb. IS. 1859. febU-oawtt M.J. THOMAS U. 8. Marshal. CUT" Tbe above Bale la hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the 23d da.y of March, 1859, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, at tbt U. 8. Marshal 1 * omce t Milwaukee, except tbe aales of Railroad Iron mentioned ID schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, March 28,1S59, at 2 o'clock r. M., and Friday. March 25, 1809, at 8 o'clock f. M., at the reapectlvt placea mentioned above, lianhat'i Office, Milwaukee, Feb. M, 1859. feb26-lawtt M. J. THOMAB, U. ft- Marahal. par* The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Saturday, '-be 2d day of April, 1869, at ID o'clock A. at., at the United States Marahal'a Office,. Milwaukee, except the aaJei of Railroad iron mentioned in schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Saturday, April S, 1S&9, at 3 o'clock r. at., and Monday, April 4,1809, 8 o'clock P. at.| at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, March 88,1859. ~ mar24-lawtt M, J. TUOMA8, D. 8* Marshal. t^T" The above lale U hereby further adjouraed to Bftturday, the 7th day ofM*y, 1859, at Id o'clock A. M., at the United Bute* Manhai's Office, Milwaukee, except the sslef of Bailroad Ir^a mtntiooed In schedule B,, which sure adjourned respectively to Saturday, Hay 7,1650, at 3 o'clock r. M., and Monday, May 9,1859, »o'clock r. M., at Ihertspectlre places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, April S, 1859. ;»pr8-lawu M. J. THOMAB, U. S, ManhftU iCaf" Tbe above sale la hereby farther adjourned to Monday, tne Otb day of June. 1359, %i iO o'clock A.M., at tne United State* Marshal'a Offioe. Mllwaucee, ex—..v--.. roid irQn ment4onet im tcned m e m '••ixo v o "iT— -^ 'MP«tlTely to ttJonday, June 6»lSt9, at 2 o'clock F, M., and " " ^^" •f aj the r v IN LIQUIDATION Bargains in Dry tinotit THAI IMMEN8K STOCK Of i>risr Givooca.9 I—ATI¥o. 187 E; Kt \%ater Street, MOST BE' CLOSED OUT !• O^pi-T O 3ES ! BV THE ASfelONKK. Great Bargains rnaj be Expected, aprl7~dtf JiOSKPH CAHYi Aaalgnee. 18,19. I\E W 1859. SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! J. 178 Ea%l Water HI. 178 M1LWAOKEK,. . WUSOJNilN, I •* Nl)'A receirlng one of Ihe largest and best belt-tt- J. ed Storks or (iuods eier brought lo llus tnarlet, to mil h will be added, from time to time, during ll.> seasons, The Latest Novelties 1 Our arrAOgemeDta Eaai are mch that «« rita no (MprfiTios, aa we have a buyer conii-uitly tn the ark t kVa are. determine t lo Rive uur cutl.juieri THE LARGEST AMOUNT OF GOODS 1859. HEW AND FAVORITE KOUTX EAST Ac NORTH-WEST. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R. a (Now opened to Lake Michigan.) SJR> Bwifl Low-Pretture Flrst-Clau Steamers, "City of Cleveland," & "Cleveland." (Thoronghlj refitted for ihli route.) O N AND AFTER MONDAY, April 11, 1959, Pas- seajfcr Trains will run as follows: OOINO WKST: Night Mall. Mixed. Accom. Exprus. T. K. r. M. A.M. a. ». Hnp. : Bridfe, dep. 9:tQ 4.-20 lOrKf i. M. i n. r. H. r. «. •Detroit, depart.. T:00 1 .*) 4:43 3:00 FeotOnrllle, airlTe 0:80 5^S T:80 .... 10:60 r. K. amve.. St. Johns, arrlre. 12:10 7:40 9:89 Orand Rapids, arr 3. OS *viraod Uaven, arr. 4:40 A. K. Ullwankee, arrlre. i:' ; 0 •Oefreshments. p. V. 12:13 CiOlNCi Milwaukee, depart •Orsod Haren, dep. Grand RaplMs, arr. 8l. Jobos. arrive... Owo&so, arrlTt). ... PentonTille, arrive •Detroit, srrlTr. . Bus. Ilrii!(fe, arrive Uall Ni K bi > xpr's Mixed. ExpHt. r. H. M. 8:00 li:00 A M. i. M. P. a. 4.-OU 3:43 fi^iU 6:80 10:34) A. «. 7:00 »:40 P M. 9-38 P. M 12:15 r. H. 9:R5 1 1 -M r. •. U.30 A. M. 4.00 MEDIC J*LL. p. M. 4:31) Uo4t will l?ftvf Mllwaukt^ nn .^atur.laj^ it S p u for Katurday Nhlht';' Krpr»-w^ pa^a^ncrri » v t, but 4 M tra D wll: s ,t leave on Cun<l;iy*. Trains ]<*arf termini ilaily, 8au<lajn exrept'-<l THE TKLKGRAPH LINK L.OW „,,„. r u r PTIBLIC Bc- S.«AH-KST A,tlOr\T «•!•• O U H DRKSS hOODS UfiPiUTHJSNT In rery fall aDd auractiri;, contaloin^ Black and Pin- cf Mlks, Tlssu-«. Bareges, Dclalr cj, Cballlcs, Cash- meri.'S. Lawns, Ornandlei, Roht- 'de* Parl., Robe 'a 1 Qalll, HrtlllnnU, *c., le. IN OUli White <Vood-< & Linen Dq»:trtmHit WU1 be found Irish Linens, Linen UamAS.ii. Napkins* Table Cloths, Clash, Porles, Cambric*, Jacnnetts< Ooonterpanes, Euibruldrnes, rurniRliinK Oocds. Ac. CLOTH IN THK DEPARTMENT CONNECTION." AT IHliriKHT-GOEAT Wfcsr».ON RAILWAY all poinu East—M1CUIO AN CKNTt\L »n.! MICQIQAN COOTHEIIN RAILROADC, ml ITLKVE. LAM) Lin.- of Su-amcr. Al' «VH»%D i AVr^-Wnh •• UL'RilN " I Hl^arner for CH1C*C,0, Ac , 4c. •V I' .MH,\V \l K I'. »•— Ihe .MI-SISMPPl. i LA GROSSf, CIIICA(il), «'ATKBrO«N .n.l HOKI- LuN KAILRO\1>.-*, for aJI ImptjrtAftt .... nla West nuj Northwest, ami OD Mii^ isippi lilver. AO.J wuh SL'-na.rrg for Purl, o/i L*ke MIC/I.HAD Passenger, for (Jreat Western iiailwaj fro ao the Rail- >r»y FEHST STimia, »l D. t M. R. Dock, leaving Do.-k at S:n) < » , 1:OJ r M , anil 7:30 r » MOHT TRAINS on the (i. W. R ba»e BLKuPlNG CARS attached. PARCELS left st anj of ihe T1CKKT Of/fOM ar. forwarded by Pissanusk Tsn\ri IT VBBY Mi^OKa- ATS RATEH. Ttn lUimj.iuy'i Time T»Wo« c»o be h»d st »ny of the Htttioni. \V. K. ni IU, Geo I .- p't. HfflTHAM s PoaBts, Ticket Aifem, ^^0 East Wau?r .t H. O. WILB-JS, General We.'tern Ag-nt D. A M R. Office!, April, 1369' .pr'iS 18.79. 1*.19. 1-6S8-; \OKTHKH^ TRANSPORTATION COMPLY Will, d".r1njr Ui*- prts«u 8<f»Kun, run ihfir well kn .wn an»l pripal»r Lm»? of Fir»i 4'la^s ** If a fall stock of French and fiermai O'nthn. Ca*. merts. Vesting., Cottonailcs.;", Summer Murt Jeans, Ac. , ( ><_>DKNStU; K(iHf & ( >:-, W AM* 'I'M F. [' PHI It I IN l K «ihawl«) and TlaiMilln Koom We haTp R flo* ai»»t>rttT»fnt of Hrneha, L- np atid S| j»r^, Mlk, i't^Ua, Kancy Bonl- r, Ca«-.iD«Te, Or » ( * Shawta, Cloth Dasteri, l,ar* and "ilk MaDtVl'iu *,£ t c-gf-, a n<1 Chlcajf'i, M , m-aukee ami I at«ru)<? , )fit« , cor. Dei -tin." .ii O_-l-Dsh'ir^fi w t;, U,e KN-liL'RijH * VKRMO NT CKMRil. RAlLRuAD We hsTt also a full %s*..rtm^nt »f N. lio , Itrtw-rn Oti'iennlfura.11. Buri!Di{l. D, i'o tor.i. i hr«t«r, N*»hu», L» wr* nrr. Low--!' , tt , r <••«;'. r .vtnl li<>«.i-iti. kti-1 al O-*v rt/o «• T ihe N.?W u^» -> • [.•- -• <f Tlilrty f rii CUff C»n»! B..«I« -n *, ,- t ;ji * ,-, j v » u ,., Lrt trci-O if* M;«*{JO. ".! rt» j , \ I bu ii f A "• «• « 1 ork, A'A H" )""A'A .-l.N /^ A/tV/-.' /..! ,/,/.'>.! /^ An.I f A T." WWilj R v i,r,.*.i L. .<• (.-;*-•'! :II \ rn, HOOP SK IKTH. AC, AC. .Dunkirk, -'UUaukfe & Chicago. OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DRY GOODS AND YANKEE HOT10N3, Which we ir** '>lTrr.u.- u> M<rnt»tnl9f C H JAP FO li CASH. j . i. . ii \ v i s , tprlT 178 Rait|W*Lcr .tre<-t, U.lwiukee -. mirfc-.l ••>. I . | O. |-. V "- f-.rwar-lr.l f' »o. N * Y-irk t»y *n 7"r.un .^---r IW .\ r"r ) -rt ^ £•- 1- \r 1 -• ) Ir^m [)unkl( k ,^ To J Mria-t. Aferu N T C ,I7T Bru-vlw.,/, N^w V->rV . » (. -PM^S .-t , , N c w J L H* KM, Ajr.-ni N V. K. A. « L,1F ( K> THAI ,OA(.I KI(H»: 4>' ANU FIN t ; AKT <zAIJ-.l-.KY, 171 Eatt Water Sirrtt. H AVING secured Lhc aaslitaoce »t the oM«-st aod most e*p«n*Dce*i operator ID th* West- M. Hav- It CDS, (whos« skill tn hts depajtmeDl is welt koowo Ui man 7 uf tie cititeus of Milwaakev,) 1 *- m n ° w prrparrJ l.» offer U> th« public fTtrry demlra&ie «tj le t.f Picture known lo the commanlty at lower rau-* and eieculet) In a btftt«r manner than can In- dutir in aojr oihrr c^- tahilsbmrot tn the West. OLirFt>RD*H DAOl'ERRKAN CJALIJKRY. If] Ktvst .v ater it re t, formerly It now n as !<*«•! fj's Uooms. ^ mar la F. lua.Co. In the tile of the franchises and other eomorate asw- , srtj, the person wHo shall satUfy the.MCTUoD.wlUi aU leg*! feel and expenses Uieraoo. and shall ame to take saoh franchise for tbe shortest period of time, and t«recelTe«ortngUiatUnie all such toUa*saWeoriwra- Uon would by law be entitled to demand, shall be eon- aldwedtbtihlglieitbldder. . , , ' Manhal's Ottoe, Milwaukee, May T, 1B5». jtnajt-Uwtt M.J.THI 9 uiledM CAPITAL 11(«),|<«I 00 SURPLUS ... .... 29.6M ou Offi re, under Mttchpll'i Bank, r.-.riier of Ka.t Waur &nd Michigan .treets, Jin.WACA'SS W/Si-oJlTiiJ.V. Muacs KDeelan^l, H 8. Dn^irell, framnel Bale, U. U. Dou.maji, H L Palmer, Edwin Townsend, Bolomon Adler. J. A. BKLFKW8TE1N, President. O. D. DOUSMAN. Vice Prudent. W. T. PALMER, General Agent. S. 8. DAOOSTT, Treaiurer. it. U. r-ALJOM, Attorney. marlO G. SOUTHWELL, JR,. larpeuter, Joiner aud Doutractor, OOBNKR BIDDLE AND MILWADKEE gTatETS. K ETCRN8 his thanks for the patronage be baa re-- ceired for the past elfhi years, and voold Inform any wishing to imprort the present state of the market, that he le on hand to-attend tu all work in hn line. iach u the erection of DWELLING HOUSES, WAREHOUSES, &C.- either Wood or Brick, In first class style, and at prices to suit the times; he has. also, a good assortment of thoroughly seasoned lumber and other racllltim whl«h will enable Urn to glre tntlr« satisfaction to those wishing his serrices. |3^ Jobbing and Repairs done with despatch. mhlO REMOVAL W. F. BAYLEV. Has removed to his old stand, tilt. 188 EA8T2 WATER STREET, (Opporttt J. if. BonateeTi Dry (food* btort,) And baring mads such additions to his facilities for executmgl FINE IPORTKAITS! As to enab'e him to say to the public with confidence that be 1s now prepared to furnish them with every desirable style of Picture known to the community, and at such Astounding Low Prices u to defy competition; for example, Dagnerrotypes tor 12£ Cis. FULL SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS For only $1,00 the first one, and BOo for tbe Duplicates IQELAUiEOTYPES, AITIBROeKAPHS Ai d ID fact every other style of Picture, at corres- '•• ponding low price*. . IMPERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS, Colored In either OU or Water Colon, and finished ID j the highest style of the Art.) THE STEEJLOTYPE, A new aod'popular style of Plotore, Colored In OU, which far ezddi ID Accnraoy, Boldness and Beauty of Onl«h,any otijer Picture ever offered, to the Public.— The»e Pictures bare only to be seen to be admired. AU who a»e,deslrooj of laving money an resptctfaUy solicited to call and examine Specimens at the Old Stand. j . . ' ^ 0.136 Xatt Water Orttt, MuxtiOty, Wlte*ut«< marl8-d6m, f W. F. BATLBT, Aitlst.; i. a p. F. B Odd FeUowi Manual, UlastratlDg the BUtotr, . Principle* and Sorernment of the Order, wl(h«o» bitnwUoru and Oatles oftvery Dtiffree, Jtatlo» and Office in Odd Fellowship, wKh numerous j byAaton*fi>-6roslt* r -•-.:•---• - i-: '- TheOdd fellows Text Book, an *lacU*Uon »f th* ttuwqr of OdaJaUowihlp, embracing a deiallof tt* Paaolial I'UA* 8 TIPP**. corr.»T 6lh fcn-1 (>hri'nr < P v :,l» HOT.T A C»AWr\jKD. O»weto N Y ». U. CALDWKU-, A^enl, Daliklrk, ^ Y LU IMBBKLiS, ClAWroKU A Co , OleTclanU. I). JL.UX U»<kl»a, AKent N. T. Co , 'JJ Slate., su, Uostor J P tut-a. H, A^ent, Route's Poiut, S V UBJ>. HAMK.H, Afent. Ojdrnsburzti. N T R R. I).|...t. J. H. (KAUfOKU. i ... „ .. O. J. IIAI.I-:. ( •»''""<•«• " ••Kiimin, Of&o^ n^»r M AM R. K Ii.p..t A^enU before making c<>iur&ct^, a« ihey are preuartMl I i offer rery l.<w rair., fcod tlietr connection, with the the New Yur. A Kne lL*tlroad plTe them tin«ur|ms!iei1 f*cti'll'^ '>>r cheap and ip*'r*ly transportation marl ^—16:n-'aat w 1 t w UfVICK OF THE 1 SoftTBK&5 TaASSPVKTAT OS CoMPAJT, t Milwaukee, Afru 16, l.^y. | Bates of Freight Reduced Again by ,\f\» Vorla A: F.rit- Kailroad Northern Trausportaliou Co.'s E X P K E S S • ¥ TSTIL furtfatr notice the prlcr* from N<-w Y-ufc t.> lJ Ui|-waake«, wilt be a* lollowi ^>^r 1»X) Tbt, >let.v-?r- eu at itore* : lit Claas. 2iJ Cla**. lUl Cl/ua, -hi Class. Gftc. 55c. 45c. :l6c. Merchandise shipped by IM» route, oo ind nflrr the 14Lh tn»t., will IK- chained .vt Ihe** rates tM^iA^r ot>nirarl.xl T »>r ?u>/. A pj 1 . to J. H CHAWroRD, Agent, New York A Erie Railroad. J. MTias, Agent, 177 Broadway, N. Y. ^S*^" Sfup Jailjr Irom Pier S, iLaat RjTer, or foot of Duane it reel. New York. . aprl ;^ltfAw4 Detroit A: K. K. FKEIOHT OKFAHTMKNT. F OR frreater conrfnicnce t* merchants "hipping, or Obtaining information relating to Freight, an office (No. Ei WUconain itre-t) opened on ihe 1st of April, whert orueri for collection or delivery of goodi will recelre prompt attention. The office will be u-.tjer the superintendence of Mr. Ft*w, Agent for tirndrte A Co., from whom all accessary Information can be obtained. W. S. MUIR, tteo'l Superintendent. Milwaukee, March 30th, 185 ». aprl-dlm LaCrouxe A: ;TIil. Bailroad. \Jkl K, the undersigned, harlng been appoloted igenu TT for the coUectloa and delirvry of Freight for tins company, b«g to Inform merchants and other, that an office (No."* Wisconsin street,) opened oa the lit or April, where orders can be left, and will receive prompt attention. Onr authorized collectors will receipt goods at the warehouses of Shippers. Information respecting freight transportation on this «n« can be had by application at the office of Mr. A. FRSW, Aeent. sliiuNDRlK * CO. Mllwaakee, March 80,1SS9. aprl CHANGE OF TIMEO N and after Monday, April 4th, trains on the Mil- Wsukee, Watertown A Baraboo Valley Railroad, will arrive In Milwaukee at 11 :M A. M., and depart at 430 r. M. arp3-dif 8. g. MERRILL, gap't. FAKE REDUCED BT THE N£W YORK & ERIE RAILROAD! T UB Fare between Dunkirk and New ?ork by the New York * Erie Railroad, ttl I br 17,60 until further notice. oprlO J. H. CRAWFORD, Agent. NOTICE. omoK or BISHOP t co., MORQAOERS, i I> Pofj-EsaiosTorMu- A CBICAOO R. R., V ' Milwaukee, April S, 1S6».. J f\H and after April Oth, 1859, and until further no\J lice, no penon U authorized to make purchases, or contract for materials for the Milwaukee and Chicago Bailroad without a written order fromthe undersigned. BUI* will be paid monthly and accounts will not be continued with any* concern that neglects to render monthly bills, j ' , 0. B. HALL, Qenl Agt. Mortgagees, aptl8_J.T. MOODY. Master, ofTraniporUtlon. Compouud. iooj miiii^s NOW IJSING IT. H i BnnKMINSTRB would respectfully announce to i Uie n«op!e of Mllwanketi and fflwonsln, that he coir Jfferi for »»le, a preparation known u j: COMPOUND.: This article will be found to be the bejit Compound sver.offerod to tbe public, and warranted 'not to Injure the fabric In the least. By (t» ose, famiUts mayfiave one half the soap and labor now employed. . • Thj foUowlng Ladlei hare tested my preparallon and pronounce It the best-in ow : - . : • . • UriJFimTnxx, Jefferson street. ; Wr*. H. Csoona and Mrt. H. E. RJUD, Third street. •fox iale at Dr. AlcoU's Oro» Store ana at UaiwsU's grocery, corner Spring and Third streets. ™ i?aiaE.-«60o per gallon; IBo per quart, [*f*T] alwaTi on han A OKOBBT1. AVER'S CHERRY PECTORAL, FOJ$ TJIB RAPID ouai or Colds, Conshs, and Hoarseness. Bnamno, Uss%, 20th D«c, lloa. Da. J. 0. Am: I do not hesitate to say tks> twst remedy I hale ever (bond for Coughs, noanraga, Inflawua, and tie ooneomlUnt symptoms of a Cold, is your GOUT PHTOBAL. Its ooswtant use ID my pnctlesj and my fkmfly tor the last ten years has shown It to posseai tnps- rlor virtues for the treatment of the** complaints. EBBN KNTQHT, M. D. A. a IIOBTLKT. XlQ^ofUnaa, N. Y, writes: " I hav. used your Actorot myself and In my kmlly »v«r ilnc« yon Invented' It, and ballevs it t&a, best medicine far Its porpOM SVST pat oat With a bad cold 1 should sooner pay twmty-flv* dollars for a battle than do without It, ,<r tak» any oth»r nmtdy." Creop, Whoopinc Coach, Inflaenza. _ 8«ntOFnaD, MDIBL, rsb. 7, 1848. BBOnoi Am; I will shMrfully owtlfy jour Pxtnral Is th« hot remedy w« possess tor the cam of whooplug cough, eroop, and th* eheat JlMaM of dbJldrwv. VV, .,< yonr fraternity la the Booth appreciate your skill, anil snmmend your medldn* to oqr piople. HIRAM CONKLDI, M. D. AM03 LEB, E««, Mo.Tnasr, LL, wrttaa, 3d Jan, 1*50 • I had a tedious Inflnansa, which cnnflnod ma In doors six wsoks; took many medicines without relief; anally OTtod your Putant by ths) sdvln of ool clergyman. The first doswnUaved th* soraness In my throat ind IUUKB less than on* half th. boat. m-j. D. completely well! Tour medicine* an th. cheapen as »»i as th. bmrt — an buy, and w« asteem TOW, Doctor sad your mm»dJi<«. as th. poor man's frlepd. 1 * -) ' . ! f N i H i ' M ^ r:n)M -.h- K. «• •- '!»•( or Phthisic, and Bronchia*. Wm MiSOHXSTxa, PL, r.b. 4, 186rt Sa: Tour Oksrry ftdoral Is oerfbnnlnj marv.llon. rares In this section. It has raltorwi snanl from alnnn lag symptoms of consumption, and Is now curing i ran r who has Uborod under an affection of th. Innira fhr i h^ last forty years. HBNRT L. PARKS, Merchant A. A. RAM8BT, M. 0., ALSTON, MOTOOB Co.. low,. writes, 9«pt S, ISiS : " During my practio of many ymti • 1 haT. found nothing squal to yoor Cfarry Prttar^i r<,r (Ivlng ssue and rails/ to conmmptrn psittonta, or -nriju raeh as ar« eormblaw 1 * * • might sdd rolnmsl at rrlimm, bat th. matt KB- rtadng proof nf the vtrtnas ef thui ramvly si ftmnd IB Its sffMtd upon trial. Consumption . Probsdjly no oa. rem«ly has <r»«r Usa known whloU cvrwl so many an9 rdch dangaraus rmsM a. this. 8oma tt» human aid can raaeh ; but avm to fbi*. Ih. rtiwry nOarai aflbnil r.Urf aud OTnfnrt. Asroa Houaa, Nsw Toax Crrr. starch 1, 1850. DoCTOm Arxa, LOWKLL: I fMl It a duty add a plnuurn lo tnlbrm you what your Cllzrry Pxlanl hag dona for my wifix Bhe had b«en UTS moath. laboring undWr th« Jan- gernus symptoms of Consumption, from whieb no aid wq jould precur* gmv. her much rail.! aha warn «tM*illv Vit- Ing, ontll Dr. Strong, of this dty, vunro w. aav« <-«[u*> tb, advlca, rmaommftiidAd a trial of your modlelnn W^ t.ina* bis kindness; as we do yotir skill ; for «h. has rMnv^rwl from that day. Bh. Is aot y.t as strong u ib« HM*J u> tM, but Is free from bar eough, and calls Banalf w«il Tovrs with gratltnd. and r^rard, ORLANDO BBELBT^or gmumuj Cosuuasptiees, do not dscpahr Ull yoa aarv tried Arxa'i CaxxaT PsoroaAL. It Is mad. by on. .f th. bast m-adical eh.mlsts bi the worlds and Its CUTM all aroand as th. high m.rlu of Us Ttrtnn. — Ph&utilplua Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T HH teinacm of Chamlrtry and Medlelnt* h*»* SMD taxed their atmort to prodbe* tkis bact, anvt p«rffvr ptiT{ssvtJTv wtilcb !• sCoowD to mtm Innnnmrmf)!*) prnofii *j« cho«n that tbflsM PTLU h*** Ttrtn«.i which cnr^fuui vn •xoaileoc* ttitt ordioarj m«dldn«si, end that th*rr win <io prec^dentodly npon th« ••taeiD of all man. Thoy svr»*»ft> •nd plflssvamnt Co tak.% bat powerful to car* Tbetr p**n«^ Cf-sUing properties, 1 atlmalat« th* Tltal artlTltJMof th* H"-ly, rcmoT* the obsitrnetlCTDB of It* or emus, purity th* *>int><< and axpel dlsn.Mn. Thayporfeont the Ebnl bamors whicb br«ed and grow distjanper, itlmalat» slTtftTlsb -T dlw-r .l«r*d orgmns Into thotr natural scti«n, end Impart b*mlthT ton* with strength t» tha whole fysitem. Not unly 1«< (bay cnr* th« *vmrj-d*y oomplalnta of *i*rj bodv. in; alao fbrsXildssvbl* and dmncttroru dlneasMa that h»»«* ba(n«l the boat of bamaa iklll. WMle they produce powerful irtTectA, they ar» at the tarn* ttoe. In dimtntahAd 'I)***, th- .taXest aod beflt physio that can be tmplnyvd far -Ufldr-n Btflnf lajfar-ooatad, they sr* plnarsnT to take, a»*l h*>,n.i purely Testable, an frea from any risk of harm ("nr-^ have been made which rorpaas belief w«r* they oat <utv »tantlat>d by men of inch «iaft*d podOon sad ch-armoter as to forbid the fticptcfon of nntrntk. Many smtii^nt clergymen and phyvlciana h»T» lent their oame* to r-«rtlfr to the pnbllc the reliability mt my rvrowtiwa, whi]» othfn have tent me tbe asiaraaee of their eemtlctlon that my Preparations oootrlbate Immeneely to th« relief -»f my afflicted, raffwrlng CaDow-fnea. «» The Agent below named ta plaetwd to funjlsh <rratls EDT Amctioui AJmana^, cnntalnlrqj dJrs*rtlonj frir th*tr nwi ui't irertlflcat«*i of their cores*, of th*> following complalnLN - Ot.«aT*.neeB, Itlllon* O-mpLaints, R-h*nmafl*m. r>rnps> T Heartbnrn. Headache arising lYnni » fnal «u>mivch. San •ea, Indlic^rtJun, Uarbtd loactkiQ nf tb<> Ilowoti sin-1 f'tln •vrtslag ther^fr^m, natnlen«*y, \**m of * pp#«tlt*, kit ( — mis sod PutaofKins f^innsncn wdich r^julr- tn -Tiu-'.^m m**liclD«, ^r«tfala 'ir Sine*! B>U. Th^y S!JK>, '•» ynr*^r (DK th« h!r>od and ttlmuladm the lystem. >*ur* mAnv /•ompliunU »hlrh It would oo* b« tnppr«>«1 th>-T >•"!•) reach, tnch as Dwmfnaaa, Partial BUndncw. N«nrm.i.clA »n,t I D.?y«, ilimt, and nther kln<lnMl r*>mplnlnfa sitslnw 'V-'u < low itato of th* buriy or ob«tractkin of it» fnii'-tli n*. ' otbor ptll tb<*T make more pmflt on A«k &>r A T IM i ] PtLM, sod take oothlnn «l*e No .itb*r '.h««T -*n <•— • 7011 rtiuipssvr-* with this lo It* Iutr1n«r •mln* jr -nnTi»- I pow»r-4 THu -li-k want th* S***! %!') :h*r* n ST Ti-m. Prepared by DT. J. C. Praelical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell Mass. Paws US CTH. rsa Box. 7m BnTW fin S I . BOLD BT JOHN RICE, Muwiui.f. wwn in ihe t'ntted l^taUJ. mMy eow.lAw i N VIGOK'A r I'UhrARKD BY DR. - W • Compound Kntirely frmi 1 ?* ONE of the best Pnrirvtiv* »n i l.i». now before the public ill cnorbibor had matter A^ •*>' * * j <i' from thf »y«Ufm, nipv'T- ••^ I'^^f-i M-» nc >n their pla.-*? \ ^_ pr-T-n *- ti«althy flow of bilv, 'n- , ,, —T._. .- ltom ; ch . ^ °"'j •"-•>• O Hip. III li: MS. food in ?>l ' t'IU_ rriH/yintf t \ * ^ ^J^-i - ' ft vi n •\r-a.tth in ihe whole m*,- no** 1 of ihe dts**adi!— tftTectlng \ radical cure 'tff, prfV--nt«fd hy th>; 'ic ^, r SMS! on.xi ^_-ie .if \\\f l.ivir t On« ilnsc. »n«;r oatlni: ^ tS aulDrient t<> r^lit-vr the k. Only on* il'.^c- tiken before pe*:lriQp, [irt;v«nt3 niljhimtirt. Only on« Jnsi; taken at £enUy. and ^ur^ <"Yw»- "^On** 'ios« tek^n after iz^mni each meal will cure . y*- ^r7 «in^ x p«P#i<l. r"*"fl fffftr One Jane of two lea k^^ Frr:** •poonfula will always re- ^**~ a jSi^ Here .Vir*t HtadacA*. r*rnu-i OnJy on« Jose imme- ^"^ »n.l tt '1 lately relieves ("Wi 1 .-, -^ ma to vnile ^-^ .i,-rlui ^1*7 fM IM« (< art tfivfrtij £A 4 t> «' ny in (fa favor. t > r - v -1, i it J(/r»*«. PKItil OH! DOLLi a PKB SiTTL«. DR. 8A.VFO8D, .'roprletor, No. S45 t|ro44l or». ; & flailed by all Druggists. Sold alon, -*y JOHN jjrl WholfialeaaJe and Retail, MU*«UK N K W T R E A T M I. N 1 Lhe cure of the ibove dlsewes. It has oeen suojrci, ,i 10 a test by tne most emlneul physicians In London, Paris, Philadelphia and New Tork ; It has (wen declarr.l Ihe only useful Instrument «rer inreutfd for H-e cur a Confidential Medical i,i\i<« A T the Buffalo Private Hospital—established 'nr •:,„ cure of Syphilis. Seminal Wsaltnesa »n.l tl,« s-.-r.-i Infirmities of Youth and Maturity, by Or A Mot' i BON, Buffals, S. T. Office, corner of Mum «n.l 0,i»> streets, (ap stairs.) A MOST soiKJmnc INVBNTION An Instrument for the care of Uerutal Dvbihiy, . >r Nocturnal Emissions^ more properly kuo^rn as ^emm.-tl Weakness, Ao.—can be permanently cured n T-tu fifteen days to two months by the use of this insimmfH, when used conjointly with medicines. ! YOUNG MEN TAKE PABT10ULAH NOTIOK. [ Dr. AM03 » SON lake pleasure In announcing ih.« they have Invented a most lmport«ni instrumetit f.,r the cure of the ibove diseases. It has been • to Pi of*Be«ilnaT'w'eaknea«, or any disease of the genitsl organs, caused by the lecret habit of youth. Price ten dollars by mall or express. A CURB WARBASTKD. 0 r . AMOS A SON have devoted their attention ex- clusivety to this peculiar class of maladies, and ihe relief they have consequently been enabled lo render their fellow creatures. Is fully lestlnml and gratefully acknowledged by convalescent patients ami others dally atriTlng In town from all parts of the country for the express purpose only of consultations, vhlle their exertions have been crowned with the mu-.t imnal advantages; yet from what they have experienced in t*n- qnlrlng Into the causes of those infectious complaint , (from their most simple condition to that of :he most dangerous and .Inveterate,) they b^ve always entertained the possibility of their prevention and looioual, and Ukeviw Invariably found that the most liorrlhi.- and malignant forms of disease could almost mvirliil.l, be traced to one of the following causes: lunorancc, neglect, or the IU tffccta of unskillful aa.l Improper treatment; therefore, D». AMOS* 8o» hs*» raccmlni In dlscoTOrlng, In the (election of their renu-dle.i, « safe, effectual and csatlotu course; omlttli g 11 combination of remedies which bear an equivocal character, aa weU ai those whose premature or Injudicious application might be productive of bad consequences lu the hands of private Individuals. In sh<n, the liml.i- ble end of their remedies Is the lessening nf a ;ri<at mass of human misery by the alleviation, relief and prevention of those grievous* afflictions that are m reality the secret foes of life, and wt> ch, while they sn extensively surround ns, caU aloud for our skill and taterftrtaee In their extermination. COUSTKY INVALIDS. Persons ID any i«rt of the world mar ba succeisfQllv treated by forwarding a correct, detail of their caie ' with a remittance fpr Medicine*, lo. Addrw.w Or. AMOfl A SON, corner AUta and OOAW •Cnwt.BuBUo, If.T. jftaT-dJkwlj ^lif tlii.i v ,»n* !'• ' 'tr,M y -.J * H, • ',.. . 'f '! - . It,.- ' '1S«- •>< ' • : 0? THE AGt i v N K : n K i KlCilLM in AD M Kv. , U .•; li !)) K.llU^ f i,lll|M- i 'ithVKN ' - : rs ? \ i .-• • ( !ti VK.N ! -i ; V-* i? v:., ..- XKKES n(K -*, ., , .-.» ^, , F\SK.- T''(, -, f,.,- - ; -., t •'KK.^ THK <i. \..i' c .. u » •it; I..- ii> * „. ' •; f*l»l..' rM i . i. -«i 1.11 HY * , u i i -• l,i> !M \ i. • ,w ; . 4 M .» K K • T < l . •< r vi.viiK.- r sr . - ' MASKKT JV . r>T l. ( ,l \ •* 0 J WOOD t i''i I'- ,. ... Yirfc. , n M,H ^rrrvl - •'. r iu>l IU Mitritft s: , -it. i,, n t, • Sold r»v ' II * Hit I N». 1 -4 lil'l flii'-v <^o<«Ji Li»- i.f, -^ SI (r I-1 V A N I > tl r A t ' I N t , ^rS^*S2s^j^ ^^#7-^Tv\ vwXSyJsSsis,. x - - x -\.. ^".^i ^ '-'\ «sr. ^^p -inlni-nt in. , . U •".. "8 lUn.lolph, .-..rnor ,| l>-.., r h,. c , 'wiirtleu inri.-i P 4 u -.h« ..... , vr . .' , ' ' L<UT SIGHT ASI> //.<, i.v/vr; irpwanln ,,t TWO IirNDItKI. t,, . , -,....„ r .. c .., v ,.,, hv Dr. C w ll,,,, the |MI ,..„, „,.„, ^ af (>< , h]im ^J I.. en l,l,n.J for month, an.l ,,„„. h»v,. (,»,! their SI K M r*-. or^.l by ,ltli,-ut« ,i.,,/ / Ifflnit ^trrUlon*. ail parts of the country, nn.l ,ll.u,,»,,, u . t , !. ured ,,„ eari^f received casi?s. ' ' rs^*' M ' 8 Pw l n ' ret ' f° r ar * exnmtnntir ti or .million « V^"l 01vfor ««""ee» that are not imectMful. %, will „ ....^ nhe ,, tigj^u,,,, ta rw . eiTwl . UT '_ i: ; aweu ., *• _ ^ be had yra«» an » r

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