The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 1, 1973 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1973
Page 12
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Tr\*» p «< 8* Ma,. r. kurat ttun ittro to yea t) uttxisiT ito i»*» t vikasytn; 1 Jlja JbM M««IH; U -06 -Win Oft The Hrnio-iiwn Theatifr Dm olfu-* will txc m "Hu> oj)^o (hi* Suntl»> ami rvtry Iwikk day through Juiw t to J'.smcU Smith' Wr»i 7 p.m to take rwrrvatiojw jo» i\>Jumt>u Jmi;.i.<r Ht£h Sc "Th* Tunnel <>| l.tivn-"' 3 »'uwv !M«h*r S»w wil »erMftlut*tl Jutw « thruuKh I* rtuskuts tirf (ttnt H««%atloo may t* l>> V4lt»rvg ZW JtW C «dmiMton b ti «> i*-*i-»<nrr. |twwu W,-»U o« ivtrr ti Tfi^j "» Tlw pUy rt luutrt- !tvf Ar.«M.»V it v.j.,s *.» ,\i !vv ia U»u»*a tr* of Mk'keir Trainrt, ivpprr drama (cai-ttifr it A£»O sw,-* to i HiS,h JktwuJ Thi* (* Vla'.( \'«*> Kpv> *'-U ha first pr«xtuclt«Mn for tr* fVm*« ^' ; «t KH» ? movicjj (o t.jku Jatlwn j>f...:.Mt-',iv!« at tf.. ut s, Junr », isn I"*** U ;fe;fi»JSSKte^^^ Bonds sold for Sugar Land sewage system fl Q| trl'i CJ V*«WT tV(l« TV«trt D Mktri UltWtS l*««trj (M Mr VwiBk wsal B tw t! !*».». _ .•£« UJ< rf Sire,-*" » M » J } A 1 1 • a 8*.i;«. ifca? j', Utrj fjtHutf , U«a UiS- titto Jvw VM* s> TVatoirr kit to* e* !(> ^o s«!u L-u>i(i»H:ii in t^s- ."o!<- rf S.'.rtLt J.nrft*t«v, andttiKr titiAj tfvp diji>ptLi>!i tn thdt <:>!)'„ hn< iui tvrn «cUvv i;v. <"»;-.^jii«f *u! t«! I'ommffce HciJitt Vt^Jr J'»- ,' an,! t »:ii ?« J.T tw VTittj rout. w; i*he — Hil ^ JJ\M — -Oat tit it . f Ituatrr. riiwtwt 1:W 3l*J CO ta (fur wtH t* tVik l>jnr> ir*l >.hs of Mins VI - C«,KCT«0WU!*)^.. g LET**, set: i BOCtdtrr WTO Trtr£ FCAUCHUK Iff film flops, Twiggy may turn to knitting CAPTAIN'S CHAIR RESTAURANT Atop ^Saratoga Inn Featuring PRIME STEAKS Also FRESH SEAFOOD UNTIL 11:00 PM Reterv w Jon 3U. S1 w GU>' bLVO. .AT IWY a» FRKiUtJBT. fiy DICK KLKtN'KA !IOLLV\VOt)t>~ iNK.\> - Twij;^ u bfAnt-h.-fta out. Maybe you've (af^atim about Twtgjey She nwd* 4 big ntwte jplash a co«j>l« ago wj!& "Th* {J0y d«ir,'i of Frsctsd." but thai do tew wet! iSsspili? all th* advance hoopla. .So. far 3 euupk o< years, th**j inactive. THE COUNTRY COMBINATION Appearing At RAMBLING ROSE FBI. BH.UOKIA her firjt made-ttv-Ant«rK4 film and it's also h*r nr»5 (framatk; rote on tJ» «r«*rs It's time to catch ap on " beeti gain^ on with «, as her fwih call bier T*> b*pn with, if* 1 * { a»«J 4J»- Jtutin rf* VH!* That relationship has lasted longer than most mar • riagft* and they *UH ««m {ike young lovers. After ' Th* Boy Fmod." irwy *pcnt a >var firrpdruig a film calkd "Gotta Sins; GtXU Dane*." wftfch waj oin^ to b* a big ami lavuh RAMBLIN' ROSE SATURDAY NIGHT CHUCK PATTERSON AND THE RHYTHYMAIRES BHAZotm n*-»«s -H good friends meet" FKIDAV AND SATVRDAY CAREL BROWN AND THE SHADOWS AFltiK 1111 Sorftidr H4.. liwy. UZ, Tke TINA FttiUAV b U KOAV »-! THE KOUNTRY KNIGHTS *16 M. FlauUJiwi Kd., Clute DANCE WORLD PRESENTS T.C. REESE ft THE ASSOCIATES Don Teifye JMY > « SATtHJOAV Tw Mard TM JOMI U1G«« MW M& imv. m A\W,ETO,N "Bui we never cou!<J Uw moc«y for i!." says "1 expect that becaia* "Th# B«y Fr; didn't do AH w*U a.t petted." Tfce time wa«n't Twiggy took a lot of lcij«at and »he think.* sfc*'» a m«ch better danc*r r«y* than th« wai when she nu«!« "Ttte Boy Friecd." Stw aba did a lot of knitting-she u»J a knitting machine-and the rwultj were to z»xl a tig manulactitr«r want* to put out a U»e o< kn«» "If ft hai>p*ni." Justin says, "it wiij be a bigger dtj! than any rnuvte " When thev rvalued that "Gotta Sing ' vjun'l gonrw happen, they began reading jome of the script* i«nt to hfr. They finally found one they liked and that'* wh> »he's turre lt'» calkd W und it's being produt«d b> Mel Ferrer and directed by Richard Quin« ' Ttwjy call it a p*ychot'JK- tea! my tlery." Twiggy »ay», "but i call tt a H*ar> tiuiller." . Will she have to practice Opera Festival has double bill The second week oi Grand Opera'-s Spring Opera Fcsiival will leature a double bill and a third preterttatum ol "La Raodiae." ftecord crowdt attended the firu tteefc of the free festival io Miller Theater in Herauna Fartt Uwurt'f "The Imprewrw" am) Siravintky's -'A Soidkr'* Tale" *ili be performed , and Sunday. operetta, "Ut ttoodifle ' *'ll be pi-tn-ott-d Uiu tveiijcg Tbt festival will i low tt'« ' 40*5 then »*«• *»".'',••{»• i'U !«' s! " !* « t » ^^J * « * BV-* t » II ,.*(,., < .. »»» )«,<»• t •* .1 1 » f » » I HJ on STEVI MCQUEEN " Li MANS' AMUSEMENT GUIDE SURF « <; , ...<u« * • • *" i^ *".- * (.,' *.;,rtr ** • i '.• VEUSCO 8EACOH vi.t'MMt.t '.it t : *.r *.u •s.-^.m * i''- : '^ r LAKE II t;lM»KHKM.-\ AT 7:< I i k" I* 1 I «X 10: IK) I^/VtVl> I \j OOU8U DISNEY WALT DISNEY BW» " INDEREUA r x t 4 t » s i~| NOW THRU TUES, 7:00 & 9:10 HELLAJPSDE DOWN ESCAff AWiimMfft ivwi SAT. MATINEE 1:30 & 3:00 "HOT ROD ACTION" RATED G They've come a bng way since that summer of 7, and with Kalpb Vaughaa Wiiluai*' "Hugh The Fnday >»d , J«w> ft and », Fr«* tkJKM /or th* «e»Ux) area of Miller Theater wiU be l the »lre#t l**d (rffict of JOOM H»U and ttjoo ull t p.m I GRAND OPINING SATURDAY. JiM< 2 { ) it. ni. (o inidni HiM»m »»i«Mtjr i.r. inodK-. nl lit (i .in. iii rung,, I ),« H«»4 ( uiiiiiiliiii t luiiiitwr n< I «.fiuuf <-r *Kir>9 Burger * Hot Dogs ^ French Fries 454 S. win COiUMMA 345-32*4 *« * 35* * Malt 4 Slut ei 25 C **• W «BP i^F Ofl C * lce Cream Conei Cc ^ " to* >» ,*» IMM, ^ 20° * free Coffee oil day! Use our convenient

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