Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1941 · Page 13
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1941
Page 13
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I STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS News of Whiteside and Adjoining Counties TAMNGQ NEWS . H*lws H- Ph«*t* 81-1 Entertain Circle of 1 Methodist Church at Church Tuesday Night Mr* S B Mmitooth and Mr? Ver- Dfni.wn of THmpiro wrre host- pM es to the mr-mbr* of n;p Useful Li^rs rircle of thr Meth^d!^ church Tuesday rvrnins In the honir of the formrr.' Thrrr was s l«r«e attm- of members and Mr' Warren MrKenri" ami were Ehiring Rnd Mrs. Hilma the businrss Jn of chars? of Mr*. Wilson Berfte. prr<l- dent Mrs. Clifford Harms Rave the report of the calendar committee and Helen Wood* gave the report of the nomlnattnn committee officers were elected a* follows: Chairman, Mrs Meryl Spencer: vice chairman Mrs. LeRoy Stewart: secretary. MlM Mildred Peterson: and treasurer Miss Dorothy McCreedy. Announcement wan made of the meet big of the Woman's Society o Christian Service to be held Wednesday. Oct. M. MlM Mildred Peterson expra**d appreciation for a card received during her Illness Mrs LeRoy Stewart and Mn. Wilton Berge had charge of devotions reading an article "The Lord Is My Shepherd." followed by the Lord's nrayer In uni*orf. Various games snd contests furnished diversion during the social hour for which prizes were awarded Mlwes Mildred Peterson »nd Helen Woods. Delicious refreshment* in keeping with the Hallowe'en season were served at quartet tables by the hostesses. Hal- lowt'en covers and napkins were mcd on the tables. Hallowe'en candles were the cent*rp»ece* and each guest received «n appropriate favor. Mrs George Rtickel and Mrs. Virgil Peterson will entertain Tueaday eve- Womon Is Morriod in Florida Tampico relatives have received announcement of the marriage of Mrs. Florence Cobun to R. G. Ralli, 1 both of New York city, which oc- curr*d October J. Since their mar- riace they have been staying in Miami Fla.. where Mr. Ralli will be employed until the first of the year. • Mrs. Ralli. who is employed as dieti- «. clan > at the Veteran's hospllal in gV the Browi. New York, has been tak- . k« an extended vacation from her "• duties, but will return to New York city this month. Mrs. Ralli is the •aiMhter of the late Max Brown of % Taistpico and her many relative* and A i friends In this vicinity Join in «- P%tcnding the couple congratulations i and best wishes. Their home in New ^ York dty will be at 2500 Webb.Ave, Apt W. B J_fqirtyJjonors Group On Anniversaries Tha birthday anniversaries of Mrs. Herbert AckeYson. MU» Freida . Peterson and Mist Belle Johnson of Tampteo were observed at a party • Wednesday afternoon in the home of * Mrs. Aekereon. The guests spent the afternoon visiting after which s - picnic lunch . was enjoyed. Others praaent were Mrs. Leslie Peterson, Mrs. Boline Olson and daughter '*»», Mrs. N«ls Pie«on, Mrs. Melin- 'da Zuhl. Mrs. Fred Pedersen, Mrs. - K*tts J. MOlaen, Mrs. Hansena Ja- eobson. Mrs. Thomas Dillon. Mrs. Mary Hunt, Mrs. Peter Pierson. Mrs. Minnte Smith. Mrs. Nettie Sackett, Missw Tilda Olson, Helga Hanson, Carrie Yentx. Esther Peterson. Tilla Johnson, Betty and Juanita Ptedcr» •tn, and Patricia Ackenon. • Glosses Dismissed The Tamptco schools and rural Bthools to this vicinity dismissed »ft*rnt>r>n on Monday. The >«fh*r* will attend th* te»ch- er's irs«*:t';te on Thursday »nd Fri- Teachers' Club Meets At Deer Grove School Tr' Tsrrrico Trnch*r« club mrt Tti»*<i*v *\rnirt in the Deer Grove •school Miv Gladys McGrath esve ft rer^r; on the tenchrm' reading circle book. "Americas to the South" by John T WhKafcer. Miss AvU Mc- Orath. rr;rin«r president, fvn I'«"T.C dii"?i«^ed st the •,;nril meeting held mice a month In Morrison. The loUotsma, oUVrrrs were ele<-t- rd for :hf ensuing year: President. Mis* Florence Ejtan: vie* 1 president, ML«s Arts McOralh: and secretary, Mi« Arifne Cunningham. The next eetir.R, will be Tuesday evening, Nov. 11. Tampico Briefs Tuesday evening gue«U of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Britt were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reese. Will Orr and Mr*. Delia Gowan of Rock Falls and Dr. Guy Gowan of Chicago- Pvt. Fehlman Waite is on furlough from Ft. Bliss. Texas, and Is visiting Tampico relatives and friends. Mrs. Fredd* Hansen of Prophetstown visited Mlsa Belle Johnson Monday. Sunday dinner and supper guests of Mn. Mary Gaftey were Vivian Ryiand of Rockford. Elmer Brain- ley of Prophetitown. Matte Roche and sons William and Everett and daughters Mvrtle and Gladys, and Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Britt Mrs. Era Eddy and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Potter returned to Sterling Monday after visiting a few days in the home of /Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Eddy. Mrs- M. E. Rushton of Galesburg is visiting her parent*, Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Anderson. Pvt. Ardith Kirst of Camp Forrest. Term., is on furlough and is visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Kirst and family. Mrs. George Hl&ter returned to Moline Monday after visiting in the home of Mi. and Mrs, Victor Newman a few days. Mrs. Laura OU*on went to Varna Wednesday to visit relatives until the first of the week when she and her niece. MaxincBteinke of Rutland, will leave for Bradenlon, Pla. Mrs. Olssoo will spend the winter at Bradenton. Mrs. Sylvia Miller and Mr. Smith of Peoria were recent dinner grfeats of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Britt Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Steadman left Tuesday to visit relative* in Indiana. At Warsaw they will visit Mr. and Mrs. Scott Swanson and at Cromwell they will visit Mr. and Mrs. Kd Ruple and Mrs. Knuna Bteadsoan. Mrs. "'ans Berlau of Princeton to visiting in the homes of Mrs. TilUa Christensen and Mrs. Hilma Peter* son thi* week. Mrs. Mary Frank, who for many years has made her home in Rock Falls, has moved to Tampico to make her hosne with her son and R. M. Hockmaa liam J. Prank. Mr. and Mrs. drove to Chicago Tuesday afternoon where they visited the tatter's mother. Mrs. Joe Witmtr. a patient in a Chicago hospital following an operation Class Holds Outing The 7t"fi Tr is.v; wen! to Th Sunday Arthtir 'r:-. arid ttvr> vi.'-:V'"Mr- : P'!rchs.""<i the '.i^iff' own^d hv Mai.'on Rur^e. thmt hs.s h*><>n O'rupifd bv Mr. and Mr.< S. G. rot^- They .- T1M f«>ce porc.'f»«.<ti!Tn No\. ! Mr. »nd. | Mr.«. Pnri* 1 p-lnn trv rn<v. r fo Behl•• ; ' - r'> tihT^ tJi^ir .""-^n snd rln-icrs'T- !n->-s. Dr. nnd Mr, 5 . F.\f-rf!t 'Poyx>, GonquestofQarkness! Of MILETUS, A (rfiEEK PHIL OSOPHER, RECOADED TME PACF, THAT AM0ER, WMEN N\»08EP/WILL ATTRACT OBJECT'S > THIS IS OEMEfiAUy COH- Si OeREO AS THE Of f LECTRICAL •r j v UN IMf I* MMtUM PQsT XOU» U6«r', THAT DBCAM fclAVC EVEN f* WITH Dsl. FlftCFC*, ttfMICtf Give* off uctttr; 9ur NO NOPEAN TUMNti*, Att AUTO MAT»CALLV COUNTED AS IACH CAM INTesKEPTS A BEAM Of UCrHT M/HKM l& PIKCCIED A pN0ro>it.tsrrRic TUB* ./' ll Of IHf MfiiMCH MANH std>». MM.. OQNSdMM* AH HdsHlCWCMtHT M FAt EU«MMAT|MS> Hsf PtLMNfr AMP Mr. awl Mrs. Rolling Honored at Supper A Aiir.T » *-' ~fi ri - ;T> f~* r nr f. f Mi-v lfl» R <*'..r.s snd M^ V Llckharri r-n M-rclsv e-.eiung hcmor of Mr and Mr.' Amiri R« Hooppole Briefs Mr ard Mr? Adrian Kay ami O• ?r Mirk? ^'. M^'..n*> wfre gue."* >n 'h* >K:rnr of Mr arw} Mrs, Jne Pol-! The n^drt :-S f*»e »•».« Mr*. Howard H»a«*n. Tnf e\fT. :x '-r.; «c«c;»..:- . pr^Tif vf Mr' A:' B -\ *i and d* ;gh:rr Donna Jrar. of K<-n- nett. Mo. Mr5 r^*T.^frf of Toledo. O. \tr xnrt Mr5. Car! 6« rock and dmiiihter Maritvn of ProyrtietMo'a.n Mr. nnd Mrs An .fl Piernon or Mar,.;u.«. Mr. and Mr* Msn-in B)»^H rt 8>rlinc. Mr onri Mrs. Vrrr.nn and f»m.:v. Mr. and Mr* Clarfrvre P;erw>n nnd «jn. Mr. and Mr*. Howard Heosen «nd Mrs. Robena Jumlxon. Yorktt>¥m-Thomo$ Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Johnson of Buffalo. N. Y . Mrs Everett Johnson of Manhu*. P^te Johnwn »nd duughter LsMa and Mrs. Le5tw Jotuvon and daughter Junirr were Monday afternoon rallrr* In the home of Mrs Fred Frwk of MoJine. Mr. and Mry Frnnlc Dmg* of Ro- chellc were fih.indav dinner ftiww In the home of Mr and Mrs Gwrgc Whipple and daueMer Mabie. Mr. and, Mrs Elvin Undqut^t mere Shnday d'inner guest* In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jaquet of Ann* wan. Hostess to Mrs. Henry Hllger enteruioed 22 members *c the Sunshine class at her home In Hooppoie Tuesday afternoon. Two visitor*. Mrs. Harold Winkter of Tampico. and Geraldim Geaael of Jamestown A D, were also present. -A new member. Mrs. Myrlln Countryman. Joined the class Mrs. Chester Greenwood assisted Mrs. Hil«er in .serving. M;;n»l B ;;£f>»or. in viMttng re'.a- jve* in Erie thL< ^eek Oeralrilnr GT.?r! of JamejiUiT n, D t.< <L«:t!r:c in the rhe«»rr irf-rji-A r>'*\ r.' i "'> Shr is a n:r<f <•! r. 5 Grr< l n«oc»d. WALNUT NEWS Reporter. Margaret WaMa Fh»n« R-Ml Hostess at Bridge Mrs. Howard Saundtrs was host- to her biniffF club Tuesday »f- ternoon. two tables playing. Hieh ore prize was won by Mrs. Howard Brandenburfc. and consolation by Mr? Ruwell Brandenburg. A dainty lunch wa* served. Relief Corps Meets Brewer Reiirf Corps of Walnut met Tuftfirlflv afternoon with the president. Mrs. Edna Bauuccr. in charge of the meeting. Plans were made to attend the district convention Nov. 3, at Prophetstoikn. •Buy Burke House Mr and Mr* Charles Odell have Walnut Briefs Mr-. F. H. DfVol of L-v, Anerles. C»l;f . ^^^nR^ Tiif'-d«v tn .v;-^nrt B '.** f1*y; TtMtinR «! tn* 1 home of Mr.' ,T. W Rns.^ anrt nrhrr Walnut 'rirrids Mrs DrVo! ui R formrr Walnut rr*!dfnt. Rev. and Mr*. C Naumnn rvf Fan- ha-)/. Minn, und MM. Ir-.-.n Snave!•. and .ton L\le of Strriins were T.ic.sdnv nue«t«; of Mr. nnd Mrs. L. E. Gonigam, r-r. Hettrr Kerchner and dR'.mhter, Mr.«. Norma !>>nrh, of I>owner» Grove cAme Monday to spend this week at the honip of Uirir daughter and wster. Mrs. Howard L^i.^rr. F*«(rr B)»ndt r»»lec«ly Imam Fln« K««ilr« SPECIAL PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Yellow Corn Meal $ Ib. bag 17c None-Smek Wkole Kernel Corn, No. 2 can 15c Goodemouik Butter Ib. 39c Hill* Jfret. Co/fee -. 2 t*6«. 61c Break WMorm Coffee Ib. 19c Ltuk'iu Cut Wax Beans No. 2 can lie Li*6**» Mixed Vegetables No. S can 12c Jtcuiji*— Seeded or Seedless 15-oz. fkg. 12c Brown Sugar J Ibs. 21e Seminole Toilet Tissue 3 rolls 21c Camay Somp J bars 17c Sweet Potatoes t Ibs. 2Sc LAIDIGS GROCERY Frm IMitWf 7H 5th Ace. Phant 2H SHAWGER'S 806 E. Fifth St Phone 620 PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE AT BOTH STORES! 912 W. Sixth St Phone 1850 SKY 27" Why «ay tmr mm expnusvc ttm ea»? EAKLY ClY krastd ! ................. I Ibs. Ue IMf MOMf WUllH HLHCTBAIIV •r PREM 12 oz. MB Lunch Meat cmn *^^ Baby m Foods fl cans li ll Ifa •1C 41 «a. ts» S7c Pure Cane II n,. 5* Silver Crest ... f J ' Ib. B^gS^JsHBT Jm ^MM SMSMaf dj ffBjf «r FMMSI lie WHILE TBWY LAST CLOSING OUT FOB THE SCABON! LEVER BROS. SOAP SALE! UUnUMUOY «r LtX SOAP ........... ban Uc Ll'JI FLAKES Small l*r. iaite I lar Bk HtNBO-.... IU* Me, gtaxti «r, au»t I lor IBJ ••.VRB BtJBT. wHlt dasl) tomd Fay. Me •WAN~4t ffMto :.-..» kwd. ife, IslBlta FAJBY TOfUrf 60AP i fears |gc fthiyh**^ Fresh dressed JJg WPBmW« fibers Lb. *^ SwTft "Select" ROAST .... Lb. Freshly ground.. Lb. RIBS OF BEEF Lb. 14c VEAL STEW Lb. 15c Pork Sausaffe, home made..Lb. 21c Oysters, pint cans, solid pack, 38c FBOiTVD tFkf. aquasi iuart) .. .tie FaekafvBte •E SUE'S ft" IB HOsWILS Fv TOLL SWUM far LABCK CANBY SUUU ....t l«r tie Cali APPIES 27s iM*'*. t> 111 ""F lO>vfS T PRICES IN * / #{//?/?><;/ GET IN ON THIS MAV'.MOTH •' ONCE A "EAR FOOD EVENT BONNIE LASS MICHIGAN FREESTONE PEACHES . ... NO.2i., Z c REFRESHING TOMATO JUICE . 2 46 oz. cans 29 C .»«.*' ( OMF. AGAIN e*"* 79* TOMATOES ... WJ.H 1018 HAUAIHN PINEAPPLE JUICE *— ™ oz. No. 2 can? 25c 12—19 07,. No. 2 cans 97c can 27* National WHOLE KERNEL GOLDEN CORN SAVf TWO WAYS! Sav* pmtntoa •« ««ch cw* .;; Scrv* dimes on each deivnl WORE Sttwr Nip Sweetened Jaire SraprfraH ",7!0c TasMt* Jake C««pb«ir» "^ le Vegetable Jake CocktaU AsRCftcan HOSM Light He4 KM. 12M-OB. N..2can* w. N*. 2 cans l»c Aswrtcasi H«ste ColsVn BanUsa CAMPBELL'S COM! AOAM Itow FMk JUNE PEAS 3 "•"• w * 9t* 2 cans s€O« PINEAPPLE American Home <wl)h P»rk) BEANS 4 .:26t UiMweetened Jake 8raptfraH '^Me Cat BEETS 3 ! ",7.r 23e G»a4 Wholesome Quality Gem*. TMhltx or Crashed 2 1 ;.:, i»e Yellow Cling CikllfornU Pftsi£k*tt ' 2 39 ' oz - rOgWHWf t No. 2'^cans 12,47 19 tn. No! 2>i can tie Calif. Bartlett— Amerlf an Roma 13 29-oe, No. 31, can .. 12.71 tff <K. N*. IS ean X«> Am. Horn* Sliced or Crashed 12 30 ' 0(I ' No ' ^ c »n .. HJM 30 oz. No. 24 can 22o Mu«selman's APPLE SAUCE 3 "•".:.'" 28e Tempting MrHICOTS 2'.-:. X Ift-M. Wm, 1 tall cam U* PEACHES 2';~l7c BartleU PEARS 2'^26e Asaartosl FRUIT Salad ",7 lie X-~M aa, N*. 2 casts He RMM Sifted J PEAS 1 2 "^-Jl .47 2— M w. N*. 2 caas tte Solsd Pack " lf ~*^ t—1» M. N*. S cans X5c NaUM's Frsfa Cilans Wkate Kensei 'Ar$i.10 I II aa. can* \9e Natsw's FrUa t Grttai Ears 0« tsw C«fc FRUITS and VEGETABLES POTATOES, Idaho Russtt ..... 1 5 It*. 38c TOKAY GRAPES/ Fey. Tablt Qual., 2 lb». I Be SW. POTATOES, Fey. Porto Rican, 4 Ibs. 15c POTATOES, Fey. Rtd Triumph .. 15 Ibi. 27e RUTABAGAS, Sw««t and T«nd«r ,. 2 Ibt. 5c GREEN CABBAGE, Fey. Homt Grown, 2 Ibi. 5c Dry Onions. Fey. Ytllow . Ib. 3c Ctltry, Fey. Washed Mich., 3 stalks lOc Calif. Carrots, good sixt bunch . .5 Vac 424 Locust St. 4 ean t ear. Ste Was«la~" w Cat ML HAMS PEAS Asarrlraa Haas« Whale Setsasats Na.XcaasZv6 Natianal EVAP. MILK X—14'i aa. cans—tie QUALITY MEATS FANCY DHE88KD lk.25o M»T CUTS CSNHCE WUF WATMAN Ff*TK QVALTTT HMD U BBW^^V^BFwBil^sV ^B^^ •AZCL BRAND FINEST QVAUTT TASTY FBK8B m.23e lb.21e IklSe B.29t B.19c Ik. 29t 0CBAN ' ,-. KMI FliETS Ib.l9i FAN BBABT MEM riff....... Ik.l2i« FANCY FBJUUI STEAKS la. 29* •AXEL MsAND «HOUO L1VBB BAVIAGB FBESV CREAMED COTTAGE CBBSBE Ifc. lie HEINZ sours Asaarta4 Eiopt CUa Chowder, Coasomme, and CosuonuM Maarilsaw. 12 :^ $1.42 Came Agala 2-1*. | A A GRAPE JAM. Jar IW Came Again—Except Btraw- a«rv7 ar Rasp. t-l». PRESERVES Jar Swift's •raaklteU CREAM CUE8E ganash as Satta A (Migatfvl 2 ^ (2 I— 14 aa. sit lie HtiM Prayand SPAS, i I— U-aa. caju tic Cam flaltta §••• MLLOGG'S pkg. F«*t O«*rs*r» Halted Sad* «-!•• |BI A CRACKERS .... k«z IWl Natianal Maid Flaia or Sugared DOUGHNUTS .. dot. NattonaJ pkf- PAN BOLLS ...... •! II OLB BVITV. ^ABBM' • ^ HBsl •ACA, 12 -ST SI.42 t— 17 aa. cans Sic Old FiialMMd CfeJU Saac« PINK SALMON Alaska I li-aa. tal NATIONAL FOOD STORES

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