The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 30, 1974 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1974
Page 6
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.J j--bt, , • * > £ I; Firm car Insurance •HMNMn 1B0 oWtt ift IWDnl^ 4wl (w^NK^OA. StJrt* Fvnfn ftpfc tWMMl P0t rat* Ml by trx StaM Boatt «i tflfcirtnc* Fo» * tf» «*•».«*• Or tfcp fty HE. FRANKLIN G.O. FRANKLIN U* M*ttl*» «.»(«. VMtUOUO* 297-2425 Uteagori Stafcfonn is there. INDUSTRIAL DRAFTING DESIGN SERVICES Deetricil, Cml is B«Ks. FAST, ECONOMKAL, OUJUJH CALL 2974909 AREA GRfD ROUNDUP Waddy's TD fitting for Shippers' game H.\J«HMIOYCK If SEEMED tatta* Uv*t a mawhta* «W«»i« battfe wxfc *» be decided by a drtmwv* player iwnpewtty turned runntis* teck, Exporter h**d coach Joe Mww drcidiwi to p« hw tewtMdtcr Raymond Wa&fc into ibe ottwaive batkfteki in t feortfc cjuarar to plae* oJ Matter Calvin tferthard It was jpune-wttuting ro<w* as WwWy led the $Nj» en a waring drtw. finally gow* owr from IN four himicU to tb« Slips * W ttrtarj - -DARTttARD » a wy good back but Waddjr «N> * a mite htwrfer and a yw «Mw t» abo a teed back ahtavKh h*'» primarily * ddeartv* player." Mean* explained V W« JUM thought Oat he'd to* afcte is (to Mjntt in there. " He waned to make Ut« wtete twin p» ** b* ckum*d «H It cradai yanb to the snrint dri*« whkb i» part h*Jpnl ffcfcy Wright . wto wwi owr H» yanh fee tfoe gam*. an* Awes Joww to get to U* outside for faf Rains FOLLOWING the acts* » «as IMC* to ifefenM a* wnwl wiitt Ship fiiwbackcr Walter Jamnwr ptekfasg alt a But*? Sctuanua* pws to fcwak IN! back of a pnnnDteg Muatwtt &*** w tfc* waning minuK* ot tb* f am, "Ttotags lik* that rWttjr b*ip," umfcntMMf Mtsn*. "That rwOly rtRmd ib« praawe ." WHLE eoocrt&nt Uuu thtr* w«* wxne fto* UHfividual performances fnxn Uw Ship** Wean.» **« ^uwk to potitt otd cfc»t th* vktory toe* more than just a few ptoym "Joo*» * A«DO» pbyvdoeitoi ho better bafl )taat«4 4ml Bw«? tNorrui U a ftmf pUytr but aO ota* kwi» t*r<<jtt5ini i,j win && twri M ctutm to the «M«, lit b«t InMhtr «M |iun*»f>riUM««odw*i*rWa elevate the U* ^^rt weMKte Mare i»*»g a tr-H «a« » ik* Port Ytitew Jaekvt*. ATtK« Mt»\ti Mwittwl by «n cart? tl ih* Boo e«n« Nek to dwmtoHM* the pun* tal <wiWi»'l uteft* . to Hi* feu* JHNMd*. «ri»h 4w *ew*ii«t H SOAK U> mite* la the MtfttteM a» Oxy f «« into ll» U«w«» Wewdar^W Vw Vltck and »H1 haul, Mft tor om »w fwd» tof time aod wwrtag (not te«*»»)«fl* Uk» w«r* a*v«r to d*e««, nww«»« aol to Over tn CWumbU ifee (uwt liMtr Mw»t Ml T1IK wbtti Kramth Bcetter twd)b«fc«««M tlbuitft* <wtr» po«* ferjr «a» wide k»»w< them *«fc * J !•! meant Sheeny up»«t 0« itt8(Hiy-{a««r erf Hay Ot j W*r It Oil* J» » to Sweeny b? tafcftn* ** Ott» «e dawn*, tact** ***> frww ON* U IKK r««o*ef *a« a fumW* M on* thdfate* » th» fitt* eMt*«J to a ft* « «4 #>44 « IB# M*M b«K few ttatfc "TUATS th* txsj team w*"*e pUy«l that >«ar TJww frvct a tuwfc How prep Top 10 fared I trtw J ,^ru«t«M> <«,.wn», f i t '.- !««• » «HMm«Mlr't J i, FAMEY NIGHT SHRIMP BOIL WEDNESDAY 6 P.M. — 10 PJVI. Adults CfaBdren S'iOO under 12 8|25 OPEN 6 DAYS A •^EEK CLOSED ' M> tlif AM il« l «MV «tl»V «OM> FWW f;«nfMirt !>-*t»*f# Wi«Ml *»^ ,*i^ , *,3frv: « ^W^SS! 23J-S466 TMK BRA2OSPORT FACTS FRKEPORT. TEXAS, MOVtW V. S&TEXHKH », ISCI : .X, PRO GRID STANDINGS » t* >-. t t ww /•• » t I *>*Wt* #ii«»(M*« $ * » ** * «<** .$JH» | f 3#*j*ttf i •*-,*«»> W*HMH* •V'toitHfV iw*a» <y*Mfa»"f ^t\*- #-.tWM>»f : >lut' t*»t «*>-" *W«(***^im» A/MMffW»<t *t"> 1«J* Just being new isn't enough. &f*- v ^Ki I'Plfe r , si A'a ^»r Yes, we're a brand new agency in thts area But we're a tot more, too. We're the representative of an established and dynamic, diversified company For instance, you expect an agency, old « new, to offer you. youi family, and your business Security in the form of life, health, and group insurance. But how many agencies offer you financial Opportunity, as well? We do Our custom-tailored VIP program helps you save profitarW for brighter tomorrows. So, if you're looking for something new in financial planning, visit or call us today TIMO'NBt TIM O'NEIL AGENCY 191 N, fJWm* PLACE - LAKE JACKSON 310 W. WW ~ FRilPORT 217*1241 ^''l^ni/CI * f '•• ,* •' » »» .A»««t% ^h m «m I 1 - «»»>«» ^ K^J <, %. * ' 01.111 M NFl ROUNDUP Stunning Pats win again "' It wed (a b* DM « «taM to New eafbtari VIM * brtalhrr (or (Iril. FREEZER OWNERS GIROUARD'S NOW HANDUNG SWIFTS CRIB FED CALVES 290/300 IB. PlilSiO WilGH Hot Hu*>rd SclMciltn teff*r >t4n h»rath» csMwr 11* wont b« m**Mi« wm iw«i (&»;'i if ip thf R^jlinuwv ftatfc *** ) auntf aurf piaxhttM Imam h*d U)HU>f K<*»»1 Cfut) » (TlC* S« ii'« Ttwm** «!*» t g«af 10 t* gdiftotjt wlMH) h* t«t* a Mi ai * U»i * tuppcmng up ta Nr» Ki>«lAitd lit* Itnt >ofo U tu tr> *«J knack u<r ilw ISUI wW( ^^1 IMHWf wHH »WPi^ ' ^^^^«^Bf IflW^Hf f^pP^ II «WJ1J«I^ W^^^rS ^^ ^^^^R|^ •Mi^T 0 ^* Bi'») tot Ik* l«p >* fc||M Miami HI* A «*»» much t>4 «w Itar l*ww elubted (Irntaad »J M »3* Mian* Iu4 M Mn«|(it to ^ |Nli) <M* a »n tkt<4} »*W *#« V«f« Jrt* IftU, Ntw AtUtf* |4 11. nrwrnl f**WMt It K**» II Ma UM Ma T«wy U«k«r * Mwyard t«urM g«f« OH fUmt UM> game'* ru« loMtfaAmw H<M fLSTi^sir ^ WSMVSSI^ ( lOtlBRAII »U(«|«d JUn Ik..,.—.! «.x^j_. .„ ». Ir_.i. »u«l«4 ticiKe ill (Jrm« 6*» D^Dil « HP. tUMM turwd tutck Haute IT 7 Engiaadl a7ma» fMtt I? SmtUi «ai UM t)*a«** ..W.AW lit fitiMWT* Ik tut 1

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