Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 12, 1959 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 11
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Zompcmy's Trouble 'ypical Of Industry WAttft* WILSON SttAttt'fc tnifftmUonfll WASHINGTON (UPI) - Okla- oma Natural Gas Co,, Tulsa, Iemonstrated this week what It [ome times costs to stay alive in hot competitive market. But by so doing, it focusscd gas idustry attention on controversial Vaccine For Decay j (EDITOR'S NOTE: This In the | j fourth in n series of articles ptib- ' fUnited hy the Parti pa Dally (News, In roopecntion with the j dentists of Pftmpa In observance ftf National Children's Dental 1 Health Week February S to 14 ! nnd thp, centennial of the American Denial Association. Somr! recent developments In dentistry affecting children are discussed.) There Is no itects children vaccine that pro from tooth decay. But there Is a method that can I ;pi;event up to 65 per cent of de- tost SURBITON, England (UPD- Pvobln Ellison climbed out of bed at 3 a.m. ye&terday to give chase to fl burglar he heard prowling In his apartment. fclllson was in fccwtt th* JtAAtefl when tht cart ta «»,«B in January, Lflbbr Miri- feet dMortijtiW of 6nS of tht ni,iua« i»c »•»• ,»,._ *..^. *f»_r A..J »/»M tu* U/Mi*a «>hn rinhhftvl him. |rj This method is tha fluoridation irk water, adjusting the flourine iotttent of public water supplies to iihe optimum amount, one part per million parts of water. Children who drink such -water from jjbirth have considerably fewer cav- ties than youngsters who are de- lied this advantage. In the small villages and rural ireas that do not have public wa- ;er supplies, dentists ran apply fluoride treatments directly to children's teeth. Studies have shown that such tdpical application of flourides reduces new tooth decay, on the average, by as much as 40 per cent. Nature's own experiments first i proved the value and safety of [ tlouridated water. In fact, some Federal Power Commission rale making procedures which the Supreme Court will Soon review in| the so-called Catco case, tt alaoj spotlighted a splraling field price! situation which over the long run could cost consumers millions of dollars. Events began taking shape whem Oklahoma Natural gave up a Supreme Court battle to prevent a competitor, Natural Gas Pipeline Company, Chicago, from paying a rate much higher than the "going rate" of 11 per cent per MFC for gas in southern Oklahoma. Commission Upheld Oklahoma Natural had claimed tht commission pprovl of nt-ez that commission approval of natural pipeline's rate — about 17 cents MFC -- would force U to meet the rate and thereby require it, under favored nation clauses of Us contracts, to pay the higher rate to all its suppliers. It said this ultimately would cost it-and its 335.000 customers — ?0 million dollars. The commission had approved Natural Pipeline's rate on the grounds the Chicago area, which it serves, was hard- presed for gas and hence the premium price! was warranted. The third U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Philadelphia, upheld the Oklaho- the Su- commission, whereupon ma Natural appealed to preme Court. It is this appeal, which it now has moved to withdraw. Oklahoma Natural told the high court bluntly that if it wanted to stay In business, it had to meet; r price. It did not put it but left the strong infer ence that its suppliers had refused to Bell their gas at less than the new premium price. The court will grant the motion within 20 days if there are no protests. Issue Before. Court The Catco case Involves similar circumstances. The group Atlantic Refining ! known as Cntco 'Co Cities Service Production Co., natural water supplies contain as l rCon ' Uncntal oil CfX) Bnrt Tidewater much as 5-10 parts of nourlne perj nontrHC ,ed to sell gas to million parts of water. While lhlfl ' Tenness( , e G( , s Transmission Co., excess causes no bodily harm, ,t. Houslo (i . Qm a n(w IjQUisi(ina does cause stained or mottled offsho| . e f|p|d at 22 A c . ents for re . . „_ trying to learn ther cause of this sta.ining were surprised to find that persons with |i mottled teeth had much less than the usual amount of decay. Fur ther investigation trie and Gas Co., Newark, N. .1. The Federal Power Commission wanted to make price conditions. showeT tTe The Catco group, objected and After exhaustive «tudie 9 h a d ice ^en made, rllle* bepart adding ! rate and wrr e upheld by the PI tl I fluoride to water supplies deficient ;adel P hia circuit court. The Catco 1 in that element. The llfe-lime cost group and Tenne«,8ee Fra .wrn «,per Individual. It was found, about ; ««on appealed to the Sup i e me equals the cost of having o n e Court which m expected to dec e tooth filled. i the iss " e bef ' )re lne enct of the This method of reducing tooth ! present term. decay at some time (n their lives. About one-sixth of the money spent for family health and hospital Bcrvicea is spent for dental care, Older children and adults may possibly gain some benefits from fluoridation But the chief benefi- cvaries are the children who drink fluoridated water from birth. Their resistance to decay will be life .] onK ', NEW YORK .UPI. -The Brook- jlyn Industrial Office of the State Employment Services reported to- 'day that older people are getting 'second childhood eating habits. ! The office quote-l industry sources as saying tha tremendously expanded demand for ibaby food comes from middle- laged and older people on special ! diets or having teeth trouble. ove in Go itroighf to her heart with floweri on VaUnline'i Day You'll find all h«r (avorilei here , , , fr»»h ond »o b«ag»ifyH ranged to your order, gorgeom corsage fht'll "Sweetheort" e>i a gift ... one of our hardy plonti in your choice o< a»rac- ivf ceromie planter*. O(jr wiff jfrvict 217 N. Bollard MO 44109 of his pAjama. trousers brake. the thie! escaped \vitfi $28. UNfcMPLOVMfc.Vf SOARS LONDON (UPI) — the number! PARIS fUPti — P»H* isier fain MacLeod told of. Commons Tuesday. 11 JuAyl™ i-Jwl 1 * ( U JT J. F —' 1.110 in.« in wt.-i i jnArvJ o I U r I I —" * n i, i» i«*»wi i-.-m •- v ••". pursuit of unemployed In Britain soared!Pierre Drefus had ftn almost per- men. Drefu* said he was mea«nr TR tJKAtJfS GENEVA (UPI) - The World House who robbed him, Year '1'nunojj/vx, rjn,on.w«ii.A _t^ f «±^.-!^-~——-—--"--^ When police asked fcrefu* to d «-ij n g'tvi¥"S^n~foi'"A suit \vfen""4rt-iMeAUh~6f|^AnTia"tif>n" cepftf itfl scribe hi* a.iailflnl*. the tailor olllpr K ] UKK ^. him ft'om th« rear. Tuesday that new d"'S* u^i-^j >^>«,ina !iiKav-rillfS«(« O took out a notebook and gave lhe : tailor exaet mRasurements of one of the; , helped "reduce tuberculosis a,ftotit 50 pfif cent from 1952 W 1957. HUE IS fUHTHE* fltOOf tHAT YOU CAN §UY Md*t 6^ fHl IfJf . . . K>« ANTHONY'S . . . FAtULOUS FflKUAHY SAVINGS IN EVEUT OJfAtTMtNt TOO CANNOt AFfOKD TO MISS . . . COMt IN NOW . . . IROWSt A*OUN& . . . SHOP AND COMfAM, SEE FOt YOUUtLf . . . A.NTHONVJ CAN SERVt YOU IITTM AND SAVt YOU MOM. Men'i Long or Short Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS A wonderful collection of hondsom« Galey & Lord plaids that mean topi in fashion, color ond quality. Masterfully detailed, 2 pockets, 2-way collar, short sleeves. Shirts that usually sell for S3.98. Buy your spring and lummer supply now ond really save. SIZES S-M-L Men'i Handsome WASH-N-WEAR SLACKS Smart New Styling Handsome, easy to care for, Wash- N-Wear slacks in the new copri model. Separate waist bond in front, continuous waist bond back. On-seam pockets, Superbly tailored in every detail to compare with more expensixe slocks. Chooss from grey, ton, charcoal, brown, navy, cocoa ond block. Buy now . . save now for spring and summer. SIZES 28-42 Men's and Youth's Combed and Polished Cotton IVY-LEAGUE SLACKS "WASH-N-WEAR' SALE PRICED Squart Cut Flap Back Hip Pocket* Topj in casual fashion for men ond young men. Extra tine quality combed ond polished cotton fabric that you can just Wosh- N-Wear. Flap back pockets. Dress type tailoring. Interlining trims blend with color of slacks. Chooss from tan or powdsr blu«. Extra well mad« for neat appearonc* ond long, satisfactory wear. 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