Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1941 · Page 12
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1941
Page 12
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS scfaTjM o?>er 16,19 News of Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties ERHEIEWS Mr*. Frank 8eb*fl>1e — Ffccm* 1S8 Miss Cora Wells Will Be 84 Years Old on Sunday; Formerly lived in Erie Sunday will murk thr R4th birthday anniversary of Mis* Coin Well?. resident of Erie from the timf she JOTIS «*••, en \ears of acf until <-he was TT. and who sir.rr F»i. l.V IMS. has resided at the Method:.-1 home In Chicaeo. A rard sho^rr n being planned by hrr mar.'. Krir fnmds. Her address is 1415 Poster avenue. Chicago Miss \Vriis was born Oct 19. IBS? in Tamaroa in southern Illinois nnd lived there and In Old Duquo'r until she was five, when her parents. Dr. H. K. and Laura Burbank Wells moved to Fairmount Dl. They lived there for two years when they came to the Erie vicinity living in the Kingjbury communlU for a short time and then coming to Brie where Dr. Wells was a practicing physician for many years - Thr Davis history of Whiteside county quotes him as still practicing at the ace of 84. Miss Wells early became a member of the Erie Methodist church and served as organist -there for many years. She wrved as the Erie reporter for The Sterling Daily Ga- iettc for several years prior to July. 1928. when compelled to give up the work because of ill health. ' --After the death of hrr brother, Arthur M. Wells in Dec 1934. Miss Wells WRS left alone and decided to enter the Methodist Old People's • borne in Chicago, which action she has never regretted. She is particularly happy to have the companionship of a former Erie lady. Miss Kettle James, who preceded Miss Wella there about six years. Both ladies speak of the home in the highest terms of praise. Miss Wells and Miss James keep fa touch with their many Erie jfriends through The Sterling Ga- •rtte. They greatly enjoy visits from their friends from their old home town, a number who have Blade the trip out to Foster avenue, When in Chicago and some who bave gone in purposely to see them. Soldiers on Furlough Corporal Le Roy Mohlmnn of Ft. Bheridan, III., came Saturday to Spend a 15 day furlough with his * parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mohlman near Erie. Corporal Mohlman, * who recently returned to Fl. Sheridan from maneuvers in some of the southern states, has been in the hospital as the result of having been bttten on the right arm by a rattle•take. Prix-ate Donald Enright of Camp •bmst, Tenn., is spending a 15-day fbrknigh with his mother, Mn. •taude Enright near Erie. He came •anday morning. Pinochle Hostess , Mrs.' Riely Greth. ST.. "was hostess to the Eight Aces pinochle club, TUesday afternoon. Mrs. George •toudt was the high score winner at the two tables of cards, Mrs. Botvid Jensen won.second high score and Mrs. Frank Seger the traveling prize. Hosts to Faculty ,'lttr. and Mrs. Ixren Young en- tartained the Erie Community high Mhpol faculty at a 6:30 dinner Monday evening. Miss Louise Anderson «nd P. H. Pi Vail wen the high srorp »t, the thrr« t*bl?n of which foitowed th* dinner. Will Serve Hot Lunch To School Children At KempsrerviHe Thr Oetobfr mfftin* of thf Krmiv^jf r\ ii!r Kommunitv Khib w*s lirid Tiir^riRy ^vrnine at ?h* new ," iuwi ho'>'.r with ii Rood attendance. Thr- prrsirlrnt. Mr*. l>?Kllr liopp ronrhirtpd thp business session when it was votrd to have * kitchen Mion-fr for the school house at the November meeting. It w«* also voted that the mothers would help cook hot lunches for the school children Mrs. Carl Ropp. Mrs. H. Htigart nnd Mrs Arthur Polfllet were In chares of the program which inrlud- «1 the following numbers: Vocal solo. Frances Ropp; harmonica «•- lections. Elmer Taets; vocal trio, Ruth, Agnes nnd L^nola ERert; vocal solo. Delorrs Hugart. A Mick lunch was served by the refreshment com- mltn?e. Mrs. Raymond Hflnsen and Mrs. August Heinsen. FUNNY BUSINESS At Phone Convention Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Thompson went to Chicago Wednesday to attend the convention of the Independent Telephone companies which will be in session at the Stevens hotel this week. Mr. Thompson, who has had 40 years of service in the Telephone business has been eligible for several years to belong to the pioneer group of thia organization. Outline Program A cabinet meeting of the Youth Fellowship group of the Erie Methodist church was held Tuesday evening at the parmnage with the Rev. and Mrs. Ralph Kofoed. when the program was outlined for several months. Erie Briefs Mrs. Joe' Carr returned home Tuesday from an eight day visit in the home of her aon Harry Carr in Shellsburg, la. Mtos Ruth Carr an instructor In the State ootlece at East Lansing, Midi., and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Carr and his son Billy Joe Carr of Walkerton, Ind_ apent the weekend with Mr. Carr and Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stanton. Sunday dinner guesU of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Watson were Mr. and Mn. Harry Butler of Rock Falls and Mrs. Anna Burdaall of Prophetatown. PRfiPHETSTOWN 'Park right here, plense—1 how to fill wan! to show my new buddy in a ticket!" Congregational Ladies' 1 Aid Society Meets at Home of Mrs. Crowell The Ladies' Aid of the Concreca- tional church met Wednaaday. the Liwr He If- committee for October having been Mr*. W. J. Walker. Mrs, Mabe Anderson, Mrs. Claude Olinger and Mrs. May Crowell. in whose home the meeting was held. Thirty-one, including three children, were present. During tne session it was decided to hold a dinner at the church at a later date. Mrs. R. E. Settles chairman of the November committee, will have charge of the arrange-* menu. After the discussion ot,oth- er future work, the bills were allowed and roll was called. Mrs. Arthur E. Hamilton and Mrs. W. 8. Teach. two members of the Aid living at Morrison, and Mrs. C. W. McCall. aim of Morrison, enjoyed, the af tcrnoon with the other Aid member*. During the devotions Mrs, Harry Munaon led the Hymns. The aocial period wa» most enjoyable and the hosteaaet aerved light refnahmente. The lovely ar- Uattc arrangement of autumn flow- era uaed in the rooms and on the table* WM the work of Mrs. J. W. Walker. All the flowers used were brought home by Mrs. Crowell from the flower gardens of Mn. Harvey M«Kerg of West Liberty, la. Many like flowers, were uaed on Mn. Me- KergVi table* when she served a candlelight supper just before her gueata returned to Illinois. Grammar School Girls Meet to Organize Club Hie firk of the grammar rooit met Wednesday evening at the home of Bettylou Meidenrelch, with Marjorie Tartar aviating hostcac. at which time a girU' club was organ- laM with O. B. I. M the club's initiate. The following offtcen were chara: Ruth Bernhar Audrey Gardner, vice president; Le ona Lippert. Aecretary; Betty Jan Upton, treasurer; SWrley Mae El liott, organist; Bettvlou Heiden reich. reporter; Mrs Margaret Em mons. sponsor. Club business perfected, the remaining time was spent in games which were most enjoyable. A delicious lunch was served by the who were assisted by Bettylou'a grandmother, Mrs. W. J White. The G. S. I. 1 * will be entertained next month by Gwendolyn Fritz at the home of her grandmother. Mrs. Glen Renner. and the asxicting hostess will be Violet Eads. A Correction The name of Mrs. Loyal Garrison was substituted for that of Mrs. Loyal Hammer when reporting the tenth birthday of CalLita Hammer. Lyndon Briefs Mrs. Effie CoJes of EJlendale. 8. Dak., and Mrs. Charles Belt of Chicago, who came to attend the funeral of Mrs. Lucy Belt, have returned home. Mn. Laura. Gibson. Mrs, Ruth Allen and Mrs. W. J. White report having had an enjoyable and profitable meeting of the state O. E. S. grand chapter at Chicago. . Mn.' W. J. White reports that her rather, Louis Krossman of Pox Lake, fell. from. « ladder while ^picking Fruit from a tree in bis yard, fracturing the bones of his hand and right forearm. Platinum once was* so cheap that bricks ol it were gilded and add to unvrary greenhorns. First Six Weeks' Honor Roil at Prophefsfown High School Released The honor roll for !':-«• fir,<t MX a' the Prophr ••:<•> >m hiEli 5Chr>r>l foilo^; Honor roll cniP~IiO:s Talxr. Dean Larson Helen Hupi! Roll 2 — Arlyn ?:;•;«•'. Tlrrlwrt Marirvn .)<>!;;;•»:•. Roland Kiner, Irene Or:?* 1 !. Mnr:;> n Swanson . Rnll 3— Robert H imrnr!. Mniv Lficouri5. Doris Katuirtxk, Ronnld Webure, Groree Wiiriman. Jrmnnr Conrad, Harland Hatvn. Ralph Matthews. John Obrtlr. T!wr<a IU>- rnan. Richard Shrairr Margaret Thompson, ly^ah Van De WoMmr. Rtith Zarr. Mildred Boihoiis. Hrlrn OHwl, Marilyn Richardson. Florence Bragfto, Kenneth Curn\ Genr Poulter, Paul Roman, Myrna Rash. Ardath Wilson. Robert Wheat. Roll 4—Dftvonn Egrrt. Dwight Ot- Kfl. Audrie Richardson. Stanley Moewy. Dean Wagner. Claude Wildman, Dorothy Curry, Robert Ackerberg. Committees Named for Philarcicca Class of The Methodist Church Tr vn. rifflrif-d 'O p!«viCP $100 tO P.''.:!.5: L't a rin i .'; Tmvdav ''vrninK af tiif Pro; •>>«•• >.M( MrihodLM rh'ireh. If \\t.- •'p<->r•<••<•! (hrr*- WR.- $468 in !h' '. vt,rr fund. arp<'.r.•<!•;• P<*"ia! Mr Frrn I.yon. Mr.- M,u*l Wrxylttfirth. Mr.v B 'M F:;KV. Mrs L K OmhBnnR; 'Jio-Ar;- Mrs. Glfnn Dippold. Mr.v JH F F.-'-.riman. Mrs. H. C Ham• ni'iT.d Mr.-. A F. .Simr.'itrr: mrrnbr- j.'hi;-. Mr.- D H BIrit7. Mrs ROY Fisk. (Mt.-. D O Bay If-.*. Mrs Flm-r Ani (iri.Mi:i M:.- F-'rank Chapin; finance. I Ti-r.'r Anrirr-on. L. K. Cirfthanna. Aithur Hanr.abarnrr. Iv-Mo Soltday, Tom Rfihh. H C Hammond; advrr- n.-nx Mr.- l^\ Rnr Parnil. Mrs. !/»i" So'iciay and Mr. and Mrs. H. B. H- 1m. Various cftntrMs- furnished rntrr- tnir.rr.rr;!. following the btiMnes.<; inrftirie A picnic supper wa.s served at 6.30 s. Mrs. 3. W. MetJky find Mr.' B H. Mathis Rev. A. E. Simester Returned to Church For His Tenth Year Rev ami Mrs. A. K. SsmeMi-r rr- tiirr.rd to T > rr>;>h<'t. t .tOT» ri Werir.rsrq 1 . After attending the Met jirv:i:«r r;r:rc?'. conferen'e n> \Vi'.rr,ft:r Tl;e\- ai.-n iisjterl t(-,e;r son-::i-!?^. • at;'! ria:igh'er Mr. and Mrs .Ian: r -- Atiair of Chuaeo. Rrv. SKnes-c: !-.!>s. >>f-r!i rptiuned a.s jwstor of r.--r kK-nl Methodist church for h^ 10'ii vear. js a fre.-hman at. Yw! 1 ; un: this yrar. Mrs. Lowrey Marine Leads Devofionals At Regional Meeting Of Federated Clubs A number of Prophetstown club women attended the regions! rrfet- ing of Federated clubs at La Salic on Wednesday. TTiOM 1 in the group were Mrs. H. L. Hoss*cie. Mrs. Lre Teach. Mrs. Leslie Johnson. Mrs. Wallace Murphy. Mrs. Herman Gent*, jr.. Mrs. K. L. Peterson. Mrs. Lawrence Wagenecht, Mrs. Fnul Blair, Mrs. Frank Weber. Mrs. Carl Anderson. Mrs. Clarence Bender nnd Mrs. Paul Detra of the Junior Woman's club; Mrs. Dak Cooper of the Senidr Woman's club and Mrs. Emii Faulk of the Country club. Home on Army Leave Daie Sibley and Donald Hill, who are stationed at Camp Forrest. Tenn.. arrived Tuesday evening to spend a furlough of two weeks at heir homes .in Prophetstown. Other Prophetstown boys, who have arrived on furloughs from Camp Forrest are Donald Dronenberg and lalph Wierenga, also Clayton Sibley of Fenton. 2 Residence Changes Mr. and Mzs. R«as Kiner have rented the second story apartment of the J. B. Mosher house recently vacated by the Scott Graham fam- ly. They expect to move next week. OUfWllFATKlIt Vtth NB mratal dullawa, katf attval iwult wtea UMT Mi tttm etwry day late your IMMUI Dr. MvanM* OUv* t^UM fmtte y«t tJMTMW OUv* imblata at* 1 W. 38 West 3rd SI. Phone 807 TOMATO SOU* * CMVMUtt TOMATO MVP i.£-i" 20i nuMtmrnm FIESI JMm^abUM >naat 2 k 19« LABCB-CALir. ,£D & WHIT* K&j Pup«4t*: FOODS OCTOBER 17-18 aid Saturday Phone 110 GROVE'S BUTTER 37cl6. TOMATO JUICE "Real Buy" niiT Red & White No. 1 tall etna BwfGra«y. 3_29e k 2r. 57« ICBBBBO ^'••••••tfm^ O A^*WC A UJIJv Oyster Crackers. Ib. pkg. CELERY Minis 2bw. 2St NEW TRXAS UEDLEM ~ 10t Lux Flakes, 15c with 1 at reg. price, bdthfor Dromedary Ginger Bread Mix, pkg. Green Beans, "Real Buy", No. 2 tins, 2 for. . Corn Flakes, Red A White, 2 Ige. pkgs. • ONLY Mr AND ONE BISOUICK BOXTOT ME OUR MSPLAY BISQUICK 29c AT DIVINE'S ONI.Y Cut Apricots, Red & White, Home Style. No. 2t/> t Coffee, Red A White, 2 Ibs. Yellow Corn Meal, 5 Ib. sack Noodles, Red & White, 6-oz. cello bag AT COIMELL'S ONLY COUNTRY STYLE OC f SAUSAGK ....... /6. |fO C Fretk Ground Beef ...... 16. He Stur £&wf Bmcon Ik. 3Sc trite* CBANBEBBUti, Cay* Catf ««. 17. TOKAY GRAK* |». la* APPLBS, (iftaa* Gai^aa— ILM bav. I MM. ttr •W. POTATOES, Mauaiiari, U. S. fa 7 Ita. «M IUAHO POTATOES ...... U-la. awak ha« I7c HUBBABB SQUASH, mniimm aha 1§« tke sucu> HrrlCS BfflRM trsorf, t4ASt-Fk«Bt 1st TRU-OOU* F:D & WHITE Martha Class $35 Pledge to Church There were 29 present at the me^tine of the Martha class Tuesday evening at the Prophetstown Conere(zation»l church. Mrs. Charles Richardson. Miss Lucy Beardsley and Mrs. Vernie Millett, who observed their birthdays., were presented cift.s. Thirty five dollars was pledced to the church. A contest was won by Mrs. Clarence Arnett. and Mrs. Anna Burdsall won high prize in the games. A picnic supper preceded the meet- Ing. Garden flowers and Hallowe'en decorations were used. The committee coavLsted of Mrs. Florence Mrs. Ward Scott Is Ladies' Aid Hostess Thr May division was in rhar;r of the meeting of the Pro:ihr:.<- town Congregational Ladies' Aid society Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs Ward Scott. Rr\. I C. Campbell gave a talk on 'Friend 1 :." A pledge of 1300 was made to the .church budget. The September division reported they cleared 1102 75. Refreshments were served after the meeting. Here from Puerto Rico Frank Dorathy of San Juan. Puerto Rico, arrived in Prophetstown Wednesday for a visit of throe weeks with his aunt. Mrs. John Teach, and with other relatives. Mr. Dorathy and hi* wife came to Miami. Florida, by plane, then took the train to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Calif. Mrs. Dorathy stopped for a visit with relatives in Minneapolis. Minn., and Mliwsukw, Wts., and will join her husband here in a couple of weeks. They will go from here to New York state before returning home. Their son. Jlmniie. \ :-".'• n r : *•• : 3 >M:'. Howrcrj Ma'. '':.'• rvi. ;::'•.• :; " ' - MT.^ C'i-.n:.' K! ->:»r.. . M.... H--:-rv I AH. ,1. tr; ,T;.; M .'.-.. Cia;, ion Wci>- er. . . Prophetstown Briefs '-:;.i:: 'Th'c 0 nnd ri;? ,;r>' r r .j-': 1 .irr v:.'itniR a !<~- r<s' . .% n.'iii 1 nl !'r i pati'iir.--. Mr »r.d Mrs RO Mi>.-r> of :•' aii(!.(;lad\.s .Trn IVrrtinl;. Iov..i ]r|t Wrdnf-dav aftT MMtiiiE MIHP Mojidav at the home of thrir unrir AllM-rt Firld. Mrs. N Y. Fowlrr. Mr.-. Thomas Mackljn. Mi.--. Haiokl .Sherwood and Mis. Frrd r'cit of Oak Park and River Foir. c t camr Tur.sday to \i«i» a few <ia\.'~ nl the home of Mrs. Martha Lowry. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ott l<-ft Tliursday for Dayton, Ohio, to %-'_'it thr rr.>-t of She week at the home of Mr. and Mis. Harry Ott. Mrs. B. M. Fiaty. who accompar.- ird her husband to Roche?'T. Minn., rrturned home Monday. Mr. Frary, v. ho Mibmlttcd ton enure or— eration ia.>-i week, Is Retting aio^g nleely. Robert Bavins of Chicago am^-i to visit the rrst of the weclr, at th» home ol ln> paifiil.s, Mr. and J D. O. Bnylrs. Mrs. Grncr ROC.--O Ls spending th week with hrr .sister, Mrs. ? JArnett of Galrsburg. IMDCPCNDtNTLY OWNED Broken Milk V^V^^F^P^FMII^P-- tb.21c SLUE —' OLEO Algood 21bs. 43c Eating and Canning ' Nars. II Ibs. 25c Fancy Jwutluui ar Criana New •ftytfrail Craakarrin, Greev mmt Wax • Camltflcwer. Celery Uearta, Gieea ChUaaa. JaW^^ rf^^Jl-a^W^.-^. —Y7^ 8«Mali. Enttot. Feaa. ••Ukagaa, Spteaek. Aeara Saaaali. T*«uUet, Carrata, Paraaipa, Tvala^ Celery Cakhafe, ete. In Ta«r CwUioer—CIDER VIK8U c ^23e SUNSHINE VANILLA • aa. ... ykc. 8U-Z-Q rpESB BOASTED COFFEE Ib. bag 19c Blue Front Coffee .1 K). can or-jar 28'/£c COBNMIMJETB >ELMAI U OT. Can can lie A FAVOUTE rOE 4 GENERATIONS—riLLSBUEVS 51JL BBL. TOMATO OB VEGETABLE SOUP lt!i at. Cana 4 cans 19c 8U-Z-Q 80UD FACK Lge. 2S ea. Cam 2 cans 25c 8tj-z-Q BCD rtrno 2t«. Cana CHERRIES 2cans29c * I ±1 m • ••• • • ^ »^W^B« V ^BV^BF BWIrlEASWE Our VIM B« Yaw WEUmSFY HllLTlERHi SOAP IVORY F&AKES ]« IVORY SNOW 9c BOYAL BLUE PRUNJI JHBE £ II ^f^f^^^m ....... MA. IV SU-I-Q TENDER MEATY ROYAL BLUE COCKTAIL* •£_££ P«pa Up • aa, i^. OTPH^V Ftovaf ka4. I™ BOYAL BLUE CHICKEN HIlBHHl K Bamf t!i aa. Jfc. ^^^Bm* Mix' Mr vl BOYAL BLUE PUBE EGG BOYAL BLUE QUICK 1 BHjBB^pBl. 111 yag. \ A LiUla Gaw • Lav* Way •Oft 9 "«• 91 EfRBBHI ...... A MUM ftl FBEE TOWEL WITH Simlrt X'Z CATSIP ROYAL BLUE—VERY TASTY 2 14^ katttaa PE1CIES BLUE rBONT IN RiOi STBUP MILNIT 80 BiCBI IT 3 ";LT 20c TKNDKB WHITE CREAMY 2 tT 19C 8U-Z-Q PORK * •EMS 2 ^v^^^ravw^Br t • » w BOYAL BLUE LGE. •LWES ;....£ 8U-Z.Q 8MALL SWEET PWKLES . £ AB-BE RICH HEALTHFUL ftilJMIi • •* I«W WWfcBWMl .... can IW EATWELL SALAD BOYAL BLUE Ippto Cifcr ft I5t SU-Z-Q TENDER CUT IKTS 2'Arih Modern Laiuulry Starch UNIT 2^ I7e FANCY MUMSTEU O. R. 8M1T11 w^— IT ILT.UrS NLY FANCY ^B^RBs^FHBr IHVR^BJ^^^VIV tb. HABL THOMAS mm IM •.»<•*> OLTMAN-S BOCK FALU Mlf M At* PIMM 1M«

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