The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 21, 1971 · Page 59
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 59

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 21, 1971
Page 59
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Ask Them Yourself FOR MELVIN LAIRD, We've «fl *«mJ o&ouf lA« Vietnam POWj, undcrstorHf that Sorth Korea u *£JH fcoWmg 350 of our American jrrtwnitrn. Wfcy u thing feeing done to rtiwrn them? —RirtA Timor, BnObn^Wu. • Here* what happened: After completion a{ the nrinanc* . in the laB ol 1953. the United Nation* gave the whfcfe «ncJod«l the names <rf 94-t Arocrv (tune coiiu'tmtiv isnocw! TJO* lirK FOR MICHAJEZ. D«BAX£T, ; Widi &>e shortage of phyiician* in may BTCM, do yov f«d m**r«j icboob vc too reitricti^t on »<inm»ons? — >(n. O. Tboaua, Bozcnun, Moot. * No. What I think o that mcdkal sdwob arc su&ering finvtticmi support- If more pi uprated to tocdical >cboofa, more qtxa&ficd prcrnedkai stodcnto coold be accepted But I don't be&rvr in tbc itsodtttos for future doctors. FOR LAURIE LEE SCUAEFER, Uiu America 1972 After she was crowned Ust summer, Mi» Universe ipofce in {aror of "free love." How about you?—J. Lang. Btoooj- • I'm against ft. And I think it was wrong for her fo have made that comment. Too many people might be looting up to her as an example. FOR UONTT HALL of ABC* 'Left Make a DeoT What hare yvo learned aboot bmnan oatore froto having watched thousands of traders on your show?—Mrs. E. N. Seabohie, Ashland, Mass. • About all I've learned is that "it takes all kinds.' We've had people hang onto 9100. afraid to go any further; and we're bad people who don't hesitate to trade m a Chevrolet convertible worth $4.800. hoping to get the 99.000. People's gambling instincts play a bigger roJe on the show than greed. It K«i*U»— ibc thar««rr j-wo ptaf on TV"« "All fo Tbf fmtaSj-' —«r*Ilr the "dinftu^f Arrhw cUten? IJw )rou iJiiui cl<-cr»iimt wwtoro? — Mn. T, C. .Smith. , C»W. r calls Kilitb » *«JingH»f~ l^vaw"? «h^ Kit a truib wjjkh huti** Kt» igm#«rf ranvjrfyxt. Olhrr Jimm the trulh' <« 4 "tJinj^iat"? { (hint R*!«h actt «)S d * ^irtmj wrrtc trf rfufj- thsnt nuhlc: h<? Jo InSrr^Sr arwl fdtjjini' his ix>nritim«-w, lo mv opinion. «)»? o 4 vr*> ct>mpj,t;i*-j«M!r, ) r»,«l Ktaiun FOR nucn rrsn/A-v. It if true thai juu wanj l n Ke an »iltiMiiul? — B. • Yc« v«JtiUi mofr* 11)70 a at Krn«»f*ly Spjtr ( t- tu l*r i I traliv j llir««ig}i my Youth F nvrty >rar for bnrvt. all higlt> rath ttalr atwl JO frurisin U«nl I t<> «« l> «pon. «»pfvt> iirn In LEONARD SI MO?, of lot \Vhjr ciki }nu Iravc the Knmty ]mu mutt have had in a mo ccu/ul TV «cric« like "Minion: IfnjXMtjfolc?"—Oi«Ioltc Collm, New York, N.Y. • I Jtpent fivr yeart in two vtty gwxl «<tics—Iwn of the bctt ("Mistkw; Impo«ihlR~ arxl ~Slar Trrk"), But I limply felt lh»t i/ I *layc<l vtill\ the ihow another )caf. I'd *ay lo m)^wlf. "O.K.. >iju'rc a Jcric* artor. YcmTJ jiut stay here dfrly ami enjoy yoiir car and vacaJkwv*." But that'* mH wlut I wctil into acting for. So I left. fOBWATKE WALKER, tin&adctr for &e Detroit IMmt Who is the "dassiest" opponent you ever played against?— Jade Doyle, Lanstng, Midi. • Bart Stair. We bad just beaten the Packers 40-0, and you'd think he would have put his bead down and run for the tunnel after a game like that No way. He came over and congratulated la, wished us luck and told us all to stay healthy. He ha* got more class than any football player I have ever known. \ FOR VIJr W1MON, romedlan On your TV' fhow, when you're acting Ccraldine, what do you wear on your JCR«?— I). AcoriJ, .Slarianna, W. Va. • 1 wear pantyhose, thank you. What's more, they're dyed 1 lo match my dress! TOR-HELEN HAVES Is it true that you have definitely decided never to appear in a stage play again?—Mrs. L. L. Rogers, Atlantic City, N.J. • That's right—I've said good-bye to that facet of my career forever. I know I can still handle the most challenging classical theatrical role as well as anyone alive, but the theater nearly kflled me—and I've no intention of committing suicide. The fact is, I have always been allergic to theater dust, and I've been hospitalized many times in my life as a result. We never.publicized such illnesses, tried to keep them hidden. But 1 can tell you now that I never enjoyed any real life when I was performing. My off-stage hours would be spent over a croup kettle, or resting to build up my strength for the next performance. I am burning my bridges now. Nothing must tempt me back. LEONARD S. DAVIDOW. Ch.lrm.n a*;a*ln« ,\on MORTON FRANK, an W. PAGE THOMPSON. V.p., Arf*«1,'.M« OitKtor AJv»rtlf/n« Mur: Oonmld M. Hofford; A«ioc Advtrlitinff Mgr.: Rob«rf J. ChrUtUn; Mflrkvtinjr Di/»clor: iM L»y«l»iy. N»OT Vo'fc S>l«» M«t.: Oxal S. Wron; Y/rtlmirt Hit, Her.: RviMfl 1_ Sp«fV«: Chiogo S»l«« Ugr : to* frtm. Jr.: Octroi! Stint Wjsrr..: RlchArd T, Flynn; Southern A<S*. Mgr,: St*v«n J. Ahmuty Publlih«r Rilitiont: Rotxrl D. C»m»y »nd L«e Dili, V.P.I «nd Co-Olr«c(or>; RolMrt M. M.rrlolt. Thorn.. H. O' M»n»g,rt frv/c<ri: Promotion. Rolxrt ; M«rch<nrfiiing. C«lol« V1l«r MOBT PtRSKY, V r., Cditor In Chl«f REYNOLDS DOOSOH. W.n.«in« editor JOHN E. DAVIOSON. Art Dlroctor Wom«n'« tilltot: ROSALYN AHKCVAYA rood Cdilor: MCLANIE DC PROFT Cilitort: M»l L»m)on. P»«r Opp«nh«imor, Wxl Co<t{ Art: M«t«n Hamilton, Layout; Gloria Qri«r, Plcturet Production; M*16oum4 Zlpprlch. Dlrtclor; Trancl« Fotay, Man*){«r: Martin StalnhandUr, Coordinator "nrlml * Ad»«rtJtlnr. Haadquartart: 641 Lcilncton Am, Nrw York, N.Y. 10022 60 19/1. FAMILY WEEKLY, INC. All rl(hli rnarvad i mall your quaiffont or commtnlt about any matar/af In ramify Wa>»/y. •if. family WaaJify. 041 Lotlnglon Avanu*. N«w York, N.Y. 10022. iponion large»...,_

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