The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 28, 1966 · Page 15
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 15

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1966
Page 15
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Monday, February 28, 1966 **» 1* usiness Need Perking Up? Use Classified To Tell & Sell 19. Business Rentals j 31. Articles For Sale ; 31. Articles For Sale , 33. Sporting Goods j 42-A. Out of Town Prop. GOOD FOOD SERVED FAMILY STYLE ! BIRD HOUSES — FOR Rwnonoi'.f Ro!« ' * A , g SEE AT TVO " "" TC! :»9W. CLEVELAND. HOTEL 3301 Minnesota WHITE SPACE INCREASES READEPSH1F 1 CLOTHING — Te«n - WMnens. silt »-10,! • -" 2C9i> 2 iormo!s - ont! 2 TOWN HOUSE THRIFT SHOP GUN REPAIRS !,., =---e;«j AcSsns. D=-J;'CS e-;*-* nsl Barrels, prec&oa cnaro-i »• •* ACRES — OFF WADE ROAD. ld*al j DRYER — U«<> OE. Decker Drive FOR RENT OR LEASE — Space in com- i "-i-l"vSv'.S merciol buildir.9. central!/ located, 22S N.; --- '" """ ' Main. Hignlands. Phone business. 426-352! iELECTROLUX VACUUM CLEANERS or residence, 426-3949. J Scies cnu Se~vice. rloor poiisriers. rug -'"- free demonstrations. Jonn • i sriampooer. 517 Harvey. OFFICE SPACE GRAYSTONE BUILDING — 110» Decker! Drive. Ultra - modern in convenie-ce crxc | FURNITURE — Five rooms. Inctudlns service. Apply ROOTS 305. 537-3255, j stsve ana reirioeratar aria apartment size WAREHOUSE FACILITIES AVAILABLE K?'"-* 1 *- "^ 6i/ S " M ° in - Hi S" ion< »- **• _ 6.000 so,, ft. ct 213 E. Texas Ave. ' JJ '->- Keysone Realty Co.. 583-3111. •FREEZER — Frost - tree. 19.1 Frigid-ire. 17 Ft. ; S22-22S3. 23. Services Offered ! FURNITURE - APPLIANCES WANTED ____^^^^^^_^^^^^^__^^__ i (On My Way Wttfi Coin) <«»•—•^^-^^—^—^^—^~ ; GRAVES DISCOUNT FURNITURE ADDITIONS, FOUNDATIONS LEVELED. *- :? N - MQ"» 533-2321 HUNTERS OEM _ jGs E. Jock Baytown. Texo* 5_Sj Or?J:e- cr.d Mirror V9-'£: yted H cW-A-Bed -• ••.- Sii.5; ! MO3ILETTE, 1M3 — Will sell tor reo- jses Va-cscn/ D' TcSle ., „_! sor.cole offer. Phone 553-4043. and A Chairs Sa?.?; ! . for further Information. Bvy your castle from o 556-5061 or S&6-7334 47. Houses For Sale 47. Houses For Sale HIGHLANDS — 16J 1-wiXKl. 3 S3iD tcu'ty. $77 rr*_."«Wy. •rnrot. 425-2317. )or !S ACRES PLUS — Located in Chambers, i Couary. This ccrecse is prfced reason-j i O3i«. Won'i lost lo-;g ct tnis price. | ! HUGHES REALTY. 5S3-2739 or 5S3-t-»8. [ MINES, HIGHLANDS — 114 S. Fourth. 2-Bedroomj name on corner tot. All your tor only 53.- OCO, Drive by and coll us today. •Buy yoor castle from o r'~ 5S&-SQ61 or 566-7384 701 N. Kignway 1*5 Formerly Heilaway's Grocery MI-503 MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER i RIFLE — Remington model 7W, * MM i 1 wi:r» scope. S1QO- Remington 740. 30.06- I rifle, $70. MALLIN'S PAWN SHOP. 6 N. Main, 533-4i!3. JOHN R. MARTIN, J2Z E. Jacfc. SS2-SSM I , 4 FT IMPERIAL ALUMINUM V-BOT- We Rent Televisions i TOM BOAT; u ft - p - mmr - u Ft Singer Auto Zig-Zaq used only 4 months. Mokes buttonholes. «>»$ en buttons, many fcncy patterns without ottochments. 5 year guarantee. 157. oc casn of iS.n per montn. Free borne trio!, StJ-IttS. RemoO-lina- Lifetime Tecior For estimates. 532-?252, J. R. * siding. FURNITURE — O'Keete ond Merrin rcn^e. aii cftrcjme I5p. Monogarty dining room suiie Ihulcn. Tlirror. loble. 6 __ . . CALL US TODAY ond have your oriies ?I?i7-V Alr * f * p m • sa9 E furniture reslorea !o oec-jrv quickly. '- .i exsensively 5y STERV. HWY. 1 SINGER — Your aame labeled on any ] TRU TEMPER GARDEN TOOL OR PRUNSR purchased oefore March 1st. LYNCH3URG FEED AND HDW. CAN YOU STOP IN TIME? Big or smoll ccr, don't risk en accident. C-nsu.i a _oe- clollsl In comstete wr>e*l ana brake vuo'n. Ci-ARlCS WHEEL S. BRAiCE SERVICE. GARAGE SALE — Marc!) 1st through Jfh, | 2-OC Morket. 5S2-9-3. ; S c.rn. to 6 p.m. Clothing, toys. sow. gun, ! CALL US NOW FOR YOUR HOME Mod- sl'i-jo"?^ 80 '" 3 ' ' St " nson - ott Sou!fl Mom -' ernizaTion ne*as. No down payrnenn. Ecs, : — : mo-tnly Terms. : GARAGE SALE — Baby bed, high choir, IDEAL HO.VS IMPROVEMENT CO. 'slay oen. stroller, rockinj horse, porio-l 1C4 N. A!earx3er Dr. 5£3-^)77 3!e sewinc mccnine. o">d some children's! — • .....—,___ ~. .„ —; r— ciotnes. In e*c-»e-.t condition. S82-9206 or ! ROOFING SPECIALIST — Composition , 5e< . e , 70S Chandler. i or.d wood. References fumisrea. i I PMne 5S3-1OS7. : GUlTAR-ANTIQUE PHONO — Amipes i 2ciTar. 2 micrDOTiOnes. Antic.ue Ediso^ ; type). Inquire 3U | WILL TUNE UP YOUR SEWING MACHINE FOR ONLY S3.75 .. Skeeter - Buiir Irailer. In very good . )°63 model rig. Complete fishing rig for lakes and rivers. Call 582-3965 otter 5 SAVE $$$$ SAVINGS UP TO 5159 on MOBILE SCOUT CAMPERS A BEFORE SEASON DISCOUNT ON CAMPERS !N STOCK. Next tew days. WHITE SPACE INCREASES REAOEICSHIP _„ 305 — Two - bedrooms, targe! closets, ce-ftral heat, oversized garage, i neat. SS.WS- SS2-2210 or inquire 337 Hofer.i HOUSE ON DAY LAKE Can Mrs. w. w. Oates in Oartan Ci- 8-231 S. 43. Business Property INVESTMENT PROPERTY — 2-Bedroomi home with trees. In La Porte. You could, moke S per cent on your Investment with | this property. HUGHES REALTY, $83-! 272? or SS3-52SO. i FOR SALE BY DVH4ER 112 Live Oak Large Miedroom. 2 bath home, recently remodeled, almost new wall t> wall carpet- Central heat, 4 roam air- contfitierars. built-in dishwasher. De- tacned dous:e oarage. Smalt wetttrn cedar tttilitv buitding. Large corner tot, several trees, ideal ucatiaa. co»- veoleit to schools, churches, shopping a^ea. By eopotntment ooty. paen* SZ3-UT7 or U2-S431. 51. Cars Wasted CASH FOR YOUR CAR THAD FSS.TON FORD A 1 USEO CAR LOT NO. 2 2431 Hwy 1*6 54. Automobiles CASH FOR YOUR CAR SEE -HONEST JIM- Jim Carter Motor Co. ST2 X» Ol W. Toon SPARKY SEZ IT'S A MESS But mHk whet you couta do w!m ttiis ( fine brick home on corner lot at i XZ2» WISCONSIN ST., Former doctor's on.ces ana pretty well torn up inside, btst you con buy it so checo that you con afford to make it j EXCELL6MT BUSINESS LOCATION — _ 311 Borrymore. Buiidins OCXS property into o beautiful ttir«-bedroom Home. Act! with nice living quarters upstairs, i-or- Now •nerly a flower snop. Only SU.aSO «'th| ' SPARKY BOND. Realtor terms avotiaolc. EDDIE COX. Realtor, [ 097 S Main SJ6-72J1 or S.S-5060. STARETT LUMBER CO. BUILDERS •< BKIer Menus For Less Y«ur CMic* Oi Large Wooded Lots TRADES CONSIDERED 331t N. Main — CaH Hlitchms Motors i Perfect tor a nu.cnins rvioiuri \ Lots 6f , rcffl Kiwoy 1*5 at Texai 35. Good Eating COMMERCIAL PROPERTY — SO ft- in 300 Block of East Te*aS Ave. ilnwst any type Cosiness. c- Reasonably priced property Is getting, herd to find. Drive by and call us toooy. RAYBORN JOHNSON AGENCY. 2201 Morket. 583-1784. Nlcnts end Sundays 533-4373 or SJ6-77511 LOVELY HOME — 3 Bedrooms. 1 baths] •den. torse lot. Pruetl Addition. Cell for GJ>DO : ntment. 582-9321 or S83-8I71. Creative Homes CA j-rnt. BoytowD REM006L OR 8UJLD — Commercial. ; sboioQ'di* (Sronk R«!den;isl. Corro:e:e Terms. ' p a ^ * ^^ i«-a* FREE ESTIMATES. C. G. -Rocky-!- : FRE- _- Roqu-e-nore. 16&S .Vrijh! Blvd.. 5K-?I7?. i GRAVES FURNITURE WAREHOUSE — -Nice Portable TV $ 45 Oc ' ROACHES? — 6-Rooms a:td qoroge. S15.00. i_i*e New 5-Piece Danish i X 45.00 ! Also. Comm.rc:oi. Boncee o'C i-icensec.: v^aem d!nert» AH types exjrr'ri.noTira.oua-snte.d : S-=iece Round Pedestal Maple HARVEY'S PeST_CONTRC:.._Pn. 552 list aln-Ke » 75.95 i \ew Adrri>-at RefrigeroTcr 5169.95: ANY MAKE OR MODEL WE DO NOT SELL OUR MERCHANDISE THROUGH DEALERS IN THE HOUSTON OR BAYTOWTJ AREA. The Singer Co. 318 W. Texas 583-2400 LET'S GO HUNTING FOR ROBERT'S &ROASTED i CHICKEN HOUSE J Across From tne Old Rivcrview J Highlands Phone 476-4013 LEISURE COTTAGE — SOC Ft. on Pile. S1.A45. 16108 Hiohwoy 73. ! Call GL 2-1072. ! i GRAVES DISCOUNT FURNITURE—21» I ]_J. Main. 50X125 K- lot. Building with LOUiSE STREET — Nottling down, $170! !ivins ojjortefs. good business location for c | O5 | no C0 st. S30 month, injedrooir-.. IVa i I most anythina. Price reduced for quick sjoihs, 553-2293 i jc!e. Bank f-iandng available. MODERN PROFESSIONAL BUILDING— For medical clinic or general office use. Ample private parking area. 1M» Airhcn Sale or lease. Contan owner, 583-4323. 36. Insurance 43-A. Waterfront Prop. SHEPHERDS TV For Fcst Expert Service New PreT. er Ronae HAVING DIFFICULTY IN OBTAINING AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE?? Coil GLENN WHITE INS. AGENCY 582-«52 WEEKEND RETREAT! i ^^mm^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi^ One-half acre of partially wooded, sandy __ _ . ~ . _-, ! loam lomt Near and with access to Lane 39. BlXSineSS Opportunity Houston with . . . nice siie (4 room) .- 1 weekend cabin. Cabin ond land total Ycur Zenith Dec;.,- - Cor.' H 3 <fo. TV : li^ ^"fK';"?" « ^ i c»i C*^A *r>o p^rk . 3 • >-' 1es ' t-,eezer . ..—....... > _i.oe SK-506 SCO Park . f,ood ApcrTrr.e^t Stove . S 25.0C 1 CULPEPPER'S TYPEWRITERS — Office Machines, cosh New 2-Piece Donisn Modern Llvmo. \A/»r»»hnil«e ^rlOWrnom rs-oiiters. Scies ana Service Factory. =!oom S-oite - S 65.00 WarenOUSe OnOWrOOm trained mechanics. AMOY ANDESSOS" >° ; e=e P!=s!ic Covered Ranch -,-„' FRANCHISE EXCLUSIVE l5i6-S764. START SMALL -— - price S1,»»S. Terms. Call Mrs. McLean BUSINESS EOUIP.VENT CO.. Texas. TRACTOR WORK Dirt - work. Post Holes, ,Viow";n.;-P!ow:ng- Discirtc - Frfre Esrimc-ies. Earl c. wecver. E Srvle Suite S 75.00; Use( j Frigidalre Washer S 79.95 Us.8 3-Piece Bedroom Suite s 25.50: used Friciflaire Woifier. "is Model si*3.95 Nti« 3-Piece BeO.-ocm Suite S SS.OO i used Sora Bed. New Upholstery . S 4S.SO VALENTINE SPECIAL! Clean, oil. adiust clt makes and mode's sewir.a machines. SI.79. Pno^e 5S^-ff?35. Don't Move - Improve planning and decorating service. 1st Bne materials. Expert worx. Discsurtt c*s. Rooms, kitchenv ocths. r» ins, sidins. MORTON BUILDERS New 30 Gal. Glass Lined warer Hearer New Commode . . ......... ....S 19.95 j Usea 3-p ie ce Sectional Sofa s 75.00 2U W. Main OLD PELLY SK-<713! Useo: Maple Coffee Table -» 5.95 GOOD USED LUMBER - For sale. \'^ ea Hide-A-Bed. Ne-« UphoUtery .S 89.95 . .. i'Jsea Recllner, New Upholstery ... S 34.95 $49.55 'used Eorlv American Sofa ....... 544.55 S 15.95 ! 532-5278. 2410 Market GAS STOVE — ID Inch apartment size.! K|r\A/ llCCPt CIIDMIT11DC in exceptionally good condition. 530. 19CJ i lNhW-U5tU rUKNIIUKC HONDA 50, 1JS3 — ,. Coil 522-4772. 31-B Building Material GROW FAST Man or woman, part time. Lots For Sale investment plus exceJent credit can yield; to £200 per month uw iw ^twu K^« n.h«tiii *»,"• ^ .w. * i ___..__ ctTC HEAVILY WOODED hours per wee* of supervision. No over- ESTATE SIZE HEAVIL.T «"""«=" FLEMING. REALTOR, 582-7222 ond Highlands ! '"e i LOST bright carpet colors with Blue Lustre. Rent 51. Soy town HartfW' . restore! Don't Sell Yourself Short RECESSION-DEPRESSION PROOF BUSINESS EXCEPTIONAL HIGH EARNINGS PART-TIME WORK FOR ADDED INCOME FIVE LOTS — Located in Boyfront Add! lion. La Pone. Owner will help with financing. HUGHES REALTY. 533-2739 or 532-5250. IDEAL FOR MOBILE HOME — 60 X 200 lot (opprox;), wooded, all utilities. See weekends. Eosy terms. McCANDLESS, 583-1219. INCOME TAX SERVICE : -™™ *~ *"**• BOOKKEEPING - NOTARY SERVICE MISCELLANEOUS — Draft Beer Box, 2 Won itemized: cs low as S* Itemized: as low as $10 JAMES DUVAJJ. -J • '• AII nun niwr- UATPOI «i M^t=n« Kenoote sarry or persons* maie or remote, H A RDlf ;arS' e l-a^ L J. SV l a-°'yo?r'r^nTJie'in.a a N n! E b D und- «"J- ^ c *«« ™ <J° >™«« «• «/W "™ ", ^-to^'^fs , F0rt pav NOTHIN6 DOWN -|SSSSS. R - 9 i%L^!SffilS' ^D^RA^O- 0B(EV '|S - - up «p 3 yecfS ep__POY- nincc « n in f*i.- n ..nh »,..- i«+o«» » n ^an.! - c __^ OFF NORTH MAIN — 75X107 Ft. Ip( near | new higti school. Priced to sell. _ _ BAYTOWN BUILDERS SUPPLY Periick; 4 Ft. Coke wet box, stain- Mew Location, 315 W. Nazro, Old Gray less ste»! lined; ?6 ff. plywood boct, LOr. Co. Yard, 5S2-762S. roi!e', IS h.c. Evtnrudc; portabfe acoust-! 1*3 I ALUMINUM Elecfric Moror Repairs ^^ "winding, any kind. size. Modern equip- ' v - I5 ~= l AM cheap. See SHEETS — 33 In. by 36-ln. arode. .009 In. thickness, tceal for TUBES sold througn our latest modern type tube tesJinQ and merchondisinp units, will not interfere with your present employmeit. To qualify you must have: S3,750 Cos* Available Immediately, Car, 5 spare hours weekly. Could net up to S50Q per month in yowr spare time. This com- cm ?'£:: HARDIN ROAD — Almost half - acre ___ _,-., rees and within walking distance 553-1751, 566-5972 ementory school. BEVERLY REALTY, 47, Houses For Sale insuic;iQfi, roof ins, siding, .25 each. Con pary will extend financial assistance to! A FREE 7-ROOM, 1-BATH HOME — With ^» «-Aan f.+ T no Br-iu"*nu»-i Q.t>\ 1 tn\ AA An^n_ I »..n *: it j__: t **_ . . *^ i~rvc;^ / i%vv"»t, ^ "-^ • • « " — • ._,__ uniform, ! r ment. ELSCTRiC, 623 S. Prueit, S82-7281. 24. Soil - Fertilizer V.ISCELLANEOUS — Cub size 11 Si: cjrrs locKet, tur cone s ir. res. 525. 510; botri excellent tion. 7 ft. lame. S2X3; piry-ter Greymo- rine er.gtne, 125 he, witri almost every-j r.*iinq except boat, SI25; water softner 530; i JJ6-S32. seen at Ine Baytown Sun, 1301 Mono, j full time If desired. Oo not answer unless " fu:ly qualified for the time and invest- DISCOUNT BUiLOlNG MATERIALS-"BEST PRICES IN TOWN" Try Us and See CHANNELVIEW LUMBER AND SPORTING GOODS MOTORS — One 40-tlB. 3-Oftase, I2B-voIt. : siin rinc motor; cme 5-ft_, 3-phase, 220- i i 16120 Market GL 2-7133 ment. "income starts immediately. •"Business Is set up for you. "We secure locations, '•Selling, soliciting or experience not necessary. For personal interview In your city. TOP SOIL — FILL DIRT — SHELL —' _ O I_. slis riia motor; one l-h3. 3-ohase, • Bcckhoe, Builtiozer, TracKioQdcr for rent. : 2^3 wo't induction motor. Phone BUt Hart- LovC Burris. 553-1595. s man at 5S3-S3O2 or write Box 90. Bavtown. TOP SOIL, FILL SAND, SHELL • MARTIN HOUSES — 4-S-K rooms. I Priced from £3 to S19JQ. Dump Truck for Rent 1 A»enue 1C JS1-J054 -n=BM< an ALL R=MODF1 lua TERMS ON ALL R-MODELINe TO ME =T YOUR NEEDS ^"SsLJSH.nd Adv?« BAYOU LUMBER CO. Hwy. 1M and Cedar Bayou Rd. £22-3321 -! write, please include phone number. TELEVISION P. O. Box 3373 Younastown, Ohio, 44512 26. Plants - Seeds .0. Alva. i HOME REMODELING ,NEW FURNITURE FOR OLD is wttat a! Free Estimates • •Ooys bs.ioistery ios gives you; fabric i New Iceos; reliable contractors. lor DlasSic. AUTO and boot uoholsterina aiCURSY LUMBeR, S32^2S1. isseciolty DAY'S UPHOLSTERY, SOi N. . i v.oin. S33-3030. LATEX PAINT, S2.55 GALLON 40. Real Estate Wanted carpets, drapes, stove and refrlaeraior. Unrestricted 1.47 acres on Bayway Cr. For less than appraised value of land, 56A-7219. SPARKY SEZ . - BACK TO THE SALT MINES But, ot least, you can live well while you're workJns. See this big combination home and business location at CORNER N. MAIN AND DENT In the shadow of the new hi ah school. 100 X 137 Ft. comer. 3-£>edroom home with shop at rear. Take a look . . . price has been reduced. SPARKY BOND, REALTOR 907 S. Main Dial 532-8248 . Nights and Sundays 533-4873 or 566-7751 SPARKY SEZ: "OH SWEET LUXURY OF LIFE" Luxury is e«jctly wnot you exauisitely beoutlful " ° Throw Away Your Paper PRICE REDUCED il,»t and come se* this bom* t«day! 1M3 RAIMTREE. It ha 3-b*Oroorrs, I baths, den separate living room, 2- car garage, completely carpeted, end central air a d heat. "Buy your castle from a Ktoy" Jii-SOol or S&4-73*4 S S S WE NEED CARS PLYMOUTH FURY III, IKS — ?x>rettop. red wirh woe* a*!-vi??yi interior^ 3U 4 cndine, automatic. ac<««r itccrlAO. wtiiiewoM tires, rodio, heater. SHIELDS MOTOR Cp^ gls Marfcet. jP-tlit. PRACTICAL ECONOMY — L«»» Mj««l .'olxswcoen SMtiocmegon, law -rvt^oyt. heater, oeautmii wood paneling ccrgettns, in excellent cotndittoix. PLYMOUTH, ItSI — Itodte. fceatcr, 4- door. new oalnt. good tires, dean. Will trade. See at 2OS Long Drive. TOP DOLLARS PAID FOR CLEAN USED CARS Quality Motors Ounnoni Ute WUliorra RAMBLER. 1»«4 — Equity mt, . nstMW uunnom - montnly «s«ei. Foctory air PEUGEOT, l!tt» — 4« serin. - . _ . pofrtt, tires. 3S miles per oai. «9S, Take old work car In vroae. See at 306 Laos Or. 52. Trucks CHEVROLET. 1K4 — % - Too Cut off to tow mobile home, good tires and heater. Touroide hitch, duel wneete. west coast mirrors. 5300. Call 5&5-8066 after S p-m. FORD PICKUP. IKS — Stylesiae. custom ca£>. v-£, air. outamaijc. radio, heater, ptwne '66 GMC TRUCK-$ 1795 . sionoore! trcmmission. Phone SSHUO. VOLKSWAGEN. 1»M — Solid Mock, radio. heater, new tires, very clean. Reasonably priced. Contact James Webo. SK- 3302 Between J-5 or SBMMO of:er S p.m. Its. CHEVROLET 1MPALA anrf VMt CORVAIR — will sMt for reosoneble offer. Pnone 583-*)*3, •» CHEVROLET — 4-*»»r. V-». uttt»- mdic. air csnditlanetf, rtaiio, heafer, *hitewa)l Km. *»i STRIPLING OUT- 3OARD MOTORS. 71S E. Humole. SO-2053 or SS3-20SS. T ..._ a CHEVROLET IMfALA — 4-DMT >•Many of last yearl •ptians are Hanrfcrt I son- AUpower ^ory oir. A-^ood f (•r '44. t cnr. ssvi, x/Q-jyu, BAYTOWH MOTORS. 798 W. Texas i " 3t2-*Ul ! ot you get in this! nl ill T /-^*.i -vr-\i in I r- \T &la Holiday stone j Bull.! ON YOUR LO I ' a " < : lsc:0 »« ! ""'"SlBuitt on your tot or <wrs, from year cl iDlan or ours, homes built by master craftsmen with you in mlad. Cost keot 1501 NORTH MAIN You've often admired it. Now wtiy not: -_ own U? Three big bedrooms, two tile | *i on oaths, ultra modern kitchen, centra! hect,;,, and air, 2 car oarage, study that can be • used cs -sth bedroom, and the biggest wood Burning fireplace you ever saw. Priced !ow e.^ouffn to interest any qualified buyer. SPARKY BOND. Realtor ay pre-plccned coastruc- ilysis. Stop by and see how easy own me very MS! at the price available- Baytown . Main, 53. Work Cars CHEVROLET, 1»» — Origilal owner, standard shift, radio, healer, good motor, S135 cash. S3J-S3SD. GOOD WORK CAR — '54 Plymouth. Reasonable Price- Phone 552-2*44. 907 S. Main Dial 532-82421 Nights ond Sundays 533-4873 or 564-77S1 GOOD CREDIT and SioC LOTS OF WORK CARS WE CARRY OUR OWN NOTES Peiiy Motor Company •07 W. Main 5S2-UB3 OAK, Sl< W. — Highlands. Very nice 2i bedroom home, central hect end air! conditioning. FHA approved. Call Jav Hendrick, 426-4010 or 416-1349. PRICE REDUCED On this spacious home. 4-bedrooms, 226 baths, large family room, i-sts of storcae. 4^ar oarage, large lot. SHORTY THARP. REALTOR. 566-7010. PONOEROSA SOLD OUT!! Watch for new homes under construction. 'OE AYLOR, Buiider and Developer, 5*6-7714. PLUMWOOD SECTION III NEW BRICK HOMES — In most convenient location in Baytown. Near schools, churches, playground, shopping. Neighborhood is aulet. no through streets. Unique designs. 3-oedrooms, 2 baths. 1- car garage- Call KENNETH KRASOFF, Builder, 1601 Narcille. 582-4417. REAL BARGAIN FOR YOU Two-bedrooms, carpetng. new 2-ton air conditioning. Cyclone fenced. See 307 Schilling, shown by appointment. Call 533-1333. SPARKY SEZ . . . TALK ABOUT A LOCATION . . . This is It. Plus c mighty aood three bedroom home, 700 EAST HUMSLE This well - kept home has fenced yard, caraae and carport, and can be financed conventional or FHA. Owner leaving. SPARKY BOND, Realtor 907 S. Main S32-824S N 1 grits and Weekends, 583-4878 or 56«-77Sl WANT A NICE HOME?? Drive by 1337 Jefferson 3-bedroom. 2 bath, new carpets. Coil LUTHER LEA. 582-7397. WANTED NEW OWNER To fill this cute little home with love and moves you into this lovely 3-bedroom, 2-both bonte with ceatral air and heat, alt brick, 2-car garage. 103 LAKEWOOD. "Buy your castle from a King" ii* 5061 or S&6-73M NEARLY PERFECT- All It needs is you! 3-Betfro3ms, 2 bans, central air and heat, carpeted, separate living room, detached 2-car garage. Priced to sell. 1*0 MACARTHUfc. "Buy your castle from a King" or 546-7384 FOR SALE 312 MORRELL Nice 2 bedroom home. Large dlniig room, living room combination, dinette a. ea. Close to grocery store. SELLING price ,5,000.00 and you can't oeat it. 54. Automobiles LATE MODELS TO WORK CARS At makes ond models. Yoa are iwt to mi your needs from our stiealoc- DON DiTTMAN Ernie Ditiman Motors SE1-20B 707 E. T«x«.' "Smrtownl »esr men Cnra" Buck Turner Chevrolet 10 E. Texas 5X2-OB '65 Pontiac Bonneville Fontaine btoc with matching interior. Air a;d power. A ooe-own«r car. L*w mileage a-d showroom new. Drive this A LEGAL STEAL — 1»S3 Oldsmobile 'S3 1 4-door. air. radio, heater, very low mile- _^ age, new tires, one owner. See at 606 i car and you will love the masterful p«r- ParX. 582-^561. - I lormance of its exectftiv* iryle. 3UICK, 1»S! — Super, all power, air, 4- Joor, o/iod tires, oootf second car, ^95. A*-a6K. 195S -^factory air condi-! ajnt, gajy tires/ V-5 engine, " P.m., Page DIttman Motors . Hoyt Page Fred Dirrmon Jr. •'It Makes A Difference Where You Bay. Let Us Prove It." WHITE SPACE INCREASES READERSHIP CHEVROLET STAT1ONWAGON, 19S? Runs good, 6 cylinder. 4-door. S325. Cal. S52-SS3S. CHEVROLET, 1756 — Running 365 hs Corvette engine, Crosby. ^26-2627. CHEVROLET SPORT COUPE. 1S62 — 327 V-B engine, radio, heaier, standard trans- 120 LAFAYETTE DRIVE mission. S1.09S. 5S3-3331. Nice 2 bedrosm, separate dining-room.] CHEVROLET NOVA «0, 1942 — Extro clean 2-door sport coupe. A-l AUTO SALES, 915 N. Main. J24-3735, Highlands. Nice Shrubbery. Priced for quick sate. Lots of good buys in Commercial property and large and smell acreage. STEWART REALTY CO. 18 N. Ashbel Telephone 533-7477 scaped yard. Plenty poper shell pecan frees. Walking distance to schools, end churches, shopping. Good loan available. price 37,850, 220 E. Sterling, heart of Baytown. P.S. Ail aluminum siding, no paint- BEYOND YOUR DREAMS BUT WITHIN YOUR GRASP "I BEDDING PLANTS - Petu^ins, Mari-i CUSTOVNEFL ^ A 1.|NC A ^ AR^GALLERY gold, Oust-/ Miiler. .Phio»._Sna ? )ra S nsJ ' Pointinos by Artists 12 N. Commerce 5E2-4053 : SCOTTY STARETT LUMBER CO. 3313 N. Main 582-S61S I JCM And 805 Maplewood. in beautiful Groy- jwood. Incorporated into these Ipvsly Roses in cans. Si.49. SWiTH GARDENS. 8302 Thomoson P.ocd. J36-3215. j PIANO — Walnut Story and Clark, 40-Inch T**'^,? 5 JP - S _ and SPORTSMAN CAMPING Delta '??rSi|- ' yeor old ' « ctl!tnt eondlllon.,- r Cab , e p . wer toils _ ^ | _a--2USi. i iTy _ BRITTON CRAVENS LUMBER PearsV^'tcr'i Ft""(i~Ki-.d_) S J.95 ; PRINTING DONE QUICKLY, when pro- 1 K09 Market. 587-6265. S IJdiroised. or.d done ricfit! Call MA ' OPPOSITE DECKER DRIVE IN THEATRE SPARKY SEZ. . . LIST WITH US SPARKY P B^>ND?'R«iitor i homes cre"tfie wonderful features, iound 1O> S Ma«n 532-524.1 in exclusive custom built Savell homes. Nicfirt end Sundays. 583-4378 or 566-7751 I Every modem device to moke your life ** ' more enioycBle p:us the spaciousness for Livina room, separate ' ' 2 Oaths. , _ - -- le oarage ton lo.-ge lots. YOU CAN BUY ONE OF (THESE HOMES TODAY. 566-7221 EDDIE COX, Realtor For Dependable Moving Service col or Loss Distance — Call 582-20S8 Hasty Transfer and Storage North American Van Lines Agency WILL SACRIFICE — Furnished home in New Spanish Home •.Vooster to settle family estate or will rent to reliable family. 566-5534. malic shot- LISTINGS AND ACREAGE WANTED IN i YOU ore looking for. Living room, : a ond Port- HUFFMAN - CROSBY AREA — HU6HES; om ' n g """J" 1 '. 3 lovely o, °J^"fir, for qual- REALTY. 533-2739or 532-5250. Ask, Car, md breakfast areas. Plus double 220* EAVES — EVA MAUD Wrought iron gate opens into private courtyard. 2200 sq. ft. of luxury living area. Large paneled den. nylon carpeting throughout. Be sure to visit this home today. CURBY LUMBER Plums, 5 to 6 Ft S 1.50 ! misec!. cr.d done Peccn, 6 to S Ft. ( v:»s! S 5 00 ' THERNE'S. 523-1713. aM ycur needs. 20C Chrr.birvg Roses Icii CoJcrs) .. S ! 25 'cr^e or s-na!!, for quality work. eucrc-rtar»f-»r 500 BlSMl r5"c~,', n CCRS I7« 'S: PART.N'S USED FURNITURE *"JETv^Shietrodc . ^-Ga' C'-s Jl'so-Ncx Maole Folding Chairs S 495! GULF AT COMMERCE S.C*,-' Cn-i's & 00-J tSO ' Jersny Lind Twin Bed SlO.OOj ----- > ^ J ^-:- *-^_'5 *_uu* t-ju • f~^,^: f t^t nn "LISTINGS WANTED! /-IIIMITV nnec NnT TOST IT PAY= I OTIS GRAHAM REALTY Q o^ J XnSii i RlTlinFB «77-M9" SUITE 103 — GRAYSTONE BUILDING! DAN SAVELL. BUILDER. 532-7249. PHONE 5S3-5048 COLBY, 1703 — 3-Oearoom brick, good NEED CHAMBERS COUNTY LISTINGS ! C | -Have Cash Buyers Wait-ng HA loan available, elephone Starett Lumber Co. 53J-7833 CHEVROLET, 1957 — 2 door hardtop. V-S, standard, radio, heater, S52S. 308 Greenbriar. '63 Buick Four-door Le Snbre sedan, fully load- neater, Torqueflite automatic tronsmis- ^j w in, mi pessibie ixtrat including sion, air conciilioned. bucket seats. Like factory air Secutiral honey beige DODGE DART GT, 1763 — J-Door hardtop. Shiny original oyster white. Radio, 1961 PONTIAC--$595 53.000 miles, power, air, absolutely like new except domosed fender and sriiL R«- petr yourself at this price. 5EZ-41S1. TRADE NOW During off season your choices or* better. DEALS ARE BETTER Come by aid let's talk "Trade." TRADE UP NOW To a SI .000,006 ride in O '66 Buick Busby Buick "Where Customers Send Their Friends" SIS W. Texas 583-7371 new inside and out. 21.000 actual miles. l°,o:o mile warranty left to purchaser.! » ea i nice. Don't miss this one. LUMUS BAYTOWN DODGE, 2SOO Market. 583-7474 . finish with mctctii-ig factory inferior. FORD STATIONWAGON, 1957 — Good tires, new battery, good worK or fishing car. 426-3327. . . . . FORD, 1957 — Good body, needs rear main. SSO. _ See at 2117 Carolina after 1:30 p.m. Orvol Dunham 583-3917 FORD GALAXIE 500, 1?42 — Air conditioned. power steering, automatic transmission. Good condition, 53I-S317, alter S p.m.. SSA-7S72. FOftp, 19&3 — Four - door s«don, oir conditioned, cower brakes, rodio. heater, cutomatic. One owner. S1XJ9S. 566-5114. $1749 Quality Motors Uao Wit3oni» TOO E. T«to» FORD, 1960 — Power and air, good •' condition. Have new car. must sell quick. Call 582-7204. FORD, 1964 — Galaxie 500 4-door, auto- SHADE. FRUIT TREES — Thousands in con!ainers. Fics. Gropes. J. Persimmons. SrrcwD*rrv, Berry vines. Rases. Cacti. Hedge, Bamboo. Large Orrjs and Dwarfs. Pink La. Phiox. Camellias. Azaleas. Vines. Evercreen end F{. Shrubs. Thousands, Let us quo*e vou by the Doz.. 25. 5Q ond 100 lots. Largest selection in Texas. Lcwn Ornaments. Rare Plcnfs, Trooicals. Orcrtic!s, Wcecir.o Cherry ond Mulberry. Tree Wisterias. Ground covers. Yucccs, c>! kincs. Aloe Vera plants. Vjolels end pecan trees. Ct»aine!view Nurseries — Fiorlst 14501 Market St. Rood, Cricnnel-iew 27. Poultry Supplies BABY CHICKS AMD TURKEYS LYNCHBURG FEED AND HOW. 1°49 Market — 424-31 IS. 28. Pets - Supplies FRENCH POODLE — Proven stud, beige. registered. 2 veers old. S75. 5332907 or SS3-2325 oiler 5 p.m. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES — AKC registered. 7 weeKs oio." moles 175; females iSfl. SS2-66B9. MONKEYS- MONKEYS - MONKEYS Tropical Fish and Supp'-es GREENWOOD'S PET SHOP 808 S. Main, PATS TROPICAL FISH New shipment of Dlcnts cn<5 fish, rr-cs? Items on sole. Mrs. A. M. Forris.1. 4506 N. Main. POODLE GROOMING — Boardino, stud service. CLAIR LAC KENNELS. 1300 Clear Lake. Hlohlands, 426-33S5 evenincs and weekenas. 29. Livestock - Supplies HORSE — 3-year-old quarter horse stal- llen. Please cell after 5.30 p.m.. 583-5494. MEAT SOLO FOR FREEZER — Pick your com fed colt from our *e-d lot. Also custom stauoriterino and cuttinc. BRO'*VN SAUSAGE CO.. 818 S. wollisvllle Rd.. X26-3S15. PRAIRIE HAY — Good btacjc land, W cents at born. La Porte. GA 1-263S. RABBIT CAGES — • doubie, for does ond litters. Good hj excellent condition, 4 does. 1 buck, SA5, 583-3586. ^0 Por P^fTT OT | HUGHES REALTY Emery H .Hustles i CROSBY — Ramsey Rd-, % nme eastj JU rer V^enT WA I .06 N. IVicin St., 553-273° or 5B3.3349 | C rosby. 4 bedrooms. 2 botfis. den, 1-bed-' Chrome Dnettt. 6 chairs 525.001 Decorative and practical Indoor window WANT YOUR LISTING 5 Rad.ont Dearborn Heater SI5.00; shutters. AH sizes, to fit or.y vc.ndow. ] WE WANT YOUR LISTING 2 Rtellners. Need Upholstery s 7jo j 4x8 *-in. Grooved Birch Plywood, $10 Co" J°« B»5own T.xas r Piece Walnut Bedroom Sr»ite .. S45.00! sheet. I L-^iT?> or nPrtK ^S2 50642. w. Mam OLD PELLY ssj-s^ Sheley Lumber Co. ' 2209 Market St. 533-1745 ' room guest house. All utilities, natural £USJt rox aas. On 7 acres. Bams, outbuildinas. j £'mc«on » fenced. 520.500, 53.000 down, owner fi- fo. motion. 3» WANT TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS? •— Here's your chance in fast growing Hiohlaids: 611 S. Main —The i Morton Buildina Supply, all land, build- i inss and his beautiful 3-bedroom nome situated on rear of property. It has j charm, built to lost a 100 years. All; 582-5418 modern conveniences including com -1 „_»=,- ^o^™- nir n r** ^^-^ „ t^« plete electr.c kitchen, central heat and , , ,, ,. , ?™~i<^?'~*?Jn*n?fL-,?%~^?*-, Sir o-ditionino. Ha™'well[Insulate* I W 3 ke P Re 3 it Y 1 trto "s^qht"^^"^^ l^p S.t fS^^r SSrtfAH- <££ ot'^U-AZY LANE, 1ZT _ Spacious Vbedroom j 5..--I.9 after 5 p.m. ^_'j whistle. Second dwelling at front af me j home o.i beautiful «ooded let- Corpets, i FORD STARRER. 1W , _ Ro(!io , „«,,«., property rented for S75 month. Would i built-in appliances. 2 batns, central air/-: , power stee'ina arid brakes red and rnate a fine doctor-, office or any other I neat or-a roomy double garage. Owner; ° n j, f°^ s rSnone sfjis,, ' OT i nice business. Drive by and take a look. I beingtransferred. . *° J " r ™" s ^^^^- ( Priced for immediate sale. S22.SOO. Call i 564-5»7 4417 Bayway Dr. 544-8478; GRIFFIN ENTERPRISE ~" ' " n°60 Lark, Convertible, radio, heater. '65 Ford LTD Here's your answer to smart locking, smooth driving pleasure. Whisper quiet powerful engine, 4^1oor hardtop in rich burgcndy finish wirh matching t.i- rerior. Only 11^00 mile* ol! core/ully acquired. It has all the power available and air conditioned for evefi mare comfort. Drive it today and gel that ••Rolls" feeling. Neal Dickens Motor Co. .. W here Ouolitv Is Always Consistent" under The Bio sKdHiwov 14* " nacr ™ Bg ""* "• W ° y "* REALTOR, for other in- 546-7221 or 566-5060. SHOULD SELL OUR PRICE WE WANT YOUR LISTING Ust with us. Prospects ore waiting. HUGHES REALTY, 533-2739 S 65.00 Used Bell and Howeli Projector J24.SO, S 6C 00 Used Beil and Howeli j Mod* to order. Old screens rewired. Movie Camera SITJOIGULF COAST BLIND & SCREEN CO. S 3500 Usea Argus 44 MM Kodak S 7.50 i 4404 Bayway Dr_ Baytown, 5-4-5S1! S E.SO Used Box Brownie Kodak I 1.25 $ 15.00 New Kodck Dvavlex ! ^"^•••••"™^^^™"«" $ 37^0 u's'ed^TrSnsistoV'sui^r"" * 7 '*°\ 31-C. Musical Instruments Deluxe Tap? Recorder ... 514.50; •••••••••••^^•••••••MKMM^HM S B5.00 Used Kodok S MM Movie i Camera 524 50 j ACCORDIONS — New and Used. As low S 55.00 Like New Rem_igton 22 i as 535 for used instruments. Guitars. Long Aut S 17.50 Loroe Sam-onite Suitctjse. S12.50tTHR, 207 Alva, pnone 533-1117. S 19.50 Small Sarnsonite Suitcase . S 6 J» I ALUMINUM SCREENS \ CHATEAU REALTY YOUR PROPERTY LISTED WITH Beverly Realty Co. Long Automatic'Rifle CS.OOi 516.95 up. SAYTOWN ACCORDION CEN-i Gets an experienced ' Mr*. Malone, Realtor, 1,0! Narciil* 553-3151 or 56A-5A04 alter i p-m. LIST WITH STEWART REALTY 18 N. Ashbel nonce balance af 6 per cent. 423-3141, ; yvEST LOBIT, 209 —Two-story, four beo- Crosby. room, 2 baths big living room, ae>i. seo- — arate dining, breakfast area, big kitchen. ! screened beck porch, fenced back yard. i :wo - car oaraje. Let's talk terms. j 532-8603. CREEKWOOD — Home lust a 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, built-iis, garage 516.700 wooded home sites. WALKER HOMES. INC., S83-32SO. SOLD OUT SPARKY SEZ . . . DON'T PUT THE KIDS IK AN ORPHANGE | Buy a bigger home and make everybody l happy. Look at i 109 MAPLETON AVE. tni-749 i S bedrooms, T-fc baths and Best of AH o -- wnole Acre of Good Lor:d. wnole I SPARKY BONO, Realtor j y07 S. Main SPARKY SEZ. . . YOU'LL BE OLD TOO ! Sut let's hope you're in as good shape as • fnis fine 8 room home with furnished | qaraa, cpcrtmeit ut 211 East Murrill. i ideol for home and rent property. Make! us an offer. . SPARKY BOND. Realtor 907 s. Moin "32-82JS| Nights ond V-eekends Me«, F«t Lo3«r.rr.: s 5S! JUST no MONTH RENTAL - on a ne» j Hollywood Bed Frames Lowery Piono. rental applies to purctwst i Up From . .. S 3 9*price. CHET'S PIANO CO., 200 E. Texas,] H«jvv Ware-eveV,"2l" "" ' ' I 5O-7339. j $ 8.95! ORGAN FOR SALE OR TRADE — Large j 1 Everett Orgatron^ Reed Electric organ j a weli^ualined Get Fair Morke Salty V_^O. | Nights end Weekends. 5-3-4878 or 564-7751 i ZJQQ SQUARE FEET LIVING AREA ieTpricf-Fast [I^LIC?^ 56 ' «^ bedr0 ° m """' CHATEM)'!?EAt r TYT l a^2"' e 532-9757, We have buyers for executive homes. LIST WITH US LOANS; FHA — Gl — Conventional ACREAGE GARTH ROAD — 22 Acres Hwy. 90 at Crosby — 9 Acres McDonald & Herbert NIGHTS 583-1751 Phone 533-3233. DAYS i 5S3-1704 1 I95B Ford, radio, heater." standard shift; | i-cy!inder. $2?5. 2202 N. Main, Across FroTt O'Briens Grocer-/, t "HUMBLE EMPLOYEES" i ' Only Humble Employees can finance new! and used cars at the HUMBLE EMI PLOYEES CREDIT UNION. 3530 Mar-' j ket Street. Baytown pnone, 583-1723, Plant I j Extension Phone 3462. i j MUSTANG, 1J4S — Hardtop, white, blue j interior. 239 cu. in., 4-speed, good condi-i | lion. 532-5J11 after 5;30. I MUST SACRIFICE — '58 Pontiac New! paint, new interior, stick floor snift, tech,' very good t res. 582-9353. j OLDSMOBILE, 1957 — Good mechanical' condition, good tires. S195. 5E3-i702 or 583-55] 2. f | Bayshore Motors, Inc. :2m Market SW-8161 '63 Pontiac Bonneville 4-Ooor hardtop. Beautiful gold finish with matching all-vinyl Interor, power s.eerin.3, power brafces, factory cir. Extra clean. AAnY OTHER CARS TO CHOOSE FROM BUY WITH CONFIDENCE Classified Display S 24.50 Shght: Double Kitchen Sinks Portable Typewriters S 12.50 Used Metal FooMocker ... New Small Metal Trunk - S225-00 30 Gailon Pressure Paint sound box. SlOO as is, or will make I llrode for something of equal value, 533- Pot 32. Articles For Rent JACK HEARD FURNITURE CO. 12 vv. Defee. Baytown. 522-1962 j TWO RINGS — 18 carot white gold hand • _ , TR H CI ^? . „, ... L. ^ ,. mode wedding ring with 7 small diamonds. Drlve yourself. Eauipoed with hydraulic also TiHony mountina with 4 smoli dio- ' i " ootes ( " ew frocks). Loco) ana one-way rnonds - half price. 5S3-S231. UlOl Market. *rt-s81S. i John M. Shearer And Associates Feat Estate, Sales, Rentals, Loans, '406 Market, Baytown, 583-6517 Carter H, Miller REAL ESTATE 203 Hwy. Bivd. — 583-7341 i GRANTHAM, 405 — Nice bride home, 3 i bedrooms, 2 full baths, family room, cen- ! trai heat and built-in kitchen. Located in me neart of Ba-/town. RAYBORN JOHNSON. INC., 2201 Market, 533-1784. nights 566-560-!. ! 47-A. Houses To Be Moved ' GRANTHAM, 202 — For Sole. 3-bedroom, bnc* home. E,uiry or FHA. . . BAYTOWN RENTALS (Next to Ki:gore's Ready-Mix) TV SET — 21-Inch Console, new picture i tube. looks good and will guarantee per-! formance. very reasonable. SB2-6851. TV SPECIAL — 21-ln. GE console, 115; i 4 Tcbfce Models. 120 eo.; late portable. I nevy tube. S60: shop repairs. i WORLD TV. 604 N. Moin, S83-1438. •V BELTS AND PULLEYS for refrloer- ctors. air conditioners, pumDs, coTiores- _ 1°^; *° S ^:.J! fiC ..f??=0?^ < ^^ f SP^'P<w«-_To<iirPow : er Po>Y"HSe Dlogen NEED IT?? — RENT IT! I Hospital Beds UNITED RENT-ALLS Pruetl and Peorce, 532-S019 42. Acreage For Sale i GRAYWOOD — TIM Brentwood, 3-bed- roorn, 2 txsths, lots of closet space. CHA- j TEAU REALTY. 5B3-32S2. nights S66-56O4. j j HIGHLANDS — 3-Bedrooms. central heot. | ! den, utility room, trees, cool and quiet. Smoll equity, 426-3609. MAUD ADDITION See These First!! 2203 Tuscan Lone, Open For Inspection Other Homes Now Under Construction I E. F. Luquire. Contractor! 48. i 582-9431 583-7093 j mmm m Classified Display JAMES, 418 E. — 2-bedroom house with; i den. central hect, garoge. Apply Seccna i Baptist Church office. Got 550?. Need a Car? Can you pay from $5 to $10 per week? Then See J-B Motor Co. Shop Under The Shed 2012 Alexander Dr. Mobile Homes Julie Ann Villa MOBILE HOME — ISXi X 37 Ft. Ex- pondo. 2-bedroOTis. electric kitchen, extras. Ideal for your lot. SI .650. 566-8947. home, flow- Restful Country Living APPROXIMATELY 3 acres In city limits. I ers, garden, 8 peoch, 2 pear, 3 cotton- 49. Automotive Service Half mile off Hiway 146 on Mabry St., | wood. S500 down, balance S70 month. S9.000. Call Jim Bailey, 533-3111 or | HIGHLANDS —3-bedroom home, 2-car 583-2512. garage, workshop, s-nall rent house. 1.72 acre land. FOR SALE — «. acre lot on East James) A . w . HA.WM. Realtor, 115 S. Main Street Phone SS3-4515 or 533-5139 oftsr; jjs.-.;]i 0 - ,26-3464 !5 p.m. FOR RENT Reducing Equipment 3.000 belts in stock. MASSEY ELECTRIC.! 323 S. Pruett. 5S3-7324. USED GARDEN TRACTOR —Witfl 33- Inch mower ond electric starter. See at SMALL ENGINE SERVICE, Crosby-Huffman Rd., Crosby. I Televisions USED WINDOWS — 4 iolousje windows. Camp Iraiiers 6V- Ft. X 3 t., one ialousie door. X7S oli. See 333 Greeibncr. Lokewoos, S.6-54S4. Floor Sandtrs and Polishers Sewer Cleaning Equipment Mowers, Tillers, Etfgere, Heage Trimmers Tow Bars and Car t ops Fans, Ladders, Chain Sows Rug Snompoo Machines Highway 144 IN CHAMBERS COUNTY By T. F. [RADIATORS REPAIRED AND RE-; ! CORED — Good selection of used radia- 583-5530' lors. CREEL'S AUTO PARTS. 504 S. Main Highlands. 426-2811. GARTH RGAO — Edge of Soytown, 2 or j rooms, IVi boths, remodeled, more acres. Well drained loom soli, low } heat 7^ acres ! taxes. SlOO DOWN. EASY TERMS. Call j M ,ooo, it's yours. 1-bedroom house. living; - Classified Display Classified Display . owner. 532-5627. SPARKY SEZ . . . HOTTEST SPOT IN BAYTOWN 40 Acres 1,759 Ft. on Garth Road south of Baker Rood. Don't miss It! SPARKY BOND, Realtor j kitchen, Va ocre lot. ARBOR, 225 — 3-bedroom brick, fire- ploce, den, dining. ACREAGE 7 ACRES — On Ferry Rd. overlooking i Cedar Bayou. 15 ACRES — Near Hempsfead, long river Up to Kf~, OFF on MUFFLERS Up to 70*. OFF on Shock absorbers Soirt - on filter;, all cars, si.96 WATSON'S. 3207 Minnesota, 5813572 Repossessed Singer Zig Zag 4-Drawer desk. This mocttin* mokes but-1 Trucks We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS Next to Kllgor* Realty Mix 2101 Marker — 5S3-S11S Travel Trailers 907 s. Moin 5S2-S24, ^-1V^«^ _,,_.,;;„ AiiiT i-T.^ " i Um.tV Trailer Nights and Weekends 533^878 or 566-7751 j ^Eggs; T^rontST... Main", opposite' { ; Sterling High school. i [LIBERTY COUNTY — 508 Acres, rice j» ACRES — Frontage 2 roods. Cedar i 33. Sporting Goods SELi. CHEAP — Ford Tractor with 20'tonholes and all fancy stitches. Would! ft. fe»d auger. 1 bottom creaking plows, j like pertv with good credit to feke up! 215 Steele Rd.. Hiahlonds. , payments oJU.W ™nthor Pjvoff bal- BOAT- MOTOR , TRA ,LER - 1* IT.! below most" large? tracts' locked farfher i S4i.«. can crMjit Deportment. txx ^ K hD Go , e .^^^^ e lecfric stort. I our. Terms. I SPARKY SEZ ! HONEYSUCKLE, 110 — In beautiful Lakei TAKE A TR'AMP IN THE WOODS wood. 3 bedrooms. 2 full boths, den. living The frame will have c good tine and room, built-in kitchen, util.ty room and ! you'll see the prettiest fwo car oarose. This -nodcrnhome has ! 10-ACRE TRACT 1 central heat and window air and is locct- you ever sow. it odioins both Creekwood | rt °" ° ior 5f fenced lot with plenty .ot I and Ridaewood Additions I trees. New loan or purchase small eauity ! OFF DEAD END N PRUETT ! ° n ^ assume existing toon. RAYBORN IThis land is unrestricted "and could nave I JOHNSON, INC., 2201 Morket. 583-1784. i a variety of uses. Owner has priced it : ^ mfmmmm ^ (i ^ m ^ — ^ ————i—B—— SUDAX SX ,, HAY - .red. fertilized ond conditioned for maximum protein content, 11-13 per cent. Heavy boles, .60 at the bam, after 4 p.m. ond on Sat. and Sur,. Corner of SioiorxJer ond Wollis- ville Rd. ,-j llfff .. . big wheel frailer. See at 407 Prairie, i SPARKY BOND. Realtor I Highlands, or call 424-3150 after 4 week- j 907 S. Main Ola! 5S2-S248 days or all day Saturday ond Sunday. Nights and Sundays 583-4878 or 566-7731 | Classified Display 30. Articles Wanted WANT TO BUY — Engine for ItSS Ford | wlfh Fordomatlc transmission. ' 5«-9»21- •_ j WANTED, IMPLEMENTS FOR FORD TRACTOR — With three point hitch. Coll S83-2443 or SS3-2943 after S. WANT TO BUY — Used electric rooster, oood working condition. 566-7562 or 5*2-5240. 31. Articles For Sale ADDING MACHINES - CASH RE6IS • TERS - TYPEWRITERS. Sale*. Rentals, Service. All makes, sleetrlc and manual. BLOOM SALES, 3305 Morket, 583-2325. Antique Kits Martin SenoWt Prevmelol Klr» Cover old finish, no varnish remover necessary. $4.95 Home Lumber Co. »M 6. Texoi Arena* 513-S241 Trucks For Rent Equipped with hydraulic lift goto We Sell Custom Hitches SAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS. ttV»l« (Nnrt to Kilgort Reody-MU) Qassified Display Classified Display Classified Display Planning To Decorate? See Denman's Complete Line of AS ALWAYS— Your Suooller of Needle Wo-* ond Crofts. Me DONALD NEEDLE ARTS Bob Smith Rood, $83-1272. BABY FURNITURE — Btd, mottrtlS, chat. White, good condition. 125 for all. GA 1-3010 Lo Porte. MILO STREET BARRETT STATION C. OBby.Lynchburfl Ra. N«w brick. 1 bedroom*, i-/, battu. attach** garage, built-in range, large lot. bargain. »10O mov« In, already financed. Call collect. JA 1.SJS7. ASSOCIATE DISTRIBUTOR Wonder Bar Amazing Cocktail Mixes requires an associate Distributor. ABSOLUTELY HO SELLING on the part of Distributor. Service company established accounts only. Investment of only S2.173.80 establishes you in this extermely profitable business, WITH GUARANTEED INCOME. Speed is of importance. Only two distributorships required. For further information, call Houston, Jackson 6-2811, extension 303. I Paint and Wallpaper I I \Vc Give Big Bonus Stamps | iDenmanPa'nt&Hdw.I I Kit IT T»v*« nr»_jmi FOR SALE High Grade ALUMINUM SHEETS Discover The move-ahead world tor 'fifif 25 Each 25x36 Inches, .009 Inch thickness ideal for insulation, roofing, siding. AN BE SEEN AT 1301 Memorial Dr. more LUXURY.. . Discover the pride that comes with Mercury- ownership styling inside and out. luxury features, and dollar for dollar value a bic Step ahead of the nark! B step ahead of the pack! PERFORMANCE...^ For openers, here's a quartet of options to go on: Mercury's 428 V-8 (/-liter size) Super Marauder engine. A close-ratio 4-speed manual transmission. Bucket seats. Tachometer. Discover what real performance is ... with Mercury! Nova you driven a —/tltlCUAt/ latmty Take o discovery drivm ot: BAYSHORE MOTORS. INC. 2113 MARKET SS2-8261

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