The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 9
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 9
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Bcuday Mornfas, June 28,1914. T H E D E C A T U l i R E V I E W FsgeNtDi Scovill Basement Specials Tie blue and whits granite dish pan. best grade blue and white ware, ipeclal Monday 75c 1 nt blue and white cranlte premrve kettles, 3fiC special Monday ww» 75c No 8 pure aluminum 4C skillet special Monday.. """· 98c : Qt. Acme Ice Cream CO* Fre««r. special Monday.. »*"» 40c pot lid set complete, 6 lids nnl rack, 23C .perlul Monday ......... ·-- -- 25e 8 qt tin sprinkler, special Monday 40o value toilet paper, S ro li special Monday 0c fly traps, spe- cial Monday 15c 1.00 Ironing Table , has sleeve uosrd clothes rack, C1 gS special Monday «· · ww 50c f o u r s i W i d house 23C brooms, ipeclal Monday ..·""· lOc lemonade glasses, xpeclal Monday Hurse shoe brand water Oj» glass'-! special Monday .. ·** (·la's witer pitchers 1 Ofi a »«rgiln .............. tVIr ICc paring knives, large Qgt aitortmrnt, Monday ·*** CO clothes pins, special Monday 5c Marvel clothes " I I M I S ;?X 51-98 SCOVILL GO. Bathing Suits Fine«t line in the city! Women's suiK in different trimmings, $2 to to $10. Men's and bovs' bathing suits, one and two-piece suits, in cotton and \\ool, 50c to $5.00. Caps and shoe" for bathers at different prices. Haines Essick 217 N. Water. Both Phones 1256. 550 Gallon* Daily Not Near Enough. Mention was made a few day* ago ot the demand for buttermilk In this dry town It Is dally becoming more acute ·nd If the rush gets any greater, the buttermilk question will be on of considerable Importance CROWD WAITS. At 4 o'clock Fr'day afternoon twenty-one people with cans, jars, pa.Ua, ' cups and bottles, were crowded to- I gether in the salesroom of the Benson creamery, the main source of buttermilk supply In Decatur The buttermilk supply had given out at 10 o'clock In the morning and these people had come around a,, the time when the first churning was ready A dozen or more palls had been left to be filled when the buttermilk was ready. Small children, middle aged, and old folks were In the crowd They were all kinds of people. Including some who had come In automobiles One gallon Jar was filled for a fireman who was going over to the West Main street house. 550 GALLONS DAILY. Five hundred gallons of buttermilk a day are being made at this place. Fifty gallons a day are being made by the Decatur Ice Cream company. Both of them could sell a great deal more Hot days like these they could probably sell twice as much as they now do If they had the buttermilk One Instance of the demand Is one milk dealer In the northeast part of the c i t v , who asked for thirty-five gallons of buttermilk for Saturday morning and got about ten Buttermilk from milk depots like that Is sold by the gallon, quart and Klass to people In the neighborhood, who, as the dav gets warm, come in to get this refreshing drink to take to their homes 1 CREAM SHORT One cause of the buttermilk shortage is the growing scarcity of cream Of course, the main cause Is the big demand due to the hot weather, but if cream could be had both makers would turn out a good deal more butter, and of course, more buttermilk. The dry weather and the burning up of the pastures Is the cause of the cream shortage Decatur b u j e r s are dailv going farther for cream They are now getting It from the other side of Vandalla, from Amboy, and even from beyond Elgin No Disease Without A Cause The cause ot both acute and cnroole dlneaies removed by CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS No matSer what or wheis tne aliment Is omo snd t m e r t i g a t « tne method ot r«inovinR th» cause Investigation costs ·nthlng and examination Is free and In- YltSd. Landgraff Williams Chiropractor* LADY ATTENDANT Jtooms 213-215 Empress Theater Bid! £«ure · to 12. 2 to 6. 7 to I Sundays It to 1 a. m. Auto US*; JMt lit. CAN GET SHAVES ON JULY FOURTH Dnrber Shop, W Remain Open Until 6 P. M., on That Day. It has been stated that barber shops tn Decatur will be closed all day on July 4 As a matter of fact they will be closed all the rest of the day after 6 p m which Is analygoue. In a wav, to cutting off a dogs tall just behind his ears This will serve the custom- crt and leave the barbers gree to burn nil the red fire they please after supper It Is complained by some of the bar- birs that there will not he much doing after that time, but the hour will be Just right for the beginning of red tire doings and there will ^e time enough to burn a lot of It If the conflagration is conducted with proper ssstem The fact is the Fourth Is Saturday anj a lot of people want shaves and haircuts on Saturday whether it the nations birthday or not Mora Iran that, they are Jobs which will not keep until Monday. DECATUE FIREMEN MAKE INTERESTING SCENE. Department at Smallwood Flats. --Photo by H Peyer Decatur firemen in action make an Interesting scene, no matter whether the fire loss Is large or small. Recently when practically all the equipment unlimbered in front of the Sntallwjod flats an 100' or more people gathered around to see them pull out furniture, clothing, bed clothes, and so forth from the third floor, the scene was as big and Interesting as if the loss had been thousands instead of something like $100. W. F. Hardy Going on Remarkable Tour. INSURANCE UNION NAMES OFFICERS New officers were elected by Macon chapter No 662 American Insurance union, Friday night as follows President--Dr Orvllle Wllhelmy Vice President--Alfred I 'Clifford Secretary--Susie Llnxwelle'*. Treasurer--W J Carey Custodian--Roy Chesebro Marshal--Kate M. Eshelman Warden--August Welskopf. ' Chaplain--Maude Doyle \rgus--Dai. Id Miner Trustee--John Wllcox Pianist--Haiel Welskopf Four Virtues--Irene Chesebro, Berths Miner, Vera Lee and Sadie Owen f Several applications were received nd two now members were received | r W Miln district manager, had charge of the meeting He will also pipslde at the Installation July 9 I Warren F Hardy, managing editor of the Decatur Herald, leaves Monday for a brief but interesting tour of Europ» He sails from New York July 1 on the Fredrlk VIII ot the Scandlana- vlan-Amerlcan Hue and lands at Copenhagen, Denmark on July 11, after stopping at Christiana Norwaj, for a few hours of sightseeing TOWNS TO VISIT The trip will take h i m from there to Berlin, Dresden, ^ u r e m b u r g Rothenburg, Munich, Ulm on-the-Danube. Frankfort, down the Rhine to Bonn and Cologne Essen, Dusseldorff. Amsterdam, The Hagae, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, London, Letchworth, Oxford, Stratford-on-Avon, Bournville, Chester and Lherpool He will sail from Liverpool on the Devonian of the Lejland line Aug.. 27 and will arrive in Boston Sept 6 SPECIAL, TOUR The trip Is a civic and social tour conducted by the Institute of Educational Travel In cooperation w i t h New York university Its object will be the study ot municipal problems ana chic progress, social problems and social solutions and labor problems and Industrial betterment, in all of which Sir Hardy Is deeply Interested LEADERS The tour will be led by Edward Ew- Ing Pratt, manager of the industrial bureau of the Merchants Association of New York, Frank A -Fette-, head of the department of economics of Princeton university, Robert A. Binkerd sec- retar of the Cits Club of New York, William E Rappard professor of economic history, UnUersity of Geneva, Switzerland, Ewart G Culpln, secretary of th« Garden Cltiei and Town Plan- ning Association of England and municipal officers and experts In each European city visited. MUNICIPAL PROBLEMS Mr Hard will pay particular attention to municipal problems Each of the three groups into which the party will be divided will have Its own leader and Its dally program The men In charge are specialists The journey is expected to result In many new ideas MEMBERS OF PARTY The party will be composed of city officials newsoaoer men, college professors and students and municipal experts Boy Scoati Plan Hike. The Boy Scouts of America No. 2 will go on a hike next Thursday afternon, and they expect to return by 8 o clock that night The different troops will meet at the First Methodist church Patrol 1 meets Monday evening, patrol 2 Tuesday evening, patrol 3 Wed- resday evening, and all groups will go on *he hike Thursday You Don't Take Advantage of our present low prices on pianos it will mean a great loss to you. We have a stock of over 35 new and used pianos and you can now buy from us at the lowest prices and on the easiest terms ever known in Decatur. FINE NEW MAHOGANY PIANOS $190 including stool, scarf, 10 music lessons, 20 sheets music and instruction book. 18 SLIGHTLY USED PIANOS at from $100 to $160 on easy terms. Some of them are almost like new. Remember, we own our Suffern Buildings and have no rents to pay. We have no salesmen on salaries. We play smash with high prices and terms. Don't fail to call and examine our pianos this week. Suffern Music House 2nd Floor Suffern Bldg., 351 N, Water. Take Elevator. Step to Your Phone and Give Us Your Order for Ice Cream. Ices and Sherbert For Your Sunday Dinner. We've been making our own Ice Creams and lees for more than five years, and we don't belteve any better or purer are made Try Us Today! Make our store your resting place while you are down town B«th PIMM. Summer Cooking Shouldn't Cook The Cook Getting dinner ready in July is just as comfortable as in November--if you use a Scovill coal oil cook stove. The Scovill stove automatically turns coal oil into gas, furnishes a steady, intense gas flame against the cooking vessels, where the heat is absorbed by the articles being cooked, The gas flame burning against the cooking vessels makes the Scovill coal oil stove twice as fast with half the oil of the ordinary coal oil stove, Coal oil costs half the price of gasoline and is perfectly safe. Come and see these new Scovill coal oil stoves demonstrated. Prices no higher than inferior stoves. SCOVILL H IR cf c H 121-125 N. Water St. Everything Ready to Wear. Reasons Why You Should Trade Here M O N D A Y Kimonos Lawn and serpentine orepe kimonos Plain and fancy pat- QRn terns, special at ·«*«· Ladies' Hand Bag* The newest shapes, seven different styles positively all leather, very special at Children's Summer Halt In a big rarlety of styles and patterns, 24C values up to »!.«« M " Petticoat* Made of excellent gingham material, regular 50c value Ladies' Union Suite Handsomely trimmed, taped arm and neck, sites 34 to «, 23C special for Monday fc«*w Petticoats Unstarched muslin petticoats latest models wide flounce, QR|* very special »»»·* Ladies' Silk Hose All the popular colors, Including black and white, 9_3C Monday only ·*«*· Font Large slse palm leaf fans, special for Monday Oil Cloth Mill seconds of 2 Be values, plain and fancy figures. 4 Q e per yard * w w Basement Ladies' Waists Black and oolored lawn, slightly mussed from handling, 2SB special for Monday fc«*w Basement Embroidery A bis variety of patterns, var! ous widths, special for Monday now yard... . Basement. Boys' Wash Suits A. big variety ot styles and patterns, slice 21-2 to 10 ARf* years, special for Monday ···«· Third floor. Boys' Union Suits Mesh and balbtlggan material, short sleeves and knee lengths, special 23C for Monday fc *" Third floor.. Boys' Suspenders Light and dark colors, regular lOc values 6c Men's Shirts French cuff and separate collar to match, big variety of patterns, regular 75c val Third floor Children's Dresses 1 table of children s dresses sizes 2 to 6 years big assortment of patterns, values 9Qfi up to 50c _ fcWM Ladies' Lisle Cloves White black and tan, lone gloves always sold for SOc Dressing Sacques Material, lawn and percale, bought to sell for GOc, 94C special for Monday fc*l» House Dresses There are 200 In this lot the most desirable styles and materials for the warm weather, QRft values up to *1 7S for. ««**» Muslin Gowns 19 different styles. lace and embroidery trim a big bargain for Children's Hose Fine ribbed summer hose, pink tan, blue and black, 4 AM special at I V M Children's Lisle Socks Fancv tops big assortment of patterns all sizes ISc values, 2 for ... Aprons The latest cover-all aprons light and dark colors. special for Monday Basement. Laces Shadow, linen, torchon, eto, these are remnants of values up to 25c per yard, special OM at a yard "* Barber Towels 13x20 Inches, only I to a, customer, special for Basement. Men's Hose ,. tan. gray and other CM i, special value Mordayf *· Black, colors, Third floor Men's Union Suits Made of mesft material, all the desired styles, regular 390 50e garment «·«*·* Third floor. Men's Suspenders Good elastic assorted pat- 91 G terns, regular 50c value... fc " * Third floor. Wash Ties Just received 12 dozen beautiful ties easily worth twice as much as we are selling them ^~ for, 2 for Third floor Boys' Blouse Waists Light and dark colors, sites 4 to 16, special gig for Monda'' . · · · ·» · · Third floor. This store win be closed, as usual, on all Thursday afternoons during July and August. It also win be closed all day, Saturday, July 4th, but will be open Friday evening, luly 3rd, until nine o'clock.

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