The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 10, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1859
Page 3
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J. M. AIs '• J. 3B. : A..L1.OOT1*, UK UtKitST AMI) OHEMI8T »08 EAST WATKR STREET, MILWAUKEE.... r>nl]..........WIBOOKBIN 11AIK & TOOTH Bltl 78 •.».ES A c COMPLETE and Klegani assortment of liondo and American Hair fcnd Toeth Brashes, jnst T< celvedby J.M.AtLCOIT. janl . 203 Bast Water ftreet. Pure French ISrandy. O LD VpOET and Haderla Wines, Native Grape Wines, London Cordial Gin, London Porter, Scotch Ale, Congress Water, to., Ac. Just LTJB1NS- KXTKAOTS. A LL the new and choice varieties Lublns' roans ani £&. Toilet Powders, just received by janl , ~ J- M. ALLOOTT. SOAPS & SHAVING CREAMS A OOMPLKTK assortment of Clearer'B.Low's.'Wright 1 and BagioB' Honey Soaps.'RousselB A Petera' Bhav ing Creams and Gale's fthavlng Compound, for i-ale by janl J. M. ALLCOTT. - ALLOOTT'S C.OHPOinV» CARIPJIOK ICE WITH GLYCEKINE. A t-ORE cure for Chapped Bands and Face, Son Lips, Sunburn, *c., Ac., for sale wholesale and ret»H by J. M. ALLOOTT, janl DrogglBt and Chemist, 80S East Water St. A M p » Hi COM A RRIVAL of an entirely new and splendid Stock o French. Engliih and American * B Of Latest Styles, at VAN COTT'S, Cor. East Water and WiseonHn Strttt*. Having lately disposed of most of my former stock, 1 exercised myself in searching at the Kastern Markets lor all the ftcw Styles au«l Patterns, Which have been Imported and manufactured since the last panic. I have also purchased a large stock of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Watches. With movements acknowledged as the most superior by the American public. . novS" John JTlarquis, Architect, JUNK.AU BLOCK, Is prepared tj furnish plans for all kinds of buildings at the shortest notice. REFERENCES : i. S,- HAKBIB,! LITMSDEB BKOTBE&, A PKKCIKS, 0. Joa- 3 OBI &. W. THTirre, C. E- DABPORTB, LODIB S. MAGI, feb20 E VERYTHING required lor a full and assorted stock for .1 first clfis* Wholesale and Retail l>rup Store Is kept by Harrington, ind of the very best quality.— "Prioe* as lov as any other route." C. HARRINGTON, 151 East Water street, Directly opposite the Auction Room of the iebS Excentrtr and Celebrated CALCT WAU- j, H, CQRDES& CO, OiTt- notice to t.«*ir baalness (nendi th»l they havt rem(ived their Wholesale Groce"r3 BUSTNKSS BACK TO THEIR OLI> Near comer oT I VST W ATfrlU A'VD DFTROIT !*T>. rcTxjfore. HOU-KS KKNTKD, W ILLIAMS A RODWAV «r,,l (five ftttentloo to Ih* rcntlnp of HoufteB- Partie* hav.nir Houses if Rent, or wtublDg to procure tenement*, will pleue c»J at IP wtneonsin street __ For THE Dwell-UK House, with lease of I situated on the north east corner of Biddle and I Milwaukee streets, one of the most desirable locationB in tht- city. Immediate posset-sion given. Enqairt- of OEO. SOUTHWELL, Jr. = . 1 HAVE anotherJchaneetoJsoBieb^dyti feiagoott bride home 'IBfl "lot, centrall} situated, at a low price, In accordance with the times, without paying any cub down. I wHTacbange the property for mortgage* ^unencumbered dty propcrfy.'or a part can remain on the praises for » long time, at a'falr UHeresta'-'-ifc - JNO.B.WKU) novis -, -...;.: .18 wiseonsin«t»»; v HOKSE JLND WACrON ,W^S*E|>.,',.;T BATE a nice-comfortable house and Jbl Efar.Bprlng J. Street lirldge;ib trsfle.,. It Js werth •B^XXl.'btttI am authorised to otter ll for IS.OOO, and. lo UkefeWln Horse and WagonandotherpeMooil property., .The, balance'can remain on'mortgageon the nremues., •• ,. : -^"\i_'i. ,., ^ JflOvJ*. W.JaU^ - - 1 - ,', ISWlseeasinstreet.. S ' -~»ts -. .& 'Mr 4 I. CEASE FOH the city. Die owner la going into the country the Ut of March and therefore often Jtfor sale.. Most be'sold, at one* to raisemoney.-" '•; JNO. B. WELD, decl6 • • - 18-Wisconsin itrect. bly advantageous terms. Only a Very Uttle caab will be required to purchase some «xc«Ueut property. We will trade a brick house and lot In Seventh Ward, a corner lot on Wisconsin street, * cornet-,lot in Vint Ward, a floe residence lot on Walker'* Point, .farms in different stages at Improvement, and a-vartety ot property, all of which ire offer for Bale cheap or will exchange for other property. We can offer acme-rare inuucementa now in real-estate. WELD, - noTli 18 Wisconsin street. I WILL L E A GOOD FABM for a ho H. lot In the city. ;The!P iuse and lot, or a good vacant >t In the city. ;The!Panh 4s In Waukesha County, In a good neighborhood, 'and contains 140 acres', well watered end timbered, a good house ttnd barn and some fruit trees. A very superior tract ot land; and will be sold low, or exchanged ^or city property as above.— Here is a rare opportunity. JNO. II. WELD, novlS - • 18 Wisconsin street, MILLINERY GOODS. 1859 for < JUST H I ^ ]\ RKCKIVKO A: CROS AT ANOTHER ENVOICF Of CHOICE FRflT, C OMPRISING 100 barrels Apples, .(grafted Prnit); 20 boxes of Oranges; \Q boxes Lemons; 1,000 Ibs Raspberries. 1 case Presb Kigs and 6 barrels of I»rled Peaches, all ol which wr are sellim; at prices astonishingly low. Iebl6 ilorlot* C. Lander, H AVING located himBelf ID Milwaukee, offers hli •erricee to the public. Dr. L has served In the British Army for fifteen years, In India, Bunnah and in jhe Crimea, BarglcaJ cases promptly attended. Office corner Haron and Van Baren it. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! VITTE are prepared in oar Bindery to Bind Magazines, TT Periodical! or anything el«e in the form of a Book., to neat and durable styles, at lov rates. ianZO STRICKLAND A OO. 1859 POFILAK fKABE, IN Ribbons and Millinerv Goods. RIBBONS! KIBBOJSS! R1BBOKN ! TO MEKCHAKTS, M1LUNSES, JOBBGB8, OEALEBfi IN RIBBONS, MILLINKttT GOODd. AND CASH BUrERS IM ALL SECTIONS OT THKOOrjUTBT, THK CASH RIBBON HOUSE. U6 CHAMBERS 8TB£KT, NKW VORK. JNO. PABWELL. KSTABLIBHKD 1858. W. have originated a new principle— a new era In the libbon Trade, vhereby ve make this bnsineBs run, fUVPLS, A.VP BVATLB A8 OLaYOr BBOWa BBUnBGa. WE SELL FOE CASH t WE BUT FOR CASH ! We are satisfied vlth 6 pin CSJTT panrrr. Ask no lecond Price. Have all onr goods marked In PLAIN flGUBKS, so that man, woman and child "bay alike," and receive the same value for their money. Our Prices for best Taffeta Kibbons, all colors, are No. 1 18 CU per piece. No. 4 Sonets P er piece, 1* 16 " " "6 7«X " "I S 20X •• « "9 SIX " " 8 86,V " " " IS HOT),- » No. 1« HMH per piece. WE OFFEB FANCY RIBBONS "ALL 8TTLE8," "ALL OOLOUS," "AlAQtJALITlEri," AT PRICES uEITINe UOMPKTITION, AND FOE CASH ONLV. Our EstabllEhment Is the centre of attraction for RIBBONS, Quick hales," "Light Proflta," and "Good Talne," or Cash. ROUCHES I ROUOHE8 1 1 Ney Styles and Patents, at a saving of 80 PER CENT. FBOM CREDIT PRICED. Examine our samples, and be convinced. BLOND LACES, QDiLTINGS, AC , AO-, Oar line of these Goods «lvays full. We Import and Job" them at once for & per cent advance. Marked noes .; all Goods "in Plain Figures." SA TING OF 40 PtE. CENT ON TH£SB GOODS FROM OREDIt PRICES. Our Intention Is to make the Ribbon Trade as staple in regard to prices as domestic goods. To do this ve roost veil ONK MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OP GOODS PER ANNUM ! We are Union Men. "No North," "no South." We solldlt thi patronage of Merchants, In every section of the United States, and are U» servants of all who favor us vlth their trade and patronage. JNO. FARWKLL, CASH RIBBuN HOOSE, 116 Chamber! street, Nev fork, a. v VAIXIJ near the Hudson River Railroad Depot. janl8-d4m jifcy. T .^^^ JI boi, call Immediately and gef^them Insured in 111 following"First Olass," old established and promp *ayIng Companies: __ "• •' I "jETWA^i'lWslM/kWCK^COMPAHV. 1 r : Of Hartford, Connecticut, ;-Ca»h Capital and Burplns,.;....,!.,.,^fl^CT.Wo'08 HAHTFORD INStJItAWCE COMPANY r,,::; Of Hartford, Connecticut,!; ^'| s N C O K P O B A T E D JIN .1810 "•Oaih Capital and Surplus............. HOME 1NSUBASCE COMPANY, .'ri'll"- - Of.New TorkOty, • ...,0julv Capital and Surplus,. ,.SI,on,WO 40 llOWARs* INSURANCE COMPANY, •:: Of New Tork. ' •> : INCORPORATED IN 1924. .'Cash Capital and Surplus........'... .. »888,»60 39 y/PjBCElVaX INSURANCE COJHPANY, .,.- i ' "Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus,. i...»«»,084 «6 LA MAR FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of New Tork, .. (Oun Capital and Surplus,....: *26»,06S 33 RESOLD! E INSURANCE COMPANY Of New York Olty, 'Cash Capital and Surplus |%Uj88t M CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus, .; $308,231 48 I solicit business for the above named Companies, en tirely-npoo their own 'merits and responsibility, an. refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies Is sued without delay. W. HENB.Y HOLLAND, Agent. - JOOB HOLLABB, Ass'L Northwest cor. Main and D. f. MAKSHILL, Surveyor. Wisconsin Us., Milwaukee, septs •rill,M !.»..> war THE Mutual Lite Insurance Company, OF TUB STATE OF WISCONSIN." For JatunOlt. James H. Knowlton, John J. B. Pease, John P. Dizon, Joseph A. Sleeper, Bdward L Dlmock, Davl.l NoRgle, U. W. Collins, John 0. Johnston, . Wm. A. Lawrence, If orris 0. Smith, Josiah g. Willard, Solomon Hotaon, Benjamin t. Plxley, Charles Norton, James Mel, Moses Prlehard. for intwautft. Anson Eldred J. B. Martin, H.H-Oamp, H. L. Dotuman. for Maditm, Charles H. Koehn, Simeon Mills, L. J. ParwelL Jaai B. Doollttle, George 0. Northrop, Oilman. , u. J for BtioU. ID euirt^ for saie. Matthew B. Oarpenter, John Backcit, Loclui Q. Fisher. Far Grant County — J. Allen Barber. For PtattvOlt — John H. Bonntrre. For StouffUm. — Lake StouphtoD. For 2f»u Digging* — James H. Earoesu • For Whittioata: Augustas H. BcorUle, B. 0. Halt for ShaUfburyh.—Qeorff W. Lee. 1. A. SLEEPER, President. R. W. Oouaxa, Secretary. A. OatJUH, Vice President. H. 6. WILSON, Agent, septg _ 88 Wisconsin street, Milwaukee, Win. L1FJB INSUUANCK. npUE Trustees of the Mutual Life Insurance Company J. of the State of Wisconsin will meet at their office ID thtfTrlty of JanesrUle, OB Hondty, the ISth day of November ne*l, at 8 o'clock r. «. Bectl3a,laof the charter provides as follows: The operations and business of this corporation shall be carried on In the city of Janesrllle, at tuch place u the trustees shall direct, s« (ar as the same can br done, at » principal office Dated Janesrllle. Sept. It, 1858. By order, JOHN C. JOHNSTON, aeptM. ___ General Ageut. MILWAUKKK t'lTV I\MKA>C E CO., OXF10K: In mtcbell Bulldlnft, .tllcblffan. at. VHAH1ERRD CAPITAL, - - $200,O.W Cash Paid in, $1OO,OOO. .AVTON A Pl.AKB!I«TOI»p NEW HOOKS. P ICTURES OP OOONTET LIFE, by Alice Oary. The Methodist, or locldenu and Characters frora Life In the Baltimore Confrence, by M. Fletcher. For sale by K. TEER* A CO^ mtT * No. 1ST East Water street. CrREAT EXCITEMENT ! The best assortment of the finest Uatcbct, Silver Ware, Jewel rr aad FANCY OOO1>S Ever brougtit to Hllwaokee. Jnst the thing for Boll day presents. Just received Ten cheap fur cash. MAlrON t LOOH1S. declS 801 B»st Water rtreet; HQvaakee, Wls. SCHNCECKRL A BRUNOTTO, COMMISSION MKKCHANT Real Estate and Monty Brokcrt, NOTAEIE8 PDBUC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Orrrcs—No.4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post Office. mar27 ATT D. COKSON, ORNEY AT I, A W HAS removed to jOfflce, N». 6. State Bank Building corner ol East \?airr and Michigan "tni'i., Milwaukee. margO-dSm ELM UITY PURSERV. D IANA, Concord, Union, Village, Rebecca and Del aware Grape Roots. Lawton BlKckberry'&, an Button Ra«pberry*B. oicAvoy'd Superior, Peabody*a Hautboy, Wtlsno's Albany Seedlings and Early Searle fitrawberrya, at irh .lesale or retail, on corner of £as Water and >• Is streets. Orders sollc'ted and prompt ly filled by OHAS R. BOUTUMAID, apr2lM13l» Agt Elm Olty Nursery. TTTTILl find at my office a Register, open to their In TV spectlon of Bonds and Mortgages and other se- corttles offered for sale. s Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds Mortgages or other securities for sale, may find It to thei Interest to file with me xhelr applications or statement* O. 80HLET, ylE Opposite Walker House. B O JT K S . O UR stock Is the largest in the West. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We can furnish to order any book which exlsta, elthe in the English or other languages. We receive new books as Issned fronvthe Press. janSO BTRIOKALND A OO. School Books. mar E have every Hchool Book in demand, and se them JanZO V H. if or retail. STRICKLAND a 00. L,OKI» & CO'*., MAHBLJE WORKS, Oomtr Spring and Third streets, MILWAUKEE WISOONSIM fflHE snhserlben execute all kinds of Marble Work A for Buildings, Tiling for Floors and every description of ORnAltlEWTAL MARHL.E WOUK-t We have In'our warerooms MABBL.E MANTLKS Of every description constantly on hand, at prices racglm from $16 and upwards. MONUMENTS AND 8TATDABY of all kinds executed at the shortest notice. feb6-dly A. H. LOBD k. 00. now called to the best E M O T A L Ii\€KE.\SE OF L ADIES—ronr attention Is stock ol BONNETS, RIBBONS AND FLOWERS, Ever brought to Milwaukee, to be fennd at B LA N C H ABD'S YOrriV'.'S -RLOCK, 1TIACW XT, arrtl - ' PRRHHU2H HIACB1IV1BS. un DOUBLE THREAD BEWINO MAOFINFS. Ttaltook the FIRST rillSMIUOI & DIPl^OMA, t or PamByinae, at the Wisconsin State Fair, October 8, •re for sale at the ;- . ' . -•SewingMachine Emporium 'Vb'UNti'S BL.OCK. oct!9 ISAAC A. HANCE & CO. COOK WANTED. J A GOOD one Immediately, at 261 Main street. «pr28-ttlw . _________ O NE case of fresh tigs, received this day at aprtt' HTJNSJ A CEOSBI'B. COCOA-MOTS Just received at ' HUNN A CROBT'S. HAMS. DR. H. W. REDHEAD, VETERINAKT SURGEON, FORMERLY OPOLETELAND, O , respectfully informs ihe the citizens of Milwaukee that, having located In thii place, he intends practicing his profession. All diseases to the Horse treated In a most scientific style, and general sal- faction warranted. In con. nectlon with his practice he will Prick and Dock Tails In toe mo " approved style; and, to *"" ""« «ound«ce of the public, he refers to the following gentlemen, who have employed Mr. Bedhead many tunes professionally in the course of ten years. We feel justified in saying that his practice Is superior to the genera] run of Veterinary Practloneers. MTLWACII*. John 0. Brodhead, Wm. J-amlson, Murray, Fryer i Co., OLKVCLUCD, Doct, H. A. Ackley, " M. L. Wright, •• M. L. Hewit, | •' Resner. Q L i. 8. HABais OBIS. QtlSBIKO. 1)1 SEOTOR8 : C D. DAVIB, ». 8. OoioTca, J. ilCMreasr, J. H. OOU>ER, . CojtSToClK, W. A. Panrrisa, H EBLIRlLAOffT, JOSITR P. HllX, JAS. Muaasi, O»o. Dvait. BOQKB,ANP^TATIONERY. MANUFACTURERS, KtTL1BK8^-ii6 BQOKBLNP RKS. Blndert^Stoek, Printing .Ink and flat Papers, alw»y» on band In large quantities. AirriQr* In tfeefleatest tlj-l*, : ~ j. ^ '". ; , . Ko. ?I» KXflt WATER ST., KNElLANlVH B»X)<T8, aprt NEW BOOK8 j ! " ; , .- rU- — - - ,:• .. •F u T u UK LI r e Oil, SCENES IN ANOTIIElt \VOIi 1. 1>, ; BY QEOROE WOOD, ACTBOB or MODERN PILGRIMS, &.C. The MiDlitryj -of: Life, by the Anther of Ministering Children. Ueta Qray, by 11. J. Mclntosh. •Dora l>eane and Maggie Miller. The' Julia. . Prince of the Uouie of Oarld — new edition. Livingston's Afri. a— 12 mo. edition. tor Bale by Lfebl9j K. TKHR7 i OO. N ATURK and the Spiritual, by Or. Bushneli. The Laud and the Book, by W. M. Thompson The Power of Prayer, by S. J. Prim*-. Memoir uf btoddard. Hitler Bwret, by BollanJ. For sale by E. TBRRY 4 CO ". feblO 167 Kast W»ler itrect of Buslneu llousrt aftd, M»naf»c- . EstabilstaaehU are araong the b«l ami '•icn' prominent In their rrfpectiTc line.i ArchltcclH. ;j J, M, CROSSMAN, AilCIilTKCT & SlIPERIflTJfcNWKNT, OPPC1E— NO. 10 TOCSQ'S Rttf/ BLOCK. Plans an<f Spfcldeatlons for »JI Hinds of Bcilill furiishei] It ?hort notlcc»n<l en the raost liberal-term^. .Tlilk. 16 furn:sh the eitllrns of Mii«»uk-ii r'om the well known Dairy of M« llARBFR, at a fair price >nJ In quanlitiel from a pint In a pnn cheery TfiOae wishing to be supplied, can leave theli orders with Messrs. Tlnnn A Croiby, opposite the Wai ker Ifouse. T. P. AOBl'TT, myii Yankee Milkman. Mllfclc. AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CAIT. AI.M.X. Sf;OTTT, I K,ti»l:l8, • • . IS SOW READY TO EUKNJSH AN* . ntmihcr of Irulracicnls, ftom OD* to && tTrcnly-two, for Hulls, PartiM, Plrtides, ILxcarsions, Ac., Ac., at rensc-nable ' rales. Aljn. fron,.r ;it l trr it. res. Apply or a.ldrcu Capt. Music Mort, 173, East Wat •JUSTICE L>OCKKTH. M ANUPACT0RED exprestly for that purpose, ofnrstquaJUv paper 8. TBIIHV 4 UD., A *|ii>W_COp 4 by John f. Abbott. The Empire of Austria. Life of l>i.nglas Jerold. The M.cattry of Life. Meta Gray, . . , Downlngi Fralts and Frait Trees. Rcrlaed Edition. The Home, a Manual of House Architecture. for sale by E. T£R«Y, mar23 167 East Water «tree;. WISCONSIN STATE DIRECTORY — AND— FOK 1858-59. MUKHAY, 1'llIOK & Co., Seaman's Mammoth H^use Furnishing BU><-lf, 111KOIN SI KKI:l', StOVES, TIN, t OALVANIZJi D IRON RO(i?IN«. Duller and Condoctor Pipe. Also, agents Tor 'Jnllin- cel^bintod \VntHatorK and i-'lnmntry Cn|>.. Hot .i Furnace" nml Keglsteri, Vpntflators. ir fSf Orden thankfully r*' elveii Ainl L.n>oi|'tl\ %tten ed to. "niy'iH f>jA» A Sleaini i'li^v liilt-r. i.SAAC lvlN(sSLKY. • A AS A- ITKA.IJ I'll'l-; HI!'Kit, NO. 291 EAST WATER STREF.T. WnOI.J8»LI AID SHTJIL DCALIail (JAS AND frTEAM PlI'm, OA8, STKAJ1 AND WATFR COCKS, OLOBE AND CHKCK VALVK8, OIJAOE OOCKH, «c , Always un hand, A Targe aA.inrtmenl of «. A H I- I \ T I U !•; s W i;rK ijorf in a wortmur i.k•- Hi;inner, nl "''ort notK- ^nd lownt ju fcefl. i*- f )-\l\ j THIS WOHK COliTAlN> THK NAMK AND ADDRESS OF tVEKY PERSON KNGAOED IN BUSINESS O N his o»n account In the State of Wisconsin, from the Wholesale Merchant and Jobher to the amali dealer. Representing both the Mercanti/e. Minufac- ortng, Mechanical and Prcfeislanal branches nf l.u,,. ness alphabetically arranged and CLASSIFIED rmnKH THF.IK ii. ii.iAitn TAIEI.I-: .HANI I' Wll.llr-.i M KU-.MKK, Tor. Fifth .V I'nnn. ••(., Uilbouriiliitvn MANUrACTTTRCH ftr HI,ATE »MI> 'I AUHI.I. l(,f B1L.LJ.\KJ> TAHI.K^ I With Dime, Triaotrnlar an.I Cashiona llilhar^l Tafi • Cuts, Billi, Ac., »laiy, f.r, r.»-.,I Inr i»lo ? . .. hand Tables repaired nt !••* rai-.^ ftf~ OFHCE— Oorutr c.: On-i.i» v .! M».-v .Lire-- pposite H>uiteln liou;). i ,. ( » ! C 1 S \V () I . 1 ) APPROPRIATE BI&1KES8 nformatlon reladve to Banks, (showing their clpltal aU- of orfanliatlon. circulation, kind an.l taloc of ecuritles deposited^ Railroads and other lo?or|><irate<l ompanles. Agricultural and Mannfacturinn Statistics of in* tale; a fcketch of the Blate by Counties; a lllslonc.l Sketch of the State; and a full and comprehensive Ap- pindlx. AdTertisements of ihe leading bualnra housn consplcnously dtzpla>eil on tinted pages, intcrleaTcd j Irongh the body of the work. the Book Is of full octavo sire, handsomely printed containing about«lx hundred pate.-. The advantage. ^e business community niust derive frouj Its ireneral Jreulation, as a b, ok of refereorr, UtrcuKhoot ihr tale, an,! the principal Eastern Cllles, afforillni- A> it oes, atrue exhibit of the frowih, history, re»ourre. tatls«|cs, wealth. In fact, a perfect rolrror ol in busl ess. Is o ( f inestimable vslae, and cannot l>« too frrner- lly appreciated. The Book will be sent bj mall, free of i^ilifc, n receipt of TWC^ JJOl.LAH.^. Law and Library Binding, $2,6O. Address STRICKLAND a Cu., marS2 Booksellers, Milwaukee, WlsfonslD. SIXTH Vt'l.l iTIK WISCONSIN liEPOKTS L.U>IKf»', OKNTLKMKN HOO'I r., Slllir 41 A S u N IV A\!' T K O |> |» mytl O » I t I* I h i \V h, I N )'. K Si'. O p p i> » I I < ' >l'lilM, A ni . r I i ^;< >. (.Alt IKS K K T , <• r II ii u - ,• N N K K HTHK.VT. n ii 1 1 <, I T U B E S A..,LE O3L«C>.SI]XrC3- OTJT -A. "at" NOTES, B EINQ about to dissolve the re,-erve. The be»t and lar FLERZHEIM & CO., 'r Co-PartatnhIp arrangement*, their whole .itocJi gest stock of F U RIM IT » iiaVreil »ti. OVPZ2BD IN THIS CITY, IT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THLu NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THE STOCK IS HEAVY, Ai\» .flUMT Rli ^OLI» ' 218 and 220 East Water Street, aprS-d^mo ^ ^ 111. W A I K F. B, \Vlvt O-MV. RAILROADS &TRAJNSPOR' 'il«««.l>'(j|)|> l Ji. 13JJ., RAILROADS. \\ it. & Baraboo KAIJLKOAU) o,,": Iht- it-pot,fn t'.ne L-iki-. * Tram will !.-av ti t '*t:t, ' or Ludl, fn, L> wvillf i\ P points lot liorirou K AND KTEAMBOAT L^JME. 1101 TE by which p<,,«, K -r» from M jn-' Ettrfjcn, <nnn, tt'tlt* , • t«cli g, Ac., rt-arji *.| w *., i TRAl.Vfl LKAVK M.I. vf At 7 'ill A »l. «n.l -J U P VI ,r.rl AKKIVE AT Ml l.u A! M liMO A.M «u I 4.211 P >l Ask fi.r ti.J(-L, . Urrlm r-.N A Ii F. VST M )H N \ri.K I I l-.l. A' of Ijidlr-' ar I i Blftilt (o - Tf\fT ID tfi- iftl--*' ) I I ( : I I'Kli k A 1-. -VIA MJC 'HIOAN ( < V I) G. Western (Canada; Rail-way i ~-U r 1 ' xrfu- - . IJ... .* i r \\it •>! % !•». B I , l.ual \\>ti For male at feb!9 STRICKLAND* CO, 134 Eaut Wnu-r firm AT TH« TASAL, « Silk. Wool and fa kh N 'i i-'^ 1 1* I.. A fl It C >;. ^' ! H( K 'T^ v ^ Llnf lilt I.I K. .. beltt ,-. I. >•...- i ;, iitiiu^ . si UK. i 4R 1 KT \ t *T jn ..,,» '••-13. I... . . ••,-M. T'I, a !VI 1 v t * V 1 » ' .••:• i* ]' ' o2 ,- . , 1*1* 4 ''hfri. II ' " '•" * «. - l!-.,1a •• foinu f ^ Hmi'.-i IU. , s/ii, .• ' i •• » . a I >.-... .,ri ri», • .-*,», \o.\ + « U 11 ; »: „«.!. . ' .1 -.1, . ';r. c TOWS8END, President. A I.. WALRATH.SeertUry H. L. PALMU, Attorney. tf Fire and M»i n,,. u-,ki taken at correi.1 rates. I'.A Jv. Rrutr I.. A SEW MAP, ihowine lh^ Ua. glons In Kariau, ;u.i r^mi-^.1 liy ^THICKLANl) A i '* bl » 15M East Wat^r . Jodfe Wilson, " Bishop, " Kelly, " And-en, " Vilden, aaonra. James Kelly, Jno. Kirkland, OHIOAOO. | Wm. Downac. Dsraorr. R. i. Brown, 0. Bradford. James Foley4 Lrvsar mi or OUVSXAJTD. W^ J. Galns,^ Oeer i Harrtngtou, White A Newel, C. H. Seymour. •UBIBB or rat BOXSS naxsun's soom i. 1. R. Curtis, Wm. Parts, Silas Merchant, Wm. K. Adams.' BT" Office, Kirby's Livery Stable, Main street. ap-16-d«wtf NAMIN1 • ' •' riHE IN.SIJBA'' T HE anderslB, ed to take M and rire Rlslu ce In store, h. . Western Insurance Oo., of Oswego, New York, at «« , w » rates as by other reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entitles I tto public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Ajrent, nov8 at office of H. t J. r UUL BY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCOMSIN OENEKAI, INSURANCE AGENCY CHARTER OAK FIRE llVS. CO., Hartford, Conn. 0ASH ASSETS $841 JAt tS SMOKK1J .IUICK Smoked ilallil. H.\ J.l.IJiU'J'. 1!.\C] oil A ?.;i. Kaiiua , iS. J ( U V , iMMll . NORTH ATIEHICAfV FIRE IPI.H. I «>., Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS tSM.&SO 06 WESTERN MASS. FIUE INN. CO., Of PlttsBeld, Mass. OAJH ASSBTTfl »20»,69» 41 CO^TTTAY FIRE INSI'HAIVC'K CO., Of Oonway, Mass. OABH ABBOTS »2«3,<51 47 HAKIPDEN FIRE INSURANCE CO. Springfield. Haas. CASH ASSETS 1828,000 GIRARD FIRE INS. COMPANY, $234,789 n I-ALI, Oh HL'NN 4 1868. K A MA..NCJ AI N . W> ¥ •, I3BEANT \» ATKIC S xi L WA rxxe, . . «•«, -. . Manv/dclurert and Wlulesal* and Urt-iil li « «., W 00U) respectfullj unnoooce to er s, that they still continue to Of Philadelphia. OABH AUSETB J. W, Crain, Agent, OFHOE, NO. S, MARTIN BLOCK, UP STAIRS, "-"'' MBwaukee, Wlsconshu LEDYARD'S ADVBRTISM'TS IRON FOUNDRIES. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, MACHINE WORKS TCRTON & SERCOITW, Proprietors. No*. £86,298, SOO, 3O2opd 3O4 WEST WATEK' STREET Two blocks below the La Orosss E. B. I 8TKAM KKGIKKB, ORIBT48AWMILLB, LINK BEAITING BOEBEPOWCK8" PUJC DRIVING MACHINES, BRIDGE, RAILROAD and BTIAMB0.1T CASTINGS, IRON COHIMNS, tor Buildings, and every variety of Job Work, In the ejlim»M K ,$n4 on <toi»MtUbei»l tanas, The atienfion of MIU-owBen and owners ef Water- Power, u parUculariy called to the 'TUTTLK WATKK WHKEL As btlng by far the snost powerful, durable and economical Wheel erdr iorented— not liable to get out of order, not affected by left or backwater, and using leu waur In proportion to the .power produced than any ether Wheel in the market. A descriptive dronlar for. warded upon application, free of charge. ' • ACHiNOY KOB —OF— Sand.' Pale Cream AJe, OBIOAOO, ILLINOIS. I HA YE constantly on hand, a fall supply of this celebrated Ale. Orders from the Country and rate Houses mnst b« accomplished vlth cash for ALE AND CASKS. On the return of Casks, (tic price paid for them will be refunded pr allowed for In account. JOHN W. LXDTAHD, Grocer and Win* Dealer, marM 161 East Water street, Milwaukee. < HAi HiHOKT''* OUANDOBI.n -i ,/-| OASES of this Celebrated Wna, In quarts and J. IS pint*, hist received bv JOHN W LEDTARD, Grocer and Wine Merchant, 161 East Water street. LAYKK HAIBINS, TB quarter, halves and whole bores, a large lot just A received at JOHN WTliEOTA^rj, . . Wine and Tea Store, JanSt ICl East Water street, Milwaukee. NEW BOOKS! A RIW History of the Conquest of Mexico, by R. A. Wilson. The Austrian Empire, its Use and .present power, by John 8.0. Abbott. TI7RKISH LATAKIA TOHACCO WOE M E E R S OHAUM PIPES, M AN0FAOTURE1) expressly for the London Clubs, a superior article for Smoking, just received and for sale cy - JHO. «. LBDTARD, teblt Grocer and Wine Dealer. 161 East Water st. XT IW-AKK UIUBU, OBampagne Older, In quart hot- i.1 ties, better than half of the Imported ChampaKne. price S4s per docen, JNO. W LEDYARD, feblf Grocer and Wine Dealer. •VTsTWECfRQ, N. T., XX Ale, In pints, a fresh lot |ust ±1 received at • - LEDTARD'B • febl» "Wine and-Tea Stare. ITALIAN MAOCABONI, • very superior article Just L reetltBd a^- LEOTARD'S ftbU ; Wine and tea Store. For i mart by TERBY 4 CLEAVER, IS! East Water street. O PPOSITE THE JAIL. . Street Thoughts, by Dexter. The Higher Christian Life, by Boardman. , New and good Books at B-TIOHT* ; OOOD . ROUSE AJVD i«T FOR SAI<E (THE&7 HE undersigned will sell his House and K occnpled M a Tavin by him, situated on Saclne, Wisconsin, near tb« Steamboat Landng theR, 4 M. R. K Depot. „ The house Is located on the 'j«st business pUce,'and the House as well as the sJtua- on of the Lot, would answer for, 'any branch tl busl- ess, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that tery locmllty. Those who tike to make a good Bargain, are requested to apply ••'-' T "' • -;-.-:----x,» «!••!.*->! •IT- ENKBEO SMOKSD SALMON, jolt received at JQfc '"".'" ' OJDTABD* reblf • .:.•"••-. "Wine and Tea Store. metunS, LiVdry Boarding Stables ~ \ii rem»vea ; Jhelrirtoet from the' . mej ux.*>v-oi so Mataanil Huron streets, to^the'oia'WttbllaSment foot cf Mason itreet,thoseonso!ldattag; tie two wtabUsh- ^enttmaldni; the largest-and, ibart. appointed Livery estaWlasmenlln jae-wStJ' •WWffiin bfSad to see onr stylish a turnout as Wtyi ^ Tbacktul for •atay''itmfla? ^_ Wist '^mf^ii^ti^^aSt^jaH^tSS^i '^M^^^^S^ ;.S;T<lS>*j their ol.l mstom krep thr !.,*„! and be»t nelected Slock of Ooodj In ihnr Im. !., I.. found In the State, an.l will conduct their,. ^ heretofore, wltli the Intmtlon of irivinn fttuf.ruon To as many new cuitnmen u may fee! im-linr-i p. irrr us a call, we would sa; one al .,or nrn. r«,.u-!> n ^ r « Tork.Mrt we have facilities for u,« parchane »n<! man ufactnre of poods that run n«t be rxc. lle.l « . arr ,1 all times readj t.. take adTantaye ,.f Kast,- ra M.rln. and have been enabled Ui rrdocs tht pr.c,. , • m«ri kinds of goods, which we -Sill contlnur w. .., >t n,', lowest prices la W ester* V. rkets. We are constantly receiving a^d.tioos to ,,or itori and will ke»p » so complete as.u, he able al all times to fill orders for any kind of Saddler,'. Osrrlar* Trim mers 1 or Trunk Makers' Stock, and will do so !n a man n«r to satisfaction In re.p»et lo quality and nnc,-. We also keep an assortment of B ( -nt Htaff Poles t«h»fl. Pelloes, bpokes. Hubs, 4c., 4c., an.l h»ve ronitanlly o, bind, or will make to order, anr kln.| ,•< Onao^ Car rtage, Wagon or Team Uarun. Oall and see for jroarselve». no .1* U IN i.i U II O I. 1. s .1 1 I |: ii Nil .- h AST U A , ,-. . H»- ;•.«• r.. • .-.-I > -u : .,M . , Celebrated Union works C, MknulfcinureiJ M <^'-v 11. > . •, enliri-ij lij TI-II«^|. I • .. .-, ' ••r Gl K I - I . K A I i A i.U-t'f-. i., .1 l.tllik, !• fciol h« N . tin; |»or I t n K f'.'K k r<-, CrflTED NTATKM >I A UxllAI.'.S «, \ I The Fanners Loan* Trust Com 1 •*»•. — I M. C\ CIN ) M >i I x s i f > ^ i 1 1 \ paoy, vs. The Milwaukee t Superior road Company, Olty of Milwaukee, John Stewart. Johann C. A. Allerdlng, Christian Hahm and Gottfried W_ooucb. the n 8. DIs- Conrt for the o( \*"i*ronttn. In Xquity. | }tnct C f District FOREIGN AND OOMtofli' fKl'IT> Also, agents for ihe i»l» of firr \Vorks, .vo. i a \v i s i: o > s i \ ,s I'K i r. r T»fJ d fSC r t p Li t.i U ft r/lVr 1 Domestic PniiW of e e of all competition. n u r It e I. ee of Wlaconsln, < n the nineteenth day of March, 1SS9 m the above eutl l*d cause, 1 ihail sell at Publ.c Aacti.,n on Tuesday, 2nd d»y of Aagost, 1S69, at 8o'clo,k in the afternoon. Trom the, Krp, ol the Coitota Hoo^, n the Olty of atllwaukee, a I and smrular the mort.s^c-rt premises mrauoned In rh, b.ll of compiaini J,7ald **??• r?, de>cr ! be<1 " ; "*» ">« following, pre . cn , and In future to be acquired, real a--d per.on»i property and estate ol trj. ,»,., defendant, the Mll.auk e. and 8up,r, 0 r Railroad Company, t at .i to s,y. .,, ,™ lh« first dlvrtlon of the Ea.lroad or said Railroad Com 11 . S I' A A N » A 11, -KVENTll VV ARO MARKET HOCSfc VKGCTAHLKi 3 of MJ kind*, fresh ^vrry -iiorainii, <!<• iT.rrJ (rrr uf Chirac lo any pan M •_.',- c ,; v , au'i i . Ami n.twayi Ui»- t'*":t an,l ekrii^«t v. i ! ^ia*iles th.^t rxj •e fi'UD<i n t)us citj mv''S * l*..|nivrv. i. . 3, SUMMER ^ARRANGEMENT. A: .Tli«iHi««i>>',i HAJl. TM 1. defendant, from the C,tr of Mil. u i/ity ol Green Baj in said Slate of W.BCons!n"'a" d"s' : Unce ol one hundred and twenty miles, Including Ihe i * right ol way, and land occupied by sud Oral division of ' sa d road, (subject to the right, Ui,e or claim, which the said defendants Stewart, Alfcerdlng, Hahm and Woolsch.or eith.rof them, mar h»ve had ai the time of making said decree, tn land upon which iaj.1 Railroad Company has located Its way, and for which no compensation has been made 10 tn.m.) to^^ther with the superstructure and track there..n, and all rails an.l other materials used thereon, bridge., rladncts, en Iverts, fences, equipments, necessa-y depot grounds and biddings thereon, belonging u, the said Ra.lroad Cota- lany, and all rolling stock, engines, tenders, cars. •\KMS'I'KON< P A I ^ r K It s r i AJ 01 no i .v l)i )iN N Kl ,1 . «. II V I -, I ,j s . , , , ars, tools, materials, machinery, fixtures, and all other personal property appertaining to said first division of said road, and all rl K h,ls laer<i»o, ami Interests to be acquired by said defendant, the Mllwausee and Superior Kallroad. Cpmpat,j, together wlih the name aid functions appertaining to the said Brst division of said road Ultolls, rents and Income to be had or levied there^ from, and all corporate and other franchises, ruins and privileges of the said Railroad Company In or to or concerning the same." Marshnl's Office, Milwaukee, Wls., April 6,1850 al. J THOMAS, united States Marshal. District of WHc, Envois, Via DTS» i H.MILTOJ, Oompl'u Solicitors • U, bv I it ecu Particular attention i>-ti Uilln A \\ ater i u> Kaisomtneiii? C«i myls II a r p v r Bfi r o I Ii «• r «. 8ION,SIIIP;CAHRIAOV ANPOR.NAMV t*»lutcr», <. liLzlor- A: I'IIIHT-;; n i> a . , IMITATORSOF WOOD ANU M AKIil.K. NO, 39 (I N E I D A s T K I-; K T A FSWfiooJLSKAfTiir TUS MARKS! IfvCSS JyS . 1. i <l u o r K. The Farmers Loan A Trust Com-1 nany, vs. The Milwaukee t Superior Rail- District Conn of road i ompany, the United States for Jlty ol M Iwautee, • the District of Wls John Stewart, cousin. Johann C. A. Allerdlog, In Equity. Christian Hahm and Gottfried Woolsch, .' ITbavlagbeen referred to a Master ol this Court, by a Jt decretal order or reference made In this cause on the nineteenth day of March, A. D., 1859, to take an account of the outstanding bonds of the Milwaukee and icperlor'Railroad Company defendant, secured by certain taut deed on mortgage executed by thi said UllroadlCompany defendant, to the FafmeriLoan and Trust Company. In trust, tearing date nrst day of Jannary, 4, n., 1857. and: which are a lien upon the mo-t- fsged premises described In the said mortgage; and of the Umber and holders of said bonds; >.f the amount doe thereon for Interest and principal; of the number and amount *f siid bonds, which are pledged or held as :ollalerar security fo^ debts or obligations of thr said lallroad Company, and the amount of principal and nterestquenpoh the 'debts or ohligatlofis for which c neb bonds are' so pledged or held as security and •bo to examine aoraf the holders of such -bonds any of the parties to.ihlssnlt, and any witness that may be produced! by any.paw.lnleresttd in said Companr de- sndant, las a'stockhflder or credltbr'thtreof, or In th« said mortgiK'e or trust deed: ^. ' '" i And It being further jirovlded In and bv the said order, that all.person» holding or cuimltfg to hold arv of «. § *'?™;pK»8<>.5«»ds. either as purchasers thereof goodjijth, orai'collaHral security, have leave to bpMrJbeftn (aid. Master, and be heard upon the jntt- r of snoti account add examination: . 1 "'-»9«»» I*™ "• matters eniljracea In the said order of "- of the 'Jlctlceis therefore hereby given', to allnersons mn cerned ,th»t I, tbr tttfletifc^.ThaU procled " uto jeo examination andaecoont.'wa to procV e a In tht matters a» referred »timy oaiee,to the City " Ai 0^1859. at 11 o'clock In the f«renoon,i pm tfter subsequent days to wklch such proceedtoWmay ttati,' Bm» to time- be adjourned, »t which Hiewd place all partletcoBcernM, or some ooe fortheuiwl ltM6Om*\~ I'''-* C-'f-:- 1 .!'-' •'••'.:- - \\'. -. ^ .-; - '*, .*• .. _ 'Dattd Mllwa«tee; t4m»th.d NKI.HON WKBS'l'J (Lai* WthKter t^ AnereLU^) 1NO. 19« WKNY VI VllvK Mll|.:|..T WHOLBSALI DBALUII!! 'Wlxi.os eto I-.iQLxa.ors AIto, illsllller of Pure Spirit* and Whijkev. ' apr29 JUNKW & WHlTKHi-.A!) General Land and Insurance Agent* NOTAR1F> IMItIK, AC., OFPIOB, corner of Reed ami On wn itreetn M.-ym,, 1 ! Block, fifth Hard. i^ 1 1^2^'° ' h !. b .? T nfr ln<t ' e "' n K "' B «l Estate, Insnrlnr Good, and Buildings in retpcnsitle Com,»,S C n Irf 'S• l ° ° le Colle<:tlon " r Accounts, Malting ^ of Deeds, Mortgages, Contract,, U, M ,.„, kc . * All Collections made on accounts placed in our h.n.t will be promptly paid over. 1.0. TKAN Ai%B> WHPL.KSAI.K & KBJTAll', —AT— lioberB. <vuruey'a GKKl-r WENTBRN TEA STORK 174 EAST WATER STREET, Betalli prices from 10 to a per ft lower than aur other store In the city. Coffee boasted anil Ground <H> th« premises by the most Improved methods. Java 19a Rio Ific.: St. Domingo 1S«. Rememner the number 1T4 East Water sc.. Bemoan * Wing's Old Store. • — 'J*--*-* ' •'*'*'' !'__ —^——^-^_^^ AUSTIN & Pl>ANKK, , ' PIANO MAKCnS, MARKET STREET NEAfi MARTIN Repairing and TunlpR lone cheap: Flams'can •tructed with a new grand action, which I, unknown ?o any other manufacturers • uaanown to '{3^'^ianos kept constantly on hand fnr <«u >pr80 . PAPEIC. KEEP A GOOD STOCK OP ', BOKDKKS BOARDS, ETC., Which we! offer to-the trade al wholesale, or to the pab- t retail, at tsry low rate*. - oo. i:m i i , \.;\ Winona, Read's Land ns PRKSCOTT, 8T. PAUL AN i ,<T A\nin\Y t 'hnngc »f Time, Homl iv. \|>'il t '11 I-STTIJAIM l.i ,v.s 'UlUiJI 11 Ou A. M Wing, . driving at J,n-sv.l 3:34 P M . Pr-nir l^«nn^t:tiri« with Ih- ."t. P»ul Pa,-|[-t», Ctuen on thu arrival e 2 30 P M ,. |,i rh,e,, Pr*iri*« -*u M, t .lu«n «u p \\ iM.j «n.l f the - ' II P M 2D I'ltVIN S:06 P M , »rrlTl LKAVF<* 'I I I IdrOil H. M. ~ Par. t, all points on 4 any other Hout W » I K I- E P \\ Mxl-... n W1LLI tM JKUVI.J. (Jeii'l rfupermtt n-l-nt. ;j ie »»••«• A < H :in t. LA CROSSE ANQ MILWAUKEE KAIL, JiOAJ). SFKINCr AKKAN(vKM I-.N 1 • iliEVT >OH TII-U I s II |{^ i ,|T:.I> ,»iT,\T.E5i TIAJI A l.XPKKNS .4A'Z> 0.\'LT ALL RAH. KOLTK To i. A CROSS i ; Oil th« I I'l'F.H itllSSIMiill'I'l KIVFK, On »n.l arter MoniUv. April '-•St'l Two Through Express Trains Daily, LKAVK MIL W At IK Kb;. FROM DEPOT FOOT OF CHESTNUT STIlKin. Ad FOLLOWS ; *9:43 A. ill. and t2:4.» P Trains arrive at Ullwaakee at 9:3O A. M. AND i2:3( > ,H. I 1 M Close connections are made at Lacrosse Turicv cUnly i-;ich way with ihe Slin- fr • ..LI Crl-JNTLiJMEN'S P'U ». i:. v t •« to Q 0 .SplenUid I nlteastnt-s Miiil Lux of Sl.-amers lo A; from St. |',mi and iuti'rmc<linlf pmntx. 9~ Passengers, by taking thin route, will ,», r .„„ miles in distance and 19 hoars time, from Clucaco u r Milwaukee to La Crosso or S^ Paul, over auv uih^r routo. * 'Mondays excepted.. tSundays exempted Milwaukee, April 24, 1839. i:l>\VI,\ 19. GOi>DUIfli. api24 lianiKor. Lumber Tor Male. Schsoner rashloo, 234 tuns. Schooner D, N«whall,190 tuns. Scow ScHooner Rugby, 168 tuns. The above, vessels will be sold at very low prices fur atlsfsctory security. Good title. TATLOR t JKWETT, Buffalo, New ?ork. Enquire of B. B. Jons, Mil »ukee, Whicoosln. FAMILY B'JLOtlit. kTXW Tork Mills flour, constanUy on haid at A^ mart! aTONHiCBOBfl in. H ^ H. K U S S STATION KKY. n i r R M T o «• K i: n B n , r E ,, E VERTTI1INO ever kept in » ?\nt Class Paper »nd Stationery KstablUhmvht, »hlch we ulfer »t prlcM which make It the Inte/ejt for ill to try us Ja°*0 STaiCKLAND t CO. A LCOJDOt, 93 par ct. at Manufacture's price. "os ajiaiNt

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