Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 6, 1930 · Page 9
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1930
Page 9
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MSYLVANIA DECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 6, 1930, DECATUR HERALD iTOTHE ENEMVS HP SUPPRISE- H FOOTS miMC- IFTR ANOTHER ·FUL. IN THAT, HEH HAMILTON AT NT Be 'OT Me OUT:K SUIT; b Tftteo TO IP-ME ALWAYS ERYTHiNO TOO BIG R THIS URG UTOPIA] O l n i i anil Noble | Hubble « ho !«' fhi f»r ths piit CHURCH ITS 93D iRY SUNDAY f -- Mcmbcis of t 1 - i|st church 1\111 com anni\ crjnrv of Ui) church In R home on Siinda^ er "v.\\\ bt *Kti\etl ui pam presented In tin nning at 2 ocloil I I f observed bv tli the morninp ';ct\ or Ihe round-the f t h e Graf Zeppelin Dra 34 minute? (toin ^ fdepnrtuio front lln :ehir«t N* J n the ftctuil linn i i H minutf t ST. LOU/S FAVORED AFTER SECOND V/CTORY GRIMES TO FACE EARNSHAWTODAY IN FIFTH GAME Haines Holds Macks To Four Hits to Beat Grove In Slab Duel GELBERT IS STAR Bill Widick's Series Is THREE GRID TEAMS STAND OUT IN MID-WEST Tenpin Feature T Bv FltANK 1 lilted Prem ^IporU Kdltnr ST. LOUIS. Oct 6 -- W i t h thr joyotii wnrwhocip^ of St l,oui fundom rmjfiriK in thnr Ceir*. rtnd the world -tcnc* tiet! tip at two games each, the Car- dinni* wrre bent upon winning their third slrmjtht ([.im« Mondny mill tfiklnK the I i n d ovii tin Phllu i)e||ihiii A l t i k M m ' I l H i i wnt i dianci tliut itiln mt)i't hfilt thf in t i t t i p f i i f l l v i-ven If the A t r n n l r l n t fin M^n ln\ LAST WEEK'S T. SchorM --------------- 6((fl .1 Unl«nH ..... _ ......... (M8 '/,, Snt'M .................. 8ST ,1 V, Ihihett} W. Wltlivlc ............. 6J9-7W IL Hill .................... 820 B Mllk-r .................. ffiWI If, Svhrixilt Wldlck ............. SIS 613 M II Chick Srhultc .. ...... ---- (WO Ps t i m u p l n ^ .'fntxl- Mm k-H nci- f i-fty t i o v t IH(IH aonit 1U 000 funi 4iindftJ the Nntlofiol ImKU* 1 . i t u m i u l i n i in t only t u n e d Ihi 1 ' tn M two I W I Vlt in i i u l l l i ii l(t f Dm ttiV t i n y ni w lifiM n ''' u l l f l t l« i, nut hiittlf f»i tin hum niiilp of tlin tinh if !B triii hr il in~ , ^ Ui ev t j A _ '^ STREET Athli-tir-t I (D I in tho ((until t'nim r ttn t i l l e d allowing inly ' Srw bin The f a i d l n u l i untiilaied llu-li mal«. In n e i v -wny (jrlnti' 1 * vs FH! nnhaw f iiilriiK'i Ciinin i*h« wnii benlen In (he f l r i t Kim" 1 "t ('hlliulrtlphliv mtil dftnrgf- lCntn-.Ha« who vjnn tlii- ]luliti i In lvii» f i f t h , I hr A t h l i l l ^ hHve HLdied onli r n nm In the luit » innlnj(t The\ )wn(« mnde i n l y 23 hit* In dim u i t i i i 1hcv hwvit had two pitch F I X t.Htte.l f i o m lh« box and hnvo i« til ii« iv »ni ffanii b -dojipy I" f w r t l' l l . , , .,. 11mn n itiHtik'lf'lit viewpoint tlie Into fotiii the clt) leaguo conttlbutid eli'ht shai ptliootci i to this week s list paced hy T Stlieiets fc"S8 The IciiKtii- loading Hill Dlnge came Ihiotigh wtlh nnother f i n e scoie of 2liyt due to the jjient work of Jock ( i inl^Fin nnd 'Shoity Dohetty who hud count-) o( fill! and b45 respectively ^ch i e i M fi'ifl ivtiH tho mnln i h n Ciuclir. (.onfoLtloneiy lmm Muollcitt look thd tiaclion boys b H!H(iilH« In the Commei rial wlntilnK thieo stiulKttt dom thi T T K U S Aluilleti lotalled SMI ftif tin. u i t l i s nnd won one 1021 In 1001 J A O alio won fill alvht k vint^ fiorii tho l,yon Lum- bei t o with a tolal ot ,2811 4lnndattl Oil bojt could counl onlv twii ffnmpH over Putlly Creams doipltv thili 2*78 total but thn Ihlnl hlsh slug'* 1 game ot the ovonlntf, 1002 Thii votcnin Hfiuy Sclnoeder ntltl lit-W [list fodtlon ivltli an of }f\i and had tho hlijh slnRlfl with a 2«S Bit* had Neven slrlkee in a low and then drew the seventeen lo stop hli count of 253 lllll Wlillih, e»pUlnoflh«MI»- HUsippI Val!c team Iti thi M rtitch leHEue had thn honor Imlng thi% llriil tMiwler to g«t a Ton Herleii thh spawn Wlitksk had A 7(M, Ju*t to *how his raurh vtnit mi iwdtliint h* tninfi bock with n fl.1t In Hin City league on frliluv night. ,\f Ihls rutii lllll "III b« tient- tnt! llnrn SUinK-dcr out of the rUlit to bowl from tternkh In 1hi llorald'w unnnitl totirnfiment i Ohkk Si-hultr ciiptaln oT the la- rtLlti o( tlie ItlinolB Terminal kwgue \s nnld to Imve consumed two lu'l BELIEVE IT OR NOT, --By Ripley. MOTION DO Atof MOVE ARE ASlRlE,5ot StlLL PICTURES R IMBOZo OTTHt U-5 A WAS ELEcTeu AM OV51ER- 12 IrKHES ACROSS WA5fiATrKR£tF«OMWlUflM W. put hi of oilmen la*t week while. to!llnj( a !"( K»rne. He had p( ll H t i l k t H out of 17 tialls *d a u tnlndiriK f i Mir ho.K Afl 11 hni' ,i. n i ii (nii|ik or Inflflfl sliifti nr dr.rrI In Mi Mit.lllloiiddv "t the A l l i l f l l i i ii ( f i i t l i - of nmii hen' nt M t M i N n m l f n o u p l p of runs WMI Jn(m ,, : i l t n hait pifisliii'nl of tin Dlltftlul ranH Awot Idtlpn la IfiklnR M ^ fm f]{]11 p , ,,,,,,,( day bnseball wl)(v|( , ft |l( , w ba n i ( trmwed out tn the e ^ (( ft pll( , h) ,, (v, c ord- 7u;o More herald Golf Champs v n i l l MI i It i. h n t t l i ' nnt .. Csrrllnnlt up on i*\en t e t m ' wttn thrir rluili \VII-ton Aldi t Jit (It nil tin pllii-t Imnil Lhn Hed Ulirt- aie Fi i i i i t l v I r n p t o i F i l o u t f i t '(hnnli (Iniiin U i l w n tin 1 T^teilin ciitdiu Mhii h x om In tin K "I* 11 ntl '" Jurr-d Finltli nnil t'"l f* w.lnntnK tuand Of pei Ltlti the t r h m VnttnK f l i t u l i v Ofllbeit »f cmiiM- l« thi- flr-lilltii; hem of Un* «(-rli" I t l - j «ii« hm been both phpnomrrtnl mid cnttnlitcnl nnd with franklr* K i l " i l pin v I OR niKfid hnlt on hlM left I' hM hfiil in t( to I t f i p the Ndtlotnl IwiKin- fhrtfnplfini In the nmnintf "' All 1 nldiij, f i l i ' d l we find tlie C'-viu Innli i - i l v w l M i Ouilcli'h r.tlniei Mil V\ll,| lllll f l n l l n h u n if ttielt fltil M e m - Hln(f w i t h Hni Llnd-(f nnd M K c « l f i /ihn-ton In icieive ·« wtiM lirati n In the ripening hut two D( tin hlli oft him fl) hnlh our the shoit iltfht Wd fence In ^hlbc I'ntlt thut hull KFitin- «nd ihnnlil lf^ f Gmrfi- I nitiihiiw n K l f t i t bFittlf 1 thlMi attcrnnon Knuichiiw hfli the t e p n tathn nt liclntt tin In-nnd outer There nhoiild he n i-ienl duel o' Ittthnnrtr-n nt Shlbe park Wwlaeirlftv ^ hen HallaliFin o OMVIH win) H »ure to -work Ill* A « w i n r o r n I n r I n K l v ihld aftet HWItl A* (aI fit t i v m e p l t c l i e i M K" tht Allilptiei n^ much fli a single kli In f h e Innlnn* Iniir Thumrin'v *htlt Ktl llomriicl In HIF- rinty uti trlnl rii||iukl|i|ilii plt(h i FiiFillnM' In K i i n u t i u w IIHI n n o l l u r v i c t o r s item jnul eati deliver It the ti R R tlif tni «vslcm to hH bowline and gtt him- ButliK-^ tinil Ptote-fitmal Worn en! »ll«« ln"t week and moil of Itie women wcia new to the anmc tni-y bud good K-OIOS A Mrs Csiimony itntted wltri a apaio and llicn pltked tip » tuikcy In hot first lime on the t!il\ci No women* Mhn 1 pshooleri list thh week Oet your name on next with n fiOO ^ei iea thai a nil II lo nmltc llili honor 1011 Annthei nc« )dhguo Ii to tnhi tho «lley« nt the Dccatiti Howtins P n i l n i H (bh wucli T h e ItUi ky Strike league composed of fovu tcanit (Old Goldii, Chenterfields. SnudM nnd Tamel") will tnkn the drUei nt to oclork Wednesday nlifHt ttlt,\' UtTK ON THIS ONK In the Dccftttir Bowling Pal lorn ·How did you bfWt In the league ·Oh I howled llk« ft fish 'Well I nc\ti »ii« a fi'h bowl ·Oh yeah- Well the next time vou get n f f HI take you Ihiough Wool- woiths ihow If t - n H I - , * , . T ^ V U l - l J l U l \*.1\ * n i i r n . i i . - i j »ltti th* MHI IIIIK n onr-e niori ittonfi f«\oiltpi tn l e t i i t n the \voild s cHnrn plflinhlp E ui ]{ Oeoiire h befllen 'til" i f t p i n m n the himball woild *wy well p r f p n i f to eptetitat* the · revolt Hit i a ( k e n of Swifts tinned , wiiun tih f l r n i M iciim bowl i U j » Women * Majoi City ,.,,,,,, tail week Find they lewaidid him t'V tilmmLnie the Rupert team A r u e wctkt old teim mnde up ot out lr. wiiuh in thi t t j » Hu ve ihc gill" t *',, v aomelhlnp ^ won » jrnnie wltnp^ipd by n tot ·*) TjOiil-i 1pa4t jorni)t fnn^-viai won bv i" b f f n flln«ltig them tot the di foi eleven veiu- Htilni^ flired upon l e t l i l n f t tie inld »Re of 36 hul he 1ft the A i lit) (nut ilnitlM nnd one run «ie i\u(( rn Itif ball trmn -- / ' of the ctuli who fliit'" '" lh(1 t h l t c l and tcued the lltli i '*" ^ 1jouh (i moment h...'' n " ( "1 I" tho f d u i t h to drive !»..?" r u » ai «1 put the came on NVw tongoilne suits didu t to add any pint to ihf R«P«J , thsV biightened up the all-he Lillian Ori-hld "" suits --rose lavender- bt a lucky colot whlcli H Pieildcnt Jenn Wylle of the Ttitei- I league wants to scout a llt- l U I M * *-. , . i. _ ^I^L,! Iftrti* n*rftl Monmouth and Wesleyan Share Little 19 Lead (Kjl Uutlftl I'lf SPRINGFIELD. Oct 8 -- Two leama--Illinois Weak; an and Mcn- moutli-Salurdav ihomd thf top tung of the Little Nineteen conference ladder us a lesult of victories In confeiunco ?amefl over the week- JOHNNY WATWOOD'S SKULL FRACTURED itiit l Mui i wi i CHICAGO Dot 5,~Jotmnv Wixt- wood 23, lookif f l t s l bit toman of the Chicago White Sox who TL( G k o d n ftacttned ikull in City HCilei Clinic with the Cubs wni lopotled iinpjovod In a hospital Mondny Wntwood wni th in k )iv u bnll Ihiowti liy Pnt Mfiltini' Cubs pitch*) in the sixth Inning He ii expected to IOCOVOL end CFimc tlnoush to pltohlr* taltnt ho might look ovci )n tho la womerT bowlfts, Som« of Ihe 3 e| man ap;ed win In five of thu sit confctcnce tllfc Woslean hud Iti SHCOIU! n a t i o w eicupe fiom dofeat In ns many week s when It won 7 to 0 fiom M Vlatot Monmoulh rallied to defeat Nmlh Centinl 12 to 6 Atipuslnnl Hindlrv C Ii n i lesion Teat-hois nnd Knox tneked up vlctot- lei In tlist loop contests The foi- mft s 0 lo 7 win over Catthnfn consldeieil tin u|nof Aurfii^tnnrt hixd been iM-nlun In a pluvious rion- conferenco start and the Catthnee oleven was considoied one of the moit experienced In tho lonp Fuioha Rove Btadlv ti bilef scnio t h w o m e r bowlfts, SnWd.ll»M cuivei nhend )n tho last half lo loll but t h e up a 3" tech team to 8 win dangerou, t.^'nr'hTvV^^chota^lc'standa.d, which an atlilcte tegaidlejis of his nbllliy as a football^ ta*l»U play unlll again tip to Muny been among the bf theii class though -ach joat a bcr of college sport-, slara arc to. lo nthletlo teams because of t»w» ·tud.nt- of -"·»". «.tK oeeiatett him in- to a c "2»n»lhk fo, tho dcfwt of i inability to "cwUo tt* P«le scho Knox'rollejro champions of W2 1 * won a 15 to 0 battlo fiom Wottein To«ch- w s Choi lotion Tcichers won theil opening snme ftom state Noimal 15 lo 0 All of the Icums weie -uccesiful in non-conference lilts with tho exception of Illinois College which was beaten Bt St Louli by Washington University Shurtleff i n n up a 76 to 0 win ovci Genital We-JE-van and MilllHin Jookwl Impiesslve In Its 6 to 0 victory over Cornell October IS and 17 aie the datea of the Illinois Municipal league convention to be held tn Springfield CHAPMAN-DOAKES SCORE 27 RUNS TO WIN DOUBLE EXPLICATION Of hATUKDAY'S CARTOON Jim Tret* Kicked 18 Goals After TonchdovrnH Tho Geotgla Tech-Oumbetland garni) of 11)16 In which Georgia, WM victor by the remaikabto score ot 222-0, la one which stands out in the ennuis of football During the first half of that gamo Picas kicked after touchdowns IS -- Thn BONM Clutn Katnr Dennis Ties 5-5 Wi Miner Sons; Series Deadlock The city amolcut title serleit remained In a virtual deadlock with Ihe Mlneio Sona nnd Dennis Hatd- wuio t i e r ) for fit it after litest* two learns battled lo a S to S lie at Fans Field Sunday afleinoon. DarknfM ended the game uftcr the regulation nine Innings The wad part of It from Ihe Dennis standpoint, wat ih« fact that they had tho game practically won when a error in Ihe eighth Inning allowed the Mlnei-! to tie the score With one out and thf basea filled a ball was hit to Otoljan at second =c With a double play In Bight ha thtcw tho ball awny, and four Mini scoied Dennlt hud great pitching alt Ihe way Red Smith was nevci In dan- KOI until the eighth Then Eddie Kvarltt went in and sliuck out foul men In one and a third Inntngi MlneiVSonH 'ooTotxToitl--(TTs DonnH Mdwo 002 000 201-5 11 S ILLINOIS HOPES HIGH AFTER WIN IN OPENING TILT Northwestern, Notre Dame ·nd Ohio State Rank as Section's Best GOPHERS DISAPPOINT By U1XON STEWART UnK**LPrw«t Start Oorreitponilent CHICAGO, Ocl. 6 -- Br.llmnt performances in the initial tests of the 1930 ten son enabled Notre Dame, Northwestern and Ohio State to hold their pr*-season ranking as the Middle We»t * leading contender* for football honors Other major teams, with the dingle exception of Illinois, failed to uhow expected ability and mode, neceg- saiy a tevlnlon of estimates on 1910 prospects The now grouping classified the teim* at follows Powerful--Notre Dome, North- ObU State. Good--Purdue, Illlnol*. ntlr--Minnesota, Poor--Iowa, indlMM. Chicago and Wisconsin opened Iholr MMon IndoubleheadeiHagainst 'let up" opponent* and no accurate ratlnK on Ihe Maroon« and Badgers will he po»(tlbl« unlll atler their trite ling at Madison Saiuiday IrUh rwert«! Notre Dame's thrilling 30 to u vie- loty over Southern Methodist Unl verslty slamped the Irish an a dangeioun contender for a oecond consecutlvo national championship The Methodists are a gicat pwilng team and In defeating them, Dotre Dames team appeared the equal of any squad Kockne has had at South Bond In recent years NcnthwtKltrn'B cleel-cut 14 to 0 victoty over the veteran Tulane team, 1929 Southern conference champion, Indicated that the Purple a opt 1mlain In the big ten rtce In justified The Wildcats oulplayed Tulane throughout the game and their showing Indicates lhat Noith western not only has an excellent chance to win con I ere nee honors but may piove a 8tumbling block for Notre )ftine wh«n the two clubs meet at Evanston, Nov 22 Ohio ''Dark Mom*' Ohio Stole iomped to a 21 lo C vie tot y ovei Indiana and retained Its pool (Ion as the "daik horse" of the Big Ton lace The learn boasts a powerful offense and should flniHh well up among the scuson's leadolii With Ohio Stale and northwest crn afl curtetit favoiitea tot cnf*L cnc* honom It Is unfortunate, from n standpoint of unstained Intel est that the pchodule eatls lor them lo meet Salurday but the clanh provides Chicago with a fealutc «»"'S Benson attraction ·nhlch may determine the ultimate winner of crmm- tinHhIp honors Pnrduo Purdue was far below Us Wit form in defeating Baylor 20 to 7 but Ihe Boilermakers displayed «ome Gelberfs Dad Raised Him To Be Ballplayer Daddy raised Chutley Gilueil, wotld »«ri*n b«ro, lo be u hull player "When tie Y,tm 6 lift Uiti'd to multe my hand allng In u (jaiii- of catch," boasts Churks S Gtllwil, 00 yut\» old fathn of young Chnrlvy, thf kid CUBS ROUT SOX HURLING ACE TO TAKE 3-2 EDGE WiW« Homer With One On IB Fifth Drira Ted Lyons To Cover 45,090 SEE CONTEST By WA1NE K. OtTO CHICAGO. Ocl. *-NeMhftl T»d Lyonit lh« hurling «ur, nor four o( his wltiitlnir palN could k*tp thi Cubs in captivity yesterday «ftitrn«on, MI) lbir lnrr)mpi*tenry enabled Rog^rt iroinsby f )f Nalfonal leagueis to tb» lhr» firth gnmo of th« city «*rl« before an overnow riowd of mors th»n (KOOO paid ctiirfomel *, 6 to 4. Today found tin Cubit rldlnc along nk*)y with Sbeilff UlaJte In rerarvc nhd a 3 to 2 «dg« In the Mrle* u date The National Lckgueti M- Ituiulljr figure lo i»tatn th«tr till* \rn- en* Donle Bush can muit*r enough ' ntiMSRlh to null their often- Ehoiutop of Ihe \ Caidlnal* Scinfihl and Ait?c, and JolniNon Smith Everltt BOWLfNG M \ J O I I ( tl\ WOtltl S S J H S D H A P I I A 1.1 1 I nrn- Swlfl. it lllll ii Mm I I I I i MnlMnti It H It I I i ,un IlLIJII'll fl ^| I x t l l l K I I I I I U I I 1)1 111 I Hill U M I n h In iicltl S t i l h n 1,11 1,1-1 I inn II . t T t or irt nin i ** j(j Thf Chapnian-Dooke nlna had a festive day at bat Stuulnv, up a total of 27 i n n s to «ln both ends of n doilbleticadPt at Fuirvicw pai k The Cluk Tee tenm was the victim in tlie fit it fiamc 17 to 10 and 1 K U ot Hllllkln In the second 10 to Tn the openci trailers giivc 10 hits wlillo hia mates got 31 and hit two ho me i a Klneka and Knotty also homered In the second gnmc the collegians were helpless before Anton gcUlriB only thtec hits in the tlvo inning contest, but scoilng foui tuns Pennfll nnd Swanson hit foi the clicnlt foi the wlnneis in this gamp Chapmin-Doakc will plav o. ictum game with the Cliik Ice team on the N n i diamond nest Sunday I Jnt 1»unir C] i\\ I1I C l m k _ i m*-- in 01) 10-- 0 t II-H-]- , i 2 fH I-- I H in ! EpM mill J4Uklii Snnnil T^nllir) unil I I t i k lui 11-- i ' Dil-1 111- tj Jinil UAFil n\\\\\ i h u l k i /itn O i r t n n FlliDi I null-nil i U M in hi I ourt M w i i*k i* M K lllpn I mil \\lllinitl II H l t h H R W I I III of qlx t e m n A pjr \n I. 1 I A\ A l l ! Ml Ml · S --11" I ^ FOMI t VlllB I III In ii -1\ I I r l t t l n 1*1 k n S»*nnw lt 1\ 1.1 11 m SIMS'; A\II rririrr^iiONu U 1 1 nm Nf i --· M n l i n t l i r llnd 11 ml I nil Is It \ M N \nnllniill Hoi). I iMk In ir inn nt 4'0 rr.- nm I [ \M : I,' M 01 * V " S1 "* u im£-| no in Au ion unit DttJt 113, nnd \\ootl it tot end outBlaudlng indivldtul plnyern far of the 1810 ocrkit G*llMrt'H nwd hitting plajv the CanlM' S-l \klnrv over tltr PhlUululntll* AlhlftlM In UM fourth gfittf Sund«^ wlilrh m- nMnl ttti\ National knirni) ctitm* t t\t"n olvc powci It wan Hack WI1*on who product ho eli*ctrlfyln»f |unch of yenturday'i .hrlJ(M- Tho Hacker, flirhttng hli way through' K diurnffre of lemon* and )lm«*, anhM faith In th« fifth lining with Klhl Cuvlor nn meond and one out and promptly ro«k«) Mr Lyons with n l«virb*ralnNr homei nto tho light oimter fkld hlm^hiin That w»N tlii blow that »oiwd«l th» Kwari Donn for tho American The eldei Oflliert, who wan n football «tar at the U in 3884 W! iind of Pen n«i Ivan It ]HS(I lol] thf United nfter 1h* fnuilh Kairt*, lhat he couldnt be piouder of hln boy if he we 10 jtreiiitcnt of lh« Untied StalCF) I.CIKlH Card IhttlTFt Oelbcrt the young^it plnver on thn St Loud) team, Monday, * loading all plyeii! In Ihe scries with a hatting aveiage ot 500 In the four games Hi* Viai mil)'' M Troulilr* Bui II) n CHUN didn't h»v* an cn*y time of n, r»8»ixllo»» of Bunh'H frequent nhlttlttjt of hl» uhftipuhOflUrt h they out hit (he South SM- MH. ]^ (o 12 I'm Molon* hud hi* trouhl»H und of occattion they Ji illributes of rcui When their tunning attack wao stopped theiy took to Ihc air and hid (h* powet n*c««aiv to nhove over toucrMlowns The vlrlory over . Baylor makes Purdue n fnvoilt* to win ils opening Big Tn clash with Michigan S»tmdny, 1)ut Icfl con- ildeinble doubt legaitllng the 1SJ(* champion* abllllv to sweep their ichfdul* of nix confclfncp titles Minnesota and Michigan highly gaidcyi In pie-noi*on esilmatf* were ellmlnMed fiom (Itiilni -on- sldMation Minnfsota diopcd a SI to 7 d«ei«lon lo Vandctbllt and ap- pe.«ts destined tor a loimh time in . SatmrUu's intetsecllonal with Stanfoid Michigiin displayed luck of offensive ulien^th in ^alurdaj t roicleiis tie *ith Michigan state Illlnl Hop*-* lUlwl Illlnol-i' Inoxpeitencfd ionm fought Its way to a 7 to 0 vlrton over a strong Io*a State eleven nnd save Illlnl fan» hone that Coaeh Ziippli develop nnoth«r poweifiil g giogatlon The Illlnl play Situiday In llielt final praHiw Ihf Bl(f Ten hits In 12 times at b»t four cf them off Ixifly Gloves Grlhert tl.M ftrldfj In rvtT\ gitme, hunillhle chiuicpfi vtlthoyt mi irrnr. hint »larl'd lhr«'r doutili* twit «f nhltli brukr up thtfKtcn Ing Fhllad'*l]»hl t ralllcH, P«rhapn the tfiniitrit. inanev of the will!* vcas mnde by f; In the cUhth inninsr of the fourih garni* With D(te» on fii-t nnd on out, StmmoriH hli o. «lovi Iwumdlna loller whJrh Gdhcil ince in flddcd and nailed thi iiinnei nt f l i M I'rnlnod By Mafk "Only a teallv ({tent dhottslop would !BA« Ixcn able to mnhr* a pl«v as that ' Tonnlt* M lok marked ifletvnud* Celbeit joined the Cnilit In IflSO and rrtwdi! gooil 'ilnnv-tftoTilheverv start He hatted 3M in ISO gome* the pnii MMMHI Gelbeil h lofty and IHhe tind **· (remeh* fnnl ind ^i 1 **"' 11 ' ' n "'* flelJ He pulled 11 llfwmitnl in hlN light \tg In the t h l t d (time, nnrt did pettactilni ploying tn SnnddyV w i t h Ills right ^if injwd fiom the knee nj* LOCAL MEN'S'ANDTM WOMEN'S BOWLING TEAMS WIN MATCH Th« Douinn Floiixtd local min _ leani and thr* Deistui III Flir wom-[- en, \\nn a doulile \ l r t o i y o\er twolj^ PfOiiu. IfrtniH In a npccial mat(*h onlnii the fVeoatui Homling rinhr n1)ys h«ie, Sundftv The nii'n « l«nm mndc' a dean nvtcep of itx matrh whllf the women won two oul of thie* A tetuin match between the Pp- Olla nnd Dcnuut ^oinen x ti*nniR bMsn .uiangid In Peoiln Or-t 19 s I ' f l l A I MAM H " " I'l i l l t I A him foi 10 hit* In Ut« flnt Inning but afltr that h» no»m*i tit p;ei hitt second wind neeauite In the final ihio« canlod lie funned «lx of his ndikfloul vkUmit and yielded only two harmkM singles Johnny Wntwood who hlock*d on* of dunlcrs with hln htad In Ntxth Innlnir had lo b* carried fiom tho flold aft»r collapnlnff »t the pinto 'ni Sox mitfleld*! wu M- riounly Injuied as cxamln*ilon ihow cd Intot Lot* of r«lr» 1oiittnr Klhi Cujki and Gabby Hirinttt nhowoj the Jit u In* the way with ihr*i him opiwe Two of Hartnetl'i WMO vifll-HK wiitlop* (nlo th* leftfield o\inflow »nd one of Cuylei i witnt in ihc *am place for a pair of natch?)* Smead Jollcy made three hltN for ih* Sox 1 If I f i II) )) \ llfiffl h t i l 1' I I itti I ll I I I 1 1 UN At! rt it i iDnit gii n » n ' ) Mtius«. ^ \ i i m i l l \\llxn f h ,IH, llnnn I If 1 IS ' I 111 I'll H II I * I ll IJ I r i K n n m Hi 'Hli Unit. I (H llMlrv ll hill i Uiii Jifm 11 ml i nit ItHMiifU ] 111^ )\ uiid iiih \^ HMJI tte n Mnlom, Ho\nnln I .iff M»iit ] off M*lon I X t i u i h INI Jh I } i » I i t ) nin i I 1 1 Mil I.m I tin rr i \rtnn i fkiii 4 t i tilt ItihkTaii nun game bi-foie iignlnsl nnd Indiana 'depart" a' tail endeix In conference competition gave piomUe of fulfilling i expects- lion" Iowa dropped a B to 0 dwlfl- lon to Oklahoma A A M and Indl ond last to Ohio Stnle 21 lo 0 after holding the Buckevei lo 1 point" during Ihc flnt Ihreu quaiteit Thin week low* entei lulntf Ccntenll v while Indiana tries Its luck Oklahoma A M Wllionvillc Yellnwjackei 1 ! nn Indi^pendent football team made up rn i thely of mincra employed lv the Superior Coal Co would like to schedule a game with an independent team fiom Decalm ni vicinity Their open datci are Ocl ft and 12 Nov 'i 16 and 34 Managem. Inleicilrd ihoitld wilte D Rlcchlardi, manager, in Wllsonvllle T ilinti Hut" Ii II. H \\ t II ll I Illllllltl MFIIIIIH hiinn I I l u l n l t 1 f t I V I 111 mericas Standard Smoke I n t u l s l l ' A M i" :;t its; ·i M tc; J i k COLLETT TO HAVE STIFF OPPOSITION ilia I *«ni ;ir»^ I ANG1EI-E3 CM Got 0 for the National Women'* coif championship wnnounred Mnn day lloted 101 11 vain for Olenna Col- Ie1t In her attempt lo hold Ihc llvie for the Ihlrd HUcreiwIve year The loutney will start Ocl M over 1h north comae of Los Angele* Country club MlBU Colletl wan paired with Ml«i* Bcrnlce Wall of Oohkosh Wl». In [he qualifying lound and Mrs Eoni ~ ' Lot AnRftei, 1029 tunnel- Vlrglnl* Long Filter iNoCrumbv TryaFtwt CHARLES DENBY .'tit iuUlu ~. - 111 s'i i)!i Van Wle, Chldtgo SPAPLRI

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