The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 8
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Page EigIC THE D E C A T U B R E V I E W Sunday Morning, June 28,19li , State Urges Housewives To Use Fresh Eggs ·T I n now a. criminal offense for your I d e n U r to sell \ o u rotten eggs. Such * WAS the notion taktn by the Illinois Mate Food Commission a short time aso. The first oflense is punishable by a fine of SIS to 5100, or not to ncted thirty fla\s' imrniionment A number of Icu.tur people have icocntly rooeU.d a bulletin from the ·-tite food commission, p i l i n g Ihe laws ird penalties for the sale o-f bad | , ,,-s, ana .il'o K l v l n e "me v a l n - ible MiR(! 1 «tion8 to the farmer, the ess Miver t h e paiker. th,. rar-lot shlp- ,,-, th« K t i l l i r iincl the housewife OFTUS TN DOUBT Wlicr the ret ill dealer purrhises . r«« he I" often in doubt ja to the room i« rr t h e supvlv and renllzins that In th. lot he w i l l probably have a n l i m b o r of bnrl«-. he i-tiTTWtf. the \altie a t r o n l ' i i K l v ^honld tli P"r- rl-n*T be o r t n n nf K-tMn=r twelve lonnd rir--s for hi", monov, the farm, r ,ir iM tret nuim for his firiri Tl'lnnl- 1* *h( -!"i'ond I n r C P f l t eKK p r o d u r - n - v t i t e 'n t h » u n i n n \hout t l ^ n n n nun w n r l h nf (W- were pro dnred li-t v"ir, w i t h a In" of ihollt ?^ sun n n n ,vie to Improper enre and ····nilllnr T o "SniTI. The tncfhojt r.r I n n d l i n u advocated hv t h , Stit- T'ni. m.fl i .immlsilon i« a TOM «1mll" pio'es. The -s« are Plnee-l In a mi.-l.ln.. 'illecl ,1 rindler The llchi ' l ' i = t h r o n c h *h» eecr» 11 1'imlnitlnsr the «h»l" r o n t n t « Vi'Hh a very l i t t l e · \p - 1 . nc o the d. a t e r !·= inlrVu- B »lr to t n w h e t h e r t h e CKS 1 otrl. t l \ fn -h · Id 'IWKf. or rot- t i-n \V Prott M f i t h r ^ s =itite food com m l«*1oner c - t , t , Q t b i t If t h » folio-wins Instrurtlo'i.. u.-. . 'rrlr 1 out, much of th» 1«« iw.'ilrt be p r e i e n t e d and tl'Wt 71l!Tr'»l* «'Mi d ^oon h T \ e a reputation for c:riof) eci^s He reenrnmendq IB follow B TO THE FARMER ' Prodiiee onlv InOrtlle «scr* for mar k*»t as the\ fln not *po11 PO q u i c k l y a- fertile esg 1 ! "PHpose nf the roosters a« poon at tsz; needed for h i t ' b i n s : -ire obtained The esrei k e ^ p b e t l t ] find the h«nfi will lay 1u«t »s m a n - nf them Pro\Me plenty or . l . i n ne«tn w i t ' !«an stm\ in t H T Gather eccs t^\ n i i ' K in hot -wPath . r and s'"re t h m in n eonl, sweet well \ enf-flited p.ire hut 'li not store w h e i e imp Ho not wish ece** M n i K . t esrpc a« o f t t n a* possible and 3rr t h f m ceniU ro not :. 11 ectrs from "tolen nests I've t h c ' i i .U hi me Pro «_ct ' s-rs Tr.nn the =!un ^ h e n ta.lnc: t h e n to m r k e t Vs^i exposed to t s n« ii" for one h o u r will "poll M i s a r r ' l l - - to ' n f r r i ] e aq well as fer- ,!e e j ·- TTI d ' t - our epr^s and Insist upon \\ins. t ' t m . a n d l e d h the purchaser o t 1 it h m n \ kno\\ t h T t he U h u % Insr good eggs and pay accordingly. You will thus reap the advantage for the care o u have guen them Send a. post- 11 c a i r t to the Secietary of agriculture, W a s h i n g t o n , D. C., and ask for a copy of Year Book Separate No. 552, which explains the operation of candling and 'i idlng of eggs TO EGG BUYERS Candle all eggs and buy only on Loss o f f ' basis. Return all bad eggs to the farmer, rncouraso him tjo produce good, clean eggs by paying less for the other kind. St nc eggs In a cool, sweet and dry place Use only clean, dry fillers for packing I o r v n r l eggs to commission men as o f t e n as possible Do not deli\er to railway until short- h before train time Keep eggs out of the sun. TO PACKFRS AND CAR LOT SHIPPERS Do not buy "Case Count" Have a, standard for qualitv and refuse all eggs not lip to the s t a n d a t d Po not deal in "Spots' and "Rots" \ r r a n g e separate refrigerated rooms foi s t o r i n g etrgs, Po not allow eggs to remain In a hot n r any longer than Is necessary. TO RETA.ILBRS Fuv onlj p i o p e r l v graded eggs Do not misrepresent them to purchaser. '"n In small q u a n t i t i e s unless you have t p i n t e r e f r i g c i a t o r for storing them keep them a w a x from all odorous suh- i n e p ^ p a r t i c u l a r l y kerosene oil fish. U - i \ l n g vegetables, e t c TO THE HODSUWIFE CHi\ onlv randled and properly grad, 1 ecxs Keep eggs in a cool, sweet and well^ i ntllited place t\ ash eggs before using them as the i ell mav not be as clean as It ap- M arp If -vou receive had egg" from your dealer, report the facts to this department Outing Shoes For Men and Women. Rubber soled outing oxford for men and women, white and tan Iflathor, on** of the most comfortable and Grond -wearing: outing shooa on the market, priced at per p-afr -|t3.50 Men s and Women's Golf ·^h-oes . . . $3.00 op Tennis PhoA« ·· T5c to #1.75 G\m Phoea . » $1.60 per pair Haines Essick 217 N. Water. BOTH PHONES 128«. BEER FURNITURE CO. HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW WATER SYSTEM IN THE FAMOUS Herrick Refrigerator Ice cold water--ice cold--aH the time, without extra cost of ice--something new. Come in and get a good, cold drink. See it in use. Come in any time. The greatest thing ever put on the market and its in the Herrick Refrigerator. The Herrick refrigerator is so different in construction, so far ahead of other refrigerators that other dealers knock on it because they don't know how to get around this superior construction. Don't let others tell you what a Herrick will do and will not do. Let the man that sells it tell you all about it and then judge for yourself, and you'll have to ;idmif that its the best refrigerator. Lawn Mowers, now . : . T . : . $3.50 Porch Swings .-...'. .-.-.-.-.-v.-.-.-.-. Vl .. $2.85 Lawn Swings -.. .pp, $6.00 50 ft. guaranteed 5-ply garden hose.-^-...-.. .$5.00 ALL PORCH ROCKERS, CHAIRS AND SETTEES AT 20% DISCOUNT Always bargains at this store. Beer Furniture Co. 332-338 N. Main St. EVERY GARMENT RE DUCED FOR THIS GREAT JULY CLEARANCE SALE EVERY GARMENT A GENUINE BARGAIN AND VERY MUCH UNDERPEICED The Greatest July Clearance Sale In Our History Continues ADDITIONAL GARMENTS ADDED FOR THIS WEEK GIVING THE HUNDREDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS, WHO SECURED BARGAINS SATURDAY, A CHANCE TO SB-'CURE MORE THIS ENTIRE WEEK. READ BELOW: l A special lot of cloth suits in misses' and ladies' sizes, all the newest shades, every new Spring material is represented, garments that sold up to $25.00, -.pecial for July Clearance Sale, your choice , ry new opring ma$5.00 About 50 coats in misses' and ladies' sizes, mostly one of a kind; models, kimona sleeves and flare and ruffle effect, all shades; garments that formerly sold up to $20; July Clearance Sale price.... We have about 75 coats in the season's most wanted materials, long and short models, and up to the minute in style, lined with pure Peau de Cygne silk --all colors, coats from our regular stock sold up to $30.00, July Clearance price.... Your choice of the balance of our cloth suits, no matter what the former price was; suits that come in more staple colors, such as black and blue; made along the plainer lines, garments that formerly sold for $35; special July Clearance price About 25 pure silk dresses, odd garments in our regular stock, probably only one of a kind; dresses formerly selling up to $20.00, for quick July Clearance, your choice About 50 dresses, consisting of Pussy Willow taffetas, silk crepes, crepe de chine, made in all the latest styles, ruffled with ruffles and bustle effects, garments sold earlier in the .season for $25.00; for July Clearance, your choice The balance of our silk street dresses, also your choice of any silk two-piece suit in stock, no matter what the former price, dresses are made of rich materials, such as flowered poplins, crepe de chine and silk crepes, styles up to the minute, July Clearance price Ten evening and dinner gowns, garments that sold up to $75.00, only one of ~ a kind; very beautifully made, your choice of these garments for July Clearance Washable dresses in ginghams, percales, tis^ie gingham, ratines, lingerie dresses formerly sold up to $5.00. Special July Clearance price Extraordinary values in lawns, crepes, ratirif, gingham and white lingerie dresses, mostly new style, just received, wonderful garments, upto the minute mod- , els, your choice July Clearance.. , crepes, rating $5.M White and colored dresses, in ladies' and missea sizes, consisting of voiles, " ~ ~ ratines and lingerie, Russian tunic effects, garments selling now for $15.00; special for July Clearance Your choice of any wash dress in stock, garments that are worth $25.00, consisting of white and color combination styles. Russian tunic effect, also accordion pleated and sunburst tunic effects, individual models, special for July Clearance Pure silk petticoats, all colors, plain or pleated flounces, all the wanted new Spring shades, special July Clearance price Pure silk messaline petticoats, all shades, pleated flounces, regular $3.00 petticoats; special for July Clearance Your choice of about 75 beautiful dress skirts, season's newest models, consisting of mixtures, novelties. French serges and silk moire, garments sold up to $15.00; special July Clearance price A small lot of beautiful skirts in French serges and Chuddah cloth, mostly black and blue, very newest mod'els, overskirt and tier effect, our regular $10.00 skirts; July Clearance price Odd lot of house dresses consisting of percales, lawns; not all sizes, but a good assortment of styles, dresses formerly sold at $1.00; special for July Clearance ing 01 per- 50c Your choice of our $1.00 line of house dresses, in percales, chambrays and ginghams, 25 different models to choose from, light and dark colors; Jnly Clearance price i ana ging- 89c 100 porch and morning dresses, in striped lawns ,tissue ginghams and pique, broken sizes, each and every garment well worth $3.98, your choice for July Clearance, special... Special, 15 dozen white lawn and voile waists, low neck and short sleeves, lace and embroidery trimmed, all sizes; special for July Clearance Your choice of 50 models of white wash waists, lawns, voiles, organdies, striped crepes, with the new gladstone collars, our regular $1.00 waists; special, July Clearance...,. A small lot of odd waists taken from our regular stock, selling up to $3.00; not all sizes, but a good assortment of styles, special for July Clearance , Lingerie and voile waists, low neck and short sleeves, newest models, waists selling up to $3.98; July Clearance price Beautiful lingerie and voile waists, latest models, beautifully embroidered effects, waists regularly sold for $5.00; special July Clearance price An odd lot of silk shirts and blouses, crepe de chenes and tub silk, the very newest models, regu- ~ ~ ~ larly sold up to $7.98; for July Clearance, your choice A lot of about 50 wash skirts, slightly soiled and mussed, mostly all sizes, linene and repp materials, skirts formerly sold for $1.98; July Clearance, price 5llc Cordaline and ratine skirts, mostly plain models with pockets and pearl button trimming, all new, clean merchandise, all sizes, for misses and ladies; special for July Clearance price Eussian tunics and overskirt effects, in, washable materials, cordalines. ratine and 1 two-color mixtures, all ~ """ newest models formerly sold up to $3.98; July Clearance price .NFW SPA PERI

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