The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 28, 1966 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1966
Page 14
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12 91ft fcglmwt fro* Monday, February 28. 1966 Antiseptic 16 Ox. Bottle Woodbury Hand and Body LOTION SPECIALS FOR F0. 28-MARCH 1 -2 Woodbury After Shave LOTION Reg. 1-50 Value With Free QQ*» Dispenser O7 C Admiration Save On Frozen Foods MINUTE MAID ORANGE DELIGHT $400 6 Ox. Cons Swcmson SpaghettLand Meat Ball Dinner 35c Country.. Cupboard •__ Lemon. Choc. Coconut. >-*ULLU.LX ^ --VX t*£>*'V*^u Meringue Pies With 3.00 or More Excid. Cigs. Lb, Can Treliis Whole Kerne! I2-O±. Can Easy On Spray for T/C STARCH 2.~c« 59c TAB .« 3 J.OO Morrison Corn Kit or BISCUITS 3,21c Chef-Bcy-Ar-Dee CHEESE PIZZA 45c REYNOLD FOIL a 27c DOUBLE STAMPS EVERY TUESDAY SHOP O'BRIEN'S MEAT DEPARTMENT FOR A BETTER TABLE!! U.S. Good Young Beef ROUND STEAKS - 69 Armours Tray Pck BACON 12 Oz. Pkg. 69 Tenderized Round Steak Lb . 79c T-BoneSfeak ^. 89c Sirfoin Steaks Lb . 85c Boneless Sirloin Lb . 99c Strip Steaks Lb . 99c Cutlets Lb . 99c Rump Roast Lb . 69c Pike Peak Roast Lb . 69c Ground Beef Lb . 39c Boneless Stew Lb . 69c Top Round Steak Lb 79c Bottom Round _ Lb . 69c FRYER PARTS SALE! Leg and Thighs Lb . 39c Breast Lb . 59c Back and Necks Lb . 15c Wings Lb .23c U.S. Good Hindquarters Cut And Wrapped FREE Lb. 59c O'BRIEN'S SLICED SUB BACON - 79c TOP CHOPPED SIRLOIN * 59c Swifts Chicken HENS Ib. 3 to 4 LB. AVG. 29 C Blue Ribbon German or Polish 69 FARM FRESH PRODUCE!! CALIFORNIA POTATOES White Bermuda Large Size BILi. LYLES, a sophomore at Robert EX Le« High School, won the first place civil engineering; award at the Baytown Science Fair for his project on "Nuclear Powered Cars of the Future." The Baytown Society of Professional Engineers, represented by F. L. \Vhaley, presented Bill the top prize of S25. Bill also won first place in the high school physics division. Outstanding In Boy Scouting as well as science. Bill holds the God and Country award and Eagle Scout Rank. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Lyles, 1801 Mississippi (Baytown Sun Photo by Charlie Mickel) Sun Classified Ads Want Ad Rates PER LINE PER DAY * C«o«e»Uv« Day* J CosMcvtive Doy* •angle Insertion Minimum — 3 Lines 12. Male Help Wanted NEED MEN Who sincerely wont !• b*c*tnt 30IH, rwinte-iooc* caginccn «r en. Uj> »o J2-S9 per nw white trainln*. •JP lo 55 per nour otter !ic*Rt*d. CaN I vir. Williams 5SM1M afMr * fJa. THIS IS A 4 LINE AD, cost 13L*» <«r lust 3 dors; SS.04 for |usi 4 days. Phone Just soy "Choige It." 5*3 wa or 5M83M. 18JL_ 12 PT. Same Role sx 3 lires ol ordinary ryp« Same Rate oi 2 lines ol orainary type CARD OF THANKS AND IN MEMORIAM » cents per line Mt.Mlr.lUM CHARGE »Z-00 CONTRACT RATES ON REQUEST 14. Employment NOTICE «'Q-v:t!o*>s as lo sex in our Heio Wont*s end Employment columns ere moc^ ! stvv (It 1= ii(j!ccte oona fiOe occupatni-31 j }j::':* ; ."c:iori3 tor emptoymem wmui ! 3n e-riD'Over reaarSs Si reasonably nec- l-a.cgr,' to nor-na: cpe'CT'ofi of his busj- I ^s-ss c- or !2) OS o convenl- ! -"ice to our reocers to let them know ! Vi-cr: Dos-t:ons ine advertiser Believes i */c i j!a »e oi more interest to o^e sex than i '---e crre* 1 o^co^-se oi trie work involved. .- S'.-cn £es:t;-o:te'is ihoJJ not be taken to THE CLASSIFIED AD DEPARTV.ENT j r |;, c 'J '^ °^ W ?J" p^^r^Sjf !in ^^ IS OPEN DAILY FROM 8 AJW. UNTIL sse:::ticetian or discrimination IE 5 P.M. AND UNTIL NOON ON SATUR- 1 _•.., ; , ~ er ,, orcctices. . DAY. For Best Results Use the economical i day rate. When you ge? rtiulls, ccnctJ Itve c2 end 5e cna r oed only for tne numoer cl dcy* that frte ad octuaHy ran. Ads picc^Tj before 5 p.m. appear !n lr» Tne Saytown Sun me following day. Classified Department 582-8323 582-8324 • 15. Work Wanted • ALi. KINDS — Carpentry, sfteelrock, r : | :— '.et *c-'*. No ;ob foo small. Coll •A-I PAINTING AND DECORATING. i ?RE£ = $T(.Y.ATES — Pienty Reference* ! r. T. SHiRLEY. CANOY CANE NURSERY *o 1C v«ri. New Nu- r *ery. K'n^. «•' IT ic-^na core. Hat Meals. Pr«^ ip.sTruction, 6 a,m. to 6 p,nn. 5831. Lodge Notices ; — CHILD CARE — In my horn*, any boon, Foreign Aid, Military Bills Are Pending j WASHINGTON (AP) — The! ; Senate argument over Viet Nam \ '\ rolls toward a showdown today ] j as administration forces seek to] | free a pair of embattled bills. j They appear to have the votes j to carry both issues — an emer-j jgeacy 5414-million foreign aid | measure for Viet Nam now ! pending before the Senate For- |eign Relations Committee and the 54.8-bilIion Viet Nam mili- itary authorization waiting action on the Senate floor. The senators also may get a chance late today to vote on a < proposal to rescind or modify 'the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin resolu-j tion cited by President Johnson! | as giving him the authority to itake any steps necessary to i combat Communist aggreseion I in Southeast Asia. j One of the leading critics of ; the Johnson Viet Nam policies. |Sen. Wayne Morse, D-Ore., has! South Yiets Drive Back Cong Hordes GOOSE CREEK ASSEMBLY NO. 30, Raintow tor Gins. .v•!! ho'd !?s re;v!s !.OP . ho-rlv rates; references. Tra^ssorto- :n-sr-*a. SS3-S256. -- ., GENERAL CARPENTRY — , . 29. 17=6 : na^ finishing one! eainting. m in Trie .V.csonlc HoH. : b-j;:?. «C'rr;cc TOPS, ornamental _ Iron. on. Al] merriDe'S C'e : rDV.'lN ARABIE. 611 Bolster. Woscns and Eastern i Jairr.e C;ruti. V/.A. Laura Warren, Secv. 1-A Special Notices i HAPPY HOUSE DAY NURSERY — State i license, working mctrieri enroll your cftiiu : -cw in acy ca^e nursery. Call 533-2967 for j MAINTAINER — Por lease, with ooera- ; -or. 55.00 Oft ftsur. S82-24J4 aayi. i SM-'ZK- nic.1t*. i SANDERS CAKE SHOP — WEDOIN 1 ; ; PAINTING, PAPERHANGING — ! >P£OAL!STS. Cj:er>rQ service, mcrtc , Pr.ce ReaorscSie, Free Estimates. aro^rr-cd -ooVins. -veda:ng ;nviTc:!:>ls ! c-ij 553- =537. :'lr:&s book-. Osen 5 o.r-. '= i s.rn.. liiM ! '3--s Si.. H';h-3-as. 4:f.25" • PART-TIMS WORK WANTED — Small Viet : -'• i r eiD»is:ve a-d wll! b? coor-c > iav of . ei . dav _ srorl veur SAIGON, South (AP) — With fig! c * • : suv OTier U^V- ^;LI; ; vu\j: swws'.' •*-;• ana arnllerv backing them up -'odav TO vojr favorite se'.ice-^an 470 South Vietnamese infanto : ll^'c^^ 8 ««^% J sK.W2 I . " i troops and militiamen beat off a '< j Communist attack by twice KEEP CHILDREN — In my horn*. • ?~i H Pcv'e, day or nlcjtit. |Csii 553^161. ! 16. Apartments For Rent j their number earlv todav in a i ^"'g's^-sfeTo? wr'jti-s W 'T : <- s-jn a-. fiprr-P fiirht ar-^nn^ * ^ Q f, , i p O Box >0. Bo-,:swri. The o ct'j'es o-f AVAILABLE MARCH 1st — O-w fur- Iierce tlgnt around a refugee s -> . or trie «rst pri";i, up to SXtO 'ncnei .iishea or.d one un'urnisO-d 2-twSroom resettlement area 75 miles h" si - e CP<3 •• tor ?cerl = -£''=-=' arm: laortment. COM ss3-z?4o or oopiy S6i7 from !r:e so*^e n-gcr"ve. Sta^cin^d size 1 . ; .V. .Main. 5X10, 5X7. end 3V^X5 Inches. ' - - . - ORDER SUN PHOTOS ^'ace o*d*>-s to- res.-inrs of 5. CARL COOPER Humorist To Be Chamber Banquet Guest Speaker Carl Cooper, East Texas humorist, will be the main speaker ipro'rms'eTto "introduce the" p'r^i a j * e annual Baytown Chamber iposal in an amendment to the °* ( ^ mm ^ banquet March 21 | Viet Nam monev bill. i at Goose Creek Country Club. If he does, Sen. Richard B.[ Tl ckets will go on sale at S .Russell, D-Ga.. chairman of the;?-«»• Tuesday, March 8, for the f,' Armed Services Committee.! b a n q u e t. Chamber President I;said he would counterattackl^erry Britton announced. He!rounds supported the belea-kosr PARAKEEI I! with a substitute proposal to| saidL la st year tickets were soldiguered defenders. A government I ".Bi'lJ^Boy'^PhTrii i reaffirm the resolution. Russell: out i* 1 24 hours. (spokesman said at least 20 Vipti ' t • S r«n.i«. area northast of Saigon. An estimated 900 to 1,000 Viet Cong struck from three direc- 4. Monuments-Lots tions at 1:15 a.m. against the "new life" hamlet of Vo Xu, in j TRI-CITY MONUMENT co. coastal Binh Tuy Province, i "•">'&'*• bro-iie monuments. &£"* ™£Q Prngs simultaneously hit a 120 I r^oVses^^MorKct 0 ot w. rT " - Tin° r°x? t? man militia post and 350-man: =eop1?s S!ote Bo " k - S2J7>32 infantry battalion, both part of the village's defenses. It was the first regimental- ••»••«—••— size attack by the Communists ! ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS . , '~*orm*rtlon on c-cohoiisrn against a government resettle- f you ho«e a drinking ment area in months. They used|- = " S33 - 97M mortars and 50-caliber machine j guns, setting huts aflam e and: 6. Lost and Found j^J^ni killing an undetermined number i' of refugees. BARKELY SQUARE TOWNHOUSE ^ow Cost Luxury end Convenience 'mminrj pool: central air, patio, C3r- t. dtshwcsrier, refricjerator, disposal. | arpetlngr furnished unfurnisrtec 1 : utill- i tt.js 1215 Ptirfc at Decker Dr.. BLUEBO.MNET APARTMENTS 1-bedroom tyrnished apartments, air Personals The Viet Cong charged the | con LOST — Key chain with 3 keys. Huniole j Nea i. 553-2395. i ~nble-n c"d rootsits toot. —- COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 35&3 Decker Drive, Section I FR£S RENT BONUS 1 and 2-bedroom fur.-.isnec end un? ed apartments: electric kitchens; air Co.**. d-Tion^g; draperies ond swim-ning pool. r'Kone &-0-S613 DECKER DRIVE. Mil — room unturnisrted opcrtment. S6A-7171. PURNISMED DUPLEX — Bills paid, n» oets. references. 145 montn. Appiy GAILLAKD, 303 N. — Two rooRH ond bc:h, furnished. IV: &!ocKs norm ot post " >A- ARMS Apartments belea-lLosT PARAKEET — «s w. Humt>u| color. Nomec I Cooper, assistant manager of j Cong were killed and probably I ^T he East Texas; Chamber of Com- mam,- rrmro fc-ll in tho l-i/-,rvih=T^{_! '• Isaid he has the votes to win. i Vice President Hubert H. j the East Texas Chamber of Com- j many more fell in the 'Humphrey and Sen. Robert F. jmerce, has been with the region- ment. Government casualties! 'Kennedy tangled further Sunday ial chamber for the past 16 years, were described as moderate. iover a possible future ro?e for; Cooper's duties with the regional xhe area was taken back Instructions the Viet Cong in the South Viet- [chamber consist of executing i namese government- programs as county ONIONS , 15c AVOCADOS 2 , 33c DRESS LENGTHS 4 ^,'2.99 Kennedy, a New York Demo- surveys, school tax surveys and crat, suggested that in ' citizenship and career conferen- order to negotiate a peace in' ces for high school seniors. South Viet Nam, the United j He writes a monthly news let- States "must understand thr.tjter designed to inform the mem- the Communists. . .might end! bership of the East Texas Cham- up in some way or another with-; b er o f Commerce on legislative in the governmental structure of!events taking place in Washing- Viet Nam." I ton and Austin. from the Viet Cong last fall the U.S. 173rd Airborne Brigade. The Vietnamese 10th Division has been responsible for its defense since November. The Reds attacked the hamlet after knocking out a company of American paratroopers in a six- hour fight 20 miles north of Saigon over the weekend. Fire from other guerrillas drove a From S99JO Utilities Paid '.FREE USE OF LAUNDRY SQU1PMEMT i 1305 Memorial Drive ' I SK-9J34 or 532-SZtS ! JONES, 3C8 N. — Nice large fomwhed 4. ! -OOT-. d'jptex. utit:»le» paid, coraoe- adults, ' I no p»:s. Aaoly 307 N. Jones. irable spacleas. Reasonaol*. prt- i_a Porte Air Port. U.S. Civil Service Tesfsl KENNEDY APARTMENTS — MM MKM 3an, SS2-68U. Four-room nicely t-nent. air conditiooed, central fceet. __ - t_"*i-n * iivj»»* wu ici. XLicri i iiidi iJLIXJv tr cl Humphrey, who ininallv at- Cooper is in charge of handling ship aground temporarily in the rsal as tacked Kennedy's proposal as: informations for ^ regional kaigon^River Sunday being equivalent to putting a! chamber Du ring sessions of the! fox in a checken coop," said on, ABC's television-radio program! - te a bit of j^g ^ Austin . "Issues and Answers" that hi?! t- ^ •,- S ° Uth Vletnamese troops car- first been assessment might "a little too senteel. have "The Viet Cong is not a fox." He has been on all five of the East Texas Chamber's industrial 'tours to the midwestern states I LA PORTE — 3-oearooms, large car- j seled -living room overioofclno. boy. NO Men-women 18 and over. Secure |oas ' cniaren. pets. 1140. utilities pcld. ApoJv High storting pay. Short hours. Advance {owner. No. 1 Pine Blutt Dr.. or coll GA ment. Preparatory training as long csj-,_;j7J2. Lo Porle, required. Thousaids o( jobs open. Ex perlence usually unnecessary. FREE in- ; -- - - , formatior. on jobs, salaries, requirements.; Qr ' ciL Qaroje apcrrrnen.. "in- i MARKET ST.. 3415 — 4-Roem f'amHb*<l ' Write TODAY oiving name, address and : phftne. Lincoln Service. Box 73-2A. care of The Baytcwn Sun. r^er.ttl, water paid- 10. Help Wanted NAZRO, 215 W. — J-bedmom un»uraIsJi«l acartment, close-tn. Newly decorated, ISS. SST1-1.63S. _^__^_^_____^ REPUBLIC, 500 W. — Clean, modern 4- 'Oom untarnisned apanment. Walking d'sTonce ?o town ana awieac. Rcasntiy redecorated, in exceUen! condition. t*5 month wiift gorooe. Aoply ABe Roseni- DISPLAYERS — For home interiors need-j MH'-S, S33-17CS. after 7 p.m.. 566-SB18. the brunt of the war on the ^^^"clinrfeMe^"? 0 ^! *&"' P °'' ground in the past 24 hours of \~* 6 *' nneview - said. "It has a more: land eastern states where busi- rapacious nature. -g is not an Asi-i , jnessmen spent a week selling H* .Iso ha, an version of the Americans for; Democratic Action or ;ed to South America with a the liberal Isroup of students on the operations. spokesman said 33 more Cong were killed and 18 weapons captured in a three-hour' fight in northernmost Quang Tri Province, where several Vietnamese battalions have been hunting the Reds for a wek. Since last Tuesday 2S4 Viet Cong have been killed and 55 JMAKE GOOD MONEY THIS YEAR bv • ro helping our corp.pony t^-rtp from 400 -nil-: unities pctd. SB3-97S ~.\ STERLING, engage in assassination, murder, pillase conquest and I can't, for the life of me, see why married and has three sons. the United States would want toj propose that such an outfit bej part of any government." j Kennedy, appearing on CBS'! radio-television program "Face! the Nation," said he thought hisj Viet Nam position and that of! the Johnson administration, as f\% spelled out by presidential aide Vl Bill D. Meyers, are essentially the same. But he added there is a great He served with the 9th Air weapons captured in fighting Force in World War H. He is j along the coast only a few miles Tax Suit Filed On Developer CHICAGO (AP) A corn„„. ..^ „—^ .. .., - 0 plaint charging Dr. Stevan difference between what he be- Durovic, SO, developer of Kre- 'ivese and the statements made biozen, with evading nearly by such administration spoks-1 $200,000 in income taxes has men as Humphrey, Secretary of j been filed before U.S. Commis- State Dean Rusk and Under- tioner C. S. Bentley Pike. secretary of State George W. Ball. The complaint, filed Thurs- uay, alleged that Dr. Durovic "Perhaps Mr. Movers and I j earned 5^42,498 in 1960 but that are closer together than some of j lie reported a loss of $115,237 the other spokesmen are to one ur.d paid only 5216 in income another," Kennedy said. With- lax. lout specifically referring toj The complaint contended most !Humphrey, he added: cf Durovic's income for 1960 south of the 17th Parallel frontier with North Viet Nam, the spokesman said. The U.S. 7th Fleet has supported the government operations with coastal shelling. The Strategic Air Command's B52 bombers edged closer to the Laotian frontier this morning, dropping their big bombs on a suspected Viet Cong staging and storage area in central Kontum Province. An Air Force spokesman said the strike was directed at curbing the flow of supplies into the country from the north along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which winds down the jungles of western Laos. "I think that statements that • are made that we win never ideal with assassins or murderers make it difficult for them (the Viet Cong) to believe that they are being asked to come to he neeritiatin? tnble for anything other than to surrender." Communist China, speaking through its official New China News Agency, termed Kennedy's proposal a trial balloon and said the Vietnamese people nev- ier will agree to the Viet Cong '"playing a walk-on part as a showpiece in a puppet regime fostered by the United States." A Republican organization joined in and accused both Humphrey and Kennedy of building up their images at the expense of U.S. foreign policy. The two are considered by some to be front runners in the race for the Democratic presidential nas from the sale of Krebiozen, a drug taken by some cancer sufferers, and that he attempted to evade 5195,710 in income tax. Durovic; his brother, Marko, W, a lawyer; Dr. Andrew C. Ivy, 73, a physiologist; and Dr. William F. P. Phillips, 52, a, physician, were acquitted last month by a U.S. District Court jury of mail fraud and conspiracy charges in selling and promoting Krebiozen. Dr. Durovic and Marko are r-ontesting assessement by the IRS for income taxes which they allegedly owe for 1354 through 19o8. Stevan Durovic is accused of owing $267,225 in taxes for those years and $142,867 in penalties. Marko is accused ol owing $264,346 in taxes and $141,313 in penalties. Money is sometimes nomination after Johnson steps lucre from tbe Latin lucrum, out. I meaning gain. Lee College Bond Vote Is Subject Of Program A program on the Lee College 'or IKE. your Boyiown FULLER BRUSH i 5 - 5 - »«•"• E. — Fl Air conditioned, carpet, sez-*9aj. KEPRESENTATIVH. 11. Female Help Wanted ! i BOOSTER, ns — Near nte Re«n«nr. • Furnish-d efficiency apartment witt» otl ' ! Bliis pc.a. $40 couple. i50 slncle. SM-7&3S. DOMESTIC HELP WANTED — Ptrma-ien! 1 Cwftysittino, 4'/3-<iay we^k, ligrit housework.! Must have own transportation. Cat! 5S2-! M7S otter .4:30 p.m. I HAIR STYLIST WANTED MARY ELLEN HAIR DESIGNS, La Porte, GA 1-0634. LVN'S and RN'S — All shifts. Qood salary. Apply In person SO-11I7 sfMO Red Biuff Rd. NEW APARTMENTS Wickersheimer Manor 510 Williams St. 1 ond 2 Bedroom Unit* Furnished or Unfurnished Utilities Optional Individual Air/Hwt Cowed Paved Perking Necr ChurOies. ScAoal, Shopptnq 17. Houses For Rent NEED EXTRA INCOME?? — We wel- j come worrrcn over 40 tor exciting fuit or j parltime work, tf you tike people then j . vou will eniov beV^a a t>ecLtty counselor! for Becuty Counselor Cosmelics. Choose j ARBOR, 41» — LOTS* J-fr«tfro«n hoo*€ your own flours, tsujic o business of j w) ;h big yard. your own. Cell 5B2-7274 end lets d'scyssj netics ovoUot> : c or all Times. »6-S668 ! ARON. 404 E. — 1-bedroem unfurnished PERMANENT BABY SITTING — Llcht I house. Central heat; oarage; washer con- housekeepina. l\Airet hav own tronsporto- j necticns. Available March 1. Coil oner tio-i. 5 days week. Phone 532-<773. after 5 0 m i:30 p.m. ' TOP COMMISSION 45 PER CENT j ARBOR, 420 — Real clean 3-o*droom • furnished, mldd!e-ooed coup-te preferred. Luiier Cosmetics. Hours at your conven- j references. (Lease). Aopiy *H An>or. lence, port or full ft Tie. Collect CA 4Mj733 BAYTOWN'S FINEST RESTAURANi THE NEW TOWER Has openings for 1 Waitresses. Part or ruH time Apply in person to THE NEW TOWER 1201 Decker Dr. (BAKER RD., T2« — 3-J>edroom* r dan, 1 •Oaths. $100 month. JOHN SHEARER. 582 CEDAR BAYOU RO., OT7 — Farnlttled o'Ci unfurnished 2-bedroom houses. Jer>- ntsche Addition. S83-S4Z7. 12, Male Help Wanted BECOME A MEMBER oa'd profcsson In trte countr Godwin School of Radio and Of the highest The Dave ing. 7138 Ness, Houston 34, Texas. HELP WANTED— experienced cor wosh rrran. Appv Jimmy Going. Buck Turner Chevrolet, 10 East Texas. PARTTIME DISTRIBUTOR — For About 40 per cent of the radios produced in the United States are designed for use in automobiles. ome, oddress ord phone, to H215 Wode- ar dge Woy. Houston, Texas /7015 or coll GL 3-2045. Houston. USED CAR PORTER WANTED — S« Vr. Clover ot THAD FELTON FORD. Used Car Lot, «O3 w. Texas. 3, , . . *»,i^ , |-*<KIIIIV(eui3>nlo*JIW« —~ r-wr aulu* OOna election Will be held at 7 j motive product. Write oivino Brief res- p.m. Tuesday a* Highlands Elementary School, M. W. Hargrove, chairman of Precinct 63, announced. Sam Bramlett, president of the board of regents, and other regents will give an explanation of the bonds proposed in the March 5 election. The public is invited to meeting, Hargrove said. A question and answer session will be held, Hargrove said, to find out "more specifically" what is planned in the the bonds. Precinct 63 and Precinct 96 will be combined In the March 5 election. Telephone Linemen FOR CONSTRUCTION CREWS APPLY 1» ST1MSON TO MR. M. A. TAYLOR. General Telephone Co. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER WE ARE SEEKING 2 Agqressive Men For future monogctncnt positions. If you fetl you con qualify, ond want hfglrer tornlngi _ APPLY — AMERICAN NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. Ordinary DlvlUotc 206 Grantor* Bids* t2» Dicker Or. Ml DAILY Sc* Jim H»a w Jim Borcelo FRANCIS, TM W. — Fiv* reom mtaat- «J house, SttO montti, CoM otter 4 p.m. 364-7414. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSES Coll T W. WILKS. •>0? Per*. 582-4133. GRANTHAM, — 3-B«froom. IV, battn. . central heat. Swoutiful fene«. CdT 5823317, offer 5 a.m. S4A-7371 HIGHLANDS — 1M N. Mojiolla SI. 3-room furnish«J nouse, WO month. Phone 564-7171. HUMBLE. 703 E. — Furnished home. SI 25 per month. Please coil for appointment. JOHN M. SHEARER REALTY, 532*517. LONG, T. D. — 112 Woodf. Mr. Lang, e our guest to cttertd the showing of "The Hol'eluiah Trail" now showing at ttK Brynson Theatre. Present ttils ad at the ticket otfice tor your two tree admissions. LONG DRIVE, 40* — Brick 3-toedrooo, home. IVs berths, fenced bock vans, excellent condition, S100 month. SH-SSSt SCHILLING, 40* — 3-b«Jroorr», uwfW ishea. WO month. Phone 582-SK3 before 5:30 p.m. WEAVER. lM~'^~Oeai, !-roem~»vntali«5 house. For information, "al 566-5395. WINDY LANE, 110S — 4-Roam unfvniMl- zc! house. Nice and clean, T3tt wiring, orasher connections, OS, 585-5683. 3 BEDROOM FURNISHED HOME — 1 batns, 2 alr<onditlonlno units, carpet, lenced yard, lorpe oarage. Across the itreet from Catholic and Public schools. 18. Bedrooms - Board AT CREGER HOTEL and . you pet pood beds, gas heof, tub or show- qulet> homrtlK*. No drunk*.

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