Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on October 3, 1935 · Page 5
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 5

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1935
Page 5
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193i > THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA .-...' - • 7 . . HOUTEN lt returned home Fri- V from a trip of sev- ks duration through the Mrs. Arnold Walter lunday morning, for fui where they will the Gem City Busi- tinguished. The barn was filled with baled hay owned by Paul Eberle. it is not known how the fire started. There will be a rally day program at the Presbyterian Des Moines, visiting with rela- cnurch Sunday morning, "ves^. Mr. and Mrs. T. Vaughn Mrs. Joe Goodsell and Miss Hu S ne s and son, Vaughn Jr., Frances Dunning of Des Moines .p 10 ™ Oakland, Iowa, and Mrs. and Miss Margaret Ball ofi w . mard Beacj le and daughter, Ireston were calling on friends i ph ,y Ul s of Corning, Iowa, were •r t i — * * «. nallnro iv» fVin Trtt» in TT,,™T,«^ fcrowe of Lenox Led treasurer of has the lieu UA vtv — * ! class at Simpson col— at the Microphone" Inusual Short Story by B . Ueland — Will Be . the American Weekly, azine Distributed With lunday's Chicago Herald aminer. A new Short Ivery Sunday, rt sent out by the Iowa teachers College on the I term recently finished honor students. Includ- t h e list is Mrs. Ola Ab- I Lenox, who attended the school at Shenandoah. [to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sept. 28, a 9 1-4 Ib. > nd Mrs. Harry Estel had guests, Sunday, Mr [rs. Harold Wagner anc e, all of Creston, and Mrs. Milton Johnson ildren, Ronald and Doro- Lenox. Mrs. June Brokaw, arence Riley and Miss spent Sunday in 0. F. Public Dance " '"at ILLA RIO October 4 ADAMS CO PIONEER PASSED AWAY Marvin J. Riley, son of Martin and Eva Riley was born near Wellsville, Ohio May 27, 1856 and died September. 25, 1935. aged 79 years, 3 months, and 28 days. At the age of 12, he came n Lenox last Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Barrans and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Oleson spent Monday in Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. _._. T. J. returned Monday from days visit at Miss Eloise teaching in Killion a few Moulton. Bricker who the schools is in callers in the home Sunday. Jay E. Hughes Obsolete, unenforceable and absurd laws which encumber our statute books AUTOMATIC have long been LAW REPEAL the subject of i • •• -;*,*^?^:,<discussion and criticism, but it has so far Greenfield, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Bricker. Rev. and Msr. L. V. Freeman of Guthrie Center visited with friends in Lenox last Thursday and Friday. They also attended the church sup- of Christ, Sarah per at the Church Thursday evening. DANCE AT GRAVITY Wednesday, October 9 Royal Ambassadors Mrs. W. G. Lewis, accompanied by Mrs. Phil Eidgeway, Mrs. H. C. Dougan and Mrs. K. R. Huff were in Corning, Wednesday afternoon, attending a Kensington Tea of the P.E.O. chapter. Mrs. Lewis was the delegate sent to the Supreme convention in Yellowstone Park speaker, by the Lenox, Bedford and teachers Jorning chapters. She gave her report of the Supreme convention at this meeting. 'Her report will be given to the Lenox chapter Thursday evening and to the Bedford chapter next Monday evening. Dixon and Estel report the sale of a new Ford V-8 truck to Howard Coulthard, and a new Mrs. J. B. Parley of Corning and Mrs. Ben Meyer of Dexter were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Killion, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Demattess and family of Ottumwa spent Sunday at the home of Dr. and Mrs. K. R. Huff; Mrs. Dema- ttess is a sister of Dr. Huff. Mr. and Mrs. F. E: Holben visited over the weekend in Des Moines, at the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Higbee. Mr. and Mrs. VACVJ O , ill/ Ul.lt; Clg^tx W A ***) AiV* \sVillL\s J with his parents to Iowa and , seemed almost impossible to in- located in Adams county. Here .duce legislators to do anything he grew to manhood and on ' to change the situation. September 6, 1882 he was mar- It has ^en SU gg es t.ed that oc- ^Sn aW pr SPey hnrn° casionally a session of Congress uiieui nve children were born, . ~ Harvey, Mae, Carl, and Harold, i and the various legislatures all of whom are living except should be devoted exclusively to Carl who died at the age of 4.the repeal of such superfluous years, 6 months. ,'laws, so as to relieve the con- Mrs . Dave Moser. who made gestion and confusion which now her home with this family since ^xists because of their continu- The heaviest bridge traffic in the world is claimed for the double decked Michigan Avenue span in Chicago used daily by an average of more than 34,000 vehicles. The Brooklyn bridge carries about 27,000 and the London bridge 18,000 daily on an average. early childhood until her mar- ance ln force theoretically if riage feels the loss of the one , . , - . who acted as a kind and loving i nm m iaCT father as keenly as one of his Another suggestion, even more own children. Mr. Riley and ; desirable 1 ?\d practical, it seems his wife have lived on the same ^to us, has been offered by the farm since they began house- ', Chicago Daily News, which may keeping 53 years ago. He unit- O r may not be original with that ed with the Methodist church of new spaper. In an editorial this place in its early days, and > whlch points out the absurdlt y (Read the Ads) iday, • ' ' '§ t lOc and 25c plus tax i by Bedford Night Owls Leo Ca-skey, Stoaks and, Marvin ana was a regular tn,it:iiua.iiu tu>, Stoaks returned Saturday from long as his health permitted, enacted as the result of some Seattle, Wash., where they were He served as a member of the |forgotten gust of public opinion visiting at the Clem Shaw home.' Church Board for about thirty '-or the whim of some legislators,' They were called home by the'years. jit concludes with this recorn- serious illness of Mr. Caskey's, He was a man who spent his me ndation: mother in Manchester, Ind. Leo ,life in loving thoughtfulness for I ,, It should be settled legislative left for Indiana immediately, ihis family. About a year ago I. rpnpn i oil i nw q not rp- xSur^tS'Sd s tr sss ffanYSS: -«* - ™, .«„ » r - annualSpnvention at Creston I hands administered all that was jty years. If state constitutions last Saturday. Paul V. McNutt, I humanly possible for his com-'provided for the automatic death governor of Indiana, was the [ fort but death came as a relief o f all laws not reenacted after Several of the Lenox to his intense suffering and , a certain number of years, legis- attended. pain racked body Wednesday i a ti 0n W0 uld become Rev. and Mrs. I. G. Randle evening at 8 o'clock, will attend the two-day conven- I He was a kind and loving hus- tion of the Church of Christ at band and father, and his pres- Winterset, Thursday and Fri- ence in the home can be re replaced only by the loving Attend Thurman Chapman's Aberdeen Angus Sale at Prescott Wednesday, October 9 30 head yearling bulls; 15 head yearling heifers; 50 head cows with calves at foot; cows rebred. AUCTION There are many reasons why you should hire your local auctioneer when yott, have a sale. He has a • wide acquaintance in your locality and always many orders for what you have to sell See me and get the advantage of my many years of experience. L. B. Anderson Dates at Time Table or Call 123 W day. Mr. and Mrs. LeVern Roll coach to Ray Hayes. Visitors at the Budd Moore home are: Dr. J. Hinton Brown, Mrs. Eddie Vance, Mrs. Harry Kinnaman and Billie Stewart, all of Los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Brown is Budd's sister arid the girls are his nieces and Billie is Mrs. Vance's son. The visitors arrived last week. Fire at the J. A. Ellen home, Monday morning, badly damaged a barn before it could be ex- E.B.Pipcr LIVE STOCK AUCTIONEER Years of Successful Selling, Embracing Over 5,000 Sales !W dating sales for October, November and December ecial attention to selling farms and estates at auction Will gladly assist iyoti hi the arrangement of your sale, without extra Charge Home.address: Corning, Iowa. have moved to the Patton property on East Temple street. School is dismissed for today, the teachers are attending the county convention at Bedford. Mr. and Mrs. L. y. Freeman of Guthrie Center were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Boltinghouse last Thursday night. Mrs. Nellie Quinn of Maryville is seriously ill at her home her sister, Mrs. A. E. Cameron is with her. Mrs. Frances Folcey and her sister, Mrs. Harold Fliege of Fort Madison went to Council Bluffs last Friday to visit in the home of their sister, Mrs. Sidney Ethington. Mrs. Folcey returned home Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Bartea'u and family ' returned Monday morning from Minneapolis, thoughts of him. He is survived by his wife and four children, three grandsons, one sister- Mrs. James Fowler, four brothers, William, Frank. Charles and Lewis; also other relatives and a host of friends. Funeral services were held at the Mercer lenter M. E. Church at 2 p.m. Saturday, conducted by Rev. Beers, assisted by Rev. W. H. Warrior of Blockton. Burial was made at Walnut Grove cemetery at Corning. 'A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is still. But God can heal our broken hearts If we but trust His will." FILMS DEVELOPED 25c PER ROLL 1 enlargement, 5x7, free. .Reprints equally low priced. TYLERS' PHARMACY where they visited with relatives. CARD OF THANKS We wish to offer to the men and citizens of the town a few days our thanks for their prompt service and aid in fighting the u . . . Mr and Mrs. W. E. Richard fire of our hay and the ive arranged with Harry Gray, Idates for me_ He will also serve your Lenox, Iowa, to make lunch at sale- will have as their guests for several da^rs, Mrs. Richard's father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Johnson of Brookfleld, Mo.; also her sister and husband, Dr. and Mrs. B. F. Gooch of Denver, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Davis drove to Ottumwa Sunday, taking then-' daughter, Mrs. A. R. Nelson there to meet Mr. Nelson Mrs. Paul Davis accompanied them as far as Humeston where she spent the day with her father, S. W. Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Johnson, Trenton, Mo. were guests of their cousin, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Richard. barn, we appreciate it very much, this being the second mysterious fire in the ptot 3 months. I hope the fire bug lets up soon or is caught. J. A. LEARN TO DANCE at Dorothy Swanson's Studio 812 W Jefferson St , Creston, Iowa For further information call 232F22, Lenox RED & WHITE HOME OWNED HERE'S VALUE RED & WHITE COFFEE (The Nation's Finest), 1 Ib. glass jar —^ you may return jar and lid for a credit of 5o RED & WHITE EVAPORATED MILK 3 tall or 6 small cans BLUE & WHITE COCOA, Makes smooth cake icing, 2 Ib. car < SODA CRACKERS, 1 Q/» 2 Ib. box A ^ RED & WHITE BRAN FLAKES 3 packages RED & WHITE CORN FLAKES 2 packages HOME KILLLED BEEF Trade At the RED & WHITE STORE and get a 32-piece dinner set. E 27c 3 a 3 More than a million farmers kept records of their farm business last year. THIS AD MADDEN'S GROCERY DEPARTMENT INEGAR, Quart IAVY BEANS, Mich., 6 Ibs 'YE.G. W. C. 4 cans :.i- _15c 25c 25c pIARDALE PEANUT BUTTER, 25C ' best quality, 24 oz. jar 19c 5c f HILI CON CARNE, No.l, 2 for Van Camps, No. 1 CACHES, No. 2 1-2 G. W. C., $0.10 -'-'•»*"»-«KJJ JL^U* M AM X* • ¥• • wy -. . ^J heavy syrup, per doz. ____ __15c 49c STOVE POLISH best liquid, can — X)FFEE, Tall Com, fine Santos, special; at 3 Ibs. TAXED TO AID EUROPE An amazing order in connection with spending American Taxpayers' money to make jobs for foreign labor is pointed out by the Atlanta Georgian in a recent editorial, which says: "An obscure joker in Public Works Administration provisions has come to light. The joker is an order, signed by a deputy administrator, that purchases of steel and all other materials used in works-construction must be made from foreign countries if the amount involved is $10,000 or more and the foreign price is 15 per cent less than the domestic price." It seems incredible that such an order should be allowed to stand, but it does stand as this Is written. It means that the jobs this work-relief money was supposed to create for American labor will be in part diverted to the employment of foreign labor. If carried to its logical conclusion, such a policy would cause American warships to be built in foreign shipyards and the placing of orders for range S for this column. Unsigned S ~ letters will not be printed, E although a nom de plume = may be used if the writer's £ real name accompanies the j= letter. We would like to £ have your opinion on pres- = ent day affairs.) j| Hmiiiimimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Lenox, Iowa, October 2, 1935 Editor Time Table: What magic spell has converted an "outrageous" price into a wonderful bargain at $250.00 an acre—a bargain so wonderful that if we Used Car Bargains 1931 Chevrolet Coach, nice clean and do not 1931 Model A good one. Ford Coach, a 1929 Chevrolet Coupe, as good as you will find anywhere. 1934 Chevrolet Sport Sedan, like new. I'l "Piccadilly Health Bath Brush for 25c ASK US I FOR DETAILS VORY SOAP IVORY SOAP DEAL 25C 4 med. bars —-•—T" :; of government supplies with other countries where wages are much lower than in the United States. ' Congress has provided a $4,800000,000 work-relief fund for the avowed purpose of furnishing empoyment to American 'citizens. That any of this money, ! which must eventually be wrung from the pockets of the Ameri! can taxpayers, should be sent "'out of the United States to make .jobs for foreign labor would be 'an outrage. Read the Want Ads. grabTt" this week it will slip from us forever and therefore thirty nine years hence our heirs and successors shall commence everlasting suffering from water shortage, And if that be not enough, a holder of an unconscious contract will swoop down upon them with an inevitable judgment and seize their pound of flesh—if that much flesh be left by the collector of ever-increasing taxes! Because the town cannot exercise the power of eminent domain over property it controls by its own lease, the fiery advo- ates of hasty action fail to ealize that when that lease is bout to expire the town can cquire the waterworks land by ondemnation proceedings if it annot be purchased at a fair 1929 Chevrolet truck in good shape, good tires, ready to go. 1929 Ford Coupe, priced cheap. 1929 Whippet Coupe, a good buy. 1927 Ford Coach . valuation. Next month a new CASH OB TERMS WE TRADE Miller Chevrolet Co. .-SALES .—: SERVICE LENOX, IOWA tax list rncAu **iw**v" — — Twill be published, and December 2 th ecounty treasurer will sell part of the real estate of home owners in our town that he will >e unable to sell at his adjourned sale to be held at 10 a.m. next Monday. I wish every voter could hear some of the pitiful appeals for assistance that have been made to those of us who have tried to save the homes of those who no longer can pay the heavy taxes. Yours very truly, W C. VAN HOUTEN. '•fi ••'*.. appeared Thursday morning, Sept. 19, and by Thursday night had sold FOUR cars. Each buyer said he had read'it/lfi the Time Table. Two other prospects, one from Bedford and one from Sharpsburg, called by telephone to ask abouf Certain cars listed in the ad. A FIFTH car was sold, Saturday, Does Advertising Pay? Ask The Man Who Has Tried It. ~

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