Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1941 · Page 10
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1941
Page 10
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STEELING J)AILY GAZETTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS Thursday, Octol^r 16, 1341 News of Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties WLLEDBEV1UE . Mm O«*l* Langhttn SI nt will -br of thr '. -par . Brethren Homecoming Strokes Planned for Miliedgeville Sunday "CoTiMrt:r.n.« of n Churrhman Tn- be the ,s',;hiert of ti-,e sermon to bt delnered next Sunday. Oct. IP. by Rr 1 - J Ray Klinspn- Rmith. of Ashland. Ohio, at the 11 O'clock jrlonline worship --rr. \, r nt the Millericei'ii'.r Brethren th-inli. where a full risu ? procram ha.<; brrn - preptreri for th.e annual hnmrrom- lni{ event of the church. Thr dav's sen-fees are open to all of the loin- •oiunitv. The profit am foi!o\\> MwninK Pmimim—I0;(xi to 12.00 10:00—Sunday .vhool hour. 11:00— Morning worship service Organ prelude — Helen Jean Allen. Doxology and invocation. Selection by the Junior choir. R*ading of thf Scripture. Conirregatlonal hymn. . Pr»yer. Dr W. S Bell Offertory, Helen Je'an Alir : Vocal solo. Lyle Ivenhan Sermon. "ConvicUon.s of a Churchman Today," the Rev. J. R*y Kllng- ensmith. Selection by the Junior choir. Benediction. Basket dinner and hour of fel- low&hlp In tJ>e church basement from 13:00 to 1:30 p. rn. Aftorn««n Pr«jTam—1:30 P. M. Organ and piano muMr, Rev. and Mrs. Be.nshofT Prayer, irejponj-p by quartet • R-ev. J. Ray Kllngensmith, Address of welcome. Dr W. S. Bell. Trombone -wilo. Harold Lenhart. Musical reading. Margaret Austa Deet.s Graehllng. Address. Rev. J. Ray Klingen- •nKh. 'Male quartet. W. W. Fike. Ralph . Fahrner, R«v. Paul Miller nnd R^v. BenahofT Benediction. ErenbiK Procram—7:30 P. M. Piano and organ prelude. Rev. and ; Mrs. BenshofT. Oonfrefational hymn. Scripture and prayer. Rev, Ben- •boff. Special colored moving picture fllnu will be shown by Rev. J. Ray JDinfensmith. Of to nil. _ Offertory. -• . Special number, male quartet.' Sermon. Rev. Klingensmith, Congregational hymn. Benediction. Committees for the homecoming •vent are: Program. Mrs. Harry H*Uffh, Mrs. W. W. Pike. Mrs. Paul KM*; basket dinner. W. WV Pike, Paul Knox, Harry Hnugh: publicity, Lavon DennLs. LoU Colcman: reception. Mrs. W. S Bell. Mrs Ward DeeU, Mrs, Jame.s Chee-seman. Mrs. Mwty Schrelner: table, work committee of the W. M. 8.. Mrs. W. W. chairman. Hostesses of Clover Club Class Appointed At Meeting Tuesday Milledgeviile Boys Organize Home EC. Club at High School Mr?. V F~irmk F^ •An\ nnd dp.v K- of Mi; At thr M Ml>" T N '.V< Ann S'i' rr hr>- h^'- . 1 i-inb nrg ll,- l,,Kh n innii! li. d ln i IK- , |fi iflr-ri in (-t Tablr Fro- Mil- ><; tif thr M'-: m !hr Ml!' 1 " * fyivs 1 anirrci at the Ml-.c^l «Mrh Thri" Pr* 1 16 br<>-.« inb Tl-.e ':ntt.s th'v . s: nth- tt:i.' vfftt nrr: Cnir<(-t Tablr Mnnn'is " "How to ('air lor Cioiluni; ' Ho-,« tn C'luxve Ci'ithlnc". ' a.s to sM'.r. ptue. t olor iti ' ' Piiiiflami -ntals of Cooking'. "Ho\\ to Apprerlatr Ooo<1 Food" LANARK NEWS Fere*! T1ho»np*ea H#TO«, 187-G !•)»*»«, Off!*» KM i Offiff-r.s weir ;t rr- President ! liiM ha.s i school. named; NoxcmlxT. Mrs L\ir W»-(,•«-!'. M: ^ A H Wagner Mr<" Jolisi Pa: K- E P. Wagner. Mf^. Haro'.d Kininir'.: Mrs John Hinnrrs and IV>ioth\ Shirk; January. Mrs Clifford DII.T- tnan Ntrs Haro'.d Snrr>ri Mr<- C. F. Moon. Mrs. C.lonn Bovd; FV-'O- „ iuar\. Mrs. (i H Wo1l>rr. Mi-^ ;i, y 'le Onrken. Isabrllr BanbridKr. Mrs C I^ntr- Quest Rotxrl cane Mrs. Strve Adrr; Mutch. M:> Paul Bracken. Mrs. Datl fnhol? Mrs R. B. Polhill. Miss Kntwi'-Ir; April. Mrs. Mrhlllr MfKran. Mis C F Moon. Mrs. W. A Li'willrr Mrs Ray Bardrli. i May. Mrs. Ralph Srlirllinu. Mrs. i Brrnle Mabrrry. Mrs. Llo\tl Sc.hty- vrr. Mrs. Elbrrt Barthrf, Miss L«-I cille Bragg. Thr yearly commit iocs j were also named. Social commit-| trr. Mrs. H. B. Polhill Mrs A H. : Wagner. Mrs. John Hinnris. Mrs , Harold Kirmnrll and Mr--. V M Miles; membership. Mrs. Paul Bracken Mrs Bernie Mnfxiry. Mrs. Ralph Schelllng and Mrs Charles Quest; flowers, Mrs. K. S Wagner. Mr*. MelviUo McKcati nnd Mrs Glenn Boyd; finance, Mrs C. Fi Moon. Mrs. Ly'lr Wrtwll. Mrs. W. i A. Litwiller. Mrs. O. H Wolber ! and Mrs. Clifford Dingman. j It was voted to givr $7.~> for the church pledge and $5 for church music. A social timr wu.s rnjo\c<l 1 nnd latrr rcfrfshmrnts \vcre srvrcl ; by thr hostesses. rlrrted Homel- M». Youths Enter Steers in international Show !!i 'IIP junior urrr r!n« r " may rorn- prtr In the r.prn rla.«.w* thr follow- tne wrrk. Turk's pn'ry «•*•; the grand rlinm- pi'in W.nnrr of thr Carroll roun'v J-H .'how InM summer a* •j-rll n<; f.. <r:-. r rhamplon at th<" Clinton fni; nr.r\ 7,\p* '.von iilKh n-a-iml': on in- thm" .'tfrrs at thr Frrrport 5ho*v. Armistice Doy Supper Planned by Auxiliary t Miss Ruth Heeren and lbert W. Wubbena Married at Forreston ?•!»', attrndrd by Ml--, Frr.ilv \». ub-.tlir Sun Dial r\i\<.* of thr l:i;i*v b-ns. <i«trr nf thp ernorn n r ,d I,!o\d : Lnthrrnn church Tu^^rinv fvnuiK. Hf-rrrn. brother of thr bnr!»- 'Mr r . Acnr* WIT nfl* IIT fu> i> tr.r.t, Til* 1 br!rfc> vnrp n mo*-, rr^-n ft]- Ml'--'; AuquMn. S-rnqur. t cm r A pa- para rirr'.r nnrl s ror^ns" of •, rjlowiprj- on hnfohirv ro-.r bud- and thirr <.*ra;-:ch Lanark Briefs •\VubbrnB Ttr,- nnr! a r oi -ngf Tnr f-rririir; s* Thr hridf'v r,f pink iu'<- n t'^f <• ptlo'i f t>. ?-.' hr.rj.r Mr and Mr faniih they Nvr: vlrr exposition, to h* pii-Mtlfiit nsiymond I,iibK«; wrr- t:ifv Clrurixp I.ubli-. trfftvirrr- - ./:inif<; Plob: ui5tr'Hlor Mt.v Mary Ann Ririftl. Thr bov.<; rnrollixi fur Bob Brown. K>lth Cont.s. Ivan Crofton, Myron I- bcr.-olr. Ri( hard Hanna. Harold Kfllv. GPU Th' -Lanark Amr-rir-at 1 I ""— i auxiliary met in thp L^uion Carroll county 1 * first i»ntrle« for ( Mondav' e\rninR Cash r!nnfuir>r< the 1941 Intfmationai LUr Stork \ frr . mnr ) r for child wrlfarr and thr in thr Inter- ' frraMirr fund Mr< Lois Mvcri national nmphithratrp at thr Cl>i- ' ea ..r a report on thr diMrirt rom'rn- rafjo Mcxk yardv Nmrmbrr 2JV !n';,„., i t *„< rirridrd to nenin havr Drcembpr 6. *prr tnadr bv two Ifi->....,. annual ArmMur dnv suppr,- for > par old farm t)ox5. Richard Lavrrnp'\V(,rld war vetrrnm Ix-Rionnnii rs Zurk of Ml. Carroll and by, Donald ' a ,id aux |ii ary mrmtwrs and thrir Zips of Lanark. | Mi--' F>-;'h H'-rrrn. (.r<]\ r^';r!: i<>: M: and Mr- O;-,t.r H"rrn of -h •• r,;;i:Bf•-: -.on of M! nnd .\!- '.? A ::!['. T},r\ nil! r^idr ot: ;;,•• g •\V-;h!.f : .R f ,f Shannrri. wr t r iva-rKtl ta'.nn? [arm in 11- M>JII,K Sa'-.;r(:ri'. (>r'r.b»-r 1] a f thr ;,a:--on^. ner nf thr Rrfnrmrd rhurrh ,. For- ^ Enfpftnin«; Cln«« , "Wli. rp«to:i. Thr Rpv. C. H. B<xip irnd UHieriUinS V^IUSS | _ the singlr ring rrrrmony. Thc couple i Mrs. T. B. Hrr'srh was hovr^ to ; Thr rx-R-.rr !.«. B mammal "I'h-frorrt a fn ri.T. '.:•:'. in 1 .' *'•. 'Ihf ' Harold Fi-fiiM^'' and Harl.-'n d;t;B j Downs attend'd n mmjiip at Du- ''ni s b\]i"|'|f'. Iowa, ft: Tiy-d.T.. Mr'. Ru'h r^ik.nri ^ M< he ',' 'T r;•,::•) \Vfdnr'da\ a't'.i- Zuck will pxhlblt purrbrrd I.itwillrr. Clarrnce I Shorthorn stppr of his own Rnvmond Lubbo- HomPt Nyf. j In the International nmior rlas.srs of .Jamrj! DOR. Rriff Lynn BandfH thp show, where ypar another Carroll county strrr. shown by Eve- nnd Frr r j P rlrk Volkrr.v ThU Is thejjyn A.say. first r«mr Into thr )!mp- timf a Boys' Home Fx-. rlnb trifxl in Miliedgeville high DI-^l-A.-...-• _ U..IJ DlaCK *Oppmg Mela i | i pi U P Dy DOO School Band Officers Chosen The member* of the high school fetttd have chosen the following of- Entertains af Cords Mrs. W. A. Lltwiller *'as hostes to the member sot the Pn.M Matron club of Benilc* chapter. O. E. S nnd one guest. Miss Edna Eastn brooks of Sterling, at a dessert bridge party at her home In Mil- ledftevllle Tuesday afternoon Mrs M. R. Bernhelsel received hisli ^co Mr.s. C, F, Moon wcond high score and Mrs. Lena Lee low score prize, New Floor in Town Hall A -new floor was laid- Tuesday ii the lobby of the Wysox unm "hnl In MllledRpville. Village President Roy Durstine ordered the repairs made when it became apparent the flooring was unsafe and mightt»reak through and cause Injury to someone, placing a liability upon the village, which has the responsibility of the general maintenance. Issues 247 Licenses Village Clerk C. C. Hanna reports the issuance of 177 fishing licenses for the season, and to dote, dating from August 10. the issuance of 70 hunting licenses. Local hunters will get their first chance of the season at ducks this Thursday. fer the comtnc year: Presi- »t. Ruth Acker: vice president, Kthel Bfrthe: secretary. Alice Wet- •eO. ThU year the band will earn,' «Ut the point system as they did! club and their famine* have arrar.E- lut year. The points are given for Jed a Hallowe'en party for the night practice, librarian, cleaning jol Thursday, October 23, «t the Mary band room after practice, and Fletcher library. Hallowe'en Party Members of the Miliedgeville H..H. Hrnvy rains over Friday and Saturday of last wrrk held up the work nf 'vorkltiR thr gravel and coating with blnrk top thr road leading from Rotito 88. northwest of Mil! ledRrvlllr with thr hard road near ! Lanark. With good wrathrr the work j might br completed within the next j^yrr-k to ten days. Thr new black lop road from Mil- Irdftoville east to Polo l.i not holding up vory well. It is oecomlng very rough nnd ridges arr forming in many plncr.s. The people of the community have brpn very critical .nbout thr condition of the road. It is our of. thc poorest stretches of blacktop road many have ever driven over—in such a «.m>rt space of time after Its completion. Two Forms Arc Sold The Charles Smith farm. 96 acres, four and one-half milea northeast of Miliedgeville, owned by Vera Shumway, Madison. Wls.. is sold to Carolyn M. Benson of Chicngo. Mrs. Benson's brother. George Diehl, will be the tenant after March 1. 1M2. Madden Grouse of Miliedgeville has purchased a farm of 240 acres, one mile southwest— of Brookville from the Northwestern Life Insurance company. The present tenant is Robert Hoak. Miliedgeville Briefs Pvt. Elmer Pilgrim and Pvt, Eubanks o«,Camp Forrest, Tenn, are spend ing a 15 day furlough in th« homes of their parents. Mrs. Philo Drury of Olendale, Calif.. and^Mr. and Mrs. Fred Over- holatr of Coleta were Monday evening dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Elieabeth Overholser. light as R prelude to winning thc grand championship of the open steer show, and Zles has listed two Angus strers and a Hereford, as: well as two Berkshire barrows for the same classes. The junior live stock feeding contest will be a feature of the opening day and includes a showing of beeves, lambs, and pigs raised by farm youths and girls under 21 years old. First and second priy.r winners Sick and Injured Ted Tvan. son of Mr. and Mrs. Miller. Is ill with scarlpt fpvrr. Donna, fen ypar old daughtpr of Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Sturtr. of Lanark. suffered a foot injury Tuesday WARD mi WARD LAWYERS Practiw In all <3ourta. Lawrene« Bnltylnf, iUrUnr. HL From thc Pillsburij ^ Cranberni-Applefle a delicious surprise! Kroger's Clock Twisted and Sliced The Ruaslan government one* used platinum as we do nickel for making coin* of small value. ROBT. nrONELL INSURANCE In AD Its BnuKkw -SURETY BONDS— 195 LawmM* Mif, Pk«tM K Whan you drink a cop of Hills Bros. Coffee you will taste a delicious flavor that no other coffee has. Thai flavor, which never varies, is developed by Gm/rv/W Jfarfrf/Mf, a process originated and used eiclusively by Hills Bros. This process, unlike ordinary methods, roasts the blend evenly, continuously, * Huh *t t time. Every coffee bean is roasted perfectly. None overdone! None underdone! It may cvrprisa you to know that Hills Bros. Coffee is'one coffee you can use in any kind of coffee-maker. Tkf 0MMC* OftM is guaranteed to produce best results in DRIP, GLASS MAKER, PERCOLATOR, or POT. if the directions on the side of the Hills Bros. Coffee can are followed J Here's how to put holidaq flavor in America's favorite pie: 1. Sift ud netiurr 2 r. l*rM«J KNitory'i SM» few; »dd M tip. M. »«f ***** (opuoiul) ind I up. Mb; nit. (The rnrjrhmrm o« PilUburr'* B«» do« not ilungr in apprararur, flaior. or mpnh baking qualiliM, but AMI two important R.«niminf »nd iron your l«milr nmii rvnr <Iar-> S- Cut in !i r. tiitrtumm, until quiir finr. Add I Up. f*»*d ir»ngi T^V*!" ,*""• S ' Add 4 lo 6 Tb ' p '- *» W •*•"•• N" tT«du»lly. until doujh hold* tofrtlirr. Chill. (Vou'll like tliii (rnh-Iruit flivor in the pulrt; it'» djffrrrnt «nd drlicioutl ) 4. Roll out I crim at a liar, Min. ihict. riacr in 9-Jn. pie pin. Tiim rtlgc. (Notice how eaitly Tour dough irotlj. how toil it U. how trndrr: three qualiiin )t>u muit hoi* tor crup. fljly cniH-lhrn qualiiin >ou cir whrn you ut« _r>totoitr'i_*(«n_i._ (fitllat) Combine 4 Tlrtpt. ritlitji/. t«a »U«r, I c. M*W, d«h of W»; »4d io S crUiirt ij^fc ind I c JOIN IN KROGER S SALUTE TO ILLINOIS! r h>n "•*• I-•'<•« r-M.-n .. ?-onrr- T»n<oit» »•« r • • • '.«'r» r 1 " *T i> r M ""ATi-xr^T. ocr t« cir vci-n • WT •••*«* -n «i-t t. or TMWC VALUBI NOW- 20 oz. A loaf O BREAD Country Club Roll Butter Lb 37^ „„„„, FLOUR ^"<2924 1 65 C ™-» 48 ID. bag Sl.^9 tm-T bag W49 QAI • rnnATC «*«. IJ* Al FA Eatmore ^^ 1 It, ^^« nMllEDuAT* pkf . I4C ULtU r^-'il • i" . . > , ^ l "*' O^C COUNTRY CLUB PANCAKE Rich in Vitamin 'A' mm ctns. mm i FLOUR 6 *** (fa CflFFFF Spotlight ^ Ib. C^r' COUNTRY CLUB b * § Wrr « 2-lIb.l» K 837e..a.Ji M raa C MILK.. Be^ttC EMBASSY SALAD DRESSING . ?: 27e TEN1CK GOLDEN SIRUP 6127c CAKE FLOUR SNOSHEEN2;-; 4lc RUBY BEE S W ^ l^T IA M ^m *^* 419^ Htir k, JAM .. L jmr £OC COUNTRY CLUB OflTSKP 2 L:2lc PACKER'S LABEL COUNTRY CLUB GRADE "A" ALL ^ No. VARIETIES O c*n» 12 cans $1.49 — 24 cans $2.95 • 6 TOMATO JUICE TOMATOES PACKER'S LABEL CMKTML COUNTRY CLUB FANCY QUALITY PACKER'S LABEL FRUIT CALIFORNIA FREESTONE cans No. Z'i can* 43 C P.V.K"VS LABEL SOr f%l& ' c«° n . 2 **^* ** WESCOT LIMA 53c 6r.67c BEANS 6 N ^ i 97c'BEINT N .... Buy Kregtr't rr««h«r fruit* mnd V« v «t«bl«t I COUNTRY CLUB THE PICK OF ILLINOIS CROPS *I»IOOUCIDIV l L11 N o i s EATMOR VARIETY CRANBERRIES , 19 C ^^ 11 *3W COUNTRY CLUB RED M TCMERRIES ~ JUMBO WHITE HEADS Blrnd well. 6. Fill pie; d« with 2 put \ doo'l. for oiir moattM, duubt your rnulu. Op*n your ovra, »hdf m >oiir pit ... KNOW ilut your job'i well donrl tor f illibiir>-j Brit Ii b«k«.pr«v«4 for your pr^lrc. Hoof t»ch hour during milling, umpln of ihii tupnb •our lie Iciird to Bu'ure a toll, rreamr whilcnru . . . * biting qualilr you ran really count on-nu mailer u-fc«i you bake. Moreover, actual baking loll arc »»de lour lo fix linn d»i|vt) «. Bike in hot oven (•<Sa» F.) for 10 min. Reduce brat lo •tederale (S50» F.) for SS lo 40 min And Ihtrr'i jour pie) Piping-hot and goldrti broxn . . , full of rirh. wheaty fragrance. Sender BakinrM. and luwioui flavor—three paltry jm» yon'je utoi of when you bake with PilUbury'i Be»l I V«xTH fln«J MMC BEOKS In »v«ry km SWEET POTATOES 5. 19 C Yell** i Crfaa MkUf MMNS ,,ru29c I CELERY FANCY CALIFOKNIA ' 0 C S U N B f A M V I V & '• T [ R ^ i .' 4 ' : EACH Complete ttiit ••nt«ftc« In 25 additional wordt ar Ut t: "I LkXE KiOCU'S POtTO RKAN SWEET POTATOES KCAUSE .... /• 5?oM9 c ILLINOU BED MUCH WHIZ «r OCEAN BOLL TOKAY GRAPES . 3 ltl , 25 C APPLES . 8 25 C Sa, 1 ^*"^ 11 •BaflVAVgttuVfl* tBl •• ^%atf^A rANOT CHOCOLATE POTATOES . . 15 m« 29 C OBMB-S £2* •DABO RUMET •J3& HI US ] BROS MOW... trttuw SILVER ... priRiiiRi a trt far ramrr srjutt •irrlin*; (tolid) «iliw. colorful lowri »eu. t wide choice of «b« valuaUe menhandiie-availabt* to you free, with mmunr iTAut You'll And THtrrr ITAM, and an iilmtrated Wder U fttmiaaa, in rtery bag of miUbury 1 * lest. "Hiufc your kiicfara to the Tiuurr irAW.** (ibcf itnu •f UMK "extra divutcads!" VOT complete liit^of nuirr «r*aijHOmiuaw. wriu rUUbuty flour |(UU Computj. i»« law ih*!'* K*u-nur*»-w fmtgct yaw g*kicf. BUY KROGER S FINER MEATS IlllNOIS MAN»OWIt KROGER*S TENDERAY BEEF Round Steaks. it>. 37c Sirloin or Club IEEF POT ROAST ,,, GROUND OFTEN TO INSURE FRESHNESS Lfc. ARMOUR'S 8TAI mUU tMmg tuM Lb. 2*M ARMOUR'8 MELROSE ^•^W^Nf'W^W plM0 . i * • Lfll* mlN^B OLD TIME SKINLESS Mat • ***«)• «wBfi '•^Pw 1 |0J|JT Swift's Prem. NVW .* •*«"•* Boneless Roll. Lb. BCO C ^UEI KMUT u,. 7U LAHI ROAST Shc °r L , 23 C i»»tti 4 iiiBi.. iw Al s'::r 29 C ik MNES ..,,•« r-Armour's ^% -.^ -,»» oteTiiir Star Lb.Z5 C UVEi S'SABE u 2k »B» OUR LARGE HANDBILL rOBt IUK¥ MOBVj BIG VALUES! Pills buries Best KROGER SUPER fflRRKETS

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