Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 12, 1959 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 9
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W, omen6 A /• •/• , ^rctwiheA RUTH'MILLETT Miss Earharf Has GA Program Topic Doris E. Wilson New* Women'* Editor Jennie June And Sororsis Clubs Honor District Seven Federation President PKRHYTON ,8 P ., - J « n « I . June Club and the Perryton So.- lost.. Club honored Mr*. A. T. Co- cnnougher of Lubbock, district >v«n p,<*idnnt of tho Texas Fed- lernflnn of Women's Clubs, with a lea re«-en(ly in the Fellowship Hill of Ihe First Christian Church, Hostesses for HIP courtesy were Mme, Bil. Tre.eHas. Bob Larbee, (Woodrow Brillhart, and s a m m y H-.dson, Robert : Monroe, Txiyd Morgan C h a r I e s ' Price, Gale Rogers, G. 1 K. Kup- precht, Cecil Tevis, .1. B. VVigh- man, Chris Vine*. Gene Lemon and David Hummer. Members of the executive ^ boa is of the clubs entertained Mrs. ( o- canougher and Mrs. Dnnlap with a luncheon p^edin, £.,-.« the home of Mrs. C. B, ELEGANT EMPIRE — Spring costume with Empire feeling is done by Icove and Young in ice blue wool. Coat is bordered with blue fox covers, dresses with high waistline, cop sleeves and scoop neck. She wears diamond leaf pin near hemline and diamond pendant earrings — — by Gaile Dugas, NEA Women's Editor. i The serving table was covered 'with a white linen cloth centered [with an arrangement . of lavender 'asters and chrysanthemums, flanked by lavender tapers in silver candelabra. Silver appoint- menls completed the setting. Mrs. Jack K. Allen presided at the table and Mrs. Loyd Morgan registered the guests. Mrs. Cocanougher introduced ,1-ier guest, Mrs. T. L. Dunlap of JLittlcficld. program chairman of i the seventh district ibe held in Borger For Ploy s , Following *V * i •, Cafe the Jn«t " l . r 'V; ' ,' nip( )n , hl , Fnn .jndg^c, ub^ -Mnjh,. Thow atte ndlnir were Mmes. ™ose H ,(,„„ T S Hardage H „ ..on L. 8 HatdaRe Ka n . »m -•• All over lb* country »mall group*" of women are forming in-i vestment clubs. And for a lot ofi different reasons they are discov-j erlng that an investment club iAj unlike any wonen's club they ever In the first place, the aim of an; investment club is unashamedly! based on self-interest. There's no : pretense of do-gooding about it.! Its . members are Interested Inj only two things - learning more.; about the financial world and mak-, ing money f'om the knowledge. \ Since th'eie is no attempt at do- : there's no excuse fon Thnt cuts membership' down to those who are really interested - - not just interested In getting their pictures in the paper. Then, too, members of an investment club don't just sit hack and soak up what a visiting speaker has to say. as women do in SKI many of their organzations. ; themselves and Bre refreshingly I wary of taking anybody's w,ord for ) anything. In no time at all they |ate busy digging out facts for i themselves, instead of meekly accepting- the word of "experts'" and 'guest speakers. Also, the members of an investment club have something t.o talk about that men consider important •comes home and says ".Well, we bought so many shares of surh- ; and • such today" her husband hears what she says. He usually doesn't when si from a typical Sis! THE PAMPA. BAIL? NEWS Q fHtffiSDAY, FfiBJttJARV 12, 1§S9 , . JL LEFORS (Spll — "Thft Must of Stewardship," wa* the program topic presented by Miss Amy Earhart, to the Intermedia!* Girls Auxiliary, at 6 recent meeting in the church. Miss Doris Halley. president, presided over the meeting in which the G.A. Allegiance was given, followed by the G. A. Hymn. The prayer calendar was read by Oweda .lernlgan and prayer led by Miss Sheriss Cable on behalf of missionaries, Refreshments of Cokes were served to Misses Doris Halley, Sheriss Cable, Kay Phillips. Owe, da. .lernigan. Amy Earhart, and iMrs. David Robinson. The closing song was. "When I Survey The .Wonderous Cross." Cemetery Project i To Be Jointly Planned By Clubs LKFORS (SpH -— "Education Inj Legal Properties," was the pro-] gram topic, for Mrs. Earl Atkinson in a talk to the Lefors Art and Civic Club at a regular meeting in the civic center. j She slressed the Importance ojt ! making a \vill and also brought in• formation on Husband's Finance* j Laws of Estates, and T n c o m « Tax. using the quotation "A Man's dying is more the survivors' affair that, his own," by Thomas! Mann. : Mrs. C. M. Gustin presided at the business meeting in which it fcas announced tfiftl Wit fcluft wants to assist in th« cttftfj Ury project, *nd Ihi f>roj$.$t flow ba sponsored jointly by clubs. Mrs. J. E. Carter was ho.«l«iS during- the social hour. 'Mr*. HflW* ard Archer's resignation was Sft- cepted with regret. Present were Mmes, W. t>. Mc» Bee. C. H. Ovislin, Sill Watson, Carl Ferguson, Raymond J0r* dan, L. R. Spence. R. H. Ban-on, .T. B. Carter, Ray Boyd, Bud Cum* berledge, H. W. Callan, Earl Atkinson. Carl Hall, C. C. MulHns, James Jinks, and Misses Mickey Johnson, and Norm* Lanl*. Small servings of food may encourage a child to eat more. A tiny tot may be overwhelmed by an adult-size portion. Let htm eat the small portions first, then ask for more. irii-.v,. •• for the evening, Mrs. -~ -- i '' ,, nnH hieh nnd Mis« Studer low Also, the talk women do at an ! C.uests of the clubs were Mmes. ond high and Miss htucie , nveatmenl ohlh Deling isn't ram- "jClyce Ragsdale, " " '- 1 - 9rmp Fabulous February DEAR ABBY.., the honoree and her guest. r?!p,t, .„.,-» MmM Tohnnv Car- So if" vou've never thought you Sorosi, CHrt '««"««• « n * B Ji ril na U ' Tom A ronro"' O^ne Camp/iikcd women's dubs you may be By Abigail Von Buren ABBV: My Daddy is so; For a personal reply, write to 'Ca. fat it isn't even funny. He is five ABBY in care of th.a paper. ^. C feet and when he stands on our Hose a self-addressed, stamped Pounds. A^ .«ft:nle the needle goes to 250 pounds envelope. <"*• A - - M and slays there bemuse that's as ................. - - N PmhPr , high as the numbers go. I think if Morc Ul an IPO languages are used *' - l "" e 'there were more numbers it would: . , ( , ivj|i , Cf1 0 „ number .C»"> 5 she ingoing tTb" left ^ '«»" 1 '°"°' 000 * S 00 ' 000 ' 000 ^ "rt, Oene Kn.dl Talley. Manse Wood, A. Ar Virginia Whipp.e, Gariand Mu r- of investing their own money. H- Ben> A nd B C «ni o. . wf , re as ,iirt- special the httle guya syntnet.c by fl yea) . nand guch as jrjberglas curtains, of the Tennie June with a full cleaning. This may be never wring or twist it. In a ma° r l " .' ' Bm A1 . rtone pro f css nnallv or with a home chine avoid wrmkles by using M * AHen Clalr Brill- cleaning aid. But it should be done short cycles, but "° apm-drying Cudd Warren Cudd. - for ^h» lit. and beauty of the and a very tfht load. Let the cm- ...... ! , f nn , y mtle bova ^ften BI _ ^ ^ ^ ^ r|ean . - h) , ndlinjr even a., ! id Rw.lar vacuuming needs to do. In washing a widow with four children. love our Daddy very murh want, him to live a long time you help us, please? LOVER DADDY Dear Loves: Your mother should make an appointment for y our Daddy to see the doctor, who will examine him and put him on a diet. If your Daddy loves y o u ijind I'm sure he does) he will keep Uiat appointment. Clip this and stick it in your Daddy's valentine as a reminder. Good luck! DKAR ABBY: My mother-in-law Is-a very lovely person but f=he doesn't understand little children. When I come to visit her with my son who i.« only four years old, sh« gives him very stiict orders that he is not to touch this or that. If he happens to touch something he isn't supposed to. she puts him in a cape. The rage is dean, but it is still a cage. She came by it when a wild hyena was shipped to her from Asia I she has written books on the Taxmivnian Wolf and Mammals of Africa, India and Asia i My son cries every Ume I tell him we are going to visit f.; ram ma. Should 1 continue to take him there, or leave him with friends when 1 go? DAUGHTER-IN-LAW Dear Daughter: A child cioes not belong in a cage! If you can't discipline him well enough to keep him out of the cage. I suggest you leave him with friends, or ask Gramma to come to your house. DKAR ABBY: This has been on my mind for H year and 1 am going to get it off. I had a group of relatives over to my housa and we all sat around looking at some old family snapshots I had placed in an album. Shortly after t h c- y left I noticed that some of the pictures were missing. The. pic- lures were of me and my cousins . when we were little kids, also of my aunt and uncle. These p i c- "tuies were priceless and everyone screamed and holleied when they saw them. I think a cousin of mine took them because the aunt and 'uncle mow deceased) are her parents. Should I come out and accuse her or should t snoop around her place sometime to make sure *he has then before I mention it? Please help me solve this as 1 don't want to cause trouble. SUSPICIOUS Dear Suspicious: Do NOT snoop around looking for the pictures. Tell the cousin you suspect i privately i that the temptation wan understandable that a reproduction can be made from any photo, and if she has your pictures to please duplicate them and • return the originals. DEAR ABBY: 1 am going with a fellow and I think I am in love , with turn. He says he Is in love with me but he is asking me to prove my love by letting him read my diary. I have nothing to hide although it is very personal in •pots, but I wonder if I should *ho\v it to him? 1 would like your advice. We people. and Can LS^*SS2A3^ fek ^2J?«* ^^ WEEK END SPECIALS "^^2^^ S8.95 Devilhiss M Hour ELECTRIC VAPORIZER __ only $6.19 $6.9.i Dpvilhiss 12 Hour ELECTRIC VAPORIZER only 4.19 S2.98 Fits All Si/.PS BABY CRIB VAPOR HOODS only 1.98 54r ALKA-SELTZER 39c General Electric Heat Pads Push Button 89r BENGAY REGULAR 59c 1 tx) Vicks COUGH SYRUP 69c $9.95 Westclox WRIST WATCH $6.95 BlanUw: only VOU c»n decide whether you want to &iia>e with him your »e<-iet«. In my opinion, a m.m who insists on reading a girl's diary Deeds to grow up a little. Confidential Su»! To Sioux City Sue: lOH tifllBV Pampo's Synonym For Drugs 111 N. MOVIE CAMERA SO5 \\Vslflox WALL CLOCKS TABLE CLOCKS WRIST WATCH '6' 5 THE LAMP OF ..A THOUSAND USES The Pole Lamp It Finally Arrived Af(cr Our Embarrassment, Early This Week Us* these !n corners, behind furinture, be«id«> deskr in the kitchen. 3 lamps for light in many direction?. In black and brass, cocoa and brass, white and brass, NYLOiV PILB Bathroom Accessories 4 Pillows " I't'i-r \viiiie I >nn'n Choose these in 8 colors, Skid re- ?i"x27" i"'"r GOOSP IVnvn sistant. Mildew resistant. : '"" f(alhr ' r! ' IT xl"" Till) Mitt I,\rl (Viv<-r 1.99 In j*itff vK< •)«** a rot i nil, w hir*. jnn K. J»f)i!K, > oU»\v . ¥ I'-» fA nd. In witli Hn>n . Knit wklih. M" Ion*. Nylon-Dacron Panels 3 PC Bathroom Set VlW I / / i / g 2 Groups of Cannon Towels 67c 87c 22 x4< ' Cannon Towrl.i with dobby Heavy weight 24".v(8". Cannon border with Chevron border. Heirlom Bedspread Famous "Heirloom" by I^ady Caroline in blue. pink. gold, \\-hiU'. antique white. Hcnvy fringed edge. 96'' x 108" and twin size. F'>eg. 9.95. Savings in Ladies Accessories - First Floor Nylon Hose J>»ve on iht-si 1 60 15 demer, first quality nylon* in nmv fashion shaclf-s. Thev're shet'r. 49c pr. Scarves—Ascots Oblong Stoles By Saliv (',(•<•' New fash- Jon colors in chiffons. ciriios. satins. E*. I237FEB'5? Form 2)7 Solid and Fancy Denims Reli'ntri finish ("i smoother iinning, fa.sler drying Mix 'em, mati h em. 59c yd. Washable Butcher Linen Kill] .'ifi" nide m all uanlpd cnlnis A PPI- feri rilend of coiton and rayon Reg. 59r value. 49c yd. Drip-Dry Cottons wash and drip dry. high thiead count ccjtion. 36" wuir colo;- fast. Pre-«hrunk 59c \aiu4. 44c yd. Textured Cottons Blended textured cottons for cornfuM lung wtrai. Onniams nviuii unit cuttoii aim-l and <•<>! 89c yd. M0 S4747 Pongee Prints Hand *fip»>nf"d pnng«-«? pr'-nts c>( *»'' aretctic fahrKf. New spring Rep i ^9 va!ue 98c

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