The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 16, 1956 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 16, 1956
Page 22
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ft-Al9«fia (l«.) Upper DM Mdlnet tuefwiay, Oetobtf U, 1ft* Wesley Girl Has Polio Wesley — Mr and Mrs George Ostcrcamp took their six year old daughter, Janet to an. Iowa City hospital Tuesday, Oct. 9. Following" observation: 1 , Hef*i\lhesi Was diagnosed' as virus polio. '•' • Janet is'able to be up and around, but-will have <mofe tests 'taken later. *••'*'' ; . the rnost common . colof ,ln flowers is white. make YOUR CRAIN product MORE MEAT per b«h«l (Grain alone will make beef and pork. But to rtifke meat on grain alone, cattle and hogs require Up to twice as much grain »» when their ration is balanced with a good supplement. ; ' Many cattle feeders report getting a* much gala from 600 pounds of grain and 100 pounds of Steer Fatena as from 1,100 pounds of grata alone. Many feeders today alsd prefer to fee4 rations with stilbestrol to get the added gains ; 'and economy.' Our Quality Mixing Service, plus the fact that we use Micro«Mixed Purina Steer JFatena, helps us insure you that ail Micro ingrt* 1 jdients, such as stilbestrol, are properly blended) (in your cattle feed.' AL'S FARM STORE A Lliii* *f fan, • tune »f tkai; ttdi tfaei 61 One Block East of Doekor't Buying Station, Algona PHONE 1082 •'!"'' Bfoihef, and It tfcis ever a season filled and stuffed with politics? You tell 'em. About all a tent hears from the time the clock bells an alarm to get you out of bed until you set the alarm that same evening for the morn- big-', call ing, all you hear and all you feel is politics, politics, galore, so 16 speak. But at that 1 lake jtfdtld Set a big kick out of the political atmosphere throughout October,' and ,it is sure enjoyed aiidy yes, loved, By republicans antf democrats alike because on account of it, is the season of finishing political thoughts, political strategies and political fights, pre-election day •; when political thoughts and actlvties are marked upon' the :'fctjllot, and that's that, so to speak. . -Wouldn't it be '••melhing if every voter would wear a button setting out whether he was a republican of' democrat?. No, it wouldn't haVe to &e a big sale bill size, just a bit of-button, holding b(%the";republican or flemo- cfeatlc ColoiS and I'm one democratic gent >who would proudly wear the distinction because on account qf I'm one democrat who tat a'^dl iways has lieeh proud oi so voting and thinking and talking, etc, And why wouldn't it be a -slick idea to have the distinction set'Out on the car license .plate? The 'democratic driver's plate would carry a large D and the republican driver's . plate Would <;arrV? a lat^t R, : eabh in one corner y&f the plate. Or why wouldn't JlJb*aliik to 1)aye the republican'* licence, plate Jn blue arid the democratic license; plate irt-White- and so, the distinction could be observed plainly? Of coUrSe,' there; arp rriany republicans who will-slip; over and mark ah- X for a' democratic candidate' andf likewise there are many democrats who.will slip over and mark'an X for a re- publlc^n candidate. That is one angle ; of'thV freedom we folks ' Ihe tJ.S. have, thank goodness. and 1 counted the'trucks which, loaded with corn, crossed the in* tefsectioh, all going north. In that hour there wete 636 trucks oh Phillips coming from the south crossed the intersection, all going north. 1 didn't get a chance to ask from what part of the slate the "trucks were carrying the corn nor how far north they were taking it. But that sure was a lot of corn and 1 presume it was .all grown in Iowa, because on account of Iowa is sure famous for its corn production. !^ wja one, afternoon last week V*:hslpiKf tttpithe In stop and rsection pf East t* *U et ^arid Phillips and u> tblr* I tot • btg kick out of doing som* arithmaticing ihent therJcorii'rtoveitientt so to spea*. ; > <If stetiKXi; there pnp hour 3:00 -*hd 4:00 o'clock ^^y ^) .dsU**., ( SEPTEMBER THROUGH AftftlL') PROTECTION Now! ••fills., .if M«d« NO c»»t ft y*.>ft Mf tlmitri Mo boil-off now. , . toy* peq^ «|V w&»rl Hon'i what your Oil Dealer does! First, he check* the cooling »y*t*m for d«C4et» leakage. Next, he dreina and refill* th* radiator with th« amount of ATLAS PERMA-GUARD* Anti-Fr*ew for th* protection yoi» specify— even down to 40" below. Then, he sign* th* writMt gua which promises additional ATLAi P««»«A-GuABD, if neadw) .(• tain your protection, without charge at any Standard Oil Statk* ill Mid- America. Don't wait! Come in today for 9TAND*M> G»»rj*U«4 Radiator Protection. ..,oUt» torn* Hm* Motor Oil hr eomplito $uptf MRMAIUM Yow g£J2Sg mort from Tht "game" genii. Jhos* who love hunting in all its angles, are surd having plenty .enjoytneht since the opening of the big game season, so to speak. Yes, Algona has quite a number of gehU'who know how to carry a gun! how to load one, how to raise one to their shoulder, how to take a 100 per cent perfect airn and; 'how to bring in the gsttvir they ^downed when they pulled the trigger. And many an .Al- goha hunter has been on the gff the past week to distant gahie territories and according to re* ports the hunting has been most pleasant and profitable fbr the gents, so to speak. No, I can not be considered a hunter because on accotmt of I 'don't think I could hit the side of a barn because of my poor aim, and every time I've pulled the trigger on a shot gun, the shooting has ( just shook me to the extent thikt 1 really trembled, so to speak. No. I'm Hot a hunter, can't aim, can ? t shoot, can't hit nothing, so-'io 4peak f with a shot gun. Never could aim or shoot to the extent Ijhat I got any game. I am'Re- minded of one time when a kid 1 shot a gopher, deader than a door nail, but it was with a 22-rifle and th'e gopher was in his hole and,I just stuck the rifle into the gopher's face and murdered it, so to..speak. That's a long, long time ago, but I never was able to take on target or game shooting to'any extent because on account of my aiming was never worth a darn, and not good enough to ; get any game, so to speak. But I sure have friends who know their onions about hunting and I've been quite a number of times enjoying duck or rabbit feeds brought in by hunter friends, so to speak, and that's an angle which I.sure loye and appreciate. STANDARD OU PPQPMCTS HOPKINS SUPER SERVICE Phone 132 Statt i J*n*i STANDARD PU PRODUCTS / -•» J, Cook & Son Standard Service Hunt* 657 908 $. HtWipt $t. on Hwy. 169 Bernard Miller. Mr and Mrs Fred Wegenef of Algona called Sunday at the Walter Thompson home. Mr and Mrs Albert Pavik of Armstrong visited there Friday evening. Mrs John Sones of Sioux Rapids and Mrs Mary Kischer also of Sioux Rapids visited at Lone Rock last Wednesday. Mrs Sones visited her mother, Mrs Maude Blanehard and Mrs Kischer spent thc'day with her daughter, Kathryn Kischer, who is a teacher here. Mr and Mrs Alfred Schultz and family of Ottosen spent Sunday with Mrs Blanehard. Mr and Mrs M. O. Richards visited relatives in Des Moines Sunday. Mr and Mrs Howard Bierstedt and family called Sunday afternoon in Fenton at the Robert Mitchell home in honor of the baptism of their infant son, Terry. ' Mrs Donald Blanehard, Susan and Donna called on her mother Mrs Hilma Erickson at Swea City Saturday. Mrs Ella Sigsbee of Burt, Mr and Mrs Earl Ringsdorf and son of Oregon called on Mrs Florence Schrader Saturday. Mrs Erich Seegebarth was a guest Friday at the home of her mother, Mrs Clara Marlow of Burt. LONE ROCK NEWS By Mrs Clarence Kraft Mr and Mrs Wm. Paul, Judy and Roger, Mr and Mrs Fred Reiman of ^ Albert Lea were guests Sunday; at the Henry .Kueck hb'mE. Iii the afternoon Mr Kueck, Mr, P.aiu, ^udy and Ro^er,., Mr Reimarit visited the, , 'Grotto at West Bend. Thursday evening, Mr anf Mrs Kuedk attended the 45thvwedding: anniversary pf Mr. and Mrs George Meyer at the •pert J5eeley' home in Whittemore. V.Mrs Louise Lieb, Arnold and Ella -spent r Sunday afternoon in Algona with, Mrsj Emma Dreyer. •••'. Last Sunday. Mr and Mrs Andrew 'Thomsen attended the 94th birthday Of'A.-A. Stoll at Ames. •-.•Guests ,Sunday at the Louie S6egebarth hoine were Mr and Mrs.George Alke and Janice, Mrs Anna Alke, Mr and Mrs Bud Alke arid Eddy Bill, Mr and Mrs John Alkei' Mr ,and Mrs, Leo Michaelson 'and family all of Titonka, and Mr and Mrs Gerald Radig. ., 'Dinner guests Sunday at the Edwin Wichtendahl home were Mr and Mrs Otto, Wichtendahl of Fiintoh, Mrs Veronica Gardner. Bernice Leek and Carol of Wesley were afternoon oftllers. ' Mr and Mrs Robert Schmidt and Mike Rouse of Fairmont, Mr and Mrs Leo Schmidt and family, Mr and Mrs Ben Schmidt and family were Sunday afternoon callers at the Fred Schmidt home. Dr. L. W. Humke of Madrid was'a guest Sunday at the Rev C. E! Nordine home. Susan Schroeder spent Thursday, afternoon with hev grandmother, Mrs Emma Hurlburt. Sunday evening the Clinton Rath family visited at the Hurlburt Home. . , Mr and Mrs Ronald Christen-' son and family, Mr and Mrs E. A. Lee and family were guests Sunday at the A. A. Krueger home- Mr and Mrs Herman Kramei were guests Sunday at the Roy Telford home at Ottosen. Mrs Wayne . Miller, Mrs Herbert Miller and daughter, Hazel Morey all of West Bend visite^ Thursday afternoon with Mrs A. C Weishaar, Salary -Richard H. Groen, Salary Ernest Hutchison, Salary Peter C. Jorgenson, Salary Iowa State Bank, Tax —i Struecker's Service, Gas Viking Oil, Ga* -. - Aloona In*. Agency, Ins. NW Bell Telephone Co., Service Ira Kohl, Salary — Ralph Elbert, Salary -Algona Fire Co , Service Firman Laing Jr., Labor Melvin Seifert, Labor John Wood, Labor City Clerk, Adv. Cash Sanitation Fund L. K. Ferguson, Salary Harry Ward, Salary Reakus Helmers, Labor Reiner Helmers, Labor George Weig Jr., Labor Luther Fairbanks Jr., Labor NW Bell Telephone, Service Mason City Blueprint, Repairs . Schram Bros., Contract City Clerk, Adv. Cash ..James Ggli, Salary Fred Gronbach, Safary Iowa State Bank, Tax James Egli, Expenses Inertol Co., Inc., Mdse. F. S. Norton & Son, Supplies Albert Baas, Salary Teresa Norton, Salary Myrtle Rutledge, Labor Dr. F. E. Sawyer, Rent Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies Martha Rammer, Labor „_ Recreation Fund H. J. Cowan, Repairs Airport Fund 130.72 137.02 137.02 116.70 31.20 7.27 98.21 30.05 22.75 20.00 10.00 242.00 4.00 4.00 400 3.38 141.75 31.75 69.58 11.76 60.89 8.82 20 35 ISiQO 900.00 8.14 149.36 97.97 14.90 29.06 19.90 4.20 15592 66! 15 2.70 35.00 15.36 5.40 275.49 Municipal Utilities, Water Bohannon Ins., Ins. ----- ..... Ready-Mix, Mdse _____ ..... - P«rkiA|| Meter Fund Raymond Krebs, Salary Richard Groen, Salary Ernest Hutchison, Salary , Iowa State Bank, Tax ,3.63 297.61 143.03 129.75 35.56 35.56 12.00 9.52 Richard Groen, Expenses Park-0-Meter Co., Mdse. Debt s«tvte» 6 ^ .. Iowa State Bank, Interest ------ 540.00 Meetlna adjourned to October 10, 1956 at 7:30 P.M. . Dr. Cameron C. Shletk, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerfc Lt. BOHANNON Th» girli in our office regularly 90 to thf post office or bank on company business. One girl recently stumbled down the »t»pf |Ad WM badly hurt, fnotuld, » firm carry insurance to. protect its«U in case of injury to its employees while on company business? For the answers to your Insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Bohannon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. COUNCIL MINUTtS The City Council met in special session September 19, 1956 at 5:00 P.M. with the Mayor and all Councilmen pres- Builder's permits were granted to H, J, Ccwan, Robert HoHzbauer, G. C. Yeoman, Beth Miller, Capitola Sample, f. J. Laing, Myrtle Turnbaugh,. Tiet* Estate, Mary Lallier, John Fraser, Gilbert Hargraves, H C. Snyder, Charles Fox, Lawrence Riedel, M. C. Thompson and E. E. Robinson. A building application filed by Setchell to repair a building In the fire limits was considered. The Mayor was directed to appoint a disinterested person to appraise said building under provisions of Ordinance No. 382. Kerinit Setchell appointed E. E. Robinson as his appraiser. Said appraisal to be made within one week. Meeting adjourned. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk ***** The City Council met in special session September 21, 1956 at S'.OO P.M. with the Mayor and all Councilmen present. A Report by the appraisers, E. E. Robinson, A. H. Borchardt and Paul M. Seeley, stating that the building owned by Kermit Setchell is more than 50% deteriorated, was read. A Resolution was adopted denying a builder's permit to the said Kermit Setchell. Meeting adjourned. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk * * * * The City Council met in special session September 24, 1956 at 5:00 P.M. with the Mayor and all Councilmen present. A builder's permit was granted to Kermit Setchell for repair of his-building, by a vote of five to one. A bid of Clarence Fraser for sidewalk, construction was accepted. Meeting adjourned. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk ' * * » * The City Council met in regular session September 26, 1956 at 7:30 P.M. with the Mayor and all Councilmen present except Elbert. The minutes were read and approved. A Resolution adopted by the Zoning and Plan Commission was read; recommending that the parking on Nebraska and Call Streets be Improved from Hall to Jones Street. The City Engineer' was instructed to make an estimate of the cost of said improvement. A' Report of the Zoning and Plan Commission; recommending the adoption of a building code, was read and filed. Resolutions were adopted making changes of the'final plat and schedule for bituminous paving. A cigarette permit was granted to Edna Davis operator of the Kgffee Kup. Builder's permits were granted to Melvin Sill, Suds Yer Duds Automatic Laundry, Myron Alderson, Hortense S. Ferguson, Leighton Misbach, K. R. Strahorn, Duane Jensen, Merle Wellendorf, Fort Dodge Bottling Works, Clayton Percival, E. M. Richardson, Du^ne & Doris Rilev, Otto Nelson, V. C. Smith . and Wm. C. Funk. An application filed by Ralph Miller was rejected for non-compliance. The following claims 'were allowed. General Government Fund Dr. C. C. Shierk, Salary 150.00 Ivy Scuffham, Salary 250.77 Nancy Sands, Salary 72.67 L. K. Ferguson, Salary 16.94 Albert Boekelman, Salary 37.80 Iowa State Bank, Tax 82.50 Leola Anderson, Refund 56.25 NW.Bell Telephone, Service 8.90 Matt Parrott & Co., Supplies ._ 7.01 Combs Adv. Co, Refund 1.00 Earl B. Miller, Refund 4.00 F. J. Laing Jr., Refund ._. 1.00 Upper Des Moines Publ. Co., Publ. & Supplies 84.18 Street Fund Jesi Lashbrook. Salary 133.97 Albert Pergande, Salary 114.30 Glenn Burtis, Salary 116.47 Richard Frambach, Salary 94.97 Raymond Metzen Jr., Salary 15425 lack Mears, Salary ._ 98.95 Donald Pcew, Salary 107.02 Alfred Scherer, Salary 129.46 Harry E. Ward, Salary 68.04 Iowa State Bank, Tax 67.00 r-'W Bell Telephone, Service 13.95 Upper Des Moines Publ. Co., Notice 83.40 Roger Phillips, Sidewalk 52.80 City Clerk, Adv. Cash 5.27 Herman M. Brown, Repairs 29.54 Gibbs-Cook Equipment, Repairs _ 212.04 Mid-Iowa Industrial Supply, Supplies 12.88 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., Supplies _- 32.04 Standard Oil Co., Asphalt 95.57 AlQ9na Machine Shop, Repairs _, 24.90 Chrischilles Store, Supplies 5.61 Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies 22.13 t. S. Norton 8, Son, Supplies _. 3.90 Reding Bros., Loading Clay 365.50 Public Safety Fund Albert Boekelman, Salary 144.26 A REAL BOOST TO FARM INCOME One of the steady customers of Iowa farmers is the brewing industiy, which uses huge amounts of agricultural grains in the making of beer. In fact, the nation's brewing industry last year spent over $250,000,000 for such farm products. This would fill 47,000 freight cars . . . making a train which would reach from Des Moines well past Indianapolis. And, of all these cereal adjuncts used in beer, corn leads the list... which also includes soybeans, wheat, barley, and other grains. Later, many of these brewers' grains benefit Iowa farmers again, coming back as vitamin- enriched cattle feed. Yes, Iowa farm income receives a real lift from the brewing industry, with a steady volume of purchases that can always bo counted on. HELPS BUILD IOWA UNITED STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION Iowa DlvltUa •08 Libtrty lldg., D«i MO(M« What a difference a EH basement 'phorw makes I Handy, isn't it? Dad doesn't have to drop everything to run upstairs; Mom can make her calls while keeping an eye on the washing. Extension phones in your basement, kitchen, bedroom— ybejrevw you nee4 Uiem^add^ieal cpnveaienw • plus extra privacy and protection. Call your telephone business office now. Northwestern BeU Telephone Company. ji^What a big difference modern telephone frifrfJKfllejj '~~ '"

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