The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 7
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E* Ft* T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, Jane 28,1914 t SPEC! TUX BE SUBMITTED TO POPULAR VOTE n-r ,,- _. S Like to Have Other Streets Sprinkled. A SHORT while since there was talk of a wheel tax In Decatur to make up revenue needed by the city. It is possible that this talk will eom« up again When the matter waa up It was men- tlontd by a (rood many that It would be the business of toe city commissioners to say what la to be done. They were put In their places and are paid food salaries to handle just such matters In passing on questions of this rloua question as to what the public thinks about them As one city commissioner puts It LET THEM SAY. "There is no reason why all responsibility for special taxes should be placed on the commissioners It Is a Question ot what the people think about the plan that is suggested, and when there is a chance to hear from the people I believe in doing so. Cer- eome of eir pay. The wheel tax would be satisfactory in a way to some people. It would be altogether unsatisfactory to others This mich is learned at city headquarters any d»y by simply listening to people ^no can to express their views and feelings. a tax that does not meet approval; there is no reason why we should take chances on this when It is easy to hear from the people, when In fact. It can be done without additional expense." SPRINKLE NORTH WATEB. Talking of the North Water street double track franchise, there was A lon» time since it entered the | informal discussion of this at city minds cf th« commissioners that when | headquarters a short while since It It COITUS to deciding matters of this kind 1' Is not a bad idea to let the public do the sajlng The public has the bllj to pay, and It Is thought this should carry privileges. 8KCIAL EXACTION COMING. The hdncea are that before long there rill be a referundum vote In this city. It Is expected to come up because of the double track franchise that I asked by the traction Interests tor lorth Water street. Under the law si we now have it these fran- chls«have to be submitted to popular vole. Wai. this will entail the expense of a spclai election As the thing is to be o, anjhow, It will be convenient to pssent more questions The ex- pensiof voting on a half dozen questions is no greater than to vote on on*. OTHER QUESTIONS II has been suggested and received '1th f f v o r by some of the com- mUioners that when an election is cal d to handle the franchise matter othr subject, be submitted to get an exresslon or the people of Decatur. H*3 are some suggestions of ques- tlo* to be submitted Ifher water rents. Ti*el tax "l«rher assessed valuations. Ad other suggestion? doubtless will boffered and find a place on the bal- lol There ar« a good many schemes poilble when It comes to adding to c(l revenue, but there Is always a se- came up w ith people from that street; they were present for the purpose of bringing up the matter with commissioners. There was the detail ot keeping North Water street sprinkled. People living on the street were asking that this be done, and they expect It to be done at the expense of the traction company. It was mentioned by some that four sprinklings a, day would be about the proper number. GOT IN BAD. A member of the council had It In mind that two sprinklings a day would be about enough. He expressed this feeling in what he thought was diplomatic form by suggesting that they be careful not to ask more than Is raeded from the traction company. Immediately there was a look and an exclamation from somebody which was Interpreted to mean: 'McKinley owns you people." fchere will b* no sprinkling chance for other streets. The commissioner had It in mind to provide two sprinklings, a day for North Water, which would leave time for the same kind of work In other parts ot the down-town district and also on West Main. EXTEND THE SERVICE It occurred to th» commissioner that when the traction pepple once bring a sprinkling csj to town It would not be a difficult matter to arrange with them to keep that car reasonably busy. Water for sprinkling purposes can be furnished free by the citv, the trac- :ion to do the spreading- of the water at their own exjiense This is a service that will help all around. It was not In the commissioner's mind that he was "owned by McKln- ,ey," the thing that was In his mind was to g«t more free service from the McKinley Interests And probably he ill succeed in doing this. TO HEAT HIS BATH Just a. few days later an Incident came up wh!ch showed there is a disposition, p*rhaps a natural feeling, to after any public service corporation for all there Is In the bond and then som* more A distinguished citizen of the town, who lives on the MoKlnley heating man, came to the conclusion that he could use heat during the summer months He called and asked that It be furnished him "Why, man, it Is 96 in the shade today; what use can you make of steam heatJ" ho was asked '7 can use it to heat water for my bath," he answered. ·Do you want steam heat kept In the mains all summer Just that your bath water may be heated" WAS MISINFORMED It developed that was just what was In the citizen's mind. He was told this would be a very expensive way to heat bath water "But I am paying for steam heat HE WAS Well, there was something els* In the mind of the commissioner who made the suggestion He figured that the traction interests will have to build and bring to the city a sprinkling car to take care of North Water street. The commissioner reminded himself that there are a good many other streets In the city that are used In part by street car tracks He hid thought ft would be well to arrange for sprnklirg- at least part of these streets. Of course If the sprinkling car has to give all Its time to North Water street, twelve month* In the year." h« (aid, by way of clincher; "I can use It an want It" They explained to that maa that he was mistaken In the notion that he TV as paying for heat tw«lv* months of the year.--He was referred to the heating; franchise ordinance for particulars on this point. It he consulted that document he learned It was expressly provided that heat Is not to be furnished In summer. As a rule, we don't have to depend on artificial heat hereabouts In the good old summer time. Of course, If heat hid to be kept In mains" all summer to furnish bath ater the serv ice would cost a lot more money than It now does. It is much cheaper for everybody concerned to provide other means to h«at water n the summer months; also other means are preferable. DOESN'T WORK THAT WAT. By the way, the man who turned in this startling request Is a strong supporter of Mr. KcKinleVs political aspirations; he is among the strongest :o be found In the city. It can't be that he is ever troubled with the notion that "MoKlnley own* 1 him. MEDIUMS OF PROSPERITY TESTED From the Christian Science Monitor- Few facts in connection with advertls ing stand out as clearly as the con temporary demand ot the advertiser that he get what he pays for. The machinery for probing, auditing and publishing facts about periodical circulations, whether alleged or real, liierease each sear In complexity of detail and vigor of application. The "say so" period Is part Men who are to ute "mediums" want "to be shown." This being the trend, some of Its by-products are interesting. For on* thing, It has restored the daily newspaper to pre-eminence and recognized worth as a brlnger of business to persons, Institutions or corporations seeking buyers ot their rood*, properties; or service. Confirmation of this estimate has Just been made to the national electric light and power convention by a special committee of Investigation charged with the dutv of bringing In a comparative rat- ine. Reasons for the supremacy of the dally pap*r are numerous. Suffice it here and now to mention Its high power of Iteration, one of the most Influential factor* In all forms of advocacy, commercial or otherwise. To read any form of-persuasive appeal six or seven times a week, Instead ot once a week or once a month, obviously Is to subject oneself oftener to the likelihood of taking particular notice of the plea. Or, to put the matter in another way, any person wanting knowledge of what to buy and where to buy It, be the com- modity what It may. Is more likely to be served with his desired Information In time to make It serviceable If he gets his facts day by day rather than week by week or month by month. H*re, of course. Is where the dally paper serves through Its contemporaneousness. Add this to the quality of Iteration and It makes a combination difficult to surpass. A medium of publicity that will say oftenest for the advertiser to the reader and buyer what the former wishes the latter to know, and that will soonest bring to the purchaser any up- to-date Information he may wish to have, is in particular demand, and statistics of recent years show Where the large advertisers' appropriations are going Fortunately, this reaction In favor of the dally paper has come at the time whea It could make easier a process ol reformation of journalistic advertising standards now well on Its way thrombi the United States and Canada, a pro* cess which will receive its final touch* «s at (he coming Toronto convention ofl the Associated Advertising Clubs ofl America, The coincidence of relatively! Increased business with rising- ethical demands from the public-and from ad-4 vertlilng specialists has had a whole* some effect on the dally press of the) United State* during the last tewf years. _ Hostora Xor* Tftu Bra. The Parson--"Lottie, don't you know it lc wrona- to worry your mother so?" Uttie Lottie--"Huh! Tou don't know! mamma! She worries me more than 1 worry her." ; A SPIRITED YOUNG LADY WRITES OF HER HAIR AND HERPICIDE Few ladies realize how much an untidy bead of hair detracts from their personal appearance. It also indicates an undesirable trait. Unkempt hair simply shows that while they may be scrupulously neat in every other way, they are careless about their hair. Thin, scraggy, wispy hair generally indicates dandruff and dandruff is caused by a germ. Newbro's Herplcide will eradicate the .scale-like accumulation and keep the scalp as clean and healthy as can be. This permits the hair to grow natural!)' and luxuriantly. That terrible itching which goes with the dandruff stops with almost the first application. Substitutes or remedies said to be "just as good" are sometimes offered, but it is better to buy "the renalne original germ killer, Newbro'a Herplelde." There is no guesswork about that preparation. A trial isn't necessary, just buy a* bottle and use it. The results are sore to be better than you expect. Newbro's Herpiclde In 50c and $1.00 sizes is sold by all dealers who jtuar- antee it to do all that is claimed. If yon are not satisfied your money will be refunded. Application* obtained at the better barber shops. Send lOc In postage for sample and booklet to The Herpicide Co, Dept. R, Detroit, Mich. Decatur Drug Co, special agents. THE PIANO BUYER'S REAL GUARANTEE of satisfaction is in the name of the piano, and in buying that piano of a REPUTABLE, SUCCESSFUL, PERMANENTLY ESTABLISHED HOME CONCERN. How much more fully you are protected when back of the name of the instrument is an organization you can go to, should you wish, at any time, concerning any feature of the transaction. To find that you have no house to look to after your purchase, means that your satisfaction is not assured --not guaranteed! __,,. These names you know stand for highest quality--Packard, HAINES BROS., Schaeffer, Price Teeple, Bond, and Brinkerhoff Pianos. The Prea- cott Music House is the only house in Decatur where these celebrated in* struments can be purchased. We've been doing business in Decatur for many years, pur headquarters are right here. We offer our customers not only the choice of the universally recognized leading Pianos but the protection of a strong, growing, permanently established home organization, with a record of hundreds of satisfied customers. Consider the name of the Piano, and the PERMANENCY of the House you buy of! Greatest values and greatest assortments at whatever price you wish to pay. Prescott Music House Decatur's Leading Piano House. 104 E. Prairie St. Decatur, Illinois. I It Brings The Sunshine Of Gladness And The Smile Of Happiness To Every Member of The =American Velvet Ice Cream* N ^^.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^i^^^^^ss^ssssisSBssSBsssssBsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssllssss^lsssssssssssss^^lssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssV It Has All The Food Necessities For Real Enjoyment -^American Velvet Ice Cream is made in a most sanitary manner, and only the purest ingredients are used, ft can't help being the kind ot Ice Cream you want for your Sunday dinner. ORDER FOR THE "FOURTH" --American Velvet Ice Cream is tent out In packer* and will stay firm and solid for hoars. Iff just the thing for that picnic or when company comes. Call as. Either phone. We deliver to all parts of the city. --American Velvet lee Cream may be had at aU times in flavors of Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate f also made in flavors requested. You can buy from your 'deal- er or direct from us--but be sure ifs 'American Velvet. We Deliver Any Place In The City. B«H Phone 975 American Ice Cream Company Auto Phone 1638 1273 North Water St KWSPAPLRl NEWSPAPER!

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