The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 27, 1923 · Page 15
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 15

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1923
Page 15
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^WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, VJZd JKL. n u IT * W-AOT APS Far Want— FURNISHED ROOMS (Cont .l 'SOU KENT—Large, oool sleeping room, t reasonable CI OBO In; car lino. Phone )*968W, Vi: Bartend. 0 ia -25t 8LEBP1XO rooms, cuUldo entrance, tor one or two; roodoni. Phone 103OJ. * » 29-4: i <TWO housekeeping rooms, nowty papor- I ed and refurnished. 331 West First. \ y 2G*6t IfrtinNlSHlirD rooms tultabls for dross- mailing, oloBe In. Iteferenocsi Ad H 0 S* JC, care News. .- » S6-Z» ejrOlt RENT—Sleeping; room In modern homo, 111 West A .Phone SflOW.^ ^ FOR RENT—Modern sleeping room .No. , 2 Atwood Flats, phono 1220W. 9 illS-lit : TWO or throo large furnished, down• stairs rooms. Phone 2024VV. 9 26-it '^l ^'BffflT ;D room, modern homo close • In. Call at~2t9 West First. —9 ZS-4t : rOR KENT—Nice, cool, furnished alcen- ; lug room, 30S K BB I 11. ••» Ko-« MODERN, sleeping room*, 416 H,ast , Sherman. Phone 2668. 9 g-26t SdSEPINO rooms, »! per week; 31J East B. , » •FURNISHED roome, 318 F.ast B. Phono 2ig 9 22-7:22 I 83-7:2; MICE, cool sleeping room, 223 West First. FOR RENT—APARTMENT* Three-room, furnished apartment, modern throughout; private. Phono 2198. 628 Kast Flrsl. . " 2 «-2" TTB DO Lysaifai? Beventh and Main. Nicely furnl»hed apartments and sleeping rooms, Phone' g40; ll-28-25t. H1C1 trors. large lawn, flowers. The eirab'.o l'aetola Apartments, one vacant downstairs south exposuxo. Phone 2330. 1131-261 HEAliTlFUL. new 'kitchenette apartment; built-in featured; ground, floor, private entrance, S04 East Sherman phono 2-132J. * 11 12-26t I'THl Ilt-:XT- : N'Ieely furnished modern apartment, with sleeping porch. 12 East Seventh. Call 1&S9.I after II p.m. 11 25-lt VOIt 11KNT—Modern, newly decorated, two or thice-rouiu furnished uhnrtmeiit with slceplri porch, i.Iil F.nat 1J. Phone "73GW, 1125-11. PI'.AL'TIFL" I, kitchenette apartment. steeple.;; ixirch; private bath; 1019 North Main. Phono UoiO. 11 25-111 TOH RENT-Htrlclly modern, furnished, three-room apartments, *30 and Phone 3500. \ FOR LI-IMT—Three-room, modern, unfurnished apartment. MeCurdy Insurance Aeenoy. 11 S" 2 " MOPKHN, unfurnished, five-room apartment. Call 21W r or 11!5 -_ y 11 1 ' i!i ' t FOP. Ill-INT—Furnished or unfurnished apartment. Phono 2^W. 11 27-2GI FOP Kl'.'N'T-Furnished apartment close in. Phono,2'JY9. 1' 21-11 UNFURNISHED throe-room apartment. Call 2I18H. 11 NO. D Stewart Apartments Phono 217SH. rOJR^ALE—MISCKLLANIOU* (Cont'd) FOR SALE]—FURNITUREl One solid walnut bedroom'>uHe: large vanity dresser, chlffonotu, bow-end bed and bench; ono ivory bedroom suite, same pieces as walnut) two non-tufted Sealy mattresses, bedroom ruffe, largo mlrrora, bedroom rockers, four-pleco living room suite, two wicker rocker* tapeatry upholstering, one oak library table, six dining chairs, one white and nleiile ooal range, one kitchen eaolnat. two electric lamps, one lea cream freea6r, two electric fane, one roll-top deaic, other articles, at a*J?nrs»jn. All used lea* than one year. Parties leaving city. 719 "Wast Fourteenth street. . 18 26-lUt rem • AUC—MISCKLUANCOUC (c<m«'«» JOK SAI.B—Wejtlnghouao electric range, high over, good a*'new. Phono 1992. 18 22 -et USE GOLJDEH WEST ;, MILE, ARD SWEET C&EAM Golden West Creamery. 14 East Fourth. .. 13 !6-25t Fnrrn lighting syatem; no vibration no noise; lasts longer leas repairs; gives better satisfaction. Let us show you. ALAMO ELBCTRIC CO. S15 North Adams. 18 23-311 ALT. BARGAINS ABH ITEMS OF INTEREST yOU don't need to come. Phone your ad to No. 8 and ask for classified department and have your needs supplied. FOTt KAL1C—One 8 -foot Mollno binder. never need, |170| three Mollne 2-row Ideter cultivators, 160 each; two Mollnu balnne.e frame cultivators, $87 each. Above prleefl f.o.b. lttngmau, Kan. Franlt 11. Huse Implement Co. 13 2«-4t Larco fireworlts: roman canflles alty lookets at tno right' price. E. W Wells Merc, South Hutchinson. 13 iQ-H FOll 9AI«K—Tractor plow anrl fanning outfit, chfjvp. Will also rent farm, Itn- provt'd, to party buying; tool*. AVrlte Chas. E. Monroo, 012 South Oram! A VP., Lvons, Kan. IS 35-flt Cloe/n/r out at cost; ifiiaranti". J -flvo- ply 1!)£3 Oooa>'car EaTiien hos<-. 1. H. .Smith £- ' -npany, 700 South Main, phone 460. lSSH-fit FOU HAfiK--Onfi auto truck bo<3, J10; ono roll-tcp, ilflslc, f25; one Pony sufe for chl!iJrt;n, ono pony traiMIa unci Uridlo, 510; two 'M ,i <;tvUi fans cheap. 7^9 West Kourt' jstieot. in ^«-4t SECOND-HAND RKFHIOERATOM'S of all klnda at bargains. Also used furniture, repairing and upholHrnrlng a •pectjtlty. Illlyard FurnJIuxe Co., 010 North Main, phona 18 2-25t Buirlc -6, T'filck i, Dodge, Port, Haxon, Chevrolet ip. Overland, Auburn, Oakland and Pullman carta. HAHNKS AUTO SUPPLY CO. Z2-ZI W«at Shonnan St. Paone 1G32. IS 7 -rivt for rent. 11 l-14t FOR RENT—WlSOt'LUANEOlJS 12 IilTsT >n-^S room for rent, 110 West First. SuitnliiR for automobtlu buslin -.".K. tiro or battery or any kind of retail bualnoRB. ^r.QUii'o S\ipTlor Motors. U thfs 7-lJt MUPT'': atmiio for rent—P.of.utjfully fur« nlnlu'd, cool studio; Sti:lnv,-iiy gn\n<\ piano. vk:trola, etc; July 1. CnU 4 p ,,t!» r FOK IU-:NT--0(fl^« room at 24 i-'aat First, K«ftaon bulldlnc. M. Wtlch. , 12 8-25' VERY dcslrabl* ofllcn n/unis. tit*o Ma- Curdy Inautance Agency. ROOM AND BOARD 14 ROOM and board, 55 per week. 6^7 Kast 14 26-7:1 30C Went Second. 14 Jl -2 .St ^•JBOAHD and room. FOB SALE OH TRADE FOR BALK or exchange for merchandlau -—Klght-room, modern h6 \i-i« Utosm city. Address, box 2i>3, phono 2277. FOR SA \ *K or iraile—Ono ton Ford truck. Hecond house south Christian church, South llutchlnnon. 15 27-30 1 'IANO to trade for car: Ford roads tor preferred. H. O. Fhlllpa, 103 North Walnut. . 15 ' i0 ' ^ £M J U SAI^n or trade—Good touring cur. 1'horuN 8«975V. " 27-4t TO TRADE A Wei EiJSiiipirdD^edl to exchange., for a 100-acre farm or 320- acrc farm eloso to Hutchinson. The farni in Pratt .county le 640 acres, with GSu acres in cultivation, ana owner ejtreoo to have the entire eS'j acres flummer-fal- lowed and ready for wheat for fall secd- Intr. He also agrees to carry difference back on the farm at the rate of 8% per an.ium. Price f.^^.ooo, and pructtcally clear of eneunibraucu. IflNli BXtOTIIEP.S Phone EDO. lB\i North Main. 17 27-It For your coffoe. Best ffrados. fine flavor, fresh around. Mixed tea for Ice ten from all high-grade teaw. Parties wfHitine; up to call on them .each week, call or phone 189, 302 North Main street. Free delivery. 18 4-25t SSsffixliEy CdJiraeftiiEer Mm. Ina Klles, phone 2723. 317 Kast Fourth. 18 3-25t dAXiL, tl08W for all kinds of cakes, picnia lunches and refreshment* orders. 18 18-7:1« FOR BALE—Fully equipped lunch car. Inquire at car, 412 Mouth Main. 18 20-Ju FOR SALT!—Beets, carrots and potatoes. Will deliver. Phono 85FB. 18 26-a FOR SALE—Two bicycles In good repair, ?12. 817 North Main. 18 26-29 BlQ worK team, weight 1,400 pounds, for sale. 406 North Chemical. 13 22-26 FOR SALE—Beets for canning. Falrvlow Gardens. Plibne 3809R. IS 21 -lot UAOAZINE subscription*. Mr». Ina Klloa, 817 Bast Fourth. 18 2-3Et FURNITURE, gas plates and swings. »I5 East Tenth. , 18 23-29 FOR SA US— Bulldogs. BurrtonvKon. Ralph llazen* 13 25-(ilJ FOR SALF,—Three-Plow tractor, cheap. Call 9KS. 18 2fj-St FOR. good homo made pies call aflllj. Mra. ijalmon 18 7-2ut 70XPERT piano Company. tunlne,, Jenkins Munlc ' 18 2-25t STEVENS' pleaao. - Photoaraphs that 18 2-26t FOR SALIC—9x12 velvet ruft, $30. Phono 1614. IS 27-29 T A V O unconipleted I. T. 9. courses. Phono 0S2J.' IS 27-St HOUSICTIOLD furniture fori sale .Phone 8S50J. 18 25-28 FOR SALE-Canarles. Phono 370. FOR SALE—Fruit Jars at CU East Sixth. 18 27-30 A GOOD Ford tiuck for sale. Call SUSS. 18 18-10t EVERYTHIN'a FOU THE HOWS WIC EXCHANGE NEW FURNITURE FOR USKJJ. 19 2S-2r ,t Oaa burners raised and adjusted, save 60%! on your sra* hill. Now Is tho timo to Ret your furnace repaired. 'All worK (cuaianteed. Phono 404W. Morris & Morgan, filovo and furnace esperta. l»J7-2St Why puffer with rheumatism, hiph blood prewture. hay fever, etc., when you can be cured right at home? Come and see Slo N. ADAMS l'J 2^-aO WF. FIT GLASSES THAT FIT L IL„ Stem®, OjpdaEffi'lrkii lfl% Kant Sherman; over Cates. 11 2(j-25t OptometrUt, Erj'cs tea^d— QlattsaB flttcfl, 16H North Main, over Jones Shoe St CM. IB 2-25t EM Cabhatj>. k and tomato plants. Sye Trabue .^y*;d llouatt. South Hutchinson, unona SSi'jll . 18C-i!5t tor cooi. ctove, heating ttovo, firftplacs aud fu.nai.-fl. YagBS* Plantation. 18 13-2&t WIRING CONTRACTOlAND RI-U'AIR WORK. 627.Enst Scvonth. Phono S !>u4. IS 14-7:14 KOU SAX^K-r-Two chlckeji houfeoa, cov- oiod pen; rabbits; hant&ms; and lady's blrycln. Call mornings or after aevon ovouii'K. 1 *. 310 KasUC. IS 27-4t l*"OU KAI>E—Ono gray horse five years old, weight about 1,250 pounds, welt broke; price $85. Noah NlaUy, route 1. IS 19-101 A CAR for your lumoicr trip at your own price. A summer without tin uuto- mohllo la altnoat Incomplete. Many bargains In this lino can uo aeoured through N CWB waul ad». KA-RN EXTRA BFEND1NO MONEY BY HKI.U.NG THE NISWS A1< W CER 4 X*. M. EACH UVKNJiNQ. lOo HTARTS YOU. APPLY TO MR; GF,AGO, NEWS OFFICE. 10 I9-26t L)R, 3-JULI J . a foot spocialist is "with Dr. Melioia at 223 Ivast Second. Broken arches treated sucetSBfully. Fhouo 2013 tor iippoli.tment. 19 4-251 FOR. pump.';, driven wjJla, caaltift W .-11 J' and IrrUralcfti outfits and yard o^itfiif, »ee 1>. M. Mayura, 31b Kast U, plumy ^-U, • is z;.-7:5 STOP! Think: Why throw away your old furniture when wn can make it ijood aa haw? Repairing and upholstering a. specialty. Tapestry ordered. Ldnman Furniture Co- $08 Worth Mala, phone B7S. Ifl 27-30t AUTOMOBIUEB CC'o.nt'd) for your sujnmer vacation? Find Just thtC «tr you are looking; for through thq want ntle In Tho New.*. If you can't find It there, irlltlla ad will find It for you. Call number 8, News classified depart' ment. 22 i7-Uut FOR SALE—Buiek with truck body, good condition, guud tlr.ia, no junh, for nulck cash saio, 176. Kmraatt Av«ry, phono 1516W. 211 27-4t WANT TO" SELI, YOUR CAR? Then list It "with us. We BO U them; no stornge. Kltftirs Motor Exchange, opposite Convention Hall. 22 12-2ot liUICK C touring oRr first-class condition, grfod rubber, At car, cheap for cash. Apply Mr. DeHttrt, Third and Adams, Sterling, Xan. 22 25-41 FAUTS I tear them up and sell the parts; all makes. A. K. Johnson, It South Washington. ^22 18-2at News Over Southwestern Kansas WOMEN'S SHAPES NOT GOSSARD-S ONLY WORRY Chicagcan Has Been Trying To Settle Litigation Involving Stafford Ranch. FOR SALE or trade—Ono Nash truck with stoek and train body; ttood- mechanical condition. 1317 Kast ihuluh. 2d a;-lot OUEVROLKT delivery car. 1922 model, nllRhtly used, jsoo lens than half the price of a new one. Kverett Grocery. 22 27-31 FOR- BALIS—Ileo aedan In good shape, piieo ?17i. cash If taken by July 1. Phune 313 or 3953W 22 '.'(, SICCON'D-harid Ford parte for sate. Phono 2-H5. D18 South Muin. C. C. F.chel- herger. . —' 22 '27 -6t FOR bargains in Used ears, so to Sllfers Motor Kxcljange, opposite Convention Hall. 22 12-21it FORl>—1921 t/iurlriK ear for salo cheap; also trailer. Jenkins Music Co. 22 25-tH FOR SALE or trade—1919 atudefeaker special, good shape. 8-112. 82 27-101 FOR SALE— Chevrolet coupe In AI con- ditlon. See Bunte Coal Co, 22 2C-et FOR SALE—Auto trailers. 115 South Walnut. L. Warn. 22 2-25 FOR SAt/E—Aeto trailers. J. U War.l, IK, South Wali.ut. 22 2-2bt POULTRY Milk fed, nicely dreased, Fhonft us your^ order. Sffillft Clay lPir ©dlOaic^ Co. 18 Eaat Third, chone 779- IS 27-25t MVS poultry of lice like in&glc. Pom's CohU-n Wonder glvun m drinking water or food f.-w days doe a it. Will not harm fowls, flesh oV egiia; holp.J save baby chicle; 1,000 treatud iiastty aa one; G0u and }l h*ittk'.s; guaranteed; at yo\w dialer or by mail. 1. 1 A. Pommier Co., iCU Topelta, Kan. FOR SALE— l p ;i. to 2ri-poimd fries and broilers at CO' centi; each. Arkansas Vall«y Company, one block north of Sylvia pavement on lleiidrlx street. 23 Z6 -4t ___ PO R S A LiE—00 U. O. f o u r week B old chirks, 25c each; IS IS, O- laying hens; flue broilers 35c pound. 723 East E. 23 25-10t RAR I T ED Rock eggs for setting. Also baby chicks. Buff Orpington and Barred Rock. Phoiu 2381 \V. 23 tt)fd 2-25t FOR SALE—-Pure White Pokln ducit egga, 50c setting. Mildred Whtt<*. phono 49F5. 23 22- FOR HAEK—Thoroughbred Iia-refl Hoc* cgB3. %l setting. Phono 20B9, 413 East A. 23 7-25t d!haiC:( Guaranteod to outwear two leather soles. Santa Fa Shou Shop, IS Eaat Thh-d. • ]9 27-41 REMINGTON galea and Service—Remington Typewriter Co., 24 v West Firs';, phono 402s" B. A. Klntael, salttoman. 19 4-251 EYESIGHT; consflrve it. Cet the fa'.:ts about your eyes. I>r. Darland, iJllh North Main. ID lC-20t NOTICE, real c^titte men-Lots 9, It), 11, 12, Lee's, second addition, aro off thy marKot. lit LAW'N mowers sharpened; called for and dellvorcd. 14 W«at A, phone 1787. 19 G.-16-201 Farm lighting system; no vihration, no noisft; hifatt) longer, loss repairs;' gives better satisfaction.'Lot UH show you. •ALAMO ELECTRIC. 18 23-30 FOR SALE—Cherries at Leimhach orchard, one mile west on Fifth street, S illo north. Bring baaketB. Thesa cher- lea are fine, largo Monttnor'encv. 18 23-4t 22-H.F. engina, W separator, cook shack, water tank, everything complete,; will sell or trade. For particulars, "wifTR. S. Ran flail, Oreenaburg, Kan. FOR SALE--T\vo mules 17 hands high. wtilgi* 2.500 or 2,600. Also harness and wagon. Will tako J17G for outfit. 1001 South Main. Phono 717, 13 £?-4i YOUR chance to quit farming—Will trade stx-ruom, tnoaern lioufjo for youi fanning equipment and UaBe, Address care N'«ws. H'JC-^u WANTED—To IracTc an equity In property for a good car. E-68, core News. ' 17 25-80 RENO county land to trade for Hutchinson property. X*hono 3682. 17 81-25t FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS 18 A hotter list today- than ever before: Ono Kimball, plain dark'mahoKany.. .1150 Ono Hlnnvan and Kord, golden oak, , Ilko now ,.1125 f One shop worn Strohber, mahoaany. ,S21U One hlBh-^rado Mehlln and S'^is — |1V5 One Cable-NelHon, folden oak, like new n «o Ono Now England, extra good J135 Ono Voae, walnut $140 One Rachman, niahoffany, fine shape.$i«10 One Rush and Lane, .now ,..$275 We buy for leas; we sell for leas. H. a. PHILU '3 109 North Walnnt . tl J7-4t PaivsQipjtri—AciicilSaaiseir When you are aorlously ill, whom tfo you employ? When you need legal adv^oo you seek tho .bast. Whsn you wish to tnako a sale of possibly all you hava aarned and : 'acoumulated of several yeara' hard wo.k, whom will you employ to •«tt It? (^V salesman who knows value and giilri:t-ft^Btesa),,, J '4 >o?,SiJ0|i, Hutchlason at VKfrs iWBfc IITal FOR SALE—My homo In Nlckorson. two lots, six-room house, "Water, lights, garage for two cars, large lots, fenood chicken tight. Frank Rltcha, box 825, NiekerHon, Kan, • 13 25-7:5 N - • „ FOR HALE—Electric fan, bookcaao and desk combined, Perfection oil Hlove, dreastrti, bods, disheu, etc. 1118 North Main. _ 18 2S-U FOll SALE — Seven-foot McCorralck binder. Also (fang plow. Bd Annadown, LImar Station, phone HZ I'Jariow. -18 27-15 FOR aAI.K--FBrnIturt ,r Jtovea ajui rugs sold on easy payment<s.'~Mltehell Furniture Co., H22 South Main atreet. 18 2?.!0t WE sell Storm King famous plastic root ccraont for leaky roofs. L. J. - White Lumber Co., phone 65. - 18 8-2ot FOR SALE—One 4«-ton B'iseher 1ST chino WorkB Ice plant. Inquire of A. A. Appel, Bushton, Kan. 18 11-7:11 BARGAIN for uutok'cash oalo—Three lots, «ar«Be, four-room house, furniture. 706 West A, 18 PITCHER pump with 18 feet of galvanized pipe;, never been uaed. Fred Hamer. Call 2184. 18 23-tt REGISTERED Jersey cattle; entire herd for sale: best blood lines.. Olen Krldor, Newton, Kan. 18 11-?;16 l'OR SALE—8-foot MoCarmlck hinder, good shape; 12 -foot Aomo h«ador- Phono 3N5. 18 H-i&t FOR SALE—Quartor-sawed oak chlffe- robe; auso crocheted tatjeprcad. Phone iMbW. 13 tus 27-4t FOU 8ALK--Modern, twelve-room rooming house. -iflO Ent Fourth. IS 20-31 FOR BALES— Tomato plants, red and yellow plums. 818 North Woodard. 18 l «-2St FOR --- SALE—Ono dreaser, two settees, one leather golf bag..Phone 2518. IS 85-tt WANTED—Furniture to rspalr, retlnleh or upholster. Call 1419. 19 18-30t FOR real garbage service, phone Sanitary Garbage Company, 3910. 18 25-25t HIGHEST prices paid.lor men's clothing. Phone 777. ' 18 2-2ot J. H. SKOWKR8, obiropodm, ::l Eaat A. Phone 2026. . 19 S-JSt WANTBO—MIStoEULANBOU* 20 BKW1NG machine 'repair workj guaranteed; country or city: examination free; repair all maUaa. Family manufacturing bematitchers a specialty. Phone SIHS. J. C Lynch. 20 4.Jit SEWINO machine cleaning, overhauling; work guaranteed. J. IT. Ltunroaii, phono 2470. id 2 -Sbt Al-IE your chiclrz dying? Have them with "Ularho," Weesner'a Drug. 23 7-25t FOR SALK—Baby chlekenB, 16 cents each. Phone 1'SOs. C;l.l-iJI^ I-'OIt SALE—Egg.^ for batching. Phone 2606. j a 2 . Ba! FOR BALE- ......... .. .•iwui.'-tas: -CITY PROPERTY i hm® Era <Si@iaw©©dl Buy an acre or more on ihe hnrd read; the taxeft are about 75c per aej>, o.'l ]«;iv.:- inent; it's an economical u;iy to live. Yen can have bearing apple trees with the crop. Notice the ffrehm ltealiy (Jo.'.s ;iil;it, Fifth avenue west about 2(1 blocks from Main ttreet. One of the fine.H locations. We have a few left. , BREHM RKALTY CO., Realtors. No; 9 Kust Sherman. 1'hone 42. 24 27-lt Btafford, Juno 27.—11. W. Koasard of Chlctt^o, ordlnnrlly it manufneturer of corsets for women, hau been laying aalda all l.ltoiiBhta of women and tlieir needs and looking aftor tho Irti- gctlon InvolTBtl over tut; 0 »artl ranch in tho southeast imrt uf thl .t county. Ills lather homctHeuilnil tho r-tnch In tho Int^ aevenlios. Thcro has b«cn cflnsiJrabU) litigation over tho Gosyai'il* paat your nnd Mr. (lossanl eui'.io out'from ChlcDgo to Juako an altonrpt to act- tlo matters. Tho (.Jogsard ranclt has henn In oliarito of Sheriff McCormtdk for tho pawt year or inoro and- has cortuinly4 boon it real caie. While idr./ljoaflarrt did not effect a soUloment. of tho claims agalnRt tho ranch ho succeeded In BOLting tho BeLUemont date BCt ahead two nrontrm. It the money Is not foithcotning Ute &^lo of peraoisal properly on tho Gossard ranch will bo held on August 3 8th, it is'oald. Uoseard handles Ayrshire ctittle, Berkshire ho^a nnd Percheron homes on hla. Staitord county ranch. Uo nlno crwiis a ranvh in Indiana on vvhich ho handles Ayrshire catlio. lie ships the milk into Clilcnjcu ami has ostnblljhod qnUe a milk trade, <he paid. The milk from Ayrslrra cowa voutians lose but- tfrrfat than tho milk at Jornoys and is exactly suited for babies ami invalids and Mr. Cto&sard believes that, some day, ho will malto a mint of money out of I1I3 dairies. As soon as he gets his Indiana ranch on a paying basis ho will turn liia attention to his Stafford county ranch, -whiWt he propones to build Into a great, institution ad a memorial to hla father. NESS HAS WHITE WAY. Western Town All Dolled Up to Receive Summer Tourists. Ness City, June 27.- - The new white way WRS turned Tor tho [in.l tlmo Inst week uud is' certainly a great Inrprovo- ment In tho appearance ot i'eunsyl- vania av-emie. Tlio fixtures aro of tho one-light typo with a beautiful -white globo and they throw- sufficient .light., to maku tho street almost as 'bright aa day. Whon tho material arrives for tho extension of the while way for the two blocks ot Sycamore strrnt Ness t'lty ^ HI bo ono of the heat lighted towns in thta pitrt of the state.. FLIES CAUSEDEATH OF GREAT MANY HORSES Croat Henri. Juno 27.—This ycnr'-i "harvest "vsill bo u hard ono on tho homes. Couplorl with tho R/rroro hent, is tho pMHiiie of im uniisuiilly 'iurj; 1 ' munb(.'r of iiics. Fly nets ara not Rtrrfich>nL ^ruit'ctiohy i'or tho hor^o;!, •tHrt tanm -M -s say. Wert nf hi>n>, four- tenn hovHt?:. \viu -(i killoi. by flies, a roskient iU.U.'ul > cL.tfnluy. , Rice Co. Ht >isc3 Affected. Lyons, June 27.--Th« Jirat sU>ck loya tr.un aimst'i;()itr. tills h*j;;pon vrna uuffGi-oil yi'.sit'rilay by ,1. i 1 , Lll«vli.*t. south of horo. Atr. lUovlus for>t his finest hor ^ii, a lartro sro.y in two, from .overheating. Sho Juul he«m worked lu tlio fi<?I<l harvoi'tln;.; during tliu day ami dk'd altrtr bfini; fut in 1.ho burn about in id ai'tenioon, HAD NARROW ESCAPE. HOISINGTON HAS BIG GASSER; GO AFTER OIL IIof>i!i (rton. Jim« 27.- '!";•• twt twins made on the EveriUh >».ise N'o. !• ' for oil, brought In a ».tr»i!^ flow of j gaa at 2,100 feat yevd•-.••ley aflernoon, la ilow ostlnmled by <!. IJ drillers «t j three to four million r.-.,[. Hut tlio flow w.u iiiu till, d off arid thu drlUuiK rcSuaied at >>•,.. «» it \? oil that tho company nmnKlne; the drilling t« attiw. It .3 t.o.el 1.,, ntriKs oil about J, 000 Art. The r.irttntunttr is l;-> e<infider:t tliat oi! struck tha.t the ;;ho\ving of ^':i.-j 1'iuii^hf foitb. lie denionvitratlon. PRATT LIONS TO HE1P WITH KIDS' BATH HOUSE Sharp Pointed Stick Thrown by Child Nearly Hits Woman's Eye. Lyons, Juno 27.—A sharp pointed stick, thrown by one ot her children who wan playing with others in tho yard, struck Mrn. John Cello under the eyo b;til Just missing tho pupH. The tick w;u thrown aci'ident.a.lly bul it caught Mra. ('olio Just at the edge o£ the eyo cutting ft half Inch gaah In tho lower lid. It waa thrown Willi such force that had it struck a half inch higher it would havo ruined her sight. Pratt, June 27.- --The I ' VIM cV.ih of fhi> city will assist jn I .,ii|.|in«: oath lum '.f* at tho i 'ii 'h h.i;. h ry to tho I amount of 5'.Vttn a:, purt of iln-ir pro- crain nf maklntr k'ddb-^ ••'• rr-att have a happier time (hi* ^,;i ;iir ,Mei-. It is pl.tuiiei] to creel 1 wo bath houses, the club inep. ri-c. Minis tho luntl .'Or .-tlid tlaine \\'ard''-n J It t'oze furnisl-.luf; iho t :antl and r.-umnt for tbo floors. It is planned to star woi-k at once. ; TO PLAY AT LYONS. 41 Piece Band From Great Bend To Visit Neighboring. City. Lyons, Juno 27.—-Captain Woodard of Battery "C' received a oonimuniea- f.ou from the tlreat Uonil military unit yesterday saylUK that Utey would b". hero the "Fourth." with a 4i pleoe l>ao<l. Ono of the feature:! of the hand's appearance in Lyons is n 45 mluu;c\ overture, "Civil War." It has taken much work in preparation and unless eomelhint? unforseen happens will be played by the tiaitors. liattie effects will bo carried out by the local cvtlllorymeu. art ths NOT A HARVEST HAND ON HOISINGTON STREETS iroiMnsto.n, Juno 27. T - The i?!reeit* are full oTTarmers horn todav looking for harvest, handn and not 'one wan available. Tho whoauis HtMmlng faster than e.vpnc.ted and th<i need for men Is imperative I JI this n,.i"libor- litiod. Veteran Dies Suddenly. rVulK" C'.ty, ,luuo 27 -VV 'i .Io !'.i-ato<l ^n the sidiovalic uiidcr tin' 'iiiad*! of the li-ecfl in f !XM1 1 tile pie-:l,t ,ffirQ at Yiitt I'odiTo, Alfred w-ii:«r>-. H" yearn rdii. h'ltph'd -^(.ver di-'ul. lb' '.v :i* visit- in;; vvilb two OomiiUHh 'M-: ^11" ;;:•' fv;r(, Hr. Hatfield and William M.-t'lnro and a sudden heart attack came and ho expired in a few mino'--* Ho is survived by hid widow living at Kort Uodjto. HEAT PRICES ARE DOWN Said They Were Forced There as Result of Some Exaggerated Statements. Oklahoma City, Okla., June 27.-— Declaims; that wheat priced were forced limn liTccnts a bushel as the NIKK -room motlern nouie except heat; house In excellent condition, haa laiee baBenient, earnye, lo,:uteil In 400 t,!t,e.k on Kast C avenue; price $3 ,G50, easy terms. KING BiiOTHRTlN Phone 55!). 16Vi North Main. 24 27-lt icon SALE HYDE PARK CORNER One'of the best vacant corners in""rhe city, at a real bargain, from owner. Call phone 2511 or addreas bor 330, city, 24 18-10t DO YOU WISH TO, SELL? List your property "~ with us. CARKY REAL ESTATE INV. CO. 4118 N. ifaln. Phono 972. 2* !t-26t FOR SALK by owner—New suburban homo, -eight rooms, steeples porch. Would consider city propel tv or farm land. Terms can be arranged. I), tj. Mitchell, 729 West Fourteenth. 21 26-lur SUNFLOWER PRODUCE We call for poultry anywhere; pay market prloo. Phono 25IS, 713 Smith Main. 20 2-251 WANTED TO BUY 21 TOR SALK--Sbt-roorn, two -atory, at 418 blast Fifth, modern except furnace, can bo bout-ht on terms, fS.SOO. Lincoln S. Lavis. 21 US-it WAMTKD to buy-Secoud-hana furniture aod ruffs; blBbe* , t prices. Johnson Furniture Co.. 113 South Jdaln. 21 2-2St HJGHEiST pices paid for men'i caal-off clothing and ahoes. Phone 116SJ. 21 2-25t SVA.NTBU—Oooa usou honseholtr^furni­ ture. Phone 1349. 21 25-Bt HiuHlSST prices paid for msn 'i oiothlna. Phono 717. 21 l-2Bt VV"ANTI{Vl>—i3econd-hand Vorrb Till Bast Fourth. 21 211-ot •WANTED to .buy—Uncompleted I. C. B oourse. Will pay cash; must be reasonable. Phone, 49a. 21 23-2il AUTOMOBILES 1M( JSXTKA SPECIAL Pain tiny prlcea for June; . DodKe tourings 130.00 Ford tourlims »W.5U All other cars In proportion. Beat of workmanship and materials, O. EL M® FaEiuiffi^C®. t£9 South Main Street. Phontj 1181 • S2 1-7:1 J»anyard pl»ton slnaa are »uaranteea_to Ktop oil pumping, hold compression, better tbm • reicrindlngl less'thjn half the oo«t. Let us shotv you, Harry Hater Auto Service, 115 East Second, phone 744. 8a 18-88t , 1 AtHSNCY L«t me order you Kouuine Maxwell and Chalmers, c»rt*. CaiJ arte Kaat A for domonfitratloii. *^^^ rMC ^^ „k-»t T vVO lots and five-room eol '.at 'e. Soiuh Main, good business location, $3,f00, liberal terms. Bit OWN BROS., Realtors, lsy, ICorth Main, phone 234!. 21 27-41 FOR SALE or trade-—Hutchinson residence, eleven rooms, on West Twelfth, strictly modern, up-to-date, will trede for Enialby- residence. Addresj F. .1 Hoss, CIS Eaat Bichth street, Lamed, Kan. 2tM -25t ^WALL PAPER, PAINTING, ETC. 28 IPraipieir !lsu3i |niing ISc KteiaS® '' IMls 344?' M tls " :e lollr l J ' ll,llir 'B- Phone HKLIABLls paperliiK at a reoannabl'i price. Farmlnitton rcslrteiica phone 43F5, At office Saturday mid .Monday. Phone 2817. Jas. While, 21(4 East Sherman. 2$ 23-25t cleaning wanted. Call 24t\V or Puvali Pharmacy 94. Work KUaiantoed. 211 S -7 ;S „ Pa ^„ r ,, nil "S! ni: ancl Palntins. Loading line 1923 wall paper. Prices reasonable; work and paper g-uarunteed. Phone »M7W. 26 iO-SH FOR flrat-ciuss paper nanfflnE and paper, roaionablo prices, pall f. A . Lister!" phone 32S2J. 1018 Eaat Eleventh. 20 2-25t WALL paper, 5c Per aouDle roll or bolt and up; 25c per bolt tor hauelnir. phono 12»3J. . !6 7. 26 '[ WALL paper. Be pet nouole roll or bolt and up; 25c per bolt lor hanging. Phone '• it 7-25t PAPER han«inp;. painting. Harry F Cline. phono 2S20W. ja fi -25t FAPER banging and spaintlntf. Let us •how you new altmples. Call 2104W 26 10-25t MESSENGER SERVICE C HASTY JlesHfensrer, phone f,:!3. "™ Ideal Mcfc«eri)it;r. ;,hone 2954. 28 11-2r, FTNANCIAL 29 on city honi-ia; long terina on monthly puyment plmi. Farm louns. THE K1NKKL AOKNCY Phone 2055, btato bbicauii(je Hank BlflR. It 2-26t FOR SALK—My new, strictly modern home; all conveniences complete Open for inspection. 10'J West Fourteen ih 2t 1-30 FOR SALlil—Modern alx-rooin house with Barmfo and other Improvements. Inquire at 618 Kast Sixth. 24 27-."5t FOR SALE-, Five-room, strictly modern oottaec 125, West Eleventh street. Lincoln 6. Xiavts. 24 2G-;;t SELL your houat. Yoa will nnd buyer by phoning- 1378 after 1:80 any forenoon. -- 24 11-30; FOR SALE—Five -room bungalow and Vacant lot. Phono 2987. 24 2S-25t FOR BALE—REAL ESTATE SB 'S^R~1§ALl37^en~a77^ alfalfa land. Kice (trove makes a nice riverside park protected by the new ditch; won't overflow; lava Hons paved road. Beventeen acres above tho ditch; S ood land. Would sell at half prtea. Heo ,10. owner, L. P. Iteivonlmus, robts I, Mutoblnson, ifnn. £j ^-27 WSk 4itTB =-«T"or 16iTa7jTerT™s'Tind7 five miles MaokHVille, Kan.; fenced- Ideal oow, pig and hen farm; bi^h school Reed cash; lis per acre; possession at onoe. ^. If. Ha—'- -- ~Harri«, JJodg'e city. Kan. 25 Hi r IKJ .R SAI J E—Improved luti-e.cit f.»rur l'u In wheat; on;, mile east of \tertoru i--n r ttrma and pries. Inquire of H. n tjo-rl- ««n, lnman, route 4; phone lnman 1J1C. 2C VOii - _;I0 MONKV to law, sn5ail atnuunts. VVt-lfura Loaa Co, ISVit North Muin. 2v FAHM loan*!, 6% inteir-at, low cotmnla- T *ioii. Newilti-aiannlng Lou.ii Co., UTA FA KM and city Ivana, loweat rate* ^nd cojimiiaaion; write or call for full detulln. J. N. Bailey & Sen. 2a 2-S6t re.'.ujt of "cxiiffifor.'iU'd" E'.atemenfs math) at Uu> n.H'unt national wlieat contirc-nrc in rhU',^^. John A. "W'Mle- hnrat, .pi'taklttnl ul* tho Okhilidui .t Stato Iloaril of A::rir;i;u:i\» toduy ia- sitL'ci a r.ill fur a conf^renco on tlio w.momif proilucliou of Tviieat to bd •hoM in WicliUu, Kan., curly In -hiily. Wheat £vo\v'ei-;j. mUlcfii and state odt- flaltt of T L' S ILS , Oklahoma, Kaijj'ftB, MiM^ouJi and Culorailo hav: been invited to pttrtk-IpiUo lu tho c*m- foronco, Whitehtirat nt\U\. "StuU'nu-nls that suf ;'lrJe;:t was on h:irul to i'i?''tl tho wnr'il f.'ir fivo jnontliri. oven wjthout lh!*» vo :ir >i CTt>p ftiid >:x.r.;.;g..-r;ite'.l i:>tlmuS^s of tho nation';) crop oist-lo-ok for^ud wheat down 12 contfi a 1) U.J:L'.: I foIIc-A 'inv; th* Chicago coniV-roue 0," tieoiur«Mi WtiUo- hurst. Below Production Cost. "WI UML L now IfTboIow tho cont of ji-rodnction find r.t present labor costi Uio fanner tdmply cannot oontinno to grow %vlieat upon a profilalilo bkalv With Daytorn economists advi:;lns; to ffod our w-htt.-Li to tho boas it la high time w« tvero KottlriK to^e-tJier and taking stunk of tho situation." ^.ayhiK; aaltia of onevfomUi oT U10 prnaent T.'iioat aoreago for ainniiur fallowing;,' ami a K^noral curtailmont ot uv.rcago was tnt^KeatocI by Wljfto- hurst aji stRp3 to bo ur&od at the r >ro- posed conVorunce.' Tho idea of su'-h mooting liaa tho fcHd-ors"int;nt. of Okla- hoiuu, gro^lora und nitUcra, bo aald. Entertain For Departing Quest. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Italbo entor- lainud at tliolr homo on Avenue A oast Inst evenlus Iti honor of Uornico Campbell, wlio will tear*} tha Jaot of the "svotik to Hpoud tho remainder of tho summer with relatives aud friendu in tho east. Mr». CanipheH entertained tb-"! floats with tusvvru] vlitna .H W O^ U OIIH and during one of them she wm; Hhowored with a bunch ot tmndkur- chiefn wb't'b had been brought by her friends. \ Dainty refre*;lunonty woro served to the following guo-sta at o, lat'i honr: Mr. and Mra. OU *u liindorburijcr, Mr and Mra, Kormit ('larrlnper, Miss Mabel Garring'-r, Mi.-i^ (Jpul Xewburu, Mrs. Ilattie limiler, Mr. J toy Dariand, Mi*. Jaw. Hoojier, Mr. and Mra. Andrew Baibe and thu honored guest. WEALTHY FRENCH MAYOR - CARVER COMING TO U. S. Edouard Herrlot, Mayor Bdounrd II, rriot. rnllllonaire pxoc.utivfl of LyniH, I"ruine and lijatlur <if tho radk-al-Boclnlbu I;I-OI :[> oppusing Premier Ponicaro'a policies, (3 coming to America to study incthoils'of wtxid- oarvlng hero. He has amassed a ' fortune In thu wood cat ving buMiifss. ' ^^BUSINESS OPPOnTUNITV BSgj ©ppoirftociDDlly MONKY to loan on farm and clt> "-op- erty; —asli Mcr7actiter.l 20 f-2St CITV loans. Newllu-Maimlnif Loan Co' tl^ North Jfalr^, 3g 2-23t ^^-OST^STRAYEO OR STOLEN SO LOBT, ealurday oti road between Sylvia via BU/ford to T*ratt—French horn In black cn30 made by Frank tlolton Co.) he.d dent ahout four lneliee long-. Uipurl to Pratt baud and receive rewaid. 30 2a-3t S T 7! A T K!.I —Itoston buildou, dark brindle. left foru foot white, white spot on tup of -l »aad. For better description, phone J35BW or call at 603 North Plura for ra- ward. SO 27.ti LOST--B:own and white itoston Hull Terrier, fem&lQ, bet.veen Ilutalilns 'in and five. mlUfi noutb. Finder return to 61S Eart c. ltaward. Phone 2C02. 80 25-41 TAhl:>J Ul'-- 8I.1 young cattle, five Jcr- ••ya and ono black. V. C. Krueger. fi miles ea^t and ono mile aoutb rc.'orroa- tory barn. Miot'.o HVli. 80 28-3t STRAYJ2D—Oro brtndle red mlilc cow. Call U. C. Qullck, phoini 1694,'W. 30 27-lt L<i;-i'i'—Ma.40i,iu pin. Finder please call 2i2f-J. ,';'. 1 ie. Would you 111;,, u, ),;... of wtal .i ';.ihiri(,' ,i |. iuaiu*.. ejLC „ t ,3 j ';u;JL;:' \Yh h;t\i for the ihrhi jj.-irty i,j t puylnRT iaiHiiieH-j tr. a 'P!'"i-tuntt7 .1 titut ;a;.-8 »0U .-.a opi>"i tuaJry italdir'n a itood, Ini; tov,-.i; e.v- celi,-nt opportunity for a h. have Huuill eaje.u'. anil be a real i.inife'-. 1 lURfi. For full particulars, ado >i .-„i J -f'i caro Nnv.i. jj .J.J BUEINLSS PKOPERTV 2.3 ,ifmall bHslnew m fairly )«rg8 /V >wn. Doing C o<X> bus!r .'B .i. <psrlvlna; town. Small capital will handle. Ocod mason for •elilng. For Information, address G. W. BEESLEY OIE3, End Came At Local Hospital After I EJrlef Illness. O. W. Hco'iiy, if -lO'J i:.i.. ( |. Bigger Htroot, tliod ye -ner i:iy imu -niMg in. u, j lc.'.'il l'.u.iiiita], foU.iwitr.', im Hindus ot only 11 fuw iluy.-t Tliu fnuurnl wlil 'bij bid,! tf.mori'uw Diiirnlng at 9;30 o'clu'-k from thfi i'vte ;;-H ?tt fii'ir,r;it (airbir;;, liutial iu (iio i>ai;t:>[do ceuuo- tf.-y. Mr Jli-oslcy waa ^7 yoars old, and wins lHjfn In liaraard r'aiply, K'flilwHy, iio waa married in CineUuKitti, '. V I PMI 2o yoar-i old, and canto to If uo -him-yin about iv.-oivc ycam ai;o. Mr;', llcci-dcy precpth.-d h '.m In death, ton yoirj. Ho is stifvivod by tlirao datiKhli in, Mi's. Franlt Mannlni; <if Caldwell, Mra. <i. A. Pouter. Mr* B. O. Pfwtor *;ul 0:1a non, M. C liei.'tdoy, tho latter tltri 'O all of (."olurudo Hpringn, Cchi., uud a Krunddauyhtor, Mrs. ii It. Grov-.--. of Udc city. ^ A Now Danncr. BoardwalV; strolle-iv t: ••r ,-e fr ara of Injury by atray shot- ji -om craft p-urlitiing rum ruiinoni, Tha, u'ida a uauih of novelty to tho n 1 r> 11 •.-,.,•! 1 ; a- lis already lu y,'uit lor the ;:i:.., • at : y- ttandor. U -B5, CARS fiswa. »S 31-2'j FOR BAUB-- A (to«d r»staui»,nt, £0.1 Bouth Washington »lrost. Ilu*lne« Ja ver/ food. Will sell chean for cash Frank Haii'.a, Prop., phono iiTT9. »J i4-ll)t BUJLLil.NGil, h:,t«, oontmerclal and long term leases; --a«k SioNa«at«n} yirat Katiccal bul'.dinu. 3a 3-s;t LVST •.*-AUi(ik*'ircaat; ttuu. .Phoniijii. . i la -a. uue KiyiiiiV it trie'' : ,'me ycu. tcend i»J-H«t jtadina !\Va* v.ui.i ad* Bring The Kiddles Wo have swings, sai-.^jilcs, mcrry-go-rounAs and a tvi.; play group.0 in £._r:;rii! at

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