Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 6, 1930 · Page 8
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1930
Page 8
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OECATUR HERALD MONDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1930. DECATUR HERALD Burgess Bedtime Stories By TBOBNTON W, BUBOfcSS A Thump and a Slap (five hlnujcit nwny AVuuld hr- be to i N i o h tlin nvnii'tit bramble-tangle IM'/"|-I' Old M« n Coyoto or Iteddy fox could catch him? Pcihtipii those wlucpltlR (ifcso would not drift any nwiri't to .shore und then they would By THORNTON W. IIUUOKSS I their eyra fixed on the poml. They (Copyi-lglit by J, U. Lloyd) made their way aioiiml t h o other end tt all Bounds llho n dteadfnl quai- of tho pond from Uio one Old Man rel, doosn'l it? But there wasn't any Dttyoto hud gono nround, j quarrel nt nil. You HOD It WUH tlihi Vi-lcr rtiiys Th« Hera i wuy, poter Kabblt HllUns on KU«rd l-Mci'st h e u i l ucnt |lUt-]mt, pit- near Iho pond of Vuddy the Uunvrr. ii-|iut w l i h 'x«licment. What should whoro Honkci the (iowo nnd ht« 11 h u tin? What OUGHT IIP to do? 11 followoig were sleeping. MIW H O H K - ho nhould I h u m p and liy to wiiltcn thing movlnB uinonii the Ulnctt Hrml«-r mul tlio other K eeso lie would Khddows which flllctl the Ci-ern For-i\.. "Hello' Wlliit tliilt timvlli,! ovor them.-' thought Potei. but In- \\i\t fur too whir- to t h i n k It i-n' loud Ho Just thought It Insldii find ke[it HtlUer than -vcr, if llmt w i - i n lie..- wlble. And ull Uio llnui hn limited vety hard In thn direction whoio In- tiiul seon. w thought hn hud ivvn,' *onicthln(t moving Kuro enough In n tnlmilo m two hi, *MV It ttftfiln. "° M1W 't itt-iil ncrosa (roni i/ne Hlock Shadow Ut . nntht-i and he illrtti't rn i-ii in le told ivhnt. thia Home tiling wan nor who It wa«. Oh. no, 1'cti-i- rtkln't iiotd to bo told. Peter had soon thut nhadowy [01111 loo of I -n not to htum- it tit tho vtjy flist KlImKi-. U wns Old Man Coyolw. t'L-tci- d-ll little fn-lfkicH of fear nil over him. "Ho known f am i\ei' t'cif und ho'H hunting for fue," thought t'utor, "Oh ilodr whdt th;ill I do? It I't n louK way to tho ni'fireat bmnible* lixnglo nnd I don't know of ti nUi|,'" hollow log in 1 )K»)IJ liny rifinet I n h h I'd iiayo'l nt homo. Tl«a» whin 1 do--I (vKli I'd stayed nt home.' 1 l ( o crouched down, i n a k l n K him- »tlt an einrill Hi pojullilo tinder the thick binncli ot tt low-siowtll(t hemlock tree, and atured cml with eyou HIGH LIGHTS OF HISTORY , No. 13 George Rogers dark-- darlc Plans an Offensive By J. Carroll Mansfield 1930. by j Carroll Minsfnlil) |NTRUSTC( WITH 1HE DEFENSE OF I^EvnucJw (_n77 XVOUM ROC-RRS CLARK ws«iepup*N PU« TO deuteve 7H£ PRESSUESE OP ROH IHOR rem AT DETROIT THE 0PIT15H NORTM- KASKASkiA *H CMWKIA IMltLtNOl5AMI AT VtHCENHK OM1HE WABA5H RtVER IN MSYLVANtA LAAK WANH«» 10 TAKE TWB eFFwsive ( M*ftcw ftCAETLY WT01HE 6MCMVS ew TWC WK i F suuessput IN THAT, H? WOUtP luRH NOftTHWARP- AM ATTACK HAMILTON AT BRITISH ME NAN ATTACKS, SUPPLVIMfi THE REOJKIH5 W)TH C|UH£ AHP POVJPER AHt? PAVtHQ THEM FOR. ALL AMEftlAWl SCALPS THEV TOOK * Onoo Aloro lie Sul Tlglit nnU lleM i III* tlmith U'lilln irunny »nd Hcd-j ily l' H ix J'tiwi-d. wide with fonr. Nenroi nrw! nviuoi 1 oc sufo nnd ho would not need to fame Old Titnn Coyote, t'ctet' pat ftlvo wnrniitK, Pcrhnps they -would It wn;i Uio "iifosl tiling to do not henr hint uvoti If he did thump JUHt JANE ARDEN Another Trap By Monte Barrptt and Frank Ellis WHSMJANE ZSCAffED fflOM /SHA/f SUMeS GAHSSTSftS- A POLICEMAN \£LUNTEER£D TO HELP HBP UT WAS LUCKY I FWN INTO YOU, iTHE MINUTE I ©OTAWAV «-· THAT WHERE PJO YOU eer THAT GIRL.? IT'S ALUCKV THING FOR )YOU I WAS ON THE JOS 'WHATOIDYOU OO,GOTO SLEEPS I CAueHTHER RUNNIN© DOWN THE STREET i ncn ^UWK.'UOINT 9f FyNNy. I9HAM SHAPE PUT HE OUT\ 9lOe INTHO TRlCK SUIT y ) jyffT IN CAS VQy TRiBO TO QJVE US' THE ffuiO-H6ALWAYS . THINKS OFKVBRYTHtNQ Flo JUHt kinf;c(! lo utn, but If lui| should do llmt Old Man Coyotu would bo lifter him In n flftyli nnd prt«r Unrw how Old Mnri" ton uin, Ho ho »nt tlpht. Ihniigli tt wn) tlic hituk'it kind of lii.iil wuilt tin hold til!) breath, Oltl Man Coy- old wat !t» nt'itr ihta I'ntri 1 WIIH afrnltl ho would hwvr tho thutn|in[: hlM heart. And then i'cter gave ntwl ho \voukl run nit that dreadful ilsk Tor nothlnt;. Anyway, thoio was no nci'd of doinK nnythlng just yet. So I'etT watched. Llttlo ly little twn of thrco ot Ihoso slceitlnjr forms ilririci! ncurer and nunrcr to t h c l otlior iUoi-e. tfy and ty they ivero eo iifar It Unit IVtcp knew that (smnc- thltif; must ho dono nt onco or It would bo too lute, Somtwhoifj over n ioft llttlu Bljsh tit relief. Old Mnn them three pairs o[ hungry cycs ( Ojotn hnd (mtiscd without HO much wero wtttehinf; tho.iti peesc jtutt us ' HH a clnnro hln wuy. In fad. (l'l wni. Peter mndo up his glance 111" way. In fael, M i , n ( ' ( . j u t e w i i ' f watPhlntc llm f( I'ailiiy Iho HMIVM-, find hl« C.VIM fairly burned with e^empiis. Silently, hut (iwlftly, ho «t»lu alnnst. I!" wni. Pi-tcr mndo up hl.i mind. He wmitd tl\utnp. and then ho \vould run with till Ills might. Tluimp! Thump; Thump i Peter hit thn jjriund with nil hlji mittht und GAS BUGGIES Help Wanted m a k i n g hit way nnnmd to ttio hoped It would waken Honker. Then other itlilo ot the (ond. T l u n I ' t i i i v IMiinil w.Ulltit; tn see he stnrr^d for Kn WIIH n f t f i - (nrt of tho neari-nt brnnihl«-tftnj;lo ai tftsl us he rxjiild RO. K l n p ; That was lht tall ot Paddy I h e Ileiuei- hlttlnt; thr water. He hnd henid Vetei's thtitupa and knew n luit i h r y jtie«nl, Ami nt tho sound' (PI Hint i l i p (totiliei- the, Ooost- 11 nd erst nod. tlioifl goese who, flint anlcep. w n f t drlttlnt; nenii'i- nml neater in !h- othi-r whore , Peter WUH Jii't tiylnj: to in,il(i ui hi-, tnlnd what lie ouftht to do when hli wahbly UUlo na*v t-annht n. tv tnlllur K«ent, Onto tnrtr« he n l llKlit, It wnt tho safefit thing to do. Cranny · nnd Tlcddy Fox pnfscd. 'lliey, UitM Next Slor.v; Hunker were ntcallnn tilonK very w f t l y , with Tlmnlf. In peter. fiends II IN WHATS THIS.-- vX/HA-fS THIS?? f IT' A .j**. ^^^ ^J* it4l 'CONFIDBNTIAL MISSION NATIONALLY PROMINENT FINANCIER... ....LE1SURH AND TRAV6I MAM OP tOURASE MAME . YOUR OWN SAUARY ...I'M REALLY TOO BIS A MAN FOR THIS LITTLE BURS UTOPIA 5 Cross fforJ Puzzle Created By J, R. White n zo 2* 31 ·41 ee · I tt «a 69 ffS 21 IS 16 30 S3 es es eo as as 45 SO 41 10 13 64 61 II ·oc ·at ACROSS 1 An oplfttn Lid 10 StnMor from W«s( Vlrslnln H Wing dhnocrt IS M union I tlrnnld It ExchaitR* ir«mlum IT rrocenltor IS WtftthorrocJtJ IS Clly In Novndn JO Sctifttof front Wt'il v irs ml n ti 14 SR M KoM (ft Tho»» »nd snlutc 13 Bcllftn tt Arlna lit Feminine name (T Llttlo Clilldrca IS Tiucltl 40 smooth f t ClOJle by r« IllntW { V ) tit, Arlor'a pftit SJ Kuttln U.l rcnctrnle C I t'ai-t of tlir- tiro f,,' Kinnnnted U n i t (7 Iteiivenly haily 11 I'.pvotflo slinptit pt ctirvo t: l'«rl of a ftoh ( p i ) n To JHIIH u|i ;j Mexican rubber TOOTS AND CASPER Salvaged Jimmy Murphy ~TWy \y VJHERE WE PART COMPANY 1 I'M ^OKIMA REPLACE. VOU WITH A BRAND MEW Llt! I DIDMT PAY MUCH POP YOU BUT COST tv)E PI.EWTY ~TO . CHBCW YOU TRV ON OP THE^B cnmeu WH1LH, UP MY OTHER CVSTOMEtt- COME BACK. TO PAPA! DOWN I Mlnca ! 1'cti n.imc of Cl'.ark.i Jii 1'rrtorintr n Confirm 13 NtKrltoa of l i e riilllpiilnca IJ t'Htlc Scottish BRINGING UP FATHER Taking No Chances By McManns S A ni:trUct 4 Introililctlotia ut books B after f Trcclous stonca 7 Sell 5 licforo (ro't ) 0 l-'ruU Aruw*r to Prt-vlaus so 43 41 Drouirht (ort.i jj Mountain rang* tn South America 4 , rrovWentlal umtt 41 « ·tD Sl lit s; (.3 us Muko cori-ccllonD In lllmlii qoccit rlnnta Strewn Prevaricates rortoblo covered Iniup or eandlo Olicy Tho Orient V/EV.1-- iVE DECIDED FOR TO TAKE A,TRIP "TO EUROPE-YOUR ROTTHE ^ ^)0 CrV\NlKY OVER _ CiOLF- t THtMK IT BE^T To AWAY OH- THAT DO WE =i«M». OKJ- MOTHER? LA BOUOW'KY- BUT i MAY CHANJ^E- I'M UK) DECIDED · * IIW, IMI PHUIM ·*»!*. IM.. OHil ·riuln rifhd nwrnt. cheaper Ktiiploycrrt Girl's nonii: A Hcnlhlto Mind Pitrtlclo et ft plant Girl's rmm* Cervldfto Some :DJton City Residents ? Leave For Vint In Iowa - DALTON C!TY.-4': Jc»up, tWSPAPERI nnd Mi-», c:, for with Mrsi I!tglit's parent;), Mr. and Iftva. Frank lie £.111. Mrs. Ella Delahunty entertained tho Lad It a' Afternoon Card club tn hfr homo Thursday uttcinoon. Tln \\onicn ot the United Brethren church nerved n dinner to 330 of the Gushdnl Shoe eni])loyea Thurn- day WARRENSBURGH CLUB COMMITTEES ARE NAMEDFOR YEAR WARRKNEURG-Tho Concorditv club mot In tho homo of Mrs. Mary Watlilns Thursday afternoon, tne mor-tlng having been postponed from lost week because of bad weather The prealdont, Mrs. Pearl Slithrop, ap])olntid the following committee. American home -- F l o r e n c e Schroeder, Amctlcnn citizenship--Ida Bnum- gartner. Civil sorv)co--Bessie Tucker, Motion picture--Virginia Lchn, Community ssrvlco--Giacc Watkins, t Conservation--Mary Wutklna. Education--Nellie Brown. Fine arts nnd poetry--Carrie Wli- lonl. Gttrdens--Clarn Drpsbnck. Indian welt«i-«~Mlnnl« llerrod. Junior membership--Hazel I m i l . Nottleman. Literature-- Mi unio Gulp. Music-- Nettle Staley. Ptesa ancl publicity -- Mary Stan- Public health and child welfare-Anna Gink* Radio-- Joy McGorroy. Rpcakei's bureau -- Florence Iry. Friendly co-oporatlon wltb «x-ncrv- Ico men -- Fannio Cltpston, Law enforcement -- Maud Tlcknor. Flowers and resolution -- Mabe. Noel and Vlrgmia Lehn. There vrero 23 membors and one visitor present. A Rnrdon program ivaa presented and Mrs, Fay Faith sang, "An 014 Fashioned Garden" accompanied on the 'piano by Mrs, Hazel Ltnehart. Miss Brinker from Daut B«w' : gove a very In touting talk and demonstration on the arrangement of flowers and gave many halpfut hints on the display ot garden flowers, Pink hot houi« TOS«S were presented tq each member present. A garden tour, which had been plantfd fry lirj. Clara Dresbaok »nd Joy Mwporray wa* much enjoyed. The itinerary included the gardens of Mrs. Mary Watkiiw, Mrs. MurLlin Pevorly, Mrs. Sam Cossman, MM Mlnnlo Hcrro4, Mrs. Parker Beail, Mrs. J. M, Schroeder nnd Mlsa Anna Sch«nr. Tho next meolinp will bo in Uio home of Mrs. Pay Faith on Oct. ft and tho program will bo on, "Indian Welfare". Repair Work On Road East Of Charleston Is Underway CHARLESTON, -- A number of workmen have been busy tho past several weeks repairing state route 16 tiat of CbarlMton, between that place and Alhmore. The dongtrout fill lias been re laid and is now smooth OB any other part of the »J*b. Another fill, which Is also regarded M dingerous, will be reputed later, it I* said, At ttw river, where the two hills become dangerous to motor traftlo during winter monthi, side gutter* ar« being constructed to carry off tho water. Thin, It Is believed, will do away with much lc* and mow in winter monthe. TWO SENTENCED FOR STEALING ONE CAR ON OLNEY STREET OLNEY.--Tho return to Olncy from Westficld of Emory Brush and Noble Barber, alias "Roy Decker," of Bridgeport, on a charge of stealing a car In Olney this wa«k, brought out unexpected complications \vhon Highway Patrolman Chart an Baker of Bridgeport recognlMd "Decker" us Noble Barber, \vho hat! been paroled from Chester penitentiary. Barber received t penal (arm sentence In Olney for family desertion six years ngo, and escaped from the Vandal la farm. H« was noon caught and sentenced to the Chester penitentiary from which he rcceivfd a parole, which he violated In the theft of a car burn this vre«k. Parole Officer Clarence Kaley, ot Robinson, took Barber back to the Chester Institution Friday, where he wltl «trv» the remaining tight )K»s of his 10 year sentence. i Brush, whft was wlth Borbor when flm Ford of Yank Utzelman was stolen from the street* hen tltla i werlt, IVOH scntencoil Thursduy by Judge D. D. McCarthy to one your | nt the Vandnltn. penal farm, nnd fined J150 and costs, to be paid nt the rate of $1.50 per day if not paid by the time his year IB up. Clay City~Woman Taken To Olney Sanitarium CLAY CITY--Mm. Ross Kelly IB in Olney sanitarium where she won tnlten Winlncsday in tho William licfkslm ambulance of J«ffOrsonvllle, nreompanled by her husband and slBters, Mrs, Edna Gill nnd Mm. Marie Bate* and step-mother, MM. Cora Johnston of Cl«n«. Mr. Kelly wan at Olney Thursday and r«ported her Improving and an operation will not be necessary. She In suffering with kidney trouble. Mr. and tint. Raymond Holt are moving this week from the Larkln Skelton farm to a farm In Elm River township, near his parents, Mr. nnd Mm, Frank UoJt. Mi 1 , and Mre, M, G, Henry attend- nl the funeral or Mrs. Deen In Clay City Friday afternoon, M. G. Henry wan buying eattl* Thursday around Ohio' and Nobt* Mr*, Josephine Hubbl«, wl.o ha* been «lck with Ihe flu ior the pa*t week U improving. STOMNGTON CHURCH TO OBSERVE ITS 93D ANNIVERSARY SUNDAY STONINTON.--Membert of Oi* 6 ton Ing ton Bnpllut church will commemorate the Md anniversary ot thn founding of the church In * home* coming celebration Sunday, A baikrt dinner will be served ni noon and a program pretexted In UIP afurnoon, b*tlnnln( at 3 o'clocli with · roll call. Rally day will be obmved by the Sunday *ehool tn the morning sen · let In the church. Th« elapsid time of the round-the- world night of th« Graf Zeppelin WM 31 days 7 hour* SI tnlnutt* ironi tho time of It* departure front \}\f ' navel ntMlon at T^akehumt, N, j., to arrival there, The actual limit In the air was U day* 11 minu«n,

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