Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 28, 1970 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1970
Page 26
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V 4' H, - •*r" . Telegraph Monday, Dec. 28, 1970 By Dick Brookt RfcRRY DRAKE IT WAS JAN EVEJ? MADE 7EPMITE * TKftT COSE /KOBE ) AND HIS F»L, THAN AN INCH * SttMZyf I'LL KILL "EM f YOU WARM) VEP, ENOUGH, J ELECTRIC HEAIBSfe A4C?. RCESOX ON OLD 181 Tt> OMAHA By Bob Webe* DAVtB CRANE PP-CAR* MAULOIN HAS TURNED 1W6 IWlWON 1O Pfc/CfiCe MBOlCINB IN 6OUL15ER 6LUFP MOLANO GlTf 1 WAS HOPING THKT NOW SUP'S £OU_£CTION OP PETS WOOLD HAVE DWINDLED A BIT/ YEAH, BUT i THOUGHT HIS ROSINS WOOL.D FLY SOOTH / HE 30ST GIVE UP A, SINGLE ONE.' WOULD HA* 666M JOOUSHIDReTUftM SMALL By George Sixta THE WIZARD OP ID By Parker and Hart TRYING TO BAT YOUR WITH SHOULP HAVE SOME IHAT'SWHAriSCAaeO By A. LEOKUM WHY DOES A BABY KANGAROO STAY SO LONG IN THE POUCH? PUP ASAIN- A QUITE A 6AM6 LANCELOT By Coker & Fenn ON IN <i' ANP MEET V AN7 TEI7 ANP ALICE.' /po N 'T B e &ILLV, LORI / 5 / I'M SURE IT'S NOT ^ If toh I THE ©AME COUPLES<O fJipLV VOU'RG THINKINe * inriT. > - OF / TIGER Bud Blake 12-28 THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith y ^% ^^\! ^*y#)/ y JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman JN THE RUBBLE OF A FIRE-RAVAGED BUILDING, JEFF MAKES A DISCOVERY... THEN, RELINQUISHING ITTO CAPTAIN NEILSON, HE TURNS TO LEAVED HEY/..WATCH OUT FOR MY FIRECRACKERS! SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal NOTHINS, REALUV. THE KINS HA5 LFARNEPNOTTO MU6H ON MOWS. Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Cathy Rohland, 14, Logan, West Virginia. Pouched mammals form one order of mammals, the marsupials. Marsupials differ from all other mammals in the way their young develop and are cared for. At birth, baby marsupials are tiny and only partly developed. The reason is the short time spent within the mother's body. It may be as little as 8 to 12 days with some of the smallest species; with the largest it is usually no more than 30 to 40 days. At birth a baby kangaroo is hardly an inch long and not even fully formed. Its tail and hind legs are like tiny stumps. Its eyes are closed, and its ears are not fully formed. Its mouth is just a tiny hole. Only its front feet are well developed, with toes and nails. As soon as the tiny baby kangaroo is born, it begins to climb through the mother's fur toward the opening of her pouch. It seems to be guided by instinct. However, the mother licks a path for it through her fur. Climbing hand over hand, the baby reaches the opening of the pouch and pops in. Once inside, the baby quickly searches out a nipple and hangs. The little kangaroo remains firmly attached there for a number of weeks, nursing and developing. It grows, becomes covered with fur, its eyes open, and its' ears form. Finally it can let go of the nipple and peer out of the pouch. When it is several months old, it starts to venture outside. But if danger threatens, it pops right back. By the time the baby is six months old, it is too big to fit into the pouch. Now it eats grass' and vegetable matter, like its mother. It is well on the way to growing up and taking care of itself. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box- Cannibal Prince: Am I late for dinner? Cannibal King: Yes, everybody's eaten. Little boy fishing with his father: Dad, may I have another cork? This one keeps sinking. Dec. QUINCY By Ted Shearer I'M GETTlNS EVERY- •*- BOPV'S SIGNATURE JUS 1 CASE XWXBOpy )N OUR. CLASS BECOMES FAMOUS,.. HEX Quitvlcv. WILL you. AUT06RAPH BOOKf By Carl Anderson True Life Adventures FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bolton /...AUD CWO SA<J WAteK'S 1 s . I?05HIAJ<& OOT OF We I* WAW.*?... AUDIT'S 13 ?Js HAT Ort EARTH IS THE GRIZZLV BEAR * T7O1HC3 A WOOOCHLJCK Answer to Preview /^=_TET^ MOV)N<3 A TOM OF EX-USWE -SJUARKV ESCAPES.' 1 LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE WINTHROP By Dick Cavalli 9OMETHINQ ABOUT BEING UPHgRGWMEN HOW ABOUT' IDIOTIC"? THE TRICK BOX Here's how to tell if a glass Is exactly half full of water. Tip the glass until the water just reaches point B. If the water is above A, the glass !s more than half full. If U>e water is below A, the glass Js less than half full. When the water is at A, the glass is exactly half full. Win The New Book of Knowledge Yerbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's winner is: Kim Gibbs, 11, Bethalto, 111. 4 Pickled- telish 8 preserve 12 Presidential nickname 13 Operatic solo J4 Excellent (coll.) 15 Anecdote (slang) 16 Orange 18 Fruit drinks 20 Made smooth 21 Small sealed dose of medicine (var.) 23 Rudiments 24 Black tea 25 Smiled scornfully 29 Ink stain 30 Detective (slang) 31 Guide's high note 32 To lamb (dial.) 33 Exclamation to attract attention 34 Bedouin hat cord 35 Operator of a snow vehicle 38 Choice part 39 Always (contr.) 40 Felonies 41 jelly 44 Fixed course 45 Without organized helpers 47 Irritate by scolding 50 Winged (her.) 51 Seine tributary 52 Attempt 53 Act 54 Dampens, as • flax 55 Plant juice DOWN 1 Spree of drunkenness (slang) 2 Arab garment 3 Horn to j=? E AIDIEIR magnify the voice 4 Feminine appellation 5 Expunge 6 Semblance 7 State of exuberancy 8 King's dwelling 9 Money out at interest 10 Wavy (her.) 11 Recompense 17 Album (Roman) 19 Song for two 21 French clerics 22 Of a gram molecule (chem.) 25 Prophet 26 Army units 27 Exalt in spirit 28 Valleys (poet^ 30 For it ' 34 Dismounted (var.) . 36 Serrated 37 Ten (prefix) 38 Rusts 40 Plume on ft helmet .41 Figure having lour angles (coll.) 42 Unicorn fish 43 Small island 46 Exclamation of dislike 48 Southern constellation 49 Cheat (slang) 'isna '4' •ahiQHdpux •oi"'NyrQNr'6*i *fl 'e '«WWVH -i—««9g '8 '00818*3 "9

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