Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1941 · Page 9
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1941
Page 9
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(Mo>>er 16, 194! F*m snd Adjacent Trading Territory FAfB CIRC t- DAILY GAZETTg, STERLING, ILLINOIS Rock Falls City and Adm-th'r—iJirfr ^r Small j Into FafW?MHk<lg*Tm«>. t Central Section Industrial, Business and Agricultural Interests of Whiteside County mHJTKWEW EVERY WKIK DAY EVENING— c. r>!?U, l^nartt. Pel*. I>«*T tir*T*. Wuhnrt. Ho«Hp*ta. »«» B*«f***,' M*«Hw. Y«1st*w«, Nflrwsmndj, Tmmp«rn. Frfpheiirta'am, Erf*. retitan. Mw»«ww, LfR««n. d»«, Coww, F.merwsm. R-«s«<S Graft NIT PAIW 2,813 *> J ^1 carrier. mail, *nd pale in surrounding villages «outh of Rock Rivft Every- Advert .her— Large or Small ' — Goes Into fl,5S5 Homes L_J * King's Daughters Of County in Fall * Session Wednesday ^hi''* flower*. Two red ro*«»* -a ere y>!*<"pd hv Mrs. Hnrry Shiffer for Niel Smith, cradle roll, and Mrs. Maude OriVL". Good Samar'i'an cir-. r] '' '' tlllfl Mr - < - Franrb .lennnics , RHK In THP Harden Mrs. A us- 1 n5 nl. r -o rnnvrntion pianist for thr vmn." Polios IIIR w p5 thf* p^nr] ">r\ !< f. when .TV en pearl*, each one "vnisjic two tioUarp. we'p Riven the Y. W. C. A. Mi.v EM her canerkrr was in charge ol thi.<- rprvice. The tall candies which lighted for the pearl.', were white tied with purple and white ribbon, and were placed In white holders .Msrroiinriinit ft large renter- pi ere of white, daisies. The pearls were, presented by . Mrs. Charles Mrs Ben Her.the of P«>na. Ftate Cnrus. B'isy Hand clrrle, in honor DaiiRhters O f Mrs. Jacob Henrichs. member: Francis Jennings for Good Mrs. Ben Hershe of Peoria, the State Secretary Speaks secretary and Sons, was the RUTM speaker lor fnin _ rimm-i .^,,1.:..».• .^. —> the annual fall convention of cher-r circle; Mm. Lena McCarthy Whiteside county for the Kings for Golden Rule circle; Mrs. Mar-i Daughter*, held. Wednesday in the j or j e Hlnrichs, Good Samaritan dr- , CohgregaUona! church. Rxx-k Falls fine ftddre.ved the afternoon ses- Mrs. Clarence Oaulrapp. Loyal cir- tlon nnd chose for her subject C ] e; Mrs. William Henderson, Lend " IA Tliat in Thinp Hand," in •a A ia , R an crc, . which «he strewed the tliought that Lawrence aturtjs; Mrs, Lowell Lew- with- one must not hold his talents with • . one must noi nom in* minim wivi!- Wi i n nonor 01 mm. «zn In a closed palm, but with a wide me nfl. Good D*td> circle. open palm, the talents will flow -j^p closing morning service, forth to enrich one's own life and w hich was communion, was in .. . • i _ • _1 t, «•._ All Vl»»» 11 fa * * A » _ ~. _A .u. f~9 4 V*4k M!« t !*•/* Y^ the lives of others. All her life wlV lives ui viii^i-n- *»»• *•*-' **-^ ( cnftr^c 01 iiic ymsi-v* v* MJC \,t*\** *.!•• she said, she had worked with what tne Rev . Le Roy N. Fielding. Assist- _« «^_.ll_l.A«Vt«nrl i. ______ **«_ y~*V.«. *•! *• /~*n I**^F Wf B she had In her hand. In Illustration for the use of Ul- Aaron Pluck. Mrs. Earl Lutyen* and ente, she broufflit from the Scrip- Mrs Edward Langanecker. tufps the stories of the parables of Christ and used excerpts Irom the book, "The American Woman. 1 ' to •how the growth end progress of women of material and spiritual Import. "The Way of Life," by Pa, Hence Strong, and verses from Henry Van Dyke lent examples to the meaning of her subject. Mrs. Herthe also pointed out that women must be alert to legislation that affects them, and that all women are aflected by what some women do, how the use and dtiuse of Ulenta attecta many lives. Have Two Birthdays of Townsend Members Are Celebrated The Birthdays of William Wolf, president, and L. J. Folsom. first ienw anecw many ii.». »..* vie* president, were honored at the t£e right? »h? quesUoned, to meeting of the Rock Palls Town""• V* ' . .7... .. j- _-..j «i..w rrsi^eiliiu »v*nlnir fh* po«M«s talents or abilities If we do not use them? Not Just what we accomplish counts, but the motive and the effort made, not Just what we have counts, but the use that we make of what we have. She urged that we use our talents and powers, le«t we lose them. - Tie Christian, life la a teat and toata make for character. Good work* are rewarded. In giving she brought this version from the old Bible times customs, that when we give a tenth to the Lord's work, we really give nothing, for this already belong* to Him, not until we give more than a tenth, do we really •Ive. The Inspiration in her worth while counsel was further empha- aiced In her closing poem. "He Has Chosen Us," from the King's Daughters' national magazine. 'The Cll.ver Cross. Seatlwi The inornlng session ol t;._ convention opened at 10 o'clock, with Mn. Edwin Betto, county president, in charge. The annual county re- parti were given by...Mm. BetU, ptttdent and treasurer, Mrs. Fred !Qehrens L vice president and Junior chairman, Mrs. George Hlnricht, aecretary and Mrs. Jarne* P. Hop- Uni. publicity chairman. Mn. Betto' report showed that White- aide county has eight senior circles with J70 members, four Junior circles with 56 members and a cradle roll of 12. She promoted the Indian work, Is Indian work chairman for Whiteside county and gave a report in this department at the Indian: breakfast meeting for the •tat* convention held in Congress hotel in Chicago last week She. -g»*e-ttMHwtarf»rioB-aervto* lor th« enttrc Junior group of the county. One *ew senior circle and one new Junior circle were organised the past year, and increase in membership la IP aeuiuta and il juiilurB. Cun tribuUoru were made to Freeport children's home, the fund for the •tate-home for the aged, Chautau- Qua scholarship fund, county carhp, •tate camp, Indian work. Total receipts were 1325.47 and total disbursement* $313.89. Mrs. Betto also announced the gift of the beautiful 1*0,000 Cleveland home in Rock Island to the Illinois King's Daughters for a state home for the •fed. which was announced at the •tote convention. In order to keep this gift the King's Daughters are Obliged te guarantee an income for its upkeep. For this the state hoard recommends that each circle five an annual gift of one dollar per member for this purpose. There •re 4.M4 seniors and 644 juniors In the state. '-' lira, Fred Behrens, In Junior work, named the four circles, The Bright •tan, King's Messengers, . Good Deed* Junior and the Happy Go Lucky, and announced a recent new Circle, the King's Jewels. She told • of the county camp held at Camp Merrill M. Benson, with Mrs. Edward Longanecker and Mrs. W. W. •eater her co-chairmen. Twenty- til girls attended camp and five out of town state officers, and local •tate board and county officers were guest* at camp for a special tea •ad program. Four girls were sent to the state Junior camp at Port Byron. The welcome to convention was given by Mn. George Warner and Meetings were read by Mrs. George •inrichs from state vice president •Ad Bible study chairman, Mrs. O. F. Bannon of Joliet. The morning •tovotions were led by Mrs. Lawrence Wesner, who gave the story of the meaning and significance of the atrd Psalm, a poeoi, "Playing the Gome," and a prayer of peace. The morning's musical treat was the girls' glee club from the Rock flails high school with Miss Jean Busaell directing. They sang "Tice-tic-e-ton." Italian melody, and "Bles* This House" by "B'rahe. The O~aubl« sextet included. Jeanette Heed, Frances Anderson, . Dorothy Mane*, Margie Chariots. Vernice Jenkins. Marian Griffith. Christine Albert. Beatrice Conley, Norma Ter,«•*, Alice V»rd», Marian Echelbar- and Frances Andrews. Memerial Service The "In Remembrance" service given by Mrs. Lawrence Church. weedy* miniature garden treat » vfcjtt gateway aod tttili* and County Officers of King's Daughters Are Re-Elected Reports of Circles During Afternoon Of Convention Changes in Ritual Presented to Lodge Deputy lx>niw L!ndb*r? of Moline na«t prf^nt *t the Rock Fall* Poval Neighbor meeting Wednexlay eve- •ilng Todsv «h* is mpftlnR with :he Drer Grm-e lodje. TTir Rivk V>»r! in the cwmty convention next week and the new unit for the next fhre<> months outlined p'»n* for coming event* In this unit are Orncf Rice, Ruth Himmett. Audrey Logan. Ruby Collett, Ann* Von Ber- (ren. Helen Thc*npson. Ruth Cappig »rid Blanche Springer. Vice Oracle LUa McOava was re- portfd 111. TTie oracle. Mory Lo^an. rend a supplement to 'the ritual which WM aent bv the supreme ora- Guest Night Held by 'Rock Falls O.E.S. Wednesday Night 6 ?0 dinner *•«* wrvrrt to 7S in'Bfrnir? Acton, Sterling; iwociMe i pnd al'-o from R<vX Falls chapter. iP pry* FBI is Mfthod;*t church, { patron. Orrslrt Laujthlin. Milledte- ; Short, talk* wfrc mad? by thr r-fviing thf fr.«Uv)M».« :n th» M«-i \\llf: ."errftsry. Brssie Hammond.) in tVif **M. hull in ' A\iti;mn r t«b> fea- In rhspfr mom for 'h» mf't- 'ii»ii »nri fall honor Thf of (r'". o , cle honoring Mrs. Ann* Chapman; . R Hand circle, in honor of Mrs. j n honor of Mrs. Maud Clem- of the of the church. were Mr«. Charles Cnrns, Mrs. send club Tuesday evening, The birthdays of both occur on Saturday, Oct. 18. Mr. Wolf was presented with a beautifully decorated birthday cake, the decoration! Including pink roMtrads. Th* group sang "Happy Birthday" for Mr. Pol- SOVfl* The captains of two teams for a membership drive were appointed, as follows: Ernest Orosse and Mrs. Blanche Folsom. The k»lng team is to serve a supper to the winners. Announcement was made of the dLitrlct meeting at Morrison, when Herbert P. Haren. state representative, will speak on "Legislation In Washington." Games were played, with prises being awarded as follows: Pinochle, Mrs. Eiia Oallentlne and Mason Hicks, high, and Mrs. Lola Sloat and Ernest Orosse, consolation; and bunco, Mrs. Blanche Folsom and C. Johnson, high, and Mrs. George aignor and J. Qreenman, consolation. Winners at the games last week were: Pinochle, Mrs. Maude Baker and William Renfro. high, and Mrs. Blzabeth Fowler and Troy Baker, consolation; bunco, Mrs. Blanche Foisbm and C. Johnson, high, and Mrs. Carrie Blsson and Glenn Det- weller, consolation. Literature Group In Woman's Club ToJBegm Programs Monthly meetings of the literature department of the Rock Falls Woman's club will commence Oct. 37, hostess. A book review will be given by Mrs. H. F. Daggett. The chairman of this department is Mrs. John Sturtevant and the assistant chairman, Mrs. O. M. Snyder. On'the committee are Mrs. H. P. SharU, Mrs. Clifford Cramer and Mrs. Edward ReUener. Meeting* included in the calendar for the year are: Nov. 34: Hostess, Mrs. Clifford Cramer; "Travel Memories," Mrs. O. J. Pohly, Mrs. E. C. Grosse and Mrs. J, F. Sensenbaugh, January M: Hostess, Mrs. Edward R e 1 s e n e r; "Music Appreciation," Mrs. Roes Lennox and Mrs. Fred S. Casner. ' February M: Hostess, lira: C. E. Tousley; "Development of Libraries in the United States," Mrs. Carolyn Brucker. March »: Hostce*. hfn. O. J. Pohly r musical reading, Mrs. Wayne FrlU; review, lira. John Isooney. April IT: Hostees, hfn. J. F. Sensenbaugh; book review, Miss Geneva Hirth. May M: Hoateea, hfn. C. Jt. Brant; "Knowing Insects "Through Stories," Mrs. H. C, Shiffer and Mrs. J. L. McKlnney. Firemtn Called ta , The Owen Sands Home A defective chimney was the cause of a fire at the Owen Sands home at 5M East Second street Wednesday night about i:35 o'clock. A hole in the chimney at the first floor level set fire to the flooring and joists. The Rock Falls fire department was called, and had the blase out before much damage was done. The house is owned by Fred Compton. SI Rock Falls Briefs Mrs. Fred Hagennan of Rock Falls and Harvey Koser of Sterling are in Lincoln,, Neb^jOfj .business, and are vtiitfng relatives. Mrs. Jacob Cantlln and daughter Marjorie went to Chicago Thursday morning to visit until Saturday with Miss Ethel C - *Un, who is attending school there. 8h« will return home with them for a weekend visit at her home here. Corp. J. T. Torres of Camp Grant and Mrs. Torres from.Chicago left for Chicago today alter visiting the past week with their mother, Mr*. Anna *ffrlfnd la BOCK McCurdy, in chant** were which » msd« in r>, Orac* number of the work. After the nwtlng there wan a picnic Rupper in chart* of Ruth Hunmett, Grace FUoe and Maud* Rick. Hans Swanson Dies Wednesday Night At His Farm Home Resident Southeast Of Prophetstown for Past 22 Yean N. Swaiubn. 78. who . i with Mrs. Swanson celebrated their gold- The rte'.ichtf'i! noon luncheon Wednesday for 'he county convention of Kings Daughters and Son* was pervert by th? Sunny Circle class of the Rock .Falls Congregational Sunday school In the church dining room. Nearly 100 members were seated at the attractively decorated table? There were bowls of lovely flowers and the place cards were tiny white candles on silver coloi- Malt*** crosses. The candles were lighted, one to the other while the members stood and sang "Blest Be the Tie." The afternoon session opened at 1:30 with a devotional sen-ice by Mrs. George Hlnrichs. For the text she used the state and county keynote. -Follow Thou Me." Passages of Scripture from the four gospels, for direction, taken from the life of Christ, led the way. These Included lessons In missions, talents, healing, comforting, helping the needy, caring for children, laying up treasures In heaven, prayer, forgiveness, peace, brotherhood, humility and service. Reports from each circle tn the "county showed work and gifts for stat* scholarship fund, for the needy in the community, gifts, cards or flowers for shut-ins. Christmas and!en wedding anniversary _ Just six Thanksgiving baskets, Y. W. C. A., weeks ago Sunday at the John Dem- county and state Junior camps. Free- ken home in Rock Falls, passed away ' Wednesday evening at 8:12 o'clock at his home five miles southeast of Prophetstown. The deceased had been confined to his* bed the past four week* with an Incurable disease. As quietly as he liked to live with his family about him, so he passed on. Funeral rites will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Wheelock funeral hoone In Rock Falls. Rev. Milton Lundahl. pastor of the Lutheran church at Prophetstown. will officiate. Burial will be in Oak Knoll Memorial park, Sterling. He was born in Malmo, Sweden, May 20, 18S3. and was the next to the youngest of 10 children of Swan and Hannah Anderson, who had him baptised and confirmed in the Lutheran faith. At the age of It, he came to the United States and to the La Balle community. He was united In marriage to May Hanson Aug. 2t, IMl. to the German Lutheran church at La Belle, where they made their home'for several years. Then they moved to Joliet, where he had employment in the mills. Deciding to take up farming, they moved to the Rock Falls vicinity, so that their children could have the benefits of fcjod schooling. For! the past 22 years, they have resided on the Clark McMillen farm. | He leaves to mourn his loss, his 1 with Mr». M. |d«votfd wife and six .children, as follows: Mrs. Rulda Scott and Mrs. i Bf-.v Schmf of Rcx-fc Full' chapter, who was presented with flowers from the chapter as also w«s the Roc* Fn^s worthv matron. Mirian Srr.:!h There were also flow-era given Mr? Smith by Kirkland chapter and her worthy patron. Dan Krad'.e of Rock Falls Mavis Giidden of Kirkland w-a* . the guest worthy matron in the east Worthy matrons and ;nitrons. of! and Waiter Swonson of Morrison the Roc-lc river vallev were Riie.'.ts of • « as guest worthv patron. The oth- Rock Falls Eastern Star chapter i er Ruest officers in the chairs were Rock River Worthy Matrons and Patrons Arc Entertained Prophetstown: treasurer. Erin* Fs-j After the meeting-the 125 her. Ashton: ronduc.lres-«. Anns Mae j in the hal! enjo.vrd a procrarn Laughlin. Mllledgeviile; avocutc cond\ifttres*. Fxlna Swanson. chaplain. Ruth Emmrrt. Dixon; Ruth. Ruth MetT.ler. Polo: Martha. F.milv Turnhaufth. Mt. Carroll; Eiecta. Laura Gibson. Lyndon. Warder. Meta Lonjr. Holromb; sentinel. Leslie Giutafson. Monroe Center Three of the Rock Falls officers also served. Esther Kmss us marshal. Kvaline Eldrenkamp as Adah and Lois Myers as Esther. Lou Genie of Rock Falls chttpfer was the <rue*t organist As Mrs. Giidden approached the east her officers from Kirkland formed an escort for her. She was for gue.«t night Wednesday evening, the following' Ayoclate^matrotvpreAented with Hewers from them trumpet solos were played by La- \ern Hoener of Sterling, accompanied hy Lnvonne McNeil. There were ni.-o three selections by 13 members ol thf Rock Fflll.s Tounrfiip high school band under the direction of Fred CaMier. A reception concluded thr evening A entertainment. Initiation ceremonies, WJH take place at the next chapter meeting. Traffic Violators L Hunter, M..Hubbard. ?nd Jack Bender of Rock Falls have been given tickets by the Rock Falls po» lice department for traffic violations. port children's home, state horn* for the aged fund. Red Cross sewing. Salvation Army. Indian work, scrapbooks for children in hospitals. Special music was given by the Sterling Township high school robed choir, under the direction of David Stryker. The offerings were a Russian folk song "Cherubim Song" and "As Torrents in Summer." Members of the robed choir are Marjorte Wolf, Gloria Paulson. Pauline Baker, OrJa Jean Belts. Ailene Bdred, Jeanne Quilter, Ralph Wade» Gordon Behrens, Wayne Frederichs. James Coats, William Welton and Cecil Wade. Jmler Cam* Bepert Marilyn Olds of the Junior Bright Stars circle, who was elected to the office of Junior state secretary at state^camp at Port Byron this summer, gave a report of camp activities, training in King's Daughters' history and work, recreation. Bible history, handicraft, first aid parties, which wer» a part of the camp program. Other enjoyable music Included a solo number. "O, Loving Father." sung by Mrs. Robert McFalls of Dixon. Mrs. Harry Shiffer played the accompaniment, of the new Senior The members circle. Golden Deeds, sang in chorus "Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross" and "Sing Them Over Again to Me." Maxey at the piano. Reports from the state convention were given by Mrs. Arthur Purdue. Mrs. Fred Behrens. Mrs. Bdward Longanecker and Lawrence ShonU. —In the el«ctkm^rf-o«kers.-the^fol- lowing were re-elected: President, Mrs. Edwin BetU; vice president and Junior chairman, Mrs. Fred Behrens; secretary. Mrs. George Hlnitchs: publicity-Mi«. James P. Hop. kins. The charge to the officers was given by the convention guest, Mrs. Ben Hershe. In behalf of the county icing's Daughters, Mrs. Vernon Fink presented Mrs. Henhe a lovely gift in appreciation for her coming and her contribution toward an inspiring and successful convention. Total of $46.39 for School Bond Uniforms The donation cans for the Rock Falls schools' band were collected Wednesday, and the receipts counted last evening. The total received was $46.39. The drive for funds for the new uniforms is being conducted by the Band Parents club. Donations have been received from hfn. E. B. Sanduaky, 'rank Beward, Johnston Lumber company, John Thompson, Ivory. E. J. Hurdle, and O. Adrian Hunsberger to Buy Prophetstown Store Adrian Hunsberger of Belvidere, formerly of Rock Falls, is negotiating for the purchase of the Gamble store at Propheutown from Walter Marshall. It is expected that the transaction will be doeed by the first of next week. Mr. Marshall has operated the store for the past eight yean. Mr. Hunsberger managed the store during his vacation in California the past summer. Residence Changes. Ten changes of residences were reported in Rock Falls today. Some moved within the last day or so, while other* are moving soon. They are as follows: H O Leuachkc from 401 East Third ktreet to 111 Dixon avenue: George Cook from Mt East third street to the Cobb house in Shore Acres: R. J. McKearn to 7001-2 Ninth avenue; James Cl?v- enger from MM Avenue A to Ml Sixth avenue; Donald Dimmig from the Pfeiffer house on First avenue; Floyd Tinkler from KM Pint avenue: Arnold Ray from the Runyon house'in Shore Acres: O. Hendrick from 407 Second avenue: William OalUntine from toil-2 Pint avenue to 701 West Sixth street: and Oriand Rude to 2S§ Avenue K. Esther Larson of Rock Falls. Elmer i Swanson of Prophetstown, Mr*. Ma- ! bel Damken of Rock Falls, and Norman and Lester Swanson of Proph- and 1J grandchildren and onr brother. Uafnui Swamon of Joliet. The grandchildren are: Sam and Marvin Scott, Marilyn, Duane. Joan, Roland, Be" Elw>7i, and Mary Cheryl 8»aaauu. and 3 uhnT Jr., William, and Charles Damken. Mr. and Mrs. Swanson quietly celebrated their anniversary day on Thursday, Aug. 2t, at the home hi PropheUtown. followed by open 1 bouse and a family dinner the neiti Sunday at the Damken home in' Rock Falls. Re was a prominent , farmer, and greatly beloved by all; who knew him. Lymon Root Submits To Serious Operation Lyman Root of Rock Falls underwent a major operation Wednesday mornuc at the Bethany hospital at Chicago. Be also received radium treatment foltofcinf the operation. htn. Boot and daughter Ardetta. A. L, Dextfr, and lire, Arthur Golf of Bock Falls and Mrs. Brvln Wester- hott of Dim were present at the •e to still m a serious condt Uen, as it will he three to four days before he will reach the crisis. He will appreciate cards from his friends, his address being Bethany Hospital. ROOM M*. MM West Van Buna etreet, Chicago. Attends Grand Lodge Joho D. WMlkMeon, master of (he Rock Falls lodge. Ho. 9W. A. F. and A. M., returned Wednesday from OhiMM, where he attended the Grand lodge and Wednesday. on Tueeday There were 1M districts represented. Mr. Williamson a representative Palis todfe. or the Bock Infant luried A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson of ail Bast Third street. Bock Falls. Wednesday evening at the Sterling puhUc hospital. was dead at birth. Burial rites were held this afternoon at the I. O O. P. cemetery at Rock Fall*. AH Day The Bewlng circle of the Bock Falls MethodUt church held an all- day watting Wednesday with Mrs. Jaoot Cantlin. with 11 preeanl. The tine WM spent on aewiaf on article. for the circle. A picnic dinner was enjoyed at noon. BSAA «•• CLA»Wn».il All* FASHION CHESTER'S FASHION SUCCESSES NEW ARRIVAL of HAND BAGS *2 QUALITY Shapely and spacious. Our new arrival handbags come in supple treated fabrics and leather*, nutchable to your every costume. They've hand* seme interiors. Others $1.98 to $10.00. flLOVES By Kayitr $1.00 Ie $1.60 Luxury gloves for every costume! Classic pull-ons in long, short lengths, dressmaker types with stitched, embroidered details, novelty styles. New fabrics. 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