Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 1, 1938 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1938
Page 3
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The Maryland Merry-Go-Round By DREW PEARSON The Baltimore Sun got all hot and I Patient Mrs. Nice bothered about the spending of large j War clouds in Europe huvc switch- sums of money for vote-buying which'ed the spotlight far fiom Maryland took place in Queen Anne's county.' n,; far as the White House is con- Then suddenly, without any explona-' cerned, and even caused the Bulti- tion whatsoever, complete silence de- more Sun to give up its dreary first scended upon the Sun. page editioiials and concentiate on Quite natuially a lot of people news. However, none of these things wondered about this. The Sun can do have changed in any respect the (low a lot of real detective work when it wants to. If they want to know the why and of Mar landers who conic daily to inspect the Governor's Maiii-iun at Annapolis. wherefore of this, they might look! On L-vory day that the weather is into the question of where the money ' Rood, little groups of people from came from. One most interesting ,dilTeient parts of the state drop in point for anyone to ascertain would]to see wliat the new mansion is like, be what Jack Corcoran had to do ogle the beautiful colonial stairway which windo down into the fiont hall, In TA e WEEKS NEWS GOOD NEIGHBOR FLEET --Emma I McConnack, IB nlor member of the ihlp- ping linn of Moore-McCormack Linos, Inc., managing o g e n l i of the American Republic! Line of Iho Unltad States Marl- lime Commission, which will begin October 8 opera- lion of the lint de luxe · t o a m s h l p service be. Iweon New York. Rio de Janeiro. Monlevldoo and Buenos Aires. with it. Jack Corcoran, in case you don't know, happens to be the manager of Pioneer Point, the modest 3,000 acre tract of land owned by John J. Raskob. Note--Most conservative estimate places vote-buying expenditures in Queen Anne's County at $8,000, while most estimates run up to $15,000. Labor Commissioner? and count the number of canary cages in the mansion. The number is seven. Mrs. Nice is fond of canaries, gold fish, and a bull pup which likes to have his ears .ciatched by visitois. Also you will find a few inquisitive visitors who seem to be more anxious than anything else to see whether Mrs. Nice i., a good housekeeper. ENGLAND AND FRANCE YIELD TO HITLER--Hitler's demand for annexation of Iho Sudelon areas In Czechoslovakia has been accepted In principle by both England and Fiance. Chancellor HItlar U shown passing beneath Standards during a recent review of bis Slonn Troopers. "Wunhingtonians are much inter- They put on their specUieles to look ested in reports that a secret dealer dust on the f u r n i t u i c , or spots was made with Millard Tydings dur-; on the u p h n l s t c t i n g , and even pull ing the primary to make John Loch- up the chair covers to see whether er, Building Trades labor leader, a 'hey arc iral colonial or only imita- Commtssioner for the District of Co- i tion. lumbia. | M rs - Nice has to go around every. The deal is reported to have been'day nn1 P u " down the chair coven? made with both Tydings and Vincent, that have been pulled up. Palmisano, recently defeated for Con- j Visitors used to be allowed to ingress. Lochcr was to deliver the sup- 1 s P yct thc upper floors of the Gov- port of thc building trades unions '«'rmi-'s Mansion where thc Nice fam- to the\ two above-mentioned gentle- 'y »' ve - But after having bureau men, in return for which they were drawers pulled out, perfume sampled, to make him a Commissioner of the nntl nats tried on, patient Mrs. Nice District. decided that enough wa? enough. Whether or not they are now able Roosevelt Republicans to deliver, is a question of a highly I Two Maryland Republicans who dubious nature. have attracted attention in Washing- 'Vote-Swinger Jones Kenneth Jones, the Baltimore i ton arc Daniel Ellison of Baltimore, a candidate for thc scat of Am"white collar youth" who reaped a^ broso Kennedy, and John Torvestad, whirlwind of publicity when" he told|°f Colmar Manor, who is opposing Life magazine that he had an am- 'Congressman Steve Gambrill. bition to become a Republican poll- Both men have been pictured to tician, isn't so r,urc now. Deep down n 'Sh Administration officials as pro- in his heart, and despite the fanfare grcssive Republicans who believe in of attention given him by thc Rcpub- thc basic ideals of Roosevelt and lican Notional Committee, Kenneth with whom he would have much more has but faint interest in a political in common than with the present career. i Democratic incumbents. Truth is he wants to be a radio ] Tms aoes not mean that the Pres- a'ctor or musician. His education is idcnt wil1 support them openly, for routed along this line. During bin a definite decision has been taken not high school years in Baltimore--he to support any Republican candidates was graduated last year--he special- openly. But thc bond of affinity exists Dunne, to low suode Hh matching AMERICA'S IDEAL COLLEGE GIRL--Mary Grabhom of Blue Rldqo College. 17-year-old college girl, cnloylng a cup of coffee at luncheon which followed her selection as "Amorl- ca'a Ideal College Girl." in a contest sponsored by Eastern Colleges. Judges selected her from over l.COO entries. J*TM £, ~$ '·*!*··' ,?S"*- V ·~y" · KOVHER O i-p'H.nla--Mrs Paul Grimm, of SleubenviHe. Ohio, IG-ycar-oltS wits cf a 13-year old truck driver, gore birth la triplets, two girls and a Ley. line recently. The babies, shown with their mother, weigh IS and a hall pounds (combined weight) and were reported "doing nicely." ized in music and radio broadcasting. Swing music is his big obsession. He can scorch a trap drum with true jitterbug technique. Member of a middle class family in Guilford, Baltimore's fashionable residential subuib, Kenneth was yanked from obscurity when Life singled him out as a typical American white collar youth. He can't remember exactly what he said about his ambitions when interviewed, but he was quoted as aspiring to become a Republican politico. Franklyn Walt- just thc t=ame. Of the two men, Ellison seems to have a ntetty good chance of being elected. He is a forward-looking lawyer, a ft icnd of labor, and for several years was the only Republican member of thc Baltimore City Council. Mortgage Guarantee Company Just ten days after the Maryland primaries the Mortgage Guarantee Company of Baltimore cleared He, troubles with thc Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington man, G. O. P. publicity director, lost'and is now in a better position to no time in bringing him to Washing- j have its securitcs purchased by the ton. He was feted and fed, permitted public. thc SEC, this one very brief, simple, [have knocked thc all-time high tariff and also acceptable to Mr. Englar. This wa» OK'd by thc SEC next day, and apparently thc Moitgago Guarantee Company is now complete!} in the clear. DISPELLING THE FOG Brain trusters have coinn in for a lot of hnmmciing in recent years. Now I just want to say a woid bill into a cocked hat. When Mr. Hoover relinquished the Presidency our impoit,, amounted to $1,323,000,000 and our c x p o t t s to §1,011,000,000. w:ts for the year 1!)!12. Our imports for 1!W7 amounted to $3,084,000,000, and 0111 oxpoits last year had amounted to .?.'1,:M5,000,000. The customary last word of every Republican--I moan every Pejo-speech has told of the dire conse- praisc of at least one of them. I re- jqueiices that w i l l follow if thc New ccived a letter from a college p i o f u s - , Deal contiiii.cs. Not only aiu wo to £or in which he had something to . s n y j have i n d u - t i i a l b a n k r u n t c y but nol- about pejorists. I looked it up in the dictionary anil found, according t o our old friend Webster, that it means bankruptcy but political chaos. Sometimes we are threatened with the Hitler dictatoi- "hip, sometimes with Stalin Corn- one who thinks that cveiything 1-3 numism. Mi-. Hoover is back on the to "sit in" on a committee meeting, photographed with National Chairman John D. M. Hamilton. Kenneth's political views arc check to cheek with Republican dogma, except on one thing--the third term. , On this, Hamilton will be shocked to learn that his young friend is way off the G. 0. P. reservation. Kenneth has no objections to presidential third r terms per se. It fs just that he is opposed to Roosevelt, the man. No stickler for precedents, Kenneth tells Guarantee Company. The Company his friends: "If I was for Roosevelt, I'd think it perfectly all right if he wanted to run for a third term." Otherwise, the young man thinks the country ought to return to pro- New Deal policies of "free enterprise," ascribes his conservative views to the fact that "my family lias been Republican for generations." ·The Jones family traces its American forbears back to 1761, claims direct tdescendancy from the Pilgrims. Kenneth's favorite Republican politician and his "choice for 1940" is Senator Arthur , Vandenberg, Michigan's hidebound conservative. Back at his ?12-a-week clerical job in Bal- It took a lot of Baltimore big guns to put this across, however, including Howatd Bruce, Chairman of thc Company, Senator George Radcliffe and Louis Eliosberg, president of thc Finance Company of America. On one occasion last spring they all went over to thc SEC to use their influence "n person. What they wanted to head off was the issuance of a stop order against selling sccuiities by thc. Mortgage had filed a registration 'statement last December, but it was an extremely complicated document, with over GOO involved, and the SEC examiners were about to rule against it, when Bruce, Radcliife and others came over from Baltimore, contended that they were acting only on the most altruistic motives, wanted to clean up a situation in Baltimore which otherwise was a financial sore spot. Ad a result, the SEC decided not to issue the stop order. Meanwhile, however, George M. Englar, former vice president of thc Company, who either resigned (or was kicked out, iimore insurance house, the young depending on which side you are on) swing fancier hopes the publicity he I aroused so much opposition among has received will be helpful in get- tin? him a start in radio. Meantime, he is making an earnest effort to live up to his magazine reputation, by making one speech at a Republican rally. Attention Harry Nice: Kenneth expects to make a few more speeches before the November elections. "I hope to swing a few votes," soys Kenneth thoughtfully. security holdcn; of the Mortgage Guarantee Company that few people purchased its securities. So on Sept. 22, the Company filed a new registratiort statement with will appreciate a good fountain pen. I have the largest selection of Waterman and SheafFer pens in the county. Priced for $2.50 and up. SPECIAL a good pen with 14k gold pen point for $1.00 Gustav Good Watchmaker Jeweler Stationery -:- Gifts Denton, Md. DR. E. F. WITHERS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 92 201 Franklin St., Denton, Md. going to smash. The exact definition is one who believes that "everything in natuie is growing worse." A lot of people have hoen looking air insisting that the administration's policies Miggcfct bedlam rather than liberalism. Some otheis point out that our fiscal policy is leading for a name to describe thc heterogen- straight to the collapse of the United ous mixture that makes up thc min- States Treasury, and an absolute eod ority party, composed of old-line Re- to the people's faith in their govein- p u b l i c a n s , middle-of-the-roadei s, those who think that thc New Deal does not go far enough, and a few niL-nt's i-olidity. The same papers that carried the 7iew,s of Mr. Hoover's speeches under Pejo Parly sponsor- disgruntled ex-Dcmoorats. Pejorists | s h i p announced casually, as a mere Party sounds a little too long, so may ( m a t t e r of news, that thc goveni- I suggest that we curtail it a little and that henceforth we cim speak of the Pejo Party. This will save a lot of words to dusctibe an aggregation that has no definite policy but is unit- menl's latent issue of bonds and notes, though the intciest rate was onlj 2Vi: and IVa per cent, was oversubscribed nioic than ten times for bonds and more than 9 times for ed in the creed that whatever Frank-! the notes. According to the Journal lin D. Roosevelt does, or whatever the New Deal offers, miut be wrong. A paity has to have a Icadci, so I of Commerce, which is something of a Wall Stieet Bible, bank deposits have reached almost an all-time high. nominate for that post ex-Pi osidcnt Porhaps the) c is some connection be- Hoover. His most famous declaiation jtween the avidity with which the low during his last candidacy lor thc I interest govei nmeiit bonds were Presidency was ramcthing to the | snapped up and the money in thc effect that if there was any tamper- banks, but neither incident seems to ing with the Smoot-IIawley tariff, | jibe with all the prophecies of evil grass would grow in the streets of that have been showered on the coun- our cities. I try ever since the reactionaries start- Hoover Suggests Ucdlam, Not Grass ud in on their claim that not money The New Deal L, now more t h a n ' b u t Roosevelt was thc root of all evil. five years old, and our great cities are a dust bowl so fai as the Ria-w crop is concerned. Sccretaiy of Sliite Yet Business Insists on Improving Among thc othei- intcicsting items in the Journal of Commerce was that Hull's reciprocal trade agreements August sales reports indicate in- I LIQUIO-TABLFTS SALVE-NOSE DROPS relieves COLDS Fever and Headaches due to Colds Try "Rub-My-Tism"-a Wonderful Liniment \Wj@^ JffiiWV^. .v^jC^Po^ LONG f '' DARK E V E N I N G S ; Let the cheer of good lighting- dispel gloom from long, dark evenings. Just as sunshine brightens a rainy day, thc rays from a good lamp spread a comforting gloAv that induces relaxation and enjoyment. Pin-It-Up Lamps are just the thing for individual lighting needs. Easily portable, just pin them up anywhere that light is needed. Lamp finished in Ivorjr and Itrown with push button switch. Emb o s s e d parchment shade with silk trim. The lamp as illustrated above is equipped with I N D I R E C T LKIHTINK reflector, affording a softly diffused lijvlit free from glare. RUY NOW $ fe 45 COMPLETE D«J M. r* v vr · Mt with Lamp EASY TERMS-^5c Down 50c Monthly Call Today for Demonstration in Your Home Eastern Shore Public Service Salesmen Wanted WANTED: Reliable man for nearby Rnwleigh Route 800 consumers. 200 e a ' i l j sold household neccbbitics. We teach you how; supply hales, ad- vei Using literature--all you need. Thousands eam ?:)0 to §100 weekly. (10-1-lt) Rawleigh's Dept. MDJ-40-G., Chester, Pa. Salesman Wanted A reliable dealer for IIEBERLING ROUTE of 1500 to 2000 families. Write quickly. G. C. HEBERLING CO., Dept. 1172, Bloomington, 111. (9-24-21) STEADY WORK--GOOD PAY RELIABLE MAN WANTED to call on fanners in Caroline County. No fxpeiience or capital required. Make up to S12 a day. Write MR. THOMAS, Lock Bnx 5, Baltimore, Md. Wanted Wanted: Middle aged white woman, prcfctiibly German, to do general housewoik. Refeiences. MRS. J. W. NOBLE, Preston, Md. 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Likewise it wa 1 i f L o i d e d in this solomti j o u i n a l of f a c t s , and figuies, and coi p o t a t i o n tenement that bteel ingot pioduction in August wa,- the latgest in ten months and that cnrloadings--\vhich is the tL-Llinicul incasine of railioud ·u-tivjties--had jumped, to the exlcir ·if 110,000 cm loads in a week. It i: .iKo mentioned in the same jouina t h a t the New Yoik d o p a i l n i e t i t stint had hopped up over lust year's , and another fugitive item was to the t'fFict that thu it eel companies A-cie i helling out ;i hundred millioi lollurs to expand their plants. These things natui.illy do not as- ·.urc that we are going to be. pios- peiom for ever and u day, any mote, limn docs the twent}-live billion dol- ar in the value of all securities listed on the Now York Stock Exchange over what they weie when lie New Deal began its devastating eaiei-r. It would, however, be lathei lillkult to find, in the condition illus' t a t e d by the widesptead increase of nusiaes-, a n t h i n g to brace up tht news of the piofessionul pessimists .vlut aie t i y i n g to scare thc country nto a ictiun of rcaclionism. .Perhaps the PL-JO,! aie going on the heoiy that if it were announced that oniLbody is going to die, without tating a time, the prophecy must u l t i m a t e l y be fulfilled. 'Ihey tell us that the liquidation of the New Deal i.s thu only thing that can save us fioii) destiuction. Well, we are having nn election a few weeks hence and there is no quo-lion that the 7Glh Congress will not differ materially roin thc 75th Congress. Moreover, President Roosevelt's teim does not i x p i i e for a couple of years, so thr liquidation, rcgurdlcEn of their fervent hopes, cannot be very imminent. And still, business insists on improving and nobody appears to be worried except thc spokesmen of the Pejo parti.--By Charles Michelson, Direc- .01- of Publicity, Democratic National Committee. Annapolis - Matapeake Romancoke - Claiborne Ferries FALL WINTER SCHEDULE-1938 Effective September 20, 1938 DAILY AND SUNDAY (Eastern Standard Time) BETWEEN ANNAPOLIS AND MATAPEAKE Lrave Annapolis 7:25 a . m *8:00 a. m. 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p.m. c2:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. *T:00 p. m. 0:00 p. m. 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p. m. Leave Matapeake 7:25 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. *11:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. c3:00 p. m. 4:00 p. m 5:00 p. m. 0:00 p.m. 7:00 p. m. *8:00 p. m. RADIO SERVICE At .Minimum Cost . . . IJY CKHTIFIEW EXI'KKTS IN DENTON EVERY MONDAY DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova. Md. 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