The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 6
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 6
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Page; Six T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, Jane 28,1911 NEWS OF THE AUTOMOBILES Ml TIKI i UPS IN Decatur People Travel-from Coast to Coast. Instead of saving the pennies to buy railroad tickets for a summer vacation trip, many Decatur people are now spending their money for gasoline and auto tires Instead. Quite a number of Decatur people will take their vacation trips this year In their cars. Some will spend the whole time touring, while others will use their cars only as a means for transportation to some summer resort. fame of the local parties w h o will make trips d u r i n g the' summer are as follows. Pr. and Mrs. T. W. Galloway, together w i t h Professors Varnum and Woodr'iff. formerly of the J. M. U-, will make a trip from Nashville, Tenn., to Lake George. N. Y.. in Mr. Woodruff's car about the first of August IN NEW PIERCE ARROW. DE. L. P. Walbrnlsc and family will take the New Englai d Ideal Tour in a new Pierce Arrow '.ecently ordered. Dr. Walbrldg-e will get the car at the factory in Buffalo and go from there fo New EnRland He will return to Peratur in the car. George S. Connard. cashier of the ritlzens National bank, with his wife and daughter, started last Thursday on a trip through Indiana and Ohio in their car. They expected to go to Indianapolis, then to Da'vton and Cincinnati. They will return to Decatur in about two weeks John VanGundy of Macon will tour California in his new six cylinder Jeffrey TO NEW YORK. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pltner tvll! make an extended trip In their Overland touring car to Washington, New York and other points In the east Mrs. L. H. Pollard will make a trip to Chicago and northern Wisconsin In her Ford touring car. H. W. Pyburn and family will leave next month for Cleveland. Detroit and other points In the east in their Ford touring car. H. I. Baldwin and family and Mr and Mrs. Frank Curtis will make a trip m Mr. Baldwin's car to Detroit and the Great Lakes. pea In Decatur Wednesday on his way to Bloomlngton. Mr. Kurth drove from Centralla In his Hudson four. Mrs. S. A. McNally. Miss Mefeedes Royee, Dudley Condlt, and Owen Kurth Joined Mr. Kurth' in Decatur and made the trip to Bloomlngton with him. Sterling Curtis of Oakland, 111., made a trip to Decatur in his car last week. He visited Mr. and Mrs. Frank Curtis. Mr. and Mrs. Sparks of Alton, 111., visited at the home of A. T. Summers, 467 W. William street for a few days last week. They were on their way to Cape Cod, Mass., In their Packard tour- Ing car. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Quinn and daughters. Miss Anne and Miss Katherine stopped in Decatur Sunday on their way to Paris, 111.. In their Chalmers car. They visited at the home of Mrs. Quinn's brother, Bert Jackson, 658 W. Center street. H. F. Gibson, S79 W. North street returned from Chicago and northern Wisconsin this week, where h« has been touring 1 In his Cadillac. Mr. and Mrs. Delos Brown of Elmwood came to Decatur this week In their Franklin car. They visited George W. Bright of Decatur. A party from Weldon, 111, passed through TDecatur in a Chandler six cylinder ,on their way to Kansas last week. Many Knew Long Ago Claflin Was Doomed. AT CADILLAC PICSflC. Thi Illinois Cadillac Motor Car owners held their annual picnic at Glenn Oak Park, Peorla, on Thursday of last week. Among the SIS Cadillacs that were at the picnic, a number were from Drcatur and the s u r r o u n d i n g towns. Pome of those who were there are: Ross Venters. Decatur. l.inn H u f f . Maron. Edward Hogan. Decatur. Fred Tiirpin, Decatur. r,i Crepser, Drcatur. I 1 ^ enter?. Orove City. John Wheeler. Decatur. M,ix Kurd, Decatur. i r r. 1* Morris. Decatur. f McAvoy. Decatur. TRIP TO COAST. The l a t e n t report from the Saxon ·'r t i n t is maldntr the coast to (,-i-t T r i p on the Lincoln Hl.7lnv.iy cnrm- from Cheyenne, Wyo T-ie '".ir had t r a v e l e d 2,000 miles with .' n a\en£,- speed of US miles per day The record day's run wns made between Klm*Mll. Neb., and Denver, Colo., a d i s t a n c e rf 186 miles. The car has a%eraced better than "f, miles on every gallon of gasoline p"olng over steep grades and all descriptions of roads When the car reaches San Francisco, it will have revered over 8,000 miles In about 60 SALES OP CARS. John A. VanGundy of Macon recently purchased a Jeffrey seven passenger, six cylinder which he will have shipped directly from the factory to Los Angeles, Cal., where he will spend the winter. The first 1915 Cole will arrive in Decatur Monday. W. W. Heft of Latham purchased a 4 cylinder Haynes, electric gear shift, fully equipped, last week. Guy Heckel, who resides east of Dc- catur on the William street road, bought a Haynes 4 cylinder last week. James Birchfield of Maroa has purchased a Saxon car, fully equipped. Mont Gwinnup, proprietor of the Decatur hotel, purchased a Haynes J cylinder roadster last week. The car is fully equipped. Mr. Gwinnup and J. G Parker went to the Haynes factory after the car Friday. They will drive it to Decatur. J. E. McQuallty of Moweaqua purchased a Ford touring e«rr last week. C. W. Francis. 1792 N. Broadway, has purchased a Ford touring car. J. T. Taylor. SOI W. North street, bought a Ford touring car. W. T. Morgan, 2»«4 N. Edward, purchased a Ford touring car last week. ' W H. Jan.rin of Warrcnshurs bought a Ford touring car last week H. W. Rotz of Nlantic purchased a Ford touring car recently. Mrs. Lydla Havnes of Decatur purchased a new Overland touring car last week. F. M Glenn of Mt. Zion bought an Overland touring car list ueck. LE FORGEE BUYS FIERCE-ARROW A Decatur merchant ana buyer of dry goods, speaking of the failure of tha H. B. Claflln company of New York City, said: "No one need look on the Claflln dry goodg failure as Indicating a decline in general business conditions. That failure came about as a result of dry rot and the following of antiquated methods. KNEW IT WAS DOOMED. "Many of us knew fifteen years ago that that house was doomed unless it made a radical change In its plan of operation and got in new light and adopted n,w methods. There ha s teen no indication of any such changes. It wc^ld hare beSirvbetter for the members of that house to have closed out their business twenty years ago and retire. They were out of date. NOT KEEPING UP. ·Details might be given but it is sufficient to say that they were not Keeping up with the times. In many ways most of the m small, they were behind. They did not realize that the center of population for this country vas about in this part of our land and that the geographical center was near Fort Riley, Kan. They thought the JNew Yorker knew it all and did not think it worth while for them to Inform themselves a s to the wishes or customs of the rest of the country, but were absolutely i n d i f f e r e n t to progress and the adoption of new methods by their competitors " JOHN CLAFLRT. Head of the New York dry groode house that failed because It was out of date. Will Have Same Entrance as G. A. R. Hall. ON THE WAY. O B Kurth of Centralla. 111.. Stop- C C. LeForsee. 304 West Macon street, purchased a new Fierce-Arrow touring car last week Thomas P. Matthews 721 West Prairie avenue, will start for the east tomorrow in his car. o. J. ^ZIMMERMAN TO BUILD BUNGALOW In Rear ot Lot at West William and Hnirortb Avciine. Only a few building permits were granted last week, possibly on account o£ the extreme heat. O J. Zimmerman is to build a new bungalow on the rear of his lot at West William street anfl , Haworth avenue. It will have f o u r rooms and bath and will be thoroughly modern. The cost · ill be $2,000. John Lindqvist has taken out a permit to remodel his house at South Water and Pecatur streets, at an expense of $500. C. A. McPheron will build a saraso at 1548 North Church street. It will cost 5400. Herman Hill. 1148 North Calhoun street, will build a barn costlns $200. I'TS HERE The Decatur Studios of Music and Dramatic Art ha\ e secured the second floor of the Roberts Greene build- Ing-, 316 North Main street, for their new headquarters. The change in location is made because the btudios have outgrown their present quarters on the third floor of the S u f f e r n building. In the new place they will Fa\e a great deal more room and It is their intention to add considerably lo their establishment. More teachers will be secured and many Interesting features will be added to the work. COMMODIOUS QUARTERS. TlTe change will be made July 1. Remodeling of the new quarters has been KOing on for some time and the place w i l l be m good shape. The same entrance will be used as is used for the Or. A. R. hall. The school will have the use of a large recital hall, tniee large studios, and a reception room There will be a formal openlnc of the new quarters In September. The summer school, which is now in progrtss, will continue in the new location as soon as the change is made. AFTER SIX YEARS. The studios, which are managed by Miss Mary A. Osborn. have ocrunied $395.00 F. O. B. Detroit Top Continental Motors, 4-cylinder, 15-20 H. P Atwater-Kent Ignition System 96-inch Wheel Base--Stanford Tread 28x3 Tires. Wire Wheels Wind Shield 2 Gas Lamps Oil Tail Lamp 25-40 miles per gallon gasoline 1,000 miies per gallon oil W. L SHELLABARGER SONS FIEE PROOF GABAfiE Decatftr, tne rooms on thfe third floor of the Suffern building for the last six years. So ereat has been the Increase in the enrollment that larger quarters have been made necessary. Last year the school had an enrollment of about ."50. Ten teachers were employed. Winifred Mlnturn of the studios Is now in Chicago engaging new teachers and petting equipment for the school. She ttill return to Decatur Aug. 1. Members of Bar Want Him Appointed. A movement wa« started Saturday among members of the Maeon county bar to bring about the appointment of j W. Clark MeMlllen to the place on the bench made vacant by th« death of Judge Johns. Members ot the bar feel that It Is most Important that Macon county should have a resident Judge. This county has more than twice the court business of any other county. Members of the bar expressed the opinion Saturday that the lawyers of the county could unite In supporting Mr. Mc- Mlllen for the place on the bench. They began taking steps to get his name before the governor as the candidate of the bar. He 1« recognized as a clean, able, bright, strong young lawyer, one that would serve creditably and acceptably. It may be added that the movement in his favor was not started by himself. An AcBmvated Position. Louisville Courier-Journal: "What's the matter with Wombat these days? He looks like a man who has been balked of some dark revenge." "He Is just that. Somebody gave him a cigrar last week that turned out to be loaded. But he can't remember who gave him the cigar." Needed Them. Post-Despatch: "My wife has done a great deal to educate me." "So?" "Ye,, she's giving me a course of lectures." BELL PHONE 2242. AUTO PHONE 1294. COHNJUR MAIN AND NORTH STS. DELIVERY SCHEDULE Motor Tracks leave for east of Water St.. 7:30 a. m. and 1:SO p. m. West of Water St.. 9:30 a. m. anti 3:30 p. m. \Ve open at T a. m. Close at 6 p. m. except Saturday nights. Where Is The Difference? Those who are thoroughly acquainted with our brands realize the values back of them. They are helping to solve the "high cost of living" by buying at "wholesale." We all have to eat; and if you have not investigated our proposition, you are losing money. There is the difference. FLOUR. If you want old wheat flour do not put off buying too long or you are liable not to get it. There is no better all- around flour on the market than "Consumers"; it is milled from No. 1 Red Turkey Hard Wheat. Consumers, righest patent, barrel $5.30 Consumers, highest patent, %-barrel sack $1.3a Minnesota Pride, highest patent, barrel $5.90 Minnesota Pride, highest patent, 14-barrel $1.50 This is the highest grade northern wheat milled. Aristos, No. 2 Red Turkey, barrel $4.70 Aristos, 14-barrel sack $1.20 KINGAN MEATS. The sweetest flavored, mildest cured meat you can buy. You don't have to take our word for it; come in and buy a ham or a slab of bacon and you will be back for another. Kingan pig bacon, lean, 3 to 5 pounds, per pound 29c Kingan lily bacon, 6 to 7 pounds, per pound 22 '/ z c Kingan hams, 10-pound average, per pound 22 '/ 2 c GRAPE JUICE. Walker's celebrated grape juice is a healthful thirst quencher Walker's quarts, dozen $4.25 Per quart bottle 37c Walker's pints, dozen $2.38 Per pint bottle 20c JAR RUBBERS. Extra heavy, gross 9« c Three dozen for 25c Heavy, gross J^c Four dozen for * c SUMMER ITEMS. "Nutlet" is superior to other brands of peanut butter on the market because they use the large Virginia peanut and do not extract the oil of the peanut from the butter. Nutlet, 1 pound jars, dozen $2.50 Each · · 2 2c Nutlet, i/^pound jars, dozen ?l-45 Two for 25c Nutlet, 14-pound jars, dozen 95c Three f or .. ^ 25c Bo-Lo, 2-pound tins 35c Cocoanut, finest thread, pound 22c Tapoica, granulated, dozen 95c Three packages ^5c Tapioca, Pearl, dozen °5c Two packages loc Junket Tablets, dozen packages 95c Three packages 25c Picnic plates, paprus, 25 plates in carton, per doz. cartons 95c Three cartons for 25c Picnic plates, 9-inch wood, dozen 7'/ 2 c Talcum powder, per dozen 85c Two tins for 15c Jello, assorted flavors, dozen 95c Jello ice cream powder, dozen 95c Three packages for 25c Dried beef, No. y s tins, dozen $1.95 Three tins 50c Dried beef, No. 1 glass jars, dozen.., $3.50 Each 30c Gelatine, Knox, No. 1 or No. 3, dozen $1.40 Gelatine, Plymouth Rock, pink or white, dozen $1.40 Three packages for 35c Remember our location, Main and North streets. Why Suffer With Heat When You Can Keep Cool YOU CAN GET A $10.00 8-Inch Westinghouse Electric Fan For $8.OO CASH-NO DELIVERY Just the thing for your bed room. Will run four hours for one cent. All other size fans on hand. Call and see our stock. Decatur Railway Light Co. · 114 E. WILLIAM. Sheet Music! Sheet Music! We have recently put in a complete stock of all the popular sheet music. We sell this music at only lOc a copy. FOLLOWING- IS SOME OF THE MUSIC WE HAVE IN STOCK "Back, Back. Back to Indiana." "On the Shores of Italy." "I Love the Ladies." "This Is the Lite." "In the Heart of the. City That Has No Heart." "Laddie " "Who Paid the Rent for Mr«. Rip Van Winkle." "Flow Along River Tennessee," "Tou Can't Oet Away From It" -Take lie Back." "The Irish Tango." "If I Were the Ocean and You Wer« the Shore." "Rebecca of- Sunnybrook Farm." ·The Curae of an Aching Heart." "In the Candle Llrht" Come In and Inipeot our (took. The Hobart M. Cable Co. THE HOME OF GOOD PIANOS 439 N. Water St. Decatur, HI. YOt; COME IN Feeling Hot and Tired! But-YOU GO OUT 'cooled and refreshed! Perhaps you have never stopped to consider how much difference an hour would make in your feelings. A visit at the sign of "The Shield of Health" proves all that we say and your friends tell. Under Citizens Bank.

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