Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 7, 1975 · Page 12
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 12

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1975
Page 12
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Pag* 12 Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Monday, July 7, 1975 PEANUTS THIS IS THE LAST LE6 Of THE POWDER PUFF MAftlE. WE FW UP TO , FAILS, MICHI6AN, WHER60)E FINISH THE RACE, AMP THEN JOIN EVEftfONE FOR A 6REAT PINNER! SOME OF THESE COUNTRY LASSES FLVIN6 ACE ON A SPECIAL ili^iJifi I WHEN TOW see A WEHAVE ( \REALFL1'lN6ACe IT'S I I'VE MADE UP MY f MIKJO TO Wf?ITE A BOOK MY LIPE STOP?Y.- MEPE-VDUCAKJPUTINA '-~'"—"-~ ^ 'CHAPTER ON HOW vou TOOK OUT THE GARBAGE TONIGHr THIS R4RT ISN'T GOING TO LOOK GOOD WHEN THEY MAKE THE MOVIE DONALD DUCK SMITH FAMILY BEETLE BAILEY PERFECTION INSPECTION EA&LE COULDN'T KAB&IJ BAK&" SNUFFY SMITH IF ElVINEY DRAPS IW, TATER,TELL HER OUT flT TH'WOOD PILE WHAT AMI SAVIN'? TflTER CAN'T TALK— BETTER LEAVE A NOTE—• BUZ SAWYER SCRAMTpAPA! SOME DOG!/MEM rl SHOOTING AT WE'VE GOT TO GET ANOTHER CAR, / A BARN DEL. J THERE SHOULD BE A MOUSE NEAR. THE PHANTOM XW\ HERE TO SEE THE GENERAL. --ANP TELL THEM NOT TO TRY ANYTHING WITH ME • LL TELL THEM, GENERAL. THAT /MAN-- HE WAS IN THE 6ETAW/W CAR »ij«<'/ FUNKY WINKERBEAN IMAJT A MIMUte... ?5 MY Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Flatfish 4 Beverage 8 Ingredient of beer 12 Miss Gardner 13 Riding whip 14 Notion 15 Honey 16 A king crab 18 Cost 20 Sprite 21 Sharif 24 Depart 28 Equestrian 32-Scott Decision 33 GI's address 34 Pacific island group 36 Ancient 37 Engrossed 39 Bridle path 41 Fold of cloth 43 .Part of neck 44 Scatter seed 46 Greek epic .poem 50 Haircloth 55 Honor card 56 Arrow poison 57 Vain 58 Cocktail ingredient 59 Pare 60 Chums 61'Poem DOWN 1 Moist 2 Avouch 3 Island east of Java 4 Plots 5 Spanish,, gold 6 June bug 7 Church-part 8 Put into an irritable mood 9 Fuss 10 Papal name 11 Make lace 11 House wing 19 Lettuce Avg. solution time: 27 min. 16 A RHMII Mil HUM HHSGS 1 Si INI Answer to Saturday's puzzle. 22 Oriental nurse 23. Man's name 25 In a line -. (poetic),. 26*The Sails, (Astrpn.) 27 Whirlpool 28 Stringed • instrument ?9 Gem stone 30 Cord 31 Ibsen heroine 35 Ascends 38 Pendent ' ornament 40 Conger 42 — the mark 45 To flog 47 Othello's perfidious friend 48 Sour substance 49 British sand hill 50 The haunch 51 Undivided 52 Female ruff 53 Girl's name 54 Noxious CRYPTOQUIP 7-7 AKLJ MKWWMJ MJYRQJ TJYTIL LIB KL 'AQMM TBKLR Saturday's Cryptoquip-SUSPICIOUS PEOPLE CERTAINLY LIVE IN SPIRITUAL POVERTY. (© 197S King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Today's Cryptoquip clue :J equals E Bridge By ALFRED SHEINWOLD You've probably heard the expression "Cover an honor with an honor," It's not a good rule to follow, but many of your opponents swear by it. Give them an honor to cover whan you will profit by the cover, but conceal the honor from them , when you' don't want a cover. ' South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH WEST 4 0 * 0 * Q10 J8 Q87.3 0 AQ1083 * SOUTH 643 1065' AKJ52 64 EAST 4J982 V Q9432 0 64 * J*7 South 3 NT <y AK? 0 109 4 K952 West North Pass 1 O Pass 2 0 All Pass , Opening lead -, + 8 East pass Pass West leads the eight of clubs, East puts up the jack, and you, South, win with the king. West would hardly lead your bid suit if he had only, four cards of the suit himself. Hence you must win nine, tricks on the run. If you lose a trick, the opponents will take four clubs as well. You need at least four diamond tricks. How should you play the suit? Lead Is Important .,,. If you lead the ten of diamonds, . West will cover the honor. When West plays his queen of diamonds you must win in dummy. Now you are limited to three diamond tricks. Since you donit want this to happen you must conceal the ten of diamonds when you first tackle the suit. Begin the diamonds by leading the nine from your hand instead of the ten. Unless West is right on his toes he will duck your nine of diamonds. Once you have stolen that trick you can lead the ten of diamonds to repeat the finesse. You can overtake with dummy's <• jack if West plays low, and you make your contract with an overtrick. DAILY QUESTION Partner opens with 1 NT (16 -to 18 points), and the next player passes. You hold: S-Q10; H-J8; D-Q87,3;C- A Q 10 8 3. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid 3 NT. You have 11 points in high cards, so the combined count should be 27 to 29, more than enough to yield a sound play for game. Game in a minor suit (diamonds or clubs) is far less assured. ('A POCKET GUIDE TO BRIDGE' written by Alfred Sheinwold is available. Get your copy by sending 50 cents to The Freeport Journal-Standard, P.O. Box 1111, Los Angeles, Calif., 90053.) (c) 1975 Los Angeles Times Chester Youth Hit By Car After He Stepped From Bus \CHESTER, 111. (UPI) - Donald Holland, 11, Chester, was hit by a car and killed Sunday night seconds 'after he stepped from a church bus near here. Authorities said the boy was pronounced dead at Chester Memorial Hospital. Police said no charges were- filed against the car; driver, identified as Keven Weber, 19, Chester. WHO GOCf BARE? with our Professional i New York Company Air Conditioned SHADY LANE playhouse 3M.LESW.OFM/UIENGOONU.S.20 _nmtt: 815.5M-72U PRICES: Sa~t.$4.SO.Matineer$3.50 ~ Wet/, thru Fri. & Sun. $4.00. CURTAIN TIMES: Sat. 7 & 10 Wed. thru Fri. 8:45 & Sun. 4:30 Tue., Wed.. 8r Thur. Matfneei 2:00 RmiaurintOpenim 11:30, Shoptil 12:30 I Starting July 16 THE CONVERTIBLE QIRL' 1 | Tickets Available At Weise's, Freeport | iicxer; Available At Weises, Freeport j Ann Landers . . . Answers Your Questions Dear Ann Landers: This letter-will never appear in your column because it is so crazy, but I'm going to write it anyway because I have to let off steam. .My boyfriend and I have been going together for 10 months. Ed's a nice guy but he gets unhappy if he isn't the cen- ^er of attention. When we are with family or friends and Ed can't get the spotlight he begins to make animal sounds..Ed was raised on a farm and can do the whole barnyard. His cow imitations are so lifelike you wouldn't belieVe it. I find this gimmick childish and annoying. His cackling, crowing, quacking, clucking and barking has derailed many a good conversation. Any sug-.. gestion's? -ED'S GIRL Dear Girl: When someone else tells Ed to stop making a jackass out of himself, he'll probably quit: I hope it happens soon. Until then, ignore the clown. * * * Dear Ann Landers: A recent column raised my dander! A woman wrote suggesting that "domestic engineer" was a better title than plain old "Housewife." You agreed with her! Why is it that everyone wants to be an engineer these days? The guy down the street takes a three-week course on how to fix refrigerators and suddenly he's a "refrigeration engineer." The gardener is a "landscaping engineer." Tjash collectors are "sanitation engineers." While most of these people spent their youth on fun and games, I was in college pounding the books. No rah-rah fraternity stuff. That was for the liberal arts and business majors. No paddling a canoe on Moonlight Bay ____ Complete area television listings are carried In the "tv talk" supplement of the Saturday Sunrise edition of The Freeport Journal-Standard. 7 p.m.-Channels 2, 3, 4, and 23-CBS Reports: The IQ Myth. CBS News Cor r respondent Dan Rather reports the ways in which the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) concept has been used and abused through the years. 8 p.m.-Channels 2, 3, 4, and 23- Rhoda. Rhoda's pregnant? Well, she thinks she might be, but she's not sure enough to tell Joe, especially when he comes home with the news that his business Is facing financial problems. 2ND SMASH WEEK i PLITT THEATRE DOWNTOWN MATINEE 'J with lovely coeds. It was work - five long years, to be exact. Today I am an engineer, a professional certified by the state and mighty proud of it. I resent people taking my title Without having earned it. Tell that housewife to call herself "doctor of domestic drudgery" and see how the M.D.s like it! I'm signing myself - A PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER Dear P.E.: I have been inundated with letters from professional engineers '- all mad at me. Why don^t you characters wake up and smell the'cof- fee? That title "domestic engineer" is so patently pompous that no one in his right mind would take it seriously. Where's your sense of humor, fellas? * * •* . ..• Dear Ann Landers: 1 1 live iri Rockville Center, N.Y., and have been a fan of the Mets for a long time. They are so great I'd walk to the end of the earth to see them play. Something about the Mets has been bothering me and I never knew who to ask. A buddy of mine said, "Ask Ann Landers. If she doesn't know she'll find out." So, here's the question: Why don't our wonderful Mets have their names on the backs of their uniforms like the other clubs? Thanks, Ann. - PROUD' OF THE HOME TEAM Dear Proud: The Mets aren't alone. Many teams in the majors don't sew players' names on the backs of their uniforms..Unlike .pro football, where the league dictates uniform styles in minute detail, baseball clubs are free to do as they please. The variety is wide - all the way from the Oakland A's (whose sartorial elegance has been likened to the customers in a gay bar) to the conservative Cubs, Mets and Yankees, who still dress like Babe Ruth. BATTERIES—All Mokes Hearing Aid and Portable Radio EMMERfS DRUG STORE 8 West SHljplt«n»on SEE IT TONIGHT ON CABLEVISION Channel 7 Cable LIVE COVERAGE-7;OO P.H FIRST NATIONAL BANK Presents ... FREEPORT CITY COUNCIL MEETING DRIVE-IN ROUTE 20 WIS1 LAST 2 NIGHTS MAIHDRIANPACE... SWABS" " WI1H STEMIN8CMS,. ttl 11 CAM OtlTHOVIO IH BSSBT ' 1UCUUKDOW •ii »M twin n ITS —AND— JACKALBERTSON-LESLEYWARRENl —TONIGHT— "Pickup On 101" |"Oon« In 60 Socondi" .... —TUESDAY— "'Gam In 60 Second*" 3nd I

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