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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Tuesday, May 10, 1859
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,TUESDM r MORNING, MAY Weflnd the following in the, Louisville C*nuaoa Go«neU Preceding*., NEWS. THE BAIL FUBU.HBKD BT > SUAltPSTEI-N & «Bii*8T»m xxtn Lt strt en tko, o* mum BTHSCT, ^tei* wiunu WICBS. Umljr Paper, imliUtdied every morning, except Monday; Ti.-WecV.y Taper, Monday, Wednesday »nd Friday. **<*ly Psptr, every TneKlxy morning. ' TKRJJS OK DAU.T PAPER. " ftoily Paper. Wone year, payable In advance. .. . TERMB OP TRMTEEKLY PAPER.' Irl-Weeklytaperforoncyear, payable In advance. $8 ,KI TERMS 0* THE WEEKLY PAPER, Weekly Taper for one yew, payable in advance. ..Sl.OO KATES OlF AlJVKRTlSllVG IN DAIMT Ten lines, or less, of Nonpareil make ft square. 1 sqnftw, 1 day ,1.... $1,00 1 square,! month...* 6,00 1 do. Bdays ..... 1^0 do. Smontlu.. 10,00 3 months.. 12,00 4 months,. 16,00 6 months.. 16,00 9 moutb«_. 30,00 1 do. 8 day, S;OQ 1 do. 4 ; da>t $,00 1 Do. '5 days 8,00 1 do. Iwcet,..;. 8.80 I do. S ww>» '4^00 1 do. 8w.-ik 5,00 do. do. do. do. do. Courier. It !g as trne as preaching: ,<.e *te«rto». Are nellher flsh, nor flab, nor good red terrloe HoryWgi, nor Samites, thty, nor this nor that, V°/ SI*!* 1 tlor fceatto, bnl Just a kind of baf— AtwUlght mongrel, trae to neither camp, With trtmtte wtagi, bat Bluer fe*t and claw*. \A WISB PRECAUTION, — We learn that o'or benevolent President, before Jones left for Bogota, gare him pacific instructions.' The mots was a wise one oa.Uw part of the President, as Jones is each a raahnnxions little cuss, there is no telling what trouble ho might hare got the United States in if left to follow the bent of his own inclinations. 1 year.. 80,00 Rounds & ADVKKTISslVt; AGENTS. 1 AS Rsuidolpjs Street, are avthoriftd to receive Aitettittmtnt* for tUl aaS all the Leading •Pnptrt oftltf Northwest, and are the OSTLT andti- cuJSivELV awUtorifed AgenU in the KorOtWMtfor a majority of them. mar* IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. U. M. POKBEOY, EDITOR. itclcarolog-lcal (tccord. for May, 18&* kepi by C. H. GARDINER A CO., Druggists, 19 Spring SA. M. TU Kjucomm • 5 r. H. 64 o a Beg"* Small Pox is in operation at Jefferson in this State DOOP —On Satardar morning, the Patriot not less than fifty d»ad dogs were lying about the streets of Madison. DAM COSTS.—The Pinery says the damage resulting from the Kilbonrn dnm will amount to $100,000. BIRTHS.—In this city, on the 9 instL, the <rife of William Mal>l«>y of twins. Bon and daughter. Pbelan, the great billiard player, .should now torn his attention to dancing parties— bf is sa-h a good manager of bi MICSTOAS EDITOR.—C. B. DcLund, editor nf ttiH Citizen, Jackson, Michigan, favored us witli ji short viRil y.-sterday If he was not a Mack republican, we should be glad. HEAVY STORY —The Badger State Bays the wenthi-r hac l*-«n hotter at Portage for a few days past than ever before known In that city. Funny that it should be hotter there in May than in July or Aucnst ! SOMETHING New.-i-Bayard Taylor is about to ererl a fiuo rnsidc-nce on Brandywine, in ChebtPr county, Pennsylvania We know m^u w.ho have lost Jin*' residences on Brandy, wiiie, and surL Btimulants. A PICCKT WOMAN.—In Massachusetts, some days since, an infidel who had a religions daughter, said he would give the minister a barrel of flour if she would wheel it to him. She did it on a wheelbarrow, and several of the young men admiring her independence, made up a handsome purse for her which she at once gave tha minister also. One of the yonngimen then offered himself, and she forthwih took kirn to the minister^ and came back his wife, AKOTBCRBocT PonKD — The body of Sivert Stringland, a Norwegian by "birth, about 30 years of age, and who had been missing since the 4th*of this month, was found near the new harbor on Sunday morning, by two boys by the name of White and Sullivan. Coroner D. 0 Reed caused an inquest to be held yesterday morning, which resulted in a verdict of accidental drowning. We understand tliat Che mother and.sister of the deceased reside at Muskego, On the opposite side of the lake. AND 8SBMOS 15 (rEKMAR 1 shall offioia'e (D. V.) in tha German tongue, next Sunday, May 16th, at 8 1-2 p. m., in St Paul's Church. Such Germans and other persons as will assist in the music and chants, are requested to meet me in the Vestry Room of St. Paul's Church, Friday at 8 p. m. ' Service in English and lecture from the chair (et cathedra} Friday evening May 18th, at 7 1-2. German papers please translate and notice. JAMES COOK RICHMOND, Presbyter and Rector St. Paul's Church. FOBEIOK TBADI is 'LUMBER.—We learn that Messrs- Thorson aud Fishhook, ot this city, are soon to start for Germany through tbe SI Lawrence, with a full vessel load of black walnnt, "curled maple and whltewood lumber, which they obtain at St. Joseph, Berrien Co., Michigan. A large lot of lumber is also at the same place, rafted down th 5 Paw Paw and St. Joseph rivers, awaiting shipment to New York BOARD Of "botfsoilbM-^ADJODHHlD MMf MO. If itWAVKU, May 7, 1859. Bi Honor, die Mayor, IB the Chair. Preeent — Councilors Aner, Bneftng, Herzer, Heinetoaoa, Harden, Jo'huston,Kroeger,Loek- wood, HcCoraick, McOrath, Noyei, Rosebeck and Vogel. Absent— Councilor* Bnsaok, Laobenheimer, Eueekertt, Schnlte and Te»oh. '•' The leading of the minutes of the last »ect ing was dispensed with. . Sundry a*counts/were presented and referred to the appropriate committees. Councilor Boening presented a petition from James Hnebsohmann and otheis, praying that a nuisance existing on lots 16 and 16, block 162, second ward, be abated. Referred to the;, local committee of the 2d ward. Councilor Aner presented a petition from Ernst Schmidt and others, asking for a change of the grade of 3d street, from Chestnut street to West Water street in the 2d Ward. Referred to the local committe of the 3d ward. Councilor Kroeger presented recommendations from the street commissioner of the 5th & Co.'s sob-division of lot 64, in section 16, \ in the Sixth Ward of the'cUy of Milwaukee, is hereby approved, tbe streets in the same to bcar'the numes.ifritten on tbe plat hereby ap- ChM*tlan School. Which was] adopted. Contjcilor Bobning, from the oouimlttefi on Bra departrac-ni communication to ' whom was referred the of the Controller, In relation ward for certain w.rl: -cary to be done in the said ward during the present ye«r. Ordered on Die Councilor Buening presented the recommendations from the street commissioners of the 2d ward for improvements required in the said ward this year. Ordered on file. Councilor Aner presented a petition from J. B. Se by and others, asking.that the alley run- ,ning through block 168, in the Sd ward, be Wm. Decker IB elected President of the Board of Trustees of Horicon Tb<: Argw nays that tbc election resnlt«d in the electiou of the entire democratic ticket except President of the Board. Horjsc MOVIKO OK Scows They have been moving 'some houses across the river,, within a few dare past, in the vicinity of Chestnut street bridge, by floating tbeoacrois MUHICIPAL COURT—His HOBOR, Jm>o« FOOT*, PRESIDING.— MOKDAT, May 9.— Bridget Walch, drunk and disorderly, fined $2 and costs, or to be sent np for five days, f. Rycraft, drunk and disorderly, flned $1 or 6 day* imprisonment. Jam^s Canavan, drunk, fined $8 and costs or 10 days imprisonmer.t. —, disorderly, fined Francis Lnx and $5 and copts, each Josopl) Downey arid luaac Woodruff, violat- itn; city ordinance, banting and discharging fire-arms in city limits, flned $1 each. The Louisville Journal ie disposed to excuse its neigh'bor of the Democrat for shortcoming in editorials, as his head is in Illinois. When an editor's haad itiU-in-nuisc, he should be excused by all means. Judson whose daughter married a ne- gro in Michigan, now that sbe has gone off to lire with him again, declares he will recover her just once more, theu she mav go The old villain. The New Tork Tribune says five millions of dollars will be expended in that city during the curreiit season, for new buildings. As the ''current' 1 season only lasts about two weeks, that will be rushing things faster than a man could rDast squirrels eggs, even. A SBKSIBLB MAS.— Phulan has declined to play another game of billiards with Senator. He truly says that the frame played at Detroit was for the championship — that he won the game and that to play another, if he won, would not benefit him. Phelan takes the right view of the case. They pUyed for the championship and be wom it. Th«r«tford, what is the use of playing another game ? He might play from now till the crack of doom, and wbatwcnld it avail him As a billiard player and gentleman, he is now recognized, and were we him, after playing for the championship, and winning it, we should not care to try another game with a man we had once beaten filled to the established grade. Referred to the local committee of the 2d ward. ConncilorMcGrath presented a petition from John Savage and others, asking to have' the sewer through block 16, in the 8d ward, opened and cleaned . Laid on the table. Councilor McGrath presented a petition from Jerry Spillan, asking to be appointed city sexton for that part of the city lying east of the Milwaukee River. Laid on the table. Councilor Noyes presented the bill of costs of J. R Doolittle, who was retained as counsel for the city in the case of Dean Richmond vs the City of Milwaukee, to the amount of S206. Referred to the committee on Judiciary- The Chair from the City Comptroltei to whom was referred a resolution requiring him to report the amount paid to the two last In cumbents of the City Surveyors office, and also the number of persons employed by the City Surveyor. On the motion of Councilor Lock wood it was referred to the committee on finance The Chair presented a communication from Emmons and Van Dyke in relation to a judgment obtained in the Circuit Court of Wauke- aha county, against the city of Milwaukee, on the 15th day of December, 1857, by George MoWhorter, for the sum of ten thousand one hundred and eighteen dollars and eighty ser- en cents, which amount with interest remaiud unpaid, and request^.- that early provision I* made for the payment of the same. to an 'cocoas! (t Messrs. Jeffers & Co , Paa- tucket, Bhodo Island, amounting to '$1,800, (by the contract. $800 to be paid on delivery, tbe remainder ill six months after) presented t heir report, aboj recommended the adoption of the followtogjrpaolotlon: ; Resolved, By the Board of Councilors, the Board of Aldermc-u concurring, that the Controller be instructed to audit the account of Messrs. Jeffers ,& Co , and tbe Mayor and Clerk be authorized to issue a treasnry warrant in favor of Jeffers & Co. for gl,895 69-100. A dopUd. ! Councilor Hefs«r presented the following • The local commUtee-'of tho Sixth Ward, to whom was referred the petition of Pardon Powell anJ others, for grading Sixth street and sidewalks to be planked between Walnut and Galena streets, report in favor of granting tbe prayer of (he petitioner. Adopted. The chairman of tbe committee on taxes reported in favorlofjthc petition of M. Delaney. Adopted. Councilor Heinemann called from the table "an ordinance relating to water works," to Bx the time and place for boldding an election to obtain t lie opinion of the people on the matter. Councilor Heinemann moved to strike out tbe words "Peter Thies, corner of Jackson and Ogden .streets," and insert "Francis Casper, Market street." Agreed to. Tbe ordinance was read a third time, and put on its passage. Councilor Aner aaked to be excused from voting. The chair put the questson when the Hoard, refused to excuse Mr Auer. Mr. Van Dyke (thp law agent of the i-on- tractoni) suggested that the contractors liav« an extension of time. Councilor Lock wood said that such «xu>- tention had l>fen provided for in ihe ordinance. Councilor Ros«beck said that hr considered this was a trap to catch the people—the people would vote to get their Mjar« of the quarter of a million of dollars. Tbia city suffers from tus want of schools in the 7th ward, and elsewhere, in which God is pabllfily acknowledged, prayer raa e to Him, and children instructed oat ot the Bible, and according to Hie laws of tho church of Christ. Having; secured the service of two excellent teachers, mru who are competent, on« in the classics, and the other in the mathematics, etc., I opeu a Christian sohool this morning at 9 o'clock, in the vestry room of St. Paul's CWurch. The Lord's Prayer, the Collect, » hyinn sung, ami a chapter from th« Divice, In-i Tin: NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. KIT CAKSONM n. i ;E» 3-2 *ND AD VBNTUR E S M'MFrKR mo YOUNG'S' H.\U, : '• OK TH^KJvK NKril l s ( >.\ ).•> Commencing Monday May 9 59 KIT. CAK^ON, B ~ lea <^ Th-> Nffclf r of the j.oefey ,Voontaiu>>, M I -> j i; K t. 3-; v\r> V - M KTH|OF>[.v.\ Ticpe, Pr.»m facts ay .. ntej ii, tunueii. j,,,t r .,r. { sti b ^ _ SfRICKUND 4 u NoTKJjlv si'fi i ou or » i n. 1..A irtr- in P- < HI' !i LK.-'l spireJ, CaDonlnf Scriptures, wlllj.rnwde the j A *™.7oK ^^oaT^An'';^'^'^;',;-^, ' II, I'J'J. hcrrbv glv^s J wtlli tile pio^r we»j<hu > lor ihe di.e p-rf~ir ±nce uf ill* Iniiea^tr >"a ture, appr.jr*..! M lie is DOW fumta' v - notice t.' 'hi; .r . uda ! . MDlth nrlll . M "»r». ip* .n furion« .« s«m, Snutii w»i "''""'"'"" r " 1 ""' e '' "' seoolar slodirs, in the morning aud close the at fi P. M, Hours, 9 to 12, nnd 2 to 6. The children of the poor, aua of thos>«.who find it difficult lo pay. will be received frr.- or "t," 018 <>M ' in "f te '' * •, * jl". nmlth will r». f.\.i at low rales, accord in i; to ability. Others will assist,'at the usual pricen, in sustaining Miiwa'i tho school. ' m »> 10 JOHN SMITH. I The Gt-rman language will be taught imme- . c»Ht. vj- ' \x*:<. t i i-: x \t. diately; the French, etc., aa srton as the ar- ', ttroeer-iei. Booti ,W .SAoei, Ywkrr rangementB can bn completed. Th* Church Heady if.ide ijl.thm,/, dec. bell will give notice of Ihe hours for prayer, ' AVrfnesda * rLorDin ""M""'i ut * "" "• 9 A. M., and 5 P M, The Rector will U- ' present at prayers when possible and rouve- | T &« M« «' "ill "i>« on' h*:'iT"t:'a , nient. A f«w taps of tbe bell will also mark Uie hour for th» commencement of tbe school, at 2 P. M All tho children of the city and in the country, who desire It, will be admitted to the privileges of this Christian school. JAMES COOK RICHMOND. Presbyter and Rector of St Paul 9 Church Milwaukee, Monday, M y 9th, ..ill,.,. ^ ^_ 'or 10 iT Do,, wly. T K.,r .,17-. Ill \ N I > .V . ck • •. ly Ml. I Distribution t,f 70 Magnificent. P r MILWAUKEE CAOtTS. ALBANY HALL, '27 Mi. J Uooo, Auctioneer*. 1 City of 1 NOTICE C.TT C" 'PTHOL ir ict Ivpjirt.uen', y * , J^sor be I m'l 'n f.e 'i 1.1*1 ^h^ r |.-r t u t.,1 lla, rrasnn ./ '59 Ihoutrlit they would vote for it by a large majority Tbe chair put tbe question on the pa.<»age of the ordinance with the following result Ares—Counuilor Hrineman, Hayden,Johnston, Kroeger, Lockwoodj McCorrnick, JK-Grath and N'oves—8. WsmJceaha Charter Election. WACKISHA, May 7, To the Editor nf Ihr AV»» ; 1 notice in to-day'* Sentinel, a onmmnnlea- tion from this place, sign.-d with a little ',./' ' which is probably a typographical error It should have been printed with a little "H," as its author is "littln Ed," as he is familiarly called here, and known .iliro.i.l as a !>rother of j the Governor, alias, th« defeated candidate for ! Mayor In this communication •• F.d" ssyn Mr. ' Pratt WM elected over him 01: the Mitch qneation." Now, l^i tn<> «.k "Ed" how it ' w«3 last T«-ar. whi-n h« was d-lVut-r) all r| \( r Pratt el-oted. RH then said ic was the ia^^r twr question tlitl won and that tlie elation w»a carried Hy "the vot-,, of rattl" " not m «n. ' Now, hn think< that it is '-th-ditch .jii^sii,.n" nr rather "wster qn^tinn." that Uila year. in*l"*d of li^er If ,), at u * ., I,,, mint liar.- Ijeen l^iten on th.- ' ai,'.i-c»H WV.T o ., .i..l iai.l am.imT.i , f _^tOt, 14. 18, ! a.,d II, i. -T, ID 8 i ID in', A.i.Xit ,jn 4. I m,,j 3. ..;,„•« 4 - '..,<, ot- u, :s ..i n. , ;u, ^ot S. '.: ..'* 4f>. o , i an I .' ' ' , '• <> *6; I.. 4 4, HI a ..1 I..I S lno t K 'Jtl. . n , u ie iii., v 9, 1 4. 6, i. 4 . i *ii<i a, Owu^ f.y ootitl • >h- wil) c-iu*^ ih^ • pectiv* lota. Cuntr»rt D-r •ai I ••r-im,: , .. Y. |.'H tri»yliu.|i r 'I 1 '"- I: "« r ' ^'•«m.- 1 1%V. cnn.-urr. ! 1,1 I.. Referred u The Chair on judicis- • commnnicatu.. It is said that if Paul Morphy is a candidate for th§ Presidency, Mike Phelau will be brought out against him.— Louinillr Journal. We'are Phelan as if Prentice had given us n good eut as t* who will be the candidates. SLEEFLSO CAR.—Passengers who have tried thu sleeping cars on different roads, say those of Stone's Patent, on the La Croase road, are altogether superior to anything ever seen, either as regards neatness, ingenuity or comfort. Better ones coold not be asked for. TRUE.—The JaneSville Gazette copies an account of Rock, being the banner republican county, from tlie La Crosse Republican, in which paper, the Gazette says it appears without any credit. We don't think it any credit to any county to he republican. OCH HON , . .._y Ww overheard a republican editor lamenting the appointment of BisL, ; ..I Conner-Mont, as Commissioner of Patents Said the sorrow-stricken friend,-"If old Buck had only appointed a eduthern man, we could have made a good point of it."— What a pity !- BQRDSB WAR.—A tale of disunion: ByvJ. B. Jones, author of " Wind Western Scenes:" New York; Radd & Carelton, 8 vo., 460 pages. Terry & Cleaver hud the above work on our table some days since. As its name In- dicstes, it is a tale of disunion, but the author has most signally failed to make the book either, witty, or interesting. We tried four times to read it, and each time threw It up in disgust. The plot, such as it is, is laid at the Capitol, and represents everything but possibilities Whoever buys the work' will, if their taste is anything like ours, feel as if they might better have bought one of -some other title, or spent their money for poor whisky. Messrs. Emmons, Van Dyke and Hamilton, enclosing a notice of tbe matter in chancery in the case of tbe Farmers Loan and Trust Company ni. the Milwaukee and Superior Rail Eoad Company, tbe city of Milwaukee, &c., and notifying all persons claiming to hold any of the mortgage bonds of said R. R. Co , to appear before tbe said Master on tbe 6th day of June next, to be heard and examined in rela- tioD thereto. Referred to tbe City Attorney. The Chair presented a communication from Messrs. Butler, Buttrick and Cottrill, representing on the part of the late police force that a part of the compensation which they were entitled to receive from the city had been retained from thorn, they having paid at a less rate per month than tbe rate established by law. LA UK OH or A STBAKEB—The Horioon Ar- <nw says that the new steamer of Michael Winter was launched into lake Horicon last Tuesday, and in a few days she trill be in sailing condition. She is sufficiently large U) accommodate two hnndre^ passengers, comfortably and pleasantly. "The mm recovered of the bltf— The dog It was that died." We heard the other day that one of our cit- iwn» in Madison, was walking out about noon and was bitten by a mad dog. and strange to say, the dog died in less than five minutes in dreadful agony—the man not feeling the effect of the bite at all. Doge will give him a wide tealk hereafter. WARHIBG.— We have heard two or three able bodied men threaten to shoot a large New- fonndland dog, called 'Prince," at present residing with somebody on the corner of Jefferson-Bud ^isconsin streets. His little pleasantry of anapping at the legs of passers .>y, when they are, minding their own business, ' will bring about a dog funeral at that dog's home, |n a Jay or so, if he is not tied np. QCEBU SMP.— A few days since op tbe Boston and Hndsonraflroad, a woman was ran over by the train and,; killed. U seems that her JJnsband had inveigled the wife to join him in-committing suicide. The two walked on; > the track- *i«*d of the engine— the woman' stayed oKjuni WM tolled— the maa'r courage Wled hlmi and he stepped off jtwt ifi time to TKC BOOKLETS.—Last evening a large and fashionable crowd enjoyed themselves hugely at the entertainment given by tbe Buckley Troupe at Young's Hall. 1 There Was more fun, more music, more laughing, real button tearing, vest ripping laughter—mot* enjoyment than our fun loving citisens have enjoyed before for years, and to-night we Warrant a jam up crowded house will greet this gentlemanly and talented band of minstrels. Miss Gould can't be boat, white E.B. Buckley can just coax more music out of his bkojo, than a thousand able-bodied men could laugh at. We never knew before what that instrument WM, and wonder now how he could ha|e so charmed and delighted the audience with that instrument alone. Fred, on the violin, i» a perfect' little hurricane, while all the troupe together, can easily take the linen from all the In this section, and have lots of fon left for some other occasion. If yon want to laugh— if you want tp have aome l fan—if you wish to see negro minstreluT in all to beauty; go tonight early enough to get seats. It will be long before onr cltiaens will have another neb. treat. That's one" plan » get a wife ' ' ' o* tax FIBERS .—Yesterday the fishing party returned from Sparta, with as many quintal* of brook trout aatfce family 'orse could possibly draw, a liberal mess of which the editors of this [paper fe?t happy In receiving. Ho accident worthy of mention oo-" cured, other thantlnrt some rogne,Trlib Aonia be shot, substituted a bottle of water for a bottle of gin. The bottfcwM pissed »ronnd,,»t; Sparta, Che company drank, Int to strange did the beverage taste that the fisher* thought they wen potaoned, and itook to fteSabbata school library, like infant children to their natural sustenance when hnngery. At last it was discovered that tie poison was water when one of the party, intitferf that he know all the tine what it was, bat they felt 40 OTOM that his idea was rndely rejected. They made good work fishing, catching a Une lot of trout as we ever s»w, and using np all their outfit, except one head of (Sabbage, the tail of vt ring, two lemons, three Ittmns oT *ug»r, one pack of cards, -a few dropr of ale, »- smrnl) piece of cheesy and .* cork acter-^He o»ly '-" " ~ ' Htferred to the committee on police and tbe •City Attorney. The Chair presented the resolutions, &o., adopted by tbe Board of Aldermen on the 7th tost., which were taken up as follows: A resolution .declaring several lota in the 6th Ward public nuisances, and ordering the same to be abated before tha 3d of June, was amend«d by the Board of Aldermen Bxing the lime at forty days from the Bret day of pnbllca- tion. ^Whioli amendment was concurred In and tbe resolution as amended was adopted. A resolution directing the Joint Harbor Committee to make an examination of tbe lake shore, or beach, between the foot of Boron street, and tbe month of -the Milwaukee river, with a view to ascertain If any property belonging to the city, or any of the streets leading into the lake, are endangered, or hare been damaged by ionndationj of water, or otber- wiee, and recommend such action on tbe part of the Common Couneil, as may be necessary for the protection of such property from tho action of tbe lake, or th» depredations of Individuals. Which was concurred In. A resolution that the Superintendent of Bridges be directed to cause a notice to be published for ten days, in the offlcial papers, that on ft certain day he will receive and open at the Controller's offloe bids from parties desiring to act as Bridge Tenders for tbe year ensuing. Councilor Johnston did not think the plan worked veil, and moved that the resolution be laid on the taMe Agfeedto. , A resolution requesting the Superintendent *f Bridges to make the necessary repairs on the Kinniokinnipk Bridge. , : Cotineilor Rosebeck said the Bridge was in » mUera>le •condition, there was oot room forleams to pass. - , The resolution w^u conourred in. / j[An ordinance to smend an brainanoe, entitled "*n ordmsnoe prescribing the d.ritiesof the City Assessor, and fixing the oompBasation jot the CitjTj»fa ^»rd Assessors, passed April •tl, 1859,'';whioh emended seetfon/3, so far as related to the salary of tbe Ward ' Assewiots, fixing the salary *t $200, instead of $150. xx .The ordinance; was read twiee. On the motlottof Councilor Heinemann, the rales were Jsnsp4ided,,»Dd,the ordinance read ft-third time and;pa»»e ' Noes—Councilor _ A tier, But-ainc. Herier, Rosebeck and Vogel—5 The chair read section 54 of the CharU-r amendments which provided, that all ordinances should Ix pa?s-d by a majority of each board. He thervforp d.-olor..i thv urdjoanr* rej-cu-d Councilor Roselierk uuW«d a I. during sundry lots in tl,e Fifth Ward j.ulilic nnisance aud ordering tliat they U Mcli wa* adopted • otiacilor McUrath off-red u r^oluuoi questing the Oas Light Company to .-r ot limp posts on Detroit atrwt from Main slr^i to Beach street in Third Ward: Adopted Council lo - McG rath ailed from tli* tal.l- the petition of John Savage aud »tli^rs, mi.I ofiured thv folio wing : Rtiolvrd, By Ui« board of Coun.-il,.r« (he Board of Aldermen councurritiK, the Comptroller be, and ho is heretiy authorized to advertize for U for opening, d.-an- jng and repairing tbe *t wer running Uiroueh Dock 16, 3d Ward Adopted. Councilor McGrath offered a r-«olution. declaring the north ttro-thirds of lot 10, Hock 6, 3d Ward, a public nuisance. Adopted. Councilor McGrath offered tbe following Resolved, The Board of Aldermen concurring, that tbe Snperinteadent of Bridges be, and be is hereby directed to erect a suitable house at the foot of East Water street, Walk- era Point Bridge, for the shelter of the Bridge Tenders of said bridge from tbe inclemency of the weather, as tb« prtaenl shanty is inadequate to protect them Referred to the oommitt^u on Bridges and tbe Bridge Superintendent. Councilor Noyes offered a resolution, Jeclar- Ing lot 1, 2 and 8, in block 61, and lots 2 and 18, block 73, in the Seventh Ward', public nuisances Adopted. Councilor Noyes presented an ordiuano tabllahing a hay market, ami regnlating th sale of bay in the First and Seventh Wardi the city of Milwaukee Which was read twice and laid ovi-r unde the rules. Councilor Hayden presented the followin report : To the Common Council of the C'it v of Mi, waukee : The select committee, to whom was referrec the subject of matter In regard lo wood anc bay markets, etc , reports as follows : Tour committee bare giv«n the matter much consideration, and would recommend that th city b» divided into three districts, viz : District No. 1, to consist of the 1st, 7th an Sd Wards. District No. 2, to consist of theStb, and 8th Wards. District No. 3, to consist of the 4th, 2d, 6tl and 0th Wards And that an inspector of wood and hay he appointed for each district, who shall pay for the offlce Bach amount as shall lw fixed'by the Common Council They further recommend that the joint local committees of the-respective Warda, com. prised/in each district, ascertain the most suit lit tlon in tneir district, which *an be purchased or lessed 4n fair terms upon which to establish a market place for tbe sale of wobc and hay, and report thereon to the Common Council. They also recommend the adoption N«>w and that Mr I'rall and were all dernoor»t.» "E.I " ynn know what the i<sae wa... you n*ed not try to ,leny it TOII knuw »!~«, i>n th- lirker. ii know that 'h-y we r nominated at a regular .l.-mocratii- raii'-us, in the good oM demorratiri way, and lastly, you know that the adopt.-! ritiiern wlm v..| tf and act with and in fa.-t tnak- up i | an? ^ portion '•( the .lemorr.i(ir party in (hi* inwn, bur. Iwen .-ailed "cattl-" «o oft-n IT vnu *n.i r.-...r friend* tint yuur nomination 'his lown. lias l..<-,.m.. , , a your npponMiit'a elation i» T riD M ffi • >.' u a r i u U v Kh V.SKI.IV A l., j.l.n '[).• 1 A (»•> TH u K — A t.i thine we hat-., h.-ard of •- •• in Ch'--ag.i upon a mm-'./. ' this city, to n ' It.- r,uck : . ip«iuired in tl,»i .'ity, whil- th»-y conl.I come b-re and r> t any other way tl, sn t;, r ,., u |, wire told liy foa\- hot not Wlier-up.,,, lh ^ I'Licie,, to Milwaukee ai. 1 '•, •. ,. Shore road On arrivi-n^h-re nn.l '--.,. n.n.. <t tli«re l»-ins a inn. Ii n^ar-r r..ut- f Detroit, |.y ll jt . hctroru:! \ M'l* ihey iVIt .nni^wliat .liagriir! .1 • perpetraled a little j.roUnitr Tl i t>t:troit i Milwaukee ri ,ad heard promptly eittnded to thi m an in ri.le free over their road to [>>troit accepted. E.XECtiTto.v OP MI-NAMEK, AT I'HICAUO — ' MeMaraee, who munier«-d Lis »ir. .,!,!«,. ti ln .. sfncM, was hang in Ih- jail at Cbi.-.iKo. nn tli- 6tli ih<t. Amoni; thw inri.l-nlj i-onn^jt-il witli < the eitfOUtion w- in^iili.jn that Jun.prrti ti- der sentence of death, wai in tb- jail, j.ikiii and talking, and «vpn at work on il,«. iiia.-hi ery by wbiob McNamee was ,Te<-ut.-d It w: At \ Ii, r t 1 . \\ K ''T l | S K |H' ^.iSjg" A ..;!•_i?L tbe following vote: deoltringoertsia Jots in inlsances. f , Whiel.wM adopted Bparte' u Jnst nicest place in a xth Ward, reported tber*o a , and deolaW their iateotioM to't?y I by the *nothw*ripi» '.-•; 4.1,-,.,''..- >t. ' r*-v, *j f'.. . *f tbe following resolution : Xetolved, That the Comptroller be, and he is hereby directed to advertise in the official newspapers, for proposals for supplying the city with two bay scales, similar to tbe one now in "use in the 7th Ward. •""* (Signed,) :. E. G. HAYDEN, JOHN ROSBBBCK, JOHN MoOEATH, !-F - HEINBMANN. - . , Committee. Councilor flayden jsaid he waanot able to get all the members of the committee together »n time to sign tbe report, but they bed all agreed t " " V from the Street Com- the. 3d; Ward, presented reoom- br certain improvements aeeesi be done tbis-jBRr io said Ward. Oonnoilor JohqaW offered a wgolotfoa,' ^ 4tb Ward, pablio '- * n a plan of his suggestion, and he Jnmpertz, remarked that th« doomed man doubtless .-xpected to go to Heaven, and it might be well to let him Ji» in the belief 3 o'clock Ihe noose was placed about his n tb«bolt drawn' the drop door parted, McNameefall eight feet, the extent of th« r when the leather hand about his n-ck ( way, and |»- fell ^distance of *ftt,n fret, ,tnk- i ing on the hard jail floor: He was picked up ! restored to const lonsnes-., hidden another adieu, and swung off acni-i, htit by f>ome mis ! managament, the noose was not properly adjusted, and he hung the re f*mrtetn mmuit, be. fore his heart ceased to beat strongly. At the end of half an hour b« was declared dead, his body cut down, placed in a coffin, and delivered over to his sister. ! ••;•!• iO.OOO nil P- NOTICE.. n-itrjct Uepartnirni MK folKiw ni< .lesor' .u ir>e Thir J rt Vil o otioiii.: f.^ Coniio-in r^ ItfcUfT.i v".bMi ClTT C HFTaOA Milwaukrv, >l» 1 i > 'r' I! V i: t- .ti in .:y .1 p»r, nu L , ., 6 , block ._ ,„„ ,,, '• 2> * * n '' 4 . hl< "'* '•"*: ' !'• , 4. . HoRicos.— the first village of any importance on tbeLaCrosse Ro»d, wsst of Mllwaa- kee, is thu pleasant and basiness lik« plac-p, known all over the' West as Horicon. The Tillage contains b»twt*n 2000 and 3000 inhabit ai.ts, is aitoated at the foot of Lake Horicon, a body of water aboat 5 milrs wide by sixt^m in length, at the foot of a range of iron ore hills, and on the edge of one of tun dnest prairie conntiies in tbe State It has four oharchea and a first rale' printing offlce, from which ih rioon Aryutl a democratic paper, la issned three hotels, one of the best school houses the State ontaide of onr large cities, and . sohool second to none. It has a splendid, in exhaustible water power, that never freezes i, winter, on which is several mills and machin shops, a Bne, Urge, brick flouring mill, with four run of gtone. It has several stores, but needs one or two 'mow first class dry goods stores, quit* a number of shops of differen kinds, and is about as smart a Tillage of its nches as tr^ere is In the State. As a good bu siness point it cannot be excelled, being on 'he line of ;the. La Crossa rail the June- ion with the Berlin Boad, and within a mil* inda-half bf thejonction of the St. Paul & Chicago with the La Crosse. Two steamers ate now on 'ihe lake, engaged in freighting in •ood, flour and grain, from the banks of the ate and op, the river. Horicon is one of the •ery few pliceo in the State where property has leld.its owii during the late panic, and must, rpm ila location and surrounding edvantngw, xiflome at no distant day one o/the largest in- I ti 1, •-. ,), 4, ii, 10 an I Ii, b.u.:li 44 l, )t , ; Mi; 'nt.< 3 4 » .1 8, bl«ck 79; ]..t • i,'.,.., k ,,i »nj 5. t.locR 17, !..!< fl , n ,i ;. r, O rit 31, 1 .tj, «, of S, block ^9. lo.» I an.I 13. 1, ,„•« j(i; .\..n II an.i 12, block 16; l.n 1 bl „•» .V l .,< < 4 block 43. Uwners nccup* u IQ.| wcnts of ihn >b"V^ l properly are hereby notirle.l u. »h»lc ,.,..| witi.m th rty .!.»)» (r,.rn u )e pnbl .:/»i on of : or tlie gtreci OnruOi.saioQer, of s.i.J Thi. I '.V raosc iiM nai..ances to be aSi(e.i »r..l :h re^pectiv^, l.its irnl p^n .>f lot^ *.,cordm^ ' ».. L'tl. . NOT1CK. ClTT Co*PTRoL -N « i ll g-.i . Im»r0rementsare jeing pushed forward this Season with, a bold nd driving j hand, sad ererything betokens ' ife apd aotlVfty . Again we «ay,lt Is pne'of the bestjmsinest.pptets in the State, and ia well 'orth «; TUH from persons seeking a home in """ "" Contract Departmenl, MJwauKef, Slity li. Ivi9. ^ '"SIHE Common Council by resolution ailop ,.,1 \(a v ; si 1^59, granted tbe r?qjn*«*i of tfte p.-t ii.mer^ Owners of property situate^ m bh>ck ^MJ.^lxth W*r i .f U«e Ouy of Milwaukee, lor th* ccruuiiiuon .f a «e<v v r through alley in Slid block 2?. a.,<! ^nl.-iei ihn' i iewar be coastructed in ace rdaneo wl'h the phm m.i sp«ir>cj»tlona . r the City Kniflnfer, on fll? in this oiBo- llwner) of property on laid Jl ey » re , lere |., nnt.n^i locoaatroouucn so,,, wiihin't.guly .!»>» rr.iu .,u rl *te, or ihe Htrret - ommi..slooera if the .,ih w., r i .ill c»u«e f e s»me lo b« rtono and chars-,! t., h- r-- apective lota, according to law ErPiST UEKZKH, L'HARJ. BIT3\(;K, maye-d6l Councillors and Mr et CorflmiMlon » K Nil \ I •> •« , I. j Crry CoxpraoLi.LK'.> Om*m. i Contract Department, .May T, [ 1 GAI.BD proposaKa wilt be received at this office until " • 13, 1M9, a( 10 the established il?, J^ff, rson street, rro.n jireet toAchlcago «., 3| Want; alio or'planking. t . ur b- lag «n.t relaying plank al.lewnlki; the samo h»w beeo ordered by tha Board of Councillors Jon» • 18i8, and concurreil In by the Board of dclenna July 12. I8S8. ra»j7-.ltt E I.'H. QARDINER, Comptroller , CITT OovpnoLLU'a i.prrcs, i Contract Detriment. .Way I, 1859 $ EALEP proposals will be received at tin. ofOce un 01 Thar,day, May 12.at8r k., for Brr.dmi.- t,i th, establilhed gr-ile, Jnctsoo street and llilewaiku fr n Detroit street t., Erie «tr«l In the 8.1 W.rJ- ,1,,, foi , curbing and relaying pUn» «ldewatk»- the In* been oidered hy the Hoard 01 AL.erman 5 ^\* n coocurrej In by the Board of Councilors, Aujf. 16 t 13&9. -na?T-dtt V. VU. GARD1N8R. Complroller. Crrr Com/lROLua's Orrto, I Contract I eparto>nt. Hay 7 Ktt". ( J BALED proposals win b« received at thlj office until ~ Thnrsday, May 12, 18i». at 10 o'clic* a. m , for fi-idlDg to tbe established grade. Milwaukee itre. ta nnd ildtwalka from Detrall street to Chicago street In the 3d Ward; also for planking, curbing anil rul»yuii< the iMewnlks; said wlork hartair beeo ordered by .he Board f Councilors, June 12, ISM, a..I concurred la by the BoarJ nf Ald«rov»n. June 14,1853. mayT-dit E-.I.'U. UABnINEa. Compt-oiler. '- 1 CITT CoarrROu.ia'H Ornc*, I Contract Departmen!. MUwauket, May «, 1859. f J KaLKD propMal. wfll be re«rred at this offlce, till J Tutsday, May 10, 18*9, at 8 o'tlook t. M.. for a lot i the 5th or 8th Wards on which to ertct a horue for nglne Co. No. T. Fencm offering proposals »ui itata Not. of lot and Nook. ' •ayT B.L'H. Comptroller. Chjrlea tl. Clnrk R .l.-rl II. B'll rh.- Karmer'i t ll^nry t. P* n.e .tr Ha^rt,-!, ( i-lf i Cuinr»;iny, K.lwar.l It. I'Tl-r. i 01 ac-« n. nunn 4n. Iw^r E l),,...| r ch. I N pumnini 1 ^ ana Oiitr.ct Cour*. jf til., ib . by virtu llr t ,, , .it * i I .^l.-llr: ,~! M , It . r eiitin.-.l o. "ie Cnilt-.l Stale. auKee. or, Mon.l:» Vloc« A M . ' 1 '• l>iiij t Ihe Onmj ,.r S:n, Ant icn. »n »a.l .l O! the north w-st ifu^r In township dumber .e t\f eat) ten wl.lcn Is exi-i'. le.l ^- me ,. hove ...,.Ih- eleTrnlh ,l»y .1 place XH ab"To Marshal's Olttce, Uth m*, 10-tawu -'« ijtn.-. . fie nmift .J:iv > '•( loijr, -e. \l,i, i THOU.n «'irsn»l. K s & Fiiick H AVB rrmov.d from their ol.t «and to Jun-, u Bloos, ilu SUat Water jtrsst. They open this nornlng a,t 10 o'clock, »lth their stock largely ihed. mayd TlHB place to boy Qrooertesfls at J. HUNS.A OS08flT~«

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