The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 30, 1974 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1974
Page 2
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*f%*T' > *"U W^' 1 <-V - ' <,f»£MW$£X .aiiit',».. ,,*<?!? I *< I•'( f < !>, Uw I' **f- EDITORIAL You can turn right on red On* of the gmt victories of tht was the decision of our most recent tawmakers to let u> turn right on ML thta nearly qualifies M § reform measure, tine* It's * rather brash overturning of decade* of change-resistant thinking. For a ton* time a lot of people have thought that to light traffic conditions, * person (feeing a red fight should he abfe to make • right- hand turn, after making sure the lanes hi* car to about to eater are dear. Bat before but year, you were allowed to do this only'if then were « sign at the Interaction with the statement; "right turn on red." Otherwise, slate Jaw required that you wait for a green fight, even if yours were the only car in sight Under the new taw a person must cone to a complete slop at a red fight; then on observing that the intersection is dear, the motorist is free to make a right-hand turn. We observe that many persons are not making use of this new convenience. Some out-of-state people and some of our own don't know about it yet, or aren't quite sure about what the law says- A few are Just cautious. They're in the right The new privilege is permissive; if you've signalkd for a right-band turn, you're entitled to wait for a green fight, whether or not the guy behind you honks. But a person who ha* a green light has the right-of-way over a person turning right on red. says CapL Oyde William*, Preeport Polk« Department The person turning right oared must keep out of the way of tWs other vehicle. The effect of this right-of-way rule to that the person turning right on red win almost certainly be blamed if he collides with a vehicle that's moving on a green light. Captain Williams says, There might be a possible exception, he says, if the guy moving with a green light were committing some other traffic violation that was primarily the cause of the accident For instance, if the person with right-of-way approached the intersection at so great a speed that the guy turning right didn't see htm in time to keep clear. There's one circumstance that might get a driver in trouble- lie has stopped at a red tight, and is about to burn right onto a four-lane artery, where he will have two laws, A car with * green tight is going in that same direction, using the Inside lane. So the guy turning right assumes he can turn at will into the outside tan*. That assumption is wrong. The car moving on the green tight is entitled to either lane he choose*, whenever he chooses it tf be decides be wants the outside lane at about the time another car enters it by way of a right turn on red, the right-lam car is in the wrong if it gets in the way, AH this can be staled more simply: You can turn right on a red tight, after stopping; it's up to you not to get hit JIM BISHOP: REPORTER Eleven years ago when JFK was shot T*n ytar$ «go, OB Sept. M the Wwrtn of President John F, £' Kennedy ia Pallas, Tax JL%5''TifW* dCMfmtt^p pf^jyiptftL" ^^ooottsttiLM oy v«" cf»*f J«atie* Bart Ifarreo and a can- 4 duded that a young man. Le« Harrey Oawald, executed Kennedy alone, The report coastted of more lhaa 10 liiiltlim ^Mwb M^^MftMM4 in 4ft i^biv voiomca. I t^B^M two sets because I waa * iwarcmag a book called "The Day & Kennedy Was Shot" § The testimony, the depcattiom were t puuiiy correlated and the photographic reproductioMt were often vague aad >• blurred. The ream was that Praideat ^ Lyndon Mama urged the Warren Ctammjeatan to promd at speed and reach a caacaadoa, However, by reading carcfafly aad keeping shears at hand, the miluoea of words could be refitted iato notebooks oa a miaute-by-miiMte ha***. The hours from Ta.nx. Nov. K. to < a-m. of Her. n, f when Kennedy repondm the Eaat Room to a ctatd casket, became dear, coma pr»t>nwJb>e. tDrontrwertible tt would ban been a Mggcr, better S; book tor me if I ewdd haw hiatcd at a caeaipferaey, or proved that OnraM was a n "faD gay" far shadowy figures, or even Oat that* was a connection between ^ Oswald aad Baby, A QUESTION" or ETtOCS jj It was not to be. The wild wrii«r» made t| myatery aad taoueado. I coutd aot-aad would aol—atop them from eanuag a i' dWMMcat buck. ilttKnarh I iuff<k?fi the FBI ImpKtar* »l Our laboratory wto filled the evidence !t«a*aliaaeaf MlhwiJtarvr, I ago. A wteua sfeo«*d ttt ihraajft tte how* *t*r* Oswald vfcuwf «*» wife Exactly fear y«*rs after Uw JMUKMiaatton, »* stajrtd at U* Hatd Texas in Forth Worth w Ux tuU* ec> copied by (a* Knawrfjv The mamgrr loW ttt emTtfeag tbe Pmidtntut party asked in Mnrk*. *>*» to the but cup «4 ceffae Tbe TV *ei watt iitB mucfe a p*J* frwa ChtneMt cabinet Mrs Keoaedy'* btd, at Uw oppoutt rod of Uw Leaped *BM«. wuHiU ibert She Hid it w*» too tmaO. Falbrr Otear Mater, who ad- miiuilercd tbt last r«*» to Trattma Oat a( Parklaad atemoritl Itacvtal, gar* freely of hi* tm* aad aMOMrie* At «he Nauoatl Arthur**, I hefted IB* cheap nfle OtwaJd * copies of beat facts. n Thf (nwt «*ty of 0»0a* to toofer aow about «K tragedy. At toe Ume. PoUnr f CbMJMaeCferry reftucd to tattle me. * CMftfeWtt frits of hprnWAi «w me s , afld' with an edge of iron, said be would • teti Bie OMbiag. * Roy Truly, Uwnmanaxer of the Texas a School Book Dtpwilory BuildtBg. KXACU.V WHAT K^NCOY MW At Love Field, my wtfo drot* a rented roadMer from the POM* wbere Kennedy Ml Air Force One to Ite School Depetiury Buddiat (our Umea, Each Unw. I nude p*ctwt» with » .Vtkon I 4 It Moods like a »««• of tune but. when the book cane to be written. I cooJd project each itid* on a tcreco in my office and MM exactly what Kennedy uw Tbe nun »bo ociied my tympalhy was WiUtam Crcer, Kenaedy*t driver. He »a» a graying, dedicated maa aed, wben he heard tht Rrrt ibot. be Kepped on the brake iaxtcad of the acettoraur. Tbe car tlewcd W the right Preafcbm Kemedy and Cowernor Joho CmtaOy wtre, to effect, tilting duett for a mataftA Oner retired from Ibe Seem Senrtc*. ere* though no one Maraed him When I saw htm. Mr* Crew wa» IB of cancer "Tbe motorcade wa* moviag at II nuk* per hour." I painted out. "Pram the ftxlii floor. Oswald couldn't have ottsaed no matter what you did." Ha was not ydwatth aaMoMfailet BMW* itowiy {rp*t down uwant Ifw uoderpssf. Th» b«a4 of ih* rOBl, DaWw oflk». Qqrdw^ntdla. pvt me all tbt Ucn* | l« dta Ar CWef of tht Secret Sen**, f 4iiM* Bowlty, 1 was ptrniMed to * ft^ ficfVOT ageiito who Pr«id«iJaipKty, tad ibt So I pata* today, aad think of a gallant rreaideet, a pluperfect "pal/' I think Uw of Jack Ruby, who was fore be would become c hero tf ht cwld *»** Teaaa the COM of a trial by iboottag Oswald He was Ik* only nan to commit murder to lha presenc* of « million wiUmta*. b> slew notioa. I aea the Preaidrat's hand falling k> lha 8ef t, five inches of lha faca burying ii*eU ia tbt roav* at bja wife'* MSP, Wa W remember faecama «• cas'l "Nol No!! That's a Protected Species! 11 \ TIIK BHAtt>«»f)"T Comment and Opinion; The confessions of$ a Mafia lieutenant W* enel«tMiww rf « ItalU a mt0Mf> *» A4 aw Uf « K M H* **» * »a *» kiwn* **•» k^M OJMnM» «M la * '1 6» {' Rfo m ise fiWwt «ciwtt' ttt »fcwfc IK 4Mt 1 ^wWira* few HMKlk UNBW I BUS/NESS MIRROR It* Managers' roots ending shuffling «Ji itt * M* JU*t*» Mutt. IM Ml mcvnt tuMt &* f»«r*<»-j tvmnnd t * »ft»t *«£* e*ift auk* *« t'.av taw**** t* i* * XKW YORK - MUl««F«« «< «w «« rtixrlbof Uhnw *»j-» »«• mutntx «»| had smfy an* J Th* 6*<**w Kamt ||PK. Me M * mat* *»»»*«tlUr thF IwWni >U<fpi» &«•<» fatta sftw <uik * <tMB*S(*I «»««ctite<l «s(h a{nK»r<{ M wtS&mj to toff* Mtwt** (or to. lamctJ *»t(n }. t« cr»ati«« m wow I*nt» . bMt ««ow l» tttinft ot (taw m*o*#t*iMni jrwp ubte *orf *n«j en top dt #«»«• fws* »*r toe** SB* fta* . * t» Situ (far A J««S« M mil Oat Tthry !» a» fn* ' A» <| mutt, rrwrvw* at let * (ft «ft«< Ayrttf i M a* to K» . la Uw mot. h* MJ4, dw »««1 to *** «w)w«ilMMd, Nov. taMnrwr, both ntM«ig»n *«»J erf ***»«*» * envtkt *** «• aawt *««*» M * '"feitf ttdtt" «* the piowit*|iB woptKt am MM (*««Jy »«* j»o»* ti* Out «« ttM imriv. Tb*y wr« patiiny tiwtr |M«««»|- t» . Irfktl (oar cmtwwn typt» Mnan* tmoiuiff: 1 Tbr midc&r «»MM«irr, 4§ir » la «, lw BI m4*jo< * MMW u> KRK.iwa * j«wr » «*l»or He H** nxntJ * la 10 (ban fe (w*«Mj (in* <rf (temr ciag no no(lic<ntMr tbm* m «** ~. «4J 4* "pranAiail t*W rtW*," in«W»*J»»*k»t)!*»r«v«;«-|o*piJ j^a^ toM," 4«d I»* tU? 44 )h>n» *U<**4» ft* u *» te tw a* W» *•*» Tto UUt twrton (miM »• thtNwi tec Mt«c iteit tueft Lent (tang <!UK«« " MII J «••% Wl» * t TNr "»nWw" twuaftt. jml enr «*rp Uw twgttwm H« to tew UM« fl«» into te wr««T It* ewfimm Uul to Mn* otHr «m «f '»•»« DON OAKtEY Justice: a lot like wewoi»ya«v»c courtroom roulette Five topics to cover in marriage clinics W* UM the term "deti-vry »y»«tw" «hrt)**UtkAbcw(medicalc«rtr littthe roeaAt aad pvoceGUi by vhicb pioph 1 «Mam the treatment they may Modi chiefly from the Mtteoi phrtkiaaa aad ho«pii«fct The terra ha» to do btfh «»U« their availability a«d itair mnpeleM* There » a -drbvery tysteoi" in UM field cf taw, too - the mean* and proctaa by which {wrtlee a mit«d wri to offeaden M wefl M to the innocent *no are ef • fended *gab»t la thai "dVitvtry »y»t*tn." the aaUon'i ladgea are the primary agent* aad to them we have given unmcMe power aad wide latitude. All men may be rqu»l before the law (although MOW doubt* haw been raiaed about thai of late), but the law k* act aojuafly adnuatatercd by that* chafged with the reapomibOily of admiaitlcrliag M, In a rareat turvey, U federal judgca oa the trial bench of the Second Ctrcatt ia New York. Connecticut aad Vmuwrt were preaeated with a number of itbtUcal caaes. thitn a> jwrt l« til*. UW wncnoui * 4tl«r; MntMce irf M* hm« lJun (» onr mere Uun » Ibr Uv, ii appMWttty «h>M aol mta* numttiory CnoMma flnu Jwajo Frank J Ikvnun tentcnced Uw putfief U» fit« year*' prebulien. Tfcer* wa* M u»Me4ut« cwlrry from CJevtiaad potteif. who bad ipval *n*n menUw butaJMg the <*»« *g»*w< the Matpnrl Jiaant (Joriiwa drfmded to actioK by eeUaej UwM the maa had •Jrwady «ptn4 Ui msnth* in the nmaty MI r,*;o«fi»: w < HA«I» CASK n*«i Thv Hr, Jt«a» *<»d « *» * Ihrtrttog «fcM»<» Or Cr*w», ' he «aa«d, <»«M J«M fc*«« »a«Mf M pn <ctM «wr* tmant »aa**it* UMM thnr to aav auiwmti Marr^qf* llappy «n«a OHM Itlga a M el e* they «***•) by poll laai yean aad a Mj(W fiaa - the n i ana caae, a cab driver k» canvktad ef makteg a baraia sal*. Ona Judga would haTabillbemaawUha|0-year*«a4eoce. only oat year, the minimum penalty for precisely the tame offense. la another r**t. a biariaaaaroaa b caovidatf af la* waUo*, one federal "Afld that'* like * *«ar w KM refer malory/' be laid. "If he didn't get to beity fuU of Jail tbrrc. ha aever w« ." O» thai baatt, w« oagM la empty the praons aad put everybody OB probaUo* Jwaje Oormaa late* admitted la having commitlad "a momaowalal f^of" and ordered the f carrel ef the puabtr but by thai lime be wa* Mmhera to be lound No mailer how fair our Uw*. no autler bow dedicated aad twneai war law en- forcemeat official*, no matter bow many pfiMns w« build aad how taHghUped our (reabntat of Ibeir iamalat, if taa lytum «f ;k*rtic* break* oawa at tba courtroom level, lha nalMn to to Urable r«* ia A«MT Ira, «Wh tta tragic tffect en mMaaa o< iinaiM'iBt IfcMfea, *h« are OwlUed UK* «ad fatth between «e««S«4 pa rente "So «* are ptaaatag a Mama** Cbaic, f« b* beJd in tarva F«r ««nmi ar* MMhMMc»tty trtjtd a* per IJ» MMtal aulr tfewfewdL aaaiaa tawy w« rtMUe *ad Uwa **» a HMM* fat balm* Or tMffetiag Inea VMS* ether ** •»» *« 'U*Uy. **1I brtag the awi aad wfaeaaa together t* a third baaqiaH 0ut aagtbtr would barf given bin three T*» mwks «f the mrvay awvad «w 19 describe tht oatiw'i «4 "mdaua ia UM Thp survay m fci (Wvartd r. «r otiaiiaUvered THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS aw* * » *••** "So what crtUc*! t«pK» «hwM w* cwnwrt" MAHHIACK IMSimAMCS Bra«« u> all alert ctargrtMa who thu* try la tmwre marriaga agataat ibvarca! Aad tafea>ar4 Un bafptaeta «f WUe ckildraai When I hat* often haadM Mich aurnaft cnadca, t traploy maay «f tint mm profit me*«hp»ythotogwaJ beskMa and ntawicata offered via tbU''W«rry that gaada ihata MM aa arufirtal thaw «f pMaMk. IM uufeM in*) at* prawutatM and r»D- gwta tryiai la win rtf«at patraajaft frees theft cath nfilfaanri H» Eatpioy my "Sea CvobleiM ia Marriage" teeklat aad then duet the tMtltMlam«(«l U&ifaVaT'KjF aWtWMM MattbAMl aad wtf* U> ttua « a MacMwartf M a «a»«n »<**MK*. uj .VMd «4f«Mba4 Uw «aaw. HWttl MHr la^aflllafbBMNIal Ui Kaplaa* the "JtHiag" that *-*rrfr raauaaly recalw when UH floi baby arrtv*», tar the wife auddeaty taUta at laaat n par c«*i of bar altaaUoa«« Uw t flpy mebiMa the MaUni hK«iea M Hwbai|da^Wifa/'ptoih«'*raAUb* (h»d Partola." tlw "iiafert Cbart" aad varioua af UN »ta b«kW» offered via IbJa daily calwwa Ovar MM American ctorgyoMA ban that MM* it aatwai, ewra wrwawwt created to ba pja»ar«y -t • iif H» Trtin-tlrj fnihlanid njkn hntaart «ba .* afraid hj* wife wtt daxvwr hsf ability » ta t JO an lhatr f tgutat ra<b> mriaac w i HMf9 Mft iMIIRaf irf Ifeit t»»ad to b. ut boudutf Tba (act ihat nhan • marriad t aw a<ti** togatkar ia Pit auMi wbkh n what • *w*^,^

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