Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1941 · Page 8
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1941
Page 8
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STEELING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLmG. ILLINOIS Sport News Covering Local and National Events 'l' r cWrnri rtviM r n; furt Sterling Must Win Friday Eve to Slay In Conference Race Face Worthy Foe in Princeton Under Lights ot Stadium Couch Pof'r K.?nz.° o.' pur hiirh hrin?5 « Mronc for>"/a'.; hwe Friday nisht for a earn" g. H. S «t the Mftdnrh The ton frosh-«oph team ^ ai.-r> r-portr •K a strong group and it loo its ilk a very busv nlcht for the Iocs', team Being a North OnirRl Illinois ron ferenc* tew ion it is of exception Importance. SterlinK i« ing varsity champion a: to k>cp in th* runninz honors Princeton with one o.' the teams in the history of the schoo struck a sn*K at DrKnlh 'ast end when the home tram <-ame from behind to defeat them by a score o 13 to 7. This will cause them bounce back with n \rngeanc* 1 Princeton boasts of a strong Bn heavy line and n hcnw fast back fteW. It means that sterling wl have to be alert every second of th game and the line will have to p\ up a performance such as WR* show against the powerful Mrndota team • Farnef Sterling Boy on Team Capt. Jack Younir ol Princeton ; reported OIK of the best passers 1 tht conference. Tlve favorite com binatton with Princeton is Cap Young to Bob Frantwn. This Is th team that scored to put DeKnlb o the defense last week Rumley, son of Charles Rumley. jr., formerl of this city, is used as the plungln back on the team. He is a trac man and has plenty of si>eed an drive. Sterling picked up Additional in Jmiea in the Belvldere game tha may alow down some of the 'player a bit but for the most part even bngr will be ready to go at top speed Capt. Nelson and his fellow line mea have displayed marked 1m prorement in the last two game and it ia their work that has been largely responsible for the vlctorie If they do their stuff tomorrow nigh life* they have In the last tw tames. Capt. Harry Woodyatt an hU ball carriers will be able to com throufh and "carry the mail." Princeton has a large following o faaa this season and will come her in larie numbers. Fans like the fin accommodations at the stadium am tarn out in large numbers for a home games. The frosh-soph game is scheduled for f :45 p. m. and the varsity fame at 1:15 p. m. *^*^ Dow/tng Y-CHfWH o L S r huf-i<T Wirlc Hfl nd;rnp Totals ChrL'tinns— Cum mm.* Cirablii n« 14fi 153 l-l.i HP 161 Ono — R.S 117 11 .i 115 161 1.S1 — 163— 103 — 1(51 — 4,71 456 4flfl .167 4S3 8P2 804 842—2538 Big Ten Grid Notes CHICAGO — (AP>— This is th weak that Notre Dame, with pres ture momentarily off. can take stoc of the football situation and breath eaatly for a few days before renew ing an arduous aehedule. This is th week Notre Dame plays Carnegi Tech. Next week things shouldn' be much worse for the Irish. Illinoi is on the schedule for Oct. 25. an while Coach Frank Leahy and his auociates will treat this one with -caution, they see no need to get al worked up. That'll come later, be fora Army and Navy and North western and Southern California. ~ gcTTar the. i^Uion hat, Uceii ex ceedingly favorable to the Irish They've scored at leask three touch •downs a game for three contests They have come up with a brillian paa»er in Angelo Bertelll. Their de fenaa has been «>atisfacU>ry. In diaca having made six points. Ari MM seven and Georgia Tech none against Notre Darqe. But Leahy and hi* aids really need this apparen respite of the next two Saturdays so they can determine just whai hat made the Irish click so far and what it will take to keep them rolling. .The Carnegie-Iron game threat ens to set a new low for pre-game forecasts this -season The Tartans aren't even hinting they might have an upset in their jerseys and Notre Dame isn't professing any fear o Coach Eddie Baker's gang. Quote. "We're up against a good .team and oura may be sub-par"—Eddie Baker "Carnegie Tech seems 10 be a bit weak 11 —Frank Leahy. Coach Eddie Anderson and his as •irtanu Nile Kinnick, have been tak ing an active part on the field in Iowa's preparations for Wisconsin, but when Saturday comes Tom Farmer and Bill Green will be put to work with aerials against the Badgers . . . Wisconsin, which has a pretty fine offensive threat in Pat Harder' and Ends Dave Schreiner and Pat Lyons, U more concerned with defense for its first home conference game. Dick Good may get Illinois' call at quarterback Saturday against Drake during Lit Astroth's layoff with an eye infection . , . The South Bend, Ind.. iharpshooter wai the Big Ten's No. 1 boy on forward ' passes ^ast year . . Captain Gene White and Frad Huff, two first string Indiana lintmen. may not see action against Nebraska Saturday because of in- jurie*. Fac*d wiih tbe loss:.. of - stalwart Right Tackle Leon Cook for the Michigan game. Northwestern's Coach Lynn Waldorf inserted Sophomore Tony Sauiarzia lu the vacancy. •. . Tony is one of five erstwhile second tttin? Unemeh being cons>aered eitlier for craning jobs Saturday or a& regents to see a great amount «rf actMw: . . Michigan's secoiid line oMdered slir.a-t *.«. good a& the **!! but « 4 tl;e back field that Coacfc Fn« Crvsier ,,. He* Fine Kreidr r Obrbillig Hnndirap 83 113 148 1B4 209 fil 94— 175 114 100— 327 143 Lift— 441 131 151 - 466 151 112— 3R5 205 205— 619 Totals 859 S25 812—24!>6 P-TOWN MAJOR Thrd" « Implement.*— ZLechiesche 171 180 178— 529 Oetzel 197 183 171— 551 Tftber 200 172 180— 552 Thede 175 208 178— ftBl Weiteknmp 166 166 166— 498 Totflls Oliver."— Beechel 909 909 873—2691 Jorgenson Solidsy Wheat Handicap Tot n la 124 159 168 168 154 148 169 176 154 189 19 19 183 —466 168— 504 143— 445 1B7— M2 160— 503 19— S7 Erie Loses on Points After Touchdown to Tampico Wednesday Tftmpiro n«v?<1 out Kri» hv of 21 to 1R in a Two Riv RRrnp at Erie We<in»«d!»\ afternoon. NnfU.Rfr srore<d tourhdo-^-ns for Erie The trams baulfci through the first qnnrter with honors even. T»m- piro wen't. ahead dtirinK the jnnd third periods arxi the hotnp team almost pullpd ihe game out of the fire in thp fourth quarter. Thp last totichrtown scored b> Naftxaer was madp after a 65-yarc run. Tlip gamp was Interesting, am both teams played hard and Lineups. Tampiro F.rie Egert RE Naftzger Chapln C Osborne Van Df ' LE Misfeld Lee QB Thoma.' Newman LH Oonihey SchulU PB Wilson Score b> qiinrters: Tampico « 8 7 »—21 Erie . « 0 0 U—18 Touchdown*. Naftxger, 3, Egert Van be VeWe. Lee. Extra points Lee, Newman a. teubetitutlorw: Tampico. Shaheen: Erie. Bnowden. Plenty, Btubt*. Ellis. Ballard, Petersen Klendworth. Bonneur. 793 859 865-2517 Wheat's Cleaners— Roman 227 184 170— 581 Hunt 160 200 193— 553 R. Dorathy 122 162 151— 435 Toppcrt 146 171 139— 468 K, C. Brown 201 201 198— 600 Handicap 9 9 9—27 Totals 865 927 860—2653 Walgren's— ' Lyon 159 157' 195— 511 D. Dorathy 169 182 151— 502 Blair 141 147 166— 454 Herald 164 191 183— 538 Weber 171 185 191— 547 Totals 804 862 886—2553 PROFESSIONAL GIRLS Pearls- Williams 105 105 145— 355 Partridge 106 106 106— 318 Robinson 134 115 147— 416 Sonuner 100 111 143— 354 Browne 125 107 117— 349 . Handicap 51 51 51— 153 Totals 621 615 709— 194S Turquoise Blues— Lapp 134 140 125— 388 Funk 12« 132 139— 397 Watson 117 137 107— 361 Hall 99 119 107— 32ft Thomas 113 119 130— 361 Totals 578 «47 608—1833 Rose Zircons— Melllnger 107 132 Olson 101 130 Brown 81 81 SPORT NOTES Cullen Smith Handicap Totals Diamonds— Wolber Clow Folkers 8« 93 106 136 36 26 3U 125— 3M 81—243 144— 323 131— 371 26— 71 507 598 606—1711 103 132 101 129 127 89 Goldthorpe 113 130 Kivlin 113 167 99— 334 155— 315 120— 336 101— 344 137— 416 Totals 556 647 612—1815 Rubys — Pfundfitein 109 116 128— 353 Conrad __ 126 _ ML^lSSj;^ 355 McKinney 119 114 152— 385 Deppe 67 69 U2— 241 Mulford 103 121 131— 355 The sun rises Friday'at 6:11 a. m. and sets at 5:19 p. m. There was blasting all along the river and ponds this morning. It was blasts from duck hunters who were enjoying the first shooting o the season. From now on until Dec 14, the ducks will have to watch out for themselves. Coach Ted Scheid reports that one or more of his first string reserves in the varsity backfield wil be missing from action agalns' Princeton. This may prove a rea, handicap as it is expected Sterling will hare to be at full strength to keep pace with the Tigers. A signal drill under the lights at the stadium will be held tonight as usual. Kivlin and Robinson set the pace in the Professional Oirls bowling league at tht Sterling Recreation lanea Wednesday night. Kivlin rolled 167-416. and Robinson had 147416. Punk rolled 139-397. In the Wire Mill league Bonneville shot 201-538, Clark, 203-522 and Bowman 210-520. Ninth annual homecoming of the alumni of Amboy township high school to being held Saturday. Oct 3&>at the high school. Oregon plays Amboy hi the homecoming fame. A full program of entertainment has been arranged. Rosemary Hammond ia chairman of the program committee. Wink was high bowler in the 7 Church bowling league. He. shot 174-488, and Kreider had 184-444. Coach Potter Keagle of Princeton high has told his boys that Coach Ted Beheld'* crew will be "tougher than a 10. cent steak," here Friday night and he to driving hir squad had for this contest. Don Rumley will stan at fullback instead of Bill Hanson, who ia ineligible. •LlC._Bro«lLjiet_Uiejpact_in_the Prophetstown Major City league at Wheat's lanes Tuesday night. He rolled 201-201-600. Roman had 227- Ml, and Thede, 308-M1. Emeralds— Waples Purvimnce Schott Partridge Matou&ek Handicap Totals 124 144 102 105 97 99 95 95 147 147 14 14 112— 380 93— 300 75— 271 95— 286 147— 441 14— 42 579 604 526-1719 WIRE MILL Drawing Department— Cobb 110 111 159— 380 Knapp M 111 109— 304 Crawford 90 85 143— 318 Bell . 124 125 153— 402 Redding 172 145 147— 464 Handicap 137 127 127— 381 Totals '707 704 838—2340 Ten Inch Mill— Bonneville 146 301 181— 528 Davis m ISO 15«- 438 Brodlne 135 179 92— 396 Wolber 170 183 126— 479 Clark 140 203 170— 533 713 916 735—3354 Totals Personnell— Anderson 162 165 Murphy 132 131 Faraham 131 113 O'Brien 156 Itt McAndrews 179 111 Totals 760 IN Cost Denartment-^ Bowman 171 117 Dillon Dewey Scott Brandon Handicap 116 153 lli 106 121 174 159 123 73 73 Totals 768 764 Sales Department- Andrews Hill Kay Drc*te Ballmer 165 134 124 122 136 150 134 139 122 1*3— 490 162— 422 163- 406 137— 419 166— 506 791-3343 310- 530 107- '375 125— 350 135— 437 114— 395 73— 219 764-2396 121— 422 124— 372 132— 344 134— 418 145— 406 Now that the duck hunting season has opened and there will be a great many more persons handling firearms, a few safety tips might not be out of line. Every gun is a loaded gun until you make certain that it is not. That's one of the first rules in the book. Carry only empty guns, taken down or encased. into .your automobile, camp and home. Be sure that the barrel and action are clear of obstruction. Always carry your gun so that you can control the direction of the muzzle even if you stumble. Be sure of your target before you pull Uie trigger. Never point a gun at anything you do not want to shoot. Never leave your gun unattended unless you unload it first. Never climb a tree or a fence with a loaded gun. Never shoot at a flat, hard surface or the surface of water. Do not mix gunpowder and alcohol. Community high U going to have a tough tine with Savanna high on the West Seventh street gridiron Saturday afternoon. The game will be started promptly at 3. Savanna has been breezing along without defeat this season and Coach Pete Laffey's boys are hoping to mar that slate. Sheffield got the jump on other Little light teams thi* week by de- But It's T ONE SEED... &<SJOS. e/r</. <0*uj£cr/coT-.. OF. rue CHURCH FOR 7** THE *CV. RUSSEU CHURCH. <A**I£I> A UMOiH'S *GiT7VBOK6 JOO WLCS 70 7Hf COAST IH Tht, Gt/GWAL JOHN AS7O* WASHIN670M w*/re AUf> PAtfr Him *IO FQ* M 7H£ 90.000 WOfO JD5 ' 70 feating Neponset. 14 to 13, Tuesda afternoon. However, Sheffield wll be forced to come right back and take on Tiskilwa at Shefleld Pri day afternoon. Other Little Elgh games are Walnut at Wyanct. Man 11 us at Buda and a non-conference game with Neponset playing at Fid ton. Floyd Sandberg of Rockford meet* Jim Forester of Onlesburg in one half of the double wind up at Rock ford tonight. Russell Arneaon Rockford takes on Dick SchoU Oalesburg. in the other half of the wind up. Billy Celebron, a forme Rockford middleweight, will referee Rock Falls goes to Mount Mor rii Friday night for a Rock Rlvei Valley conference game. Morrison plays at Polo. Amboy at Rochelle Winnebago at Oregon, De Kalb a Mendota, Belridere at Dixon, Fullback Bob auckman of Wes Aurora high school la going to Miss the La SaJle-Peru game Friday nigh unless a xubstitute blood donor can be found to be ready to aid an injured high school girl from Rockford, Patrlca Palmer, 15. The Palmer girl has been unconscious In Copley hospital since she suffered a skul fracture and two others were killed Friday night while returning from the Weat Aurora-Rockford foctbal game. West high student* have volunteered to give her blood transfusions. Stackman and one other boy have been accepted. Doctors expect to need two donor* in a few days. 7T alfiird donor can be found Stackman will play against La Salle- Peni. If not., hell stand by awaiting a call to the hospital. Roundup of Sports] By Hugh PWIerton, jr. NEW YORK — (Special)—It may come to open warfare in the south before the colleges finish their argument over who is taking whose football players ... The Atlanta Journal which helped stir things up by pointing out that Southern conference schools seemed to be doing belter since the Southeastern loop put a ceiling on help for athletes, came out a short time afterward with the news that Georgia Tech spent $43.•40.10 last year . . . This led to the query from a few miles north: "Who n the Southern conference, besides 3uke. has access to that many _pota- ;oes?" . . . Cleveland promoter! are ooking for a sellout crowVi at the Lem Franklin-Abe Simon scrap next week . . . Pee Wee Reese plan* to spend most of the winter trying/to strengthen TQTTeTrTeg,; wnTch^as teen none too dependable since he hurt his heel a year ag*. T«4a> « Gucci Star W. N. Cox. Norfolk Virginian-Plot: "Come to think of it, this football business u wholly sane ... With a few exception* the game* turn out Totals 671 Hardware doth— Arthur Smith Pe-ttit O'Brien Bre&sler Handicap Totals 95 102 145 117 171 58 675 654—2002 M 123— 302 80 96— 27« 142 124— 412 106 93— 319 170 170— 511- S* S*- 174 9«8 643 «65—19M MiW n \ IVlTlMirmUiai* name. *J^* natVONrMMon fSL\ Fop tlleir ftm«f MIIOKESS. HUS IICH ttSI{.KVS.(.CDIOMY I still concentrating on forward pa**~ I ^^ ^ «•» •» ^» ^^ ^a^ VMHP^aV^ C/oar*//t of Qualify ^^fw' ^^F99 Www^ffw^^^f exactly OK you thought they wouldn't, and that represent* consistency of a high order." Hot SUre Warmap The rumor that Bill Terry Is head- Ing for a front-office job with the Indians keeps bobbing up even though all hands profess to know nothing about It. However, some Insiders expect Sweet William and Bou Sloneham will get together at the winter meetings and come up with a new contract for Bill to sUy with the GianLn . . . Another story Is that Rog Pecklnpaugh will get Cy Slapnicka's vacated office at Cleveland and that Gabby Hartnett has the inside track for the lob as manager . . . California rumor is that Mickey Cochrane may be offered the presidency of the Hollywood club. R*4 Pace Dept When the Arnold college football team from New Haven, Conn., came to New York last week to play Wagner, the players were all ready to dress for the game when they discovered the uniform trunk had been left behind ... A plane brought the equipment in time and the grateful team manager invited the pilot to see the game . . . "No thanks," replied the airman. "And are you sure you have a ball?" Sparta Page . Since Johnny Golan, who has grown into a light-^heavyweight, has been knocking ' 'em stiff in Chicago, local fight experts have been wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to bring him back homeHu a main- event fighter instead of just a preliminary boy . . . Joe Zacharlah, 19- year-old Baton Rouge, La., golfer UUlyJBJUlaC?^«J?^J^jirij^e in contest before the Texas JuriToT tournament at San Antonio's Brack- enrldge park course ... It wax six yards better than the mark Jimmy Thomson set in the Texas open. Get The Point* Joe Aguirre. Washington Redskins' rookie, has tried just four field goals in his football career . . . One of them gave St. Mary's the victory ,hat ended Ford ham's winning streak last year . . . Another brought the Redskins a 3-0 decision over Brooklyn and a third helped along in last Sunday'* 24-20 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers ... He missed once. Lanark High Defeats Byron, 22 to 8, in Grid Game on Wednesday Lanark high defeated Byron by a score of 22 to 8. in a game of six- man football at Byron Wednesday afternoon. Kiever set the scoring pace by making two touchdowns and booting two dropkicks for four extra points. Lanark counted in the first and fourth periods, while the home team scored in the fourth quarter only. Camling made a touchdown anc 1 McMains dropkicked for two extra points for Byron. The two teams play a return game at Lanark Friday. Oct. 24. Score by quarters: Lanark 14 0.0 8—33 Byron 0 0 0 C— I Oil Well May Provide Football Field Lights For Mt. Carmel High MT. CARMEL, ILL. — (AP) — •Mtr-Carmel -is-the-only-high-sehool in the North Egypt athletic' conference without lights for Its football field but this situation may be remedied by next fall. —Arrtrfr-well U Wng OBI a 10-acre tract owned by the school just north of the gridiron and if successful the well will provide rev- eriuo for the new lighting system. The well encountered saturation in the Cypress sand from which otlver wells nearby produce from to 150 barrels of oil daily. "We have been talking for a good while about fixing up the athletic field, but never felt we had the money to 'do It with." Robert Expert Work * H t « MM way te are* trevate. Let M check year IfnHhM. If tfca wto- tag la faulty er war*, It •§ likely to eaaae yea treaUe ja*t whe* ye* Be*4 yew ear Hake awe this «eee»'t k-ajafiav to Htattr*—latttriot—Winter GreoMi and Oil*—• Complete Service Change Oil Today PFQT JD£iQl W. I. Llewellyn 6-« W. Fifth $t STIRLING, ILL. Mont 1065 24-Hr. Service Mundr. president of the board of edurntton. ^»Jd today. I "Now mnybr oil royalty wl 1 .! mskf, it po*^ib='> -o dre*<; tip th r cro'jnd^- arvd p-.i? in '.i2ht«. for football snf -' Bfi.nR t)jf« t\'.f of Bn n\; «T;; mrvjlcj ^ on' of !!>'• uniisMwl f^nt'irf- • of t)ir .Mr. (.'armfl nth.i^Mr f:i»"d I: \-\a-. ri^vr'n^Tl fll Iho foot of a r,«'- I ural. 70-.'oo! n'.iiff or; tlie furr r,', I wlilrh A ';'Rd'.'im WRK b',ii>l | arlilP'ir fi'lrls in thr na':o!i I so n«';ira: s Daily Double Payoff Has Yet to Hit $t ,000 In New York State Bv Hayd»n NEW YORK — <AP> — Daiiv rioubip paioffs of •'1. 000. or e\rn several thousands, are not uncommon in othrr raring sectors, but in New York, with only 15 days of the sport remaining on trw> !9*1 calendar, the highest return yet recorded i* $899.10 for the customary two on Junp 16 at Aqueduct. Of thp »1 20. 170.522 wagered by race goers at New York tracks in the 360 cay* of racing this season to date. $4.215.456 was bet on the daily doub>. which form of wagering has been used on 141 days. The Innovation received R six-day trial at the opening of the Jamaica meeting. but was in existence throughout all other meetings. So the average dally double play was 129.896 The record double payoff In this country is $10.722.40. on the appropriately named combination of Joy B*t snd Merry Caroline at Washington Park on Aug. 14. 1939. Only yesterday, at Laurel, the doub- k- paid $1.323.30. and If a certain horse had won the second half, the price would have topped $14.000. The very fact that more money is poured in on the doubles here might explain the lack of extreme payoffs. New York crowds distribute their play over a wider range. It seems: back a greater number of combinations, use key-horse pairings more extensively. It doesn't seem possible that the form on New York's double races could consistently have been so superior. The lowest New York double return was $8.40. at Belmont's opening day this fall. Next lowest was the M.60 return at Aqueduct on Saturday. June 14. Oddly enough. the next Monday saw the record high double, worth $899:10. The second highest was $881.70, recorded May 14 at Belmont. New York dally double payoffs may have been comparatively skimpy. but in money handled via this method it Is unexcelled. A national record for' double play was created at Belmont on Memorial day when 874.206 was wagered by 51.861 of New York's finest fortune seekers. EEAP not CLASSIFIED ADS. Bill Dudley Holds His Yardage Lead Virginia Gridder Also Nation's Top Scorer Bv OBI! Fowler SF ••\TTI.F: < AP> — s !::;e BiK D:K:!'--,- of Viigimn. the na- dav as in'erroii^ciKte football's ground gainer ;or the second w!"C Dudley, whose 56 (joint* in four camps e^nbiiMi him as the und- iron't hieh point, man. Is shewn in Amerirnn Footbnll Stfttlstlcial bu- re/ui fleure* MS lendlnir the rotir- try in tr>tnl offenw nnd rushing' o.'.'rnw. «nd rnnkins: fourth as a forward nasser. He h«5 collected 315 yards in the air and 331 on the ground for « tofnl offensivp figure of 646 yfl in 92 play.-;. He hc.« compleM 21 of 38 passes, with one It tion. for * .533 percentage. Dudley's passing prowewi is reflected in the pass receiving figures, his teflmmftte. Bill Preston, ranting third with 10 passes caught fc 186 yards. A sensational sophomore, Elmer Madarik of Detroit, rankn next tj* Dudlej- In total offense—gains rushing and passing. Johnny Origas cu Holy Cross is the second best rusher. Ail-American Frankle Albert Stanford Is the nation's outstanding forward passer, despite his di'- flculties with the wet ball when his team wns blnnked by Oregon State last week. Frankic has pteted 28 out of 53 passes for yards anda .528 percentage. He* had five Interceptions. Regionally, the Pacific co**J places two of the top five passerK Bill Sewell of Washington State, last year's foremost passing star, rank] ing fifth. "Barnacle BUI" Busik of Karris the leading punter with a 45.4J average for his 11 punts. One at Madarlk's Detroit teammates, V«- eran Howard Keating, an end. th* leading pass receiver with caught for 168 yards. Leading Pro Punter Is Giants' Kay Eakin CHICAGO — <AP> — Kay EaJoft of the New York Giants to the »e punter of the National footba.2 league, but Sammy Baugh of Washington and Dean McAdams of Brooklyn are cloning in on hie at age. Eakin in five boots has 53.8 yards through last Sunday* game, while Baugh has compiled a 53.9 average on eight kicks and. Mr- Adams 50.5 yards in 11 tries. Baogk hold* the record for the lo •ingle kick thin season, one yatda against New York. •«V NOW Hsy.Myrf.aj fit j-jsr. ^HHBBB ^^^^j» * ~~^^*w ^^"^^^^a» •^••B ^^te^H_A_ _ m, AS LOW AS ALL-ftHEIieM "•UY niir TKMMS u eii^v i 50c C.OOI) ^> i AW " I ntl s out Mir-Mr Goodyear Service 117 K. Third St. Phone 550 Store Hours 8 to 6 daily. Saturdays open 'till 9 P. M.

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