Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 4, 1965 · Page 13
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 13

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 4, 1965
Page 13
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UNREAL ESTATE L-1 Hbusfis U-REAL ESTATE L-1 Houses F.H.A, Federal Housing Administration . HOMES FOR SALE ($1.00 Earnest Money Deposit) L. C. Area 981-011340 1311 K. School St. (Gulf Park) $11,500 622-00484 1312 California (Quit Park) $8,000 22-076254 1527 California (Golden Meadows) $11,500 22-075687 1524 California (Golden Meadows) $10,000 22-078760 1603 California (Golden Meadows) ., $11,750 22-07874B 1607 California (Golden Meadows) 813,200 221-010010 1212 Illinois (Rutherford Add.) $11,400 22-080693 1224 Illinois (Rutherford Add.) $12,000 22-080604 1300 Illinois (Rutherford Add.) $11,000 22-080692 1301 Illinois (Rutherford Add.) $11,600 22-085704 1303 Illinois (Rutherford Acid.) $1.1,500 •..100768-22 1317 Illinois (Rutherford Add.) $11,750 22-062603 116 Mallard (Golden Acres) $8,900 22-074509 1924 Rose (Oak Park) S7.500 22-094480 2005 Hose (Oak Park) $9,000 22-089976 714 Sundale (Sundale) $10,900 22-094284 702 Sundale (Sundale) $10,900 221-011792 418 E. Claude (Southmoor) $11,000 '300642-22 1601 Broadmoor Ave. (Broadmoor) $10,200 22-077315 1804 roadmoor (Broadmoor) $8,000 300554-22 629 Bicnville «3ul£ Gate) $12,500 22-074521 1404 Meadow Drive (Sunset) $12,950 22-084230 1701 - 7th (High School Park) $9-950 22-078148 3918 Common (Felix Stone) $12,000 221-006356 3556 Columbus Circle (Grelnwich Village) $12,000 22-107335 811 Falls St. (Hi-Mount) 86,900 300325-22 2716 General Moore (Grelnwich Terrace) $13,650 22-054530 732 Azalea (Girrard Romero) $8,700 22-105078 1422 Shaw—L.C. "ALL CASH AS IS" ....89,200 22-111080 2100 Jones St. (Westwood, W.L.) $9,000 221-015210 1908 Gullloyr (Lakeview, W.L.) $14,250 22-103801 804 N. Irwin (Oak Grove, Sulphur) $8,700 221-016435 1109 W. Burton (Pine Park, Sulphur) —$12,000 22-103874 305 Brooks (Pinecrest, Sulphur) $10,950 22-101418 1009 Maria Dr. (Villa Maria, Sulphur) ... .$16,350 SOLD NOT AVAILABLE 22-095788 107 Mallard—L.C. 22-111419 1003 Shady Lane—W.L. 22-105056 621 Louie—L.C. 22-093290 4710 DeSoto—L.C. 300219-22 2607 General Patch—L.C. 22-087574 2451 Rose—L.C. 22-100736 3905 S. Hodges—L.C. ;22-089103 1906 - 17th—L.C. 22-075913 412 W. School—L.C. 22-117190 1901 - 8th—L.C. 22-065399 1109 Meadow—L.C, Many other attractive properties are available. Contact your Real Estate Broker. All prices, addresses, case numbers, etc. are subject to clerical and typographical errors and changes. FHA PROPERTY MANAGER and VA SALES BROKER We sell any FHA and VA home In the LAKE CHARLES - SULPHUR AREA HOLLEY HEARD MRS, YVONNE STRATTON GEORGE COUNTS JR ELAINE COOPER iot ~ ~ 433-9441 433-9442 400 7th STREET (Corner of Bilbo and 7th) 433-7730 BLANK.ENSHIP - FHA-VA SALES BROKER WHY PAY RENT WHEN IT'S SO EASY TO BUY? MANNING REAL ESTATE 433-3334 H«nry Watklnt HOME or ACREAGE AHrarllve Inlerlor, 3 bedroom, den, 1 bah Carious home, doubt- car oarnae. Con or financed FHA with only $-00 Sown, notes 573.50 <P«.U monthly. 1 Arre Ol lond (IM'x438') In Prlcn-lerre, wooded, Irontlno on Henderson Bayou, ndioinlna Chalkey Estate. "It's Your Move!" Guillory Myers Realtors JOW Enterprise ?22i?3? R. F. Pierce K, V. Michel J. C. Gulllorv TWO FOR ONE Reduced $4,000. Was $12,500, now $8,500. Furnished house on one lot, furnished g«rage apartment on next lot. Both must b* sold Immediately. Could be used as commercial. 701 and 703 Cherry Street. CLASSIC REALTY 438-0501 438-5060 Ability Backed by Experience sieve, YOU AKEN'i GOING TOPOTHI9..,. I'VE ALREADY A WIKEP ROD THE J MONEY/ JOE PALOOKA ' see, HONEY.., i THOUGHT YOU'P 88 HAPPY ABOUT THIS/ WT JUST 6KM#WftllJEO OUR HOME EYE T&T. IT WKN'T MEAN S0METHIN6 \$ KFINlTfly WRONS UJITH YOUR eVfe... YOU'RE LUCKV WftE 6ETTIN6 7H£W CHECKED... 2-V I SUPPOSE 50, ' QELL M3 > 4 I'M NOT GONNA , WEAR BIFOCALS! PEANUTS .'MISTER PREZY'DUNT,'/ THAT'S THE. A WEIRDEST- LOOKING / STUDENT ^N NONJ-COMFORMlST ) YET/T WHATEVSRMDDWANT; ) FREEDOM TO LIE DOWN, ) SIT IN,OR BEND OVER? J \ SIO'C ^\ C'^U^K'-E' r — AH x ~——v OFARGUIMG) HAIM'TNOWISEKID/M AH IS A IGGOPANT J WISE XN OLE L ADV// KIDS ill.' ABN6R EVEN WHEN THE PROBLEM 15 50LV£P VERY PGT6CTIV6-UR$UU>ANt>N I ASREE THAT THIS WAS PEVENSE 4CT OF 50/WE SORT—BUT WHOM, ANP WHY ? \t THERE SOME FEUP OK. COINC- THE STU PEfttS THAT HA ELUDEP ME "? AAK.UI0LOW, I KNOW OF No P£ASON WHY A FELLOW STU DENT WODLP WISH TO MAKE MS. APPEAR A THIEF' SATURDAY, DEC, 4, 1965, loke Charles American Press 13 BRAND NEW! GOLD MEDALLION HOME! LAKE ST. AREA! You'll be right at home in this brand new gold medallion home. In a prestige Lake Street area neighborhood with almost 3300 sq. ft. of living area over all, this contemporary brick home has 4 big bedrooms, 2 full ceramic tiled baths, a 16'x24' family room, separate entry hall, and many other unique construction features. Fully geared to automated comfort, this home has a GE self-cleaning oven and range, dish- j washer, disposal, intercom system, and central air conditioning and healing! There's a 2 car garage and plumbing is stubbed in for a half bath in the service area! Unusual in utility, storage area and closet space, this Is » home that must be seen to be appreciated I (T-65520). BLIMEY.'L00< AT THAT OLb WITCH OVER THKE IN THE CORNER—I WON&EK WHERE SHE 'BR BROOM? C 1M4. Th* Hill Syndieilr. Inc. • nrt Dilly Mirror, l.onrf-n fM (j NOW VER COME MENTION MOTHER VKTALKIN ANDY CAPP R EINAUER'S EAL ESTATE REALTOR 334 Kirby HE 6-0563 IDA BELL KEITH KEN STRAUSS MRS. J. L. COX J. E. LANDRY . MABLE DRAKE FRED HILL [>AViD D 'REINAUER S U L I' H U R Three bedroom redecorated home. Excellent location. <T Z O Monthly 4) 0 O 100% Loan mitchell agency 882-1532 ~ 21st ST. (OAK RIDGE)" 3 bedroom, den, 2V* bath home. Central air conditioning, carpeted, double garage, built-in appliances. 100' frontage. For sale by owner. 436-3406 (home) or 438-6641 (office).__ ' BUY DIRECT FROM BUILDER AND SAVE Eleven rooms «nd three baths of traditional Georgian elegance. Ridge section — Oak Park. J.O. Reed, 477-0046 BRAND NEW thre* bedroom home. Lorge den, corpeling, 4 ton glr conditioner, built-in Wtehen, dljhwasher, dl}09&a! Lots of trees. For Information coll 436-M7I. 23l3_prcnld_. •^mjBfw «r/.v?v r M1IU. McUmort Srolhen. IW2-0338. LOOKING FOR BARGAINS ? TAKE YOUR PICK Frame house: Two bedroom, one bath, on 50' lot. Paved street. Completely reconditioned inside and out. Brick three bedroom, one bath. Kitchen - dining combination. On a 90'x200' lot. This Is » new house with built-ins. Ideal for anyone wanting to live out of the city. Beautiful home on a beautiful rvoodcd lot, 90' x fill'. Thre<> bedroom, two bath, air conditioned, central heating, carpeting, fireplace, built-lns. Ideal for plant worker. Must see to appreciate. LAKE CHARLES LUMBER COMPANY 433-7333 IN SULPHUR: At 700 Cutjtr. Large brick, three bedroorni, two both house witn extra buiii-in cioseis. Luiu; kllchen with plenty of cabinets and bullt-lns. Call 425-3)94. BY OWNER: Two lo be moved llO'xJO' and 10' x 40'). Comolsiely Jur- nished. Moved to vour Italian -• 50 mile radius ol Lake Ctoilcj Inquire: Ed s Place, «15 E. Brood. MONEY'S WORTH: In WeitlQke: Two bedroomj, nice cabinet ipace In kitchen. Enclosed jorafl*. .plenty ihade trees. Nothing down. $SU1 P(,l. J&B Realty, Inc. 434-OM4. F( bWS n*^ IT'S BEEN TWENTY YEARS. 1 GBB, IT'0 QRSAT TO SEES YOU/ ' HE LOOKED TWENTY YEARS OUST TO BREAK MY HANP OLD BLfPDY BOY— PAGWOOO BUMSTEAD, HOW ARE YOU r BLONDIE 1 ' 1 SNUFFY SMITH I WUZ ON MV WAY \WHV,VE OL' OVER TO TH'BARLOWS' PILL PEDDLER" AN'HADAFtATTIRE / ARE VE ASKIN'" DOWN TH 1 ROAD / ME TOGO A PIECE AN'_^n<\ PATCH IT UP? UH-" « rr^) U-REAi. ESTATE /7/WVA'* TO ALL HOSPITAL CV | 1'OU6UftAWDOll*> THEPk CHARM WARD TO A rzu'ATs ROOM; I ONLY WANT EXPIRE.—WHILE . tC5TA5Y, JENNIFER! .~GUE$S WHO'S LEAVING THE B DO YOU AN ASPIRIN? iMMttDIATK POSSESSION Own«r oon« — S«« his hom« in Ook: Pork, It's loro* 3 bedrooms, 2 balm, bid den. Fenced In rear yore), ihoded lot. Make him on offer on his equity. Mol« $107.00 mofiln. » IMMEDIATE POSSESSION L~REALJESTATE I.-1 Houses IMMEDIATE POSSESSION Owner son*.— S«e hl« hom» II you art tookma for o r«al bar- cam. Pf*fly wro* ! bedresm home with fin* mn den can b* used for 3rd Mdroom, li}v*lv fivino ro«m with loads ^91 b««li- shelves. Notes uno'tr $*S.OO «n nw loan, e A fin«, clean bedroom hern«, cozy csnlrnl heat, laro* fenced yard. Good financing available, i. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION All yen ne«d It G pd credit. This .. .. . -Jrtwm hem* In University. V llvtna anil dlnlno. Central h*flt, larqi lot. a ha Iflrat S irsilv. .57 REALTOR UILLORY RKAL ESTATE & INSURANCE lftor> Ryan Mnrvodlni? Oilman Odette Schneider . Marie Merndan .... Ed Sullivan Roland HE .1-0447 .. ..... _ ............ Poul Quinary ......... HE HE HE ?-5t n GR 7-3MO OR 7 -0347 JA 7..11M ' FOOTAGE PLUS: Two bedrooms, ertfl'- n\ou* dun, separate dining room, Nk» kitchen. Homing dawn, S71.X) P&l. JiB Reolly, Inc. 4«-OMS._ NEWLY~RiMOOELED~three bedroom home. 1125 Broadmoor. For quick Snl« lo S8IIH (stale. Call 4W-5t7i or 4342274. _ CHERRY~HlCL~Subdrvr«To"n~Bv owner', brick, three bedroom, two baths, built- Ins. Fenced rear yard. 477-tlW. BRTcK~irHREB~¥EDROOM~hom« ~wlIh two ceramic baths. Bullt-lns, restricted area, 100' x HO' lot. 436-8025. __ THREE~BlDR~OO'M house fenced yard. Owner being transferred. 477-0590. BY~OWNER"; Thre« bedroom~bricl<rivj bath. Central heatlna. Near College Oaks School. 115.500. 477-MM. THREE BEDROOMS, two oaths, carport, jtoraoe. Only 15,100. 34Z4 Enterprise Boulevard. Phone Mamou 448- 3U4. _ __ BY OWNER, three bedroom, two both, den, central air. Restricted Lakft St. areu. 477-7372. WHAT BUYS THE MOST With homes, as well us other things, cash will buy the most. An excellent example Is th« attractive home at 1932 Seventh St. Recently appraised by the F.H.A. It can be bought for $2,000 less than the appraisal for cash. If you do not have all the cash a conventional loan would provide a large percentage of the cost. The three bedroom home has an attractive paneled den, Is clean Inside and out. Included In the total price are two window air conditioners and other units. Call us so that we may show ! TWO COMPLETELY shadedi corner lots, you this home. S&. a Mf». ln Eimwood Subdlv ' 5lon 1.-2 Lots UNDEVELOPED LOTS In Bta Loke oreo. Large or small. Residential or commercial. Call 433-1977. DONNA SUBDIVISION: Lara* wooded lots. West Prlen Lake Road. Apply 3519 Joan St. Phone 477-1215. PAULEY AGENCY, INC. 840 Ryan St. 433-8516 Warren Llmbockor 439-3993 Jack Pecorlno ..,., 433-7939 Locke Plauche 434-2711 Mrs. Carroll Allen 439-5769 Mrs. Earl Badon 434-7997 Darroll Blair 439-4454 Chester Brooks 883-2004 Mri. Mae Carter 477-7372 j L-5 Acreage T ~58"ACRES | Bundicks Lake Area ! Six room liomc, chicken house, deep well, total price only $11000. "It's Your Move" Gui ory SEE THIS NO DOWN PAYMENT NO CLOSING COST 100% G.I. LOAN On this brand now three bedroom home with screened porch, fenced yard. $64.15 Move In Now I No Monthly Payment! 'Ill January 1 SUNSET DEVELOPMENT 4401 Louisiana Ave. 477-03S3 Nloht or Day ers 2006 Enterprise 439-9039 REALTORS R. F. Plerc* 4M-8573 Ken Michel 477-3373 J. E. Gulllory BUY NOW! Completely reconditioned, guaranteed home . . . for only $40 down .. . Payments from $35 up TYLER-ROBERTS 133 Louie 433-82G1 ACREAGE — 35 acres, 2V'j mil's {rom Wcsllake High School. Timbcrland. Price reducllon, quick solsl J&B Realty. Inc. 436-0546. THRiE~ACRES, leveled and (enccd. One mile jouth of Country Club. 477-5658. a ACRES UNIMPROVED land, west »ld» Highway 27, 10 miles north DeQulncy. JIO.OOO. Inquire across road, James K While, Rt. 1, Singer, La. KMo 97'/i ACRES Industrial properly adjoining new Industrial caial. Write B. F. Kent, Rt. 2, Box 172, L a k» Charles. ONE~DEVELOPED~ACRE lor sole~ofi Highway 14. Phone 433-544? between 7:00-12:00 a.m. LAKE STREET area: 1001 Terry Lane. Outstanding Cypress and Cedar home featuring Three larga bedrooms, two full bains, den, living room, dining room, kitchen (stainless steel sink, disposal, dishwasher), breakfast room, utility, upstairs itoraae, (Ire place central air and heat, big double carport, shop, storage room, patio. Situated on 120'xl50' landscaped lot. Many other plus features. Reasonably prlcedl Call 477-4459. _____ ' __ NEAR MCNEESE, three bedrooms, very large kitchen, with knotty paneling. Snack bar. Excellent renovallon, nothing down. $76.68 P/U. J&B Realty, lnc._436-0544. REAL LIVING: Westlakc area. Three bedroorm, bullt-lns In large kllchen, screen porch. Fenced back yard. Asbestos sldlna. Nothing down. $71.33 PJ.I. J8.B Really, Inc. 436-OS46. OAK PARK three bedrooms, llvlng-dln- Ing combination. Carpeted; fenced yard, enclosed garage, screen porch. Nothing down. $76.68 P&l. JS.B Realty, Inc. 434-05U. THREE BEDROOM house, 24'x30' shop behind house. S6500. Call 4/7-6454. L-6 Colored Property 15M~"BRicir~STRiET: Near B o s To n High School. Brand new three bedroom home. Central heating, $9,400. Reasonable terms. Call Kushnir Lumber Company. 439-2481. FOUR AND six room houses with baths, near schools. Law down payments, low notes. No closing costs, iaty financing. A. J K.rlstal. 439-0943. L-7 Miscellaneous CAMP FOR Sale. Goss Ferry Road, (of 18. Unfurnished $1,700. Furnished, $1,900. 477-4454. ___ ___ _ CAMP ON Barnes Creek. Good road, modern conveniences. 25 miles north ot cily. 434-3444. LOT 87, Section I. Graceland Cemetery. (4 spaces). Contact H. W. Blanlon, Sulphur, 527-7795. L-8 Real Estate Wanted i _ ...... ______ _ ______ _ ! WANTED: ACREAGE and small farms. i We havo more buyen than we hav« property. Call or writt Ryon Realty Co, - 4000 VANDERBILT. Three bedroom, one bath. Air conditioner, on corner lot. Low equity and assume loan. 477-6099 after 5:00 and weekends. MOST ATTRACTIVET~Three~~bed room, living - dining combination. Central air now) Nothing down. $48.77 P&l. J&B _Realty._ lnc._J34-054».__ _ THREE BEDROOMS: "paneling," "built-in range, snack bar, carpet, central heal. Many extras. $10,800. 422 Manuel. 477- _05I9. _ _ BY BUILDER: Beautiful tour bedroom home In University Place. Firth nylon cut pile carpeting. Lennox air and heat. Built-in GE kitchen, larpe family room, 2W baths. Double garage, utility and storage rooms, Appraised at $33,000 asking J30.750. Excellent conventional dnanctno. 477-0047. ROSTEET SCHOOLl Two bedrooms, pan•led den, separate dining, kitchen has pantry, Plenty closets. Nothing down, 153.50 P&l, J&B Really, Inc. 434-0544. THREB BEDROOM, two bath brick, central air and hcot. Large den, living and bedroom) carpeted. Ons year old. 4406 Canal St. 477-8370. ACREAGE NEEDED: List with us for effective service, w» have the buyers. Gugllelmo Insurance and Real Estot* Agency, 434 Klrby Strut, Lak» Charles, Louisiana. 439-8341. USTMNGS "NEEDED: Homes (two and three bedrooms). Acreage. Manning Realty, 918 Moss. 433-3334. Evenlnos: 477-3348, 477-0304. LODGE NOTICES Called communication ot Justice Lodge No. 449 F&AM In Justice Tempi*. 4118 Louisiana Ave.. Frl- doy, December 7 ot 4:30 p.m. tor regular order of business, annual election of officers, and conferring of MM degree. Members urged to attend, vlsltorl alwayl welcome. E. j, GEORGE, W.M. W. E. NAG EM, Sec. TOPS for the person who has a service, merchandise or home to icll. Use American Press Want BARGAIN TWO bedrooms, paneled I kllchen, den, carpeted. Insulated, garage, carport $10,900. 2012 Legion. Phone 433-7477. ! MARY WORTH Tenter Dining Hooui . . . Center asile ... an unbeatable 'rentier combination lu create extraordinary sloraje areas «nd liveable convenience. Special Feature - G.E. Self Cleaning Oyen ALTO TRAlLiR SALiS l.Ol'ISIANA'S L.\KUi:ST DEALER 80 blast (Near Holiday Inn) Open 7 Dw 433-7471

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