Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 12, 1959 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 7
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STORYBOOK COUPLE — Japanese Crown Prince Akihilo and his fiancee, commoner Michiko Shocla, arc shown in formal portraits. Marriage will be in April. New Attitude May Erase ma Of Mental Illness Quotes In The News sMttlf i cusses his operation," said bfs. that with one excepllofi no 'flub iThelma V- Owen and M. G. Stem- member has been refused ft. job , following discharge although they tnited . F)a-.~t>«leetlv«r oft' thi! c«nduet «. ilued t tH6y w€rft 'prmAfin following discharge aiihougn mey •" .'^1'^^,^ thifio " NEW YORK fUPI) - The Na- "'^y^'e director* of the Owen'.never hes.iate \o admit' Wot*** th « WhoWUmg. lional Assn. for Mental Health ; c , lnic institute, a Small private i menial Illness." wants everyone lo lake sharp no- mental hospital in Wunlington,' the one exception was ft ticft of whflt a group of former; w here there have been many Hb-] W ho returned to a factory juu - h»t«i/»*« «,««4«i v,rtn=*i., ,,,.« ,ir,;«<r in' era j innovations Over the years.j'---* "-* u^_,i_i /,_i-,..j * ui*v. ences Between THE PAMPA THURSDAY, FEBRUARY f aim of ours is to leach people td-Ed Sullfvaii television Ihtitf. ,, j_.j »-»«.,.-.. j... fe-n^a- J _i iSii it afe£il .4 JX , think for themselves. C. Mich WASttlNOfON-MfS. Pftfkif of Grand National Parents and teacher On American Educatlo: w«. 0 n "tf the current cult of comfort j^^^i and security continues to under* mine the Ideals of hard endeavor, find it Menllng eft fief ideal Jftftft: "f love ih€ fcuroppart handldsS* ing technique, but I miss (hot* clean-cut, close cropped American rnaies, WASHINGTON — —JWftlskl (D-Conn.), a r<3tir»<3 Army colonel, in Charging fh* services with waslint: HI.- :• T, ?»!' Impossible to inspire mental patients are doing In ! ^""innovations over the years. !from the hospital, finished a high ^V^u^" me uimTO —••—* *" * «» Hnntington, W. Vs. It would like ,$,.„_ Owen and Stcmmermann de- school education by correspond- and Kusm the Idea to Catch on everywhere. > S( , r1ber) t hc pioneer mental health ence , and applied to ft telephone' "You cant)ot compare our ftdvi- - --• -' "-- ~*""—""' company for a job. the person- cfttional system with theirs. The] COLUMBUS. Ohio—George P. . ..'.... ..,* Af^i *.* 4UAt*« t« f*% 1nii*/^lllrtA n*n*\t* " " "' " ' by using enlisted mpii i impossible to inspire in youth aj houg(;b0 y S and chauffeurs commitment to a purpose beyond 'self-gratification." company lor a JOD. rne person- vauu«i»« *>j•"«-••• "• - -..--, ^\ju\jw.Lj\ja, -^...^ ^.»«. c nel manager okayed her but "the Aim of tnelfs is to produce people ^lerheller, director of the St. medical staff — general practfon- who are Completely amenable to zco, on chimpanzees as drivers: ers working part time - refused the Communist way of life. The "They are very accurate in their * • • •* i < •-• .^»——-•—.'-i '• •—•• iii i ' •' ' ——' . t ... ( u _ nnW) A( 4 tVt Ail tti rtihft A P- Foolproof Cameras Good For Vacations By AI.BKRT W. MCCOLLOUGH United Tress lnlernatlon«l NEW YORK (UPI 1 —Electronics land automation are being put to Work to make it easier for millions of Americans to preserve I happy memories of another pop| ular development—the winter vacation. Sunshine and lots of it is the goal of most winter vacations, now favored by more than one- third of the 45 million families who take annual vacations, according to the travel experts. . But. the sun lays tnat [j.ouuce suntans and sparkling holiday photographs also create special problems for p.ctui-e take;;, especially in beach and snow areas. That's where camera makers have stepped in with electronic photo cells, or electric eyes, couples automatically to lens and shutter mechanisms, to simplify the problems of amateur snapshot and movie fans. Proper Exposure Vital Proper exposure, vital to good pictures, is especially ttouhk- some for winter vacationers, Bell & Howell, a pioneer camera company, reported in a study made public today. First, the winter sunshine at a resort is likely to b« brighter than a photographer ili accustomed to at home. Second, much extra light is reflected from snow at ski centers, or from sand and water at beaches., Third, the subject is likely to move from bright light into shade and out again. Electric eye cameras were designed to combat these prob-, lems by adjusting film exposure automatically in proportion to the amount of light reaching a photoelectric cell. Since the first electric eye home movie camera was Introduced a little over two years ago, 10 manufaclucrs have entered the field, and 32 different models nr? now available. Even more recently the electric eye principle has been applied to still cameras. Offer Tips Film makers—Eastman Kodak, Ansco, Du Pont, and others, reported that of nn estimated 2.200.000,000 snapshots taken by amateurs in 1958. about one-third were spoiled by poor exposure. The expert." offered these tips for taking belter winter vacation pictures: —Make sure camera equipment; is in good working- order. j -Protect valuable and delicate j snow and sand by using carrying| cases. : —With non-automatic cameras use an t:. :> .11'•('.• r . >'• • --Avoid flat light in desert and; snow scenes; take advantage of! long shadows cast by early morn-' ing or late afternoon sun. > —And don't forget to switch places now and then with your subjects — get into the picture yourself. These recovered patients are publicity work of the talking about their illneses as; patients in the association's freely, and fully as most recovjterly journal. ered surgical patients talk about KorYrt Club >-io .T>,.™I., S j/ n , ^ m..^ --- II »v.ot.u --•-_ ~~ • _ ..... —* -. ., •««»»» their operations. They do it a^ a ; Tne ex .p n uents form ft club. To to approve her appointment be- ' ' " | timing . . . sometimes more ac- contributlon to the general wel- be fll]] , ne mbers, they must be cause of 'company policy'." " club has been less successful in curate than people. fare on grounds that the public's' W j llin _ t 0 identify themselves by j "This case may be an excep- changing the attitudes of the gen-J «*"^i I~ sub-rosB. altitude toward mental name in thft 0 ] u b' s public activl-;tion," flaid Drs. Owen and Stem- eral (medical) practitioner than; LISBON—Blonde illness greatly aggravates that (ies ' Tnc members flppear fre-lmermann. "If it is not, one may*, in influencing attitudes of the r edy Star Jacquelyn MCKeever, particular public health problem. quen ti y on radio and even on tel- conclude that the Owen Clinic'general public." ' 'bere to film some shots for In that respect they are In com- | e visiort to describe their i'lnesses plete ngreempnt with the srien-' aru i how thev recovered their lists in his field, where more tax health. They form panels which; money is spent with less public ( appear befoie any group that is, support than any other. The acl-interested in learning the score entlfic viewpoint is that a mental'about mental Illness from people' Illness is an Illness no less legiti-; w ho have experienced it. mate than any other, and an 111; "Statistical evaluation of Im- person shouldn't be stigmatized. : p rovement In public attitudes be- May fcrnsp Sflgma ; cause of the Owen Clinic Club This stigma, which the public and its panels is imposible, imposes, "both prevents early said Drs. Owen and Sternmer- treatment of mental illness, when'mann. "It is frequently discour- treatment would be most effec- aging to club members to over- live and complete rchabiliation hear or have it said directly. of the ill, according to all author-;'But of course you were never U|cs ivery sick — like patients in the But "one of the reasons for this', slst'e hospital.' It is hoped that 'stigma will be er.-iscd when the;the pancliss. will dispel his mis- recovered mental patient is will-! conception, ing to discuss his illness a., free-1 Mo«t «et Jobs lv as the surgical patient dls- "The hopeful sign is the fact "Something has to .be done by Congress or we are down the path of complete waste." INCOME TAX SEKVICE IB Yotif MomB or Mine BOB RATLIFF 1534 HiwMton MO 6-3368 FRYERS CillAXT JOKDAN AID AMMAN, Jordan (UPIi »- U.S. international development loan fund officials said Tuesday they liad decided to grant the Amman Electric Co. a $1,200,000 loan for construction and improvement of power plants here. Specials for Thurs., Fri., Sat. Shop .Crefrney's for your Valentine Candy. Complete selection of Pangburn's, Whit- mans, and Kings Chocolates. lOc Pencil Tablet 5 for 8 hour mo<l. n% 8.05 auto, vaporiser Prok-T-Kol Regular 0.49 sets Chess Men QQ *O^ Fanner 50 Gun & Holster 3,89 Reg. 5.39 Single Set Reg. 8.95 Double Set Sets 5.98 RPR. 3.98 Value Oil Pointing by number 1,00 Value with 12 blades Schick injector Rotor Reg. 59c yicksCoufh Syrup Reg. 69c Reg. 67e Deep Cleansing Lotion Ponds Angel Cteon 1.00 ~39c ~29e 39c 29c Stainless Tableware Reg. 18.95 80-Piec, Set 9.95 Reg. 9.95 24 Piece Set 5.95 FOR CHU'DKKN Bexel Multi-Vitamin Syrup Reg. 3.89 pint Reg. 1.98 8 ounces Reg. 1 19 4 ounces 1.98 Reg. S.4B Mttomucil I4MIT 2 each 2,39 Kef. SBc Liquid 1 Bf Luftr* Cream Shampoo «ach '•'* LIMIT * Your kiefs will like Jforden's Cottage Ghee "9, too! U.S.D.A. Graded No ofter food provides SO MUCH PROTEIN AHO LITTLE COST with so few calories! The country-good flavor of Borden's Cottage Cheese has a special appeal for children. Your children will like it, too, and eat it eagerly. They know how good it tastes ... and you know how much it helps their health and growth. For Borden's Cottage Cheese is high in protein, the vital body-builder. No other food provides so much protein at so little cost with so few calories as Borden's Cottage Cheese! COTTAGE CHEESE 34%'fcNir g*» w «*••*£ FOOD CENTER 400 S. Russell 1 Block West of S. Cuyler 1 Block North Of Hwy. 60 MO 5-3452 SHOP SUNDAY We Are Open All Day HALF OR WHOLE CURED HAMS DECREE'S Open 7 Days A Week: 7 a. m. fro 8 p. m.| ^^••••^•MHM Premium Quality, Broad Breasted HEN TURKEYS PICNICS Ranch Style THICK SLICED BACON 2 Pkg. Red Rind Longhorn CHEESE Ib Fresh, Lean Ground Beef Ib PORK Lindy's Whole Kernel, White, 12 oz CORN 12c DIAMOND TOMATOES ... 303 size can Diamond, Crushed, 7-oz can PINEAPPLE . 10c Kimbell's Whole, HOIi can Green Beans .... 2for29c Campus. Tall Can SALMON... COFFEE Folger's 1-Lb. Can TUNA Carnation Chunk Style Lite Meat FAMILY SIZE Griffin, High Grade, Maple Flavor WAFFLE SYRUP Hawkins M E L LO R I N E 3-Lb. Size 34 43 $100 Flint River, in Heavy Syrup, Free Stone PEACHES $100 YELLOW ONIONS POTATOES

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