The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 21, 1971 · Page 55
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 55

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 21, 1971
Page 55
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THE BR.«OSPORT FACTS. Fr«t*«. «*»«» »« COOKIES RUM BALLS KENTUCKY COLONELS Owe 3 cups vanilla 1 cup confectioner's sugar 3Tbsp. cocoa ** tsp, salt \ cop PCQKSK, *? cup Confectioner's sugar Combine crushed wafers and ne« three ingredients, Mix in pecans, corn syrup •Mixture wfll be stiff. Dost tends «rth confectioner's sogar. shape cookies into one-inch baBs. Let stand uncovered one hour. RoB in ouotectJoner'i sugar. Press pecan batf into each ban. Store in tigbtly covered bowl for three days before serving. "•_ _ Frwport t bo« corf rcttcncrs sugar «•* Ib butter I Tt*p evaporated milk Bourbon I Ib. box bittersweet chocolate l * block parawax Pecan halves Combine sugar, butter and mttk. Siape by hand aso balls about the «uc of small English walnut* With the little finger, shape a cavity into bail, making sere the sides and bottoms of the ball are not broken With a medicine dropper fill cavity half full with bourbon. top together. Melt chocolate mixture with parawax ever hot water. Chocolate mixture roust be deep for dipping balls Place a bota-bon-fillcd ban on a fork and dip into melted chocolate. Remove and place pecan half on cop. DANISH CRISPS Ally**- >te*t*ti»cs l.jkr J»ck*c« * cop* 4 « cap* ! *•*» 2 Up oraegc nrtd «» tsp. vanilla- rttra<* 2 cup* sifted flow *» t»p Mit t t»p baking powder 2 Tb*p red and 3 "Hap jSrmi wtiitar |tranuJ<rs 2 Tbsp. po«dered sugar Cream shortening. Gradually Add sucar Stir in egg wJiJ wdl Nctxtrd. Add grated rind ant) vanilla Sit 8e*«hcr dry ingredients and add in three parts btcnd:r>£ •a'trfl Form doufih into r»o Song rolis on waxed paper or foil Chill four hoar* Sice and garnish with mixsurr of AU£ar granules and powdered M«3r Plact oti ungreased cookie sheet. Bake »t 37S degrees for 10 minutes. Makes about five dozen. \t trout* \v coos, BOOK we make a deluxe gas heater we call it the DELUXE Truly a DELUXE gaa area heater! Buflt to give you years and yean of quick, efficient, tow-corf heating. Jt has the famous "tonch- 0001" Cool Safety Cabinet, and Forward Heat FJoyr for fast, head-to-toe heating. See your Dearborn Dealer Dearborn DARWOOD FURNITURE COMPANY SINCE 1944 119 W. 2nd DOWNTOWN FREEPORT 233-3911 FUDGE OH S-POUNDFt'OftE Mw lagrthcr in Urjtr bor* S 1 pi>cka£r» chocolase chip* 1 l g-o? jar > mar sh^naii?)'* »tisp 'or one half bog m*r»hmalhiwjv '^ t.«p fioil togcthtr: I large can evaporated milk 4> : cups sugar Roil (Wi stove for 13 minuies. stirring con- slanlly until milk And sugar begin to boil. Turn very low. Keep stirring (Not !oo hot fire or it will scorch.' Pour last mixture over chocolate mixtwre and stir unlil mel(ed and smooth Pour into dish ami ctxJl. Makes five pounds V- TAFFY Mary Ann Marhar Anglctnn 2 cups Impwial brown suRDr 'i cup Imperial granulated sugar 1 Tbsp. butter or margarine One-third cup water 2 Tbsp. cider vinegar Combine all ingredients in large saucepan. Cook over low heat: stir only until sugar dissolves. Remove sugar crystals from the sides of the pan with a damp cloth wrapped around a fork. Continue cooking over medium high beat, without stirring, to the soft crack stage (270 degrees). Pour the hot syrup onto a large buttered platter. When cool enough to handle, pull until toffy is light-colored and porous. Twist into ropes, and place on builcrcd pan. Cut with scissors, or dent into bite- sized pieces with a knife and break opart when cold. Before handling the warm candy, butter hands well or rub them with cornstarch. To have enough taffy for a large pulling party, do not double the recipe. Instead, make several batches in separate pans. PECAN ROM, Mr*. M Sind r »<» I ->lr Jarlkun J- ; CW(V« V'KAr 5 t*p fvutlrr ' cojt iiefi' corn »yr*jp ! rwp cboppfd cvswi SAMUKS BWrMISi Hatf rrrafr. i rup "aairr J r(K w.hiSrji )'; Isp vAniila 3 tup* prfan haJvrs CarmH oasinfi Oitr.bwc sugar, syrup and «^!rr in pan Slir OVT rrsodrraJc hra! unJil 't!£jr diMolvc* Thrn cook over high heat without «urrirsg So firm hall Pour one-half of *yrup over s<iffiy b<;3lrn rRs. vthitrs beating con' Manlly Cmk rc«« of svrup lo bristl*- Magp Add in miSJurr wish vanilla nnd butlrr Hrni until vfrv sti'f then work in rhoppcri chcrriffs Pour tn!o 7x7 inch cakr pnn and wuh 5ugar 1^-1 si.ind overnight, Next day. cui in squares ihrn cut e.ich in half. Dip in hot caramel coating. Koll in pccnnv IVess inlo shape of roll Wrap well with wnxrd paper CAR.MEI.COATINC: t'j cups firmly pnckcd brown sugar l'j cups dark corn syrup 2 two-third* cups milk Combine sugar, syrup nnd one and one-half cups milk and cook to soft ball singe, stirring consinntly. Cool. Cook ognin (o soft ball singe. Add last two-thirds cup milk and cook to very- firm boll stirring occasionally. Hemove from heat . RANGER OATMEAL COOKIES Ituby-Dcll .Sandrri Clutr 2 eggs 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup sugar 1 cup lord '2 (sp. salt 1 tsp. vanilla 1 txp. cinnamon 2 cups flour '2 tsp, soda 2cups oatmeal (Mother's Onts) 2 cups corn flakes (mashed down in cup) 1 am coconut ' s cup pecans (if desired) Rake at 350 degrees. A«trf 2 r«{« ! flip chr>pf!«-«5 Mix »P!) Korm snio wnali n>llsor»" and or.p haU mc!vr5 lor,K Hako on ingrraM^) crxikfr "he*-! m «!r>« nvrn f-WO rl<-er«-rs' 3ti mtnu'r^ or unlil (V- lic.iSoK tjrowocd Vrti)*- ho<. roll in rs ihrco DATKRAKS Mr«, V.H.Itjman fir a /or ia flip flour Isp taiune powder i Isp Ml! Ib rtiie.i. choppixl fine cup pccnat, ctx»pp«l t cup sugnr 1 t*p vnnillii Powdered stignr. if dosirod Mix flour, baking powtlrr »nd salt, Add chopped datesandpecnns.mlx well Add benicn eggs, flour mixture nnd sugar. Pour inlo 9x9x2 inch pan that lias been greased, floured. Ifcikc about 35 minutes and cut into bnrs while warm. Holl in powdered sugar. GRAHAM CRACKER DESSERT Mrs. Thorn us McClurc Frcrport 1 package lemon Jcllo 1 cup hot water 1 small can crushed pineapple 1 Inrge can of canned milk 1 cup sugar 'j cup lemon juice Hiivc milk cold before whipping. Add Jcllo slightly jelled.- Whip together, then ndd sugar, pineapple and lemon juice. Whip again until fluffy. Cover large size pnn with grahom crackers. Pour on mixture. Then cover again with graham crackers. Put in refrigerator to set.

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