The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 27, 1923 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1923
Page 13
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(WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. No Watching No Boiling Better Results QPB&K KaHi^L Demonstration at Our Stdre, 3 p. m. Showing these QUICK MEAL GAS RANGES Equipped With the LORAIN OVEN HEAT REGULATOR Angel Food Cake aerved'at the demo nitration. We measure the heat for a cake just a* easily as you can measure a cup of flour. Come see the baking. * Any Entire Meal Can Be Cooked PAGE THIRTEEN." 1 Unattended In the Oven- the way tomorrow. -Let us show you Aluminum Set Free With Every u a m ^uick Meal With a Lorain Graber Furniture Co. STRIP TO SAVE LOUD SPEAKER Telephone Co., Employes Perform Heroic Service When Rain Came Up. Tho m«cJiaiiVal engineers enrployod by tine Southwestern Bell Telephone Oo., who wore In rharge ot the lewd Speaker used by President Harding Saturday, were forced to weather the rainstorm last Thursday afternoon ala eSptember Morn. The loud Speaker was shipped hero early In order to givo plenty of time to get It all reojly for the epoech Saturday. The men who- chargo of the speaker were c. TV. Mier of St. Louie, Que Hebeuer and R. Thompson Of Topeka. They had Just completed the Installation of the high priced equipment or the loud speaker In the special etand just before .the rainstorm camo up. Tho top whlcji had been put over too speaking stood was supposed, to have been rala-proot but when the rain started It turned out to bo'niotblng but sieve. Rather than have the equipment spoiled by the rata, the men stripped off their clothes and wrapped up the mechanism o" thn speaker, for tihey won knew that If tho porta of th-j loudspeaker had gotten wet. their equipment could not have been used on Saturday. don IJalloy, Malone adrartislng company, Dr. O. A. Chiekering, Clark Qraln company and B. A. Poe, Harold Pennington, who 1* building up a high class herd ol' Holsteln eat- tlo on his farm northwoet of Hulehtn- son, received two bolters yestesday which ho purchased from the Branch Herd near Marlon. They are granddaughters of^tho cow, Rufflna Hen- gerveld Do Kol, who holds Iho state production record as a four year old. FAIR ILLUSTRATOR , WED TO ENGINEER R I RIB! I NOTICE! I | For The-Convenience of Our Farmers, j H Who are busy with their harvest an$ are §§ | Needing Twine or Harvest Supplies, | H We will keep our place of business open until 9 o'clock' |f EE each evening; up to and including' Saturday evening, July S §§ • 7, 1923. After 9 o'clock call Mr. Wagler's residence, §§ ™ Phone number }541 J, f . }j| I Hutchinson Implement Co. | H Phone 197. 17-19 Ei it Sherman M ^illlliilllilllllilillllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllliilllil^ DEATH END3 FLAPPER LOVE BATTLE Left, "3abo" Hunter; right, Evelyn Stalker, and Jack Fiddler. Detroit, Mich., Juno 27.—A few months tack "Babe" Hunter and Evelyn Stalker were friends. [Now "Bahe" 1 B . dead. Evelyn la being hold as her slayer. It's the old story all over again, according to police hero. 1 Tho unwitting cause of tho tragedy was a man, Jack Fiddler. Some time ago bu' came Into- the lives of the two girl friends. Ho attracted each. Boon both lovell him. And Jealousy followed In tho wake Of love. Their friendship w strained. Then broken. Mean words were spoken. And meaner ones followed Then came the climax. According to police.-Mlss Hunter is said to have rneda derogatory remarks regarding Misa Stalker. Then both reverted to the Instincts of their prehiBtorlo ancestors when tho cavewomun fought for her caveman. <^ 'Phey mot and fought. And touring the struggle Miss Hunter was stabbed. Death was almost instantaneous. Miss Stalker no 'longer has competition for the love of Fiddler, But now she must answer- to the law tor the murdor of lier rival. WOBBUES FORCE HANDS TO JOIN Price of Red Card Taken" From Two Men at Turon Yesterday Sheriff is Told. SWEDEN TO HELP TO CELEBRATE THE FOURTH Gothenburg, Swedon.—Commemora­ tion of the fact that Sweden was the fu -Bt country to sign a commercial treaty with the United Statoa after their independence had been won, wllb| take place In Gothenburg this year at the first Swedish celebration of the Fourth of July, tho festivities marking tho culmination of "Swedon- Amerlea wook," which Is a feature o( the Tercentennial Jubilee Imposition now being given hero. About 5,000 visitors from America aro ospected to participate in the festivities. This festival will be honored by the presence of the King and tbo Crown Prince of Sweden. A historical tact ot significance to Americans will be recalled at tho un- volllng of a stntuo of Clustaf III, one of Sweden's most famous kings, lie showed great sympathy for Uie x cause of^tho American colonies; during tho Revolutionary War and, after tho war was over, it was ho wuoauthorlzed tho signing ot the now republic's first treaty of commerce and amity with any nation,' even antedating England in recognition. The new statue Is n gift from American citizens to Sweden. N'o/sa McMein, now Mrs. lohttzi Baragwanath- Noysa McMeln, creator of fascinating magino covers, Is on the Atlantic bound for Vai -Is. But not as Maysa Mc.MeJn. For she was married to John naragwanauh, mining engineer, just before sailing. Her hue- band Is on his way to Newfoundland wheu he will join his bride in Pari PLENTY OF HELP FOR HARVEST ABOUT SALEM 'i It North Main $1.95 Shoes that sold $3.50 to $5.00, for home and sport wear Leather Oxfords black and tun leather soles, spring heels, size 5 the targett • $1.95 White reign skin Pumps and Oxfords white leather sole low heels small sizes only - $1.95 Zb -North Main • YOUR OPPORTUNITY— • Ask About Our Discounts. a Diamonds—Watches—Jewelry— a Silver—Glassware. a Also Your Coupon. la ill WELCH, Jeweler 24 East First. • II1ISI1BISB9RKBIIIIIDSIIIIIIIHIIBII aaaaa" YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW If you are looking for something cheap there fa no quostlon but you will find It cheap In price and much more so In quality. When you are satisfied and want quality, try our way. QUALITY FIRST—PRICE SECONDARY here. We hnve customers by the hundred who tell us they have tried the losing way but never analn after learning the way of — THE SNYDER COMPANY Phone 184 MAKERS WORTH WHILE FIRST CONTINGENT OF BOYS OFF FOR CAMP % Eighteen fcnys left thl» morning tor !*ho <uunp which haj been established 'ponclr of Mlckor.'ion by the Business (Men'a Clms of tha. First Methodist church. Ray • CuonfioML tho ,Boy Scout oxecutlvi? ' W. H. Turner, hoys secretary of tile Y. M. 0. A., wiUl le In charge of the i~\:.y L ; tula week. TnuiStfortatlon for the, b:T3 was fium- .'Isbeil by 'mombers of the Business Men's Class. ^ Tho boya -.vio are CaVIt'g advantage ' Qf tha frco vm &^S lrl S Uiia wo^yjt ftrft; Jlobt. .Warrick, Richard Ei-wln, Howard Blwell, John Campbell, c *rl l>eata, Arthur Tlndal], Elbert Burits, Daa-wln Stiles, (ftbbt. I Mltehnor, Donald Sei-oggs, Witt&tan Hownrd, J»3, Ep- poraon, 'Donald DlcMneon, Arlejie Willms, .Jack Hardy, Geo. Hardy, Ralph Coffin, and Kenneth Eastbum lo opinion from ^oaton: "Th» roan who can't uoe a Joke Isn't as much a nuisance as the man who sees one where there tsntt."—Atchison Globe. Americanism! What a fine thing you arol And what -foolish assertions are nrada to your namel-^-AtchlBon . Tho In-du&trlal- Workers of tho World are resorting to fo.Vce in an effort to gain members for their organization. At least that la the conclusion which may be drawn from a performance at Turon yesterday as relatod over long distance telephone to Sheriff Messe Dangford. Two men who refused to join tho wobhlies -wore Ibeateu and $5 was forcibly taken, from, each in exchange for a membership card. Tho Information to Sheriff Langford from Larned to which point the men (led alter they had boon released. They told their story to the Larned sheriff who called Sheriff Langford. Sheriff I/ing'fpnl and Deputy Sheriff J. E. Burgess wont to Turon Uii« morning and rounded up fifty men loafing about towm. Two of them, alleged ringleaders of yesterday's mob and one of them carrying an I. W. W. •curd wore brought to tho county Jail where they will be detained during the harvest, Tho. two men arrested, gave ttolr names'as S. M-cDcmnel, ll< Lea. Angeles and Ralph Mtokles, 82, Now Tork. Mlokles was bard polled and was the one with a red' card. Mo formal charge has been made against tha pair yet Claxton to TuUa. Tuscaloosa, Ala., June 27 .-9?, p. Claxton, proToat of the University ot Alabama has announced, hds resignation. He baa accepted tho position of uutwrtatocdemt of city echooki In Tulaa, Ofcla. r 100,000 Unemployed In Berlin. Berlin—One imndrod thousand persona li> Ba-lln were -unemployed on June t and Qf this iwunbor roughly one-half were, on government unemployment Qay. The Ladles Circle of the Irwin Memorial Presbyterian ehurch will hold an ibe oream social following a short program Thursday, Juno 2Sth, 8 p. m. at the cburcn. Ice oream and cake 160. . ... „.. .._ |6-tt. B. O. Skinner loft today for Roswell, iN. M. on account of his health. Porry May of Kansas CHy is hero to spend tho summer with his aunt, Mrs. Vtnnle Skinner, L. K. Delhomme, superintendent of the Salina Wtuter, Power and Light Co., was here today on business. Mrs. N...J1. Ward of Topeka arrived here last night to visit 'her daughter Mrs. Clyde Htghflil of 23 Tenth avenue east. The bonds of J. H. Shears for tho paving of Fourteenth avenue west *ere approved and passed' on by the city commission. Ed Matz, city clerk, returned thl3 morning from St. Louis, Mo., where ho has been spending bis vacation with his slater, Mrs. Modgo Metz. IP. C. Westbrook of Kanras City, traveling grain weight Inspector for the WOBt&rai Weighing and inspection Bureau, was hc-re-Jjday on busl.ies-s. P. J. Jtuckel of the Ruckel Engineering Co., went to Hooko/, 010a., to-lay to let the contract for eight blocks o( paving which la to be constructed there. ^. Dodge City will have a speolal election on July'3 to vote bonds to the amount ot $8,00.0 to purcha*o 3.8 acros of ground for a tourist park and other uses. The paving of Fourteenth, avenue west was ordeVod In by the pass-ago ot a city ordinance to that effect at yesterday's session of tlsa city com tnisE-lpa: The Greanaburg school toundary case which has been before <the county oommlaslonorB was turned down and has now been appealed to the die trlct court. The Wood hotel at Clatlln. was sold at auction at the Barton county court house to Mrs. A. Louise Jarmer riving north ot Clafltm who held a judgment against the owner. Mrs. Edw. Crocker will entertain the twelfth division of tho Ladle,-! Aid Society ot the First Methodist church Thursday afternoon at her homo, 201 Second avenue west, Mrs. JJlondlna Kera of McPhoraon. mother <j! Joo Keru formerly In the ladles to wear business in Hutchinson died last week at her home. John Kern is now located at Ponca Ctty. Okla. laying of service ptpoa on - property on Twelfth avenue west before any permanent Work of improving the •treet waa orderly the ctty commission by the pas-sage of an ordinance yesterday.. Rev! T. W. Henshaw, formerly of Preston, has applied for pastorate ot the Lyons Baptist church, Rev, Buv ford the present Incumbent la leaving for Cal'foniia. Rev. Henshaw preached at Lyons last Sunday. Ths Chicago Tribune of yesterday carried a picture of President Harding as ho was soatad on tho tractor In the harvest fields Saturday. All metropolitan papers Trill ne carrying tho pictures tils week. Five memberships were reported to the board of dlrt.ctors of the Chamber of Comiuero JY sterday, those ot Uor- Salem Community: Harvest la In full swing, binders and headers can be beard from early morning until lata at night as (hey gather in the gulden grain. Wro. Pike'and family visited In Newton over last Sunday. Miss Breon, director of religious education, proved to be a great inspiration to ouivSuuday school workers.' While present conditions nre fine, yet a few points arc. lacking lor a Front Lino School. It was decided to gain the required points and bo a front liner. We have sufficient farm help to care for the harvest. Aside from imported labor, tho farmers who have boys aro enuring them with those who have, not, thufc.-fulfilling tha Christian law of cooperation*. Tho. address given Sunday night by Wmr Bishop was highly appreciated. Tho date net for our "Fifth Annual Tall Festival" is October 6, 6 and 7. Now is the tlmo to bogln to prepare your exhibits. U doesn't matter where you live you are invited to help make this a great festival. The ewtoi-talnmetit committee is planning for talent of national reputation tor the fall festival. B. S. Trostle and family were Mcpherson callers last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Algle McQoulglo aro at horns to assist with tho summer work. India Reports Good Crops. London—According to advices from India tho spring crops in that country are the finest that have been seen In many years. Throughout northern India the granaries, which aro well stocked as a result of last autumn's excellent harvest fire overflowing. i Prices have fallen steadily for the last six mouths and now show signs of touchim lower level* than any which have been reached for ten years. Economically the poor man In India today is in a far stronger ; tion than he has been for some years, j Hutchinson's Recreation Spot at CAREY'S LAKE Bring the children and spend tho evening I Watch for the opening announcement in The News .Governor to Wichita. Topoka, Ran., Juno 27.—Governor DavTS* announced this afternoon that ho expects to leavo t-onlght for WicJi-' tta to look Into the affairs of the American Stato Bank closed last wook following the er.pofiure of a rihortago of $1,500,000 In bank 's funds. PROMISES, PRESENTS, JEWELS, CLOTHES LURED WIFE FROM HOME, HUSBAND AVERS • $ « « TURON. .. * <j, <i <j> <», <$ <{> Mrs. Ernest Martin and two children ot St. John are here visiting Mrs. Bfcnule Martin. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sprout ot Mullln- vlllo, came Friday, on account of tho serious Illness of Mr. Sprout's aunt, Mrs. Jane Bevlns. Mrs. T. J. Docker visited friends In Hutchinson several days la3t week. Bam Rldonour sold his garage last week to Ralph Ij^ied and gave poaos- slon Friday, Mrs. Harvey of Satanta 1« hore visiting her sister, Mrs. J. H. Korshnor and Sir. KerBhner. "Aunt" Jane Bevlne, died Saturday morning at tho Walter Talbert home. She had been an Invalid tor a long time. Tha funeral was held Sunday afternoon at throe from the Talbert home. Dr. and Mrs. T. D. See and daughter Roberta, left Sunday for a visit with relatives In the oast part of tho state. Col Carr ot Wichita Is hore this week viffltlng his daughter, Mrs. O. B. Dlokhut and Mr. Dlckhut. Mrs. A. Struby of Newton Is visiting her sister, Mrs. O. B, Dlokhut. Quite a number from here went to Hutchinson Saturday to see the President and^Ura. Harding. Joe Sulnbeckler and family are visiting his aunt, Mrs. Geo. Bhapllno and Mr. Shonliae, Thoy are on their way to their home in fndjaca trom a nine months' stay in California, Mr. and Mrs. Chan. Johnson and children of Hutchinson, rfcritod relatives here Sunday. -• Paying a hlgih price for fireworks that go off In a moment Ij, like walking up a Mil in the winter tor tbo pleasure of coasting down.—'Atehtoon Globe. Mrs. Rachel Yabloo. New York, Juno 27.—The love and affection of another wile have, bem appraised and a cash value sol upon them. Mrs. Rachel Yablon is the wire. Fifty thousand dolla-r» Is tho value. SCorris SohraUor, wealthy importt-r here, Is asked to pay that sum to Laaar Yablon tor alienating thu affections of airs. Yablon. U the court acts favorably on Yablon's petition wlu-n tho ease comen to trial Schmttor may find that love In tbfl "sccond-hnr.d" market Is "day by day getting hitlic-r and higher." Pol' Yablon. charges tha.i ho etolo —literally .bought—tho afiactkmu of Jfr*. Yablon, disregarding Yablon'a I rlBhto therein. Tho purchase price, aocordlng to Yablon, conelsted of promises and Kifl ;>rc;,< 1 r: x. If ih'i c-jiirt all, Sell!-;'..;;, i- -A .M ha- a Uartiua inlets love. ' Yablan de'.:lrir. were hai>py to.^-- camo i ;!to ; ot Jewels and ctaflv i t-ixurlous aiiai-lmont. W« 11 t.'.O .ljI/j V0f .llct •-;i>i.hta^ but fur Mr.i. YabUm'u hi) and his wlfs -.- iMiilt fk-iirattor with hii» alKgad misplaced p 1 ..v'.iiniiirupy and iher. the barometer of lo.vo beguji roistering trouble aLead. Sotuo tl 'J '.o back Mrn. Yab^>a tood her busbd-ad i«>r dl-c-ne, latwr withdrawing OJ» action, and her hoabaud obU'.'.nc-l a separation. Bcbratter denies—and osnphAtto- oj'y--tl'.ivt he tm dealt in love as a side lino to hia importing bustaes* ar.d declare* tha-t ho will flfiov tha ssult to a fiuiih.

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