The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1944 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1944
Page 3
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, j lOm, KANSAS Double Feature (Octavia Stewart) Mrs. Bert Burton has returned home frpm Kansas City. Mo., where she undin-went surgery at the Lfke- .<;ide hospital December 14. Harry Bishop Jr.. is in Kansas Gity .spending a few days on lousiness. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph V'aughn tiad as their holiday guests. Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Dille ol Topeka. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilkin of Tulsa, Okla.. and Mr. and Mrs. Warren Vaughn and their sons. Bill, Bob and Kenneth. SLEEPEk MORTUARY. PHONB 72. Mrs. FarrLs left Monday for Los Angeles. Calif., where' she will | vj.sit her .son. Jack Farrls. seaman j second He is stationed Mt Port Huemene, Calil. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Patterson of Wichita are hers visiting at the home of Mr. Patterson's mother, Mrs. E. E. Patterson. WAUGH FUNERAL HOME-36. 'Mrs. Ada Files, Babq Piles, of City. Mo.. Miss Myrtle V*nnis of Bron.son spent the holidays here as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Gimm. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wells and their son. Ray Jr.. are here from Vernon, Tex., visiting Mr. Wells' mother. Mrs. Hattie Wells. Mrs. Wells, who has been seriously ill. is now un- proving. PICTURES Religious, Floral for any room of the home SI.KEPER FURNITl'RE STORE Mrs. Margaret McCutchan Brown I of Greenwood, Miss., is here spend- j ing the holidays in the home of her i sorority sister. Miss Jane Reynolds. Tire Recappiiie and Vnlcanixin? 24-Hoar Service On passenger and truck tires -rail work done In lola. GUV OLIVER Vulcaniziiii; and Tread Service .. Mrs. \VUbur Upsha'w and thflr (iinilly art' hi.-ro spcncllnR the holl- i ||i\'s Willi their (^raiulpiin-ntx. Mr. utia Mi-s.W A. Hicks, Miss liiiili Gr"C'ii haj rctiirniKl t(; Topeka :iUry spentilllr Christmas hi'ro vlsllihn ht-y falliA W. E. Green ami ollici rflatlvpj, i £d frletidi'i Ml.s.s Jane Reynolds, who Is attending Kansas State college at Manhattan, arrived home Saturday to spend the holidays here visiting hed pareiils, Mr, and Mrs, Fred 8. Hevnolds. Mi,ss Dlnnr Worth.^ton accom- piinlcci hor grandparents. Dr.'antl Mrs. Herbert Randies., to their home in Fort ficott Christnws day, .She \vlU spci^i the remainder of, the holidays ;-;s their guest. ' Mr, and Mrs, Earl Hicks of Tope- I ka and their son. Kenneth Hick.s, a I student from York College, York, : Neb,, have returned to Topeka after •six'ndlng Christmas here visiting at ' the home of Mr. Hicks' parents. Mr. ; and Mrs. W. A. Hicks and other ; relatives. SLEEPER MORTUARY. PHO. 72. Wallpaper and Sewall Faints LEWIS PAINT STOKE Mr, and Mr.s. L N, Dickens and • Harold McCoy RT 1 -c .who has tl-eir dauphior. Mrs, Dcwcv P-ck,, Just returned from the Mediterran- Ic-i't this morninB for Phoenix. Ariz.. I ean war theater, is spending his ior a month's visit with another i leave with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. dauchter. Mrs. E. J. Fairwcather i B. E. McCoy and his, si.ster. Mrs. aiid'htr famih'. • Ethel Green. Leiyh WpUborn arrived last nij^'ht i Sgt. and Mrs. Harold Menzie have from Wichita to spend a few days returned to Joplin. Mo., after spend- ns guest in the home' of Mr. ami ^ ing Christmas with his parents. Mr. Mrs.'-=c'n LJTIP. and their fain- ^ and Mrs. 'George Menzie and other ily. ' relatives and friends. : If You Miss Your Register ; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Reed spent Phone 8 between 6:00 p. m.. and j Christmas in Cherryvale as guests 7:00 p. m. Only one deUvery can ! Mr. and Mrs. John Lassman and be made and that is after 7 p. m. ; •{ Mrs. J. W. Reed and children, t Johnny and Margaret Ann. •Mr, nndjiMrs. Tom Bay of Wichita | we.'P gue.'-ts .yesterday at the homo of.'the" Rev. and Mrs T, M. Shellen- bcrser. Mr. Bay is the brother (.f Mr.s, Shellenberger, Pipe This! Mrs. O. H. Voran and her daughter. Esta.'of Monroe. La., are here: foj' a week's'visit at tnn home of j her parei^ts, the Rev, and Mi's,; T.! Mr Shellenberger. j - Miss Marie Judkins and Bill Hart will leave tonight for O.sceola. Iowa. ! .TflHJr spending the Christmas holi- j dav.s here visiting Mr.,and Mrs, Ed Hiift ' ' ENJOY CHRISTMAS 194 .1 in a home of your own. . . . We U help you realize that joy. . . . C<jme in and learn about our plan .'or home ownership which is simple, erontimical and safe. We'll be v.lkl to ^jxplain. SE<f ;CKn .Y »Li)G. & LOAN ASSO, Ml', ami Mrs. Jack Han.son and their daughter, Roberta Ann, have ret'iirned to Joplin. Mo., after speijd- Ing the hoIida.VK here at the home of Mrs. Hun.sons mother, Mrs, C S. Blstiop, , ir^_^ i Ciue.sts over the holidays of Mr. j and Mrs.: I. N. Burn.side were her i son, Omar Munden of Omaha. Neb., i ahii his daughter. Mis.'fl/enora Munden. who teaches in the schools .fit Satiiia, and Mr. and Mrs. Lavpn Miniden gind their daughter, Patricia of Kansas City. THE lOLS REGISTER, WEDRESD^Y EVENING, DECEMBER 27.1931. It's a trick and it's NOT done with mirrors. The shapely "rcllcclion" of screen newcomer Lois Barnes of Flint, Mich., is really her twin sister, Lucille. They'll do a "double take" in a forthcoming movie. Mr, and Mrs. J. A. Fleming were Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Crockett and Mrs. S. K. Crockett In Colony. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Penimore had as their holiday guests Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Reeves and .sons, Jerry and Byron, of Predonia. and Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Gordinier of Topeka. Canada's Double-Duty Carrier PAGE THREE Pigmy ^ricraft carriers .like one pictured .above, do double duty for the Royal Canadian Navy—serving as cargo si^ips and as bases for aircraft protecting convoys against U-boats. In photo above, taken at a Canadian port, crew members clear snow off. flight deck of converted merchafit ship while toward jtern long grain 'unnels deliver 7,000 tons of wheat into the hold. NeWsof Mildred WAUGH FUNERAL HOME—36. Mrs. Myron Punk and' children. Connie. Gretchen and Myra, of St. Joseph, Mo., are spending the holidays with Mrs. Charles Punk. Roy Reed left this morning for Kansas City, Mo., where he will attend a two day meeting of his company. Dun and Bradstreet. BEDROOM SUITES 4-Piece Modemistio CURTIS FUR..VITURE Mrs: John Sleeper arrived last night from New York City. N. Y.. to be a guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Sleeper until after New Year's day. What with cigarets becoming as scarce as the American bison, males will revert to pipe, match manufacturers figure, so they've com-. ;ut with this foot-long folder Ol" matches to help him keep lit up. Here Marjorie Milam, Atlanta, Ga., demonstrates the super-sized booklet •o ri.ifTP- k. E. "Nick" Carter. ABKtTer to Prevfoaa Pascle HORIZONTAL 60 Shade tree 1,5 Pictured - nursf;, Lt.- Comiir. — .9 Snake 12 Space 13 Ells English (ab.) 14 Oleum (ab.) I.'i Fish eggs ICJ Nickel ' (syml.iol) IV Race "circuit •in Licutl-nant -:'(ab.) 15 River barrier £-2. Upward 23 Therefore 2'4 Touches ."iightly 2STiny 23 Long fjsh • 30 Dine , 33 Erbium : (symbol) 34iVlusical note 3S Beverage 3? Mineral rock 33 Standard of • ; value , 4Q;Unharmcd 4.t Painful 43 Sign oi approval (coll.) 44 3ho is chief • :nursc of a . hospital 47 Anger }9 Silher 50^:nsect . 513>{or-heast (ab,) 53 Kxisted 55;Nfar , 5C'Sodium {symbol) iSSums up 61 She received the Bronze gtar for meritorious service 62 Organ of , smell iTERTlCAL 1 Blower 2 Dry 3 Biblical pronoun 4 Each (ab.) 5 Us 6 Aid 7 Lid 8 Measure of cloth 9 Measure of area 10 Individual ' flight 11 Domesticated Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Haglund are expecting Mrs. Claudia Christian and Mrs. Chauncey Sawyer from Wichita, and Miss Marjorie Kester from Kansas City, Mo., tonight, to be their guests for several days. NOTICE Due to the shortage of news print The Register is printing fewer "extra" copies of each issue. SuD- scrlbers wishing to purchase several copies of any particular issue are asked to place their order in advance, if possible. Extra copies can be sold only as long as they last. MILDRED, Dec. 26.—Vernon Hammond was an lola visitor Wednesday. : • Belfry ^school, under the direction of Mrs. Marjory Mulkey, presented a. very nice program Thursdav evening in which all the nupiis took part with dialogues, and singing, followed by a' Christmas tree, with Santa him,self, giving out the gifts. THe mothers of pupils were very well pleased with the ' gift.s made by;their children at the siihool. Mrs. L; W. McCoy of Kansas! City has been visiting at the Lee ^tcCoy home thj; past wieek. also J. W, McCoy of Moran and Mr. and Mrs. Garland Badders and family of near Welda were Sunday visitors. Miss Maxlne Mann. Maureni; and Eugene, Undersheriff and Mr.s: EVi- gene Hastings and Ruby of Err^porla visited at the Vernon Phillips home, also Erri.6st Ensrninger of Lalfarpe. Mrs. Howard Shockey visited Tuesday morning. Mrs. F .t E. Huei,:ton is spendirig the Christm^ vacation in ParsonSiWith her daughter, ftlrs. Hubert itrown and Mr. Browr>. The Whit We-jt family of Kaasa.-; City are .spending the holiday.^, w;ih Mrs. Laura Wesj^^. A Chri)5i mas program at the <chool house in'Mildred was .enjoyeci, by a good crowd. After a program given ty Mr.s. Marjory Splllman's pupils, a Christmas exchange ol gifts caused lots of excitement. Treats of apples and popcorn balls followed the gift exchange. Mr. and Mrs.-G. E. Hartman and children rpent ihe week at Walnut with Mrs Harfman's parents. I Sunday a good program given by I the childrsn of the commimlty was j enjoyed af the church. Treats for old I and youriti were given also. Miss Moxine Mann went to Glendale schopi house Thursday to attend their Christmas program. Miss Pearl Draper, a pupil of the same graduation class as Miss Mann, is their , teacher tills year. Ten Soldiers Killed In Traosport Crash HarrisWrg, Dec. 26. (AP)—Ten soldiers w;-sre killed and 17 were injured when an army transport planq eh route from Jacksonville, Pla., to; Minneapolis crashed on Roundtop ^mountain early yesterday. Ofliciali of Mlddletown air technical service 5 ;ommand withheld names of the drad and injured until next of kin were notified. A spokesman said ihe i^lane was on a special mission from 'Jacksonville to Minneapolis.- FISH CA;N TASTE Some fish have a decided sense of taste, and Portuguese fishermen use melon to attract certain fish which haVe a sijveet tooth. HUMBOLDT, Dec. 27.— Mr. and Mts. Ed Gerken and Joe entertaiiied members of the Lassman fan^ily with a goose dinner at their home Christmas night. The dinner vas sert'ed buffet style, and was attended by" the following members of ihe family: Mr. and Mrs. John Lassm^, Mrs. Bill Reed, Jolm and Pe^y, Cherryvale, Mr. and Mrs. Oran Hoiagh, Yates Center, Mr. and I^rs. Gepe Sinclair, Parsons, Mr. and Ml*. Albert Lassman and Harold. Mr.- and Mrs. Harvey Lassman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lassman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Mueller' and family, Mr. and Mrs. Piiul Lassman, S-Sgt. and Mrs. Le»iris G€j-ken, Enid, Okla.. S-Sgt. and Mrs. Clyde Sharp, Camp Chaffee, Art}., Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ostr^jn- der, Henry RoeM. and the hojits, Mr:: and Mrs. Ed Gerken and Joe. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Roos. M4ry Ev^ljm and Billy arrived Friday from Kansas City for a holl<;ay visit here with home folks. They, in company with Mr. and Mrs. J.- J. Willenburg, and Jerry spent Christmas day in Coffeyvllle, the gussts of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Finney had as their guests at Christmas dlnher Mrs. Louise Lehrack of Denyer, Colo., Mrs. Alice Sullivan,- Kansas City, and Mrs. Nannie F. McCarty. Mrs. Rebecca D. Lynn is spepd- Ing the holiday season with relatives in Kansas City. j.. J. Willenburg returned to Oajes- buTg, 111., this morning after speeding the holidays here with h(^me follts. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. York and Paul spent Chrl.stmas day at ,A1- tooha. Cadet Nurse Kathryn Kaufman of Kahsas City spent Christmas l;ere with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Kaufman. Miss Betty Brown, who is employed in Kaasas City, spent Christmas here with her parents Mr. ind Mrs. M. L. Brown. She was joined herp by Miss Prances Parris of Gol- onj* who wp,s a Christmas dinner guest. Mi-, and Mrs. William McGi-ew entertained with a dinner at their home on Christmas day. Covers v^re laid for Mrs Clara McGrew, E. H. Crook, Miss Lillian Johnson, Miss MyH^le Johnson, Miss Elaine Talley, and the hosts Mr. and Mrs. Wllllpm McGrew. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lassman had as their Christmas dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Jack Finger, and Mr. £nd Mr?. Gene Sinclair of Parsons. . Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Spence were hosts at Christmas dinner in tlieir home. Their guests were: Mr. ind Mrs. J. E. Harclerode, Ottawa, and Mr; and Mrs. Chester Chatter^on and Joan of Topeka. Mr. and Mrs. C3»rl Bedenbender and Miss Naomi Jean of Chanute were Clu'lstmas dinner guests of Captain and Mrs. Marion Manion and family. Miss Elaine Talley returned to La-WTence this morning to resume her studies at Kansas university, after a visit here over the holidays. Mrs. Louise Lehrack returned Mohday evening to Denver., Colo., Mrs. Robert Dunlap and her children, Andy and Beth, will return home tonight after .spending Christmas holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Andrews. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hart had as their dinner guests Christmas day, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Butts. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hart. Cpl. Floyd Staley, Miss Betty Parker. Glen Cahalen, MLss Marie Judkins, of Osceola. Iowa, and Bill Hart of Kansas City. The announcement has been received of the maiTlage of Miss Florence Pollock to Mr. Thomas Hill McGee on Friday. December 15, at Fountain Inn. South Carolina. Mrs. McGee worked in lola several years ago with the Farm Bureau. OCCASIONAL CHAIRS Of All Types. Large and Mediam Bockers SLEEPER FURNITURE STORE animal 20 Mimic 21 Mother 22 Employ 23 Observe 25 Tellurium (symbol) 26 Moist 27 Before 41 Street (ab.) 42 Rhode Island (ab.) 43 Verbal 45 Half-em 46 Sicilian mountain 48 Finishes 49 Be indebted 29 Sheltered side 52 Compass point 31 Winglike part 54 Samarium 32-Paving substance 36 Inquire 37 Removed 38 Tell 39 By lb (3 To I2U 37 3? 4J te­ ll IS IZO EL nri FT 14 (symbol) 55 Part of "be" 57 Aluminum (symbol) 58 Any 59 Accomplish 10 IS 15 2,3 lo- m te 3M. 57 58 27 Merton J. Trast Is now employed by the Eastern Cooperative League and the Eastern Cooperative Wholesale with headquarters at Philadelphia, according to word received by his mother. Mrs. Anna Trast. Last November Mr. Trast resigned his position of executive director of the Delaware State Board of Welfare, a post he had held for three years. Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Perkins and their daughter Betty were: Mi-, ind Mrs. WiUlam P. McKean and their daughter, Patty Lou, of Chanute, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Sherman and their daughters, Barbara and Delores of Wichita. Callers of the day were Mr. and Mrs. Vic Perkins and their children, Mary Jane and Jim ol Salina, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Morton Sherman and their children, Pat and Jerry, of Tulsa, Okla. WAKEUP Spokane, Wash., Dec. 27. {AP>— Detectives Mike Vecchlp and August Bettlnger. In search for a man reported by neighbors as missing for days and probably dead, trlea to get Into his house, but the doors and windows were locked. After considerable noise and exertion, they heard a voice from within: "What are you doing out there? You're making enough noise to wake up the dead." REPORT TO TELEPHONE USERS Our jot) in 1944 was twofold: "to do everything we could to keep a steady Stream of communications equipment' flowing to the armj^'and njivy— as much, as they needed—ant-l, at the same time, Jo maintain quality of service as high as possible for the folkii here at home^ The Bell System did keep the armed fcirces supplied -r tele- - " phone factories \vcrked jalrnost 100 per cent on war orders. At home then; were unavoidable delays on some long distance calls, but local service, on the whole, was good. Here in the Southv?est telephone facilities were stretched to the limit. A total of 260,000 persons a«ked for service and, ^ot it. Some 233,000 1 of these took the places of customers who ordered their telephones disconnected. Telephone people squeezed in the additional 27,000 by hard work and ingenuity. Never- thekss, about,185,000 applicants still are on t^e waiting lists because there just isn't efnough equipment to go around. For the new year, the telephone company's p.lans hinge uf>on the demands of \i'ar, of course. But ctirtain things will be c^one, you may be silrc. S'O U T H W E S T E R N BELL We shall continue to provide service for those who are waiting just as rapidly as we can. However, in 1945, as in 1944, war demands will be met first and on the average it will b? a considerable time before a person may apply for service and' get it without delay. Those, employees who are released from the armed services will be welcomed back, and a hearty welcome it will be. There will be a lot of work for them, too. We'll begin to clear the decks for the big telephone job that will come after the war—to plan how improved devices from Bell Telephone Laboratories, and materials and equipment from Western "Electric factories will be put to work for you. ^ That's the balance sheet of what's done and what's to do. Of course, the volume of our business has been greater than ever before, but so are our operating expenses. In fact, our rate of earnings on the telephone property during these peak w?r years has been less than during the worst years of the depression. There have been no wai*profits for the telephone company, which is exactly as it should be. TELEPHONE COMPANY "Go back and have 'em put a curve on tlie road jnap!" after a week's visit here with her niece, Mrs. R, A. Flhney and family. Mr. and Mrs, Lester Cation of Ottawa spent Chilstmas day with home folks here and at Savonburg. Mr. and Mrs. William Manion went to Topeka Monday where they were Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Strong. Paul York has returned to Wichita where he is employed ^t Boeing Aircraft, He had spent the week-end and Christmas day here ""with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. York. Mrs. Mildred Ntwtcn and Prank Doty entertained with a Christmas dinner at their home. Covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs. P^rn Doty and boys. El Dorado, Barbara Jf ne Kirschner, Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie. Jewell, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Baker, and the hosts, Mr. Doty and Mrs. Newton. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Kirschner of Parsons are the parents of a .son. Charles Wesley, born Thursday, December 21. Mrs. Kirschner and baby are reported to be doing nicely m a Parsons hospital. Christmas was observed, by the Humboldt churches this yftar with a more impressive celebration than for many years. All the churches held special services. Of special note was the celebration, which was held at the Presbyterian" church Sunday afternoon. The choir loft was filled, and members of the Antiphony choir stood just below the choir loft. Tlie Christmas carols and special numbers were inspiring in the harmony and melody which resulted from blended voices of the two choirs, A candle-lighting service concluded the .service. The church wa.s well filled for this special Christmas vesper. Germans Capture Huge American Gas Dump With U. S. Forces in Belgium, Dec. 21. (Delayed), I (AP),—The Germans have captured one .substantial American ga-sollne dump— total of 85,000 gallons, or about enough to run one armored division foi- two days. It is evident that the Germaas are short of (;asollne. Thirteen Nazi self-propelled guns were captured west ol Bastogne when they ran out of fuel. DANDELION COFFEE In many countries, the dried roots of dandelions are used as a substitute for coffee. The leaves and its young sprout-s are valuable in soups. At one time, wedding rings were worn on the right hand. You Can Usually Fhid It At After Xmas Sale! Buy Now and Save on: > SUITS • MACKINAWS OVERCOATS* LEATHER JACKETS BOYS' SUITS BOYS' COATS 25% OFF HERE ARE A FEW OF THE SAVINGS^ Buy a Man's $34.85 Suit for . .. $26.14 Buy a Man's: $29.85 Suit for .. .$22.39 Buy a Man's $29.85 O'coat for . $22.39 Buy a Boys' $14.85 Suit for ... $11.14 Buy a Man's $10.85 Mackinaw .$$.14 Buy a Boys' $10.85 Leather Jacket for $8*14 Buy Man's $17.85 Leather Coat $13.39 Buy a Boy's $16.85 Finger- Tip Coat for $12.64 Buy a Man's $17.85 Sheep- lined Coat $13.39 ENTIRE STOCK INCLUDED! BUY NOW! and Save!

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