The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 27, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1923
Page 12
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JAGE TWELVE. 'fli s n u l c n x w 3 u IN is c *» a < ^One of tl»> most, delightful social functions of the season was that of Mrs. Scott Clark today, at tihu Itoriu- •Iraiurh,-Wiley To* Room, when oho on- torLuinoil at ton o'clock brwakifast lor Su>r sinter, Mrs. E. II. Mllftsor of Kansas City, Mo. The decorations were a most unusual feature of the tHxaslou, Ibolng different tor each table, of whloli there wero seven. Tho tables wore rou»(i and there wore three large •ones and four entailer om-ii armngnd In tho dining loom. Duo table was decorated in yellow, will) iiilow Ivory bowl of yellow taffeta ribbon and yellow ohltfon intoi'mlngled n'jth maiden hair fern, baby breath amd smliax, WHO TIMMIH and Holla Ponna Ilelphlnlum, and tho name arro '">:H 'ry was used on another table, Ttfhlk' liiy -vif -thfi valley and green rib- ibons graced another. An orchid table •wan arranged wlt.1i Canterbury bolls, storks and baby breath with orchid ribbon and a lavender table was decorated with stocku, lavender sweat peas and lilacs, ftweet in ainxplo flvMto wa-* another table and on tills wore used marguerites and fern. T&io b«vpt:th ts!il« was pink, with pink «nnp •drairons in-ranged In a pink bowl with pink taffr-ia ribbon, and groonery ns In the others. Places were maTkod tiixr fifty-two guests Folloaiif,;- )>roal;fn.<>t, three hours J wen devoteil to playing bridge at lhe| Clat-k hotiie, -ilit* Avemie A oaot. Ad-, ditto.!.il out or town gnosis -were Mrs. HnroM of Kansas City, Mo., | Jlre. ( Ulilwi-ll of Hooker, Ok la., J Mr.-., s. I-;. 'Iroseclose of Dallas, Texas, Mry. h. C. Hughes of Kansas City, Mo., and MM , A. .1. Miller of St. Thomas, Onr, Canada. , <:> .;. /». t • - - ( Mr?., Charles Kulton presided as Jv^t^ss yesterday to the members of the Unique club at her home, 811 'Avenue A e;ist, and a very pleasant social nt'teniuon was enjoyed, it being the last meeting until fall, liiini'cn ilow-rs in tlio club colors, yellow, green and white were used throughout the rooms, ami In the dining ,roem, where refreshments were (served at. I tie close of the meeting, a liowl of yellow ealandulaa, daisies and Qno'-n Anne's lace, formed the center- j>lece tor (ho table, i A program was presented beforo •the club during the artornoon, in •which Mrs. 1). 1. I 'hnniert gave several Irotidings, and Miss loin ISoguo played in idaiai BOI'J . Miss Grelchen Lnwsuii feavn s.-verul loadings. In the contest that was told, Mis. T. W. Payne w.m the prize. Mrs. P.. C. Miller was laken into the i -lnb as a new member. The -mi "wis for the afternoon wero Mrs. 11. (I. llriaui. Mrs. T. W. Payne, Mrs. jllert I .Bft -...:i and Miss tlrctc'ben Law- pen ef Heaver. Okla. [ ••'• ;!> 1 Mrs. Ada I'onley entertained a :ium- i^ier et fj lends last ovomlim at. I^ike ,Bedell, in lionor of Mr. Everett Milwer Jadlos will meut at tho bonie of MrB. J. W. Clawaon, 622 Flftth avonuo oast, * * •$> ' •The rogtihu moBtlng of the Morning (>N>ry club waa held yo-storday ivt the homo of Mra. t S.-Kploy, G2G HUth i avonuo oast, and tho aftcrnoorn wrua f d aviated to f&uoy w-ork, and a social time. GardoJi flowera decorated tho raoDis, and at. a late hoar, rofrotth* monts wore sorved in tho dining room. Tho biTthda.y of Mra. Ella r \>3tor, was colr-bratotl sind Uho coivtorpioco tor the luncheon tablo, was a larRH white birthday cake lighted with pink candloa. Mm, Prod Hern will ontor- taln tho club In two weeks, at ber home, 705 East Sliornian street. Tho homo of Mrs. 3. P. Hutton, 213 I3a»t Shorm-atii atroet. w-an tho acouo of a very idelllcoUul one o'clock luncheon bridge yesterday, when «ho and her daughter, Mrs. M, .1. Madden entertained a number of friends In honor of Mrs, J. II. Colllnpwood of Topeka and Mra. C. A. Greenlee. Tho prizes for bridgo were won by Mrs. Ueorgn Gaao and Mrs. Edward Dack. Tho out of town eueats wero Mrs. C'oUlikgwood, Mra. M. C. Schoblo of Sau Antonio, Terns, Mrs. Frank Young of Bloomfiehi, Iowa and lllsa Ncttlo Hai-sha of. Pittsliurg, Pa. si- 4- ••• Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Heed of 705 Avenue P east had as their dinner j;iieats, last evening, Mr. and Mrs. Kvorott Iceed who were married <Monday afternoon. Mrs. Rei -d wa^ formerly Miss Ksthcr Chase wiio came here two yoars ag'o from KVeodom, Okla. Mr. Reed la employed here with the city engineering department. They will make their borne at 300 Sixth avenue east. \ •*• Tho m^mbors of the Cyrus Cauldron Patrol will have a picnic supper this evening at ljLke Hedell for their husbands. There will bo plenty of frood picnic food and a good tirno Is anticipated for all who-attend. Mr. and Mrs. tf. A, Mikesoll wore the dinner guesU of Mr. and Mrs. It, C. Dullard last evening. Mrs. Mikesell is leaving this week fco spend 'tibo sum- niur at Kentucky. PERSONALS SOCIETY. in tti» medical college Kt Kan»a» City, stojrpod over hur« yaaterday on hit way homo to vial.tMr. 'W. R»ryrhond Allen of 104 Fourteenth «venue east. Mrs. Frank Young ol BlMMtieltl, Iowa who has been here visiting her »on, Prank Kulsht of Hyde-Pftrk, and her sister, Mra. B. F .Herr returned to nor home today. Mrs. Anna Buck returnod to Man- hftttan yesterday after Bpomllng tho week horo with her daughter, Mrs. Martin Dupray and Mr. Dupray of tho Roaoaiont hotel. <£• <S> Mrs. K. B. noln -nla ol ' HatUngs, Nehr. returtiod to -her honio today after spending sjomo time'here visiting relatlyes. <$> Mr. A. R. Elwlck ol Abilene spent tho day horo yesterday visiting Mr. T. A. Campbell of 229 Sluth avenue east. <s- -4- *' MIBS Helen Starr ha* returned from Oberfin, Ohio whoro she has been attending Oberlin' college this year. <$> Mrs. O. E. omsnor of Great Bond In hero vlsltitiK friends and relatives for a low days. • .. * * * . . Dr. E. S. l ,ee of Guymon, Okla, was In thu city ysslerdny visiting friends. LENIN AND THE SOVIET FiRST l .ADV CHURCH NEW8. Division 1, of the First M. E. church, will meet "Hiursday afternoon at 2:30 at uho home of MrB. L. R. Van Ordslrand, 601 B east. Assisting hostesses are Mrs. S. Vlckom Mrs. P. John, Mrs. C. \v. Boone ojjd Mrs. Jennie Keckley. The ladios of district II of the •Uidles Aid wcloty ot tho First Christian church will meet itomorrow afternoon at 2:30.o'clock at. the taio of Mrs. 3. MeEnlarfer, G1C N<?rih Washington street. The other dlB- trlelit will meet as follows: - No. 1 Mrs. B. O. Woyler, 42ti S<iveutoonth aranuo west; No. 2 .Mrs. J. B. Kirk, 1HS North Monroo streot; No. 5 and 6, Mrs. F. .H Foarl, 182z North Washington streot; No. 7 Mrs. J. W. Pedigo, 225 Sixth avonue oast; -Vo. 8 'Mrs. Frank Suttlo, S07 Fourth avenue east; No. 9, Mra. W. F. Jones, 733 llast Sherman street. American Woman From Cam. bridge, Mas*., Loit at Wimbledon. Wimbledon, June 27.—Miss Kathleen K«ne, first rankrlng British woman player; defeated Miss Katharine Gardiner of Cambridge, Mass., 6-1, 6-0, in -the world's tennla championship to- > J Peggy [ j day. Ostint De Gomar defeated T. Bevart of England, 4-6, 6-5, 6-2, 6-3, In tho men's tournament. Mile Lertglen defeated Insram of England, 6-0, 6-0. Miss Leslie Ban-croft ot Boston defeated Mra. Mcllqvftam, 2-6, 6-0, 3-6, Vincent IWohards, third ranking American, defeated S. M. Jacob, Indian Dav'.s Cup player, In straight sets, 0-2, 0-3, 8-6. William M. Johnston, Americ*u, star, defeated- the -Jaft-handod veteran,' R. D. Watson ot> Northumberland, at 6-1, 6-2, 0-7. Premier Lenin of the Rati Soviets and Mr». Lenta at the saniWrlua where he I* recuperating. RACQUET DESIGN ON SLIPOVER SWEATER This snapshot shows Lenin, premier of Soviet Russia, resting In a sanitarium .while beside him sits his wife, Mine. Lenin. The Russian loader la taking things easy until & complete cure ! B effected and his sole companion during his voluntary exile is his wife. v Mr. liugeno Conklin, -son of Mr. and Mrs, .1. E. Conklin has accepted tho position of drummer with the Hon Allen orchestra from Topeka, who are playing this Hummer In tho now amusement park at Arkansas City. Mr. Giant Markle, also a Hutchinson I young man hold, this position this winter, when the^ orchestra played here lor two dances. The amusement park at. Arkansas City was opened ^of Ti<("'k ;i and Mr. Clarence Embr () y ; only recently and the Kiwanls club .of Wichiu The evening was s ;jt :,:it ^ gave a dance on the opening night for ; dancing, and a' a late hour, dainty ie ( the flood Mlttercra there. The orcboa- fre:diment^ were served. The gnc.its tra wus highly praised after the dance. Included Mr. and Mr*. James MeCay,! -.v Mr. iind Mr. Carl Smith, IV. and j MIES Lucllo Smyser of Wichita, tho Mrs. W W. Xieiinls, Mr.'and Mrs. Karl. wonderful Ut'tle dance.-, who charmed .ItlehanK Mr nnd Mrs. John Ehuuu, j Hutchinson audienc-s here during the Mr. and M 's, I'nuik Tier, Mr.'. Liillani Pageant this spring, and who former- ,Ka«h, Mi*. HybJe Haniilum. Mrs. j )>• lived In Hutchlusou, la studying in Kerm:i M irtin. Mini-, Mary Sueir/., MiH:i • tile Detilshawn Rchool of llanclng at 'Edyth fee ie, M i 1 AMiiui Sprung. > roterlioro. N. H., this summer. Her • Mis,-, Mari!:.i Hi'''-. Misn Mary l'l-'tu'.. i mother, 'ilrs. II. li. Smyser only re- end Mif> \tMiia UicslnH. v»f iHteriuig, [ ceutly returned from ilie oust, having •Mios Ii 'a I'ob '-ily, Mtsw Alma I'ulxTly, J accompanied her daugine. to school. Mr. the.-. ::-d liuss, Mr. Royal lniaii, [ Miss Smy»er vrlH roturn in tho fall to Mr*. n .ir.!n :e Luraiis, Mr. Cbarlus, t«k e up her studies In tbo Wichita linan. Mr Guy Coberly, Mr. Charl".; | i lisll BC i l0o i_ .Sues/., .Mr. Arthur Smith, Mr. Guy .i, Bogga, tin- lienor guests and nostras. Miss Dorothy Gage who graduated |. *• t> I from National Park Seminary at |'< The members of the Social Circle WashinEton, D. C. this year, and Mls« Club inei yesterday at the home of Ihda Brown a student from Smith Mrs. f.ylia <'blinnnn. .Sllii Fourth ave- \ rollcgo at Northampton, Ma3S. will tnio eail and «p«ht a delightful social ' nieet in. St. Louts, Mo. tomorrow and ,tlmo. Roll call was answered with' arrive here Friday. Miss Brown la Icurrent events, and during the unsi-, visiting 7rlondI in St. IJOUIS , Mo., and Iaess Mrs. F. C. lianiliait was Miss Gago is visiting her room mate (elected to (III tho unexpired term of in Fort Thomas, Ky. .Mrs. T, H. Jolly, who resigned. Mrs. I v.- J> •> I J. W. Clawaon fawred the guests with J Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sbollonberger 'e piano *do and Mra. V. C. Uarnbiut and famtily will drive to NeBfi City gave a splendid loading. Little Ellen j next week to attend 'tho big Fourth of 'XUrr gave "Hie Oath to Our Flag." j July celebration and be tho gnosta of jl>u.liuy rofr-esihnionto wore served at' M15. Sbollenl^erger'a parents, Mr. and flvu o'cloek to tho club momboi s and' Mrs. W. D. Minor. They will be ac- fcholr guests, Mrs. Lundy Dlrr and' conipanlod by Mr. II. I). Miner, who daughlor, Ellen. In twT> weeks, the \ lias boen hero Cor «arae time. A nuraber of Hutchinson women wont to Wichita today to attend the meeting of the Women's Home Missionary society of- the Wichita conference. Miss Helen Marie Shuyler accompanied them and will take part on the program, representing the Queen Esther society of this city. The members of the W. W, Circle of the Zion Evangelical Luthorn church will meet tomorrow at the home ot Mrs. C. W. Stanley, 10 Twenty-first avenue west to meet Mrs. AJ IMei, wife of the new pastor of that church, Who was recently married. Division Six of the Ladies Aid of tlio First Methodist church will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. II. Schlaudt, 23 Eleventh av enuo east. The second division ot the Ladles Aid Bocieiy of the First Methodist church will meo: tomorrow at Hhehome of Mrs. Rudy Snydor, S25 Bast Sherman street with Mrs. Will Holaday and Mrs. W. Hardy aa assisting hostesses. TO HAVE A CONVENTION FOR THE FORD BOOSTERS Probably Be Held at Dearborn, Mich., to Boost the Motor Manufacturer. Detroit, Mich., June 27.—Planning vigorously to push Its campaign to bring about the nomination, of Henry Ford for president, probably as the leader of a third party, the Dearborn "Ford-for-Presldent" club la considering the calling ot a convention of all Ford clubs In Michigan, it was announced today by^ tho Rev. William Dawe, leader of the local movement. While no date has been announced for the proposed convention, it would bo held in Dearborn, Dr. Dawo said, the object being to effect a national organization and co-ordlnato what has been puroly spontaneous organization of Ford clubs. Plans of the Dearborn to be significant as indicating a steady revivac! In trade. It Is pointed out that since tho beginning of April there has been a succession ot weekly declines In the number of unemployed, and the srtalft of the various trades trives hope Ulrat the corner (has been turned. ROCK ISLAND CURTAILS TRAIN SERVICE WEST Local Passengers Will Stop at Pratt Effective Sunday— Limited* to Serve. The Rock Island'is announcing curtailed train service on this division effective Sunday, July 1, according to a circular which was received last evening at tbo local ticket office, confirming rumors published In last evenings's News. •Trains Nos. 311 and 312 which are now operating between Herlugton and- Liberal will be slopped at Pratt, start- -I.SMITH-) Fresh Fish Of Intercut to Women Folks Mrs. Mamie Axllno Fay, of Pratt, a former state president of the Kansas grand chapter 1'. B. 0. and prominent in tho club wiork of tho state and district has received a letter from tho Iowa association ot past presidents of the P. E. O. stating that thoy Jiad adopted the letier head design which tho Kansas association Is using. Mrs. Fay and c P. Rich ot tho Tribune worked out tbo design, and tike Iowa association copied It. The editor of the national association'^ magazine, in between Pratt and Liberal. To make leaders contemplate a call for an as- up for this tho company'-will operate serrtbly of delegates from Michigan! the Golden State Limited locally from clubs, but Dr. Dawe declared the pro-1 Pratt weal to Liberal, making stops A BRITISH WOMAN | ^iilf»»^ffZff2fi!l«i»» " WON tfENNIS MATCH $ Extra Specials ffi At Sawyer's Silk Dresses for $6.95 I Worth' double—material* • ] are combinations of silk ! | AUtym Crepe, tricolette B and Paisley, sixes 16 to 42. Assorted colors,:— new •Ji models, every one desira- 1 - ble—Also 60 more expen- [ • sive clever silk dresses at I j exactly half former prices ^| jiinirnnuiijnuiuiiJiinifn /iiiT Your Best Friends Are Your Eyes Are they perfect? Have them examined and. find out. I devote all my time to the examination of eyes and the fitting of glasses. H. S. ZINN, Optometrist The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. Henry Zlnn Jno. Blrchflold posed convention might develop into a national atT'fatr. Correspondence with numerous Ford clubs throughout the country makes it clear, according to James B. Greene, secretary of tho Dearborn or­ ganisation, that the Ford supporters desire a third party. "The rnovoment has grown to such proportions," Mr. Greene declared, "that there ia only ono thing left to do, and that Is to create a national organir-ation." HARVEST BRINGS RUSH OF TELEPHONE BUSINESS The Southwestern Boll Telephone Co., experienced tho biggest day's long distance toll business of 'this year Monday, according to H. J. Qulgley, . manager. Tho local telephone ex- a lower to Mrs. Fuy, complimented tho c hango took care of 1.200 outgoing Kansas association for this, as tho j i,^ng distance calls on that day. Tho Catfish Bass Halibut Trout Choice Rib Roast of Decf Corn Beef to Cook Beef tongue Dressed Fries Baked Ham Roast Beof Roast Pork Beets Gr. Beans Cucumbers Tomatoes Lettuce RadishCB New Peas Raspberries Poaches Apricots Cherries Cantaloups Pineapples Plums Blackberries Loganberries Fresh Home Baked Cakes Phone 1500 "THE FEHNDELL STORK* 7 5. Main Mrs. J. C. Newman of Wichita, but formerly of this city, and who la noted over tlio etate as a flue pianist, will come tho latter part ot tho week to spend the week end here. Mrs. Nowniau will play at the wedding of Miss Thelwa IVMley and Mr. 0. K. FttiHsott, Saturday evening. Mr. and Mra. A. L. Salmons and daughters, Romalne and Marie, will drive 'here from Detroit. Mlcb., aeon, to visit with friends and gvj to Kingman to visit Mr. Salmons relatives. They wero former residents hero but .have boon living iu Detroit for the past six years. •3' >S> Mrs. Bernard ISanman of Denver, •Colo., formerly Miss Elslo Lorlmor of this city, Is hero visiting for several days at tho home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry ShtryJer, 1924 North Ash street, onrouto to her homo from an eastern trip. * * $ Mrs, M. J. Poarce, -Mrs. Nona Kinsman and Miss Mary Kinsman ot Long lieach. Calif., returned to tholr home yesterday after having -spent soma tlmo here visiting Mr. and Mrs. M. T. 'Strmrp of 205 Kighth avenue wotrt. <?> <S> * Mrs. W. H. Hickman, Miss Bessie James, M1ss Margaret James, and Mr. Leonard .Hickman were weok end guosta at tho home of Air. and Mrs. George, Carter 1n PToslon. * * Mrs. Lloyd Clary and. son of San Francisco, Calif., who have beon here visiting Mr. aud Mrs. Charles Ames of 120 Ulghth avenue west will loavp tlits evening to return to her homo, <£> -.-f- £ Mr. and Mra. A. H. Parrott, Miss Margaret Parrott, Miss Anna Becker ot Wichita wore woek ond guests at the home of Mr. and Mra. T. A. Campbell, 22a Sixth avoluio oast. * * * Mr. A. Allan Olson of AlOMnder, who has r«coutljr completed a coarse Iowa association, tine largest In the United Suitt -3, Is considered "the last thing" in P. E. O. work. The P. E. O. was founded in an Iowa college. The open meeting of the Pythian Sisters club which was ».--> hare been held tomorrow evening, has been postponed one woek. TOMORROW EVENTS, !$> I Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Carniack will entertain at dinner at their home, 25. Tenth avenue west complimenting Miss Thelma Bailey and Mr. O. K. Fasset who will be married Saturday evening. The Past President of the W. R. 0. will meet at tho home of Mra. J. J. Hudson, 227 Fifth avenue cast with Mra. W. M. Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Jone« and Mrs. Bessie Monroe assisting hostesses. Ladles Wo can please you with a hair bob. Billle Cain Clean Towel Barber Shop. 27-2M Pill Notes on Ave, A. Harvester's special—A good smoke Be each. Cash Drug Co., A and Main. 27-lt Harvester's special—Pocket hooka, with prices below others. Cash Drug Co. A and Main. 27-lt An Auto-Strop $1.00—Razor and a 50c strop for $1.00. Cash Drug Co. A and Main. 27-lt $2.60 Gem Salety Razor and strop- per. Our price J1.2C. Cash Drag Co., A aud Muin. 27-lt unusual amount of business was caused by the- beginning of tho harvest. Hutchinson gram meai were busy getting directly In touch withi their elevators and operators over tho wheat district west and south of this city. at Havilaiui, Uurklin, Fowler, Greens burg, Mlnoola, Meade and Plains. No stops have been made at these points heretofore. Chauffeurs Read Shakespeare. Berlin—Even the laxlcnb drivers In Borlltt are Shakespeare fans. An American tourlut who recently engaged a taiicab for halt 0 day, noticed that the driver was always-reading while his passenger was making calls. The American thought, perhaps, the min was n student, and glanced at the hook. It was Shakespeare's complete dramatic works ^11 Gorman, and tho man was reading "Othello." BRITISH UNEMPLOYMENT SHOWS MARKED DECREASE London.—A fall in tiie numjiar of unemployed on May 14 to 1,168,800 from 1.218,287 April 30, 1a considered by officials of the Ministry of Labor England's Grist of Letters. London.—In tho 12 months Just ended the British postofflce handled the enormous number of 3,300,000,000 letters, 500,000,000 postcards, LD0O.- 000,000 printed papers, 175,000,000 novrapapors and 120,000,000 parcels. The tota is 5,595,000,000 pieces of mail. Of the 120,000,000 parcels, no fewer than 30,000,00 wrongly addressed, or not addressed at all,, while thousands of tons of letters were not delivered for the same reasons. .. -Sweaters continuing in - such high favor and every woman's wardrobo containing several and assorted styles at that, tho <les-igu«rs are hard put to invent new and smart designs suitable to he worn on • different occasions. Manhattan has hit upon a very attractive trimming tor this slipover sports" sweater of whHo wool. It has a wide, dark band about tho hips with a do- Flgn of tenuis racquets. It Is guaranteed- to make any young woman who has temporarily lost her enthusiasm for tennis renew it immediately and hie her to the court. The trim sports blouse worn with the sweater and the neat ribbon tl« ot dark color finishes the milt which, is worn with one of. tho pleated skirts wide enough to allow freedom of motion In playing the game. Sponkins of the ribbon tie reminds one that ribbon for various uses was never more popular than it is today. Many hats aro trimmed with It alone. Sashes of ribbon are worn with all kinds ot suits, coats and thin summer dresses. The picoted ribbons are especially favored for ties like tho ono shown in the picture and are very ornamental and smart worn by the business girl or traveler with a tailored blouse and suit. MUSIC HATH CHARMS. You Will Be Charmed With the Service and the Delicious Food at the coolest place in town—Lyman's Cafe. Heur the Hutchinson Trio composed ot a piano, violin and cello, 6 to 8 each evening. Saturday dance Stevens' Pools. 2G-5t Our excellent organization plus our fine Motor equipment will MOVE your home's furnlsh- tnos best and at moderate cost. Call- Phone-~ 219-838 CODY TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. 123-125 Sherman East Automobile and 1 Household Storaaa I Hair Bobbing | has come to stay. Have it done our way. Billie Cain Clean Towel Barber , Shop. 27-25t: MULTIQRAPH1NQ Malting, Poldlna, Addressing. PtHONE 670 We write advertlifng campaigns. All kinds of Mailing Lists. EUGENE RANDLES ADV. CO. Eugene Randies—W. Raymond Aliefl 3 WEST SHERMAN Bring Your^ Family And Picnic Supper —;and spend the evening at Carey's Lake Ride Avenue A Street Car HOUSEHOLD HINTS •y MBS. MORTON MBNU HINT Breakfast. Grape Fruit. Bacon Pried Crisp. EBKS. Toast. Coffee with Cream. (Lean) Beef Staw with Vegetables. Waters. CusUrdPlo. Tea. Milt Dinner. Mexican Rice. | Cottao Chseao on Lettuca • wits own s «uo«. Cherry and Btrawbery Jello. Strawberry Cake. Coffee with Cresua. ., Corn Huskors Lotion for sunburn 27-lt Spocial Lunch KHe, $8.26; our price 12 .75. This ia a UnlvorsaJ Bottlo. Cash Drug Co., A and Main, 27-lt 'Harvester Goggles 26o and up, Spe oial assortnicnta. Cash Drug Co., A and Main. TODAY'S RECIPES. Mexican RIO»J —One cup rice, boiled In salted water, one cup grated cheese, -two eggs well beaten, ono and one- half cups mflk, one teaspoon chili powder. Add dash of paprika and salL Bake twenty minutes, Btrawberry Cake—One oup sugar, one-half cup butter, two eggs, one cup strawberry luioe, one teaspoon soda in Juice, two cups flower, salt. Confectionery sugar moistened with Juice for icing. Cherry and Strawberry Jello—Take water and cuie-half pint strawberry juice, a few ot tho berries and any other fruit aud nuts. Home. Made, Coffee —Four .quarts bran, one quart eommeal (granulated), one cup molasses, three eggs. Mix thoroughly, brown iu pans lu oven till tho color .of coffee. Use two-thirds S7-lt of thii> aud one-third coffee, ox half. and half. , SUGGESTIONS. Preserving Egpa—Eggs In season are plentiful and-eheap, therefore now la the time to preserve and store them for use In the winter. There are various methods of preserving eggs, but whichever be chosen the eggs must bo really fresh, certainly not more than twelve days old, and free from cracks, as a.cracked egg may go bad In the picklo and injure the flavor of tho rest. One of tho .best preservatives for eggs la wnter-glaas, which may be bought quite cheaply. Cucumber Salad—Cucumbers may bo used aa a part of a salad or thoy may be prepared to hold the real salad. The cucumber may be shaped to form a cradle with the head board, foot board and rockers complete- The vegetahlos cut Into cubes are placed In tho hollowed "out cucumber, and a salad dressing is put over all. To 8et Kettles on —Keep various sized embroidery hoops in the kitohon to put pies and. kettles on. They do not slide and aljow the air to get under, When Peellnfl Tomatoes—Hold tomatoes over the gas flamo for a tew seconds and the skin will corn* oft without heating the tomato* Gifts of Infinite Beauty — and charm— —gifts to delight {ho bride—gifts for anniversaries and birthdays—youll find a large and varied assortment of them .here. For the hostess In search of prizes wo suggest those dainty new French things from "Mathilde." - Floworphone 3800 18 North Main St

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