The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 4
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[ Page Pour T H E J ) E C A T O R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, June 28,1914* j NEW NET STAR FROM WEST COAST Ty Cobb and C. Walker Tied in American League. Chkigo June 27--Baseball a.\ er- aies published here toda* shorn that Crar'.\ Cirr, one time manager of Amerti in association uams is leading the baturs of the Federal league since 1« joined the Indianapolis club of that organization Carr s aierase for sixteen games la 459 Next comes Ijailgne F u f f a l o 4iS Kauff Indianapolis 4I"» Campbell Indianapolis | 386 Ei-xn= B'Ookl\n 372 Brown, St Louis, 3 0 Kau" fd*) th" baa stealors TMlth Stf In, l a n n p o i ~ an! Baltimore are ahead In club lattlnE »i'h · and 2~1 reipectbelj WAITER AND COBB TIED C Walks'- and Ty Cobb of Detroit still »har« 'eadinz honurs In the American league. vTlth sn »\"BI o' 149 apiece Others are Troll ^lth°PlaTMk 3 of 8 PWUiaelphla and Lcon- ird Boiton rink n= the three le-idlnB jltej- fs In the American letgiie Hall has 4 won ind 1 lo«l riank 7 and 2 and Leonard 0 and 3 LEADS V4TIOVALS Roberwon of Ne* York leads the batten ot the National leipie -»lth 405 Others are | ° Miller St Loul! SW Hummf I Brook-' ivn 362 Bleele M Loul» IV Dillon . BrooltlM) MS Elberfeld Brooklyn, 343. HEF70G BFST THIEF V«na?er HfrzoE continues to lead In 'tolen him alth r Club batting leadership Is he'd V PhUad.lphi. at 21.6 and New lork la second w i t h " r i vathewson la the real leader amont thi. r'lchers »lth 11 victories and 3 defeats A1SOCIATIOV Ttu' of Kansas Clt Is ahead In the American association with 46* Then comes Delirious Part of Time Talks of Decatur. \ Physicians In Albuauerttue New Mexico, have given up all hope of the recover/ of VIrg H Sanders, president ot th« Deeatur Three-I baseball club and one of the best known men in Decatur. according to word received Saturday. In the doctors' opinion the , worst may come now at any time, ana although every effort Is being made to save the life of the popular Decatur booster, It is feared that he will neier live to return to Decatur where his heart and his Interests have always been RAVES OF DECATUR. Mrs Sanders is with her husband and has taken him from the pretty cottage they rented upon their arriial to the hospital where It IB thought that more expert attention may be given him A man nurse has been em- plosed, and all other arrangements for his comfort made Vlrg Is delirious nart of the time, and during the lapses talks constantly of people and scenes in his beloved Decatur naming hn friends by the tens and twenties, talk- Ing baseball chances this year, and going o\er experiences in his Interest- Ing and successful life GENERAL SORROW Unliersal sorrow Is felt In Decatur over the sad Illness which th j; e »"^ the life of the enthusiastic Decatur man v,ho has been among the foremost al-aas when a question of the cit\ s success rns been at stake Among the sporting fraternltj. followers of base- I ball and the races there Is special an, xlety felt and business men are all interested In the fight he is miking against death 4 . Mr Sanders was a member of Oie Episcopal church and an e=pecli friend of Dr Hostcr who is now In t h i r s e of a parish in Tennessee Dr Hosier has kent in close touch with the sick man since his leaving nccatur ILCO d ing to the letters received from Mrs Sanders and his sympathy has done much to make the exile bearable I support that the club owners say that unless tha Jani come to the rescue Immediately, they will give up the franchise. Barney Still Slipping. Barney Pelty, once a Three-I star and for several seasons with St Louis, Is now running a semi-pro team In a Missouri country town. How About the Name. Davenport Times --Ceflar Rapids has a*shortstop named Wambsganss (pronounce It, we dare you), whom the papers are selling to the large leagues It Is accordingly amusing to read a. wail which appears in the Cedar Rapids morntn*- dally The writer complains that visiting outfielder! are pulline down long drives on Mr. Wabms ·. "He hits best in small parks " the writer adds Fine boost, that, for a gent who expects to cavort In the big arenae YOKOHOMA~NELSON TO MUSCATINE Muscatlne, Is, Julv 2T--The Munca- tine Central Association team yesterday signed Pitcher Tokoooma. Nelson of the Winnipeg club and Pitcher Beardman of the Kansas City American Association club --Photo bj Bain H. LlNDLEi MljllHVl. R Lindley Murray and H L. Kahn came out to California to dispute the tennis championship w i t h the eastern cracks and last week Mur-av annexed the metropolitan singles championship, beating Fred B \le\ander a three time title holder in the final match Ale\- ander was said to be in particulaily f ne form too It is believed that Murray will be heard from at the Newport national games this summer - ' ~ ~ ' ' ' " Judge Was Pitcher on First Team Here. A good many of the old time baseball plajers those who were In the game at the beginning of baseball recall that ^ illiam C Johns was at that time a plajer of some npte He was more than that It was he who brought baseball to Decatur In an article on ·Prehistoric Baseball in Decatur," prepared for The Review several years aso. appears the following FIPST BALL GROUND The first baseball ground laid out in Decatur tvas In 11GG It was laid out on site of Wabash freight house W C Johns, then a student at Ann Arbor had come home for vacation ind brought baseball with him He borrowed \. T Rlsles s surveying Instruments and laid out diamond assisted by the late Tom C Heaton of Springfield who was then bookkeeper 'or Hinkle Priest's mill and C M Allison w h o drove the stakes Allison was IB the high school TE43I Bob Montgomery, catcher and captain W C Johns pitcher Cass C Carnick ") pitcher Lee Gill, first base, T C Hinkle, second base. Charley Packard, short stop. Ike Archer, right field C M. Arisen, center field Howard Wood pitcher and third base Rev Mathian Kauffman shortstop Tracy Ovlat (from Baltimore about this time probably helped organize the team). E W "Wood, shortstop, Sam Montgomery left field ^ MORE SHAKING UP AT DANVILLE With the formal taking over of the baseball club by Billy Nca.1, a real slmkeup Is to be felt, it was announced To fill the vacancy at second made by Vogels sale, Zennie Clayton is brought In from center field and will play second base a position he filled ·with Springfield until bought by Danville Walter Devoy, of Christian Brothers College, St Louis, Is brought on to play center field In place of Cla ton. Announcement was made that at least three other deals will probably be closed before the local club leaves for Quincy Monday night, or, if not then the transactions will have been completed by the time the club comes home on July 3 for a aeries with the strong Decatur club Ttho Is This Gnirt A summary of one of the big league box scores for Friday reads as follows Home rans--Baker 2 ' One guess as to what Baker It Is SPORTS STORIES BRIEFLY TOLD -® Pitcher Spencer Released. Cedar Rapids m the C A. has released Pitcher Speed Spencer who lias been with that town for years, even when it was in the Three-I Great Race, Poor Crowds. The Champaign team of the I - M league which Is making- a great fight for first place, Is getting such poor P L Unit Power Plant -- Motor-- 20 h -- 4-cylmder en bloc-- 3 % x3 head, large valves an«i bearings Valves are enclosed The motor Is very Quiet and powerful Isnltton-- - Battery and magneto -fixed spark Lubrication -- Constant level splash -- plunger pump circulation Carburetor -- Approved tvpe, very economical Cooling -- Tllermo-Sjphon, V-shaped radiator -- adjustable belt driven fan tlntch-- Cone tvpe, faced with Ras- bestos Transmission -- Selective tvpe -- 3 speeds forward and reverse Center control -- one lever Steering Gear -- Full worm and gear v pe adjustable Drive -- Bevel gear through concentric tortjue tube with one universal joint Front Axle -- Tubular t p e cup and cone bearings Rear Axle-- Semi-floating t v p e Hj - att roller bearings C«r-atlou 4-PasaeBKer Touring Car SPPECIFICATIONS Brakes--Emergency -- Internal ex panding on 10 Inch drum on rear wheels Service--external contract- Ing on transmission shaft Wheel*--V ire, demountable at hub Tires--30x3 Inches clincher, smooth tread Control--Left side drive, eight hand control. Wheel Baie--105 Inches Tread--4S Inches Standard Equipment -- Horn head lamps generator tall lamp jack, pump and set of toola Prices F. O. B. Detroit w Itb standard equipment Model A--2-Passenger Roadster, $495 00 Model C -- 4-Pas'enger 'curing Car $a20 00 Extra Equipment! Mohair top -with attached dust boot, ?25 00 one piece w i n d s'lleld J10 00, spare Tvheel mounted on running board $10 00 Warner Speedometer mounted on transmission, ?15 00. American Voiturette Co. Bell Phone 1GS3. D. H. McCallum, Agent. 275 East Leoflnnd Aye. SEVEMB HERB. -25 "$750 D ISTINCTLY the car for those who want the UTMOST IN AUTOMOBILE VALUE at moderate cost. The demand for Maxwell "25s" at $750 is something enormous-- getting bigger and bigger daily. Factory facilities are consequently being constantly enlarged and improved. All of which proves the VALUE and DESIRABILITY of the Maxwell *'25" at $750. A fine, but, roomy S-paMenMc i amOy automobile of great beauty and reliability. A car that constantly keep* down gasoline, oil and tire expente. Come in and see the carYOU should own. To see is to buy. Dawson Automobile Co. 242 N. Franklin St. Rupture Cured wMhbnt operation. Injection, or d«-ten- on from business. Rnptnres low down ad hard to hold, those following opera- Ions, navel raptures In fleshy women nd all cases operations, triis.cs and reatment of others hare lulled «o «re, guaranteed relief or no charge. My exne-lence, skill and wonderful access In bad ca*e» In rec ijsnlied hy 11 In authority. I nnve no coTnecllon vlth «nT office exeeirt the Hcnlth *p- llnnce Co, ISO W. S4fli St, 3Sew li'rk It Von prefer to wear a trass «nd only :aew *vbat comfort TEE WUND^TRUSS rlnK« to TOO, Ton wouldn't be without ne a single day. No leB strops, e'as- Ic bands or ateel sprlnes to hind and ortnre your hody. Hold* nurtures aster than any other truss. Call for free trial. Four thousand pntlents In Illinois, manr In this city, to refer to. If yon annot call, write for circulars anfl fa. tnre dates. M. H. BROWN, M. D. Next visit to Decatur, Deentnr Hotel, londay. Jnne 2*, 8 a. m. to 2.30 p. m. Attention Automobile Owners If we are not supplying you direct with gasoline and oil, call and see us at once. "We can save you from 25 to 40% in the cost of these supplies for your car. We have a complete gasoline filling station at our plant, 400 East Cerro Gordo St., two blocks from Water St., to serve auto owners promptly and at the lowest market prices. Standard Oil Company An Indiana Corporation. Diamond Tires Made by the B. F. GOODRICH CO., AKRON OHIO Note Our Prices on "Squeegee" Non-Skid Tread 28x3, $ 9.12 86x4, 21.58 30x3, 9.79 33*4*4 26.60 32x8, 10.36 34x4V£, 27.44 28.27 13.11 82x3*6, 13.93 36x41/2. 29.10 34x3Vfe, 14.77 37x4Vfe, 29.93 32x4, 18.92 35x5, 32.28 83x4, 19.58 37x5, 84.88 34x4, 20.26 37xSV 2 , 43.73 35x4, 20.91 Remember, we give you the Non-Skid casing at plain casing price, less 12% and 5%. W. L Shellabarger Sons Fire Proof Garage Decatur, 111. NOTE--We sell JOHNSTON Shock Absorbers, subject to 10 days' trial. If not satisfactory, to be taken off at our expense. ·it. CPUB W Th^ real __ basis oiE tire service is quality--quality of materials and qual- * ity of workmanship. · Sticking to this manufacturing trath has made Republics what they are. You'll appreciate "what they tre" when you find out "what they do." Come in and buy one "find out" tire toky.\ Complete Stock on Hand REPUBLIC MIME MOTOR CAR SUPPLY HOUSE 357 N. Main SL Guy C. Ferre, Prop. Bell Phone 725. Auto 1995 Keep On Smoking Decatur Hand Made Cigars There are cigars that you will enjoy. One of the BEST SMOKES you will ever find s the GREAT BEAR CIGAR Hand Made Try It Today BOOTH SCOTT Manufacturers. 756 E. Eldorado St. Both Phones 1479. MY NEW 1915 Cartercars will be here about July 15 Hy Mends and prospective buyers will find me at Dryadale's Garage, where I shall be very glad to explain to them the superior points of Cartercar construction. E. J. DIVAN, Sale»maii City Garage, Cor. W. Main and N. Church Ste. Cartercar Company, Pontiac, Michigan NEWSPAPER!

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