The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 8, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 8, 1859
Page 4
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1V -» i^* 1 " LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS JSOIWIBOOSSOT,^ I Olroult Court, Milrmukef GMB& HodH.Cttip, ) * »«Ulwl f * Daniel H. BldtMtf.*! , Jesper Vllet sod _ - r ••"'s^J'irtneof wiexecBttonlMued from *»ld Court 1n K-ibe above entitled Action, to me directed mod de. livend against the personal *nd. real property of the above namea defendants, I h«re seised sod levied on the following real estate, to mt t - - •, "OommenclOR at a point tn the middle of the ? Hank 'road 10TT teet sorfh of tlte south lltfe of „•' the sonlh-taet quarter of station 18, town?, r range 88; running thence west and parallel with •aid wrath line 683 feet: thence north 47 feet; thence west 860 feet to the west line of the east "half of the Booth east quarter of section IB; ' T thence -with E»U west line north 1510 feet to the north tine of said quarter section: thence with , «ald line east 691 feet to the middle of the plank _ roafl, thence with the. mSlidW of Baiil plank road ' southeasterly about Z66 feet to tlie north-east corner ol land conveyed to P, Broekman by deed recorded in Milwaukee County in vol. SO i of deeds at page 118; thence -irllh tbenorth line of said land deeded to Broctman, 456,42 fecfi ! thence. south 488 feet; thence east 806 ftet to ice middle of the plank .road; thence wlln uie i middle .of *aldrJank«iad southeasterly about ISO feet to the place «f J ,begbmlnj:, -conlalnin* 80 tO-lDO acre*, more or Jew, being In the east .Half oT the couth eaat^qaarUr of lection 18, < ^ town 7, range 2*.' , .Abo, beginning at a point in the line between • 'wectionl9,»nd20,1287feetIiorUiOftheqnarteT section corner; running thence weet 699 X feet to the cast line of Fourteenth street; thence ' with said east line of Fourteenth struct, north 764 feet to Beaublan street, or the extension of" that street as represented in the jilot of Vllel'» Addition to the city of Milwaakee; thence with the south line of said street, cast 606 feet; " thence -will) the southerly line of said street northeasterly about 210 feetio an angle in said ' street; thence with the'flouth line of said street east about 80 feet to 'the point where the south I westerly tine of the land 'conveyed to Abram v ' : ! Vbet by deed recorded in Milwaukee County in rol 61 of deeds at page 810; crosses Bald south line of (aid street; thence with said southwestern ly line of Abram TlieVs land south 47 degrees, : east -about 609 feet to a point on Eleventh street, where said line is intersected fay the west line ol Abram Vliet'a land, according to deed recorded in vol 61, of deeds at pape '44$; thence :souti> iwithsall west line of Abram Vllet's land 1£.8S chains to a corner; thence west with tioun- ary of said Abram Vliet'n laud 8 chains; Ihrnce south with said boundary tilS >; feet to north line of Sherman street; thence with said north line, west 5.92 chains to section line; thence ' with section line north 959 feet to the place of beginning, containing about 8U.70 acres, and being aitnated In the east half of the north cast quarter ol lection 19, and in the west half of the north west quarter of section 20, town 7, ranire 22. • •- TAJSO Iota 9,10. 11, 12, WockS. Lots 2, a, *, t>, « and J, block 8. Lot 6, block 4. i .Lotfi, block 6. Lot 8, block 18. •All in Vliet'c Addition to the city of Milwaukee, being in the east hall of the north east quarter of section 19 and the west half of K W Ji ol section 20, town 7, range M east.— Also the following real estate beginning at a • point in section line between sections 19 and 80 at north side of Sherman street and C2S feet north of the quarter section comer; thence _ with section line north 959 feet; thence west C99& feet to east side of Fourteenth street; thence with east side of said street, south 5S9 feet to north side of an alley; thence with north side of said alley south easterly 546 leet to north side of Stierman street; thence with said north line ol Sherman street SOI ieet t» place of beginning, containing 11^ acres more or less, being situated in the east half of the north east quarter of section 19, town 7, range 88 east. Also Lot 4, block 89, Second » ard. KorLh )f lot 5, block 39, Second Ward. •Also the following real estate being; in the north ~east quarter of section 17, town 7, ranee 2.1, beginning at a point in the west l<ne of said quarter section 10.06 cbaiUB nnrtb of the south west corner olsalcl quarter secUon at the north west corner of lauds conveyed by !>&niel H. £icharda to one John i'. Shoemacher; thence with said west line of said quarter section norUi to a point S-lti chains aouih of the north west corner of said quarter section; thence east 14.70 chains to middle of Green Bay road; thence along middle of said road south to point 10.06 chains north of the south line of sail] quarter section; thence west 14.70 chaine to place* of beginning, containing about 82 acres and be:ng urn the west aide or the Gretai b&y road. Also the following real estate situate, in the north eastqr. of sec. 17, town 7, range 22, begio- ining at the south east corner of said quai ter '•ecdon; running along the east line of said quarter section north to a point €.84 chain* south of the north east corner of said quarter section, being the south east corner of land conveyed by said Kichardg to one Christopher Schloepl; thence wifh so tfh line of said laud conveyed to Schloepf west t«< a poim Stuleei easl of rmijillr OT Green Bay road; thence south 100 feet; thence west 860 feet to middle ol Green flay road; thence along the middle of said road aouth to the south line of said quarter eection; thence west along said south line of said quarter section to -beginning, containing Alioui 84 acres, being on the east side of tne Green Bay road. Also the following real estate situate in the B&id north east quarter of section 17, town 7, ' range 2fi beginning at north east comer of said quarter section ; thence west with north line of aaid quarter section 2S.24 chains to middle of Green Bay road; thence south along middle of said road 4.1W chains to north west corner of land conveyed by Daniel H. Kichardj to Christoph BchJoepi; thence wesl along north tine of said land to east line ol said quarter section £t.24 chains; thence north 4.8ti chains to beginning, being about 12 acre* Also Lot 6, blocki&l, Becond Ward. Lots 11, 12 n block 104, Seventh Ward. Lot 8, in block 84, Third Ware . Lot 6, to bloci 1*4, Fourth Ward. Lots 6 and 9, in block 69, Fiftb Ward. Lot: H and4, in block lii, Fiftb Ward. Of the City of Milwaukee. In the County of Milwaukee anu HuiU- of Wisconsin, and all the righ', title and interest of Uie said defendants or either of Ui^m In and to the s&id premises and appurtenance* on theS&d day^^ptember, 1857, or .since acquired thereto. Which said property, as aforesaid, I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction at the Uourt House In the City of Milwaukee, on Sdtur<in) , the 19lti Day of ITlartli, lai'J, at tiie uour 01 V r. M-, of that day to satisfy said execution, together with expenses of sale. Dated Sheriffs Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 8, 1859. PnOHKB, Lrmx & MILO.IE, i A. J. LANQWUBTHT, pl'ds Att'ys. J Sli'il.Mll. Co., Wls. LEGAL A3DVERTISEMENTB the hour or 4 8TWBOI' WJBCOKSBS, ' | OrcurtConrt, Milwaukee Ommty. f James 8. Brown, - f aralnst bait r. Bereberg, Soslah A. Noanan, fetor SiSafc awl • Andreat Keye. J ,roree;osure. : , ] "^ ''--• t N vlrtne or and pursuant to a (aid Court, In the abo»e«nt,U«) •ollon nary 18,;858, 1 «han«ipoi« lor «ale an* tel •Action, rtthe PostOmceln th« dtr "F illlwMkee, On «hd 8* *«r •« * n *J'» ;i8W> ' *<• -.x. 5f that da/Tlhe following described lsrf, or «o much thereof M may be ne- cessari to Tsine the 'amount of (aid judgment, interest «ad eotte, together with the expenses of Hie, to wit : « AH that part "f 'he west half »of the south> —eet -quarter ofJwcBon anmber nine (>), In t '•townriilpwwsn.-iT), of t»nge t*cdly-two(S8), f bounded as follows, W wit : commtncing-at the - >oi»fh.west«rneror«afdi»esthalforuie's«ath. . ' *we«lqn«rt«rof»eo«onnlne(9);rn»nlnglhence ,', east on H»c south line thereof ten (10) chains j , thence north: ten (10) chains; thence west ten (10) chains (o the we*t line or Uie said quarter •ecuon, and thence south ten (lO)ehnlns'to the place of beginning, coWatning ten (10) kcres, *:subject, however, 10 <Sne ^alf thewld.h of a '"' ruad, on the couth and west boundaries thereof, said ros.dbelDg one chain in width." , Dated Sheriff's office, Ml!w«ukee, April 1, 1859. THOKAB L. OODKX, > A. J.T>ANGWOKTHT, Jl'ff'i AJtornev. f; f Bheriff Mil. Co., Wis. aprl-SmllnSw _ ^ __ CNITED STATES MAKSIIA1,'S SALE. Moses Cbauiberlnln, jr., i vs. ! V In IheU. S.<DlstrlcfConrt Ebecew Datln. ' \ for the District of Wisconsin. B Yyirtneof a3dplurie« wrilof Fieri Facias Issued "out of and under the seal of the District Court of Ihe United States for the District of Wisconsin, In the above entitled «ause, tested on theStbday of February, 1SS9, to me directed, CommandlnK me of the goods and chattel*, lands and tenements of tin above named defendant to cause to be made a certain sum of money therein specified, I hoye levied upon and shall sell at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, on Wednesday, the Uith day of, 1659, at 3 o'clock r. »., at the United States Maishal's Office, In the City of Milwaukee, in raid District, all the right, title and interest which the above named Ebehczer. Dakln had on the thirteenth day of July, 1880, or has ilfice acquired, In and to the following described real estate, situate, lying and being in the County of Uargnette and State of Wisconsin, to wit: "Lot one (1], in block E,in the villsfre of Beshkora, with the mill thereon sltua'ed, with all lu machinery and the-water power connected therew4th. Also, mill lot No. four (4), an l the wiioli- of block U, anu Inu six ^6) and seven i7), on which the distillery stands, all in the village of Heshkora. Also, mill lots i and 3, lu saUl village of Neshkora. Also, lots one (I) and two (2), 'in block A; lots nine (9) and >cn (1«), in block K; church lots one (1) and two (i^ mill lot No. one(l), block K, and mill 1st* two (2), three (S>,fWir (4), five (0), six (6> and sevtn f!), fronting on Mill st. Also, lots two,"four,HFe;_»txi eight, nine, ten, elev«a, twelve, thirteen and fourteen, In block K, and the south half of lot one, all of lots (even," and a certain i>k-ce or land lying between lots 1 and S, forty feet .front on Main street and extending west lo the ,popd In block £; Lots four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen ami fourteen, in block G; lots one, two, four, five, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen, In block 11; lots one, two, three, four and five, in block C; Uie north naif of iol one in block f. Also, lot nine, In block V; lots four, five, six, seven and the east half of lota three and eight, at) In block K, and mill lot No. 5. All of the tbove village lots beinf in the village of N shkora — ilso, all ihat part of the west half of the north e&sl quarter and the east half of the north west quarter ol section number eight (:S), in township Nn seventeen 17), north of range No. .eleven (11) east, not Included n the village plat of the village of Neshkora. Also, the east half of the south west qu-trter of section number eight (8), in township number seventeen (17) north, of range No. eleven (11) east. All of the abovr property >eing situated In the County of Mtrqoette and Slate of Wisconsin." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, March Z, 1889. mar3-l»w6w M. J. TUOMAK, Marthnl. |3T" Th* above Bale is hereby adj>>urniti to Monilay, uly 11, 1^9, at the eamebour and place a& abate. Marshal'* Office, Milwaukee, April 27, ISM. apjiB-la.atM. J. THOMAS. U. ». Mar»hnl. G4] SHERIFF'S S.*LK. " The above aale is hereby postponed till Saturday, the 86th day of March, ISM, at ttie Post-Office, at the hour of 2 r. n. Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, March 19, 1S59. A. J. LANGWOKTHT, marZO Sheriff lldwaukee Co . jgsy- The above sale li further postponed to Wednesday, -the Cth day of April, at ihe same place and time of day. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, March 2C. 38'9. A. J. LaNGWOBTHT, mar28 Sheriff Mil. Co. {^~ The above sale is further postponed to Satnr day, the 21st day ot May, 1S59, at the Post-Office, a the hour of 2 j>. 11., of that day. Dated Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, April C, IMS. A. J. LANGWOttlii V, •prT* . tihenff Milwau' ee Co. STATE OF WISCONSIN, t i.rcuil Court, Milwaakee Co. f 3brtBuan VVinxenrieo, Johnnm-e Schmvtz, Frederick Sclimuu and Obristian Scbinuti. again A osepb FL Treat, James U . Steams, lienjumin P. Stilt-*, Tht; President of th • Farmer.* A Millers' Bant, l»ri- ter fi. BritUm, £- W. V.ieelock, Idoracf li Freeman and Elizabeth, his wift. Catch li. 1'HtLt-ntoti aud Pailrrson, his wile. Judgment Foreclosure. I N virtue of and pursuant t« a judgment rendered in said Court, ID the above eutiUed action, daitrd March t>, 1859, I shall exi>o«e for sale and sell at l^bbiir Auction, at the Post-Office on the corner of Wisconsin «ml Milwaukee streets, lu the City of Milwaukee, on .sat* urtlny, the I7tlK,Uiy of September, ls.">9, at the boar of 2 r. M-, of Lbat da.v Uie iollowmp dcacrU>- ed mortgaged premises or so mnch.Uiereor as maj b« necessary to rais* the »mouni of ttaid judgment, intt-resl aud cosu, together witii expenses of vale, to nil: "The Booth xffst quarter of section number fifteen 1,15], to township namher seven [7J, north of range number twetity-oni' i21jHaHi> excepting nine teen'and 92-1)00 acre bcreioforr BU.J hy Christian Winzenrieii und wife to Tin tun* M RMd t; xaid premises being *itnatt in Mi vau* ker CouDty and KUito of Wisconsin " i>atcd Snertff's Office, ffliiwautee, Marrh 10, ISA?. E. SPASOKSHKEQ, I A. J. l.AN<« Wuttn. V, Pl'ils Att'y. f t&»Aw'ii- Nil. Co., M is. marlfMamCro-Jftst Cwlnv I.EGAI. ADVERTISEMENTS, HewoemkjOlCTeland, Die I* Cros wauk.eBallroadCo. M ARSHAfc'S SALE. .f -J . I N pursuance and bjTirtoeo* a writ of »fcii raclu rtroed oulof«>ei)lstrt«tCoiirtorthenniUdetate« /or tfctJMttrlct of WiBcattric,-In tmvor of Che tftldlfew- cniab Cleveland, Plfclatlff; mcaloM theXa Crone A MU- •raokee lull Hoad Oomp*njr.(lefeQd..t,t In tnc above ectl- tied caoifc, fonted for the amotmt pf erne hundred and tvclre thotuand two hiodrcd and ureBtjr-ODetloQan »ad sWve&ty-tix cent*, rtCOTeTed tj the ttld Plaintiff Against the said defendant, the 7tb flayer October. A. 1>. 3857, tor the j^KmenkoI thc.wkld.DlMrlct Court, icstpil ihe twenCv-Becond day of October, A. D. 1857, to be diwAeU.'lhaTe levied upon afid •hall sell at Public Auction, on Toefldi^r, the loth da/ -of December next, •t the United Stales Karahatt Office, ID the Olty of Mil- W»Bkee» ftt 10 o'clock In the forenoon of a&ld day, tbe follawle^ property, to,wit: The La Crosse 4 Milwaukee ftftllrba* and nil thetatemt of th^LftCroMe * MUwauke* EalFroAd Coitparijrthe.'eln.-irtthail tfiefranchJiiea, right* and prirJJenes theretmto belonging and appertain,eg, .bclndicff roftdB, roadway*., rights <>' way «nd realet t»te of every descrtptioB.'road- bed*, tracks, ties, rail*, atfttibu fcbuses and building* and groacdc, •bedaand prouOda, engine houflei and grenfidi, ahopi and ground*, water houses and ground*, cars and appurtenances, locomotive engines and appurtenances, more partlca* lfljlyd£»rlbtxl la the following tched"ule (marked A.) , Aleoa all that portion, of the LaOrosse and Milwaukee Railroad, known as the* tVatertown Division of said R&llroad, and all the interest of ttie satd LaCrosse and Milwaukee Railroad Company therein, with .all a* franchises, right* and privileges "thereunto appertaining. Including roads, road ways, right* of way and real estate of every description, road bed*, tracks, ties, rails, station hcuaea and buildings and ground!, shops and grounds, water houses and grounds, engine houses and grounds, cars and appurtenances, locomotives and uppuTtenanceB; also, about forty-five thousand bars of Railroad iron, more particularly described in the fol- oving schedule (marked B.) Also, lots 9,10 and 11, In block 8, and lota I, 2, Jt, In block 47^lnthe Fifth Ward of the City of Milwaukee.— total an'd 4, in block 1&6; lots 1,2,4.5,6,7,8,9, Hi, 11, j2,18,14, In block 155; % of block 157. except lot 8 and 10 of tbe bayou adjoining said felock; >f of lots 8,9 and V« all of. lots 12, IS and 14; % of lota 16 and 17 and E # of 16, in block IBS, in the Fonrtb Ward of the City of MUwat*rc. (Schedule A-^reJerred to above.) One passeiieer depot, one store house, two freight depots, grain platform and t-btfd, blacksmith shop, three task houses, machine Shop, stationary engine,houflf, paint shop, lumber house, cAppenitnith shop, Iron bouse, blacksmith shop, turntable, circular engine house, car shop, all In Uie City of MUwuuke*; tank house on section twelve of said Itall- roud; one ditto on section 22~, passmifer and freight depot, at lUchfield; one turn table ami passenger aftd freight rttrpoL at bchl^'MRngvrvtli* 1 ; entrinf house, tank houKe and past-mger *tid freight nrpui ai Hartford, ,}>a£gengtr ar^d freight depot vt Kubicon; jtHSsenEer and freight depot and tank hou-e at Woodt&nd; ttitto at Iron Kidge; turn table, pa> en per and freight depot, eng|n« houae ttn<l taek I msc at Uorlcon; passen- pur and freight depot at .ftmcttam; ditto at Rofimp friAlrle; turn table, engine tw^ae, la&k .house and pa*. •tftgc-' and freight depot at i « aver Dam; paanenper and freight depot and tank hour' at Fox Like; passenger and freight depot at Catpbrhi passenger and freight depot, turn taMfi, tank hoisse -id engine house at Mid- laud; pu*!U-'ii£er and freight fepoi, turn taliie, eu^ioe tiouse and tank boure at Por geCity, together wit!, the grounds upon which vuch 1 loses anu buildings arr sltu&U-d anil which are appu- c.naKt Uiercta. IVonty- nt locomotive etigiues, ten t two second class 'ditto, four freight cars, 12U platform en r.ars. (Schedule R., referred to ;• in Uie City ol Milwaukee; < Junction; onedittti and woo station ho list al Hart land; one ditto at Pine Lake stn- Lion; noe water bouse, one w-..d sht-U, and oDe station tiouf-c at Oconomowoc; one >.Uion house, frame shed, machine ghop, ear shop, t>la L8mith shop, two water &, engine house and wo< i dhed at Watertown; sta- lOUHe an-t wnter houftt- it I,u well; nltxtieu house, eugiue ami v&ter tiouseal Oo-umbu*. logetlur wiih tl^e roau^a upon which such bui< \-s »nd ImiMiuga are situated and whtcti are appurteii-.'it thereto. ttt-veii loco motive engiues,0» l>oi can, • our passe a (,'ur cars A iivo ha( about 42,G1^ bars ol R-iilroa-i ;h« feanjedi.y t ai two o'cinct |. 'oa<i I'epo^uu Blocks 4-) aod and about 4'-'^ barn o< Railr. at tour o'clock {'. it;, 'Uie sai.. duck ii. the Uity at MUvaut • ol lUilr<.a.J ir»ii which 1 si. > [*ec«, ISi'i, fit three t•'. >ank o( thfl ^ iscnnain Ri\-*r ot the La Crowe aod Miiwaui y enumrrHi-ed in vhe for< subjt-ct to an exrculiou it and previfinely levied thrrco Marnha!'i> Oinct, Milwauk> DRY GOODS, &O. IN [LIQUID 1TION j . Bargai n» in Dry THAT IMMEUSI BtOCK Of Wo. 87 K: »t Heater Street, ; . MCBT BE CLOBBD ODT BV THE AShJGNliiK. 6rea( Bargain* maj be tt class l*«&aetiger Cam, *gF*Se cars, 164 hnuxtf H, fco (fravet cars iu*a 11 -ove.) One engine house te alatton hotue at the abed at Pevaukee; one .: rack cars, lu hand earn, ^-vKv'cars, iW dump cars A i run. which I shall, (ell of n..near the La Crosse ttall- H ,in the city o( Milwaukee, -ij iron, which I ihall &cll < day, al Dttusiaan A CD'S . , ati<i hbnut H,(M>0 bars >.< 5ell on the 17tb day ol - i oik 1', M.. oo the west i tSaukOounty, on ihe line »>. K Rnilroad. The pro- •otng schedule B. wilt be >ed out of th< ssitd Court in Uvnr ut 8elali Chain Pfi^ The above nalc is her. he 4 tli day r>f Jaou*ry, ls.'»b, J. ti. Manshal'-. Ml&ct;, Mil«i>- jro in r- U. K. Marshal. further adjirurum] t CIBCUIT COCTRt, I Milwautet County*) Ch&rlet £. Dan forth aod ) Charles W, Perlcina, Plaiat.fT* | }> i fler.) George B Reed aod Alpha C. May, Dclrruiantc. / The State of Wisconsin^ to the above named defendants and each of them: Y OU ARE hereby Summoned aod re^nir..;*! to an- .rwer the complaint in this action, whidi was filed in tbe office of tbe Clerk of the Circuit Court, County of Milwaukee, at tbe Oourl ileus*, in the Cli.r of Milwaukee, on the Slst day rf March, A. D*, 1&9, aud to serve a copy of Your answer to eaid coinp&iut uo Ute subscribers, at their office m Loxilngtoa'n lilock, in the City of Milwaukee, withimiwenty days after the **-rvice of this summons on you, 'exclusive of UK- day of such service; and if you fall to answer tbe said oomplatat within the time aforesaid, Uie plaintiff in tni* action will apply to the Court for the relief demanded liv the Dated March 31,1S59. BDTLKK, MJTTR1CK it COTTR1U., aprl-lawfiw " Plaintiff** Attorueyn, TharRdit iht ).alej ul ii^ > cn i*re adjou 781] SHERIFF'S SALE. [New STATE Ot WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. ( David U. Misner, Assignee, *c-. Against James Sheriff, Christian SheriS, his wife, Nathaniel Tompktns, Charles Elmor, John sheriff, Volcano Iro Company, James Smith, Pardon Bennett. Mathf. Ban, Conrad Brotrn, John J . Fmlcy, William Collins James W. Medbcry. F pursuance and by virtue of a judgment renders fu this action, and entered In the olhce of the Clerl of thit Court-On Uie ISlhday of April 1859,1 tlmll m pose for sate and sell at public auction ut the Post of flee, in the city of Milwaukee, on Saturday tli« _ 23d. daw of J uly next, at the hour of 2 o 'clocl p. in. of that pay, the following described mortpaBea premises, or BO much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of said jndgmen:, Interest and costs •together with the expenses of this sale, to wit: 44 All that certain piece or parcel of land known •and designated as city lot number nine (9), m .block number'fourteen (14;, Walk, r's Point, Fifth Ward, city of Milwaukee, county of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin. Dated Sheriff's Office, Mflwantee, April 20th, 1859 EUIOKE, BBOOJCS A GBIDLET, I A. J. LANOWOKTUT, Art'ys for Pl'ffs. f Sh'ff. Mil. Co., Wis. apr2D-8m-lawin2w 624] SHERIFF'S SAI,E... [Ncvr* STATE OP WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. f James Emott, ^ against Iphraim Mariner, Thomas Seed, Reuben A. Lamb, i Hiram Farmer, The Globe .Bank, Ida Jane Lewis, executor and Uphraim Manner, and John J.'Orton, ex- eonton of the last will and testament ot Allison Lewis, deceased, Martha Lewis, Sarah Lewis, Mary Lewis, Martha a. Lewis, Elizabeth Loclsa Lewis, . William J. Lewis, Ida Jane l«wis and otberuoknowt heirs of Allison Lewis, deceased, and lehabod BmlUi. I NTirtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered in •aid Court, in the above entitled action, dated March 16th, 1859, I shall expose for sale 'ana, sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Office,' In the City of Milwaukee, on Katurday, the 2nd day of July 1659, at the hour of 3 r. M., of that day, the following described premises, to wit: ' - *Xhe «mth half of lot ^timbered nine : {8), In Mock numbered thirty-seven (37), In Hiird Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, County, of 'S l *? keB «">« State of Wisconsin!'' spmce, Milwaukee, March 19,1859. OIECUIT COURT, i -County of MUiratiJcee., J . John A. Page, erecatof of • the last will and . of HeBekiah H- Bee^l, decea«ed,,PUlnUff,; " s ~--;Z acainst Hod. K. CimjsCharle* W., ferklns, Alphm Krn»t R Hercsberg, Frederick W. _Heitzl>erg, . H. Ramien, Willtftm E. Lyon, "Warren H. L Eobcrt £9iaw, Mnrris Sober, John;iiotie, James 6. ' . Brown, John Pcrfcliia, Uolford Helmer. LlnoffituC. H1U,O, P. A- HlnrtchB, fid ward H r iUets» Joseph Wi\- l«t». BUomon Jack*on, John Burgess, Kobert 0. Dale, John J&. Goddard, Joseph S. U»8tiDgB, Joseph B. Huang*. Jr.. -Tboous A, hees, WUIUoi L. Pelrbey, PHtte, John M. Mcfarlane, WUlj»m Pnlllpe, •-- ••••••' - - ' "' v '• *••" '•ftto ftais of "V^cottilD, to the abore named defendanti 1 T^OD arc hereby sammoned and reqalrexl to answer : : i :0» coiaplalnt in this action, .vhteh la:filed in Ihe offloe of we VLttk of roe Circuit Court for theOoaDtv i«ntb* *absoriberB. at their ^--''" ^ '-^e*aWBity »f, _ __ *JWrt«* f «ccli«Ire~ofthf ' ecoin- '-|. .- ^Ms3ai^^.^ '" «7!MITE» STATES MAKMIAI,<f< SAI.K Charles ff. WUlard, vs. David P Bull, Marian Alton Hull, f'dwin t'almer, 'f-ruatee, Joshua Hathaway, Byron W. Clark, Charles 8. Clark, BobertB. Bill, The Farmers' A Miller's Bank \ lo'Equity. Henry L. Palmer, Herman Schtrarting and August Orenllch, Assignees of the People's Bank of Haer- td, Qreenleaf A Co., Edward G. Tyler, Jabei H, Foster. Horace IL Hurm and Jaiper E. Goodrich. I N pursuance and by vlntae of a decree made by th. District Conn of the Ornted States for the Dlstric of Wisconsin, on the eighth day of April, A. ii the above entitled cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, tt the United States Marshal's Office, in the City o Milwaukee, on Thursday, tbe 21n day of July, 1858, a S o'clock F. x., the following described property, t wit: Th« east one hundred (100) feet of lots numbered seven (7) and eight (8) I n block numbered twenty-fir (25), in Sherman's Addition, lo the Sirtli Ward o the Citj of Milwaakee. UaranaTi Office, Mil«-auke«, April 18,1-«'J. aprl9-lin2w3m M. 3. THOMAS, C. B. Marshal. 598] SHERIFF'S &AI.K. STATE OP WISCONSUJ, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County ( Joseph K. Trent, ag&tost Thomas A. Lyne, Caroline J. Lyne, John B. Weld and K A. Pollen. I N virtue of and pursuant to a decree rendered li said Court, In the above enUfoed action, dated thi 15th day of March, ,1859, J .hall .Spose for .ale and «el at public auction, at the Post Office In the cl» of Mil trankee, on Katnrdny, the 2d rtar of J uly, 18S9, at the hour of 2 p. ». of that day, the foiiowlm described mortgaged premises, or no mooh thereof aa may be Decessarr to raise tbe amount of said judgments, interest and cost*, together with expenses o sale, to wit: " Tbe north one half of lots ' number ten (10) and twelve (12), in block number forty-six (40 s in tbe Eighth Ward of the.sald o!ty of Milwaukee, being on Walker's Point Addition to said city, In the Oonnty of Milwaukee, State of W1«- eoBBln."-.. Dated-Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, April 1,1659. PDJCEKA, LTXDI 4 Muj-ra,) A. J. liANGWOttXAT, Halo t Iff'• Attorseys. f EheritT Sill. Oo., Wis. dECOlT CJOUKT.7 Kukee OwrrJty^ ( alilwaukee N. George Clark, Plaintiff, • afealnst Charles J. Serenas, Jesse U. Lcavenwortli, Bierrick Murphy, John T. Perkins, John Planklnton, John Ogden, Jjlndiay Ward, Lyman P. Bwift, James U. Eogers, -Keccicer of tlie Permanla Bank of G«o. Pap- enulcV t Co.,'Chattel B: Oortte, John Q. Meyer, William John Hoe, Charles Kuehn, George B. Miner, Cyrus D. Davis, Jsme> Ilarabaw, Defendants:. The State of Wisconsin, to t!>« above named defendants \7 On are hereby Eommoofid and Lreqnlred to answer 1 tbe complaint in this action, which is filed In tbe office of the plerk of *aid Court, and U> serve a copy of your answer to the s»ld complaint,'on the subscribers at their .office, Nos, 3 and 4, Albany BuUdlnf, ililwau- :ee, Wisconsin,.within twenty days after the service wreoff* exclusive of tht ftay of 'anch service; and If 'ou fail to answer the said complaint within the time ilaresald, the plalntlS in this action will apply to the Co nrt. for Uie relief demanded In the complaiet. Witnes* the Honorable ASTHCK MoAB THrjtt, Jadfte'of the CKrcait Court for said - tonnty of MUwaukee, »t UniraDkee, this thirtieth day of'March, to : tionsRnd_elKhttraDllredandfiny-nine '-aprSS-dlawew • 1520) • i SHEIUFifS S4XE. wisp ." * K ' ;-• , »iasjOt wisp .wa» i ClrcnUOoart,MU»ran -eeCoUnty. f ;••&--::•->.. ':•••••• :^ -looltaH. Bright, '' ••-" - ' • Hrary Shew, WiIUam-81«irand ElUkbelliSbew.h'is wife, •Thomas Oirrtlle, Jame« Porter,«« Farmers a Mll- t ler» Saolc, Oreesiear |>. Norrli- ap4 ChrUto»hef ••-. I"? *«"»*' »nd l»"aaBt to Bjudfme«tr«D«ere4 in October 2T, 1S57. H. J. TUuUAS, U.S. Marshal, y adjourned to Montlaj, it 10 o'clock i. II., at the icce, except tht salea of nedule ft., wldrh are ad- urned rt-npecttvely to Men'.»y, January 4, 1S5S, at i riock f*. u., ami 4 o'clock f. • .,nn«i NVeOnc»da) , Janu- H.ry 6, l&to, at 8 o'clock F. it., at the refpectii r plarei inrntiotird alcove U.J.TUOMA8, dcclb-<Uawtt (^^ The al>" > e suit: Is h Mnbitay, Uie IMh day id t'rlir.iary, l»Ss, al 11 n'ctork *. M., al the C. S. Uarshti'i" iifljcc, Mllft auke.-, excejn the salet> of flailroatl Iron mentioned In 8ctie(luif II , which arc adjoorneit rrapectlv^ly to Monday, february K>, Tb^S, at 8 o'clock i*. M., and 4 o'clock p. •« T anil VVedoesday. February ] T, 1&£^, at £ u'rluck r •.(at tho rea/pectlre places <D^ntioned ab'ive. Marrhal'i Oflice, Milwaukee,January 4, l^s jant. iawu M. J Tl<t)MA>, T. .- Maii>hal. ^S^* i '-f Ah<,vf gate ;* hereby (urtlict tttijuurne^l to lotli dai >i[ April, i-v&s, o( 11 u'cloik fi Mar»li»r9 Office, Mlliraukf*-, rxcrpt load Irwn mentioned in tschedule B, fti.-«l respectively Ui Tliurw«)ay, April i.%, lV>b, at '^. G\u>ik f. 11^ aud 4 (/clock P.M., and Satunluy, April 17, ISio, at :i .,'rlock p. at., at the respective places mentioned alHjvc. Mjtrsbal'B afbce, Milwaukee, r'el>. ID, lS£*t. l,.|,2|l-,lii,»u _M. J. TUUMA.1, U. J Manual. ^ff~ 1'Ue al>ove sale in hereby furu»er adjouruttl lo > Tu.-ail»y, vhe 1Mb da; ol June, 1S5», a' ' 1 o'clock A. M , ! at the U. ti. Marshal'• Ofhce, Blllwaoker, except the sMes of Kailrojul iron me&Uuueil in £.Jr«-<lult: n., whicb are adjourned reajwcUTely u* Tuea»lay. June UMh, Ibfis, at Z o'clock, p. m. and 4 o'clock, IK iu., au<l Thursday, June 17, IbAS, at £ o'clock p. y-, at the rrnpi-cllre placej tnexitionetl above. Marshal's Utlice, Milwaukee, April la, 1SS5- tprlt-dlawtt M. J. THOMAS, U. a. Marshal. &&T~ The above sale ih hereby further adjourned to (Vtiine^day, tUe 14th day of July, l?*.Vi< at 11 o'clock i. »., m Hie t. S. M»r«).il'» Ofuce, Milwaukee, eicept the sale.i oj Railroad Irou mentioned in acftrdule U., which are adjourned respectively to \Vedoesday, July U, 1»4», al V o'clock r. M., and Friday, July It, !;<&&, at ii o'clock r. n., at the respective places metjUbnvd above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, June 15. 1S-S4. jelO-lawtl M. J.1UUMA8, U. S. Uaribal. t^tT^ The above sale is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the lllli day of August, 1633, at 11 o'clock v. M., at the United States Marshall Office, Milwaukee except the sales of railroad iron mentioned In schedule b., «?hlch are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, August 11, 1S5S, at -I o'clock r. n., and Friday, August 18, 1SS8, at 8 o'clock t. n.,at the respective places mentioned above. Uarelial's Office, Milwaukee, July 14,1S&S. jylA M. J. THOMAS, D. S. Marshal. gy The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, tbe Kith day of tieptemb«r, 1858, at 11 o'clock t. M., at tin' U. k. Marshal's OUice, Milwaakee, except the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned lu schedule b., vhich are adjourned respectively t« Wednesday, rJepUmber 1A, IK&a, at 2 o'clock p. H., and Friday, September 17,18A8, at S o'clock r. at-, at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's OOice, Milwaukee, August 11, IMS. augW-lawtt . 4L J.T BOM A3, U. 8. Marehal. EtT* The above sale la hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the 2»th day of Beptember, ISM, at 11 o'clock A. M., at the L'. &. Manual's Office, Milwaukee, except tlie sales of Uailroad iron mentioned In schedule K., which arc adjourned respectively to Wednesday, September '£*, 1668, at 'J o'clock r. if., and Friday, October 1, lisas, at B o'clock F. *., at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Oltice, Milwaakee, Sept. 18, 185S. •eptlC-lawtt M. J. 1 UOMAB, 0.B. Marshal. E0 P ~ The above sale is hereby further adjourned to Munjay, Uie siith day of December, 18M, at 11 o'clock i. M., at the U. 8. slarstml's office, Milwaukee, except th* sales of Railroad iron mentioned in schedule li., nhlch are adjourned respectively to Monday, December 6,1S5S, at ii o'clock p. «.. aud Wednesday, December », 186i>, at 8 o'clock r. «., at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's ofLce, Milwaukee, Sept. 29,185S. sepUSO-oatr6<r M. J. T11OUAB, U. B. Marshal. £#~ The above talc Is hereby Tnrtbcr adjourned to Wednesday, the ISth day of January, 1HAS, at 11 o'clock A. »., althe U. 8. Marshal's OUice, Milwaukee, except the Bales of Railroad iron meMioned In the schedule B., vhlch are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, January 14, IbSil, at a o'clock p. u., and Friday, January 14, ISM, ata o'clock f. n.,at u,c respective places men- loned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Dec. 6, Ig&S. dcci-oawtt M.J. TUOMAS, U.S. Marshal. tgtT The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Monday, tb« 14th day ot February 1S59, at 11 o'clock A. •., at tbe D. B. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad (Iron mentioned In-the schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Monday, Febru ary 14..1SSS, at li o'clock p. M., and Wednesday, February 16, 1869, at 8 o'clock T. u., at the respective places mentioned -above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Ian. 12,18i». janiS-oawtt M. J. 1 HOifAS, O. 8. Marshal. iy Tlie above sale is ne.-efty farther adjourned to Thursday, the «4th day orfebmary, Ib5», at 10 o'clock A.»., at the D 8. Manual's Office, Milwaukee, cxceut the sales of Railroad iron raentlone* In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Thursday, February 24th, 1S59, at 2 o'clock p. H., and Saturday, February 26th, 1869, at 3 o'clock p, M., at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Peb.12.lS59. feblS-oawu M.J. THOMAS H. 8. Marshal. ^.tST The above sale Is hereby further adjourned lo Wednesday, the 23d day of March, 1859, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at tbs 0. 8. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, except tbe sales of Uadtoad iron mentioned In JOSEPBJ' CAKTi Assignee. 1859. NEW 1859. SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! •J, J78 UILWADKKK,. Water M. 178 .WISCONSIN, I *< NOW receiving one o< Hip largesl »nii best selected Block which mil seasons. of Gtvods ever brought t» this uiarset, to atlded. from time to time, during the The Latest Novelties 1 Our arrangements lot are inch that »e rim no OOMTXTifioa, a« «f have a boyer constantly In the market. We are determine I to Klre uur cntt'iUierg THE LARGEST AMOUNT OF — FOB THE — OK O U Jl DRESS dOODS DEPAUTA1EIVT I« very full and attraclirf, cont^lnlfig Black ami Ftn- cj 8lllu, Tlnnni. Ll»rcBc«, Ileliii c«, Challim. Cuh- meres. Lawn*, Orpandl^s, Rohp 'de' I'arli, Robt- •«' Quill, Knlli^nte, ic , ic. IN oim White & Linrn Department Will be found IrUh Linms, Linen Damuks. Nap tin*' Table OUdhs, Ci ash, Puyie*, Cambrtcm, J*c->neUjx Oounterpanes, E.nbroidf n*-s, KurniaMnp Qocd», *c. CLOTH IN '1'HK DEPARTMENT IB a full nltick m«re«, TrsllniT of Fr<-nr-h ND.l Germa *. 0<>tionftiJt-a. D^tnnn CJ.-tfu. Summer Ca«*l. W lu3s, IN i J 1 1 1 i Shawl* and Wantilla K 00111 Wt have a flue asAorlrncul 'it Hro Silk, Stella. Pi«lr Paocy Borilt-r tthawln. Ciolh [lu,lrrs, l,».-r u Oa^rmrre. Or»[ j "Ilk Mantlll«< We han- » Hosiery. a full a <;i<» • rtiu^nt of HOOP SKIRTH. Ac OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DBY GOODS AND YANKEE HOT10NS W hi*?h we ar? offer, UK to M«-rrlTa.nU!| C HKSA P F O- K CASH •prU K. GRKAT J '. I. . l> A V I S , 178 East|Water street, MllWAtikrr. CJLIFFORU'M ,l>\«. I KU BRAN CK^iTllAI. AND FINK AHT GALLKKY 171 £twf Jfa/fr 5/rrrf. H AVING secared the assltftance of the oldest an most experlanced operator In th* West, M. LU kecis, (wbose skill ID bis drpartmetit li well known tc many of the cttlaei.8 of Milwaukee,) I im now prep*re«d to offer to the public every desirable *t> le ol Picture known to th« ai lower raieJ \r\A executed In » better manner than can be don*- in ^ny other «•» tahilsbmrDt In the West. CLiFKosD'fl D*QL*ERREA:J OALLKRY. 1T1 East Mater stre t, formerly known as Seeley' booms. roar 12 • F. lim.Co limited Slale«,Tl iv< CAPITAL . HiiO t l«l 00 SURPLCd M,6M 00 Office, uoder Mit«hell'i Bank, corner of Kast Water an: Michigan itreeu, tTlL WA CKKS WISCONSIN. J. A. Hcl/cnstrlo, E. Bandenon, MOK-I KnerlaDd, B. S. DIKE'". Bamucl llalr, O. D. Douusan, B. I. Palmer, Kdirln Tovcund, 8oloniQn Adlcr. J. A. UKLreSSTKN.Preililent. Q. D. DOOBMAN. Vlc» Prortdrat. W. I. PALMER, General Affent. B. 0. WEST,Secretary. S. 8. DAOOCTT, Treainrer. H. L-TiLMiR, Atvornej. nariO G. SOUTHWELL, JK,, Carpenter, Joiner and Contractor, CORKER DIDDLE AND MILWATJKKE STREETS. R ETURNS his thanks for the patronage he has re- celved for the past el'ht years, and would Inlorm any wishing to Improve the present state of the market, that he U oo hand to attend to all work in hu line, such as the erection of DWELLING HOUSES, WAREHOUSES, &C. either Wood or Brick, in first clasf style, and at price: to suit the times; he has, also, a .good assortment ol thorough]/ reasoned lumber and other facilities whloh will enable him to glvo enure satisfaction to those warning his services. fF" Jobbing and Repairs done with despatch, mhlO MOSCEIjIjANEOUS. 1859. | HEW AND FAVORITE ROUTE I . : MTWIMTBI DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R : (Now opened to Lake Sllchlgsn.) AKD , Swift Lov-Prttsvre Fir it-Claim Steamer t, "City of Cleveland," & "Cleveland," ~ (Thoroughly refitted for thl> route.) O H AND AITER HOHDAT, April 11, ISM, Pu- Mitfter Tralnii will run an follovi: , Bqp. Bridge, dep. •Detroit, depart.. Vintonrllle, arrtre •0«wego, Hall. r. M. 9^0 >. M. T:00 W KST: Mixed. Accom. Might 4^0 t M. 19) 4:45 7:30 4:00 r. ». 12:10 Bt. Johns, arrlTe. C^-and aapldi, arr. 8:06 •lirand Uaven, arr. 4:40 SWwankee, arrlTe. 2.-<o 9:85 12:15 i.85 »:EO :*RefreahmenU. OO1NO KAH'i Milwaukee, depart *Grand Uareft, dep. Qrand Rapids, arr. Si. Johni. arrive... Ovosso, arrive. ... fentonvtile, arrive "DeOroit, arrive... flui. Bridge, arrive 0:40 p li. 9:43 p. »8:00 4*0 6:30 P. M. 12:15 p. tf. 9:55 Miie.l 11 :iO r u. 4:14 Nleht Expr'i. *RefreshmeDta—Hotel In Depot at O Boat will leave Milwaukee on ^utur Tor ?atardaj Nl^ht'd Rrprcsn pn^i> n< M tra n will s ,T leave on Hunu«;s. Trains leave temudi <laily. Suo-Jaj •* PATENT MEDICINES. AVER'S 'CHERRY PECTORAL, 4 TOR TUB RAPID COR* O» Colds, Conghs, and Hoaneness. BTtutrniA MASS, 20th Dec., 185&. Dm. J.C. AIM: I do not hwiltato to cay Uw best ramody I hare orer (band rbr Ooaghs, Hoannssa, Inflatnsa, and th< ooncomltant srinptomsof aCold, Is your CnxalT PicrouL. Iti constant ase. ID n j practle* and my family for the last tan years has shown It to ponsmi superior Tlrtnes for the treatment of these. complaint*. KBEN KNIOHT. H. D. A.R-MORTLBT. Eso^of DTIO*, N. Y, write*: " I h«« and your Aeferai myself and m my family fir iinm > you famntad It, and Mlisr* it tho heat medlelna for its ' porpos* «T«r pat out With a bad mid I ihonld soonxr nay twmty^lTf) dollarl for a bottle, than do without It, or lak* any other rsmsdy.'* Croup, Whoopioc Congh. Influenza. BpRrjfarrAiv, UnHL, 70b. 7, IRArt. , BaoraiB Ana : I will shmrfully cnrtlfy yonr r>efimil !• th« bast remedy ws ptHswim (br tha cura of whiMipinic oongh, croup, -anci tho chest dhuim of chlldrnn. '.V» ,(' your fraternity In th« South appreciate yanr dkill. unl sommend your medlcUm to our psoplp. fflHAM CONKLIN, M. D AMOS LKE, KJQ., Moirmsr, LA., writes, 3d Jan., 1*6« M I bad a tedious Infinansa, which conflni*d mn In doors six weeks; took many medicines without rnllnf: anally tried your ftdoroj by the adrlee of our rlerfymiin. The Irst dose rellered the sorwneas in my throat an,l Innirs (en than one half the bottle m»j« 30 completely wrtl '* Tour medicines are the cheapen as %nU as the b*st w>, e>n bny, and we esteem TOM, Doctor and yonr r»»m««liwi, M the poor man's n-frad.* Aftlhina or Phthisic, and Bronchitis. WOT MAHCHWrn, P»^ F«b. 4, I.HWI Bn : Toor CVrry frctoral Is perfbrmlntt mmrrwllnnn •ores In this section. It hae relleTod serwral from ,'•,,.,, TBK TKLKGRAPH LINK U i.ow open [or l'ui»Lir Hc- CONNEOTlONa. AT UETHnlT— OBBAT WR8TKKM RAILWAY for all points East— MICIIIOAN C».NTrt*L and MICOIGAtf 80UTHKKN EAILBOAIIS, and CLKVE LAND Line ot glramers AT <JH4M> t.AVP'V-Hilh • lU'llON" Steamer for CHICAGO. Ac , *c. A'l 1 Hill. \V .* I 14 I-: I-.— With Lhtf VI-HISSII'IM LA CROSSK, CHICAGO, WATKBTOWN »n.| HnHI- LXlN RAILROAD.", for all important |. o. n i. West anil Northwest, and no SI!s« 4sippi KlTer a for Pnrls on Uak« Michi^tn :ih ."i^A Pajuenfrers for Great We»t*-rn R*tlv*y t<* ni, the wlj Fsaar ST»IMB». at D. A M li. [>»<•>, >H Dock al S:nO « > , 1:0) p ».. an-l T 1" r « NIGHT TRAINS on the O. W K have :'Lh.|^ CARS attached. PARCELS left at acj of ih< TICKI.T OFFII'K futirarded b; Pisaunia Tmiv- IT \ t«t M ITS RLTK». Tlie Company's Tlnu: Tablou c'n be t, j J a - 4I1 _ Station!. W. K. Ml lit. i,^.. I - i TBrrmj i FoiBna, Tlrlcet A«nl. .''i" K«. ; W'.i, WH.GatBtM, Freight Agent at CiHnt.any'- Li-- I B. 0. WlLSOa, (ferjeral \Ve tern \ ' r>t D. A M. R. Offlcea, April, I-v',9' .;,, 1839. THR TRANSPORTATION Will, during 1 *.!<>. COMPA ,Y j.r*-a-nt n ami [rop OODKNSMt AND T1IF. K(i!if A I PI'I li > in- U i«e-i M . i «- a u • - - II t li K> lac sniptoms of eonsnmptlon, aod la oow caring % :n*» ' who has labored uodar an affoatlon »f the innx» '"' • '*• last forty years. HENRY L. PARKS, Mnr«-b,Li>i A. A. RAMSEY, M. D., AUION, Hoitaol Co.. |M«, writes, Sept. 9. 1S66: " Daring my practice of many r»i'- I haTe found nothing etroal to yonr Cfurry /fetorii n.r rjrlnfc ease and relief to oonsumptiTe parienta, or rnnii^ raeb as are mrable." Ife mlf(ht add volumes of eriiense, but the most oon- rincin^ proof of the of this rvmedy I* fbiuid la Its sflnets 1 npou trial. I < Conmmption. Probably no one mmedy has <m*r been known wfeieA emmd so many and sttcb lanf«rmls cases as this SOB* ae hnman aid can reach : but »v«n to tb/we tht ^err^ tteforoJ afford* relief and oimfbrt. Aaroa norm, Niw Yoa« Crrr. March 4. last Am, LowiU.: I ffmi It a dnry and « plnvsnr^ to Injbrm you what your Ourry SVtoroi hm> don. for my wlte. She had benn flTn months laboring anrfxr thi* <lnn geroas symptoms of CoturampMon, frnro whirh t,.> «t<l WH amiid prerurvgaTe her much ntllef. She w^a rtMilHr ^il- tistf, onti] Dr. Strong, of this dty, whrp, wt, b*** ^*TIH. f^t sdvlce, recommended a trial of rnur m**lWMn« w« hi, M . his klndneea, as we do your ikill, for in* has r^r>.*»rMi from that day. She Is not yet as itrong as ill* QM.J - tl be, but ui free from hi*r oough, and ealls bnrvelf ^^1) YoQrs with gratitude aoH retard, ORLA.NDO 8IIELBT, o» Qmtumptives, do not despair till you havn trletl CozaaT PCCTOLAI- It Is mede by ooe af the N»t chemists lo the world, and Its cmrne all aroand Q« the high m«rlte of Its virtues. — f^iiladrlphta Lftlgrr f Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T UB *clr.n<VM af CTiem.fftry uiJ M*vtlrtiTr> ti»v^ r*wi, t*ir*d their atmnct ID prtxJnc* thlj Vwt, an<«ii {utr r — < pnfTmdv* whlrti li Itnowti to 01*0. InnanmraM- ;>". ( > .VTA «hovn tbiU then* PtLLfl have rfrtnw vbi. h «nrp«jM. \, •ir*llon«« the onlinary menUcin+m, and th*t th*r win an prK^*i].*nt«dly upon the tvta*>m of all m«n Th«y »ri^»'i- and pl«»jiant la Uk«, hut powarftil to rare Th*ir p-n- tratin^ pn->p«»rti«i itlmal»t> ih« rami->T« th* obstrnctlon.i of tti orjr^n*, tad «i p* I dJueaiifl. Ttjay porgi* oat th* ftinl hum.T* br««I ftDii crow HBtMnfmr, itlmnlato tioiu[l«h .r 4*>r*xl oryan* Into tbetr aataraJ tcaon, anil im(>*n ; Um« with itrnnfrth t*t th» wholi* ty»t*m >»t • ' th*y corn th.j B^T-ry-dAy comp£aJnt» of «T«ry tw. | %lsn for«itd*bla and ilAO^maa lliif»»»n»i that &*'« ! th# b#»»t of bamaa «klIL While th* T pr^lor* t . Lh»y *r» at th* tun* tlm«, ID ilimint*h'-l 1-. ami b***t phyflc that cmo bn tmpl<'7»«l fur -to in takt . tn-1 *( hjuru r» ih-7 n piMddun -url • f) *n f - P I 1 V bw j ut' M' : ^ OF qi-rr-ri i rl.c. , tf* frw* frum may ritk. I'orU, CtniDecilDiJ uGDEN.-BCBGii al itemtiat><l by m^a of inch px u U» fl»rt*l.l Ui- •niplrlnn of n.,trath ' durgTmfii an. I tihyiicians b* T * l<*ot thiM places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Fob.24, ifcj. feb25-lawtt M. J. THOMAS, tfTs. Marshal. fSr The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Saturday, the 2d day of April, 1899, at 19 o'clock A. M., at the United States Marshal's Office, Milwaukee; ex. •ept the sales of Railroad iron mentioned in schedule 3., which, are adjourned respectively toRatnvday, April !, 1K>*, at 2 o'clock r. «., and Monday, April 4,1869, 8 o'clock p. K., at the respoctive plases mentioned above. Jtfarabal's Office, Milwaukee, March 13) 18S9. mar2*.lawtt. M. J. Ml)MA8,U. 8 " §3f~ The aiore sale Isbtrebjr further adjourned to !atur*a», the!th day of May, l«a), at 10 o'clock. A. St., at th* Dnlted States MarshU's Office, Milwaukee, «x- cept the salet of Kailroad' Irnn mentione«t in schedule J., which'an adjotvned respecflvely to Batarday, bay 7,J859, at 9 o'clock p. it., aad sJondsy, Mar », 1859, 8 o'clock T. *., »l the ttspectlve placet -mentioned •vboye.'•••'"'"' .-' ' '*'-'•' "' • ... Jiardial* Office, MiMrsukM, ".prll »,1SS9: •l»!rtt • . M. J. I'JiOMAS, U.8. Uarahal. . Tne »hovs sale Is hereby further adjonrne* to londnji, the Ctttday of June. 1S5», *t JO o'clock 4.»., United State*-Msrshjirs Office, MUsratuaeVa- o«pt| tbe sales of Sallroad iron. Biefltloned In schedule »., whtch are »diourn«a rejpecilrely to Mondaj, jniM «, 1868, at 2 Vcloclt-r.- »v, "aid 'Wednesday, June;8, B99,M 8 o'clock r.yi,, at the r.tptctlve place* man lontd'abare. -• •'-'.v-i:'..'. •:-,->'•.•;-.»--ffl^V'- ' •*•••'.-'•• f-.'.••• • In^theeale ef'thefraortiliei and other corporate pnK perty, the person wio iball 3«U«fy^heexe«aUun, with aB- Ittal f«ie» and exptnics thereon; and shall agree to UkeiiocB franehfaef or Ui«sboTit»t period of ttoe, and o receive dnrfogthal time all gncli toll as said corpora' Ion woold by law b* entitled to demand, shall he con- <!4»rLl th» htnh^t hVd«r • -'f.-^-.- -. • ;. . •..^'.•i-.i : REMOVAL E Y F . B A Y L Has removed to bis old stand, NO.' 186 EASTj WATER 1 STREET, (OfpotlttJ. Jf. Bomt'eefi Dry Goodtktort,) And having made such additions to his facilities for executing FINE IPORTRAITSI Al (o enab'e him to say to the public with confidence that he Is now prepared to furnish them with ever; desirable style of Picture known to the community, and attach Astounding Low Prices as to defy competition; for example, -, Dasuerrolypes tor SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS For only tljOO the first oae, and Me for the Duplicates HELAINEOTTPES, AMBROGBAPH8 Aiftln fact evtty other style of Plctore, at corres- . ; ponding low prices. mpEBUL PHOTOOBAPH8, Colored In either On or Water Colon; and finished In the highest style of the Art.) , «awiJrtac.Mar 7,18»^ ;^ -•-s,-.-' >; m-V/^Uirtt ^ Isl/J. THO>IAB/«liiL Odes with Mu»lo fir ImportmloocuJoos, tod a UaaoAl of fcartloe for *b« reHdence ot Offlcen »njl Lodgei ; by flUfe and at-Maiwelll ng and Third vtreeU, "."-".•; i'vf. ,-",•,--=T'.i."s'j-Vi : .M::~r',-''-.'r.-..- : .-- %?"••'; ."-n".'.'T-'-'I' -'iv! A new and popular stjle of Plctare, Colored In OU, which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty of ftnlah, any other Picture ever offered to th* Pttblie.— These Picture* hare «nly to be Mo to b« admired. -•'.•: •• . Allvhoaredesiniasof saving money sr» respectfully solicited ter call and examine Speelmemi at the Old Btaodi -' ?V"'-".' i '-'- ' -'- : •'.'• •• • ':•••'- •-' v ITo. JM Ma* Wtttr ttrMt, JfUvxattte, Witiauin. •-"marlMtm ' j .- 1. •;> _ - - ' -W. F. BAYLET. Aid**.* Ulutnitiog Ute Htatofy, Principle! anflitroverrjment of the Order, with toe Jortriwiloof anrlDatie* of evtry Degree, Sutlob »od Ottceja Odd Fellowship, with numerous ennarlnni : byJsBWnB, Oroib. ~>_:^.':. l ~ ." ' •.. '• The Odd Tellow» Text Book, AndacldWIon of lh» thwry-af OadTelJowihlp,,eiabt»elDg » dtiaUef th« A VKRMOM L> \T»KA I HOlTfc, O,r\i«n.*t«urn[i UurUa^rt i , * . cht-Sttrr, N±*hu», l.«*r**nrs> t Luvt-i , v\ and »t t>-»v-cn »Mh it,,. V»^- o,r, Tlilrty First Cla!-« O« nil B .»i- -. - t • t between i\*-effo, 'Ira), VI bunt A Nf Uonorciiiitf aN.. »i {'un» .1 » » : E\\" YokK A\I> AA7A A.I, And fornii-n.r a Trl-Wefrkl> Kiiir'>a-1 L, .. tout m» thf ftuaranrv of th^tr T>a*^r-u<^n thai iant ts->n* ft>otr1tut*» lfl>Di«n»Kly- tn \£+ r~\\r>( r - \ At Mia, Ioiltirw>ittinn. Dunkirk, &T Prop, to f)ut uni- fr \; ( .r* PBK.H*,*' "HI hr r«.r«a/-Jci] Ir ( »>. IV- .Ytv ) I pro np'Jy forwar-leil (rom Ounh ir k Ai'pi^ ro J. Mria.4, A?enl N T C , ITT Bro«.l«,»,-, NVw \.,,t Turk." ' ' ' ' J "•...•» CHA&. 8. TAPPiB. roroer 6lh ao«l <i!,^< .K ,i J'n.ta H<JTH a Oa*wrnfcD, Os»«>.o NY 1 8. D. CAI_D*KU-, Agent, Dunilrlt, N T CgtM»>Hi r< n CaAWniKD A Co , Oli-Trland. I) JuBX Hocil-SO, Ageot N. T. Co , US .-Mt> it , H-.t r, A. OFsH»ij, Aj-ent V C. Line, loS State n . c..,.t->n }. P. Cscac-H, AKrnt, Rnuje'j Piunt, N V. Gao. PAKKca t Agent, O&UensbnrKh, N . Y L. J. HIOBY, Jlll»aa«^. Wis , office LaCroMeli \l R E. Depot. J. H. (KAWtOKU, I .... „ _ O. J. IIAI.K, f "I"""*", »»e.'0«n. Office near M. A M. &. K. t>«pnl. N. 3.—Shipper! are reqnect«<J to tt* one of \ht ab«>ve AfTCDta before making contract*, aj thtf; are prepared to offer Tery low rate*, and tbeir eoonectiooj vuh the Offdenaburph and Ofwepo routes, and especially "1th Ihe N«w York 4 Erte Railroad gSTe them unjarpasseil fafllitles for cheap aod ip««dj tran«v° rl atioo mar 18-^1 Am—last via w OFFICE OF TUK i NoaraKu TaijrapoBTAT oa, V Ullwaakee, April 16, 1-iiS | Rates of Freight Reduced Again by i\ew York <k Erie Railroad —AND— Northern Transportation Do.'* E X P 11 K S S • U IVTIL farther notice the prlcm from New T-I-II in Mltwaakee, will be as followi p «r lot) fri, Jfhv^r- Cd al stores : 1st Class. 2d Class, &d Class. 4th ^U«a 6 Ac. 5dc. 4. r >c. ;]5c. kferchandlse ihlpped by ibis rout?, on »n<J > flrr UK 14Ui in*t., will t>e charged at thexe rates tM^&W contracted or not, Ap, If to J. U. CRAWFORD, Atrent. New York A Ene Railroad. J.'MTKKS, Agent, Ml llroAdiray, N. Y fg^n Snip dally irom Pier ^, IAS\ RiTf-r, or foot of street. New York. *prl7—ItfAw^n Detroit <fc illilwaukoc K. K. FKEIOHT UEPAKTMKN'r. "W71OR greater convenience t« merchants Rhlpplni;, or JL obtaining Information relatini; to Freight, an oih'ce ^No. 8 Wisconsin stren) opened on the 1st of April, whece orders for collection or delivery of goods will recelTe prompt attention. The office will be u ,!er the superintendence of Mr.' Fsrw, Apent for rUodrie A Co., from Thorn all necessary Information can be obtained. W. K. UUIB, <Hn'l Sopermten.lent. Milwaukee, March 30th, 1859. a [M- 1 -ill m I InactJnn if tb~ H-^-.B »n-t ' *,-, t-oniplAint* whirh It w^nlil not t>« tHpp««*-«l ts^r •/ i r»v«ch, «nch « D««fn»«**, Partial Blin>tn«-««, N'-nr«^^i * • Serron* IrrttaMlity, fVrmnurm^nta >f th* Lj^tr \u • " afj* % Uiiiit, wi'l <ith*>r Kin-irwl ixjmpb»inr^ u'.mmr* V-M, « 1<)W •t*i«* .f tht tafwt-y or ijh«trurti*»n i>l 'i* ftin-'M ••« D" Q'.I h« pnt off bT nnprlnrtpl^d l^aiiin with n-m'- (rth^r pill th*y mult* mor^ pmftt ^n A »ti r<-.r l rr« i PTIUI, aiul taft* Ddthfou *lw N-' 'th^r • S-T -n.-i .;•-•• foa i-ompar-* wtlh Vhi* In It* !ntria«i*' "»in<- JT nr »!•»•• Prepared by Dr. J. C. A7~ETR, Prs-otital and &nal7tleal Chemise, Lowell Mna Paid «a Crt pt» Box. n»i fuim n« t l WLD BT JOHN RITF, «: « , G | .. J H KKKl) k CO., Ctn.-iK« . I > .-• town in th" I'Titeil Htate" mji I r r"wdAv Til fc. I.I V t n I N V I (. O K A T< I'UKi'Ak!- Ii |;V [IK. - V Nr ••. Compounil Kntirel} irmii (• f S ON K r»f thf hrMi pTjrira! v- *n l : . ,• > li l mnrhth or ^a.1 r)*«.i,thy tlow of in-;: U "i li li j I 4 . .!!•_ A .-urv.J. in,!, whit -•Mm - . - :f), for.. I fr :> rt-'irintr, LaCrosse Iflil. Railroad. the undersigned, baring be^n appointed agents for the collection and delivery of Freight for this company, beg to Inform merchants and others that an office (No. 8 Wisconsin street,) opened on the 1st of April, where orders can he left, and will receive prompt attention. Our authorized collectors will receipt KOO.H at the warehouses of shippers. Information respecting frelgbt transportation on this lint can he had by ap- p!lcstlon at the office of Mr. A. PRfcW, Aeent. IHGNDRIE A CO. Milwaukee, March 80, 1SS9. sprl CHANQE OF TIME O N and after Monday, April 4th, trains ou the Milwaukee, Watertown * Baraboo Valley Railroad, will arrive In Milwaukee at 11:35 i. •., aud depart at 430 r. |i. srp3-dlf 8.8. MERRILL. Sup't. FARE REDUCED BT THE NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD ! T HE Fare between Dunkirk and New York by the New York A Erie Railroad, wl 1 be (7,60 until fur- J. H. CRAWFORD, Afrent. ther notice. oprlO rSRS, I R., V . t NOTICE. Vpmoe o» BISHOP A co., *" I« POSrISSIOIOrMU.*UlllCAOOR. Ullwaokee, April 9,1859. rfcN lid after Aprfl 9th, 1SW, and nntll further no\J Uco, no person Is authoriied to make pnrchaaci, r cootrict for rftateriaU for the Milwaakee and Ohtca- fo Hallroad without a written order from the undersigned. Bills will be paid monthly and accounts will not b* oaUfiaeil with any concern that neglects to render -K>«!U;:-bUl«w - •- 'O.TO.HAIiI* Genl Agt. Uortgkgees. 4prl6 ; J.T. KOOPT, Maattr of Traniportatlon. WaRbiD? Conipoiiiid. USING IT. H BCOKMUraiMt would respectfully announce to . %peopl« of Milvaakce and Wlseonsln, that he ow offers for iale,.a preparation, known as to Compound employed- Mn. Only one i1 '"One <Jn& Acli meal One Joxt! of iwu spoonfuls Wll' UTiy Only nn,- .lo*.' > m iliately ri-lli;ves (V All trA u*f it art ny in it* /nror J/idi wufrr tn Iht i DR. ,"AN7OitD, Prnpr t-tor N". **.'• Hr jyl »nd N K W TREAT M I. N T hiti. A T the Buffalo Private Hospital—t-<t.tb| l -th^<l '<>r .!•.. 2\ cure of Syphilis. Seminal \VcakTi^« .tn.l tt,^ -. --..t IcOnnitles of Youth and Maturity, hy |ir tM<>,-* v SON, Uuifala, N. Y. office, corner -I M.i.n \u-l >J i»v itreeta, (up stairs.) A MOST BCIKMriFIC l.NVKNThlN An instrument for the rur* ,,f rien'taj n.-i»htv. T Nocturnal Kmisalon.1, tnort> pr«n*Tly k .nvn 4* S'-ininiti Weakness, Ao.-^can b*? permanent! y cur^.l 11 r'-m fifteen d^ys to two mtinihA by ttie UKI> uf ihii .nvir'in). i.'. when used conjointly with medicine* TOUNQ MES TAKE PAUTIUCI-AK NOTIlk Dr. AMO^ 4 SON take pleasure in annoiincln? ihat they have invented a most important m*tnim>«[U f.,r the cure of the above diseases. It IHU be>-n tUh to a te4t by tbe oioxt eminent physician* in I.K Paris, Philadelphia anil New York , it has t,_, n ,li-, the only usefiil Instrument «vvr invented for the cun> ^>f Seminal Weakness, or any dtseasf of the semtu or, causvd hy the Becret habit of yontn Pn,M> t^n dollars by mail or express. A CURE WARRANTED. Dr. AMOS t SON have devoted their uu-ntinn ,«- cluslvely to thia peculiar Clara of maladies, tml ihn relief they have con.equently been enabled to r-noVr their fellnw creatures, 19 fully teMtllied and irratefully acknowledged by convalescent patients and «t)i-rs dally arriving In town from all parts of the country f..r the express purple only of consultations, while their exertions have been crowned with the mo-t i^nai advantages ; yet from what they have experienced In enquiring Into Ihe causes of thos« infection* eomplamt . (from, their most simple condition to that 6f the moot dangerous and inveterate,) they hnve nlwHys eirier- talned th* possibility of their prevention and ..•'!,,,UH|, and likewise Invariably found that the most horrible and malignant forms of disease could nlmust mvaiinbiy be traced to.ono of the following causes: ifrnnram-r, neglect, or the ill VffecO of unskillful ana improper treatmtnt; therefore, DB. AMOS * So* have «uco.-ede.i In discovering, In the selection of their reme'ii.'«, a safe, effectual and cautions course; omlttl. f a I combination of remedies which bear an equivocal ch ter, as well as those whose premature or Injudicious application might b« productive of bail c.on«co,uencfa in the hands of private Individuals. In shun, the i:iutt.i- ble end of their remedies Is tho le$si*n!n^ of A great mass of human misery by Ihe alleviation, relief and prevention-of those grievous afflictions that are le reality the jeeret foes, and which, while they i'r. extensively surround 'us, call aloud for our skill and Interference in their extermination. "• COONTttT 1KVAI.ID8. •'• Persnns la an J part of the world may aa successfully treated by rorwanUnr a cornet detail of their ease, W lth a remitlance for Medicine*, 4o. Address Or. AMOS * 8OJJ, eonwr. Main and (Jua v •tn*t,Bo<alo, N.T. ^ ' JMT-dAwty . I M I HKIcT -T , > >l ViiKr'T -IT I M I K K • T •" V , i .u \ I;K ICT -* i mcnt. The hcjt proof rs 1,1 -, T Dr (111 parts Of the rtiuntry, iti.l early received i?:is* i s U* required for ID i , bevUted'when tho patient Is *x.irn(ni%ti..n »- ..pmton _ «pr siuvt.^^ u Til) tvwl. Ur '•-»«ITM|I', be had ^.^ ..„,,.,

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