The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 27, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1923
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, J9 ?4 •THE HUTCHINSON NEWSi PAGE ELEVEN. NO NEW WHEAT ARRIVED HERE Samples Have Been Received and Several Cars Will Be Her* Soon—Sales Slow. RANGE OF OPTIONS <Bf Uo(f« * Ckrknar) No new wheat lias been local board nt tra £hiiiallW !5h.. advance guard eni .'.Jti'SxPectrf, any tlrne. -Si 'STTlnrii! have advance samples received by mail however and these tost all the way from E.I to fll pounds. Quality Is indicated as fair to good. Tim price of hard wheat remained unchanged'to 1 tent lower today and the demand continued very slow. There w-'a a slight Improvement In the demand for high protein wheat, but lutul lack of demand for ordinary jrades 1 caused a Considerable carryover. Ordinary wheat is getting much closer to an export basin and It looks an though It will have to get down to an export basis In ofder to clean It UP. Bales ot wheat today, (Kansas City basis) follow: July.. Sept.. Beo.. Open 1.02 lj L05 % July.. .S.I J-.l!-/-.. Sept. .41 •»V« July.. Sept. Dec .83«,i • C6'A .6314 July.. Soft., Dec.. l/uly.. Dec. I cars N"o. \ hard wheat 1 car No. 2 ham wheflt. . I car NIJ. 3 hard wheat . I No. 8 hard wlwmt . I cur No. 8 hard whfcat . t curt* No. 3 hard wheat I car No. r» hard wheat . I ears No. 3 hard wheat 1 car No. 4 hard v.h' . 1 car No. tl white knflr .51 .05 .' 1.08 Vi .. J.03 . 1.01 . 1.00 .. .98 . .05 ... 1.00 1.6 AT CHICAGO. Wheal. „ .52 \Wk ."ft .'S3 .oiv? .««5i Oatt. .41", ' .41 .37*4 .S7VS Rye. .(!3% .62=4 .60(4 M\i AT KANSAS CITY. Wheat. •41'A .3714 .•3 VI .41 .81 V4 .63V4 .C0V4 .634i Open .or.',. .81% .70 .63'i nieh .0534 .06V4 Corn. ,St»i .75 ft ,74V» .63*4 .«2 >A Low .53H •»4il .97'.!. —Cloaod Today Vdar .8014 .74Vt •04K .87 H .94% .9S% .76V4 .60 »i HARVEST WEATHER Wheat Sold For Part of Time Some Higher on Chicago Board of Trade, XT S. Ptcol Corp 'ivxa!> Co. Utah O'ppcr • Union Pacific fly- Vanadium St«el Amn. YVooleu WeMinBhouso Elcctrla ., Wal«sh--R>' OVal-ash Itv. Common .., Standard of Call; Standard ot Ind. ........ Standicrd ot J Skelly Oil Houston Oil ...... CSV" HankerH Common Ni/w Bradford Oil Sales—I P- m.,,712.100.. , Receipts of wheat In Hutchinson today were 31! cars, one year ago 28, 1. >,M of barley, 1 mllo, 2 kaffir. RiKjoipts of wheat In other markets: Palina 20, Wichita 47, Kansas City 102, St. I*utn 31), Omaha 8, Chicago .,15, Minneapolis 112, Du'luth 141, and Winnipeg 263. I NEW YORK STOCKS. (Reported this afternoon by James B Bennett & Co., £00 lioralmugh- Wiley building-,, by wive from New York.) Open ... 81H ::Al 'i .. .194 ...28 ... 83V, :::*!& ... 49k ... tBVl ... 82V4 ::: tig .4V4®li BOH 42 'A 129 <i 27% C5 16% MH 13V4 134 4®4Vi COCA COLA KING AND BRIDE NOW - ON HONEYMOON • 89% • 31% • 138H >-lt>'.i .'liiu A. T. A B. P. Ry Allle.l Chemical .......... Amn. Kmcltli'.E & rtotlnlnR Anaconda Copper Amn. U«i SttBK Amn. I.oconiotlvo Atlantic Oulf-W'Ml Indies AlUa-Cl^alinero Amn. Tolmcco , • Am". .Sumatra. . Amn Amn . „_, r tlcnernl Asphalt ltolhlehem Steel "B" J3 Haldwln l.ocomotlvfl 113 i Ualtlmova XL Ohio lly J*'A Chile Coppej- 25V Central Leather J |f> A ron. '"an t\>rn Prooucta '"'in,, '*'dn> Cane Huyar v ... 11 A 5„h:i Cone Suirar PM t'ubL'.-Aion.- Sngal- ... CiX'tt - <'ohl Canadian Pacific lt>. Crucil.lf; Sled N. V. Central Hy. ... t^oailen tdl Cbjindler Motori? .... AH». Ht«l foundry . j.'anojoa I'hiyerB ..... Gulf State*! ricnera' Bl«;trlu IVhlt- J -iiKle Oil Crent ?iorthern Uy. . Int'l Harveiler InftP'.ratton Copper .. Int'l NtoUvl • lull l'aper Kelly- SjirtnKfleUi .. • • Kennecolt t'oppcr ... Chllio Copper 1'oro Marouette Ily. . Mlaaourl Pacific Ry. Missouri Pacific By Marland Olbj Calif. I'etioieum , MId-Statca Oil 7% Northern Pocttlo Ity. G7V4 Producer? & Haflners ....... o7 Phillips Petroleum 41H Pullman Co 114^ Pure Oil << ISIf V'an-Amn. Petroleum 6n'/R l'an-Amn. Petroleum "D" ... 60V4 Ponn. Ry 43Vi Bbuthern By 34 Vi CM. & St. P. By 20V1 M. & St. P. By. Pfd Telephone & Tele(fr ;»J>h 121 . Int'l Corp "... laa^ 43V 26 Vi . 76 . im fl .100'i . 42 !i . M • 531.4 OS'. 12V 3 IU? J3 ''j 33',i IS 1 ,4 41 *{ 12Ti Cloae 9T:i sin 131 >.-i 14'i 38 141 17"i 120';i 111 li'.i 118 44 2f,',i 211, S7 122 =11 10l.t 41 2fc'i - 76 147 H. 41 4D% , 33M. Pfd. 38 % 5r> 4 ! .«. s& 32 31% ltf.i'. 41' 13 82 Chioaio,_ June 27.—With Jtarvcat weathor lees favorable and wltli Liverpool ^notations comparatively un- responslvo to yeaterdny'a sharp decline here, wheat today averaged higher In price, during the early dealings. Rains were reported over much of : the winter crop bolt, and It was asshmed that thin circumstance would Interfere with cutting and threshing. Besides, only moderate hedging sales were noted In the iirst part of the day. Opening prices, which varied from unchanged"figures to -Wo lower, with Sept. $1.02^ ~ 1.02% and Dec. U.0BH©1.06\4. wero followed by a slight general setback and then by a rlue to well above yes tardny's finish. • The close was unsettled at % to Hie net decline Sept, ?1.(H-%@L01%, and Dec. $1.04%. Cora and oats swayed with wheat. After opening unchanged to %c lower, 'Sept. 7!><g>79Vfcfi, the corn market descended n little more and then rallied to about yesterday' figures The close was easy at % to 1V4® l%c net decline, with Sept. at 7SV6® V*. to 78 »4c. , Oats started at He decline to s like advance, Sepi. 37%c "to 37V4c, ond kept within a narrow rnnge. Provisions were weak In line with bog values. Kansas City Cash Prices. Kansas City, June 27.—WHEAT— Receipts 102 ears; bnrd wheat unchanged to 2c. lower; Mo. 2 dark $1.02 01.10; No. 8 dark hard |l.Ol@1.10; No. 2 hard 95c®$1.00; No.'3 hard Hit: @$1.0G; No. 2 red $1.02®1.0S; No. 3 red 96c@$1.03. - CORN—V4@2c lower; generally V t @lc lower; No. 2 whtto 83@84c; No. 3 white 82(?T8Sc; No. 2 yellow 80® 86Vic; No. 8 yellow 85@8Gc; No. 2 mixed 82({j>84c; No. 3 mixed S2@S.1c. OATS—Unchanged to %c higher; No. 2 white 42(jj)-13c; No. 3 white 41 @41Vic; No. 2 mixed 42@43o. RYB-^BB@G6c. BARLEY—6S@60c. KAFFIR—$1.03 @ 1.65. BRAN— $1.00(8.1.03. BHORTS—$1.40@1.45. Thi» Is due, to some extent, to Importation of butter from Denmark. Argentine, and Now Zealand. During tho hot weather It Is of the utmost importance that careful attention be given to the ^aro and marketing of cream. Three deliveries a week should be the minimum during tho summer months. J5EEF STEER PRICES WERE LOWER TODAY \ Not Much Demand at Kansas City—Practically ho Trading in Hogs. PLACES FOR A THOUSAND MEN Total Harvest Needs By End of Weefc Nearer 5,000. MANY FARMERS IN CITY Hutchinson Flour and Feed. (Quoted by Win. Kelly Milling Co.) •WHEAT—66 lb, ha*ls, 83c (FLOUR—per 9S lb sacks $3.15; 48 lb. eacks, $8.20; 2-1 lb. sacks, $3.30. ..GRAHAM—Per cwt., 10-lb. Backs, $3.60. CORN MEAL—Per cwt, 10-lb. sacka $3,20. SHORTS—Per cwt., $1.46. BRAN—Per cwt.. $1.20. ' SQREEXJNGS~$1.S0. ' f ... .V, Hutchinson Butterfat. (Quutexl by Swift & Co.) (BflTTBR— Crca-mwy, 39040 cts. BOTTEK.FAT—No. 1 34 cts.; No. 2, 31 els. EGGS—iLoose, 16 cte. HutchlrmoV Produca. (Quoted by'Sunflowor Produco Co.), POULTRY: Cocks 7 /ts.; hens 18 cts.; light hens, 14cts.; broilers 26 cts. • Leghorns and blac'-:a under IVi lbs:. 20 cts. EGOS: 16c dozen. Kansas City, Juno 27.— CATTLK- Receptls 9,000; calves 1,600; very little done; bidding generally lower on beef steers, yearlings and fat she- stock; icw early sales steady to lower; better*gr;tde steers unsold; choice yearlings, heifers $0.25: common to fairly good heifers $5.00@7.50; e-arly salcs cows mostly $4.50@ <; few up to ?7.00; other classes around steady: ntc^rt canuern $2.50; bologna bulW $"!.00 !g '4.50; hulk desirable vealers to packers $8 .60; few $9.00; early salos stockors and feeders $6.00 (ii >7.2S. HOri-S—Receipts 10,000; practically l no trading; ono load early to traders i who Btates that demands Mrs. Asa G. Candler, Sr. Atlanta, Ga.,—A«sa 0. Candler, Sr., affed but millionaire soft drink king, now is honeymooning with his bride, formerly -Mrs. May Little Ragln, thirty-five. Candler is seventy-two. The present MrB. Candlor had a steno- jovi I graphic office In the coca cola king's 7 67 H 40« 114 building. -Hay- Heading Rj. 7ft u Hock laland Ity, ...... 28' Itepubllo L AS .... 1!. B. Hubber ........ tl Amn. Sugar cua; Southern Paclflo Ky. 87 Htudebaker 10144 ^Sinclair Oils ecara-hoebuck".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.:::::; ?i§ ws.ooeisio; W'v'iiootjisJo'i Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Mo. June 27. 20 ears; unvhangen. ALFALFA — Choice $20.6O@22 .r >O; Sb. 1 $I8.50ft'20.00; standard $16.00® 17.50; No. 2 $11.50@15.50; No. 3, $9.00 ©11.00. •PRA1R1B- No. 1 $16.00017.00; No. 2, $13.00015.00; No. 3, $«.00@12.50. TIMOTHY—No. 1 $20.05; standard "nlZ $10.50@20.00; No. 2, $i'8.50@19.00; 83'A ^No. 3, $16.00®18.00. 85* I CLOVaSR— Mixed light $20.00; No. tif.Vdl 42»,i . 32 70UI 25 «4 39V? I Chicago Closlno Prices. Chicago, Juno 27.—WHEAT—July $1.01'4; Sept. $1.01%; Dec. $1.04%. CORN—July 82M.C.; Sept. 78%c; Dec. G5Hc . OATS—July 41',ic; Sept. 37',ic; Dec. 39c. , PORK—Blank. 1,ARD—Julv $10.S2; Sept. $11.07. RIBS—July $9.00; Sept. $9.20. Kansas City Closing Prices. Kansas Olty, June 27.—WHEAT— July 94o naked; Sept. 9l%c asked; Dec 91c split bid. CORN—July 80%c asked; Sept. 71 Vie split bid; Doc. 62V4c split asked. Hutchinson Flour and Fesd. (Quoted by Wm. Kelly Milling Co.) WtiaiT— 55\ lb. basis, 83c. $3.30; 43 lb. sacks, $3.20; 24 lb. sacks, $3.30. GRAHAM—Par cwt., 10-lb. sacks, $3.E0. CORN MEAL— Per cwt, 10-lb. sacks $3.20. SHORTS—Per cwt., $1.45. BRAN—Per cwlr, $1.20. SCREENINGS—$1.30. 80,000 CANADIAN FARMERS AIDED" BY ROAD'S DEBT PLAN Wall Street Market. at $7.15; shippers bidding $7.0«©7.0S or 15c lower-than yesterday's average on medium weight butchery; packers holding back; parking sows 10o low- bulk $li .00ifitn0; stock pigs 10® 20c lower; bulk $0.50©0.76; few at $0.90. SHEEP—(Receipts 9,000; killing Misses steady to 25c higher;' early top native lambs $15.25; others $14.50 ©16.00; fed clrpimd .lambs $13.50; Texas wethers $7.25<f(7.75. Idle Men Are Idle From Their Own Choosing—R. I. 'Won't Let Them Ride Free. There ore Jobs In tho harvest fields within 50 miles of Hutrhlnixm for .1,000 men at tho present timo accord- lug to Harry W. Chnbia. director of the Kansas Free Employment Bureau, are cou- AT MORE MEAT;" "EAT MORE WHEAT" Campaigns For These Are Being Given a Boost Over the Country. the dovotlng tn>- The A«!=o- lated i Top<-d:.t, K;m., Juno 27. livesto-k and moat Induct! this week to an "Eat More Meat" campaign and the wheat and afiiliat- ed indUKtrioa promoting an "Eat More Wheat" drive, Mr. I'lUmtUe Cousiimcr at the fiame time is con fronted with, the ".nmiai summer witrnin^ o.f h, alth aiithoritie-.; against oi cre;tti'.i ( ';'. The Kansas . Livestock A-'.oiciaiion which )ia.s 10,000 tnetnl^r'j, i .-i h-Mk ot tlio nation-wide campaign win li car- Chicago, Chicngo, June 27—HOGS- Receipts. 32.000; slow, uneven, around 10c lower; bulk desirable 150 to ..' : '* pound averages $7.25@>7.35; packing sows and pigs around steady; 116-4o 130 pound plga mo&tly $ti.5o^f7.00; heavy- woigbt ho«s $0.t'.i)<f 7.25; inedlnm $6.80(ffi'7.:i5; light $6.7Bift'7. 10, C'AT*'.'LE--£toc.elpt« 9 ,000, aloW, good to choice beuf steera and yearlings about steady with recent decline; lower grades weak, tending lower; early top matured steers $11.20; other classes generally steady: bulk bologna bulls $1.60(f]i4.S5; bulk vealers to packers $9 .00 <?fi9 .50. SHEEP—Receipts 8,000; choice, fat lambs active; bulk mostly $15.25; sheep scarco. very slow, mostly steady; few good handy weight to killers $6,25. HOGS— lower; Wichita. Wichtn, Kan., Juno 27.- Recepts 1,200; market 20c top $6 90; bulk $6.75 ©S.90. CATTLE—Receipts 300, including 100 calves; market dull; No quota tlons. RAILROAD NOTES atuntly coming In riom farmers both lu this and tiio surrounding" counties. More than 45 (firmera '.Uio'l fit tho employment offlc" this invrnfiiR Un- men, and although their dtftiiiinds could not all bo wiUHfind, still tho luck ol labororH not felt quite ax b ;ul today as It was yestorday. Western Countfcs Cater. Tho fact that Stafford, Pratt, and j jmpstrUui Ueno counties aro from thrt "j to four days ahead of I ho rounties farii.or, wont In the harvest this y«n* will Kimi>11 Cy tli e 11 ro 1>1 c m oE n u p\) I y in g laborers (or the w*>st ,Rrn t'ountios. The tltock: I^laml railrcwvl has refused to h<?lp the farmers by auiullng tho harvest ;htu "wlH to the f^ldfi. Thiy has- (^aufie-d th<?- farmers around Pratt and {JrceitKburg to ho loft without much hod p. lu order to ovcreomo that hfuidicup, tho farmerB have beeai Itauliug hartd.3 fram Wichita-lu trucks^ according to A. U Clapp, tho district su[»crv-iHur o£ ulhs Karm Lhiroau, who wa-'i hero today. Tli*^ farm/:at Pro-tt need ISO men at tho oyro^ent Uuio and will TiOfM more later for they art; Junfc getting frtarted. . Men tire also noede-d \i\ .Meinioreon, Iiico and Comauchfj counties. Few Men In Ford County. H. C, IJalrd, county agent of Kurd county has iafluud a fall Eor 800 men, who are badly needed at Uuckllu, IClriKsdown, Ijlooni, Mfaneola, Ford, Dodge Olty and Sp^arvllle. Mr Haird Btatea that a, tow Uindet -H stiirted yesterday and that the heading wlU not begin until July 2. There ore 125,000 fi.'vrc t;u-y i. Hi-. 1 cam- iiM uaturo .stall 's". rlea the oftieitil laljr*! or Health Week", June 25 :io Aecovdltm to J, 11. Mercer, of t hn Kans.LJ* A^.'ioel.'i i IIMI. paign Id "tli« createst of : .iit'f v,a h 'od fa tho C 7 nliiifi "With half a million Mi-f-;.:ii *T.* ami rohuvd pesters in vlrtuaiiv ail Liu* mr'at mark^tj o* thr* 1 'nir .i-fl ^fjite.s, env i ilop 1 ' 1 citieUei 'H, bo<ikh-ts on UiO fei )d value <>f meat, WIUMMI l '^tcr». moving pli'turry, radio talks anil IUJUSB ttngit, tluro in no dou>it. that the of moat diet it; imvr being brought to tlie attention ol' (he American public more forcibly Than over before", yaid Secretary Mercer. It Wac Approved. The "Wat Morn" campaign was approved at the I'''C»MU National \Vh'«it t.'unfnrenL'c in '.'hlcago which was attended by a Kan ;>aa deb-ration and T . it-s addressed by .S-yuiifr Arthur (lappor of Kamuia. Ho t'mpSi.'i:-.i?.ot! that HUc.Ii a campaign sh 'MiUt a;-;sist in Hdlviiw? llje Ami»r)c;i ;i producer's problem of Onqmsin^ of the KO/MM},000 luciliul riurphiH of wheat, nuw that the eij^u'L tiadt 1 I:+ at. low ebb. "Tho (fating of half a pitund of meat I>t«r person per day will help a* aire good protein in the diet", ;;,iy., a statement attributed to ct nof. d iiic-dieaJ aut.hoiity, cir<:u'latad i> 1 tlu^moat campaign. 'Thin advp o doeri not apply infanhi and ymiiK cliiltlren. Ono to lialf p^iniid of m«:at l'ni tilde of iru-ut, however only 'IZ to 2f» grnmti «f An average per«on iu-c grum.'i a day. The u an avi.rago will provide* •diulo Kutoln. In from to ir;-:.t. fti-rure PRODUCE MARKETS Kansas City Produce. Kansas C4ty, June 27.—BUTTER— Unchanged; creamery 43@44c; paclc- Ihg 2Cc. BUTTBR FAT—Unchanged, 82c; extra quality 85c. EGGS—Unchanged; firsts 19c; aae- ondB 16c; selected case lots 2Gc POULTRY—Weak; No. 1 lions He lower, 17c; llgbt. broileis-27c; heavy broilers 34c; rootters 10c. Now York, Juno 27.—Weakness of the railroad shares In tho face of unusually favorable May earnings reports was tho ' disturbing feature of today's stock market. Ralls apparently were sold in expectation of Increased wage demands by the { big four brotherhood. Industrials ylelded ; 'ln sympathy with commission house liquidation ot weakened marginal accounts, was an important .factor. Salos approximated 1,000,000 shares. Now York, Juno 27.—Prices cou- .tinned to display a reactionary tendency at tho opening of today's market, although Blight improvement * -was shown by a few of tho usual leaders, notably Baldwin, StudiJbakor «ud American Smelting. Selling pres. .sure "was again exerted against the Independent steels, motors, sugars, coppers and olia. RaJto tost more ground in further reflection of tho expeeted demands for wage Increases by two of tho big brotherhoods: \\ Now lows were registered by Frisco *knd Texas and "Pacific,,. Northern JPaclflc, Norfolk and Western, American Sugar, United States Ruhhor, International Paper and Atlantic, Gait and West Indies common and pra- ^srred, the losses ranging from tractions to two points. Baldwin eitond- •d Its gain to and Studohakor to a point. Dttvls Chemical, White Motor*) *nd Otis - Elevator also were strong. Foreign exchanges opened •lightly lower. New York, June 27.—Weakness of tlio principal vallroad shares, many ot which dropped I to i poliiU to >now low figures for tho, year, had nnj atrveroe Influence idsewhero, tho entire list sagging after a temporary show of strength in the motors aud chemicals. The ehaTp -decline sent the prices of a scoro or more stocks to a new minimum fliture, with tho rails as a group makiiig; tho worst showinff. Call money opened, at 5Mi percent, \^ New York Money. New York, Juno 27.—Toretgn exchanges closed Irregular. Quotations In cents. , Great Drltain demand 1.60%; cables 4.G0%; sixty day bills on banks 1.5S%. France demand, 6.14%; cables 6,15. Italy demand, 4.48Mi; cables 4.43. \ Belgium demand, 5.22%; cables 5.23 Germany utiuiand .0QQH4; cables .OO 07 Y 4. Bwluerland <38manrLJ.7.80. Greece demand, 8.13. ' Poland demand, .0009V4. Chechoslovakia demand, 2.99. Call money firm; hUfh 6; low 5Mil rulln-g rate B 1 /-; closing G; offered at 6V4,; last loan 6; call loans against acceptances -4H. Time'l«anB firm; mixed collateral GO-90 days 6; fouv-svx months 6@5% ; prima commercial caper 6. Liberty Bonds. Flnst prices quoted by the Mc- Naghton Loan company today were; f' r " J 08 .2 e>4% .., i(/ Sooond 4tt% a» a Third Ml . ,5^ Fourthly" " V Chicago Produce. Chicago, June 27.—BUTTER— Steady; creamery extras 39-c; standards 38%c; extra firsts 36V4@38c. EGGS—Lower; firsts 22®22VJ;C. POULTRY—Alive, lpwer; fowls 19c; broilers 35@44c; Toostera 12c. POTATOES—Sacks modorato and steady; Bliss triumphs sucked $2.75® 3.00; North Carolina barrel cobblers $5.25@0.50. "' PRODUCE REVIEW. »j By Swift & Go. <S> •5 >'?'<S >'t ''*>*<S><s>-»<s>-3><S> * ^> Heavier" movement of live poultry rosulted In declines in live fawl on the eastern markets, with-the closing! Jlrlco"©? 160 acres ot"raw"iaud"fro lEdward W. Bestty, above, »nd CtA. 3. 8. Dennis. Montreal, Quebec, June 27.—The Canadian Pacific railway will scrap agreements of sale with 30,000 Canadian farmers and eater into new agreements with them extending payments over thirty-four years on an o,mortl?,atlon basis. The face value of agreements affocted approximates $100,000,000. The old basis of agreement of sale covering a period of j twenty years is to be discarded and' colonisation lands will be available to now settlers In futuro* under the thirty-four year contracts. hi the cage of ready-made farms on irrigated lands, up to $2,000 Is advanced by the company Cur improvements, the latter sum will also come under tho long-term amortization with the purchase price. lu no Instance, cither on raw lands or ready-modo farms, will the annual payment lu principal and interest combined exceed"- seven per cent uf the original cost.' Thus the a vera. Employes ot the .Missouri Pacific Railroad Com,;viny aro to have a magazine of their own, it was an? Trounced here by L. W. 'Baldwin, President of tho system. The m.w publication, to be issued monthly, is lo be called the "Missouri Pacific Maga- sliie," The first number will appear next month. The publication is to be edited aiul maintained chiefly by and In behalf ol the employes and will also ba printed in tho-,inbere»t of the system, and tho .territory served by .Missouri Pacific lines. Purchase of new rolling stock by tho railways ot the United States has practically stopped for this year. A total of 1,608 locomotives, 65,083 freight cars "and 1,260 passenger ears wore ordered between January 1 and July 1. By far the-larger part of these orders were-p'aced before April 1. A bulletin has be.^n Issued by the Pullman company ad rising passengers of the proper manner In which to stow their • baggage and also how to mark U for easy Identification. Passengers aro told of the maximum size or baggage that will fit under Pull- ma,n eeats. Tlio Santa Fe railway stockholders the first ot this year numbered G4,- 643, of which 29,820 werajnen, 29,235 women, 122 Insurance companies, 108 educational institutions, 93 religious organizations and S3 hospitals aud cliarltablc bodies, according to a statement made today by W. B. Storey, president of the company. Tho average holding of stock was only 55.4 shares pet- name, but the holdings run,from one share upward**; 14,583 held five Bharoa or less; 26,335 bold from six to 20 shares; 12,i )S« held from 21 to 50 shares; only ( 4,409 held over 100 shares. acres ot wheat to cut in Ford county and there aro very few men to be had. Blfl Need In Barton County. Although a shortage/if harvest help la apparent, Barton county farmers | ] aro admonished not to become aJnrm- | od by County Ageut Williams who is beh;g assisted by II. C. Allen, usalst- ant N fleld director of the employment bureau, Kansas City. Mr. Williams is also keeping in touch with Hutchln- Hon and Wichita and other labor centers and believes the altuatlon will be greatly relieved soon. The wheat Is ripening faster than was first anticipated and virtually all available men have been hired. There has been some trouble with men holding out for higher wages but they aro bolng directed by the police aud others lu power, to "move ou" IS they do not Intend to work. The county agent says that less than 10 per cent of tho wheat In the county is now being harvested. Vory fow headera are running, he said. They will ho pushed into operation In a few days in the south halt of .he county and east aud WOBI of here. In tho Olinitz and Galutia community tho harvest will not start for sevoral days, farmers from there say. for thu low protein standutd and the second for the high protein standard. This leaves plenty of room fiir'pYotelii from milk, cpr^s, fish, bread, beans or other food that one may cat. In fact, one may eat move than half n pound ot meat aud mill leave plenty ot room for other foods." THINKS RENO CROP WILL AVERAGE 15 BU. The Reno county whe.-u c/op thta year will total approximately l,4»S,610 bushels, noccrivlinR to. Count; A^ent V. H. Crlppen, who estimates t.ii.-t the >lold will average about 15 busbels to tho acre. There were 2*9,7-2 acre* of wheat planted In this county Oris, year which in 20,000 acres tnoro than wits planted a year ago. IN SOUTH WINDOW OF THE SHAFFER FURNITURE The suite of furniture In tho south window of the Shaffor furniture store Is the one used by President and Mrs. Harding when they were hero, tho furniture being supplied for that occasion to tho presidential suite at the Bisonte, by the Shaffer Furniture company. Our Metropolitan City Loan . is the Best on the Market. -ask McNAGtiTEN! Chronic Diseases and Piles Panama hats nre exportod Ecuador by parcel post. from FREE Dartmouth College has determined.' not to accept more than 2,000 stu- i dents. A limit of 550 is set for tho freahman class. An atempt Is being made to get a-wide geographical dis- '. trlbution of students. Dartmouth : wants a national, not a sectional college; a college of many groups, not of one type—a microcosm of tba national life. Illustrated Literature tell In a of thousands of satisfied patients treated by Dr. Hover. Don't consult another doctor until you have read every word of this wonderful Non-Suryical, Health Booklet. Just place your address on a postal card and mail to—• DR. HOOVrltt HEALl'll nSHTDlE Offices Went First Street, Hutchinson, Kansas. U. S. Qovnmnem 4K% 1)8,4 M .:o at 23 % cents. Tho marketron fresh dressed voultry closed a little easier, due to declines lu the value of livo fowl. Frozen poultry movement la satisfactory. • Egg production is still above current needs, the surplus being plncqd In Btorage, although values have declined steadily since June l._ Due to hot we»thor, eggs are not as desiraMe for storage purposes as earlier In the season. At this timo of the year, particular attention is necessary and dally collections of egga are -recommended. They should be kept' In a cool place and marketed frequently to Urlng boat prices. . . The butter , market closed a Uttle easier. Quotation on standards, 90 scoro, In Chicago to<lay Is 88^4 conts; a week ago, 39\4 cents; and 37 "cents & year ago. Eastern markets are still lower relatively than ChJcaifO. the company being 83 ,000, tho annual payment required foe thirty-four y<sars will be at coven per cent or $210. Whore tho purchaser so desires It will be possible to pay the entire amount owed under any agreement at any time after five years from the date of Its execution, in announcing the new policy the company affirms Us desire lo make less onerous the •burden ot new settlors and to open to railways «nd governments an oppor- tunlty\o encourage Immigration. Cotton Market New York, June 27.—Cotton futures closed steady. July 20.»0-S5c; Oct. 2t.47-49c; Dec. 23.8G49c. Spot quiet; middling 28.20c Basket -willow la raised as. M ,000 acres in Poland, . Will Call for Poultry and Eggs Anywhere CALL AT OUR EXPENSE FOR PRICES Sunflower Produce Co. Phone 2522 713 S. Main Lawn Hose, All Sizes Best Moulded Hose Spray and Nozzels Spray Pumps Lawn Mowers Grass Catchers J. Cfl'Donnell, Hardware 4 th and Main Phone 3250

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