The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 1, 1973 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1973
Page 6
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THE BRAZOSFORT FACTS . Tex«». FrM>y. June 1 1 I'ag* 8 Texas religious publisher challenges eastern firms By GK0H(»KW»rpH.\'Kl,l. "\«.i* YorK i< SHU tvMllj the ptoct' HI tn- to know ttw rvligiu«s SAW.! Hu>>' fhditfwr, M, tlw cumpany'* vie* [ 4fltl *iih dtl«t H i>i not " .M«i'i*ck*ft ««• H* *«4 Ifaiw h4» w-nik»| u-w*.v iv. «i» Ai'HrtlKkwWrltrr t*itMM-l lit? American iwopJv." McCmvken »4i<l m an tiamiew fxtvuttsrirtittur, » \«lcrttn mihc (kid "V\Vrt» vwt<-«i*J wtih »iiisri-«frt»»i*auv»» <** tt«if |k«rt»wt<rt* 4i«j*fa- smw.tten, tw WAtUTVx, (Al > Here mlhe old call le«Hintry of Tt'xas, a 'I il*<\ t U'ltevr vwit ear. *ffevti\*lt uuWisli rvlmion wiihcmt ih>« «itir«- iTirsstiiin afrtm nsrHvwi-tt n tn a u*»M«»4»»» «*•-«»«« *• »i4ii*fMi«i« *«sh*s «f WACO, TVx, !.\r> Htw in lht« old cattle country yf Texas, a wee-groping iw\vn>nwr has become a pn>dig.\ of the publishing wwhl Word, Inc., J* the talk of (he track- It is one o( Uw uwtwartl firms which hove risen to challenge the rflittuHt*. puWtshiii+j pmVwntnancv of the Kasi. "A kit of it was providential awl extremely IwtutiuiK," *ays Jarrtll McCrackw. 45. th? savy fmiraitT -president irf Word, whose *ale-s nw run $11 i million annually, exmvtfang the tvltjSbus output o! iTKiM Eastern publisher* Besides happenstance, r»w?v*r, suine spefial insists inut the religious concern* of the country also have $un? m!u the shifting Mance of religious publishing and into the stream «l the houses <»! ihe W«H and Mid "\ew N'orK n IKH really the pbct' u< tn- to tow* the religiu«s I!M' ul the American iwople." Mcituvken *<iul in an HJJW view 'I ils*\ t U'ilevr Volt vim t>ffe t -ti\»«i\ ouWi,li rvligloii without U-in.n il jwrt o< it aiKl being vnth l(«« |Mxtpte *h« are ttmitve«J in it " Hi at >jwillie i»»o»iHl eiMttmiimeR' tn mirtunnit f««ah tw* Iwn n tMlimarii t.l ine eniergti^ L'tg usne Siiiu- twve hesutl to a iliMHKUwly ct«»w*v> mi\v, output. MKh itt */oivJvrv4n l\iblishm h » }tm»e iJ lir Mich with twllmi»ii[j|; vilo^ Wi-nl, Iftc . »h« iientRied from th^u t a! ortrniAiiott in finmtU'r NU<'r;»clit'« ,\ a »i »j», *1lh »iiisri-«frt»»i*auv«i (A* l!*if Ul *j$iK» t«:ik«»i Into strtii*- apt»««.'(*'9 Ui *tit»fijr wi!t> 4 ioiji I'**!* u< N*-* Wsnsf," by KtUh Miilrr &ty wu a<t)i«M!t hard *prfc««l» j«vi<«it*' itu'f* of vrtfrniM t'hrt*!ian "TTte i»lit Navy develops daydream alarm WASHINGTON <AP> Navy scientists have developed a "daydream- warning" machine designed to sound oti t( a person hooked up to it isn't concentrating on the job he is doing The machine offers promts* for keeping airplane pilots, radar and sonar operators and long-disiance truck drivers on the alert, the Navy, says. Prof. Karel .Moator d the U. S Naval Academy at Annspolts, Md, where the machine was developed, says in a "Naval Research Reviews" report that the Navy has, no intention of using such machines to s« whether Annapolis midshipmen are daydreaming during studies. But midshipmen who were votuntaer participants in a long-range pro)ect on brainwave research, helped develop the machine by occasionally not concentrating oo their studies During the summer of IST2, observations on brain wave forms were noted to be different among Mtddks who »we "studying " These observations Jed to the development oi an "attention-level analyzer." into v hich can be dialed the level o! concentration an individual should be using plus "an allowable daydreaming factor," "When the individual exceeds the allowable daydreaming factor, he win U.' so alerted by a lone If be continues to daydream beyond an acceptable limit, a second alarm u-jll sound, notifying a third person." 5O% OFF ON 2nd TIRE When You Buy Ftr*l Tirr il Regular Price not fealty 'lUtxtj! oH (H'dgum.." alw bi Milt*f, tvitatirnj KW.W.'O t<t t-.*nl Msjrr* onrr. iintl "TTw .Stofi U tVMt' 6> (.Wdiv W ^.»vii( IjS «» fts«- «»* *".-»:« Hit It* UitrtoitrU m It tf U ruff if* AUlthmiH' (ut-«i;U!)n!: wh*thwt i ; Sears! 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