Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 12, 1959 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 6
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6 TMfi PAMPA £>AiLY NEWS 61st THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1959 Veaf Hungarian Reds Eye US Embassy By fttTL \E\VSOM Foreign News Editor thinking about politic? at home ns well as world peace. British pub- From the foreign news editors lie opinion polls have shown Mac- assignment book: jmiUan's Conservative Parly pnpu- • • |larity going down as uneinploy- The H\ingarian Reds are pul.- merit went up. If a national electing new heat on the American (ion were held today, British la- Embassy in Budapest. Tlio aci'nn bar might, win. A spectacular sue- has not been clearly defined but cess for Macmillan in Moscow or apparently will include now 10- in a possible summit conference strictions on movement of Amer- to follow, might reverse the Brit- iean diplomatic personnel inside ish electoral trend at home. Hungary. i • Thi? in turn has given rise to! Insiders in France say more speculation that efforts may be scandals involving national fig- renewed EOCVI to !'ve:> C.V- .V;*?l uros are due for an airing. The Mlndszenty from his virtual pris- "L:icaze affair'' and the "Rose on inside the. American Kvnbassy ballets" have provided spicy in Budapest. One possibility: The reading. with" plenty of big Vatican might name Mindszenty names, sex and, in the best who- j to a post in Rome, appoint a new dunit tradition, charges of mur-j cardinal for Hungary. In return der and blackmail plots. The next! for this, the Hungarians might let one may involve reports of finan-: Mindszenty go. The catch: Mind- rial killincs by bis; names who; szenty so far has refused to leave Knew in advance of the plan to his native Hungarian soil. devalue the French franc and 1 — : who profiled either by selling the The badly sp'it. Christian Demo- franc short or by importing hu?e cratic Party of Italy will hold a quantities of goods whose value party congress in Florence in automatically increased 17.55 per April In an atmosphere of bitlnr- cen! after devaluation. : ne?s among both "left" and i "right" factions apainpt. former Speaking of money, Okinawan; .Premier Amintore Fnnfani. Fan- businessmen see Okinawa's future resigned his party leadership as the "Switzerland of the Pacif- shortly nftrr the f ! ill of his g»v- it'." With the introduction of the eminent which in turn led (o the American dollar as the Ryukyuan present Italian g-overnmcnt crisis. (Okinawan) currency last fall, The rightists clnim Fanftmi put banks now offer 6.5 per cent on them on the Fpoi. deliberately your money if you leave it in the setting out to prove they could'hank for a year; a full 7 per cent not successfully run the party be- if you leave it two years. You tween now and the Florence can send a check for $1,000 from meeting. They say' Fanfani gave New York and two years later them less than three months to withdraw $1,140. Bank assets and do what he could not. rlr> in five deposits already total 32 million years as party secretary and dollars and the figure is rising nearly seven months as premier fast. i —namely, unify the party. The Tokyo Is considering a limita-' Christian Democrats have been lion on automobile licenses. A HOME SWEET HOME Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Driskill of White Deer were the first couple to move into newly-constructed government- financed apartments at Southwestern State College, Weatherford, Okla. Driskill, a mid-year transfer from West Texas State, is a junior in the school of pharmacy at Southwestern. 'Your Arms, Too s By PHII, NKWSOM UPI Foreign >ews Editor Man of the week: Marshal Ro-'gress last week with a speech Soviet Premier Nikita Klirush- so kl quickly, chcv opened the 21st party con- Auto Dealers Caught In Tight Squeeze Ry JACK VAVtlKNfttttto tJPI Automotive Editor DETROIT fUPI) — Pity thft poor automobile dealer, Caught in a. squeeze between the car producer and the car buyer. Ward's Automotive Reports, stn tislical agency for the automotive industry, recently reported the industry was expected to 7-each a new car inventory of 900,000 units during- March. This usually is good news for manufacturers and buyers but bad news for the dealer. When manufacturers feel new cars are going to sell well, they try to build up dealer inventories Fa buyers will have a wide choice of the manufacturer's cars in front of him when he goes Li buy. I The manufacturer also wants ' to be sure his product is readily I available to the public so the I buyer will not switch to some j other line where he can get im i mediate delivery of the car lie wants. Must Sell Quickly For the buyer this means he not only can get the car he wants more quickly but he also usually can make a better deal with the! dealer. j Many auto dealers operate on what is called the "floor plan."' Under this system, finance companies loan the dealers the money to buy the cars from the manufacturers. The longer the cars remain on the showroom floors, j the more interest the finance companies collect fom the dealers. This means the dealer's actual 'profits are cut if the car is not PALACE OF SNOW—A research worker seems tiny in a huge trench dug by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the snow of the Arctic ice cap. The trench was roofed over by blowing processed snow over a temporary frame. When the snow hardened in ••> c'~y or so, the frame was removed. It is one of many trenches used as camps, v. r or' .ps and storage spaces. NEWSWEEK CHAIRMAX NEW YORK (UPIt — Malcolm Muir, president of Newsweek Inc., also was named Tuesday chairman of the board of directors at a. special meeting of the board called because of the recent death of former chairman Vincent Astor, amongr the West's strongest sup- government white paper said re- dlon Y. MalinovsHy, defense mm- which ran more than six hours, porters in Italy. ,cently that if the present trend isler of the USSR. jAs would any pood politician, continues, it will be faster to walk' The hour: A speech before the Khrushchev had a little hit for When British Prime Minister than ride in Tokyo by 1065. To-.21st congress of the Communist everyone. It hns been left to In order to sell the car quickly and avoid the finance company charges, the dealers will often voluntarily reduce their margin of ! profit, and sell the car a little Harold Macmillan goes to Mos- kyo's problem is extreme but not Party in Moscow, extolling the speakers since then to spell out | c ea P et - _ _ ! cow later this month, he will be unique. i power of Soviet might'; especially 1 the meaning. j Stocks Tie Lp Capital ; . imisslles. ! Malinovsky's was the Soviet' Even the dealers who buy the His quote (directed to the West- military voice. j ral ' 3 from the company with their era powers): "Your arms are too 'A Miss Is A Miss l own ca P ital are P« l in a squeeze. ; f short, gonliomcn." U. S . reaction was immediate Firal of «»• ""ire inventories tie I A play on words? If so, a and skeptical. Pin-point nccura- " p ™ OI " e nf lheir ™P ltal - Second- I jest. ; C y? Even a miss of 10 miles over Iy ' thcy , are forrc<1 to cut lhelr | A Piny On Words? a " 5.000 mile range still is a misn.| marffin of P rofit m ordcr to Ineet i There is little suggestion of hu- Intercontinental missile superior!- ; t ' orn P t ' tltlon fr °m dealers who About To Co dome's em ploy PS who By FRANK ELEAZER concern at the United Press International condition. WASHINGTON lUPIi — It is' Congressional absolutely, unequivocally not true; aren't engineers are inclined to that the dome of the U.S. Capitol i wonder about this, every time is about to collapse, and anybody: they feel the Capitol tremble. who thinks so must have been i peeking at some of its rusted SLIPPERY DOG DAYS plates and corroded bolts recent-; CHICAGO (UPI > Despite the ly uncovered by engineers. frigid weather, these are dog days Here is just one more evidence in Chicago. of the fact that a little knowledge,! Poundmaster Henry Vala has' "'£,.. ^"^' ? "'"*' is a dangerous thing. The reason' advised the city's dogcatchers',,, , h , ," _*«•_[_!_ !_„..,. V.n *>*tit/l t(-VI1»«1t'tei i h ft t '*]'('« (r>*s. *iI;-.-i«..n*... ^..1 it. _ i * * -"" I * '^ t- Cl JU , tourists that - Read The News Classified Adi. officials have barred from the Capitol preparing to ring the dome inside; streets you wind up with plenty and out with steel scaffolds, is'of fractures and no dogs." not because they are doomsters' architecturally speaking. They are Just cautious. They want to know for sure whether the cast iron structure is tired. They also will sleep better nights after establishing that the 4,66-4-square-foot fresco painted In plaster 94 years ago on the Inside of the top of the dome isn't about to come hurtling down ISO feec onto the heads of the taxpayers, not to mention the members of Congress. Plaster May B« Tracking Plaster dries and cracks with the passage of decays. Nobody can remember when, if ever, Constantino Brumidi's famous allegorical fresco underwent any serious kind of a check. It appears to be cracking, but this could be an illusion. Nor has anybody seen some of the dome's innermost structure since it was finished in 18(55, an 8,909.200-pound cast, iron miracle of its time and still, CapHo! officials believe, the biggest, dome of cast iron anywhere in the world. Signs of deterioration whirh inspectors have uncovered however have prompted officials to push forward at once with a. major inspection and overhaul of the dome. At least four of its 3S outer iron ribs are to be removed If tests show age and stress has taken its toll, all 36 riba will be replaced. One worrisome problem is that the dome swings with the sun. Not BO you can see it. But you can sometimes hear It creak as the hot side expands and the cool side, contracts. Total movement has been measured at between 2 and 4 inches. imor in the background of the ty? Perhaps in numbers now ' hrlve to so11 in a hurr >' lo avoicl | bulky Malinovs--ky, who became a yes. Dut J.ver. no. finance company charges. . t .'professional soldier at the age of ' And for the present? Even now, 1 "I think it is toughest on the ,36 and who now is both a mem- fully operable U. S. intermediate dealers who don't usually sell in bcr of the powerful Central Com- missiles on Allied bases can volume but it is tou?h on all of mittes of the Commun'st Party reach any military target in Rus- us," said one Detroit dealer. "I and commander of all the armed sia. see no reason why these big in- of the USSR. Malinovsky, like Khrushchev, ventories couldn't be eliminated If there were a play on words was born in the Ukraine. He is and cars fed lo dealers as they at all, it was to compare the 60 years old and is regarded as need them.' 1 West to the smaller, outmatched the USSR's greatest military au-1 The. manufacturers say the sys- prizefighter who finds himself in thority on the Far Kast. item is necessary because strong; a ring against an opponent taller' He is also recognized ns one of •, competition, a necessary <'orol- : and with a longer reach. his country's toughesl. most hril- lary to the system, creates a buy- his theme. The liant field commanders. He. h a s • ers' market and brings the Amer- onlinued to mnke never visited the West, but in icnn consumer- more good things American soldiers and re-i It also increases sales of cars Icte and that the Soviet. Union gards them as "good fighters." • and. therefore, creates greater had missiles that could reach any ; He has won the order of Lenin employment. point on the globe with pinpoint at least twice. Some reports say, But pity the poor dealer, he's accuracy. five times. ! caught in the middle. Moin»g-C(xi«7 pane, dailies cnai tavsewaf lo Si. Petersburg. To Extend East Front Chevy panel steps lively in Florida...runs day and night, delivers 19.3 miles per gallon! The dome work ia only indirectly related to another big project at the Capitol, extension of the cast front. Ride through Capitol plaza these days and you think Harry S. Truman was right when he said the dome one day would be toppling over. Aside from any internal defects it may have, the dome, according to Truman, was off balance. Congress finally agreed and is spending $10,100,000 to tear down the east front and relocate it, in more permanent form, 324 fei further out. The old front is down now. with the result that the skirt of the dome seems to be hanging over th« plaza in space. However, engineer* «ay there if no safety problem here- ! Th»y *l*> <i«ay that th* op*ra-j tioo ot heavy cranes and jack- 414 n. hajamtri necessary to tear down $» fast front play a, part in their —•- This '59 Chery panel in an the go, morning, noun and night; it cocers an much as J^l miles a day . . . ritna so constantly that its engine nfter roof* off completely. Yet Mr. Clark Parker, the Tampa Tribune's circulation manager, reports that the truck ia de- licering l'J.3 mile* per gallon! This year, the light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks of the 1959 Chevrolet Task-Force fleet are out to whip anythinn that comes their way—and they've got what it takes to do ill Take the panel pictured above, for example. Powered by the '59 Thriftinaster 6 with new economy- contourt'd camshaft, it's building a sensational economy record, despite the sizzling pace of its work. That's typical of the way Chevies of all sizes are turning-to on the most challenging jobs in America. The way they're, made, with toujjh-built truck components, they make the hardest hauls look easy! If you have a job that puts a truck on its mettle, see your Chevrolet dealer! No too tough, for a Chevrolet truck! See your local authorized Chevrolet dealer CULBERSON CHEVROLET, INC. Parap* MO 4-4666 WE GIVE AND REDEEM PAMPA PROGRESS STAMPS 1333 N. HOBART Office Phone MO 4-8842; Store MO 4-4092 Wisconsin Longhorn Cheese Top o' Texas Sliced Bacon WE ARE OPEN SUNDAY FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE U.S.D.A. Choice Grain Fed Beef ROAST Ib. U.S.D.A. Choice Grain Fed Beef Ib. Campbell's reg cans SOUPS • Chicken Noodle. Cream of Mushroom Chicken with Kice Vegetable Beef Mortons 26-oz boxes SALT 2 for Gold Modal FLOUR 10 Ib. bag. Comstock No. 2 Cans PIE APPLES 2for Sweet Treated Crushed no. 303 can PINEAPPLE 2 for Van Camp's No, 300 cans PORK & BEANS .... 2 for Wimdrr Brand PECANS 12-oz. Hornet, Whole Spiced Peaches 21/2 Can 25c Wolf Brand, No. 300 can CHILI 49c Minute Maid, Frozen/ 12-or. Can ORANGE JUICE 39 c Kounty Kist, whole kernel, cream sf. Corn 2-12 oz cans Deer lirantl, 303 cans Tomatoes 2 for 23' Pure Cane Sugar. Slb.bag Northern, Reg. Rolls Tissue 3 for ISC Si/e Tide box 69 C Northern Napkins 80 COUNT BOX Del Mont* Cut Green Beans 19c 303 Can Sunshine CRACKERS 25c Mb. Box Cello Carton Tomatoes ... 1 Ib 11.8. No. 1 Kus»et Potatoes lOlbbag 43 C

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