Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1941 · Page 7
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1941
Page 7
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? OctoberIgJ STERLING DAILY GAZETTfe. STERLING. ILLINOIS Seven Alseep i Neorf y l ' OOOS€r¥edat In Car Which They Stole in Milwaukee Two Chicago Youths Admit Thefts of Two Autos Since Monday Supper by West Jordan todies Wednesday Eve "=fiav pvrninR by fhp lad:'* of \Vff. .Tr-rrian I,uther»n rhtirrh. If !:vvpd m b<- nnp of thr larses* r, ;:•-<.: "•"•" :;ii r d and 'hre* f'l!! Merritt Clark, Jr., Resigns Position With Central Bank Quits as Assistant Cashier to Go with National Mfg. Co. jr. >r • «veni)P. SIT: Fr-'. ":: r ; AT'.' •'''"• r 4M=, Rrvi-r:- -••"" <""!•.• n. - CO both IP '.ear.- r 't r -~ r p " r rv-'-r hpiri in thr Sterling ':"• •.""'. !°' x '"- wmikee. Wis . a s .i'hr>r:':p•> T MP'- Tirrr picked up nt 12 30 this mornine on Avenue H ''ist r.or'h of SIT: r. gtre*t. in po*M>.v;;ort nf a < ar o^» r.ed hv John Boin>k; of MiH a-.ikr«v which they admi'tfi hv. ir.i; .-Tn'.rv, from tho busin-.- .-pi^r.n of t!:.v. ritv Tiifsxla^ The pair ->airi thp\ Mole a 1934 Ford ra: Mor.ciav nichi nevr Irvine Park br>-;l-vrml and California street H-. rh;< BKC. ^nd drove toward Mil*, aukep. Wh«-n Trillin several ini'.p*- of that < -if. t'n rr run out of gasoline, abnr.rioned i linear and hitchhiked 11 Mil*a<ikpp. The nnir firinisitrci to thp Itxal poltcp thfy hnd nrnvrf; hrrr W«lnp-«- dsy sfternoon from \Vhrnton in thr M^irtiry car t-hry .<-tolc Rt Miln-ati- ket They .^curpd totn? rolL< nt)d ate'them in the rnr and when it aot dark they drove u> Avrnup H whrrr thpy wfre found a.'lppp In the car xrhrn the pollrr Rrri\p<i. Thr pohre had been notified by * party rr.Mriirm near where they p«rkrd. The boys snici ihrv drovr around eonie T\iesf)ay. a\oidin« Chiraso. nnd flnnlly landed In When ton. The\ Mepl in the rar nil nighi at Wheaton and left UU»L cit.v about 1 p. m Wednesday and drove west on Route 330 to this city. They walked around thU city dtirinR the latr afternoon and early evening. At first they told various .storir.-; iTKardlnR the ownership of the rar but Rftrr » Rrillintj by the local police, admitted it was a stolen car. A letter on Brie.<-kr nddres-Mxl to hti motlier requeued fund?. It. indl- rated they were RoinR to Omalia. tfebr. The pair agreed to return to 'Milwaukee without extradition papers. Cork Insulation Board Off Market The OPM today announced that the priorities division has prohibited further deliveries of insulation bourd containing cork, except to fill defense orders «nd orders for food preservation purposes. The limitation was made necessary, the OPM said, because of continuing shortages ol cork. All supplies of sperm oil. crude and refined, were also ordered placed under full priority control, the OPM announced. fl Pa 1 !': P C r > ' r for ?;*PT li-' n::r! ."T-. :^ Fifty Four Milking Machines Sold T Year to Dairymen •,i ., ?n -!]•», •••• f -'rvj- of b'i. t i:i ptL ' ; nicir Mr Ork ha* P•,x><!".<->n :r 'he office of tionn' MsnufacturirtR Co r N«which p>-r :-.P -sill tflkp Monday mornin? ".-fn'ir rnflKtiPtir m:'k;r,e m»- •^ hnvp hppn txvinht ,<wi far thi* bv dairy farmer* in the i ur-nitv. of Ptrjlinc. a .^how."!. Ainotie the . t!ip.<-p mp~hnn: r a! milkers! •aprp Kmory Smith of northwest of; towtr Limoml Witgev of thp Free-' jvirt rood, and Joe Medema of west . of town. I T!;e ronstrtictlon'of liie'n lines ra- , difltine into so many neiRhborhoods has :nad~ lh<" use of elertriral ap- , j i>liance.= \ery Reneral and the milk-, ins machine appears to HP the prin- 'cipal aim of cow owners. Pocketbook Stolen in Store While Shopping i Man- Devinr of 801 West Seventh .street reported to the- local police till" morning that her pocketbook ! contained In the neighborhood of : MO and some valuable papers had , been stolen. The theft occurred j while .she WB.S making a purchase In a local store. Two young boys *re suspected. Former Tfeocher Meets With Portal Closs In the Hoppler Home Tr*" -^ r ' r" l '','- r T''**^ n^m^ ^f Mr* Hfir-n Hopp>r «•?.' op^nwl Wrdne*- l day *>-, cr.ins to (he Ports! rla.v of j .Fourth Pts-ft Methodist rhnrrh. ; iwhrn 25 yo'irse wonipn pHtherrd! rhTp A p>n'snt. feature of th*' |m'' r t!r.E "'jn th" pjr-.rnrr of th* 1 for- JT.T f 1 "". 1 . f'3'iiT. Mr.'- N TV Van snt ol P-.r',r;' PM\.<.ade.v Calif An !R'-p\T.r.E devotional mes. l >SE' > 91 bro-iSh* h-.- Mi-vs Cornell*. P'-?.!rt «nri !h" prr.-.!drnt Mrs. Hsr- r;^: Itry.Tf t;:^p^--ed of husinp.^ 'in a .'(-..->r; >fv.'Mi Ml.^ 1 - Polly Hop- pirr pr-.:rr;«!ned T.;h ."-^vrrsl mitsiral ; Tiertiorj W.'orr Mr' Van Pant re-| 'spondrd with n talk. Shr .-.poke of' hrr home and ::fr in California and exprr^rd hrs dpiieht in meeting th" cla.sf. members and Sterling frimris on hrr u. c i; here. : The rrfres^-.n-.Tit course w-as .^erv- r<i b-. Mrs. Hoppler. Mrs. G^ari^.^ S<hma;mK Mr- Kvelyn Peterson •and M;.-^ FJirnbeth Swnrt^lofT. Convention Reports | At St. John's W. M. S. ! Mrs G. A. Fri!.z nnd Mr? Fred Hay Eftvr rfpo''!^ from the synodlcal convention f>{ ihr \V; Mr B, held in. Drranir. when the ladies of the missionary society met. Wednesda\ af- j ternoo'n in St. John's Lutheran ' rhurch Plan. 1 , were friade to »t-j tend a conference meeting In Dixon; Oft 28. ! The program wan in charge of] Mrs. T. M. Davis, who with Mrs.! Elizabeth Ocken presented a play-] let called "New Slant on ML'-slone." i "Our World. What's Wrong With It?" was the topic. Mrs. Eva Swel- pert. led the devotions. Dewey Dykstra Dies Thursday Morning In Daughter's Home Funeral Rites Are Saturday; Burial In Grove Hill nvk-Min. Rl. « retir>r- of Morrison for manv rear? ar.ri * rf^:dpnt of Stprlir.e for thr J*M n rears, died at the h"mr of hi> datiehter. Mrs. Ralph Hoek Sterling fit 2:20 a. m. Thursda:- Fimrral serrices «ill he held Saturday at 12:30 at the Hork hotr.f. and 1 p m. from Bethel Reformed (hutch of SUrliriK. and at 230 nt Fbenezer Reforrnp<1 Church in Nff>r- ri.«on..-Rev. R W Yande Bnnie of Sterling and Rev. Harold Arlnk of UMlrk will officiate Burial will hp in Grove Hill cemetery at Morri-or The desensed was bom in she Netherlands Dprpml^r 20. 1«59 and msiried Gprtrurie Slnpma therp who preceded him in death Shortly after their rnarrla«e they came to this country and settled at. Fulton where they lived for several >eprs nnd then moved to th* Morrison vicinity. He went to Sterling to make his home with his daughter after the death of his wife. 13 years ago He farmed all his active 5ears. He was an elder of Ebenerer Reformed church while living in Morrison, and *as one, ot the founders and an elder of Bethel Reformed church In Staling. He is survived by four M>ns. Rev. J. D. Dykstr* of Baldwin. Wis : LnwU TXkstra and John Er>kstra. of y.tra of Mr?-. PC r*! f<rrr SI s s - prrrert' 1 ^ '~ <i by his wife and a d*';s:h**>r. N latin Students Have Ireasyre Hunt At Sterling High i TJTk- j i , j .,.»«m Tif B- w- r;d Mrs, ;rt*l niirne for the clijb t«s Romsnl filfn 14'HodiemL w'hirh rerun 1 : Roman* of mind- iTwIay. The ofTicers of the club are - rt»arh ( called' first consul, president; «rr- NelUr. 'ond Tire president: .after <h" n'rnp' g)"-* 1 ;! r'i h '!'" r >f- 'firinls In the ris\* of t)ie Roman! T-vo '"• Irrprjblic The first and «.protid con-| '.'tils weir the highest nfT:r!»!s in thrj I Roman government. An A'-fiile *»a<- a j ivr»r Of ms^or who Miprvi'-'-rt r;!-,; •sfTsir* and th'" Q'iRPstor 'r 5 'i '"linrrf ! j ^ i of ,' oftairs in Rnrr^r! •iirf.- ' ' Thp fpTiiors inking IjA'^n 'ir'io:;? to 'hp Or do Spnstorr.c- ?r.'o:f!ir-,z • ;'ia'! r r'jline rlav^ m •im.'-Th' 1 : "ir.ior^ I>P!OHC; to th r F^'i-"' '"i or Th r •ap^iThv rlH it ^nd ^'-^ -^^pi! 0 - morey jo 'r,' 1 Ordo ric v :'l*. ^^ • "' r romm"n miv^ After refreshments, dannr.g v?« enjoyed by the students The pro- up of MrN>!i and Women of Moose Mett fr^m ^' h r s d n • i ^ r t r j •- ^ r r r Meyer Funeral Home —^ %ndr<"?t F MPTTT W1TMI'! ! MAIN S m? to !;;r Threp hlork? of r^p ^rh~-'. AJ1 the riup> wrre **riHrn ir. Ls'.r. -.or 1 ever and liad to hp Trar.'-'fl'r^i T/. p ^;n- nsns team --a 1 - >d hv T~rr, Rocaard and the ttea«'i:p "iincd c-,t to be a box of candy har^. AficrJhe •ipa'.'i.-e :-,ur.' La Yoiuip ncficf f9T JVlMIMI m Put •>«*»»•• Va-tre-Ml nostril. It (1) shrink* twoO brmnei. (3) noothei Irritation, and (3 > nelpn clear coId-cJof- Ktd nual p»M*f««. Follow complete (tt* recUoo* In foKter. DRESSES SPARKLING WITH SEQUINS For afternoon dres«e« f^r r-trrf and ffTir Wear crepe wool and rabbits hnir cloth O/v blsck brown, red. grern. blur anfi winr A Ha! that enrflopr* rn'"" h»*r. Trlren alwar* lo plfa<.r. MOJfD HOSIFRV. M.W) and JI.1V NYLON. Escltwive But Not Expensive. Dor«Hi| Elwiwg Shoppa PHONE 1018 MEItRITT CLARK. JR. Mr Clark's successor In the bank has not yet oe?n selected. He has been connected with the bank since 1925. and ban held his present position since October, 1938. During his long connection with the bank he has built up a large friendship which will regret hi* leaving. A Little Improved Word haa been received by Mrs. Harry Hanson that Buddy Bos- toufth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bos- touch of Moline, who is seriously 111 after being kicked by a pony, is • little improved* The child is confined in St. Anthony's hospital. Rock Island. •l«ct«d Treasurer Emtl .tester has been elected treasurer of the Sterling Lions club, taking the place of E. A. Johnson, van has been promoted to the Aurora office of the company he rep- iwsente. BASEMENT STORE BLANKET SALE 25% Wool and 25 :„ Rayon 50% S«l*cltd Cotton Big $»•—72x84 3 Irrcgulors of $7.95 Voluc JM! M blanket* IB thh let. Paatel eotort with beaitlfol floral b«r*ert, rayon bmm4 c4(M. B«y n«w for Chrtrtata* •w lay-away plan. £ m £ r I Blanket 8tora«« Ba< ™ H E C i with Each Blanket. (Mtw ShMl BlHkrit TQc I W 70x80 Sis. Irrerolan *f ll.M Qmality. Block »Ukl Batterm. Chilly October Will Demand COATS Red/ems" Arc Styled to Tokt Years Off Your Agt BwrvdMH Bctffem of Mack •^•1 wUli MW e«IUr treat- •f raraiM Laa«b haa fitted «a»ly far orery $8175 Uckinaro Utility Typo by R«df«rn IB a wiaw •afxtw* with ntt«4 Une«; mU Max— MW nkeve treatatent $24.75 Comol't Hoir Coot Zip-iit-ond-out Lining Belt«4. wrap-arMin4 ityto with CiwBMiaettc wiml break in the liniBf, $19.75 Guard sight precous with light 1 protectve L E. S. Mriogmg arm lamp wi* 3- StlTer md gotd ot FleMcd shade or tan. fcfkcioc floor kmps aii waf %hting. Silver and gold or Pleated shades in tan. * match, $12.93 No shadow* glcrr« •restrain 1 nature'i warning to be autful with your eyes. Protect those priccletf eyes-five them the protective light that the*e scientifically -designed Better Light lamp* provide. No harsh glare or deep ahtdnws to strain delicate eye muKkt tad — hut an abundance of soft, evenly disused light that means eye comabft and easier seeing. Come in now and choose one «ar more models from our wide of new 1942 Better Ught Lamps. See what a difference they make in comfort for your eyes — in beauty for your home. See these lamps at your dealer or the .... v | •I **" "" ILUNOIS NORTHERH COMPANY I. E. 8. ond[ tmbki lamp S«ch beautiful pott cry-base lamps! We have a wide variety of end-table and boudoir Umpi fnom which to choose. How abouc toning that Christmas >hdf now? and i

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